2013.11.10 Philosopher King Introduction

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Philosopher King Introduction
Introducing Gilgamesh
IC Date November 10th, 2013
IC Time 10:00 P.M.
Players Samantha Kelley, Deirdre, Larry, Sentinel, Caim, Kaylah, Wyatt, Constance, Silvana, Foster, Kato
Location Second Tallest Building in Prospect
Prp/Tp Return of the Philosopher King
Spheres All


Philosopher king intro CoH - Sunday, November 10, 2013, 10:07 PM

It's the night of the 10th of November, nearly midnight, and the air is tangible and thick. The energies present in this place as you get closer to the top of the second largest building in prospect grow stronger and more physical. Whatever is coming is really messing with the natural balance of things in prospect and anyone with an ounce of awareness feels off about it. On the roof it's even worse as you're suddenly buffeted by strong winds and rain...yet the rest of the city has no such phenomina. It's a clear night and it was clear when you were walking up the stairs. In the sky above you the clouds are swirling and yet before you stepped through the door at the top, the clouds were normal. The energy is getting thicker and more resonant and wires are beginning to the feel the crunch as one falls to the roof. Luckily it's not a power line.

Wyatt emerges on the roof, as his frail body pushes him deeper into the batterment of the storm thats going on about him. Glances given to all angles and corners of the rooftop, as he silently fritters in his pocket to produce a cigarette. Its placed on his lips, and he tries to no avail to get it lit. Rain, wind, anyone who smokes knows how difficult this could end up being.

Deirdre skulks out on to the roof, a vague sense of unease crawling up the girls spine. The wind makes her cling to the side of the building as if she expect it to lift her off. Her eyes dart around a little surprise that anyone one else would be up here in these conditions. A few hesitant steps and she moves further from the door to look around in the flickering lights from the surrounding buildings.

Foster? Pfft. Ain't no Foster here. There /is/ a freaking glowing angel however. Because let's be honest, if somebody came to check out this tower? Probably isn't any sense in protecting them from revelation. And so the blazing angel reaches the roof, tromping up the stairs. Why the stairs? Have you /seen/ this storm. Flying in it looks like it would be unpleasant, so he swallows his pride, adjusts the sword at his hip, and strides on with nary a fuck to give.

The quiet Sister, drawn to investigate the strange sensations the building had been causing, emerges into the sudden change in weather which causes her to reach up to make sure the white viel under the darker hair cover stays on her suddenly tousled hair. Wide blue eyes lift up towards the storm and her brows knit darkly. Given that others are here the petite young nun exhales a little in surprise her other hand moving up to press to the cross under her throat.

Samantha thinks she's spiderwoman, apparently. This late, this high up? Not much chance of being sighted. She crawls slowly up the side of the building and her hands grab onto the edge, pulling herself up and over to perch on the edge and peer up at the storm, perplexed. She doesn't see how many people are already gathered... because... well... storm! She blinks several times and stares up at the sky, squinting a bit as she tries to ponder it all out.

Sentinel flies over head, circling the area for a moment. The thing lands away from the group, crouching, trying not to be seen.

Larry /was/ up here as himself, lugging a rusty toolbox that smells like a cat did something unpleasant to it: if any random clueless folk run into him, the plan is to pass himself off as working for the electric company or something. As soon as he spots not-Foster, though? "Oh, I see we're disrobing." And then there's a second angel floating there in his place, albeit without so impressive a weapon.

Kaylah comes upstairs and steps out into the store. She makes sure her bookbag is tightly closed and then she just looks around. Her eyes are wide as she takes it all in but also filled with a great deal of curiosity.

The winds increase fiercely for those flying and soon it is seen why. A man, possessing blue wings a third as he is tall, carrying a woman as his wings flap and widen, the winds catching his wings and lifting him. AS he draws close, those within 30 yards of the blue haired man with blue wings feel instantly renewed, fatique vanishing as an intense warmth fill them, the fallen recognize it as the warmth of life and to those not of the living, it is like being allowed to bathe in sunlight once more as he lands on the roof, having entrusted the woman in his arms to hold his bow and arrows.

Somewhere nearby, someone is watching all of this going on through the scope of a high-caliber rifle. And that someone is potentially or potentially not Kato.

Silvana has her arms wrapped aroud Caim or well it might be her. She has a hoodie and the good is up of coruse have to protect the hair from all this wind and rain. She gives the area a little glance as she waits to see if she is going to be put down or not.

Kaylah blinks a little as she sees all those winged creatures. She just freezes and her jaw drops even as the rain soaks her to the bone and the wind causes her long, dark hair to fly this way and that. "I think im in the wrong place." She says softly to herself.

Constance steps back her brows knitting a bit as blue eyes land on each Angel and person who's making no effort to hide. Her lips press together and she starts to step backwards towards the door. Her fingers close tighter around the cross at her throat as she attempts to ensure she doesn't loose her veils to the wind. Her head tilts as she hears Kaylah's words and she murmurs, "I think perhaps there are a few of us in that situation."

Blazing-Angel frowns faintly to himself for a moment, nods once, then taps his ear and shakes his head no. Ritual? Hand signals? And to whom? Ah well. Turning to the being that /was/ Larry, he casually remarks, "It seems most appropriate under the circumstances."

Amanita (TAFKAL) nods to Blazing-Angel. "No argument here." He glances around at the mixed company - no great surprise, that - and particularly at the one carrying his plus-one, Pieta style. "Well. /This/ is new."

Angels...well maybe angels Deirdre has seen stranger things then men with glowing wings. She does though see an island of safety in this crowd of the strange. She heads for Sentinal and tucks herself under one of the Gargoyles wing. Somehow the girl finds the creature far more comforting then the other options.

Sentinel keeps her wings wrapped protectively aroud Dierdre. She whispers to her. "Do you know whats going on?"

Samantha tilts her head slightly and she rises off of her perch, moving over toward the others. Well, one little two little three little angels, four little five little... okay maybe there aren't THAT many angels, but as her head lowers, her image shifts slightly and her own light shines forth, owl-like wings spreading out for a nice little stretch. "Brothers." She murmurs quietly and turns to look at the storm once more.

Kato is freaking out behind the scope of her rifle as angles are popping out of the freaking woodwork!

Sentinel then murmurs softly. "Do you feel that?" she looks around. "Its so...nice." se says. "What is it? should we approach?"

Wyatt purses his lips together, and throws the now wet, half coming apart cigarette off the side of the roof they are standing on. He takes the lighter, and throws it off the side to, mumbling softly to himself, as it nearly hits the incoming Caim / Silvana montage. Its then that he begins to notice he is no longer alone. Hmm, when in rome, Wyatt to shifts into Apoc form, but he doesnt have wings. No, he is a little more dark natured then that. Being of the 7th house, the new form that stands amongst you, resembles none other then Charon himself. The ferrymen looks around, "So this is whats called for? Anyone have an idea what the hell is going on here?"

Just as suddenly as the storms seem to have onset they go away. The skys return to normal and lightning arcs from a nearby radio tower on the roof and suddenly a tear appears in the fabric of space-time before opening up wide enough to allow a person through. At first nothing comes as it radiates in the air and then finally there's a rippling of energy from the portal as it sparks. Suddenly a man walks out from the rip in spacetime and stands before it, waving a hand dismissively as the swirling mass of color fades away and everything returns to normal except for the man standing before them. Six feet tall, muscled, wearing golden armor that must have cost a fortune inset with beautiful gems, old, archaic earrings on his ears and short cropped hair behind red glowing eyes. He feels both human and non-human at the same time. Idly he crosses his arms and stares down at the people gathered before grinning, "Is this it? Only you came to herald my return?" Then he lets out a great laugh that causes the winds to swirl with force once more and as his laughter dies, so too do the winds. Almost as if he owns the place he steps down as if on a masterful staircase and moves to the roof and those gathered, that same grin on his face. "What a collection! I suppose I should be honored to have been received by this many!" Then he opens his mouth as if to let out more of a laugh but stops, grin fading into a straight faced, neutral expression, "Or not. Servants of the Maker!" Turning to the fallen he looks at them with disgust, "You took from me everything and left for me nothing. Tonight I return. Deliver these words to your maker: I, the great Philosopher King, have come to retake and crush my prize."

Kaylah looks around and seeing all these angels the tiny woman seems to get a little dizzy then she sees someone she semi knows shift right there into his pretty angel form and she lifts a hand to her temples as if to will them to stop the rooftop from spinning. A few moments pass as she keeps her eyes closed but she seems to be able to calm herself. Even with the man appearing she opens her eyes and looks at him and just shakes her head "Thor arrives and is surrounded by angels. Wow, I think Ic ould be asleep."

Caim sets Silvana down and he gently takes the bow from her and the quiver. When called the servants of the maker, he nearly snarls as he quickly draws an arrow and nocks it, pulling the string back as he aims it at the man. "DO NOT DARE CLAIM I SERVE HIM!" He bellows to the man in golden armor. For those with mortal origins, the sight of this winged being drawing and aiming the bow is something which seems oddly familiar, the sight of him with a bow and arrow between the unjust and the corrupt.

Constance's mouth is open and she seems shocked but her attention had also been split by Kaylah whom when she puts her hands to her temples. "Are you alright?" Her words are soft, so as not to interupt the others, but her blue eyes turn back with brows drawing to crease above her nose. But her curiosity doesn't overcome her concern for Kaylah. "Perhaps we ought to move a bit?"

Silvana gets set down by Caim and hands him his bow and quiver. She stare at the one in shiny armor there is this look you know that look as if you recognize someone but your trying to put your finger on just who or where or what. She even wrinkles her brow and then pulls at Caim's side a little as the little light in her head goes off and she put her finger on.

Sentinel growls very lowly in her throat, moving in ront of her ward. "Who is that? Do you know?"

Oh it is on like fucking Donkey Kong. The blazing angel's silver orbs narrow angrily and he draws his blade in one fluid motion. The sword, gleaming brightly for only a moment, immediately erupts in to fire as he stretches out his wings and holds the blade before him. "NEPHILIM," he snarls. "I am the Glory of the Blazing Dawn! Explain your presence, abomination, for I am with few reasons not slay you here as I have your brothers and sisters."

Kaylah shakes her head as if to clear it but she looks to Constance and says "I think im still asleep. Usually my dreams are much more scary than this this is kind of...well I mean look ! Angels." She moves closer to Constance though and asks "What is going on right now?" Very confused. When a blade gets drawn though she eeps like a frightened little mouse and scurries closer to the woman who seems concerned for her.

Wyatt shakes his head, "Nephilim! You must die." He reaches a hand to his boney jaw, and begins to approach this half man, half angel. A thick fog begins to wrap around Wyatt as he does so. Nothing further need be said. "He is one of the Nephilim. A union of Angel and man. Monsters who stunted humanity's growth, preventing them from becoming stronger then the maker in the time of ancient Babel." Caim says to the others. "We will see to it you join your brothers and sisters." He says as he keeps the arrow drawn.

Deirdre stage whispers to Sentinel, "I don't have a fucking clue, but the angels...or not angels seem to know him and they seem pissed. All I know is the realm of the dead is up in arms that's the only reason I showed up here. The dead are upset and that's never a good thing."

Constance double takes and chokes and backpedals a little suddenly. "Can you dream in Sumerian, Sister? If so then perhaps I've joined you. That is no Angel, that is King Gilgamesh." She explains, "And I believe, it is time, Sister, we leave. And swiftly.

Sentinel turns to Dierdre. "We shoudl tell someone we should. Im afraid to move."

Kaylah looks a little stunned as she stands there, her mouth open in surprise and her eyes wide with both shock and fear. "I'll be honest, im a bit scared. Will they let us leave? Will they hurt us? " She asks Constance but scoots right beside her.

"Fear not. It is my duty as a guardian to keep you safe from this monster." Caim calls to Kaylah and Constance and even Sentinel. Infact he even begins to back up towards them so they were within his aura, the warmth of life trying to comfort them as he keeps his arrow aimed at the philosopher king.

Deirdre tugs at Sentinel, "We should move, let the what ever the hell the wing jockeys are handle this. It's going to get really bad, he's pissing off the dead with his presence. Wraiths are bad enough he stays and he will call in thing that no one should ever have to deal with." She doesn't offer to move though from under the protection of Sentinels wing. Not exactly leaving but trying to get Sentinel to move as far away from the line of prospective fire as they can while the girl can still watch.

The fallen approach and he jumps back into the air and the winds start up again stronger, buffeting them. Behind him numerous objects begin to emerge from glowing tears in the spacetime fabric. Somewhere, an engineer just pissed himself with all these readings. The god king gilgamesh laughs loudly causing the winds to pick up even more as he laughs, "Angels, you fools are always the same. I killed your kind in my day, you came then to stop me, to ruin my people. And I built a wall with my own power! A wall you couldn't live to breach. Well now you get a second chance if you think you can do it." Without warning the swords behind him suddenly leave and stream towards the roof, blanketing it in a swath of destruction from weapon point and not just swords, but maces and pole arms as well. "Behold, my treasury. Available at my fingertips no matter the age. Can you defeat a god angels?" Well we can check egotistical maniac off the chart. "Consider this your warning. In two weeks time I Shall come to attack your city. In two weeks time I shall begin my conquest of this new, weaker world." A wraith materializes near the man and streams towards him in a fit of shadowy glory only to be sliced by a sword, a sword shining with holy glory. Another loud laugh as winds buffet and blades slam into concrete and then nothing. He is gone, the swords begin to disappear and the last vestiges of the wraith drizzle back into the natural state.

Samantha's eyes narrow suddenly at the words she reads. She doesn't have quite as many toys as the others do, but that's quite alright. Her hands lift and her eyes lock onto the thing that stands before them. Her chin lifts and she stares, quiet and ready. She calls out in perfect Sumarian. "You are not what you believe yourself to be." She tells the thing. "I was there the day that He breathed life into all things. With my own breath, I helped create those things that were meant to be." She lifts one hand, palm facing the creature. "And you were never meant to have that breath. It is time that it should return to where it belongs."

Wyatt says, "Enough Talk! This King Gilgamesh, or whatever, is nothing more then the result of an Angel breeding with a decendent of the Allfather and Allmother. Its an abomination, and has to be put down." He then walks over to the sword, not concerned with the flying debris, emminent to strike those on the roof, and studies the sword."

Sentinel sees the sword. "Diedre. Run. Im a protector. Illl make sure you are safe." her wings spread and she lowers into a defensive position.

Silvana turns to look at Blazing-Angel as he calls out what she was trying to whisper to Caim. Then there is Sister Constance and she looks to her though when God King Gilgamesh speaks she turns to look at him though Caim draws her towards him when she moves and she wasn't paying attention to that.

Kaylah sees all the weapons and she does something that is really useless but she knows no better. She lets out a startled little cry and quickly tries to put herself in front of Constance to use her body to sheild the woman though her arms come up to cover her face. She is atleast trying to be brave and protect the kind woman!

Right before Gilgamesh disappears, there is a booming explosion from a nearby roof and a bright flash of light as a powerful rifle goes off. Into the storm of swords the round goes, and somewhere very close to Gilgamesh a glint of sparks is thrown out when the incoming bullet is deftly deflected by a sword. Kato curses under her breath as her shot is wasted.

Connie replies, "I do not know but I will look out for you." Constance offers softly to Kaylah as the wide eyed and now sallow nun swallows having inches her pale little self in front of the other who is thankfully also small. Then as she's addressed she turns that gentinian colored gaze to the Angel-that-is-Caim, her concern for Kaylah though has caused her to let go of her veils and both the black cover and the white underveil are torn by the wind sending black curls everywhere.

"You think to use mundane weapons against one of the fallen?! One of the very beings which brought forth creation?!" Caim yells and before their very eyes, the very air turns white and hardens into a solid opaque wall which all the weapons crash against helplessly, a wall thirty square feet up and about to prevent nothing from harming anyone present.

Deirdre looks at Sentinel for a moment as if the gargoyle has lost it's mind, "And where should I run to we're on a roof..." Then the king is gone and the weapons stopped. Sanity has returned or as much as one can get when surrounded by Angels.

Well damn. There's plenty of fancy hooplah, though no target to strike down now. Bah. The celestial holds his own sword to the side, lowering it as the flames continue to burn and lick along its length. He frowns, and then shakes his head. "Gather what lore and trinkets might be useful," he says to the other winged beings. "I am sure there is much forgotten about the true Gilgamesh, if he has entered mankind's legends." Visibly irritated, he ruffles his wings once and waits calmly, directing his attention towards the other, non-winged people on the roof. OH HAI!

Kaylah didn't die! She lowers her arms but then sees Constance is standing in front of her. "Wait, hold on.. I thought I.. " She shakes her head but looks up to the mean man trying to hurt everyone. Her fear is getting the better of her so she stomps her little foot and says "Ohh you just stop that right now!" She's shaking like a leaf now and looking for a good place to hide and have her panic attack under some nice cover!

When Wyatt reaches the swords and pushes forward with a hand to grab a hold of it, Holy energy ripples outwards. This isn't fake holy energy, but it isn't real holy energy either, but it's also mixed with something else. As it gets touched it shakes and then shatters into a million pieces.

Sword gone, Gilgamesh gone normality is restored for Dee except for all the angels or not angels around. She looks over at the figure in the hoody and their companion with the wings for several moments then purses her lips. "Give me a lift home Nel?"

Blazing-Angel scowls and turns to... oh, about three o' clock, jumps off the building, and glides over to another rooftop. It might be Kato's rooftop. It might not be.

The fog around Wyatt begins to dissapate as the skeleton remains stoic. Perhaps unable to commit to an expression, he glances about and looks to the others. Shortly after, he begins to walk to the exit, that would lead him off the roof. His form shifting to the man that just moments earlier seemed to be taking a smoke break.

When Blazing-Angel glides her way, Kato can be found. She is wearing almost all black, a harness that might be used for climbing, and has a heavy looking back laid out next to her. In her hands is the massive longrifle that Foster has seen her with before. She gives him a wave as he soars closer. Anyone looking over could easily make out the black-clad figure, but all of her distinguishing features are well hidden.

Dee nods to sentinel, "Once around the park Nel and I promise not to throw up on you the way I did the first time I went flying." Not particular reassuring words but she is making then effort not to need air sickness bags.

Kaylah nods to Constance and starts for the door but well, an angel is headed that way too so she turns around and starts to walk in a circle because everywhere she tries to walk there are angels! Circles seem the thing to do so she just keeps pacing around and reaches up to cover her eyes whispering to herself in Egyptian.

Samantha looks around as everyone leaves. She stares at the shattered sword and sighs softly. She moves over to the edge of the building and peers after the blazing angel as he glides over to the other rooftop. Her head tilts slightly and she watches curiously.

Silvana looks curiously across towards the building where the other clad figure is at least she looks just about the same all in black and a hoodie up on her head. She looks up at the sky as her mind seems to be working out where she will begin to look into all of this, angels and things as of late sheesh. She's been busy.

Sentinel pauses. "Aim for an angel it'd be funny." she says as she scoops up Dee and gets ready to do a fly over.

"It really wouldn't," replies Amanita. Yes, he's still around; he was letting the others do the talking earlier, but yes, he's well aware what they were facing down against.

Constance waits for Wyatt to go and then nods to Kaylah, "We'll be okay. They've got bigger fish to fry. But if you don't mind I think perhaps we should talk at some point. I'm sure this is all a little overwhelming." She smiles softly, the vibrant charismatic woman looks shaken but still warm despite the clearly mussed state. "But if you'd like to go home and process first I can be found at the Hands of Hope Mission, I volunteer there."

Kaylah tries to stop her pacing but she nods to Constance. "I feel like I am going to faint." She says quietly but then she says "I will come and find you." She says to Constance. She reaches up to run her fingers through her soaked hair and looks around to see who all is still there.

Wyatt smiles to Kaylah, "Wow, they would let anyone up here. Long time. You should go home. Would you like some company?"

Caim looks to Silvana and hands her the bow and arrows before picking Silvana back up once more. "Ready to go?" He asks the woman before he would leap off the roof, wings gliding them away.

Constance smiles at Kaylah, "Of course. Take care, Sister." She glances towards Caim quickly and his companion for a long moment and then deliberatly turns her back on them. She does a quick search for her veils and her brows knit over blue eyes when she finds it gone and then she heads for the stairs.

Blazing-Angel lands on the roof by Kato and nods briefly. "It seems we've run across a piece of history." He lazily sheaths the flaming sword and the fire is then quenched. "This... is going to be somewhat earth shaking. Possibly literally."