2013.11.01: Court

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Camarilla Court
The First Court of November, 2013
IC Date November 1, 2013
IC Time Night.
Players ((Multiple))
Location Elysium

Yelena's initial response to Ignacio's words is to break into laughter, if only for a few seconds. "Hehe... good one," she offers once she's had a moment to calm down, her tone one of faux-sincerity. "Might even have worked, 'cept for the fact that we HAVE met before..." Still looking rather amused, she flops into a random loveseat and leans back, left leg ending up crossed over the right, her notebook resting on her lap.

Ignacio laughs at the scathing reply by Yelena. He motions to the bartender. "Bloodwine my good man and bring a napkin for the egg on my face!" Enzo is behaving mostly, but still making very small pelvic thrust motions as if dancing, or whatever, to a tune only he can hear.

Silvana is sitting quietly at the bar with one of her arms in a sling the other holding something to drink. She actually looks tired, when she notices Jax come in she slides off her seat and gets behind the counter getting something from one of the lower shelfs and doing rather well to pour a glass. She puts the bottle away and then moves to meet Jax with the glass out towards him.

Jax strolls in from his office, his eyes drifting over the room to note those present, "Good evening, Mr Giovanni. I hope the night is treating you well." slight nods of his head as he notes the others gathered.

Ignacio inclines his head at Jax, "Good evening Lord Seneschal....everything is well at the moment...and I expect all will be well by tomorrow night. Your Keeper is well selected, very savvy that one."

Yelena glances aside towards Jax when she hears his voice, apparently not having noticed the Seneschal before he spoke up. "<Ah, there he is,>" she murmurs to herself in her native Portuguese, offering the little man a casual nod of greeting before flipping her notepad open and clicking her pen with a quick flick of her thumb. She doesn't write anything down just yet, though.

Elysium - Foyer

Inside the main section of the Elysium is quite large indeed and portraying its grand structure from the inside rather nicely. The main room consists of a great foyer sectioned off by several mahogany archways that lead to the various offices, the ball room, and another for a rather decently wide feeding as well as lounging area. Two sets of stairs against the rear wall lead up to the second floor where often those with enough status or in positions of power hold discussions, share art and poetry, speeches, hold philosophical debates and the like. The great foyer hosts a seemingly ancient though pristine grand piano for those that wish to display their musical aptitude. A grand crystal chandelier hangs overhead, lit with an array of electrical lights that illuminate the area in a soft, pleasant, golden glow. The floor beneath is rich burgundy carpet that provides ample support and cushioning. Old pictures and tapestries from times long past adorn the walls at all sides. In one section of the foyer is a medium-sized den where old books rest neatly on large shelves. The entirety of this room features places to sit, talk or dine. The main area also hosts several necessities for one's unliving comfort. A variety of loyal ghouls and blood dolls walk around, ensuring that the needs of the Kindred here are attended to with the utmost promptness. A large, flat-screen dislay, DVD, blu-ray, stereo, fully stocked bar with all different variety of blood types, couches, chairs, and other such accessories fulfill the modern entertainment requirements of room. Often gentle music plays, adding to the decor for an enjoyable background harmony. This room carries an ancient air of distinction, but with a soothing and relaxing style.

Contents: Jax Never Aeric Yelena Ignacio Apone

Aeric saunters along through the complex to the elysium's foyer where the meeting will be held, idly ignoring all that pass him, text message sent on a confounding phone he does not understand but hopefully gets the point across: Time for court. That was sent to never. Meandering into the room he whistles a tune as he moves in to find a seat, right up front, because he can, and because he doesn't see a place set aside for elders. Seating himself and brushing off his white suit, the tune stops as he crosses legs, rests hands on knee and leans back, waiting for this meeting to begin.

Arriving within twenty minutes of receiving Aeric's text, Never is wearing a new pair of jeans and shoes, a clean t-shirt and jacket and carrying with him a denim satchel. He could, to anyone else, pass for a student at the university - or possibly high school considering his youthful appearance. Stepping through the doors into the Elysium, his eyes immediately scan the room for any familiar faces and that's when he spies Aeric. Walking over to stand beside him he bends to his haunches so that he is eye-level with the man. "Thanks for the text..." he comments.

Jax accepts the glass of wine fro Silvana with an appreciative bow of his head, his attention is on the Necromancer however, "I have known Ms Blanchard and her Sire for a very long time. What is troubling you, Mr Giovanni?" his expression is one that shows he can probably guess.

Silvana bows her head to Jax and turns to go get her drink from the bar where she was seating next to Iggy. She picks up the drink with her one arm and moves off to stand against one of the walls kind of in the corner, boy she's anti-social today.

Yelena remains seated in a loveseat all by herself, idly wriggling her feet until her sandals slip off and land on the floor. Once barefoot she stretches out a bit in her seat, then settles back to make herself comfortable. Her pen starts to scribble across the paper at this point, notes being taken as her gaze wanders across the latest couple of arrivals. At Jax' question to Ignacio a faint hint of a smirk creeps across her lips; thankfully, she manages to keep the snark contained for now.

Phoenix comes in from Elysium - Mantrap Phoenix has arrived.

Ignacio sighs and turns himself to more completely face Jax. "Its the matter of Draven and the hunt that certain members of clan tremere are pushing for. Nothing to concern yourself over though as Madeline has already arranged a meeting between my house and theirs for tomorrow evening. The main pitfall has already been breached in that the Camarilla will not support the bloodhunt. So provided the warlocks will come to see reason, I see no reason to fret. It remains to be seen however." He holds his hands wide while shrugging as if to say he cannot control the rain.

Jax sips his wine with an expression of knowing, and with a subtle nod, "I wish you luck on your talks." then moves to find himself a seat where he can best see the majority and still converse easily. His gaze again drifting over all that have gathered. "I see alot of new faces tonight." his gaze lingering on them a bit longer as they pass.

Aeric looks up at Never and waves him over before returning attention to Jax and the Giovanni having a conversation. The problem of Draven is broached and talk is had, all of which Aeric takes in and digests before speaking next, "I didn't realize that this meeting was about calling off the bloodhunt. So, if I understand, you will appeal to our senses to allow a gargoyle that killed one of our regents and has, on at least one other occassion, invited violence against one of our own in this very city the right to walk free. Interesting. I think I want to hear this conversation when it is had." When the Prince brings up the new faces Aeric turns to him and stands, "A new face indeed. Two such that I can account for. Me? I'm Elder Foard of Clan Tremere. Recently arrived to the Praxis, assigned with a primary duty of advisement. You must be the Seneschel then, Jax as I hear tell." Then he indicates Never, "And this is Never, Gangrel, Picked up off the street, interested in our ways and joining therein."

Phoenix steps into the room, blinking at the apparent meeting and quickly slipping off and out of the way of everyone, silent.

Silvana stands kind of in a corner with a glass of what looks like wine in one hand and her other is in a sling. She kind of keeps an eye on the two new faces as she takes a sip of her drink

Ignacio smiles widely at Aeric, the smile of a used car salesman. "Oh you should come then!" His voice is the hiss of burning leaves. "It might not be the groveling some would suppose, but worth a listen nonetheless. Im sure cooler heads will prevail."

"<Oh yeah, that guy,>" Yelena murmurs to herself at the topic of Draven, still in Portuguese. A few more notes are taken, pen darting across the notebook that's still resting across her lap. While initially she's looking somewhat bored, she does straighten out in her seat as Aeric speaks up. Oh yes, that sparked her interest. "<Oh man, this'll be good,> she murmurs to herself, studying Aeric intently for a few moments. Once Aeric is done offering introductions, though, she drops the pen for a moment to wiggle a little wave of greeting to the group. "For those I haven't met before," she begins, by now having switched to fairly decent English, "Yelena Rosa Paraguacu Almeida, ghoul to Cedric Wade of Clan Tremere. Bossman sent me over to take notes for him, so... here I am." With that, she sinks back into her seat, pen getting picked up once more.

Never glances up from Aeric and towards Jax and raises his eyebrow in question at the titles used and the formality. Standing up to his full height, he waits patiently by the Tremere's chair for any indication of when he should speak.

Jax bows his head to the Tremere Elder, glass raised slightly in acknowledgment of the ghoul, "Always a pleasure to see more Tremere arrive in our fair city. Welcome." then his eyes are turned on the Gangrel, "Who is your Sire, Mr Never?"

Never shrugs, "Uh...a guy named Joey. I'm originally...well, I -remember- Vegas. That's where we were before we split up. Ya see, sir...um...yeah... He said that we were being hunted by the Sabbat, "he stammbers a bit and then jumps back into the tale, " - and that he...he needed to lead them away so they wouldn't get me, see. So I got told to head west - to California...and I ended up here."

Jax sips his wine as the Gangrel speaks, "Elder Foard says you wish to join the Camarilla, so I take it you and your Sire are not so already. Are you outcast Sabbat or other?"

Madeline comes in from Elysium - Mantrap Madeline has arrived.

Ignacio sits back to take stock of Never. "You should have contacted the Giovanni. No one farts in Vegas without their greenlight, but Im happy you made it out my boy. Welcome to Prospect. I am Ignacio Giovanni."

Madeline comes from her office having finished some duties and smiles at the gathered crowd, "pardon moi, am I fashionably late?"

Phoenix glances over, lips curling up into a warm smile for Madeline as she enters.

Never shrugs, "I have no idea, sir. He never mentioned that he was part of the Camarilla - or anything for that matter - just that he was on the run from the Sabbat. They were out to get him for...something. I think he may have killed someone and it pissed them off." At Ignacio's comment, he turns towards the Giovanni and kants his head to the side, almost owl-like, as if it would give him a better understanding of what was being said. "I'm sorry, sir, but I do not know your family...but...thank you, I ... guess? Would you know anything about what happens there now? Or...rather...four weeks ago?" Never's voice is now strewn with curiosity and concern. His sire, his only direct link to the world of the kindred may be dead, lost or captured. Who knows.

Aeric, without so much as caring to hide it, turns to Never, "Giovanni there is a necromancer. Ask me later what I think about Necromancy." Then to Jax, "The boy doesn't know. He didn't even know what bloodline he was. Once I told him, he didn't even know what I meant. He was at least aware of the fact that he was different and sunlight was bad, but unaware of practically everything else important. I've taught him what he needs to know to survive and answer his questions when he asks. However, his story is truthful and he falls under no one's direction either through natural or supernatural means."

Ignacio says, "I am in regular contact with the elders, yes." He stands and offers the boy a card. "Perhaps we can have this unfortunate conversation offline." He motions to his ghoul and then smiles. "Goodnight my lovelies." Turning on his heel he then heads for the mantrap. Enzo follows."

Silvana is standing in the corner kind of being anti-social. She has a glass in one hand as the other is on a sling and she looks tired.

Yelena's pen resumes darting across the notepad on her lap, faint scribbling noises mixing with the occasional 'hmmm' or 'heh' as she listens to to the 'grownups' and their conversation. Her eyes linger on Never during his explanation, a glint of curiosity in the ghoul's eyes; as Aeric speaks up, her gaze shifts to him instead, expression turning at least somewhat more serious. "Wow, guy's off to a rough start," she mutters, her voice not ENTIRELY unsympathetic.

Jax raises his glass to the Necromancer as he excuses himself from the room, then turns his attention on the Tremere wizard, "Elder Foard, are you willing to sponsor this lost soul?"

Aeric nods, "I am willing to sponsor this soul."

Madeline steps lightly to Jax's right hand and folds her lovely hands as she listens, sapphire eyes giving Phoenix a warm gaze before she turns her attention to what is taking place

Silvana continues to watch Never and Aeric with a curious expression.

Jax glances over to the Keeper as she steps to his side to offer a welcoming smile before turning back to the Gangrel, "Very well. If you are serious about joining us, then you have two tasks you must complete before acceptance will be given. First, you must learn and understand our Traditions, how you live by them will show us you understand. Second, you must provide a contribution that benefits the Praxis as a whole." then looks to Aeric, "He is not your childe, but you are responsible for him should he act against us in malice. Are you certain you wish this responsibility?"

Phoenix has disconnected.

Never blinks as a new word has been thrown at him, "Praxis?" he asks before he can think to keep his mouth shut. "What...could happen to him if I don't pass your tests?" He turns to Jax himself now.

Madelines glorious eyes move from face to face as she listens then settle again upon Aeric and Never

Aeric nods at Jax, "I'm perfectly aware of the discreationary measures." Then to Never, "Praxis means Camarilla Territory in general and in this context, This City."

Arec has arrived.

Jax shakes his head to the Gangrel, "Nothing. Should you act in aggression towards our Sect he will find punishment for bringing the enemy into our haven. At the very least, expulsion from the city. Simply failing the tasks before you, will simply deny you becoming recognized as Camarilla. There is no time limit, we are eternal." then offers a bow of his head to the Tremere and then back to Never, "Very well. Welcome to Prospect."

Never nods to Jax curiously and takes a step back - and then a few more steps back and almost turns like he was heading for the door but pauses just short of leaving.

Yelena fidgets a little in her seat now, lifting the notepad up momentarily as her legs uncross and then recross the other way around. She's not writing much anymore, but there's still the occasional scribbling noise every now and then... and from time to time a no doubt completely unnecessary click of the pen as well. Click click. Click click. "Relax, you'll do just fine," she offers to

Never then, raising her voice just a bit as she sees him start to retreat.

Madeline stands at Jax's right hand with a light smile as she listens then nods "Welcome, Never" she smiles and nods "Oui, you have an excellent teacher, how could you fail but to do well"

Arec enters quietly, not leaving the entrance since the room is already occupied.

Silvana looks towards the door from her spot in the corner and gives a little frown though she's kind of hiding and quiet so really easy to miss. She shakes her head and goes back to look at Jax and Never.

Aeric nods at Jax and Never, "Welcome to the Camarilla Never." That being said he sits down on his chair and crosses his legs again, not worried about never leaving or not. "Well, Madame, I only know a small subset of the knowledge of the world. Surely, I am simply an old codger."

Never looks to Aeric and raises a thumb to the door to the man trap as though indicating that he wants to get out of the room. This whole meeting - the formality of it, has gotten him a bit creeped out. He's not sure if he can 'prove' himself to them especially when he can barely prove things to himself most nights. At that last 'welcome', he nods and heads for the door to get out. Perhaps his Gangrel heritage - that natural resistance to order and constraints is starting to kick in a little.

Madeline chuckles "Well if you require help Elder Aeric, Im sure many here would offer to assist you" she says then inclines her head with a warm smile "bon soir Arec, welcome"

Jax finishes his glass of wine, handing it off to a staff member that conveniently is there just as his glass empties, taking it to be refilled at the bar. Without a word his gaze drifts over the room now, passing to note Arec as he stands near the entryway. Never moves to Elysium - Mantrap Never has left.

Arec flips his scarf, inclining his head to Madeline. "Thank you." He replies with a smile, "Please don't let me interrupt."

Madeline smiles as the interview has ended and steps over to greet Arec "please do come in, you're not interupting at all"

Silvana stares at Madeline a moment then brings her glass to her lips to take a sip finishing it off and frowning that it's all gone. She does pass it off to one of the help and makes herself more comfortable in her corner adjusting the sling in her arm a bit.

Jax is brought another wine soon after relinquishing his glass, a nod to Madeline with the invitation, "I'm sure you didn't come all this way to just stand in the doorway." a subtle gesture given to a nearby empty seat close to where he stands.

Arec looks after the departed Never. "I guess he is settling in well, hmm?" He nods to Jax. "Indeed." He crosses the room toward Silvana. "Are you okay?" he asks, sounding concerned.

Madelines brow goes up at Silvana's stare ans she smiles "Anything amiss Silvana?

Silvana wrinkles her nose as her hiding spot is spotted, "Just peachy" she looks tired and kind of gives off a vibe that she wants to be left alone. She looks at Madeline "No of course not ma'am" ah to be able to just blend in the wall that be a neat trick right about now.

Jax savors a sip from his fresh glass of wine, watching the man cross the room, "I'm curious what your thoughts might be regarding recent events in the city, Mr Arec."

Arec inclines his head. "Of course." He inclines his head, conceding to her desire to be unobtrusive. He turns his attention to Jax, "Any in specific?" He says neutrally, though his tone of voice indicates that this is not a serious topic.

Madeline studies the ghoul a moment longer then steps to the bar "Arec would you care for a drink?" she asks, letting Jax specify his own question

Yelena's attention shifts over towards Silvana now, taking at least a few moments to study her. A soft snort escapes her as she rolls her eyes, a faint look of derision on her face... if only for a second or two. A shrug follows, after which she shifts her attention back to the Seneschal and those around him; she resumes her scribbling, too, although much of the time she's likely just doodling.

Jax rocks his head back and forth slightly, "I hear your Domain has been quite the attraction in the last few months."

Aeric leans back, "I would be interested in a quick rundown of the current events as you see them Seneschel. I am aware of Draven, The Giovanni Meeting and Marion. Were there any other important things that happened lately?"

Arec looks slightly embarassed. "Thank you no. You've always been a gracious host Madeline, but I'm not thirsty, I will inquire of you if I have the least inconvenience." He takes the seat Jax indicated earlier. "I'm not sure what you are referring to, but the Boardwalk is a popular tourist destination. There is always some attraction or another there."

Madeline smiles warmly at Arec's words and accepts her own glass of wine from the staff then turns back "You mentioned that perhaps the trouble makers were pressing upon your domaine Arec, even though you require no help in tha area" she says before sipping

Silvana looks down at her arm a moment before looking back at the others from her not so secret place now.

Apone comes walking into the Elysium from the mantrap. Taking pause near the entrance to gauge the occupants before making his way over towards the bar for something pleasant to drink.

Arec ohs as Madeline explains the Seneschal's intent. "The Rippers. Yes. We'll see how it plays out. It will have to escalate some before the next step will be played out." He says carelessly. "I'll keep you apprised of events."

Madeline notes Silvana's sling and arches a brow "Have you hurt yourself cheri? something you are unable to heal?" she asks then steps over and brushes a kiss to Apone's cheek "bon soir my brother"

Apone returns the cheek kiss, fingers lightly playing across Madeline's hip briefly. "Sister. You look lovely tonight." Those cold blue eyes glance around the room briefly. "Interesting faces we have tonight. More then a few I do not believe I've seen before."

Jax nods as he sips his wine, eyes glancing over to Apone though only breifly. "Hopefully they will not trouble you long."

Madeline smiles gently at Apone's greeting "merci" she says and nods to the gathering "You know Elder Jax of course, Elder Aeric of Tremere, and this is monseiur Arec, an independent who is trusted among us" she smiles, looking to Silvana for her answer?

Arec replies to Jax: "My sire faced the same problem in New Haven. The Sabbat respect strength. They haven't seen mine yet. So it's a predictable response." Arec doesn't seem very concerned. He lifts a hand to greet Apone, flashing a hint of his tattoos, but then he rests his palms on the arms of the chair again, relaxing.

Silvana looks at Madeline pursing her lips a moment, before speaking politely to her, her voice is even soft "With all do respect Madam, if I could have healed it I would have before arriving. I am here for Court before I have to leave again and no I do not wish to speak off why my arm is hurt and why it isn't healed at this moment, as there are other topics that are in the agenda"

Yelena's gaze shifts over towards Madeline as the Keeper introduces various people to Arec; she honestly doesn't seem to mind the lack of inclusion, judging by her indifferent expression. She does divert her attention to Arec for a little while after that, studying him with a glint of curiosity in her eyes. "They haven't seen yours, so they assume you don't have any... dumb fucks need to brush up on their Sun Tzu, sheesh." She might be crude, but illiterate she is not. As Silvana speaks up, Yelena's attention shifts over that way for a moment. "<Wait, we get to refuse to answer questions now? News to me,>" she murmurs to herself, momentarily slipping into Portuguese once more.

"A pleasure for all, I'm certain." Apone says with a soft smile, retrieving a glass of wine from the staff before turning back towards Madeline and Silvana. The later's explaination for the sling causes the man's brow to arch slighly.

Arec flashes Yelena a smile. "True Sabbat can be broken down into two categories in my experience. The philosophical and the violent. They seem to be mutually exclusive. Though I expect that if the violent survive long enough, they might transform into the former. The philosophical are tolerable, the violent are bearable. And the third sort, I don't think they are really Sabbat."

Jax smiles to Arec's response, then looks between the Keeper and Silvana breifly, but turns his attention back to Madeline, "Did you have anything you wished to discuss tonight?"

Madeline laughs as Silvana choses to have an attitude and sips her glass again, the girl wants to be ignored, Toreador can do that all too well. She lays her hand lightly upon Apone's arm "I have called for the meeting Elder, but not heard back from very many of those invited as to which date and time will do for the majority. I would like to have the matter settled soon so we can focus on the bigger picture"

"It's been my experience that the Sabbat respect strength that they can not steal." Apone says softly, glancing over towards Arec. "It is a covenant full of diablarists and murderers. More of a threat to the stability of a domain then the anarchs could ever hope to be. If you have their attention, then I wish you luck. It's the faun that has been separated from the herd which the lion stalks."

Jax nods to the Keeper, "Mr Giovanni is ready to meet tomorrow if able, though I have not heard from Mr Frost at all on the matter." he then turns to Aeric, "Aside from what has been mentioned, the city's influx of hunters has appeared to subside. Known hunters have been seen leaving the city to hunt elsewhere. I'm sure there will still be some to linger however." Madeline touches Apone's arm and smiles, stepping over to answer a question from the staff

Aeric nods at Arec, "Just don't overestimate your strength. Touched they may be, but numerous they are. And given Marion's state, you can never be too sure what the mage orders are up to. Though in this case it seems to be limited to the Technocracy." Then to Jax, "I have not heard from Frost. I now I will be there and at Cedric. Either way, I imagine the conversation will be very short and mostly consist of threats on the part of the giovanni and a laughter from the chantry."

Silvana didn't have and attitude, she answered truthfully but if Madeline wants to take it as that it's her choice. Silvana made it very clear even with those that have no empathy that she was keeping to herself and that she doesn't want to talk to anyone unless it has to do with matters in hand, so that's that. She looks at Arec a moment as he says something and takes a deep breath taking out her phone and sending a text to someone. At the mention f a meeting she raises a brow but doesn't say anyting.

Arec inclines his head to Apone. "Your sentiment is ... beautifullyl spoken?" He sounds a little uncertain. "I think it's optimistic. I am optimistic at least, I will take it as such."

Apone gently pats Madeline's hand before she steps off to handle whatever it is she steps off to handle, turning towards Arec, simply offering the man a soft smile.

Jax nods in agreement to the Tremere, "Good luck on that." then sits back to listen a bit while savoring his wine.

Arec turns his attention to Aeric. "I am curious Aeric, how well do you know the sewerdweller, Mr. Stefanescu?"

Madeline returns after only a few moments and smiles at the room, returning to Jax's side

Silvana pushes off the wall and steps into the hallway.

Jax turns his gaze up to the Keeper when she returns, "No trouble I hope."

Silvana returns after a moment pocketing her phone and retakes her spot.

Madeline sips her wine and shakes her head "Non Elder, simply being certain the conference room will be ready for the meeting"

Aeric turns to Arec, "Hmm. I don't know him overly well. I met him. He invited em to his meeting. C'est la vie. Seems like a typical Nosferatu. Nosferatu are ok sorts, usually more interested in information than actually killing people, which make no mistake, is well within their ability set. So at least with him, as long as he gets something out of it, you can probably trust him. Why do you ask?"

Apone takes a drink from the glass, savoring the flavor for a moment. He seems content to simply observe the happenings before interjecting himself into the conversation once more.

Jax nods his head, finishing of his second glass of wine, though he refuses another refill, returning his attention to the Brujah and Tremere discussing Nosferatu.

Madeline tips her head "Pardon moi Aeric, which nosferatu? I had stepped aside and it seems, missed somethign?

Aeric turns to look at Madeline, "Ah, Sebastion."

Arec shakes his head. "He is no Nosferatu I think." Arec explains: "Not nearly ugly enough. And I was curious as to how he acquired the names and phone numbers of so many of the city's kindred. Perhaps he darranged it through a Nostferatu."

Aeric shrugs, "My number is publicly listed. My home is of course rented under a false name, but the cell number is real." There's a pause, "Ah, wait. Right, I'm getting old. Sebastion is the tall blue fella. Kiasyd. Let me rephrase my observations, The Kiasyd will never, in a million years, harm you. It's just not in their make up. While it was in the make up of their parent clan, they just don't have it anymore. Lasombra have it still, but not the Kiasyd. Mostly they sit in their homes and read books like me. So, as to how he got the numbers of everyone else. Not my problem honestly."

Jax remains content to listen to the pair talk for now, the conversation being somewhat interesting so far.

Arec shrugs away any concerns he may have raised. "He does not seem interested in domain. Though he has expressed more than a passing interest in our fair keeper." Arec teases Madeline gently.

Silvana looks from one person to the next as she listens to them speak.

Madeline ah's softly and laughs "Monseiur Sebastion, oui. Kiasyd, is that his clan?" she muses

Jax grins when the Keeper is mentioned, looking up to her as she replies.

Aeric nods, "Yes, that's what they call themselves. I don't particularly know the specifics. Something about an accident. Sebastion would be a better person to question as to specifics of his bloodline." Then a shrug as he returns to leaning back in his chair, "And no one intends to discuss the elephant in the room? Surely I don't need to tell you two that the upper eschelon is getting nervous with your truce. You made a truce with the Sabbat. I would like to be optimistic and tell you there is logic to justify it, but none that will satisfy a justicar I'm sure. So would anyone care to explain how this came about?"

Arec certainly doesn't ahve anything to add. He looks to Jax for an explanation.

Silvana hasn't said a thing for a change almost like she isn't even here.

Jack Frost has arrived.

Jax grins at the new topic brought up, "I suppose you could call it a truce. Though I'm not sure it holds any strength anymore, but it did serve its purpose. As for if a Justicar would approve or not, we have had no complaints as of yet, and I do not expect any. It is not really worth their time and effort."

Madeline nods and sets her glass aside "and His Grace approved of it all, so truly the Seneschal has been the Camarilla's greatest servant thus far" she smiles and nods "If you will pardon me, I shall see to the arrangements for the meeting"

Aeric just kind of chuckles, "If only your prince was the highest authority in the Camarilla that sentiment would resonant with me. Anyways, Just know that they didn't pull an elder of my stature out of a post to come here just because they felt you needed the help." Then he leans forward, "That being said. I think we should be more concerned with why the sabbat needed the explosive. Doubly concerned that a mage sect publicly captured a vampire and then put that in the paper. Mage sects aren't that stupid nor are they that public about what they do. Then they simply let her go. Something is coming." Then a shrug, "But again, not my problem. I'm just here to advise. Advise I will with my experience. Whether or not anyone takes my words to heart is up to each individual."

Arec heaves a sigh and glances away.

Jack Frost comes in quickly fliping through notes as he does, frowning and bows to jax "Sorry Im late.."

Jax chuckles in return, "Well if you are only here to spit out opinion and name fault, this Praxis really doesn't need you. Perhaps New York could use advisement. We have handled all that has come, growing in number and strength through it all without you. When your Clan can send someone useful, then I might take a wizard's words to heart."

Silvana is in one of the corners being super anti-social and she gives of the vibe of wanting to be left alone and here for the meeting. She also looks tired and has a sling on her arm but it probably be a super bad idea to ask her right about now why her arm is on a sling. She raises a brow looking at Aeric for a moment before looking at Jax and then looking at Jack.

Jack Frost frowns and says "I think there is hardly a need to Insult my Clan? or has something been said of wich I should be aware that deserves such vitroil?"

Arec sits not far from Jax lounging in an overstuffed armchair. He pulls out a cellphone to check the time.

Aeric peers back at Jax and just smiles, "I see. Well, unfortunately for you, here I am and going nowhere. So I guess you're stuck with my advice as it were. As for blame, I haven't assigned any. Unless you'd like to take the blame for something mentioned in my warning of the mages acting differently than usual and the sabbat stealing explosives for more of a reason than they felt like it." Then a shrug as he turns to Jack Frost, "I couldn't say. They took offense to my questioning the intentions of the truce penned by this praxis' prince. It's not my problem of course, but it becomes the problem of people higher up when truces are being signed with the sabbat. Speaking of truces, The Giovanni has an interesting proposition. Have you heard about it?"

Silvana looks between Jack and Aeric still keeping quiet

Jack Frost looks from Aeric to Jax and back and says "Questioning something is the best method of finding its flaws, of permoting discussion to lead to better understanding. However that said.. The truce buys us time that is needed.. and Quit frankly isnt the buisness of any one outside This domain.. and if the Inner Circle has issue with it then let them send a war coterie to deal with it. Prospect is a hot bed of supernaturals.. we can not risk open warfare.

Jax turns his head to the Primogen agreeing with his assessment, then looks back to the other, "The best thing about advice, you can take it or leave it. I know what goes on in our city, and quite familiar with the other things that go bump in the night. Marion's capture has only interfered with any Sabbat plans, it affects us none. Do you really think the Technocracy doesn't know about us already? They learned nothing from the loon except possible secrets of our enemy. It only benefits our situation. They regained the explosives so the inevitable target is no longer a target anymore."

Silvana finally speaks up "And they are quite aware of who took the explosives in the first place"

Aeric shrugs, "To each his own belief. In any case, Marion is dealt with and exited from their care." He turns to Jack Frost, "This Giovanni, Ignacio, he is going to ask us to call off the hunt of Draven. I am not entirely sure he has any sane reasonings for this. Based on earlier behavior, I believe he thinks he has an upperhand on us and will likely attempt to beat us into submission with whatever this assumed upperhand is. If that fails, and it will he'll likely resort to threats. I expect nothing to actually come of the meeting short of there potentially being one less Giovanni practicing that god awful necromancy." Then as an aside, "Everyone in the damned city knows who took the explosives."

Jax chuckle when the blood hunt is mentioned, "Funny, I haven't heard the Prince call a blood hunt in his city. What is there to call off?"

Arec watches Aeric carefully, his expression neutral.

Jack Frost says, "If you will forgive my Venacular Ignacio can suck my nut, If the Prince does not chose to Honnor the Blood Hunt on Draven then he will loose the confidence of Clan Tremere.. period.""

Arec inquires of Jax. "Is Draven acknowledged by the Prince?"

Jax turns to the Primogen with a smile, "The confidence in Tremere has been lost long before you arrived I'm afraid. The Prince will not be extending the Blood Hunt of New Orleans here in Prospect. A single slave is not worth the effort, we have bigger concerns to put our time into."

Jack Frost says, "So be it, you choose to allow the Murderer of the Seneshal of New Orleans and an Elder within our city its doom will be not our doing.""

Aeric stands and stretches, "I didn't realize I had entered such a messed up Praxis. Amazing to me that the Prince thinks he can single handedly throw an entire clan off to the side because he feels like it. Interesting still is that any seneschal of their right mind doesn't see fault in this. Suddenly, this truce makes more sense in this light."

Silvana purses her lips as she looks between the people not saying a single thing just shaking her head a little.

Jax smiles to both men, "I find it amusing to be threatened and insulted by individuals here only five minutes with no clue to the history of this Praxis. Come back with advice when you know our past and what it has taken to get this far. We have survived without Tremere so far. I think we'll be fine should you still choose to do nothing regarding our real issues."

Aeric doesn't seem amused or bothered, "What real issues? A minute ago when asked for a status update you had nothing to say. Now you tell us there are 'real issues' plauging this praxis. The only issues thus far that I see are a war you have no interest in fighting, Draven and the Giovani and Us, then that half baked idiot Marion for breaking the only tenant the mages hold about us. Please elaborate on these real problems that are so real and so important that they didn't warrant being in the situation report or brought up in this meeting."

Arec raises an eyebrow curiously at Jax to see what he will reply.

Silvana doesn't have anything to say as she just keeps watching though there is a frown on her face.

Jax grins getting up, "You remind me of a man named Varges, another of your Clan. His convictions and lack of working together brought his demise. When you are ready to listen instead of being insulting, make an appointment to see me. Otherwise, I have no time for the trivial matters of escaped slaves and captured Sabbat." then proceeds to make his way to his office.

Silvana frowns as she watches Jax leave and just shakes her head a tad.