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The New Girl
An interview about ambition and philosophy
IC Date November 16, 2014
IC Time Afternoon
Players Larry, Laura Paris (NPC played by Fabian)
Location City council office

Begin Log

Laura enters the building with a quick step and a confidant style. Her sharp eyes pick out her destination quickly as she makes her way in. Glancing at her phone, she notices the time. In time. She stands outside the door, straightening her top before walking in. A warm, welcoming smile fills her lightly reddened lips as she speaks in a sweet voice, "Hello? I'm here for my interview."

It was busy during the run-up to election day. It's been busier since then, with the special election day coming up a few months later. Anyone who isn't on time might get pushed back a whole week. "Ah, come in. Miss Paris, right?" Larry offers the would-be intern a polite handshake. Outside, Kelly's voice can be heard through an electronic filter; she's out in the field, on speaker with someone working the phone bank.

Laura takes the hand warmly, her lips pressing into a smile, "Yes, like the city." Ah, slightly awkward interview jokes, "I'm really excited for this opportunity. I can't believe it's come." She lets out a soft sigh before glancing around for a seat. She looks behind her noting the voice on the speaker before looking back, "Seems like you have a lot to keep yourself busy here."

The background noise fades to a slight murmur as Larry closes the door, motioning Laura to a seat and pulling out another one for himself. "We try, yes. Lot of little details, but important ones. So tell me, what is it that gets you fired up about this, specifically?"

Laura sits, flattening her skirt. She looks towards the man with turquoise eyes wide and excited, "You know, growing up I was always the type of kid who say a bottle on the floor and got mad that someone should litter. Or I'd see someone out of the street and be upset that they weren't being helped." She laughs, half at herself, "No matter what a problem was, I was always mad at someone or something outside of myself. When I got older, I figured that 'Hey, maybe I can help!'" She smiles, "So that's why I'm here. I mean, as I got older, of course, I learned that it can be a bit more complicated than that, but the desire to help, to make my home a better place? That never faded."

Larry inclines his head. "Well, that's the right attitude, all right. Need something to help you stick through the long days." There's a decently thick manila folder sitting on the desk with /just/ notes on the city's sanitation bureaucracy. "What about your past experience, then? I went over your resume, of course, but those only ever cover so much."


"It should mostly be there. Vice Persident of the student council, I worked on four vote drives, door to door grassroots stuff mostly. Organized community events." Laura seems proud as she speaks of her past accomplishments, "Now I'm out of school, and ready for something bigger." LEaning forward she flits the softest of teasing grins, "Between you and me, I can only handle so many cotton candy stands and leaflet print jobs."

"Well, don't get /too/ ambitious," Larry murmurs, dryly. "I'd like to hang on to my own spot for at least a couple years. So, here's the thing-- you're clearly qualified, otherwise you wouldn't still be here. But so are two others thtat I've spoken to. What do you think is most likely to put you ahead of them?"

Laura considers his question for a moment. Shifting her weight, it's easy to tell she's not quite sure she should say what she is about to, "I... When I first entered this business. I didn't take care of myself too well." She lowers her eyes a moment, "I was very idealistic, and believed that if people /really/ cared, they would listen to my ideas and not care what I looked like. I never got anywhere. I was always designated to some role in the back room or behind the scenes." She glances up, "So I changed. I made myself better." She motions to herself, and she is quite a lovely looking young lady, "I know that in the end, our ideas are what matter, but I think I am better than the others because I /had/ to understand that it's a game of appearances too. I have to sell myself if I am going to be able to sell our ideas."

Larry doesn't answer right away, mulling it over as he tries to get a better read on her. She's taking good care of her appearance these days. Was she really that much of a mess, or was it just the closest thing she has to a story of struggle? "I see," he says, finally. "Appearances and perceptions. Definitely not the easiest thing in the world to wrap your head around." He sits forward and nods. "Well, so far, so good. Do you have any questions for me, while you're here?" His eyes flicker briefly toward an analog clock on the opposite wlal.

Laura considers his question with interest. Her eyes wander to the ceiling before looking back down at him, smiling she asks, "If you could change this city in one way, how would you?" A simple question, but she seems very interested.

"Well, /you/ don't go for softballs, do you?" Larry pauses again, considering. "If we're getting completely hypothetical? I'd make people understand how things really are. That would make everything else so much simpler."

Laura gives an odd look, a kind of smile. It's as if he just told a joke she's not so sure she understands. Eventually she musters up the courage to ask, "How things really are? What do you mean?" Her composure is still positively friendly and congenial.

Larry gestures with one hand, indicating the world outside the office. "Like I said, appearances and perceptions. You not only have to deal with what's actually going on, but what everyone /thinks/ is going on. And everyone's thoughts are a little different. There are patterns to be drawn, of course-- but you get the idea."

Laura looks to the side, thinking on his words, "So you think it would be better off if people just saw the world for what it is?" There is a consideration in her eyes, "I can understand that. It would definitely make things easier." She chuckles softly, "It would also put a lot of people out of work, especially in the media." She sighs, "Not exactly the answer I was expecting. Perhaps improve sanitation, or get rid of corruption at city hall!"

Larry shrugs. "Temporarily, yes. But they'd find somewhere to land; lots of options. Those other things? They're important, of course, I was just trying to think completely across the board. Plus, once you actually get into the specifics, you can't really approach them one at a time-- they're tied together, you need to approach two or three at once." A smile. "Which is why we need people like you, we need to be in more places at once, so to speak."

Something Larry says seems to catch her off guard. Many places at once. Quickly composing herself she smiles, "It would be very helpful to be many places at once, but I do hope I can provide the second best option." She gives a slightly distant smile to that. Her eyes quickly perk up again, "Oh! I guess I should ask what exactly you'll have me doing. I know it's an internship but I've heard of so many different types, I was wondering if there were more specifics."

/Will/, not /would/. That subtlety does not go unnoticed. "Well, we've got a number of specialists already," Larry explains, "and a number of just warm bodies working the phones and mailing lists and such. What we're looking for at this point is another coordinator of sorts, someone who understands which of those connections need to be made."

"Oh, I am excellent at making connections." Laura intones, a bit excited, "Right place, right time, that sort of thing." There is a beautiful smile that follows. There is a puase before she adds, "I remember studying Edward Bernays in my sociology class. I was always fascinated with his ideas on society, and the right place for the right person." She considers that before looking up, "Oh... but if I ramble on about that I'll be here all night. I hope I'm not taking up too much of your busy schedule."

Larry nods. "There's something to that. I think a lot of people /can/ be the right person; the right person is the one who actually /is/." Rising to his feet, he offers Laura another hand. "Well, good to meet you, at any rate. I'm sure we'll be talking again very soon."

Laura stands up, taking his hand, "Thank you for the opportunity, and I am very happy to hear that." He straightens out her skirt before offering one last smile and heading towards the door.

Laura looks at her watch, curiously. There is something odd on her face when she notices the time. There is definitely a hurry to her step as it picks up.

Larry arches a brow, turning and heading after her. Not to stop, necessarily, but to catch up at least. "Everything all right?" he asks.

"Everything is fine." She smiles back, "Sorry, I picked up my pace. I was about to use the restroom." There is a slight blush in her cheeks at that.

"Fair enough," Larry replies, nodding. "Though, do you have some time free afterward? I've got a union meeting scheduled and I could use the assist."

Laura nods, "Of course I do!" There is a currious look that is quickly covered up with the same warml smile.

End Log