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Lane holds a Celebrity Slave Auction for the Make a Wish foundation
IC Date 2014.02.08
IC Time 2:00pm
Players Aleksei, Alessa, Amira, Asher, Barry Blanchard, Caelina, Charity, Cig, Clara, Claudia, Cristobal, Darrel, Davis, Ember, Ferdinand, Grace, Hayden, Jesse, Kaylin, Keir, Kidd, Kyryn, Laith, Lane, Liam, Lysander, Madeline, MelisaNPC, Misa, Phil, Rachel, Romeo, Ronni, Sentinel, Silvana, Tegan, Titania, Typhanie, Velok, Wyatt, Zandra,
Location Oasis Casino
Prp/Tp Lane's Celebrity Slave Auction
Spheres None as such

The Oasis Casino - Main Floor

Expensive and utterly opulent are the only terms which could be used to describe the casino proper. Every entertainment, every comfort has been satisfied here. Closest to the doors are the slots machines, the rows extending from one edge of the room to the other. Behind them and all around tables are scattered, for seating and relaxation. At the left side of the room are the gambling tables, roulette to craps and everything in between. The back wall is mostly converted to a large, full-service bar and full seating area. A door to the left leads into the VIP Facilities that door seems to always be guarded by casino security. And just to the west is and open archway that leads to the elevators. The left end of the room is a full stage and seating area, where dancers and performers put on shows almost every hour of the day. A small door to the right of the stage is marked 'Employees Only'. All around casino staff move between patrons, serving drinks, cashing chips, exchanging money, and enhancing the air of excitement and entertainment in the room.

Places and +views utilized in this room.

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Charity Ronni MelissaNPC Titania Velok Aleksei SCENE SET(#2475) Claudia Silvana Hayden

Obvious Exits:

Elevator <El> VIP Facilities <VIP> Office <Of> Out <O>

SCENE SET(#2475)

The stage end of the casino has been set up for a gala charity event. Colorful banners read, "Make-a-Wish foundation Celebrity Slave Auction". There is room let for a dance area or where people may stand during the auction itself, as well as tables chairs around the outside edges. Along one side of the area, various local restaurants have set up tables with free food and beverages. A small orchestral band is set up off to one side.

Most of the crowd is well dressed, though not so much that casual attire will feel out of place. Servers move through the crowd with trays of beverages and food. Each of the servers is dressed to the event's theme, most wearing togas or tunics of some sort appropriate to a well-dressed house slave from Roman or Arabian times. A few of the attendees have also dressed for the event in medieval themes, men looking the part of nobles and their dates sometimes dressed in more revealing slave attire. A number of the casino show girls also mingle with the crowd, dressed in matching silks that leave much of their skin bare.

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                 This is a NightZone for the event.                  

Alessa arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Ronni sits at Small table in front of the stage.

Coming through the front door is the figure of Aleksei with Titania on his arm and Velok beside them. Wondering into the casino his eyes peek around here and there watching it all with a bit of interest it's quite a bit of stimulie in the place, the flash of lights the clash of sound but that small smile tugging at the corner of his lips never fades. He continues to wander further in heading toward the stage where the event will be held and he moves to tug a seat back from a little table for Titania letting her slip into it before pushing it in and moving to take the one beside her. Relaxing back in his seat the Russian smiles and offers a few words in that native tongue toward her before warmly patting her hand as the man waits to see just how things are going to proceed today.

Claudia looks delighted when her root beer is served with a straw. The quiet conversation between her and the bartender would easily reveal to any eavesdroppers that she already left some cash there, for her root beers, before she ended up in garb for the event. She carefully sips through the straw.

Tegan arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Titania is.. a little uneasy, believe it or not. Her arm is slipped tight through Aleksei's and she slides into a seat, taking a breath or two, calming herself down. Nervous? It isn't like she's being auctioned off or anything. She nods faintly to something that Aleksei says at the table and offers a few little words to him and Velok both.

With a few more trips in and out the door, Melissa brings in the Images and Dreams dealer booth piece by piece. Some curtains, some hooks for the painting, another table, and a few more paintings come in, and she sets up the curtain-wall booth hastily, as the auction starts drawing closer and closer. The table's being set up, delayed by a brief struggle with the collapsible legs.

Charity walks in, looking a little bashful. Given her outfit, she's probably one of the ones being auctioned. She cranes her neck to look around and over the taller folk, taking in the surroundings.

Silvana watches the people start to arrive before she nods and sends the security guards that she was talking too to head off, seems that the casino has trippled it's security for tonight. Silvana looks at the two men behind her and guestures as they begin to make their way towards her office.

Alessa comes inside, making her way over to one of the tables. Once there she sits down, kicking her feet up onto a nearby chair and pulling out a book to read while she waits for the event to begin.

Ronni makes her way in, the blonde's heels clicking against the harder flooring while she moves with a smooth little sway in her hips, putting some tension on her Levi's while she puts an extra roll in each shoulder. A quick look around the main casino floor gets a grin as she eyes some of what she hopes are the whales. A quick eye to the girl doing the set up getting a grin and a giggle as well before she decides to head for a seat towards the front of the stage.

Velok does come in with his 'group', trailing a little awkwardly along with Aleksei. He takes a seat when presented, waiting to be settled before he starts to evaluate the surroundings. Busy place, lots of people, Velok offering some random waves as he searches through the crowd. Unable to find what he's looking for, the man emits a soft sigh. "Eh, it'll be along. You know the last time I came to this place I was dressed in a maid outfit? Man that's a funny story..." He says, a little too loudly before his voice dies down enough to be at his own table.

Wyatt steps off the elevator.

The band that is off to one side of the stage starts up, playing a little introductory music that is meant to draw attention that the show is about to begin. After just a few moments, the music fades away and Lane walks out on stage. Like most of the staff, she's dressed for the event, wearing a slave outfit that might have come out of Arabian Nights. Silk top that covers her but is suggestive, and a bottom consisting of a loincloth made of silk that dangles from a jeweled chain about her waist. She has a microphone and announces to the room, "Thank you everyone for attending Prospect's first ever Celebrity Slave Auction, with all proceeds benefiting the Make a Wish foundation. I'm Lane Wells. If you need anything while you're here, please let myself or one of our staffers know and we'll be happy to assist you."

Lane motions over to the band, saying, "We'd like to thank the Prospect Philharmonic for supplying us with musicians, with Michael Tasbaum directing." The band plays up a few more notes and a few people applaud as the director gives a bow of his head to the audience. "Before we start the bidding, local singer Hayden Scott is going to open up with a musical performance. Ladies and gentleman, Hayden Scott," Lane says, moving off the stage to make way for Hayden. The band starts up the music for his song.

Silvana disspears into her office with her guards right behind her.

A woman approaches the root beer drinking Claudia and motions for the model to lean down. Claudia nods at whispered words as she and the woman seem to be making sure everything is in place with her draping outfit. Claudia nods again and then turns her head as Hayden Scott is introduced. She brings her hand up to clap against the glass of root beer.

Silvana walks to the office door and heads out of the main floor. Silvana has left.

Tegan waits for a lull in the entrances so she can make her own, sweeping through the doorway. Her back is straight and her eyes sharp as her gaze sweeps the room, a faint smile on her lips. She doesn't pause, but instead makes a bee-line for a table, pretending not to notice that it has other people sitting at it until she herself has been seated, whereupon she offers a warm smile to the other (NPC) occupants. She accepts a glass of champaign from one of the servers and settles herself in a relaxed but alert posture as she waits for the auction to begin in earnest.

Melissa stops what she's doing as the hostess speaks, looking up to smile and clap along with the crowd. After it's polite enough to quit and resume, she finally finishes setting up the table and laying out paintings and attractions for the booth. The curtains are hung to give the booth a wide, three-walled square, and afterward she busies herself with hanging hooks in the rivets lining the fabric.

Hayden strides on stage with confidence and more than a little swagger. He has bright yellow hair that contrasts with his suit and the style of music he seems to sing. As the band starts to play, Hayden croons with a Cajun accent and a tenor's voice "I'm not surprised, not everything lasts, I've broken my heart so many times I stopped keeping track. Talk myself in, talk myself out." He dances around with ease and smiles. "I get all worked up then let myself down."

Ronni finds herself a seat and lowers herself down, wriggling till she's comfy and maybe even a little further after that. Legs cross at the thighs while she slumps back just a little while hands comes to rest atop her knees. A playfull little smile as Lane comes out to make the introductions and the band starts playing.

Wyatt is standing near the stage with an earpiece, and his uniform is exchanged for a Doe Twill business suit. He paces the floor quietly spectating the goings on around him, all the while remaining silent.

Kaylin arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Charity can't seem to resist going to the Patisserie table, talking with the ones staffing it and checking over the offerings. Then she turns, taking a deep breath and only looking a little nervous. The performance catches her attention, which is now fixed on the stage.

Alessa sets her book aside as the music begins and leans forward to listen carefully. Occasionally a note makes her nod as if she's appraising Hayden's performance.

Clara arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Lane comes out to the side of the stage, a small wireless microphone and earpiece on so she can stay in touch with the staff. She greets several people, thanking them for coming as she moves through the crowd. Lane makes her way to the Patisserie Fantastique table. There are several tables set up along the side with food and beverages (+view scene). "Charity, you'll be the first up as soon as the song is done," she says to Charity with a smile. "Best of luck," she says warmly as she turns to listen to Hayden then.

Claudia takes a few more sips of root beer by the bar, before she has to give it up. It's not part of the costuming. She leans forward to let the woman who was checking the garb, to reapply the lipstick in an impromptu makeup fix. She glances at the root beer, missing it already, but she politely thanks the assistant all the same, before she's escorted a few paces to remain posed nearby.

Hayden continues to sing as he glides around the stage making sure to focus on each section of the audience "I tried so very hard not to lose it. I came up with a million excuses. I thought, I thought of every possibility and I know someday that it'll all turn out. You'll make me work so we can work to work it out. And I promise you kid that I'll give so much more than I get, I just haven't met you yet." He hums a long with the music that leads to the next verse and does a soft shoe around the stage.

Kaylin comes into the Casino, a little bit late for the opening performance; and quietly makes his way to a seat. Listening to Hayden as he performs.

Clara enters with a curious look about, her camera hanging about her neck as she goes to put her name in for one being sold, if there is time for another addition

Absent-mindedly it seems, Melissa's step takes on a rhythmic little wiggle to the music as she finishes up the hooks and leans over to pull the paintings, one by one, from the table. Bee-bopping her way around the booth, she hangs all the artwork, and makes her way over to the booth's front, setting the rest of the works out for display to make a mosaic-tile remniscent effect on the tabletop.

Charity nods to Lane, swallowing hard. Hands nervously smooth her toga and she fixes a smile on her face. Fortunately, there is an excellent performance to catch her attention until the auction begins.

Darrel arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Wyatt wades through the crowd, occasionally raising a hand to the earpiece, communicating with someone on the other end. His route takes him around the peremiter of the room, and back again, until he ends up at the stage, where he takes a few long moments to stand. A glance given to everyone in the room, surveying their actions.

Lane smiles to Charity and then makes her way back towards the side of the stage so she'll be ready to go back on when Hayden's song finishes. She does more meeting along the way, pausing to smile to Alessa and say, "I hope you enjoy the evening." Lane will pause for any reply before continuing then to the side of the stage.

Alessa looks over Lane's outfit before replying. "Oh, I already am. I just hope I can win someone. You look great by the way," she finishes with that, not wanting to hold Lane up too long.

Claudia remains on her invisible marker where she has been instructed to stay. As the music continues she puts on a polite smile and moves her head a little. Every bit the practiced picture of someone calmly enjoying themselves, so long as no one peers too deeply into her eyes.

Ronni looks up at the stages as it's being set up, giggling playfully. Watching Melissa work, the girl's wigling has Ronni matching the girl on stage while the blonde is in her seat. Lane on stage getting a grin and a long looking over. "Gotta get me an outfit like that!" she says softly to herself. A quick look at the tables gets another grin. "Maybe I can get someone out there to buy for me." she adds with extra giggles.

The following views are set on that item:

 smoke_and_barley_table   patisserie_fantastique_table   prospect_roasters_table   security   donating_companies

Melissa looks up in time to see security in the form of Wyatt, and gives a friendly wave his way as he passes by in his patrol. Unfortunately the suit makes the man sort of amorphous, so she gives him a quick look down and a small pout, before getting sidetracked with an interested customer. "Hi, can I help you? Yes, all the art's local. Well most of it, these pieces over here..."

A sign at the entrance to the event expresses the gratitude of the Make a Wish foundation to the following companies for having made donations in one form or another:

California Bank and Trust Images and Dreams Luke's Studio on the Boardwalk Oasis Casino Patisserie Fantastique Prospect Roasters Prospect Union-Tribune Smoke and Barley Stone St. Martin Teatro Di Sofferenza

Misa arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

While the song continues onstage, Tegan gives it most of her attention, while at the same time managing to make quiet, polite and (judging by the reactions) scintillating conversation with her tablemates, already on her third glass of bubbly by now.

The brass pick up the lightness of the tone of the song as Hayden taps his foot and uses the microphone as a dance partner " They say all's fair in love and war but I wont need to fight it we'll get it right and be united. And I know we can be so amazing and being in your life is gonna change me and now I can see every possibility. I just havent met you yet. Oh promise you kid to give so much more than I get. I said love, love, love, love, love,love" he dances around more and ends with "I just havent met you yet. Yeah, I just havent met you yet."

Another figure emerges through the door way in the behemoth biker, Darrel. The big man trudges over towards security, flashing an ID and then moving into the establishment further while his shaded gaze slowly sweeps across the area noting the various patrons. For some reason nobody in the area really seems to want to be near Darrel. In fact most give him a uncomfortable or even fearful gaze as he walks on by and they do their best to avoid getting close to him.

Clara brushes dark hair behind one ear and lifts her camera to take a few pictures of the festivities

Lane has moved back to the stage so she's ready to step out when the song wraps up. As Hayden's wonderful music comes to an end the brunette steps out onto the stage again, saying into the microphone, "Ladies and gentleman, a warm hand for the music of Hayden Scott and the Prospect Philharmonic." Lane joins in the applause that results, smiling over to Hayden gratefully.

"Before we start the auction, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to making this event possible. From our celebrities who are taking the stage and volunteering their time, to the many companies and businesses who have made this event possible through their charitable donations. California Bank and Trust, Images and Dreams, Keris Arroyo, Luke's Studio on the Boardwalk, the Oasis Casino, Patisserie Fantastique, Prospect Roasters, the Prospect Union-Tribune, Smoke and Barley, Stone St. Martin, and Teatro Di Sofferenza who supplied costumes, have all have played a large role in making tonight possible," Lane says, pausing for another moment of applause before continuing.

"We have a special treat for you tonight. I'm proud to announce that our auctioneer for the evening is himself a celebrity. You know your host for tonight from shows such as Modern Family, and movies such as Best in Show. Please welcome our auctioneer and his unique brand of comedy... Mr. Fred willard." Lane motions to the side of the stage, and Fred Willard walks out. Yes, that Fred Willard. http://assets-s3.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/articles/54393-fred-willard-busted/1342710109_fred-willard-article.jpg

"...Thank you. And remember half of these proceeds are going to the charity," Melissa ends the transaction with the customer, who's having her escort help Melissa wrap up the painting in oil-safe fabric. Finding the booth empty for a moment, Melissa hums along to the music, and leans lightly on the table, peeking out around the curtain from her vantage point at the side of the room. She spies the Patisserie setup adjacent to her own booth, and glances around their display a little hungrily...Shouldn't have skipped lunch. But she's distracted from her dancing, humming, and stomach by another art afficianado.

Wyatt speaks into this earpiece briefly from time to time. His attention seems to be on everyone equally, a silent air about the man envelops the area around him. If its noticed, as most people are probably paying attention to the music, and auctioning.

Hayden heads off the stage for a moment.

Charity joins in the applause, lingering near the steps leading up to stage. Her turn is coming, after all.

Clara lowers her camerea long enough to join in the applause then it is back up to her pretty eyes as she snaps some shots of the actiity

Ronni keeps herself at a tanle at the front of the stage. The girl's topmost foot bouncing with the music at it wraps up. The introduction of the auctioneer getting a clap along with any other applause though the blonde woman wears an expression that hints she may not know who the man is. A quick look around getting a grin as she spies a few people that might be much more interesting to her than a television celebrity.

Claudia applauds Hayden Scott and the Prospect Philharmonic. Then again for the sponsors, and the host for the evening as well. All very polite clapping and smiling.

Velok was just minding his own business at his table texting away when that announcer comes out on stage. "FRED WILLARD!" He says, slamming forward on his chair to the table and staring in amusement. "He's that guy from...um...that one...movie...show...thing?" That's the problem with character actors. Can never remember who they played, just that you recognize them.

Titania blinks at the two men at her table, looking back and forth from one to the other. She is CLEARLY rather confused, but other than a whispered 'Oh..' she has not a thing in the world to say about much of anything

Misa is manning the booth for the Images and Drreams. She doesn't even work there, what the hell? She's dressed in her brightest, happiest colors, waving happily to anyone that passes by.

Fred Willard comes out on stage and moves up to a podium, complete with an auctioneer's gavel. "Let me start by saying that I think the Make a Wish foundation is a fine organization, worthy of whatever you have to give. Even if you do not win any bids tonight, you can still make a donation. Your money will go towards fulfilling a dream for a terminally ill child. So thank you, and I encourage all of you to give generously."

The serious stuff out of the way, Fred Willard takes a moment to look around the crowd. "If they'd told me there would have been so many women in the Princess Leia outfits, I'd have volunteered to do this kind of event years ago!" Willard quips. He waits for any laughter to die down and then says, "Well, let us start with the night's events. Our celebrity slaves are volunteering to contribute several hours of their time to the winning bidder. And when you find out who our first slave up for bidding is, you'll immediately think of several good ways you could put her to use," Fred Willard says. After a moment's pause he clarifies, "I'm talking about cooking, fellas! Charity Meadows is a Cordon Bleu trained chef and owner of the Patisserie Fantastique. She is also an expert brewer and landscaper. Get that, not only can she get you a beer, but she could brew it herself!" Fred motions to the side for Charity to come on stage and say something to the crowd before the bidding starts. "Charity Meadows, our first slave up for bid."

The outburst from Velok catches Wyatt's attention, but its nothing that warrants his concern. The Security man simply continues doing his job, scanning the room.

Tegan applauds politely with the rest of the crowd, smiling brightly. Her head swings toward Velok and his outburst, and her gaze lingers on the table for several long moments, mostly upon Titania, before returning to the stage and the first auction-ee.

Misa whistles loudly from the booth using her fingers and cheers for Charity. She scans the crowd for any familiar faces but doesn't step into the auction.

A chuckle rolls from Aleksei when he hears the words from Velok nodding his head a couple times but he just raises his hand to clap a couple times adding to the applause for the moment as he rests back against his seat while his eyes flick over the stage. Falling upon Charity for a couple moments as he listens to them speak about her.

As others roll in applause Darrel simply smirks, and moves his way towards the closest place with booze. "Double whiskey and a coors light." He growls out towards the bartender who gives him anothe runcomfortable gaze and then scurries off to retrieve the fix the drink. The big man takes this time now to turn and fold his massive arms across his chest and let his eyes scan over the stage with a smile, "Oh, I got somethin she coukd cook. Some tube steak smothered in underwear." The big fella cackles to himself.

Charity walks onto the stage, blushing a bit. She has to adjust the mike down, about a foot, to be able to talk into it and, leans in and says, confidentially, "I'm Charity Meadows, and I promise, this may be for charity, but I'm not getting a penny." with a grin. "I'm glad to support a cause that grants the dreams of children. If you're interested in a good meal, perhaps a personal cooking lesson, or gardening tips.." she stands back, taking a breath.

Clara shivers a bit and lowers her camera, the noise and crowd starting to bother her. She stops by the auction table and leaves a voucher for her donation then slips out

Claudia turns her head when there's an outburst. Seeing the source, her gaze locks on Velok for a moment. Did a genuine smile just peek through? Yes. She then politely claps again, when Charity is announced. The picture of decorum. She gives her attention to Charity.

Hayden heads towards the bar and gets a bottle of water to drink.

Clara walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Clara has left.

Ronni switches the positions of her legs, moving nice and slowly while she tries to stay generally still and failing, the jeans straining under tension as they take up their new positions. The blonde woman's eyes moving about every where, lingering mostly on the stage though it does roam over the crowds and even some of the people at the stalls off to the side.

MC Fred Willard motions to Charity and says, "I really need to have you talk to my wife. I ask her for a good meal and she hands me directions to a restaurant." He turns back to the audience, smiling as he says, "Lets open up the bidding. What will you pay to purchase a few hours of time from expert and renowned chef, Charity Meadows?" Fred will point to each bid as it is made and repeat it so everyone can hear.

Let the bidding commence.

Alessa raises a hand. "I'll bid a hundred."

Tegan seems to consider for a moment, then smiles and raises a hand, "Five hundred."

Hayden is drinking his water and smiling at Charity.

Alessa rubs her chin for a moment at being outbid, before raising her hand again. "Seven hundred."

Madeline arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Lane stands over to one side, smiling as the bidding starts up. She glances over the crowd, moving then to stop and greet a guest, before moving on to the next one. She stops by where Aleksei is sitting and murmurs, "I hope you enjoy the evening, and maybe find someone worth bidding on."

Kaylin watches the bidding escalate a smile brushing his lips. Raising his hand, he bids. "Seven hundred and fifty."

Suddenly turns his head and grins wide at something that isn't even there, "What the fuck bud. Mind ya personal space." He growls, and throws a shoulder nudge at thin air again. He shakes his head, "Fucking people have no manners." He states and now he is distracted as his shot and beer come to the counter. He pulls out his wallet that is chained to his belt loop and forks over a few dollars. "Thanks." He grumbles, picking up the shot and the beer and beginning to roam the area, "Bidding already to rich for my blood."

Fred Willard points to Kaylin and says, "$750. I know we can't put a price on the kind of memories that will come from an experience like this. But if we could, surely it's at least $1000? Do we hear $100?" Fred Willard asks.

Madeline steps into the event and smiles at the crowd, looking for a seat somwhere near the stage where she can see the goings on

Tegan raises her hand, "One thousand."

Ooo she's a chef? Melissa's eyes brighten up. She considers...That's not bad, for a private lesson! But would boss-lady approve, hmm...Melissa winces a little as she heres the bids climbing, and then looks just completely heart-broken as Fred Willard eggs it on to a thousand.

"Eleven hundred," Alessa bids.

Madeline sits at Blue-brocade loveseat.

Aleksei looks up as he smiles back to Lane and he dips his head back to her in turn, "Oh yes, I did come with one in mind." He offers back to the woman with that smile ever upon the Russian's lips. "It is for a good cause so what is the harm in having a little fun with a slurge now and again." He tells the woman as he leans back in his seat before peeking toward the stage eyes flitting back to her once more, "It seems like it's going to be a very productive night so far, wouldn't you say?"

Ronni giggles softly as bids start going out. For the time being the girl stays out of it. Especially once it starts escalating past five hundred, too rich for the blonde.

Tegan sits at Large wooden table.

Madeline takes a seat upon the loveseat, spreading her arms lightly across its back as she crosses her legs, smiling warmly at the festivities

Hayden sits at Large full-service bar.

Wyatt raises a hand to his ear, and mutters something into the cuff of his suit sleeve. A glance given towards the bar, before scanning the room. He begins to make his way towards the bar, but continues pacing the floors slowly, making his rounds, ending once again near the bar, but never at the same place.

Kaylin glances over at Alessa, then shakes his head. To steep for his blood.

MC Fred Willard points to Alessa, repeating, "The bid is $1100. Did I mention that she's an expert in landscaping? Not only can she help you make your garden more attractive, but she can cook up what it produces in the kitchen. $1250, I'm looking for $1250." He looks over between the other bidders to see if anyone is going higher.

Tegan frowns faintly, glancing from Alessa to Charity and back again, before she raises her hand, smiling once more, "Fifteen hundred."

Alessa snaps her fingers and nods to Tegan in defeat. "All yours."

Misa isn't currently bidding, she's watching the crowd right now. Her eyes watch Alessa and her bid for a few moments before that obviously makes her look at Kaylin. She smiles to him before continuing to scan for anyone else she remembers.

Lane nods to Aleksei and says, "I certainly hope so. People seem to be in a good mood. Hopefully they bid generously." She smiles to the man and to Titania, saying, "I hope you both enjoy your night." She moves on then to mingle further, greeting people in attendance, some of whom are apparently long time contributors.

Madeline brushes golden hair behind her ear and smiles as the games play on, nodding in approval at the height of the bid increases

Titania smiles pleasantly up at Lane and offers a little wave before she looks up to the stage once again, her head cocking ever so slightly to the side as she ponders

Melissa brings her hand clenched to her mouth, fingers idly set on her bottom lip as the bidding gets tense. Her stomach completely falls off the radar, and she watches each bidder as they raise their hand. Finally, almost sighing -for- alessa, she relaxes. This was some tense stuff! excitement over, she scoots to the counter of the Patisserie stall, and pays for a muffin, heading back to her booth. As she rounds the curtain though, her bite's stopped mid-way, and she looks caught and wide-eyed for a moment at the huge biker, pausing on her way back to her booth almost stunned.

Keir arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Fred Willard picks up the gavel and says, "We have a bid of $1500 for Charity Meadows, classically trained chef, and local business owner. $1500 going once..." he says.

Keir comes into the Casino and blinks as he hears the words chef and auction. Keir's eyes lift and look towards where the auctioneer stands and his hand lifts, "2,500" The words are called out as he offers up a warm smile. The young man's steps guiding him towards one of the beverage tables.

Aleksei nods his head a couple times to Lane before she makes that move to start heading off, "I do intend to. Have a nice evening." He offers to her in parting before his hand comes over to slip in sliding under Titania's as their fingers lace, content to just sit there and wait for nowa s he watches the auction progress.

Misa giggles to herself, not particularly attempting to be quiet. "Nice dramatic entrance."

Tegan's head swivels round to the newcomer and his bid, and she seems to sigh in visible relief. She smiles and keeps her hands firmly folded in her lap, letting the bid stand if nobody else adds to it.

Madeline looks up at Keir's bid and smiles "courageux monseiur" she chuckels "bravo"

Fred Willard smacks his hands together once and points at Keir. "We have a bid of $2500 from the new arrival." He looks back to Tegan and says, "Surely you aren't going to stand for some upstart bidder, ma'am?" As he sees her posture, he says, "Or if not.. $2500 going once..."

Claudia turns her head to look as someone increases the bidding just in in the nick of time. She nods, impressed by the bold bidding.

Alessa rises from her seat and walks over to sit next to Ronni.

Misa sticks out her tongue and starts tapping keys on her phone, this is obviously a hard task for her.

Alessa sits at Small table in front of the stage.

Kaylin sits at Large table by the stage.

Fred Willard calls out, "$2500 going twice....." and pauses dramatically. Looking at Tegan. Looking at Tegan. Looking at Tegan. And then he smacks the gavel down on the podium. "Celebrity chef Charity Meadows, sold for $2500. The loss of Charity's free time is the charity's gain. Let's have a warm hand for Charity and our winning bidder," Fred Willard says. The band strikes up a little music, a brief number as the next auction is prepared. Lane makes her way over to one of the other staffers, murmuring, "Yes, Silvana is next."

Madeline applauds warmly at the sale

Wyatt leans over to whisper something in someones ear, thats sitting near the stage. They seem to have a back and forth for a second, but doesnt lead to anything of great interest. A few moments pass before he makes his way through the tables, patrolling in silence. A smile is given to Madeline, but he doesnt say anything to her.

Misa gives another finger whistle and a cheer, giggling and obviously having a good time cheering for folks even if she's not bidding.

Velok presses forward in his seat, apparently done focusing on what he was interested in. He looks around the room warily for a moment, not focusing on anyone in particular. The phone gets more interest again and he smirks. Velok looks back up and searches, finding Misa and offering her a small wave, as well as a shake of his head. There's a happy smile on his face as he leans forward and continues the conversation at the table.

Keir stops at the drink table listening to the auctioneer in the background as his eyes roam across the various drinks being offered. Keir after a moment of hesitation and without getting a drink he slips off in search for the director of the little auction and well to settle his debt.

Charity blushes and looks interestingly both gratified and relieved. She heads off the stage, walking toward the winner.

Claudia applauds the winning bid and the announcement of the next celeb.

Melissa eases her way back around her table, holding her muffin up in front of her and really making no motion other than the bare minimum to force her feet to move. Once she's behind her table and back in her booth, she sort of relaxes, shoulders untense a little, but slightly widened eyes take in Darrel as he roams around, her muffin forgotten in her hand for a few more moments.

Kaylin raises his hands and claps softly as Charity brings so much cash for the charity.

Ronni spies the huge biker out amongst everyone, the cute barista's reaction as she walks past him getting a giggle as Melissa seems a little shaken. The woman sitting down beside her getting more smiles and giggles as well.

The music dies down, and Fred Willard says, "Silvana Vega is the manager the Oasis Casino, the only casino currently, just outside of the city limits of Prospect. She has been on the cover of Business week for the month of August 2013 and rumor has it that she might be up for yet another cover soon." Fred Willard pauses and says, "Though the way the costumes have been lets hope it's not TOO much cover." He pauses for laughter then continues, "She is part of many different charitable originations and has quite the generous heart. Silvana cannot be with us tonight, but has prepared the following video..." He falls silent while a large screen is lowered at the back of the stage. A projector starts up, showing a high def video of Silvana.

The video opens with a shot of the Casino, showing the different tables until it falls on Silvana. She is dressed in suitable attire to spend an evening as someone's slave, a form fitting black top that leaves her stomach bare, and a very short skirt with slits on both sides all the way to her waist. (http://imageshack.com/a/img401/2872/y8ft.jpg) She has a smile on her face as she greets with, "Hello I'm Silvana Vega and tonight if you win me at the auction you will be treated to night of fun, laughter and excitement. I want you to join me for a High roller's night at the Oasis Casino. Dinner, a show and an evening trying your luck at the table and even a night stay at the hotel. Best of luck to you!. Silvana gives a little wink and blows a kiss to the screen before waving as the video ends.

When the video goes off, Fred Willard says, "So not only will you get her time, but she'll give you a night at the casino like a High Roller. Surely this is a priceless opportunity. But let's go ahead and set a price on it anyway. What is your bid for Silvana Vega?"

Misa nods and looks pretty damn embarassed as Velok looks her way. She gets the shake of his head though and nods going back to watching the crowd with a small smile.

Darrel downs the double shot of whiskey real quick and then just sets it upon a group of high class people's table, snorting a bit at them as he moves on over towards a wall. He leans that massive frame against the wall and just begins to sip at his beer while watching the events of the night unfold.

Lane finds Keir, the woman walking over with the loincloth of the slave silks she's wearing to match the event swaying, though more than wide enough to keep her modest. "Congratulations," she tells Keir. "If you'd like to come right over here, we can take your donation and you can meet Charity," she says. One of the other staff will be with Charity, chatting with her and escorting her over to where she can greet Keir.

Grace arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Cig arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Madeline does not seem interested in bidding on Silvana and instead relaxes against the plush blue fabric of the loveseat, waiting to see who will bid

Keir offers up a smile to Lane as the woman approaches him, "Thank you and of course, Also I was curious if I might steal a moment or two of your time.. this event seems to be for a good cause after all.." His right hand motions over the room and to the stage before extending out in offering to Lane.

Kaylin looks around, curious as such a pleasant evening seems to go without interest. Raising his hand, "Two hundred." A steal at that price, surely.

Hayden says " two hundred fifty two dollars and fifteen cents "

A man with a cellphone to his ear says into it quietly, "Yes, Silvana Vega is up for bid now. Alright, sure, I'll bid on her for you," he says. He raises his hand and says, "One thousand."

Misa makes the dramatic gasp because somoene has to.

Finally Melissa breaks her somewhat rude stare, turning around to step a few paces deeper into the booth. She sits down on one of those collapsible chairs she'd brought with her, and proceeds to, slightly shakenly, unwrap her muffin, and tries to focus wholly on quietly feeding herself in the corner. And not on the OMFG huge biker guy that scares the living hell out of her.

Alessa chuckles at the odd bid, appearing a bit saddened when it loses. "I'll bid twelve hundred, then."

Davis arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Misa scoots over to Melissa and leans in to talk quietly.

Grace and Cig enter, VERY fashionably late. They have their fingers curled together, and Grace points out the place, needlessly, where the auction is being held. There's signs and everything.

Davis sits at Roulette tables.

Madeline looks up from the bidding as a waitress comes by and orders a glass of wine with a soft smile

The man on the phone (posed by Lane) says quietly, "It was bid up to $1200. Alright, sure." He raises his hand and says, "She's worth $1500."

Cig walks just a touch behind Grace, glances around and grinning. He looks over to the stage as bidding starts to happen. He leans in towards Grace's ear and whispers something to her then continues to look around.

Misa giggles and nods.

Alessa sighs heavily. "I don't think I can beat mysterious man on the phone. I'm going to have to let it go."

Tegan seems to be weighing her options, a soft smile given to Hayden at his odd bid and its inevitable failure. Finally, she raises her hand, "Two thousand."

Fred Willard motions to the man on the phone. "The bid is fifteen hundred for the lovely owner of this casino in which we're standing. Just think, someone could probably recoup that playing in her High Roller suite." After a pause. "That wasn't meant to be a euphemism." As Tegan bids, MC Fred Willard points to Tegan. "We have a bid of two thousand."

Keir's steps guide him away from Lane allowing the woman to tend to other more pressing matters after speaking briefly with her. His steps guiding him over to Charity as a small smile takes to his lips, "Hello there, Names Keir." His hand offered to the woman as he greets her.

Lane nods to Keir and says, "Why don't you meet Charity, and then I'll be over here were we can speak." She smiles to him then as he moves over to greet Charity.

Grace gives Cig a smile for his whisper, and nods slightly, then leans close to whisper back to him.

The man on the phone updates his friend on the bidding, before raising his hand again. "Two thousand five hundred. And worth every penny," he says. "I was told to add that part," he clarifies with a grin.

Darrel let's his eyes flow towards Tegan now as he sips his beer, grinning from ear to ear, "Well, well isn't someone Miss Moneybags tonight. Could use myself a sugar momma like that." The peanut gallery continues from the spot on the wall before he turns and seems to be chatting with someone who, well just isn't there.

As Melissa and Misa talk, the barista is well on her way to calming down. For a few moments it almost looked the poor girl was going to have a panic attack. But she's even smiling now, albeit softly, and standing, muffin in hand, to give Misa a gentle hug.

Misagrins and returns the gentle hug with a BIG OL HUG.

Wyatt approaches MAdeline, and leans down to whisper into her ear. It seems they have a conversation for a few moments.

Madeline accepts her white wine as it is brought to her and looks up curiously as wyatt comes over. She tips her golden head to listen to him, offering back a quiet comment, and upon receiving his answer she nods

Charity takes the hand as she offers a bright, and somewhat relieved smile. "Charity Meadows, sir." yes, she's a very polite soul. "It is a pleasure. Thank you for your bid." she grins a little, eyes sparkling. "For a very good cause."

Hayden is drinking water at the bar with a smile on his face.

Wyatt nods, and smiles at MAdeline. "Then we have a deal." He says, as he glances about. He spots Kaylin, and makes his way over to him. He leans over and whispers into his ear.

Cig suddenly looks pleased with himself and life in general a moment after Grace shifts back away from him. He glances over at her then checks out the scene, looking to see if he spots anyone that he knows. There are a few familiar faces in the crowd but he decides to head towards Charity. "Want something to drink?" he asks Grace.

Keir takes Charity's hand giving it a small shake as his free hand reaches up to briefly rest on her hand clasped by his right hand. After a moment the hand is released and Keir's hands fall to his side, "It is good to meet you Miss Meadows, Can not wait to see your culinary prowess in action, I have heard good things."

Liam arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

MC Fred Willard motions to the man on the phone. "The bid is $2500 for casino owner Silvana Vega. Does anyone wish to go $3000?" He looks to Tegan to see if she's going higher.

Madeline nods to Wyatt and sips her wine, savoring the delicate flavor of the Riesling waiting for the next item up for bid

Liam steps into the casino, and and looks around upon hearing the current bid, he lifts his hand and says "3k."

Raising her hand, Tegan smiles, "Thirty-five hundred."

Misa giggles. "So many dramatic entrances.

Charity breaks into a smile at Keir's comment and nods, "I only hope that I can live up to that." cheerfully. "I can cook a wide variety of cuisines and styles, from appetizers to dessert."

Ronni spies Misa and Melissa hugging, the pair earning the sort of smile that migh be accompanied by a d'aww sound before returningher attention back to the lovely woman beside her. The bidding war escalating getting more giggles.

Fred Willard points to Tegan. "Thirty-five hundred. I have thirty-five-" he says, but not getting further as the man on the phone raises his hand and says, "Five thousand dollars." Fred whistles and says to Tegan, "Ma'am, the bid is now five thousand. Every dollar of which goes to making the dreams of a sick child come true."

Grace follows Cig towards Charity, shaking her head to the question. "I'm good for right now, thanks."

Melissa giggles alongside Misa, as the barista turns to look at Liam momentarily. After that, it's back to whispers for a few moments with Misa, the girl still smoothing back out her shirt from that BIG OL HUG she got.

Madeline smiles as she listens to the bidding and sips her wine, waiting for something it seems

Barry has arrived.

Tegan seems to seriously consider that for a long few minutes, before finally saying, "Six thousand."

Keir's head nods, "I am sure that you will Miss, And I trust you have no qualms cooking for me and another yes?" His fine brow raising in question as he looks to Charity before looking back to the stage to watch the auction in progress.

Amira arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Amira has arrived.

Fred Willard gets excited. "Six thousand dollars! Now we're talking folks." He looks back over to the man on the phone who relays the new bid. "You sure? Alright," the man says and then raises his hand. "Nine thousand dollars." The celebrity auctioneer points out the new bid and then looks over to Tegan.

Barry makes his way into the casino, and scans the immediate area, before eventually heading over to stand near Liam.

Charity breaks into a smile and nods. "Oh, that would be even better. The more the merrier, sir."

Grace is now close enough to Charity that she overhears her companion's question. "Just try and stop her," she comments to him with a smile.

Keir chuckles hearing the words from both Charity and Grace, A glance is given between the two women. "Well that is good to know indeed, I know personally.. I burn water, and well sadly my other half is about as good at burning water as I am.. if not better."

Misa looks up towards Darrel for a moment and seems to scoot a little closer towards Melissa. She eyes the guy on the phone soon after. "I get a feeling there's some kinda political game goin on here I dunno about yet."

Amira comes into the casino and looks around at the large crowd. She arches her brow at how busy it is so she just steps off to the side to watch all that is going on.

Cig glances over at Aleksei and Titania as he moves past them; Darrel gets a glance as well. He's almost upon Charity when he sees that she's talking with someone. He shifts direction to leave her be for now, finding a new spot to watch the auction from, glancing at Grace when he stops. He nods towards Charity to indicate that she's busy then gives Grace's hand a squeeze.

Darrel is just leaning up against a wall, sipping a beer and having a conversation with the air while his shaded gaze remains on the stage.

Wyatt produces an envelope from his pocket, and hands it to Kaylin. He says nothing else, before continuing his patrol of the room. He weaves in and out of the tables that line the floor in front of the stage, arching around the bar, and ending at the stage itself.

Liam hmmms a bit at this and looks over to the bidder and the phone bidder and says "10." He walks over to lean against a wall and watches.

Tegan glances over to Liam, and then folds her hands in her lap again, clearly the bidding has gotten too rich for her pocketbook.

Looks up at Wyatt, accepting the envelope and nodding softly. Offering the security guard a smile before retuning his attention to the auction currently in progress. When it hits 10k, a soft whistle escapes his lips.

Charity grins at that characterization and she says, "Oh, I'm sure that's an exaggeration. But just let me know what you would like me to cook for you." to Keir. "It will be my pleasure."

Cig studies the crowds and the stage both, giving Charity a smile if she glances in his direction, then keeping his attention on the bidding as it's going into auction overdrive for Silvana.

Melissa bites into her muffin, but peeks over at Misa as she speaks. "Oh?" The muffled word comes out, and she interestedly looks up at the stage, then, following Fred Willards finger, deciphers the bidders. "Yeah," She says after she swallows, then drops down to a whisper. "He does look the shady type."

Madeline brushes her golden hair across her shoulder and sips her wine again as she watches the show

Fred Willard is the celebrity auctioneer, and as Liam offers a bid, he turns over to point towards the new arrival. "We have ten thousand dollars. Will you go eleven?" he asks, looking to Tegan and seeing her shake her head. Then Fred looks to the man on the phone (posed by Lane at request of someone absent). He also shakes his head. "Too much," he says after consulting with the phone. Fred Willard raises the gavel. "Going once.... ten thousand for Silvana Vega..."

Keir smiles softly looking to Charity once more, "I assure you it isn't, Cooking is a bit outside either of our.. expertise.." His shoulders rise and fall in a quick shrug before his cell is going off, Keir pulls the phone out and sighs, "I must take this.. but here." His left hand moves inside his jacket briefly only to pull out a business card offering it to the woman. "Please do get in touch so we can set up this dinner evening."

Amira looks around for something to sit on. She doesn't seem to know to many people here so she starts sliding over towards the settee where she takes a seat.

Amira sits at Creme-brocade settee.

Grace sticks pretty close to Cig, one of the few people she actually knows in the crowd.

Misa nods to herself. "Ten thousand from a man who won't show his face... yeah this is totally someone investing in a business deal."

Fred Willard calls out, "Ten thousand, going twice..." He pauses and looks around. "Sold!" he says, banging the gavel and pointing to Liam. "Silvana Vega, sold to the gentleman for $10,000 dollars. Every penny of which goes straight towards making the dreams of terminally ill children come true. Thank you. Alright, we'll have our next person up for bid in a moment. Another lady, but don't fret you women in the audience, we have some men coming up after." The band starts a little musical interlude while Liam pays and the staff give him instructions how to meet up with Silvana when she returns.

Ronni never quite seems to stay still in her seat, wriggling her hips lightly into the seat while she sits up straighter from her slight slump. The blonde's smile trained on Alessa beside her. The occasionall wondering eye roaming over some of the others, bouncing to Misa and Melissa, the massive biker getting a soft giggle. The recently arrived Amira getting a lingering look as does Madeline. Soon enough though it's Alessa Ronni returns her attention to with a grin and a nod of her head.

Madeline sets down her wine a moment and applauds for the sale before retaking her glass and leaning back into her seat

Liam leans against the wall still watching making his payment arangements as he waits watchin.

Hayden starts walking around a little looking to see if there's anyone he knows here tonight.

Kaylin claps as the final price for Silvana is announced. "Bravo" is given towards Liam.

Claudia applauds for Silvana and the winner, and of course for how much is being brought in for Make A Wish. She shifts her posture, a little stretch in a side-step.

Misa gives a two finger whistle again and a happy cheer.

Melissa peeks around the crowd in time to catch a smiling Ronni looking her way, which gets returned with a gentle wave and a friendly smile. Another bite of her muffin raises the pastry in front of her face for a few seconds, and she looks back to Misa, sidelong. A slow nod, and after giving herself time to chew it over, she mumbles, "Yeah....Wonder who it is. So much money," She just shakes her head and looks back at Fred Willard in wonder.

Keir walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Keir has left.

Wyatt makes his way towards the hallway, and dissapears. After a few minuites, at least 5, no more then 10, he returns with a briefcase. Its classy style, elegant in design, pure black, with a peculiur imprint on it. Wyatt carries the briefcase over to Kaylin, and sets it down in front of him. "Enjoy sir." He says, before returning to his patrol of the Casino floor.

The music drops again, and MC Fred Willard turns back as a staffer gives him the go ahead to proceed. "You will recognize our next 'slave' from cosmetic commercials, or from the runways of New York and Paris. But in addition to her work in the fashion world, Claudia Doyle has been a friend to numerous charities including working to save the rain forests, and being a friend to Make a Wish. Our next slave up for bid... the beautiful Claudia Doyle."

The band strikes up some music for Claudia to come on stage to. As she does, Fred Willard adds, "Winning Claudia has the added perk of a mini model makeover, spa day for the winner plus a guest, which by itself is worth over a thousand dollars." Fred Willard then quips, "You know I once took a spa day myself. It wasn't as nice of a spa as what Claudia will take you to though. What I thought was the mud bath just turned out to be a big mud puddle beside the parking lot."

Claudia moves forward when she hears her name. A woman steps behind her. The woman reaches up, seemingly pulling at Claudia's hair, to reveal red hair under that black wig. The woman's other hand reaches for the belt at Claudia's waist and with a single tug, Claudia turns. In a smoothly choreographed twirl, the is draping leaves Claudia and exposes her as the 'enslaved' celebrity that she is. Behind the cosmetics, her cheeks blush a little. She stands in the true costume provided by Teatro Di Sofferenza as black chains are quickly wrapped around her wrists. Finally the woman pushes Claudia on the back, pretending to force the celebrity to go to the stage. The model walks like she's on a fashion runway, heading toward the stage and the microphone upon it. (Before and after: http://imgur.com/a/it6AD)

Cig checks to see how Grace is doing before glancing over at Hayden and giving him a nod hello as the guy passes by. He looks back towards the stage. "Ten grand," he states with approval. It's a charity event, after all.

Charity breaks into a smile as she notices Cig. Having exchanged information with Keir, he heads off for..business. She waves to Cig and Grace.

Tegan starts to raise her hand, then blinks at Cig's bid of 10 thousand. A frown, a slight mental calculation, "Twelve thousand."

Madeline applauds lightly as the lovely girl then sips at her wine, the bondage thing never did much for her

A spa day!! "Five hundred dollars!" Melissa's muffin-hand shoots up excitedly, and...She'd already been fried out of the bid. Meekly she just goes back to her muffin, and sits back down at her booth, hoping no one really noticed her.

Velok's head turns as Claudia walks out onto the stage. He leans back in his seat, a little smile playing across his lips as the bidding starts. His hands raise to fold behind his head as the smile fades. He looks instinctively to Titania, and his face falls back to neutral. He nods a couple times, shifting in the seat and continuing to talk quietly to his table.

Grace is doing okay. She gives Cig a smile as he looks back her, then catches Charity's wave. She gives his hand a squeeze, and nods towards the other.

Once Claudia makes it to the mic, she tries to hide her surprise that bidding already started, "Hi. I'm Claudia Doyle. I'm not just a model, I also knew a few languages." Cue smile. "Spanish, French, Japanese and Hebrew, besides English, of course. So if you're interested in a language lesson? I could be washing a car or a kitchen at the same time." She nods. Now that she has given some suggestions for any potential winner, she tries to encourage bidding. The ClaudiaBot has already been preprogrammed with facts and tidbits about Make A Wish. There are many catch-phases and buzzwords she could choose from. Instead, she speaks from the heart, "It's heartbreaking what illness can do, but Make A Wish provides opportunities for children to forget.. for a little while.. what they're going through. Please open your purses and wallets, knowing you can help grant the wishes of such children." Her heart bleeds for those children and it can be seen in her eyes, even while the rest of her body keeps the posture of a professional model. She lifts a chained hand a little, hoping to encourage more bidding.

Ronni the low bid Melissa puts out after it's too late earns a playful giggle and smile, hinting she might know how the barista might feel. Turning back to Alessa she grins and lets another soft giggle escape her.

Kaylin looks down at the briefcase Wyatt drops off, offering him a nod. "Thank you." He offers. Appearantly a frequent customer at the casino; and a bit of a high roller himself to get such VIP treatment here. The briefcase is picked up and placed in his lap; the latches open and he glances inside briefly before closing it once more. His eyebrows arch briefly then he looks up at the current celebrity up for auction. He leans back in the chair and briefly glances over at Aleksei's table, then his hand raises. "Fifteen thousand."

Madeline sips her wine then sets the empty glass aside brushes one delicate hand across the flat stomach of the corset she wears

Fred Willard sort of does a who, what, where as the bidding starts up before he even has a chance to say anything. It makes him smile though, as he says, "Thank you Claudia. And we have some eager bidders." He points to Tegan and says, "Our determined bidder has set the price at $12,000 dollars..." And then Kaylin is coming in. "$15,000 is the current bid," Fred Willard says.

Misa tosses a hand up in the air and sighs. "Well there goes my bid." she giggles.

Hayden stops near Cig and raises a brow at the bids.

Charity chuckles a little and pouts. "Darn, no spa day for me. Too rich for my blood..."

Darrel shifts his weight a little on the wall and hrms for a moment as he finishes off his beer and apparently the conersation he was having with the air.

Tegan's hands fold back into her lap as the bidding hits 15 thousand, again too rich for her blood. She looks /genuinely/ put out this time, though the expression vanishes from her face after a few seconds as she accepts another glass of champaign from a passing server.

Oh great... Melissa kind of slumps as she hears laughter, and assumes it's on her part. Curiosity though, brings her eyes peeking up over the table. That blonde girl again...A curious squint takes Melissa's eyes, paired with a wide smile in return to the seemingly good-hearted giggle from Ronni.

Aleksei frowns for some reason and murmurs something softly to the table as he leans back into his seat as his hands fold atop the table. The Russian's gaze doesn't seem to look for any others he is watching the show and that is where his attention should be centered. Tilting his head to the side for a moment as his lips tugs up into a slow smile the man quite relaxed as he remains there. Clearing his throat he raises his hand up, "$20,000 for Miss Doyle." He offers in that crisp accent before letting his hand drop to the table once more.

Misa giggles and nudges Melissa.

Fred Willard looks around, gauging the body language of the other people who have bid on Claudia. "So we have a bid of $15,000 dollars, for one of America's top models. You know, I once told my wife I'd like to be a top model. She threw one of the children's toys at me. Not what I had in mind." Fred smiles at his own dry humor and then looks around and spots Aleksei's bid. "The bid is now $20,000." He looks back to Kaylin to see if he'll top it.

Cig nudges Grace towards Charity, now that the woman is free. "How's the bidding been going? Seems to be fairly high stakes around here tonight." Again, he seems pleased by the way the bidding is going.

Amira lifts her hand up a bit to cover a yawn.

Grace has already started moving towards Charity, looking relieved to see another familiar face.

Kaylin's eyes return to the stage, a smile spreading softly across his lips. "For Make a Wish? If I am to make a contribution, it might as well be one to guarantee several kids have the oppertunity to have their last wish come true. Twenty Five thousand dollars."

Claudia turns her head to look toward Fred Willard. Does she look like she wants to hide behind him? What professional model would have that look? She hides the shyness, but turning toward the bidders and offering a polite and professional smile. Both of her hands lift a few inches as her fingers rattle the chain a bit, as she gestures encouragement for the bidding to rise. "There are so many wishes to be granted.."

Charity breaks into a laugh and she says, softly. "Well, I was just glad someone bid on me. It'd be kind of embarassing, otherwise. And it IS a great cause, really."

Melissa looks up at to point the smile still etched on her face up at Misa and something the woman at her side whispered, but she blinks a few times incredulously and peers around the crowd to catch a sight of the man who'd just bid a year of her salary on a woman. A pretty woman, but...Still!

Rachel arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Rachel has arrived.

Lane is over near enough to Charity to hear her comment, and she moves over to briefly rest a hand on her shoulder. "This it the fourth one of these that I've run. The prices most always climb over the first few auctions. I suggested we have Fred Willard be auctioned off first, but he said he wouldn't even draw a plug nickel," Lane says, chuckling.

A chuckle rolls from Aleksei and he nods his head a couple times as he thinks about it, "Yes, many wishes." He agrees with the woman on stage as his head tilts to the side with a warm look upon his lips as he looks between her and Fred Willard. "It is quite the wonderful cause. Thirty five thousand dollars." He offers back with a nod of the head as he leans back against his seat while he rests there his eyes never leave the stage though as he speaks this is all about what is happening before them and the Russian simply relaxes there at the table for now as he bids.

Hayden staggers a little at the latest bid.

Madeline brushes back her golden hair and watches the little drama play out

Charity breaks into a laugh, eyes dancing at Lane. "No worries. I know I'm no Casino owner or model. It's a great price just to get a meal. I find it flattering enough."

Fred Willard repeats the bid. "We're up to twenty-five thousand dollars for Claudia Doyle. Do I hear thirty thousand?" he asks, the minor celebrity auctioneer looking back to Aleksei. As he hears Aleksei's answer, Fred breaks out in a smile and there's even a little spattering of applause for the generous bid. "Thirty-five thousand dollars. And this isn't an event where the money is going to pay for the event. Everything about tonight has been donated. Every dollar goes straight to helping sick children. The bid is $35,000."

Claudia breaks her 'character' briefly when she hears the lastest bid from the Russian. Her lips part, showing clear surprise. She quickly hides it away with a polite smile and nodding of her head agreeting that it IS INDEED a good cause.

Darrel just shakes his head at the latest bid, tipping the bottle back and shaking his head, "That shit better feel better then stickin it in a velvet glove for that price." He shakes his head with a chuckle.

"Fourty Thousand." Kaylin says, that smile still resting upon his lips.

Rachel makes her way into the hotel in a faux-silk blue dress with her hair up in a twist, clutching a small purse in one hand. She pauses as she hears the call for the current bid and her lips part in shock. Oh good lord. So... she's here to window-shop. Figures! She moves over to the back of the crowd and tucks her purse under her arm to watch quietly with a little smile curving her lips.

Fred Willard repeats, "Forty thousand dollars. Do I hear forty-five?" he asks, turning to look at Aleksei.

Grace seems to be aware, yet not aware, of the bidding going on. She smiles to Charity and murmurs, "A bargain at any price, Charity. And," she adds, "a wonderful cause." She glances to Cig.

Cristobal arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Barry looks around the crowd and wows a little silently at the bidding.

Hayden says "No way this saloon singer can rate that kind of money."

Wyatt just passes Darrel as the man makes that comment, and the Security officer cackles with laughter. "One way to find out." He offers the very large gentlemen a smile, before continuing his patrol of the room.

Aleksei tilts his head to the side as he watches it all play out with a smile upon his lips as he tilts his head to the side at the words from Fred Willard and he chuckles, "Forty-five? No, this is a brillant cause we are making children smile and bringing hope to those little ones when they need it the most. Fifty thousand dollars." He offers with that warm smile upon his lips as he tilts his head back to the stage when he offers it.

Misa giggles and nods.

Madelines delicate brow goes up as Aleksei bid's so high and smiles to herself, murmering in french /she's lovely but not that lovely/

Liam whistles softly, at the amount the model is going for. He hmms a bit to himself at this as he watches it all. He hmms, and walks over to the catering staff, and talks to them looking over the audience.

Fred Willard is the celebrity auctioneer. He points to Aleksei saying, "Fifty thousand dollars. For Claudia Doyle and a model makeover and spa day for yourself and a guest." Fred points the gavel over to Kaylin. "You aren't really going to stand for letting him trump your bid, are you?" he asks, trying to encourage more money for the charity.

Claudia blinks rapidly. The only outward sign of her continued /shock/ at the bidding amount. She has done mascara commericials. Maybe she's channeling one of them. Can you say Lashblast five times fast? The practiced smile stays in place. Claudia Doyle looks like a living doll. An enslaved celebrity doll.

Cig follows the conversation between Lane and Charity, Charity and Grace, then glances at Grace as she looks over at him. "Okay if we join you?" he asks Charity while simultaneously pulling out a chair for Grace as though Charity's already answered yes.

Charity beams and nods, "Well, definitely." to Cig. "I definitely would appreciate a seat." she laughs, "I'm used to more comfortable shoes. No heels in the kitchen." as she sits.

Kaylin shakes his head slowly. "It is for a wonderful cause, and I'm pleased that the money my friend Aleksei has earned in his particular business; can atleast be put to good use now through the Make A Wish Foundation. This is a win for everyone involved." A glance over at Aleksei. "Congradulations." The suitcase is grasped before he rises from his chair; making his way towards the door.

At this Aleksei pouts, heavily. Peering overtop the table from her seated position, she just bites off another chunk of her muffin, brooding to herself. A few moments go by, and she turns that pout up to Misa. "I think you're right," She whispers. "There's definitely something up in the background. He doesn't even -need- a spa day!"

Velok nods a few times to the table, his eyes glancing to the stage only once during the course of the bidding. He smiles when Aleksei bids again and nods, his voice a low whisper as his hand dismissively passes over the table. He reaches towards his bottled water, breaking the clasp and bringing it to his lips to drink.

Sentinel arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Darrel let's a grin spread across his lips as Wyatt passes, and he nods his head slowly, "If only there was a dark alley around this joint." He grumbles out, and tips his beer back, obviously not getting the security guy was referring to money.

Fred Willard hears Kaylin back out of the bidding. "$50,000 going once..." he says, picking up the gavel and looking about the room.

At this bid by Aleksei...Melissa pouts, heavily. Peering overtop the table from her seated position, she just bites off another chunk of her muffin, brooding to herself. A few moments go by, and she turns that pout up to Misa. "I think you're right," She whispers. "There's definitely something up in the background. He doesn't even -need- a spa day!"(*re)

Cristobal arrives nondescriptly--he doesn't have the kind of money some people are going to be spending tonight. He's mostly curious--and because of that curiosity, he watches.

Madeline sighs softly as Kaylin loses his bid

No, Darrel was right, Wyatt wasnt talking about money either. He smiles at him, "Yes, just dont do anything unfavorable under our roof, sir. Enjoy your evening." Before continuing his walk about on the casino floor.

Titania might need a spa day! It's for HER afterall, right? Look at that hair, that freckled skin. It must be maintained properly, yes? Titania sips at her drink, keeping her gaze low.

Taking the seat that Cig holds for her, Grace pushes out a chair for Charity with her toes and smiles. "Definitely, you need to sit," she comments.

Fred Willard looks about more. "$50,000 going twice.... And...." he bangs the gavel on the podium. "Sold to the man for $50,000." Fred leans over to Claudia and says in a stage whisper, directed into the microphone, "I think it was the chains that did it." He smiles and says, "Alright, the staff will get our winner and Claudia together. Up next we'll have a service auctioned off, but first, we want to take a moment to recognize West Coast Airfreight. They have made a generous five thousand dollar donation tonight, and helped with some of the shipping costs." The band strikes up a little music between auctions.

Titania's gaze lifts toward Fred Willard and.... did lightning bolts just shoot out her eyes at the man? Not QUITE.. but almost.

Darrel grins at Wyatt and then he is parting off from his spot on the wall and heading towards the door now.

Rachel shakes her head a little at the final bid. She lifts her hands and claps lightly, little golf clap for the winner and the 'slave'. That's a lovely 'donation' for the foundation. She looks curiously toward the winner just in time to catch the redhead's little glare and a bright laugh escapes her. Hand coming up to cover her mouth to try to stop the sound. Oh oh. Someone's in trouble!

Aleksei offers a smile back to the stage and he dips his head toward the stage with a smile on his lips though his gaze turns to Kaylin and he blinks a couple times as if he didn't realize who it was before offering a smile, "Thank you very much, my friend." He offers back to him with a nod of the head before his attention turns back toward the stage and he listens as Fred calls it and he nods his head a couple times as he waits to be signaled to move toward the receiving area to make his donation though the Russian doesn't rush to it just yet. Picking up his drink he takes a slow sip from it with a smile on his lips.

Madeline looks up finally and smiles as she finds Nell, lifting a lovley hand to invite the girl to join her

Misa looks a little relieved, not that really anyone would be looking.

Grace sits at Large table in the rear.

Claudia looks to Fred Willart as he speaks in a stage whisper. She replies, "Oh dear." She she puts that polite smile back on though and nods to him. It's only a joke, right? Right? She turns as someone moves to escort Claudia. She turns her head toward the indicated table, to see how the winning bidder was. Then she is walked toward where the donation recieving area, to wait to be met with.

Melissa whispers back to Misa, and her hand brings up her half-eaten muffin in offer to the girl. It seems the two are running a steady commentary on the auction over in that Images and Dreams booth.

This time it's just a short pause between auctions. The screen behind the stage comes on showing the interior of a gym. Fred Willard narrates through a few changing photos of the fitness club. "The next item has been donated by Luke's Studio on the Boardwalk. This new approach to fitness is auctioning off a gold membership, all access year-long pass, a two thousand dollar value. The pass will grant unlimited access to the studio's circuit training and fitness classes as well as priority access to after-hours classes featuring fencing, self-defense, ballroom dance. In addition, the registrant will be given an ID card labeling them as the club's first Gold member." (Ooc: Arec is the PC you'll be RPing it out with.)

Fred Willard smiles to the audience and says, "And while my wife wanted me to bid on this one myself, I'm told as the auctioneer that would be a conflict of interest. Now let's try to set a price on what your improved health would be worth to you. Let's open up the bidding on this full access gym package."

Velok pulls the phone back out and hits some more buttons. "Thank you for buying me this.." He says, bringing the phone up and holding it out to Aleksei. He glances towards Titania and he nods, carefully phrasing, "I understand."

Darrel walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Darrel has left.

Misa nods and smiles to Melissa, taking a bite of the muffin. "Thanks sugar."

Kyryn arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Cig shifts a chair out for Charity as well, proving that chivalry isn't dead, even from such an unlikely source. He helps both women adjust their seats then takes one for himself as well, next to Grace. "I think the bidding for the stuff that I put up will be a bit anti-climatic after this," he muses. Not that he looks disappointed by the thought. A lot of money is being raised here tonight, and that's the main thing.

Ember arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Ember has arrived.

Hayden grins "5wo hundred fifty two dollars and fifteen cents"

Charity sits at Large table in the rear.

Cig sits at Large table in the rear.

Titania nods faintly to Velok, then releases Aleksei's hand to go claim his prize, folding her hands into her lap.

Cig settles in, chuckles to his tablemates, then glances towards Claudia for a moment.

Rachel stares at the screen with the gym membership for a long moment... there's that feminine look of DESIRE there and her head tilts to one side slightly as she mentally calculates her energy reserves and the odds of her ever being able to drag herself to a gym after work and... she sighs softly, shaking her head. When a server pauses to offer drinks, the blonde grins and reaches out, taking one of the glasses with a smile and a softly accented word of thanks.

Kyryn comes in as quite the quiet arrival, hands folded into his pocket and a friendly smile seated at his lips. He casually makes his way into the area further, looking about the establishment for a place to sit but he pausesto just gaze up at the stage.

Cristobal remains where he's standing, his attention on the stage. Apparently he's curious about the next person up on the chopping block, so to speak.

Aleksei peers at the phone, "Yes... well I can't have you working with some bulky little tracfone not worth carrying." He offers back to him with a nod of the head before pushing up to his feet, "Now, I should go and send in my bid now though." The Russian offers with a nod of the head and starts to move toward the donation area. He slips a hand into his pocket while he walks an easy simle upon his lips as he draws closer toward it his eyes upon Claudia for a couple moments as those deep blue eyes seem to study her closely for a couple moments but he only offers a soft, "Evening Ms. Doyle." Moving to write the check for the money.

Ember saunters into the casino with a bemused smirk on her face. She sits in the chairs near the stage close to Ronni and Alessa´s table. "Three fifty," she calls out while raising her hand. Her guitar is parked beside her with the neck leaning up onto her thigh.

Misa finally pipes up. "Hey if it's normally two thousand I can go for four hundred."

Misa rubs her chin for a moment before continuing her conversation with Melissa.

Amira just looks rather bored really looking around at all the people there and then looking at her phone to check the time.

Madeline stands%, leaving Blue-brocade loveseat.

Wyatt seems relieved when the large, biker / gangbanger makes his leave, but he tries his best to not make it known to the others. He simply continues his duties as part of tonights security, giving those few he knows a nod, and smile, but otherwise fading into the background.

Melissa pats Misa excitedly as she cheers on her friend, quietly.

Ember sits at Group of chairs to the right of the stage.

Madeline rises smoothly from her seat and slips gracefully through the crowd on her way to the back room

Fred Willard, the celebrity auctioneer, points out each bid as it comes in. "We're up to four hundred dollars for this wonderful workout package at a brand new facility. You will be member #1, both on your ID card, and in the hearts of the children whose dreams your donation help make come true."

Liam picks up a note, nd writes somethign down, and sends it via one of the waitstaff to Mr. Willard.

Charity leans back and grins. Oddly, she may not be bidding on this one. But she does enjoy watching the bidding war.

Sentinel skitters to Madeline's side giving her a smile. "Wow. Nice crowd. What have I missed?"

Claudia stays put by the donation receiving area, but she looks to the screen behind the stage, curious of the fitness membership. She turns her head when she hears her name. Bright blue eyes blink, "Good evening, Sir." She keeps a polite tone. Not suppposed to talk to strangers, unless they bid 50k. Is that the new rule? For the children, "I am certain your donation will bring so much joy to the children it will help. Thank you."

Ember raises her hand. "Two thousand." She doesnt look like she needs to work out that bad. Someone must like Arec.

Barry stands out of the way, off to the side of the stage watching the crowd ooh and ahh at the prices the auctionees are going for. He takes a sip of his Cherry Coke Zero, the official drink of The Outsiders and the UWA.

And Melissa slumps onto her table, watching the auction with decidedly less enthusiasm as Misa gets wrung out.

Madeline looks up at Nell as she pauses in her walk then chuckels and kisses the lovely girl's cheek "Someone owns Silvana now, and I wish them well of her" she jests

Misa giggles and shakes her head. "Yep, totally in the wrong business."

Fred Willard points to Ember, saying, "Two thousand dollars is the bid." Lane is handed the note from Liam, and she takes it up and gives it to Fred Willard, before descending the stage again. "Ladies and gentleman, things change by the minute around here. The two thousand dollar bid is now not only on a gym membership including personal training... but it also will net you a valentine dinner for two, cooked to order for you by Liam Saki, head chef of the Smoke and Barley, who are running one of the concession tables," Fred says, motioning to the Smoke and Barley table (which can also be seen in +view scene/smoke_and_barley_table).

Phil arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Kyryn wanders around the area for a moment until finally settling on a table by himself. He waves a waitress over, and politely orders something to drink before returning his gaze towards the stage and a smile flashing across his lips as he spots Lane come up on stage.

Cristobal puts his hand on his chin, as he considers this. Finally he shakes his head, and moves to claim a chair.

Kyryn sits at Blue-brocade loveseat.

Cristobal sits at Large full-service bar.

Rachel makes a bit of a face as the bid goes outside of her pay grade. She sighs softly. Well! That settles it. The young blonde looses interest in the bidding at that point and turns to look over the gathered crowd curiously as she sips her drink.

Hayden walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Hayden arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Aleksei dips his head to her, "My name is Aleksei Zykov I own the Two Fifteen." He offers that to her before extending a hand toward her the crisp Russian accent still clear in his words when they are offered back to her. "Though first thing we should do is get rid of the chains." He says with a nod of the head toward them a small frown tugging at his lips he doesn't seem to pay it any more note then that. His eyes turning back toward her though full and he smile, "Now with that gone we can go sit at the table and you can meet those I'm here with if you like. As for the money, well it is a wonderful cause and one that I support completely." Has nothing to do with taxes either. Nope. Nuh uh.

Madeline touches Sentinel's hand and slips into the back room

Madeline walks to the door marked VIP and heads out of the main floor.

Ember sits back waiting. She has plenty more to go and poor Arec shall be her trainer weather he likes it or not. Also its for the kids, which Ember loves kids, from afar.

Caelina arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Fred Willard picks up his gavel and says, "So we have a two thousand dollar bid for a year long fitness package complete with personal training, and a Valentine's Day dinner for two cooked by the chef of Smoke and Barley. What a perfect combination... you get the excellent meal, and then get to go work it off. $2000 bid... going once..." he says.

Ember grins as she can almost taste it.

Claudia suddenly gives Aleksei a real smile, "Yes, please." Is the model in hate with the chains? Yes. She works on removing them and leaves them at the donation station, where they'll most likely be safely stashed. She then rubs at her wrists. "I said I'd wear anything as long as it covered where a bikini would be worn." A beat, "I should have been more careful to not say 'anything' in the future." She reaches out a hand to shake Aleksei's hand. Then she whispers, "I've heard of 215." But she won't go in. Nope. Don't want such pictures on TMZ or something. Afterward, she nods, ready to follow to his table, perhaps a little more comfortable with the stranger due to his first suggestion being to get rid of the chains.

Misa thinks for a second and grins. "Twenty five hundred?"

Fred Willard looks about for more bids. "$2000 going twice..." And then he hears Misa. "Alright, the bid is now $2500." He looks back to Ember to see if she wants to up it.

Ember curses under her breath and raises a hand again. "Three thousand." She glares at Misa.

Melissa is more or less an open book. She gawks up at Misa as she pipes up, then looks over at Ember as she responds.

Misa sticks her tongue out at Ember and grins. She doesn't make another bid though.

Fred Willard looks back to Misa. "The bid is $3000. Will you go higher?" After a pause he adds, "Please. It's for the children." Seeing Misa's reaction, Fred Willard starts again, "Alright, $3000 going once..."

Laith arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Laith has arrived.

Fred Willard looks about for more bids. "$3000 going twice..." Not seeing any new bidders, he hits the gavel on the podium. "Sold, to the young lady who is soon going to have both a happy and very toned belly." People applaud and one of the staffers moves over to arrange things with Ember and to take her payment.

Fred Willard says, "And we're going to move right on to our next Celebrity up for auction. As I promised ladies, it's time for one of the men. Rather than introduce him myself, I think I'll let him handle it." He motions over to the stage beside him.

Ember stands with a chuckle. "My belly is already toned!" She sashays up to the stand and collects her prize. Clearly she is very happy with it which is odd because hey, a gym membership who cares? But her eyes are filled with delight. "She places the certificate for the Valentines Dinner on Rachel´s place. There you go. Im on a diet. I cant eat there anyway. Now you just need to find a date. That should be easy if its paid for." She winks at Rachel and moves toward the exit.´

Titania slides to her feet as Aleksei and Claudia come back their way. She offers the faintest of smiles and slides her arm through Aleksei's. "We are ready to leave now?" She doesn't seem to keen on staying now that they have what they came here for.

Velok rises from the table upon Claudia's approach. He reaches forward and takes the phone off the table, pocketing it again. "It won't be forgotten, and I am sorry." He comments to Titania, nodding. He slowly slides the strap off from around his chest and sets his tube down on the table, taking his hoodie off. It leaves him with just a tshirt, but he doesn't seem to be worried so much. The strap is slipped back over him and the tube is adjusted to sit where it's familiar on his back, Velok offering the overwear to Claudia when she's close enough. He's not smiling like normal, his face pulled to remain neutral. The pen is grabbed next, held carefully in the opposite hand of his bottled water, ready to follow.

Aleksei chuckles when he see's the reaction from Claudia a chuckle running through him, "It was really for your safety. Titania doesn't enjoy them." He points out with a smile on his lips and he wanders over before reaching out a hand to help the redhead from her seat with a few soft words of Russian spoken to her to help her rise. He nods to Velok and offers to him softly, "I think we're getting a little overwhelmed now, care to head back to the dacha?" He asks him before looking back over to Claudia, "The limo is outside, we'll head back home and get better aquainted there." He offers with that easy smile ever upon his lips, "And I am quite proud of the Two fifteen, it is the one place where the women can run the show rather then the other way around again." Seeing them all gather up he bobs his head and starts to move toward the door to lead them off back out of the Casino.

Kyryn remains seated at his table by himself and quietly applauds the end of the auction.

The lights at the Oasis Casino darken as the house PA system begins to bellow out a rocking wrestling style theme music intro. The music of Probot, with Lemmy Kilmester at the vocal helm hit the air, 'Shake Your Blood' fills the hall. The lights will dance as the larger than life, seven footer, Barry Blanchard makes his way to the auction block. The Universal Wrestling Alliance superstar heckles a few of the closest patrons, probably plants from the wrestling federation, since he and his brother Owen Blanchard are religious heels and ne'er-do-wells in the affiliation. He even goes so far to take a elderly gentleman's cane, but returns it as the man begins to teeter, an obvious hamming it up on the elderly fellows part. Once he is upon the auction diaz the music and video will end as the eldest Blanchard brother will drop to one knee and strike an Olympian pose as he flexes for the now booing plants. He stands and looks over at Fred Willard and asks for the microphone. Once it' safely in his hands he smiles and speaks in a haugty tone..."Let's give it up for Chevy Chase folks, we all loved him in Fletch. As far as introductions, well who needs to introduce the reigning Universal Wrestling Alliance's tag team champion Barry Blanchard. Right? I mean what can an introduction do for a guy who has done everything, I mean everything? So rather than boast about my accomplishments, like climbing Mount Everest on Tuesday, I'll hand this back off to Chevy, so he can make this charity auction official." The larger than life character will then shake Fred's hand with a smile and hand the microphone back to him.

Caelina slips in the door and looks around, blinking at all of the people gathered. She finds herself an out of the way place to stand, her height making it easy to see the goings on over a few of the heads.

Misa nods sternly to Melissa before breaking into a giggle over their shared joke.

Laith makes his way in, typically late to arrive - those who know him know that tendency, in all likelihood. He is dressed well, wearing a finespun wool suit, charcoal in colour, with a light blue collared shirt. He has a cream and black paisley tie on, modern in its sensibility. He drifts in, hands in his pockets, glancing around at those in attendance, while remaining inconspicuous near the back, for the moment.

Rachel blinks as someone hands her a certificate. She stares at it and blinks a couple of times. Ember gets a smile, "Oh... t... thank you." ... but the moment the woman is gone, the blonde looks down at the certificate and blinks several times. One hand lifts and she begins to wipe at her eyes as subtly as possible.

Cig nods to his tablemates, gets the attention of a passing waitress and puts in an order for two teas and a beer, then looks over at Caelina and waits to see if she sees him.

Claudia is a little too quick to grab Velok's hoodie. She murmurs, "Thanks, you." She nods to Titania, "I'll have to make sure to return the costume within 24 hours." She's putting the hoodie on and once it's in place she tugs at the bottom a little, pleased that the 'character' is hidden away and gone. She looks at Aleksei at the mention of limo, and 215. She looks at the Titania and then back to Aleksei, oh man. She has avoided bad paparazzi stuff lately. Is her streak at an end? She brings up the hood.

Liam looks over watching the handing off of the certificate, and the tears. His brow raises, but before he can move the lights dim, and he looks over towards the stand "Boo Bacon Hater."

Misa gives a big wave to Velok and a wink to him and Aleksei, even though it'll probably get another glare.

Ember walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Ember has left.

Amira looks up to the stage at the new arrival and finally she smiles and seems to take an intrest in what is going on now as she sits up.

Wyatt smiles, and in the middle of doing his rounds, the security man in his doned suit, extends a hand to laith. "Evening Brother. How are you doing. Please, enjoy yourself. I am currently working, and cant stay and chat to much, but I Wanted to say hi."

Titania is... more than ready to go. She offers Claudia a far too pleasant smile and gives Aleksei's arm a little squeeze. She reaches into her little purse and pulls out a pair of sunglasses, offering them over for Claudia's use as well. Nothing fancy. But they will shield her a little better from view. She doesn't speak, just motions for Claudia and Velok to move ahead of her and Aleksei

As Barry's introduction ends, Fred Willard gets the microphone back. "You're very welcome, Hulk," he tells Barry, continuing the mistake identity joke. "Alright, so not only is some lucky fan going to get an evening with Barry as their celebrity slave, but he is going to take the winner for an evening on the town which will include a VIP professional wrestling experience. What do we have as an opening bid for Barry Blanchard?"

Barry mocks Hulk Hogan's t-shirt ripping antics as Fred tells the crowd what they will receive for being the highest bidder.

Even this far into the evening, some people are just now showing up unfashionably late and getting settled in. "One dollar!" Phil calls out, setting down a Jack and Coke as he grabs a chair for himself.

Laith looks over toward Wyatt and offers a quick smile. He nods to the other man and shakes his hand. "Good to see you, brother. Thanks - I thought I would break free of my work for a while to come and see the stars of the city. I hope you have a boring night... better that than your skills be needed, hm?" Should he catch the eyes of Aleksei, Titania, or Velok on their way out, he'll offer a polite smile and nod in greeting and farewell.

Amira grins and will shout out "One thousand dollars!" while she waves her hand in the air to make sure someone hears.

Misa claps and cheers loudly at the bid. "Oh big spender! Two hu... cao ni."

Caelina shifts on her toes as she looks around, clearly curious about the stage. As the money starts to fly once more she drops down onto her heels to look the rest of the room over. Spotting Cig she breaks out into a grin and heads over that way, weaving her way through the people standing about.

Fred Willard points over to Phil, "One dollar from Barry's biggest fan." Then Amira ups the bidding. Fred points to her. "I have one thousand dollars from the woman in the front row." Fred Willard looks back to Phil and says, "You're not going to let yourself be upstaged like that are you? She just upped your bid times a thousand. Why don't you up hers by ten times?"

Grace smiles up at Caelina as she makes her way closer. She gestures to an empty seat. "Please, join us," she invites.

Caelina sits at Large table in the rear.

Claudia reaches for the offered sunglasses with a grateful expression. Everything she's borrowing will definitely be returned, but for now, Claudia Doyle starts to transform into a hoodie wearing, sunglass sporting, slouching woman in high heels.

"Why don't you up yours ten times?" Phil calls back. Those who actually know the guy already will realize that this is just What He Does, and in fact might be mildly concerned if he broke pattern. Nothing personal, Barry or Fred.

Cig stands up when Caelina comes over, and pulls out a seat for her. He gives her a smile then sits back down when she does. "Hi," he greets the blue-haired woman before glancing back over to the stage.

Aleksie dips his head toward Misa with that simple smile as he greats her on his way out though the Russian doesn't break stride. No doubt for tonight there is going to be all manner of trouble with the pictures but as they leave the driver will be keeping them back without too much trouble. The Russian offers a nod back toward Laith as they slip off but he doesn't seem to be breaking much stride, "All is well. I"m sure there are somethings more suitable at home." He offers that back toward the woman he just purchased for the evening with a smile on his lips.

Rachel looks over as someone shouts at her and she just shakes her head. There's not even enough oomph there for her to glare at him, which she might normally do. She drains her glass and turns. Sitting her drink on a passing tray and turns, making her way toward the door. As she passes some random person... Laith perhaps, the certificate for a romantic dinner for two is just sort of handed over. "Here." She murmurs and out she goes.

Barry looks between Phil and Fred, he then asks Fred. "Are you going to take that Dan?" He laughs a little at himself, and looks at Phil, motioning that he is going to break him over his knee for the implied insult, all the while sporting a less than threatening grin on his face.

Titania walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Misa thinks for a moment. "Twelve hundred!"

Wyatt nods to Laith. "Indeed. Boring night is good for everyone present Brother. Enjoy your night." He says with a smile. After a few more moments, he has made it to the door, and its as good a guess as anyones, maybe the fact he dropped 50k tonight, or maybe some other reason, Wyatt opens the door for Aleksei and his Enterouge (Sp?), and walks outside with them for a brief second, making sure they make it to their limo safely, before returning. Once inside, he continues his rounds. Yes. Boring night. But thats good.

Laith blinks and looks down at Rachel. He takes the paper thrust into his hands and looks down at it, identifying it before he turns and says to Rachel's back, as the woman leaves.

Sentinel walks to the door marked VIP and heads out of the main floor.

Sentinel comes in from The Oasis Casino - VIP Facilities

Fred Willard points the gavel towards Barry and tells Phil. "He does break people in half for a living." He smiles and looks around the room. "We have $1200 from the lady there," Fred Willard says, pointing towards Misa. "$1200 for the kind of backstage access that few get to see in his sport. I once wrestled in high school, you know? Well, I call it wrestling anyway. My wife called it curling up in a fetal position as my lunch money was taken. But lets hear another bid, someone surely has $1500 in lunch money to bid on this package and help out children in the process?"

Rachel lifts her hand and waves at the stranger over her shoulder in response to his thanks. It's sort of her best effort at a your welcome.

Fred Willard said that, really.

Rachel walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Rachel has left.

Liam hmms and ponder staying around to heckle Barry and heads to follow Rachel The man, seming concerned or maybe bothered his dinner is being the hot potato tonight.

Amira will call out "1,500." grinning as she looks up towards the stage.

Liam walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Liam has left.

Melissa leans on her elbows over the table, looking up at something Misa'd whispered after her bid, and lets out a quiet giggle.

Tegan's eyes have been drifting around the room for a while now, quietly drinking in the atmosphere as the meaty wrestler guy is being auctioned off. They always seem to drift back to the large table in the rear though, the one containing Grace, Cig, Charity and now Caelina. Finally, she seems to make up her mind about something and, making her apologies to the strangers at her table, she rises and makes her way toward the back of the room, scooping a glass of bubbly off a server's tray on her way past, though by the way she wobbles slightly as she walks she's probably had too many of those already.

Tegan stands, leaving Large wooden table.

Lysander arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Misa opens her mouth to make another bid but notices a lot of people leaving. She shrugs after a moment and sticks her tongue out at Amira as well. "Yep I'm in the wrong job."

Zandra arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Cig stands up as Tegan wanders over and looks as though she's about to join the group.

Fred Willard is the celebrity auctioneer. He recognizes Amira's $1500 bid. "Alright, we have $1500 on professional wrestler Barry Blanchard and his VIP wrestling experience. $1500 going once..." he says, picking up the gavel.

Barry can't help to laugh openly at Fred Willard's definition of wrestling, a laugh that changes him from his bronze tan to a reddish chuckle. He pats Fred on the back, feigning empathy for the C-Lister.

Lysander looks at the chaos of the auction with disdain. For him it looks like slavery. He´s not exactly hip to the fact that its for charity. His scowl deepens and he heads for the VIP rooms, just shaking his head.

Laith is standing near the entrance still, watching the goings on without making much of a contribution, either in terms of vocalizing or bidding. At least thus far. He is tucking his fortuitously-obtained certificate for dinner into his jacket breast pocket.

Cristobal toys with the olive in a martini, before he pops it into his mouth and sucks the alcohol off his fingers. He leans back in his seat, half-watching the stage.

Misa shrugs to Melissa.

Fred Willard says, "$1500 for Barry Blanchard going twice." He holds the gavel up, looking for any last minute bids. Then Fred bangs the gavel down. "Sold... you've won yourself a one big mass of muscles, for $1500." The band strikes up a little tune. "Alright everyone, freshen your drinks and we'll be continuing in just a moment with some dance lessons that are being auctioned off. After that, we'll turn back to a few more celebrities."

Zandra enters the casino, looking around. She's running late! The white-haired girl steps out of the pathway of ongoing traffic and heads toward the sound of the bidding. Spotting someone, she grins a bit and with all the noise it is probably quite easy to sneak up on the man from behind, dress swishing quietly behind her. She flings her arms around Laith's waist and squeeeezes!

Melissa giggles up at Misa's indifference, shaking her head with the laugh. She peers out over the audience, and then at the stage, after lifting a hand to rest on Misa's forearm for a moment, with a gentle patpat.

After a moment, Cris finishes his drink, and swings his leg around to get up from the bar. He leaves a $100 on the bar by way of pay and tip, before he pulls his coat back on, and wanders out of the casino.

Lysander looks at the bizarre haircut on Hayden who is apparently watching him. He just frowns and continues into VIP. He whispers something inaudible to himself before disappearing.

Grace glances up as Cig stands, her gaze following where he looks, not registering Tegan right away. Then, a moment later she does, and glances away, a slight flush coloring her cheeks.

Cristobal walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Cristobal has left.

Cig smiles to Charity. "I'm happy to help you out with your garden," he confirms. He smiles to Caelina. "She's an incredible dancer," he states, glancing over at Grace. He looks back at Tegan again, continuing to stand while he waits for her rto approach.

Caelina speaks with Grace quietly, then look over her shoulder to follow the groups look at the approaching Tegan.

Charity chats at her table, then looks up at Tegan with a welcoming, and somewhat grateful, smile.

Barry smiles and pats Fred willard on the back, stopping the comedian and actor long enough so he can score a selfie with him. He offers the true celebrity his hand for a shake, and leans in to whisper to the man..."It was a honor to be up here with you Fred, I love your work. Thanks for everything." He then looks over towards the winning area and makes his way there. He signs a few autographs along the way.

Tegan sidles up to the table in question with a warm smile, and asks quietly, "Do you mind if I join the four of you? I've had about as much... banal... chatter as I can stomach."

The showgirls wearing their Arabian Nights slave outfits circulate through the crowd, talking to people and taking pictures with a few. Fred Willard smiles for the selfie with Barry, telling him, "I could have taken you in my younger days. Taken you somewhere in my car, at least."

Before long the music fades and Fred is back at the podium. "Local artist and performer Stone St. Martin is offering a pair of items for auction tonight. First is a dance lesson in a style of the winner's choosing. Ladies, let me tell you, there is no better way to draw a man's attention than to let him see you salsa dancing. A point which my wife has attested to. Many times, and might I add, quite loudly towards me, whenever we go out to a place that has such dancing.

The video screen behind Fred Willard comes alive with a picture of Cig, and then shows a clip of a woman dancing. "Alright, who would like to open the bidding on the personal dance lessons from one of Prospect's own talented performers?"

Lysander walks to the door marked VIP and heads out of the main floor.

Some of the event staff move to Amira to have her go through the process of paying, and then will take her over to introduce her to Barry.

Zandra grins brightly suddenly and whispers....

Amira won! Woot, she gets out her checkbook and stands up. She starts to head over to where the staff members are leading her after she hands off her check to them. She heads towards Barry with a big grin on her lips.

Laith gives a small start as he has arms wrapped around him. Startled, he looks back over his shoulder and then gives a quick laugh. "Well, hello there," he says, now moving to step alongside her and slip an arm around her. "All the time it took for you to get ready was worth it... you look gorgeous tonight." He nods toward the stage. "Dance lessons are coming up, I think with the next celebrity."

Ronni raises her hand. "Three hundred!" she says louldy, showing off a southern accent to her voice.

Zandra lifts her hand and calls out. "Five hundred!" She positively shouts the bid, eyes dancing and grinning at Laith as she slips her arm into his and bounces a little. She grins brightly and nods her head, smiling. "Thank you. It had better be." She says more quietly to him.

Melissa looks back up to Misa, and suddenly shoots a pitied look at the huge wrestler as he leaves the stage. "You think?" The barista intones, up to Misa, and her head tilts a little with the sad, almost disappointed look that's given poor Barry from across the room. Suddenly the blonde girl in the center of the room has her attention, and Ronni's excitement doesn't fail to bring a small smile back to Mel's face.

Cig smiles at the newcomer and pulls out a chair for her. "I don't mind," he tells her, then looks at the rest of his companions for confirmation. The drinks he ordered a few minutes ago finally arrive and he helps the waitress place them and holds her up in case anyone else wants to order something from him. He's taking a sip of beer just at the moment that he realizes his stuff has come up for auction.

Once Cig's picture goes up on the screen, Grace is watching for whoever is bidding for the dance lessons, her head swiveling from person to person.

Laith raises an eyebrow and looks down at Zandra. "*You*'re not the one who needs dance lessons," he tells her, and then he raises a hand and calls out, "A thousand!"

Sentinel sits against the wall, just watching quietly. Maybe shes not big on talking in crowds.

Fred Willard points out each bidder. "Three hundred dollars on the left. Five hundred dollars on the right," he says. "One thousand dollars right here in the middle," Fred Willard says. "Alright, who is next? This is a chance to learn to become as light on your feet as... well, let's just say lighter than Barry Blanchard and leave it at that."

Ronni flashes her grin, a rather predatory one at Zandra before looking back to the stage and then the woman she shares a table. Alessa getting a soft giggle. "Twelve hundred!"

Charity raises a hand, "Two thousand."

Zandra cracks up and shakes her head. "Fine, but you don't win and you sleep on the couch for the next week." She teases him playfully. She grins and wraps both arms around his as she listens to the bidding, going quiet as her eyes twinkle. She catches the look from Ronni and she struggles not to bid just for that predatory look! OHHH! Girl fight!

Tegan slides into the proffered chair with a smile, raising her glass a little. She glances over to the auction, and starts to say something, but is cut off by Charity's outburst.

Tegan sits at Large table in the rear.

Laith looks down to Zandra and quirks an eyebrow to her. He then is distracted momentarily by the look between Ronni and the white-haired woman at his side. But then he raises a hand, "Twenty-five hundred!"

Barry seems tickled he was bid on at all. He stops near the donation table and writes a rather large check himself to ensure the foundation clears atleast 3k off of his appearance. He'll wait at the donation table until Amira has paid, waving a fist at the stage once he is heckled. He'll taunt back to Fred in mocking jest. He smiles once Amira has gotten close and asks her, "See what a bargain I am." He motions towards a table and asks, "You want to grab a drink and chat?"

Cig takes a seat immediately after Tegan does.

Grace registers just a little surprise at the man's bid, and Charity's bid gets a smile.

Fred Willard's gavel points over to Charity. "Not content just to be purchased, Miss Charity Meadows bids two thousand," Fred says before Laith speaks up. "Who can put a price on dancing with grace and sophistication? The answer is, we can. And that price is currently twenty-five hundred."

What with the tense bidding, Melissa just looks like she's watching Tennis. Head swishing back, and forth. Repeat. Each time Ronni speaks up a glimmer of a smile shows on her face, then gets CRUSHED every time she's outbid.

"Two thousand six hundred!" Ronni adds, aiming that wicked grin at Charity and then back at Zandra

Amira steps up to Barry and says "He, I was prepared to pay a great deal more. Lucky me I guess." She winks at him but then she looks around and says "Yes, lets get a table and a drink. That would be really nice actually."

Fred Willard is getting into the whole tennis feel of it too. He points the gavel first to one side, and then to the other. When the bid hits $2600, he points the gavel back the other way as if to prompt the next bid into being made.

Charity bids, "Three Thousand."

Zandra sticks her tongue out at Ronni and then looks up at Laith, lifting one brow and wiggling a little as she waits for him to outbid the others. Come on come ooooon! She's getting all excited.

Laith lifts a hand, still giving a quirked brow to Zandra. Off handedly, he calls out, "Four thousand!"

Hayden starts up towards the stage as he's introduced. He waits f toor Fred

Fred Willard repeats, "Four thousand dollars is the bid. And every step that you take during your dance lesson will be to the tune of the happy laughter of a child whose wish you've helped make come true with your donation. Do I hear five thousand?"

Hayden starts up towards the stage as he's introduced. He waits f toor Fred

Sentinel frowns, something by her swishing invisibly. She doesnt seem to approve of the situation but is keeping an eye on it.

Grace raises her hand. "Forty-five hundred."

Phil was just about to do that, too, before Fred piped up. "Well, hell. Five thousand!" Beat /that/, Laith! You'll catch cold out there on the couch.

Ronni shakes her head when the bids go way over the blonde woman. A chuckle and a grin is given to the other women, a concession clearly given.

Barry moves to grab a drink with Amira and moves to sit at the Creme-brocade settee with her.

Barry sits at Creme-brocade settee.

Laith spreads his hands and gives a rueful smile for Grace and/or Fred Willard, should either look at him. Outbid. Alas.

Grace calls out, "Fifty five hundred." She nods to Laith.

Cig looks around, glancing at his tablemates, then over at the other group. Phil's bid earns him a glance as well. Another sip of beer. His eyes close for a moment, then open again as Charity says something to him. He chuckles. "Little do they know that I'm a terrible dancer," he jokes, quietly though, this is for charity, after all..

Fred Willard is really into the whole rhythm thing. Gavel to the left for a bid. Gavel to the right for a bid. He steps out from behind the podium, and swings the gavel backhand like it was a tennis racket. "Fifty-five hundred is the current bid," he says, looking back to Phil. Fred Willard raises the gavel up near his head as if hoping to return a lob this time.

Liam arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Liam has arrived.

Laith raises his brows toward Grace, at the look she gives him. He offers a quick smile and then leans in to whisper back to Zandra, at his side.

Zandra gives Laith a -LOOK- as he gives up. She pouts and crosses her arms as she listens to the whisper.

Fred Willard points back over to Grace and says, "The current bid is $5500 for dance lessons from Stone St. Martin (ooc: Cig)." He looks around the room and says, "$5500 going once...."

Grace looks tense, keeping her gaze on Fred, as he starts to close out the bidding, perhaps even holding her breath.

As the crowd seems a little more comfortable as time goes on in spreading out and partaking of the different stalls set up, Melissa gets a few more customers. She stands and tours them around the booth, answering questions with bright, almost sickening cheerfulness.

Fred Willard scans the room saying, "$5500 going twice..... and.... sold, to the lovely lady who doesn't quite look to me like she needs dance lessons." Fred Willard peers out at Grace, perhaps causing a few other people to look her way as well. The band starts up the music between auctions again, but only for a moment before it quiets down again.

Fred Willard says, "Hayden Scott is a singer from New Orleans. He's sung at many local bars and clubs in his home town before relocating to Prospect and becoming the singer for the Oasis Casino."

Fred Willard pauses to quip, "You know, I once visited New Orleans for a week. Or so the tabloid pictures showed anyway. If you happened into run into me there, all I can say is... I'm sorry about your shoes. I hope the cleaning wasn't too expensive."

Fred turns to the stage beside him. "Please welcome our next Celebrity Slave, Hayden Scott." The audience breaks out into a bit of applause as they have for each celebrity as Hayden comes on stage.

Hayden starts up towards the stage as he's introduced. He waits for Fred to finish the introduction and then adds "The winner can join me on stage for a song specially dedicated to him or her. I have songs appropriate for all." His soft gentle accent matches his suit and not his hair. That hair of his is a bright beacon after all.

Zandra listens to the whisper and she laughs softly, one brow raising as she sighs and shakes her head a little. She leans up and kisses Laith's cheek softly. Her hand patpats lightly at the opposite cheek and she turns to get them both drinks. She comes back offering drinks. Peace offering, see?

Oh yes, Grace was definitely holding her breath. She lets it out in a huge whoosh, turn to Cig, and gives him a /huge/ kiss.

Caelina claps happily, grinning at Grace as the bidding ends. Then she appears to start digging into pockets and the top of her dress, pulling out little rolls of money to put them on the table.

Cig raises his glass of beer in a gesture of thanks to everyone who's not currently at this table who bid on his dancing lesson, then glances at this tablemates with a grin.

Laith gets a phone call while Zandra is off getting drinks. He looks over at her, and smiles apologetically. "Sorry, I have some materials that are coming in... I'm going to have to run back to the shop. You can stay or come, as you like." He leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek, and one way or the other will head out directly, giving a nod and a 'good evening,' to Wyatt.

With a glance toward where the gavel's pointed, Melissa smiles over at the woman who looked ecstatic at the win. Clapping both for her and the next contestant, she resumes speaking with the prospective clients about a certain piece. "Yes, half of this is going toward the same fund ma'am," She repeats with a happy demeanor, keeping her eyes mostly on her customers. But, the auction was so much more fun to watch...

Laith has left.

The band begins playing background music, the song that Hayden sang to kick off the charity event. One of the staffers goes over to take care of Grace and the winning bid, while Fred Willard starts the auction for Hayden. "There you have it ladies. In addition to having Hayden as your Celebrity slave for the day, you have a chance to have a professional singer serenade you like you've never known before, right here on the stage of the Oasis Casino during one of Hayden's shows." He looks around the room and says, "Who would like to start the bidding off?"

Cig also gets kissed.

"One thousand dollars!" Cig calls out after spending a lip-locked moment with Grace.

Hayden bows in reponse to Cig's bid.

Jesse arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

"Three hundred dollars," Melissa calls out impulsively from the far booth, the high-pitched voice overflowing with excitement as the girl bounces a little with the hand-wave over her head. "Sorry miss," She sheepishly apologises to the woman at her side, and continues speaking at her resumed, low tone.

Jesse has left.

Zandra has left.

Doh. Outbid again. Melissa's not as sad this time...

Kidd arrives through one of the many glass doors leading inside from Hwy 42.

Fred Willard points to Cig first, "Mr. St. Martin and Hayden together would have the singing /and/ dancing covered," he says, looking about the room and encouraging more bids. "Every dollar spent goes to the Make a Wish foundation. Lets open up those wallets and checkbooks. A serenade from Mr. Cross would make an excellent Valentine's Day present."

"Fifteen hundred!" Melissa gets caught up in the moment, and nearly screams the bid out past Misa and the customers. With a reign back in and a brush of her hair out of her face, she just looks, embarrassed for a moment. "Um. Yes, we can wrap that up for you."

Grace seems to be collecting money and checks from some of the others at the table, and her own checkbook is out. As the staff person comes along to collect, she smiles and totes all the items up, and passes the stack over. Must be going for a group class.

Misa giggles and cheers for Melissa, moving to help the customer. "Yeah you tell 'em!"

Hayden does a little dance on the stage in the style of performers like Micheal Buble.

Hearing the current /object/ up for auction as he enters brings a mischievous smile to Kidd's soft tiered lips, The Irishman's eyes dancing with amusement as he raises his hand, "2,500" The bid rolling past his lips with that distinct Irish brogue. After he gives his bid Kidd starts heading for one of the tables laden with drinks in search of a beverage to keep his empty hand company.

Cig watches the bidding from his vantage, giving the occasional look at the money collecting that seems to be going on at this table. He takes another sip from his beer and says something to the people at his table.

Fred Willard recognizes each new bid, culminating with pointing towards Kidd. "The $2500 bid on Mr. Hayden Cross, including an on stage serenade from him, for yourself, or one of your choosing. Do I hear $3000?" he asks, looking about the room.

"Twent--..." Melissa stops, and lowers her hand. The poor little barista peers over at the door, centering a narrowed gaze on Kidd. Oh yeah, there was no way she was competing with -him-. Her eyes go back to Fred, shaking her head if he looks her way, and she pouts at Misa a little, before delicately pulling the customer's requested painting off of the curtain hook and walking it to the table.

Cig extends his right hand out to Tegan.

Alessa leans in toward Ronni and plants a kiss on the other woman's lips. It's held for several moments before she pulls away. Rising from her, she leaves a small piece of paper on the table, offers a smiling wave to Ronni, and turns toward the door.

The auctioneer sees Melissa drop out and Fred Willard says, "Alright, we have a high bid of $2500. That's $2500 going once, for a chance to feel like a princess, or prince, in front of admiring eyes...."

MelissaNPC gets back some resolve. (Mostly due to the botched Willpower roll.) "Twenty-eight hundred!"

Alessa stands%, leaving Small table in front of the stage.

Kidd's attention turns towards his fellow bidder hearing Melissa pull her bid back, The young man's head dipping briefly to the woman in greeting as he offers up a warm smile before returning his attention to the stage and Mr. Willards Auctioneering mastery. "Oi, The serenade, It can be given to someone later date right? Or it gotta be tonight?" His fine brow raising as he looks to the auctioneer. After a moment though his shoulders give way to a shrug as if the man were deciding either way he would stick it out. His eyes finally moving over the room taking in the others in attendance.

Ronni returns that kiss with a soft little moan, blue eyes closing gently. Once Alessa breaks the embrace she nods her head, licking her lips befofe nibbling the lower. The piece of paper claimed in her fingers and looks over with a goofy and happy grin.

Misa pats Melissa on the back and grins. She's about to say something before the woman who Melissa was rooting for earlier totally gets a smooch. She snickers and looks to see if Melissa noticed it too with a smirk.

Hayden runs his fingers through his hair in an awe shucks sort of way.

Fred Willard responds, "It can be at a later date. We may not have time tonight to fit it in with the rest of the auction still go to." He motions back to Melissa. "And the young lady would like to be sung to. $2800, going once..." he says, looking back to Kidd to see if he's going to up the bidding.

Melissa puffs out her chest in triumph. Unfortunately her gaze swivels back to Kidd too fast, to see his response, to catch Ronni double-timing her.

Alessa walks to the exit and heads out of the Oasis Casino.

Alessa has left.

"3800 in that case lad, I know just the person who would.. /love/ a serenade.." A grin takes shape across Kidd's soft tiered lips as the words are called out, His attention returning to Melissa briefly before he settles in beside the drink table looking over the various beverage offerings.

Cig shakes Tegan's hand.

Ronni lets Alessa go, grinning as she watches the woman walk out. Slipping the paper into a pocket of her levi's she rises to her feet, clicking six inch spike heels against the floor. Instead of the door however she starts aiming for the stalls. Stopping first at the patisserie and buying herself a cinnamon bun before moving to the art stall and Misa and Melissa, turning a bright little smile on both of them.

Fred Willard looks back to Melissa. "$3800, my dear. Let me tell you, if you have never had the thrill of being on stage before, it's well worth it. And if you get stage fright just go up there in only your underwear." Fred Willard pauses. "Or is it, you picture everyone else in your underwear?" Perplexed, he finally just holds up his hands. "Who cares, as long as someone gets naked, right?" He glances around. "Where were we? Oh, yes, thirty-eight hundred is the bid, going once...."

A disgusted, if mostly silent, sigh escaped the barista. Her hands come up and push the air in front of her, to signify she's out and down for the count. Fred gets her attention just before it was switched back to the customer once again, but his words just intensify the 'about-to-cry' look on her face. She stiffens up her chin though, and waves off the bet formally with a lifted hand.

Fred Willard sees that Melissa is out. He looks around for any final bids. "And that is $3800 going twice...." He pauses to look about, and then, "Sold, to the gentleman for $3800. Congratulations." Fred smiles over to Hayden as the band again takes up the song that he sang before. Staffers go over to Kidd, and one will walk Hayden over so they can meet.

"Our next auction will be underway in just a moment. So grab a fresh drink and wet your throat so you're ready for a lot of hot and heavy bidding," Fred Willard suggests.

Misa pats Melissa on the shoulder. She nods over to Ronni, responding herself with a Southern accent as well. "Yeah, who'da thought we'd need to run one of these things first to afford to bid at this one."

Hayden heads down to meet Kidd...

"Yeah," Melissa just kind of shrugs the talk of the two women away, as reality is trickling back in for her--Where exactly did she think $2800 was coming from, anyway? As soon as she's done with the customer, and the woman departs the booth, she looks at Misa with an unspoken, fresh chip on her shoulder in the form of a mostly theatrical pout--She grins a little afterward. And turns the grin over to Ronni. "You had about as much lick as me, huh? Sorry about that."

Fred Willard retakes the podium as the music ends. "And now, we have one of the most beautiful red heads of Prospect available for your viewing pleasure. She once sketched art on the streets, now she owns one of the most popular cafes in the city. If you want to see paintings and other delightful visions, you'll find her at Images and Dreams. She can't be with us tonight, but is offering herself to be bid on for charity, and has sent a message in video form. Here is the one, the only, Cherazart Cono!"

The video screen comes alive, showing Cherazart in a beautiful outfit. (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/548313323353588666/) On the screen, she says, "Greetings. Some of you may recognize me from Images and Dreams and it's a pleasure to meet you, even if I am unfortunate enough to not be able to do it face to face. I am honored to be auctioned off in support of the children for the Make a Wish Foundation. To the fortunate winner, I will be your companion and I will be happy to assist you with any other duties you may have. Also, I will give the winner free coffee and cheesecake for a year at my glorious cafe. Good luck!"

Fred Willard waits for the video to end with a still of the beautiful artist and cafe owner. "Cherazart Cono, the bidding is now open," he announces.

When Hayden comes down to meet Kidd the Irishman offers up a smile as he extends his right hand out to the man. "'Ello there, Name be Kidd."

Kidd sits at Large table by the stage.

Ronni nods her head, the girl holding the cinnamon but in one hand with the other held underneath it with a napkin to catch a few crumbs that might fall. Taking a big bite she quickly chews and swallows so she doesn't have her mouthfull. A warm and understanding smile given to Melissa along with a nod of agreement. "Well I wouldn't have minded working off the money. But on my own, yeah six hundred's about the best I can do!" she says and giggles.

Ronni stands%, leaving Small table in front of the stage.

Ooh! Melissa brightens up wholly as her boss' name is announced. With a quick, show-case gesture and a half turn, she flares her arms to the side in that 'wheel-of-fortune' manner to present not only the Images and Dreams logo on the back curtain, but the art she'd put out for display on the sidewalls.

Hayden sits at Large table by the stage.

Liam chats with the people running the smoe and Barley table, as he watches tthe goings on. Perhaps the man is spent out.

"One thousand dollars!" Cig yells out again, glancing at Grace after he yells out his bid.

Tegan eyes the redhead on the screen, apparently mentally calculating again. Then she glances over at Cig as he belts out his bid, before looking to Grace instead.

Kidd can be seen at one table talking with Hayden, The man's thumb jerking towards Melissa and her friends as he glances over towards the trio of women before returning his attention to Hayden continuing the soft spoken conversation near one of the drink tables.

Fred Willard recognizes Cig's bid. "$1000 dollars for Cherazart. I had the opportunity to stop by her cafe. Peanut butter cheesecake. I don't know if the recipe is included for the winning bidder, but it sure couldn't hurt to ask. Do I hear $2000?"

Ronni giggles and grins approvingly as Melissa does the stage model thing. Flashing that grin to Misa as well. The cinnamon bun half eaten and set aside in easy reach. "I think maybe the cheesecake is the staff there!" she says and giggles while she lets blue eyes roam over Melissa. "The real stuff's a bonus!" she says, the girl dancing on the spot, putting an alternating roll in her shoulders.

Kidd chuckles at something said by Haden, the man's head shaking quickly before he says a few more words to the man before falling silent as a glass is taken off the table and brought to his lips for a sip. His attention drifting over the room only to return to focus on Ronni, Misa and Melissa.

Melissa gawks as Fred admits to having stopped by the cafe. Seriously?! The ONE Day she doesn't work, and they get Fred Willard in the cafe?? She manages to cut the expression relatively short, but she poses there for a few more moments for the audience, looking over to Ronni and Misa as they talk.

Fred Willard motions to the beautiful redhead on the screen. "Alright, we have a world class painter and cook, and the bid of $1000 is going once...." he says, looking around the room for any new bidders.

Hayden gets up and nods as he walks over to Melissa and her freinds.

Misa grins to Ronni and cheers for Melissa as she does her pose. "Wow someone's getting a deal!"

Cig glances at his tablemates, then back at Fred when it looks like his bid is going to win.

The auctioneer looks around. "Alright that is $1000 going twice..." He pauses again, looking for another bidder before finally banging his gavel on the podium. "Sir, you have won yourself a day with your celebrity slave, and free coffee and cheesecake for a year." Fred Willard motions over to one of the staffers saying, "Give Mr. St. Martin my card and tell him I'm available for coffee and cheesecake whenever he wishes."

OOC: The rest of the bidding was handled OOCly due to the late hour. Final auction results:

====================== BB Post in Progress =======================

Title: Auction results

Phil won Clara's photoshoot.

Kidd won Madeline.

Liam won Keris's self defense.

Misa won Elom and his Brazil trip.

Tegan won Typhanie.

Hayden won Cig's painting of a portrait

Cig won Ferdinand.

Cig won Cherazart and a year of coffee and cheesecake.

Aleksei won Claudia and her spa day.

Amira won Barry and his VIP wrestling evening.

Grace won Cig's dance lessons.

Liam won Silvana

Ember won Arec's gym membership and passed Liam's Valentine's Day meal to Laith.

Keir got Charity.