2013.11.11 Angelic Return

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Angelic Return
The Demons Encounter an ancient general and an intact stronghold
IC Date November 11th, 2013
IC Time 8:00 P.M.
Players Blazing-Angel, Silvana, Sydney, Lady_Mist, Caim, Wyatt, Larry, Nyx, Kahalis
Location Demon Stronghold in the Mountains
Prp/Tp Angelic Return
Spheres Demon,Mage,Vampire


Angelic Return CoH - Monday, November 11, 2013, 8:19 PM

Blazing-Angel glides on wing through the lands of the dead, passing through to the skinlands once the city proper is left behind. Sword at his hip, he glides easily near Caim and peers at him with an arched brow. "You do realize that we do not garner frequent flier miles for extra passengers," he states blandly, eyeing the Scourge's cargo with a faint frown.

Silvana is hooded and kind of hiding herself her clothes is all in black and she has a bag with her or is it a backpack or something to that affect as she is being carried by Caim. She is holding the bow since well i'm sure she wants to hold on to him too so Sydney will have to hold his arrows it's all about team work right.

Lady_Mist moves toward the source of the pulsing with care. As she moves, she can't help but to wonder if this strange sense of dread she feels is wrong or not. Inner turmoil along with the fact that she is walking rather than flying in, mixed with the sense of caution that fills her has her moving slowly forward rather than rushing. It isn't long until the warm glow of her presence fills the area. Not that it can probably be felt though since another of her house is already here. She moves up quietly behind the blazing angel and merely listens quietly. Long distance to Wyatt: Aeric won't stop anyone from bringing someone icly really, they just have to live with the consequences

Syd gets to carry the arrows which is an odd choice since she is the most violent of the three and is now armed with projectiles. But then it's only the male ego that thinks all women fight over men, no some just stab them in the rear with sporks. She does though have a firm grip on Caim and seems amused as the Angel pants under the strain. "I think someone needs a gym membership."

The pulse from the mountains hasn't gotten any weaker or stronger at this point. It reached a crescendo and has stopped there, regularly pushing out at specific intervals. Every hour it happens illuminating the tronghold to other fallen and even the Angelic Host. Luckily, the Angelic Host seem to be ignoring it which leaves it to the allen to decide what to do with it. Who knows what or who is waking up or causing the pulse, but it's strong, so whatever or whoever it is, it shouldn't be taken lightly.'

"Hey, the last time I carried people and flew was millenia ago. I think I am in great shape for my age." Caim says as he looks to the Blazing angel. "They will be of help." He says as he then looks to the mist and gestures with his head. "Seems I am not the only one who thought to bring a friend." He says to the blazing angel with eagle wings.

Dark fog begins to approach the group, and stops near Caim. A few moments pass before Yorik appears from the fog, but mostly still hidden. "What do we know so far, brother?" Is allowed to escape the teeth of the Boney demonic form of Wyatt. The long stick in his hand is used to poach him for support.

There's a small vibration in the ground just before it opens up to allow Kahalis to step out. Some angels look like; well angels. Not Kahalis. 11 foot tall and massive, some Titan drawn forth from the primal memory of man; veins of molten lava flowing over and through iron and rock that form the Annunaki's body. Burnished disks of bronze scan the surroundings as one arm lowers Nyx down. The powerful pulses being enough to draw even the Reconcilor to investigate.

Nyx steps down carefully as she's lowered, sliding her bag up over her shoulder and into place. She looks around while she takes a moment to pick some dirt out of her hair, sticking close to Kahalis should he start to move.

Those approaching the stronghold by air are greeted by the sight of a mostly intact demonic stronghold made of large stones that could or could not be natural, it's hard to tell at this point. One thing that is noticeable is the large wall on the eastern side facing away from the town. Still standing to this day with the marks of the war batting against her visible. More over, the main castle is still standing with all its battlements in place. In fact, some demon statues exist still, but are those really statues? Or were they once combatants? Those approaching by ground get a sense of how high that wall is. It's not tall, it's giant. If it hadn't been for the mountain covering it, it would have been visible from miles in town. But luckily that mountain does exist and it does block that wall. In the wall are embedded statues of demons which may have been real demons at some point. As those from the ground approach the gate is mostly gone, but the statues that were meant to warn intruders are still there, visages of awful demonic beasts. For the flyers there's a courtyard where one would enter the castle and begin to make their way inside. There is no plant life here but there are various burn marks. It is still in touch with the owner.

"Hey, the last time I carried people and flew was millenia ago. I think I am in great shape for my age." Caim says as he looks to the Blazing angel. "They will be of help." He says as he then looks to the mist and gestures with his head. "Seems I am not the only one who thought to bring a friend." He says to the blazing angel with eagle wings. The sight of burnmarks and battles brings back memories. Memories of his fighting during the war, using winds to increase the powers of his arrows, and fueling flames from the other houses. Time spent in the Crimson legion killing anything which got between him and the host. Memories which with this host, makes him become saddened at his recklessness. "Stronghold of Acutanimain...Wonder if General Lorialis will be here." He says curiously, glancing about.

Switching to Enochian, the blazing angel peers at Caim. >>Well you have spoken his Name, so if he is present? Perhaps he will be kind enough to inform you.<< Tilting away, he pulls in his wings to dive towards the courtyard and flares them out to pull up at the last second before coming to a stall and touching down with his feet.

Silvana looking around curiously as she still hold onto Caim and looks like she was going to speak "yeah, I read a little when I was doing research" she says softly to Caim then looks towards the other flying angel then back to Caim "He didn't sound very happy" she whispers not being overly loud you know.

Lady_Mist moves in closer. She pauses to stare at the walls for a long moment. She was never at this particular spot, but she does remember the battles. She sighs softly and her head shakes a touch. She moves toward the broken gate, peering carefully inside as she heads further in.

Sydney drops the last foot as Caim lands, amusement curling the gypsies lips at his words. She hands over his arrows once he's settled to free up her hands to pat herself down. Cigarettes, electric lighter, lockpicks..check she has her gear. She watches the others warily her head tilting from side to side with the soft pop as joints are limbered. Only then does the girl look around she doesn't say anything just takes up a place near Caim, in the typical shield position.

Wyatt casts his look away from Caim who seemingly ignores the Angel of Death. Something about this place brings back memories for Yorik. His attention focuses on Blazing-Angel, and he begins to approach the Leader of this Court. At least as far as Wyatt is concerned anyway. First the fog starts to cast about and move to overshadow the entire coterie, while Wyatt himself approaches Blazing-Angel. "What are your orders, Lord Captain?" The words spoken in Enochian.

"Magnificant." The word almost roars, like the stoked flames of a furnace. Leave it to the Annunaki to still remember and appreciate the effort and artisanship it took to craft such bastions and citadels. "I had thought most of these destroyed long ago." Kahalis looks down at Nyx. "I wish I had seen this one before murder was taught to us." The massive titan starts to make his way towards the gate. "Someone or something is still here..."

Nyx hmms, walking along beside him...well, trotting to keep up with his longer strides. "Gimme a sec there before you go barreling in..." She grumbles, digging one hand into her bag. Pulling out a little knife, the size of a letter opener and looking just as intimidating she pokes herself in the fingers, and presumably if he stops for her she uses the blood welling up there to draw a spiderweb pattern on one of his calves.

Kahalis pauses, looking down at Nyx and nodding; letting her mark him. He may not know what it is she's doing; but it's obvious the Titan trusts the woman. "Thank you." He says with a nod before starting once more towards the gate.

When they reach the courtyard the doors to the stronghold bust opens as a voice echoes out towards the assembled group, "Fallen, the General wants to see you in the war room downstairs." And that's all it says as the doors remain open

Caim reaches for his bow from Silvana. "He is of the house of the morning star, the first and highest house. They do tend to not sound happy often." Caim says, trying to make a joke to make his two passengers feel better. When the doors open and the voice comes, Caim pulls an arrow from the quiver and holds it in the same hand as his bow. He then turns to the blazing angel and bows his head before talking in Enochian. "Shall we go in there peacefully since they asked so nicely?" He asks, waiting for the angel and his orders.

Silvana stands on her own feet just curiously looking around with a slight awe look to her face. She stays really close to Caim as she hands him back his bow as she plans to follow him and Sydney where they go when the voice comes she looks at the open door then back to Caim.

The Namaru thinks on that for a moment before giving a faint nod. "We were invited," he allows carefully. "I suggest Ms. Vega keeps her recreational diet very quiet. There are few, either Loyalist or Rebel, who would look favorably upon those who serve the First Murderer's brood." Himself included? Mmmmaybe. The blazing angel rests his hand on the hilt of his sword but doesn't draw as he steps in.

Lady_Mist turns quickly as the doors burst open and that voice echoes out to them. A faint frown of confusion touches her lips. Immediately her eyes turn to look at the blazing angel, silently awaiting his orders. When he begins to move forward, she steps in along behind him and off to one side so that she might be close should anything happen, making sure that that warm healing aura of hers is on as many of those nearby her as possible.

Syd tilts her head at the invitation and is paying attention to the conversation at hand. She arches a brow at something said and reaches out and takes a handful of Caim's robes and yanks his face to hers, "I'll wait outside, if you need me yell. I'll get there quickly." She pats his cheek and steps back apparently she isn't going inside. The teenager steps back she shakes her hands out.

Wyatt turns to look at Nyx, and raises a brow, "What, your not gonna give the rest of us a shield? How did you do that, by the way?" He turns to look at the doors that open up at the command of the general. "Great. Its an actual Bastion. And he is in control of it. Lets step into his world, shall we?" He raises a hand, and the fog that surrounds Yorik begins to push towards the entrance of the bastion, He turns to Blazing-Angel, "As you wish, Lord Captain." Before his frail frame begins to push towards the entrance as well.

"I guess that answered your question." Kahalis looks over at Caim. "He's home." The titan considers for a moment; knowing just how dangerous a bastion can be for those uninvited guests. When one of his brethren start to walk in; Kahalis does follow; glancing down towards Nyx. "Stand clear of the walls. He will have more control over this place then you will expect; and it is nearly impossible to wrest it from him. There's no telling how this will play out; but I know how I would eject unwanted guests from a Bastion I controlled...so stay clear of the walls."

Nyx crinkles her brow slightly as she looks back over to Yorik. "It's not a shield. And I could, but then I would be as useful as tits on a bull for whatever else might come. But if you want it to, come on over." She crooks a slightly bloodied finger at him, but she moves to follow Kahalis, leaving it to Yorik should he wish to press.

Wyatt smiles at Nyx, "Clever girl. I like her." He shakes his head, "No, I do not need a shield. I have other ways of protecting myself. Thank you for offering though. You are to kind."

Remember that bit about the Angelic Host? That was a slight lie on the ST's part. No, rather, the Angelic Host is already here. When the doors swing open a man walks out garbed in the armor of an angel, glowing with the Maker's divine radiance and holding a sword with the same radiancec, the intent of purification clear on the item itself. There's a grin from the man, "How was my impression of General Lorialis? Was it a good one?" The wings on his back flex and he hovers slightly above ground. Just far enough to stare down at the fallen around him. Raising a hand he forms a glowing orb of holy radiance, "This stronghold is gone. Its general is now dead." Actually, those pulses did stop just as you reached the courtyard. "And now I will cleanse several demons and their allies. The Maker has commanded me and I will fufill his request!" In his hand the glowing ball of light grows larger and then compacts down as a very solid sphere of holy energies with bright beams of light around it before it flies off towards Blazing Angel.

Silvana did warn that it was a bad idea to go in there thankfully the bad guy was impatient and came to them and they didn't go in. Then whatever it is is brought up and she remembers that feel and knows it's not a good thing so she draws her gun and fires hopefully in surprise forthat aura not to hit it's mark well that's her hope.

The tension of not knowing /was/ getting pretty thick in the air. How kind of that angel to make things so much easier! "Over my dead body," Larry snarls, and promptly launches into a Morpheus-style leap through the air like he's going to physically tackle the guy. Is he going to get a faceful of fireball for his trouble? Nope, he just arcs out of its way like it ain't no thing.

Wyatt reaches towards Blazing-Angel, "Look out!" He says as he sees the ball of celestial fire come from the host and make its way towards the area where him and Blazing-Angel is standing. But before Wyatt can touch him, he dissapears. A moments time is spent blinking in confusion, before, Wyatt turns into a mist of water, and begins to float towards the Angel of the Host.

Kahalis lets out a deep laugh, low and rumbling, and it looks like a smile actually forms on that molten face of his. The fingers of his hands extend, growing and cooling down to razor sharp iron claws. Two more limbs start to grow out under his normal arms, starting as just molten lava but then cooling down into an extra set of arms; those hands also ending in razor sharp iron claws. Then the entire form seems to cool and harden; the entire body of Kahalis covered in a thick layer of iron. His voice is deep and booming now. "I will not let you send any of us back to the pit, brother." Then the giant starts to close the distance; a barrelling run towards the Angel.

Nyx blinks, looking at Kahalis as his form changes and he takes off, "What the hell..." Then she's moving herself, taking the necessary steps to bring her over to the Gunslinger. She extends her hand, touching the side of the gun for a moment, a soft glow passing over it before it fades and only bloody fingerprints are left behind. "Go crazy." is all she says before she's trotting after the now iron giant.

Blazing-Angel narrows his eyes as the blast of energy is focused at him. The Namaru smirks faintly and fades from sight, stepping through the shroud to reach the lands of the dead. In that cold, hollow realm, he draws forth his sword, the blade igniting on fire to light the darkness. Then the angel stalks forward, preparing for his ambush. Noble member of the First House? Yes. Above using misdirection and cunning tactics? Pshah!

Caim readjusts his arrow and aims it. "Tell him he's Next." He says as he fires the arrow. And once the arrow was fired it was as if it hit an accelerator because the arrow flies so fast it sends shockwaves through the air before it hits the angel.

There is no way in hell Sydney is getting near an angel....lobbing something harmful at him is another story. The tiny teen picks up one of the demonic stone statues and hurls at the Angel pinging it off his armor. "Hope I left a dent..." is muttered under her breath she seems to find the whole thing cathardic getting out all those deep seeded anger issues, perhaps her pummeling of angelic beings will be quelled with this....but not likely.

Lady_Mist's eyes narrow as she sees that ball coming toward the blazing angel. She lifts her hands to take care of it, but when the blazing angel disappears, she merely turns slightly, aiming those hands toward the Angel of the Host. She takes a deep breath and blows, pressing forward with her hands and sends the Host's angel flinging backward hard against the wall behind him. Well, that ought to slow him down a bit. She steps back and smiles at her handiwork.

The Angel certainly didn't expect to be Arrowed, Shot and Statued in the same day and within 5 minutes of each other. The angel supposes that Demons are still capable of some interesting stuff. Pulling up against the wall he raises a hand, "If i can't live, I'll just kill you all too!" Remember that strumming of power? Yeah it's back and seems pissed off..wait, what's that noise? As if on queue, the thrumming of power rocks the earth with great force and then the ground begins to break apart as a giant image of brimstone and hellfire rises from the hole. The angel was just in the way and is promptly brought into the air and crushed in a gauntlet clad fist easily three times the size of the angel's body and then it throws it at Wyatt. The angel slams into the ground and yeah, it's dead, but a book falls out and lays at Wyatt's feet. A small glint appears in the bag around the angel's shoulder, did anyone see it? As the hole grows larger, the figure comes fully out of the hole and is easily twenty stories tall. This is a huge fallen without a shread of the Maker's glory left. At his side is a shield with a giant dent diagonally across it that exudes demonic presence, a demonic artifact. The beast fully raised turns to look down at those before him as his cloak returns to cover him, covered with marks in the Eunochian language. The sword at his side has sides of molten metal and a center of black steel blacker than the blackest of hearts. It also has Eunochian symbols on it. The head turns to look at Blazing-Angel, "Captain! Where are my troops and why are you standing here looking stupid at me!?" Then to Wyatt he points, "And you, why the hell aren't you manning the wall? WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! GET TO THE WALL SOLDIER!" He raises a giant fist and slams into the wall to his left, the wall they saw, the wall raised by the iron legion and tears a hole in it as easily as he tore a hole in the earth. "WHO ARE ALL THESE NON FALLEN AND WHY ARE THEY IN MY STRONGHOLD!"

Wyatt is nothing but mist that consumes the book laiden upon his feet. In enochian, as if the wind speaks where the mist form of Wyatt is located, "I am Yorik, of the Seventh House of Elohim. Baron Watcher and Ferrymen of the Alabaster Legion, 219th subordinate to Azrael, Sub Lieutenant to Charon, Creator of the Realm of the Dead, and Charon's City. I am NOT your soldier, nor of your legion. I do not take commands from you!"

Blazing-Angel arches a brow at the massive demon, lips pursed, and then opts for a little bit of truth, a little bit of a lie. "The enemy has been beaten back. He," he says with a nod towards the loyalist, "is the only enemy seen behind the walls. They are routed." Yeah, just comfort the big guy. Hey, wassat? Ooh, shiny. The angel goes to retrieve the shiny, as it just gets his attention.

Larry will pay attention to the shiny later, right now he's still got unfinished business. Making his way over toward the former angel - at a determined walk, this time - he kneels down and presses his hands against its chest, making /damn sure/ it isn't going to somehow come back. Not in that form, anyway. As for the behemoth with no indoor voice? He'll let Blazing Angel take care of the talking. Blazing Angel is good with talking.

Caim notices the shiny and lets others claim it as he readies another arrow. "I have been sent to provide healing aid, Grand General. Abdiel, bringer of the breathe of life. I am amongst the scourges to serve in the Crimson Legion, formerly one of the Choir of Dagan. These non fallen are here because they wish to provide aid against the creator and his minions." He says to the general, letting know his function was healing.

Silvana isn't so sure what to make of the huge guy as she still has her gun out though since no one seems about to attack him she lowers her gun though she still has it in hand you never know. She looks towards the fallen body with a unsure looking as i'm sure the hairs in the back of her neck are screaming at her still. "He claimed to have destroyed you, General." Kahalis says, picking up on the subterfuge Foster is using. "You were absent when that member of the Host came. Foolish of him to attempt an assault upon your bastion alone."

Syd makes herself even small behind Caim standing back to back. She doesn't sheath the killer claw but does keep them out of sight in front of her. "Friend of yours?" is asked. "And I thought my family was a buzz kill." is muttered softly.

For the moment, Lorialis seems to be willing to play ball with Blazing Angel as he lowers his sword and relaxes, sitting down on top of his bastion at this point and crushing whatever was inside. "That thing? He stabbed me and thought that was it. If I had got my arm to wake up sooner I would have already crushed him." Then he looks at Blazing Angel, "Tell me more about this illusion of yours. The war is over? Then where did that angelic host come from? Come to think of it? What the hell is that? Who built a tower to heaven!" He points at a skyscraper. Yeah he's a bit anachronistic.

Nyx slows to a stop behind Kahalis, using one of his legs as a shield when the gigantic monstrosity comes tearing out of the ground. She slips the little knife into the back of her pants, rubbing her hands together before peeking around to watch what's going on.

"The war is over, we were sealed into the abyss and Humanity was allowed to continue. The time you know of has been passed for many millenia, and now, something happened which caused our prison to...crack, become weak enough for us to pass through." Caim explains to Lorialis.

Silvana seems to think that Syd has a good idea and she took hides behind Caim peeking out though with some curiosity though trying to stay hidden. She looks at Syd as if to ask what now not that she'd know either but still.

Aaaand this is why it's good to lace your lies with enough truth. As Vorael gets thrown under the bus, he avoids sighing and nods once to the General. "The War has been over for quite some time," he confirms. "The battle here ended and the walls stood the test of time."

Larry rises to his feet, leaving behind what little remains of the body, and shakes his head a little. "You talk too much," he murmurs, glancing toward Caim. And speaking of, he waits to see how well and/or badly the anachronism will take the news.

Wyatt no longer is a mist, shrouded in fog. Both are now gone, and in their place is Yorik. Yorik is staring at Caim, and shakes his head. If the skeleton could convey emotion, but there is no flesh, to reveal his emotions. Instead the skeleton raises a boney finger to his teeth, as if to 'sush' caim. Grabbing the book at his feet, he scoops it up, and opens it, letting Vorael do what he does. Lead.

Syd just shrugs at Silvana as she too moves behind the meat shield that is Caim. She grins at Larry words, "I know right." she says softly, "Glad to know i'm not the only on who wants to gag him." She peeks from under one of the wings, "Worse comes to worse sil grab on and we can run." her voice does not likely carry past the small grouping.

Lorialis peers back at Blazing Angel, "Fine, assume I believe you and I don't since I don't know anything about this abyss crap, but assuming I believe you, the war is lost and we atoned for our sins. Now we're free again. What do we do now?"

Caim looks to Sydney and then to Silvana and speaks English. "He is the one who built and rules this Bastion. It is said he turned back Heaven's armies with merely a stare." He says to the women with him.

Being the lone Reconciler; Kahalis knows the odds of his answer to that question being accepted or supported by the group as a whole is non-existent. Instead, the titan stands there. If Voreal wishes to talk; well that's what he does best. Kahalis doesn't interupt and add more confusion to the mix.

Oh joy. The blazing angel now needs to convince this freaking behemoth to play nice. Delightful. "In this age, humanity has lost faith and degenerated from what they once were," he explains. "I, and many others, would seek to continue the Lightbringer's quest to guide humanity to their greatest potential. We have seen no significant presence of the Host in this age, and the Almighty seems absent from the world as well. But for what mankind lacks in faith, they have made up for in destructive potential. So... it behooves us to guide them carefully and subtly."

Nyx is quiet, looking between the angels as they talk, though the last said by BA does make her quirk an eyebrow and look just very slightly annoyed. But she's quiet! And that's the important part. Wyatt looks up from his book, and cants his head at Caim. "Silence!" He decrees to the Scourge. A glance is given to Vorael as he communes with the creator of the Bastion. A moment passes before Yorik returns to reading the book.

Sydney pinches the bridge of her nose as Caim offers up information to herself and Silvana. Again a peek is taken from between feathers. Her eyes move from face to face of the gathered demons then back to the giant. The Ravnos fidgets clearly wanting to be anywhere at the moment then here, normally she tries not to surround herself with creatures that hate her for simply existing.

Lorialis hmms for a long moment, "You said many others, but not all. Then there is an organization to this? Meaning other goals exist?" The giant reaches up to rub at his chin before nodding at Blazing Angel, "And Humanity has fallen is it? The Maker is missing? These seem like fairly important things, but apparently some of the Angelic Host still exists. So we can at least assume heaven still exists." Then he lets the hand fall, "But, Why are you busy following the commands of the person that we rebelled against?"

Silvana gives Caim a pinch in the rear and shhhes him and he even gets a look as she points for him to look towards the front and stop giving away their hiding spot as she too is peeking at those that have gathered.

Caim gets pinched in the rear and told to be silent by a ravener. Caim does just that. He then moves his wings to shield the two he brought with him. He then tries to command the winds to reclaim the arrow but insteads break the arrow into the ground. He then lets out a sigh, rolling his eyes at the failure of the lore.

Blazing-Angel peers up and tilts his head from side to side. "A lot has changed in... perhaps thirty thousand years or so?" He guesstimates. "Quite awhile. We do not universally hide from all of humanity, but it behooves us to reveal ourselves to those ready to accept us. We are but legends to them, until they are shown otherwise. Many cannot handle the truth of it. Our release is rather recent as well, so I expect at least a century or two until significant progress is made."

"Because some of us want to go home." Kahalis says, the largest amongst them turning towards the General. "Some of us know we were wrong to have rebelled. That we lacked the sight of the Creator; or knowledge of the plan...and that we were the disaster that was foresaw. Our rebellion caused the very thing we rebelled to prevent. Some of us seek the forgiveness of the Creator for our rebellion." Kahalis looks around...not just at the assembled; or at the ruin of the Bastion; but those burnished bronzed disks looks at what has become of Creation. "Yes, there are different opinions as to where we go now; what we do. The Morningstar is gone; unseen since the Judgement. The Creator and his Host are absent...this shell the only sign that I've seen since my escape from the pit that they even yet exist. And it was not a release, it was an escape; the Creator did not free us; and the Creator has not given any sign of forgiving us." A pause. "Atleast not yet."

Wyatt shakes his head, "You fool! Do you think after all that has happened we will EVER be allowed back into heaven? Home is that abyss you 'escaped' from as you put it. If you wish to go home, then be my guest. I wont be joining you." Is offered to Kaylin. He stands and continues to hold the book in his hand as he approaches Vorael. "Why dont we let Vorael take care of this shall we?"

"I dont want to return to heaven or the abyss." Caim finally says. "I want to spend the rest of my existance watching over and protecting humanity, as it was my purpose." Caim says to them with a calm tone. "I choose to spend my days watching over them." He says, gesturing to nyx, silvana and sydney.

Lorialis jerks his head towards Kahalis and stands now, pushing off the ruins of his once strong bastion of demonic influence, rising to his full height and leaning towards Kahalis befor he takes in a long, slow breath. What comes out next can only be defined as a cacophony of noise and not just any noise, the worst kind of noise, gears ratcheting against each other, nails on a chalkboard, glass cracking, all at once and all over and over again. It's even awful to everyone else but it at least doesn't hurt them, not like Kahalis, who feels it as if the grand general had just punched her in the face. All over her body the words and stream of hatred pricks her. That done he stands back to his full height, "RETURN HOME!? HE TOOK OUR HOME!"

Nyx, still lurking around his ankles covers her ears and flinches, squinting up at the demon as he leans over Kahalis. Her brow is furrowed, and it's clear she's still hearing bells as she reaches into the back of her pants and slides her little pig sticker back out.

Blazing-Angel blinks at the outbursts, looks to Kahalis, Caim, and Wyatt before returning his attention to Lorialis. "As you can see, there's been some mild dissension regarding how best to approach this new age," he offers dryly.

When Lorialis stands her eyes go rather wide as she knows something bad is about to happen at least he seems to have one in view and it isn't her so that's at least a bit of relief till the noise starts and she brings her hands to her ears and cringes wanting that aweful noise to just stop.

Wyatt covers his ears, as the sound is appaling to him, but his bone structures reveal he smiles as he watches the Reconciler get put in his place. Once the noise is over, Wyatt speaks up, "I like this guy!" He says, cocking a thumb at Lorialis. "Thats what I am saying. This idiot dont believe me. Oh, I wanna go home! waaha waha! Like a muling baby, it leaves me wondering why he ever rebelled in the first place!" He looks to Vorael. "No dissention, I just think we should cause as much destruction as possible, so the creator does a nice little reboot. Or says fuck it and throws it all away. Non existence is better then the Abyss."

Larry presses his fingers to his temples, giving up ahead of time on actually shutting that /damnable/ noise out of his head. Finally, he looks over to Wyatt, squinting. "I could kill you now if you like," he points out. "I bet /someone/ here could keep you from making it back to the Abyss, yes?"

Sydney stopped having fun a while ago and when one of the fallen sets off the giant yelling she manages to get most of the word Douche out of her mouth before the sound begins then she is clamping her hands over her ears. Luckily they won't bleed if it keeps up but she isn't a happy camper anymore.

Caim groans as he covers his ears and when the screeching stops. he remains close to the hoomans so his healing aura heals them from nasty sound pain. For now he remains silent.

The titan reels from the noise, two of its four hands moving to cover its ears as a little trickle of blood runs down its nose; streaking down the iron that covers Kahalis. The fallen's torment seeming to run out of control as massive muscles flex, iron grating against iron. Those bronze disks that form its eyes turning red as it stares at Lorialis. As much as Kahalis might want to respond, he falls silent; those powerful arms and fists flexing reflexively.

Lorialis peers at Blazing Angel before waving a hand at Wyatt, "That's wrong too! There was no point to defending this land if we just hand it back to the maker to destroy! Then what was the point of any of this war?" He turns back to Kahalis now and peers at her, "Having said my piece, knowing the reason we rebelled against the Maker, Can you still say you believe in redemption? His agents hunt you mercilessly. Do you really think he wants you back Or that you even have a chance?"

Nyx looks up at Kahalis as he wavers, moving back just a little bit in case it turns into something more. No one wants to get squished. As he stablizes she moves back up, and she's outright scowling now at the loudmouthed demon, lips twitching with unvoiced grumbles as she starts poking at her fingers again.

Blazing-Angel gives Lorialis a helpless shrug. "I'm inclined to agree with you," he asserts. "But debate and conflicting ideas has always been our hallmark, as compared to the Loyalists and their inability to apply critical thought and creativity. Perhaps we would all do well to spend some time in contemplation before broaching the topic again."

Wyatt shrugs, "Yea? Morningstar surrendered. We lost the war! Why we rebelled is irrelevent. Dealing with our consequences is whats at hand now."

Silvana peeks towards Kahalis a moment then back to the big scary guy. She has this not so sure look anymore as she keeps quiet

"Yes." Kahalis says. "A few blasphemies won't shake my resolve." A pause. "Perhaps he is right though. If one of the Esteemed Generals of the Ebon Legion is willing to take the council. My beliefs won't change, now or ever. There are more constructive avenues of conversation."

"IF there is nothing else needed of me, I will take these two back to their homes." Caim says as he looks to Sydney and Silvana.

Sydney glances again between the feathers of Caim's wings really hoping they are not wanting to have this conversation now. She looks over at Silvana then to Nyx and the finger poking she is doing. Yes certainly seems like a fine time to arrange a nice afternoon meeting someplace sunny and warm like Tahiti

Lorialis peers back at Kahalis getting real close to her, or as close as his giant form allows. For a long moment he peers into her eyes and nods. The shield at his side begins to shrink and he hands it to her, floating through the air to flit in front of her arms. "If, after being yelled at by a Grand General, you can still look me in the eye and say yes to that question, then perhaps your views have merit. Take this. Lorialis' Bastion they began to call it. It's the only known thing to have withstood St. Michael's sword and that is what caused the diagnoal cut in the shield. I admire your conviction, let this shield turn aside all danger to your person while you herald your beliefs as it protected me while I heralded the Maker's and My own." He stands and the shield starts to turn. The demonic energies in it slowly turn more celestial in nature, the shield retaking it's mirror form easily reflecting what is put up to it and rimmed in gold. It glows outwardly and seems to radiate celestial energies. This causes Lorialis to laugh, "I haven't seen it look like that in millenia." Then to Blazing-Angel, "Yes. later perhaps. Now, I imagine I need to return to my mortal shell. Great Maker, I Haven't used this thing in millenia." There's a groan as he slowly begins to transform and shrink, shrink, shrink, shrink and what stands in his place is a short statured old man, cane in hand, wisdom lines on his forehead, bald and with a long grey beard. "Now, whipper snappers. I assume we have some kind of new bastion. Take me so that I might talk to my peers."

Blazing-Angel peers at the old man and switches to Enochian. Cause you know. Mixed company and all that. >>There is a Tyrant you can speak with.<< That said, the angel's content to lead the General out and leave the old stronghold.

Whatever it was that Kahalis expected to happen, that wasn't it. The titan stares at the offered shield for a moment before reaching out and taking it. "I thank you, Lorialis." When the Blazing Angel mentions the Tyrant; Kahalis simply nods, taking a step back to ensure the man who is now much smaller then him doesn't get stepped on by the Titan before turning his attention to the shield and its remarkable changes; showing it off to Nyx.

As the General becomes smaller were she doesn't have to strain her neck. She finally puts her weapon away seems somewhat safe right. Silvana gives a little bit of a sigh as she adjust her hood as she gets ready for the flight back home.

Wyatt leaves the others to their vices, and continues reading from that book that he picked up off the host. He shifts into the Form of Wyatt, and starts to walk off. Not in the direction Vorael is taking Lorialis, but his own.

Nyx is still scowling as the massive creatures shrinks down to a little old man. Though the fact that Kahalis doesn't seem upset any more keeps her from doing something 'Bad'. She rubs her fingers together, patting the Titan's leg before turning to look at the shield he's showing her. "Its very pretty. From the way things sound you may end up needing it." A small smile appears.