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Patio Opening
The Grand Opening of Prospect Roasters new Patio
IC Date May 1st, 2014
IC Time Late afternoon to late evening (after dark)
Players Eloise, Axton, Gwydion, Foster, Caerwyn, Devlin, Wyatt, Shay, Rianna, Meave, Carver, Quinn, Trekome, Clara, Jeoffrey, Velok, Corbin, Phil, Zack, Elise, George, Sara, Connor, Arec, Apple
Location the Patio at Prospect Roasters
Spheres Various

Prospect Roasters - Patio

The patio is spacious, sprawled out, leaving plenty of room between the tables so that well behaved doggies and their owners can enjoy a nice cup of coffee. There is a wooden fence around the place with an open gate and three steps that lead up. There is a wheelchair ramp off to one side that allows easy access for all. The chairs and tables spill over onto the sidewalk. Each table has its own little umbrella stuck through it. The umbrellas rotate and can be lifted or lowered for a custom sun preference. Off to one side there is a small stage, not more than 10 x 5 where a couple of people could set up to play music. There are outlets where someone could run a mic and an amp if they choose. There are even a couple of waiters that move back and forth to serve and bus tables.

While there are still waiters running around and taking orders and delivering coffee and sandwiches, there is a large sign set up against the building itself that shows the full menu from indoors and then a large sign below it that reads:

If business is brisk and service a little slow you have the option of submitting your order from your smart phone. Just text your order to Nina inside and one of our waiters will bring you your tasty treats!

The menu is written in English with smaller Spanish subtitled and overwritten in Braille, and there is a large phone just to the side of the menu that rings straight through to the kitchen when it's picked up, for use by those who don't have phones or are visually impaired."




Obvious Exits:

Inside <IN> Out <O>

Music is already playing from a trio up on the stage. People are filtering in from the street for primo seating. There is a buffet table set up of cookies and little sandwiches set on ice to keep things nice and cool. Waiters stand ready to take orders and there are three more people inside to take on the text orders that come through - cause you know people are going to be texting in orders just because they can. Everything is immaculate, ready to go. Eloise has her baby in a little crocheted sling, standing next to Axton and their big white wolf is no doubt right there too. Eloise opens up the patio door and steps aside, a big grin on her face

Eloise orders a stuff from Prospect Roasters - Patio.

Eloise gets their confirmation text for the order.

Jacob hands Eloise a stuff and heads off to the next table.

Gwydion brought his sound equipment and instruments to set up on the stage area so people can perform who might not otherwise have their own amps and things. For his own self he's got a seat near the buffet with a decent view of the stage, he's sitting there smiling and sipping a coffee as he listens to the music.

Foster meanders in, glancing about with curiosity at the new patio. The preacher smiles and casts Gwydion a wave, then nods to the others gathered (at least the familiar faces) as he strolls in. Securing an empty table, he makes himself comfortable and contemplates trying this new-fangled text-to-order thing.

Axton's hand is resting upon the large creature's head. Ruffling it softly, surely it must be some kind of white husky because it doesn't move from that spot where it rests. Fingers idling scratching behind his ears while the man's other arm is around his lovely wife. Happy little family. Listening to the music, his foot taps along easily before looking toward the woman beside him with a warm grin upon his features, "This was really a wonderful idea." He tells her warmly his voice slipping easily from his lips as it fills the air around them despite all the sounds that abound upon the patio.

Gwydion waves back to Foster when he arrives as he sips his coffee and he nods in agreement with Axton "Your wife's a genius." Tilting his head to listen to the college kid who's performing currently Gwydion offers them a thumbs up.

Eloise grins up at Axton, patting the baby on the bottom to the beat of the music. "And it's a place where Shade can come and hang out too." She looks down at the big.. um.. Husky. Yes, that's what he is, reaching out to dig fingers deeply into his soft fur. "Come on. Let's go have a seat. She's killing me." She nods down toward the infant, giving a couple of people who enter a 'Thanks for coming' and a BIG smile. She's clearly very proud of herself and the work done here. "And everything's free, but any donations go to local charities," she says, sliding into a seat, reaching up to adjust the umbrella so the baby isn't in the sun. She grins over at Gwydion and nods. "I do try. But it was Axton's idea."

Caerwyn would pad in quietly, he had heard the music and saw the people trickling in so he went with the flow, a small smile crosses his features as he finds his way inside and looks around

Eloise dropped Sign.


All food and drinks and entertainment are free tonight. Donations greatly appreciated and 100% of proceeds will go to local charities. Thank you SO much for joining us

Axton nods his head at the words from Gwydion, "I learned that lesson long ago." He says with a chuckle before looking back toward Ellie with that growing smile upon his lips. He moves to follow with her as does the uh, er, enormous white husky. Slipping into that seat he looks back over to Ellie and asks her, "Want me to get you anything to eat or drink?" She's on baby duty so he is the pack mule for the afternoon. He knows that much already as the smile curls across his lips as he thinks it over a while longer. Though he's then looking over all the various people taht have shown up for the event with a bit of wonder at the size of the growing crowd.

Devlin comes out to the patio with a coffee in hand, he looks about for a moment, curious about what and whom are here. He makes he way over to Eloise, "Hi Eloise."

Eloise shakes her head, smiling at Axton. "I'm fine. I've been snacking all day." SHe glances down at the little one in the light sling. It's a crocheted sling, so baby doesn't melt in the heat. Ellie's decked out in a tank top instead of the usual garden patio umbrella she wears <cause she's tiny now, almost>. She's still rocking a little bit in her chair along with the music and she smiles over at Devlin as he comes out. "Devlin! Hi! Thank you for coming!"

Wyatt strolls in, an air about him. As if he doesnt have a care in the world, the music draws him toward the tables with food set up on it. He glances around to those that are present, apparently making his way towards Eloise. "Evening." He interjects when its polite to do so.

Shay whistles a little tune as he heads out to the patio, a coffee in hand, wearing his usual get-up. He looks about and notices just how popular Eloise is right now. He smirks and tips his hat to her, before heading to sit elsewhere unless invited.

Gwydion nods and grins at Axton as he responds to Eloise "He can be a genius too." Gwydion's attention is diverted from the stage by all the new arrivals. He's found himself a small table near all the free food with a good view of the stage. Shay gets a wave as Gwydion beckons him over to his table.

Caerwyn quietly wandered over, snipping up some tidbits to munch on, seeming content to listen to the music and wander around

Axton looks back toward the others a tilt of the head as his gaze lingers first upon Devlin then upon Wyatt though he remains quiet as his hand continues to stroke the head of the large canine. After a moment his voice rises up to those gathering around, "Good Afternoon." The slight roll to his voice as it speaks of brith somewhere back East but it's hard to nail down extact. He greats to both Devlin and Wyatt in turn his eyes lingering upon the figures of them before he offers to Gwydion, "She's just trying to butter my up." Shooting a suspicious glance toward Eloise before a smile cuts his features.

Foster purses his lips and then finally bites the bullet, texting his order to Nina. Because as ridiculously trendy and downright yuppie as that is? It's kind of cool, too. Though as likely as not, there'll be a sermon in the next couple weeks about technology separating people, blah blah blah. Still, it's mighty convenient. That down, he nods with satisfaction and settles back comfortably in his seat while listening to the music being played on stage.

Eloise grins over at Shay, giving him a little salute before she goes back to patting baby butt curled up against her arm. She smiles at Wyatt. "Afternoon! Thanks for coming." The music is nice and light this early. Just some folksy music. The girl sings pretty well. The boy isn't too bad on the guitar and the guy on the drum is having WAY too much fun and probably smoked way too much weed before they got up on the stage. Eloise grins at Axton, nodding to his words. "I am trying to butter you up," she says with a chuckle.

Foster orders a mocha javaccino from Jacob.

Shay smiles to Eloise, then heads over to Gwydion's table as he's beckoned, plaving his coffee down and pulling up a seat.

Jacob smiles and runs to get the order.

Jacob hands Foster a mocha javaccino and heads off to the next table.

"Glad to come out to support the charities, Eliose. Hoping Meave will come out this way." Devlin then heads over to find himself a chair at a table to settle in.

The people on stage are starting to wind down their set. They're good enough to have a few people drop dollar bills in the open guitar case and there's a good amount of applause. Everyone's happy at an event like this. Free food, free coffee. Entertainment. What more could you ask for.

Gwydion bops his head to the music and tries not to laugh his ass off at the slightly baked look on the enthusiastically talented drummer as he salutes the performers with his coffee before turning to say something to shay as he sits down.

Rianna comes slipping her way into Roaster's, carrying her guitar case in hand. She glances around at all the people. Getting all owly-eyed like she do. Spying Eloise, she makes her way in that direction. "Um. Hi," she says timidly.

Wyatt smiles, "I am glad to come out and show my support, and enjoy the opening. This looks like might be of some fun." A pause, "Weed." His right lip twitches, before continuing to scan the room.

Meave is often in a mood for free entertainment, even if she's not the cause of it herself. Hearing music as she moves in makes her smile even wider. Happy smiles are contagious after all then she sees Devlin and can't help but keep smiling. Approaching him she grins, "Well, ye come 'ere often o' 'as yer girlfriend jus' abandoned ye fer tonight?" she grins as she winks at him.

Eloise smiles happily up at Rianna, motioning her down to a seat. "Hi there! So glad you could come!" She motions toward the man next to her. "This is my husband Axton and this.." She peeks down at the baby who is sound asleep, curled up in a little ball in the sling around Ellie's torso. "This is Lilly and that's Shade." She motions toward the.. um.. husky. Right. Husky.

Hearing Meave's voice, Devlin stands up, "Meave.. thought you wouldn't make it." He offers a hug as she draws nearer to him. "Glad you found the place."

Axton looks back to Devlin and just seems to stare at the man as he moves off without a word to him and lets out a quiet sound. Then looking to Wyatt as well when his words fall upon deaf ears again. Fingers slowly druming upon the top of the table there is a low rumble that comes from the 'husky' as the man's tension. His hand just stroking the top of his head for a few more moments he leans back into his seat. He takes a slow calming breath before murmuring quietly to himself and the canine turns it's large head to look over Rianna as does Ax. "It is nice to meet you Miss..." his eyes turning to Eloise to see if she'll fill in the blank.

Rianna nods her head. "Um. Yeah. This is pretty sweet," she says, looking around at the cafe. "Um. So, like... we should talk. Later, I mean. In private. If you can. I have some things. You know. Um. Yeah." Her cheeks turn a shade of rose. "So, like... is there a signup sheet for performers or something?" she asks.

Meave chuckles a bit and says, "Aye, I need to 'ave a serious talk wit' your girlfriend fer leaving ye alone like this, a nice guy like ye, alone?" she gasps a bit to make her joking sound all the more serious, "Wot a horrible thing!" she then wraps her arms around him and moves to kiss him on the lips, "Cannae leave any fine lookin' man like ye alone, no tellin' who will try to pick ye up"

"Rianna. Axton, this is Rianna. She came in here the other night. She's also a musician. I told her that since she was the first one outside of staff and you that knew about the patio, that she could have first choice on performance when we're booked clear through next year for talent." She grins over at the girl and nods. "We'll talk. ABsolutely.. and we do have a sign up sheet. Step inside and ask Nina. She's in charge of that."

Eloise also murmurs something at her table

Gwydion nods and grins at Shay, saying something quietly to him before his ears perk up at Eloise mentioning a performer's magic words 'talent' and 'booking' so he looks over to see who she's talking about.

Devlin chuckles, "No can tell," He helps Meave with a chair to join him. "So how are things, Hon?"

Meave slides in next to Devlin after properly greeting him, "I'm doing well an' all. No huge emergencies, family is all ok an' no one is fightin' so, a reason to celebrate eh?" she again winks at him as if he might know how rambuncious her family can be.

Rianna bobs a quick bob. "Oh. Right on." She looks at Axton. "Um. Hi." She hooks a thumb over her shoulder. "I'll... just go get signed up, then. Berb." Did she just use MMO-speak in conversation? She makes her way in to talk to Nina, getting herself signed up for performance. Her cheeks still bright pink. The new venue seems to be giving the girl some nerves.

Axton doesn't speak himself. Sitting at the table his fingers just slowly stroke against the head of the large canine. The slight curl of them to give a scritch down the back of his neck. He simply inclines his head toward the young woman while he rests there getting a feel for the crowd that fills the place up. He leans toward Eloise and murmurs something in turn before falling silent once more.

Foster had to pee. Yes. And now he's back! The preacher sits back down and collects the mocha he ordered via text, then sips it contentedly. Watching people file in, he continues to listen to the music on stage (there's still music on stage, right?) and glances about at those gathered. Most are still unfamiliar faces, but that's not particularly strange. Especially on an opening night event.

Eloise murmurs something else to Axton and then nods to Rianna, a big grin on her face. "I don't think we're expecting anyone else for a couple of hours, so you're probably good to go whenever." She glances down to check on the baby, reaching to brush her fingers over the little one's face. She calls out just loud enough to be heard by Gwydion. "This is Lilly's first big public outing too. I'd say she's enjoying it." Because she's sound asleep, curled up, her fists up under her chin, face all smooshed cutely against Ellie's chest, her lip stuck out into a pout.

Meave giggles a bit at Devlin's table and slides over to him. She appears to be muttering to him about something, but doesn't elaborate about what has her giddy to everyone.

Shay raises an eyebrow at Gwydion's words, still smirking. He then looks to Meave and tips his hat to her, then returns the focus to Gwydion.

Gwydion grins as he watches Rianna head over to sign up as the last group winds up their set. Nodding absently to himself he adds quietly to Shay with a small gesture over in Eloise's direction.

Rianna squeaks. "Oh! Um. Now? Um. Okay. Right on. Yeah." She looks towards the stage as the last set is winding down. She swallows, squaring her shoulders. "Okay. I can do this. No problem. I'm good. Yeah." She holds her guitar case in both hands, waiting for the other musicians to vacate the stage. Trying her very best not to get all panicky.

Devlin smiles as he talks with Meave, his eye turns attention towards Rianna and her guitar case.

Ooh! New performer! Foster turns his attention to Rianna and WATCHES HER! That's right! People are watching! ANY AND EVERY MISTAKE MADE WILL BE WITNESSED! It's almost assured that everyone here is a Julliard graduate, just itching to tear Rianna apart! BWAHAHAHA! Ok, maybe that's not true. Except for the part about Foster watching, because that totally happens.

Wyatt orders a chocolate milk, and glances about on the stage. But doesnt scrutinize this Rianna like Foster. Simply he waits calmly, a look of hope resting in his eyes.

Carver's limping up the ramp, the click of his crutches heard faintly amid the din of patio opening night, careful not to run into any dogs, or whatever else. Gwydion, Foster and 'baby lady' get grunts from him, as he knows them, if only a little.

Axton looks back over Rianna for a moment and he nods his head again before looking back over to Eloise beside him, a warm smile as he peeks in to the baby resting there. He doesn't dare disturb her highness Princess Lilly for the screaming will make him think twice. So he just watches her sleep a couple moments before his gaze turns back over toward Rianna as she dashes about. "You will do well." His voice rolling out again seems to be filled with confidence for her as he offers a soft smile while he rests there.

Eloise smiles up at Rianna, snagging Jacob as he walks by. She murmurs an order to him and he nods, heading off to grab a couple of empty cups sitting on a table. "You'll do fine," she assures the girl with a grin, scooting over so that Axton can more easily peek down at sleeping beauty.

Quinn arrives with Trekome at her side. well not together together.... right. she has come in an attempt to not be socialy awkward and over all weird. this may only actually hinder her efforts in being -cool-. Still even if tonight ends horribly there is still coffee right?

And its Free! (so the sign says)

Clara steps onto the patio and smiles curiously looking over the new design "Wow" she murmers then heads for some people she knows

Devlin nods to Meave as he drinks coffee, chatting contentedly with her.

Shay shakes his head, then smirks and leans in to ask something.

Meave grins a little as she chats with Devlin. She's normally almost always smiling, but as she chats at her table, she seems to keep her grin on without any issues.

Jeoffrey steps in just after Clara and looks around the place. he looks happy. But who wouldn't be with the prospect of free coffee looming before them? He scans around the place, looking for an empty table.

Trekome does indeed arrive with Quinn, looking around quite curiously. He heard there was free coffee, and he just couldn't pass up the chance for it. "So... where's the brew?" he asks Quinn, and gives a wave to the faces he recognizes.

Rianna draws a deep breath and steps up onto the stage. She turns to face the crowd. Seeing just how -many- people are out there. For a moment, she seems to struggle with a fight-or-flight response. She wrestles with it only a moment as she sits herself down, guitar case across her lap. She takes the instrument out of its case and starts tuning, her thumb flicking over the strings and turning the tuning knobs to get them just right. "Um. Hi," she says to the crowd. "I'm. Um. Rianna Silver? And. Um. I'm new in town. I'm from Olympia, in Washington. And. Um." Once she's satisfied that the guitar is tuned, she takes a capo from the case, fitting it over the first fret. "I'm sure you all have heard this one before. But. I worked out the tabs myself to play it acoustically. So. Um. I hope I don't suck."

Clara smiles over at Devlin and Meave and waves to several others. pausing beside Carver she playfully nudges his shoulder with hers and gives a grunt of greeting.. it must be a thing with them

Gwydion nods and grins at Shay and keeps talking as he leeeeeans over and snatches some cookies off the buffet (why do you think he sat so close). Waves and greetings are returned and he gets quiet as Rianna introduces herself.

Carver grunts back at her, deadpan. Then his dark, dull eyes look at the new musician as she introduces herself. He hasn't ordered anything yet. Just goes to sit down.

Oh, don't forget the NPCs. Not JUST the PCs are watching Rianna. EVERYONE is watching Rianna. EVERY. ONE. Eloise happens to be one of them, sitting there and rocking the baby gently in her arms, keeping her where her daddy Axton can see what's going on. Her smile for Rianna is wide, confident. She's absolutely certain that Rianna will do a spectacular job. She grins at Rianna's words and sits up a little straighter in her chair.

Jeoffrey spots an empty table and makes his way over. He plops down in one ofthe seatsand then divides his attention between the menu and the stage. Just to be supportive, he gives Rianna a big smile and a thumbs up! Whether she notices him or not, he doesn't seem to mind.

Wyatt smiles as the Chocolate milk is brought to him. As he watches it make its way over, he spots Velok, and gives the guy a wave. A smile spreads his face. "Sup man." Who was that to?

Clara smiles at Carver "how ya been my friend?" she asks

Velok wanders into the...crowded...patio. He did not necessarily expect this many people, but considering there's apparently going to be a concert going on, he brings his two cups towards the mingling of tables. Wyatt gets a smile and a wave in return, Eloise and Axton get a polite wave in greeting, Foster gets an awkward glance, and then the man sits down at Shay and Gwydion's table, inviting himself. "Sup." He offers, turning his attention towards Rianna.

Devlin smiles to Clara, "Hey Clara." His arm slides about Meave as she moves closer to him.

Foster lifts a brow at Rianna's assertion. Huh. Hope she doesn't suck. High hopes from this one, eh? The preacher smiles sympathetically and glances over to return Velok's glance with a faint nod before returning his attention to the performer. Hope she doesn't suck indeed! He sips his coffee-ish beverage and leans back in his seat, listening with interest and anticipation. Because she's going to be awesome, right?

Axton leans back over toward Eloise, his shoulder resting against her own as a smile pulls across his lips as he watches the baby then looking up to his wife he leans in to kiss her cheek, "You do know how to draw in a crowd." He tells her warmly before snuggling in against her side. His hand still remains upon the head of the large canine beside him, stroking the fur there seems to keep the creature relaxed for even admist all thist bustle it doesn't even twitch. He just waits himself thouhg for the music to start up a smile offered toward the woman on stage. Velok gets a wave in return before his hand settles back upon the 'husky' beside him.

Quinn takes her time to look around and nod to the few she knows. Eloise and the baby gets a fingers wiggled at them in a special greeting. "I think we should find a seat and get out of the way. I think some one will be by to deliever the coffee... now stop shaking like an adict and pull yourself together man"

Jeoffrey orders a Iced Coffee from Jacob.

Jacob smiles and runs to get the order.

Quinn sits down at Table 8.

Trekome grunts at Quinn's assertion to stop shaking like an idiot. "Easy for you to say... I haven't had a decent cup of coffee for over 24 hours now and I need my damn fix." he says with a smirk, following her over to the table and taking a seat that faces the main entrance.

Meave waves in Clara's direction as she spots a familiar face, "Hello o'er there lass" she shouts, "Feel free to join us ifn ye want"

Jacob hands Jeoffrey a Iced Coffee and heads off to the next table.

Where was everyone? Elise comes out of the coffeeshop proper with a very subtle frown on her smooth, controlled features. This is new. It was fine before. She scans the new area with blank blue eyes, studying each patron methodically. The singer also merits a long stare. The blonde woman takes a step forward, stops, and searches the tables set up outside.

Eloise grins up at Axton and nods, leaning over against him. "Free food, good music," she murmurs happily, carefully extracting the sling from around her shoulders and passing the little one, still in her sling, over to Axton to hold. "We're both all sweaty and gross. Your turn." That will turn her around so the other side can get all sweaty and nasty. Eloise leans back in her chair, plucking at her tank top a couple of times to fan the air.

Clara snags a cup of coffee and a sweeet then smiles "hey Devlin, Meave, how you both doin"

"Different," Carver says, as opposed to his usual answer. "Found some shit at that Mystic shop, or one of those.

Oh! Right! Foster! Velok does a triple take when he realizes that it's actually Foster he's totally looking at. "Excuse me. I made a promise, and I need to keep it." He exclaims to the two people whose table he invited himself to. Velok rises, turning and weaving carefully throughout the people over towards Foster's table. He comes to a stand near the man, setting one of his cups down and plunging it into the pocket of his hoodie. He fishes around, then takes out two wrapped Kinder Eggs. (Little hollow chocolate eggs with plastic egg containing a toy inside). The two eggs are set down right in front of Foster. "I promised I'd bring you some back. You and Aleksei and Titania." He says, sitting down uninvited to Foster's table now.

Clara looks back to Carver "oh yeah? not a great place to talk but wana come over tomorrow?

Rianna draws a slow breath and lets it out. "Okay. Here we go." The melody is a slow, soft one, in a minor key. Immediately familiar to anyone who's kept up on recent Disney films. And for those who don't recognize the tune, the lyrics will surely do it. Her voice soft with just a hint of vibrato, a clear, cool soprano.

"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight

Not a footprint to be seen

A kingdom of isolation

And it looks like I'm the queen

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside

Couldn't keep it in

Heaven knows I've tried"

Shay blinsk at Velok's invitng himsel,f then leaving. He jsut shrugs off the short burst of odd, then heads on over to speak to Eloise. "Hey, Ellie." he tips his hat to Axton. "Sir." Then a nod to everyone hanging with them. Then FOCUS BACK ON ELLIE! "Been told by a credible source that I gotta talk to you about joining the popular club." He smiles to her kindly.

Quinn dips her head down, all this laughter and well wishing... something evil is clearly going on. she pops up a hand to draw jacob over and place an order. though it's for soemthing other than the Leiutenant's pressiouse caffine.

Quinn orders a Green Tea from Jacob.

Jacob smiles and runs to get the order.

Seeing Quinn, Devlin smiles to her and then waves to her. Not saying anything over the music.

Foster lifts a brow with curiosity at Velok's approach, then chuckles lightly when he sees what's in front of him. "Well I appreciate it," he says with amusement, "and I'll make sure to show this to a darling little girl who'll appreciate it even more than I do." Sipping his mocha, he listens to Rianna's performance. "How was your trip?"

Jacob hands Quinn a Green Tea and heads off to the next table.

Meave waves over at Quinn as Devlin smiles at her. She offers a friendly nod then goes back to chatting with Devlin a bit.

Gwydion smiles and nods enthusiastically as Rianna starts, he loves this song and has to try very hard not to play the percussion on the edge of his table or conduct. He manages though to just sit and /listen/.

Rianna 's fingers slip just a touch as she shifts up to a major key. She's no Hendrix or Santana, clearly, but she manages the key change without completely dropping the melody. She forges onward, her voice gaining strength and confidence as she launches into the bridge.

"Don't let them in

Don't let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be

Conceal, don't feel

Don't let them know

Well now they know!"

Jeoffrey sits sipping on his iced coffee and looking around at the people at the different tables. Quinn and Trekome are the first to draw his curious attention and he looks them both over for a little longer than might be considered strictly polite. he just looks thoughtful, like he's trying to figure them out.

Eloise grins as Shay approaches, motioning him down to the seat. "Sure," she murmurs. "I'm the head cheese, the big honcho. Something like that." She says this quietly, her attention still mostly on Rianna. She's still grinning. The girl can't be sucking TOO bad, right? Nah. She's doing a good job. She leans back in her seat, resting her hands over... air... bad habits. She almost smacks herself in the belly when her hands fall further than expected and she glances around briefly. No one saw that, right?

Quinn lifts an hand in greeting to Devlin and Meave but didn't want to interupt. she wraps her fingers around the warm cup of tea and blows over the top of it. ... What? it's hot! it's no less badd ass to not burn your mouth on a tasty hot beverage.

Trekome orders a Hot chai from Jacob.

Jacob smiles and runs to get the order.

Axton blinks as he gets the little one passed over to him with a soft 'ack' at it. He wrinkles his nose for a moment but just sits there still while the sling is slipped over his head and shoulder so the little one can rest there without being disturbed. He lets out a soft blow of air at his wife even when she plucks at her shirt trying to cool off. A smile given back toward her before offering, "See, I knew you were just trying to butter me up to make me do chores." He teases her back in turn as he shifts to help the little one curl up happily against his chest with his arm lightly under the little bundle. He nods back toward Shay though, "Good evening." His voice comes rising a touch to be heard over the music. A smile is given to Ellie as she adjusts to her body again.

Velok shrugs, though he does glance to Foster and smile. "Give em to Michelle. She might appreciate it. Or she might not, I dunno. In either case I brought them, and they're for you." He focuses back to the woman singing. "The trip? It was..um.." Velok says, turning his seat so he can face Rianna. "I learned some stuff, I guess. I always learn stuff. Accomplished my goal, feel better about it too." He glances back to Foster, then over towards Eloise's table while sipping some tea.

Rianna starts getting into the performance, tapping her foot in time to the beat as she lets loose with the chorus.

"Let it go! Let it go!

Can't hold me back any more!

Let it go! Let it go!

Turn away and slam the door!

I don't care what they're going to say!

Let the storm rage on!

The cold never bothered me anyway!"

Jacob hands Trekome a Hot chai and heads off to the next table.

Trekome chuckles a little at Quinn before he looks back over at Meave, Eloise, and... Rianna's on stage! Well, that's something he wouldn't have expected from such a shy girl! He smiles as he listens to her, rather liking how her voice sounds, distracted only by his drink arriving. He catches Jeoffrey looking at him and Quinn and raises a brow. Nothing impolite, just curious.

Clara sips her coffee and watches Rianna as she sings, smiling getnly as she does but soon she touches Carver's elbow to indicate she is departing and slowly makes her way for the door

Elise's jaw clenches, but she picks her way around the tables, finds an unoccupied table and sits down, very primly, facing towards the stage like a normal person. She sets her hands flat on the tabletop, and just stares at Rianna for now. Her attempt at enjoying the music lasts five seconds, before she has her phone out and is studying her messages on screen. She lifts a hand to call out an order, then remains seated, looking around with a shallow crease marring her brow.

<OOC> Rianna says, "And in case you were wondering what 'Let It Go' sounded like as an accoustic arrangement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_USKtgrJao :)"

Carver watches Clara as she stops by for a bit, and heads off. He doesn't give her a goodbye, but he at least gives her the look of aknowledgement. Meanwhile, he's listening to Rianna.

Devlin smiles as he listens to the music and quietly chats with Meave

Gwydion can't help but match rhythm with Rianna when she starts tapping her foot he starts tap tapping on the edge of his table and grinning at her.

Foster nods absently, listening to the song as he safely tucks the eggs away before speaking more quietly at his table.

Quinn is careful to not catch Jeffrey's eyes though she is aware of them lingering. She sips her tea and watches the preformance giving a smile as Trek turns and watches Rianna.

Meave looks over at the performance a bit and seems to be enjoing that and the company. She keeps her attention focused at her table as well.

Eloise grins over at Axton, nodding. "I know. SO mean," she murmurs to him with a little giggle and turns her attention back up to the girl on stage. Her grin only widens and she mouths along with the words. Yes, she watches Disney movies. Does that surprise you? She also has Snow White reenactments in her garden with the wild life. It's amusing. Really. She'll deny it til her dying day, though. Better believe THAT! She watches Rianna as she plays, leaning forward to hear the chorus. Yes. Yes, that's GOOD! She's ready to clap. Her eyes shift over to the sleeping one in her daddy's lap and is slightly worried about applause.

Rianna starts getting percussive with her strumming hand, patting the body of the guitar to count out a beat as she starts the second verse. By now she's absorbed in her playing. Forgetting that she's in public. Her voice stronger, now, clearer, more confident than before.

"It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me can't get to me at all

It's time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me

I'm free!"

Jeoffrey is completely unembarrassed be caught people watching. He just smiles and gives a friendly wave and then turns his attention back up to the stage. The song seems to be at the good part and it's cool to see the singer so into it.

Corbin steps in idly, a smartphone dangling from his fingertips, which he sheathes in a suit pocket upon entering the patio.

Connor slips in off the road, his usual grin is evident on his face, he would lift a hand in greeting to those he knew, sliding through the crowd

Meave continues to chat with Devlin as she watches the performance. Every now and then she taps her foot to a song as it plays and then chats with Devlin.

Rianna is really getting into it now, her shyness all but forgotten as she belts out the chorus. Her fingers flickering up and down the neck of her guitar. Sure it's undisciplined, but there's passion in her voice. It's actually quite a nice change for those who have met her before.

"Let it go! Let it go!

I'm one with the wind and sky!

Let it go! Let it go!

You'll never see me cry!

Here I stand, and here I'll stay!

Let the storm rage on!"

Gwydion gets a little more blatant about his percussion when Rianna and as the energy /of the song/ builds he's almost mouthing the words along with her too.

Foster nods faintly, smiling with contentment as he sips his drink. The pastor chuckles faintly as he watches Gwydion's 'accompaniment' and tilts his head from side to side while still chatting quietly.

Rianna is on stage, belting her way through an accoustic version of Let it Go. She's doing a damn good job. Eloise is parked in the corner with Shay and Axton and Shade, the .. um... husky. Yes. That's it. She's speaking quietly at her table, but her attention is on Rianna mostly

AXTON has the baby

Connor smiles turning his attention to Rianna, listening to the song as he shifts and nudges his way through the crowd

Rianna's lips purse as she starts working her way through the difficult bridge. She drops a couple of notes here and there. The fingerwork is complicated, with a lot of barring and sliding that she just can't -quite- pull off. But she doesn't let that stop her as she heads into the second bridge.

"My power flurries through the air into the ground

My soul is spiralling in frozen fractals all around

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

I'm never going back

The past is in the past!"

Quinn laughs at something Trek says at the table then covers her mouth as if laughing in public was a disterbance.

Trekome looks a mix between amused and serious. He folds his arms across his chair as he leans back with a smirk.

Eloise smiles up at Rianna. She hasn't been to Juliard. She greatly appreciates the music and when she sticks a particular part of the bridge, THAT part... that HARD part that makes all the animals in the garden run and flee for fear of their ears bleeding, Eloise grins and applauds lightly, along with a few other NPCs. That's a HARD part and Eloise is suitably impressed. She's still chatting quietly at her table, but most of her attention is on the music

Gwydion has his eyes mostly closed and is grinning, those that know him have seen this face before and other musicians might recognize it. He's gone inside the song, the girl's got chops for sure if she can make something he'll 'ride' like that.

Elise receives the latte she ordered, and stares at it for a moment before taking a small sip. She holds on to neutrality as she listens to the song, even through the hard parts, though she seems to be listening to the lyrics at least, her expression changing subtly as she follows it. For the most part, her gaze is on the other people listening and their reactions.

Rianna goes to take it home now. Putting her all into the final reprise, lifting her voice high as she takes her song's advice, and lets it go. Ending on a suspended note as the final line gets sung in a hushed tone.

"Let it go! Let it go!

And I'll rise like the break of dawn!

Let it go! Let it go!

That perfect girl is gone!

Here I stand in the light of day!

Let the storm rage on!

The cold never bothered me anyway..."

Jeoffrey doesn't know a whole lot about music or Disney songs or he might notice that Rianna messed up before. As it is, he just knows that the music sounds good and that he is definitely enjoying it. and, see? she totally ended in an awesome way. Jeoffrey gives her some applause for her efforts!

Connor smiles, giving up some applause for Rianna, though he was mostly busy snagging food from the buffet line

Carver remains settled where he'd been seated. He looks at the musician as she finishes her song, but there's no applause from him. Nor is there a grunt, though. He just gives her a small nod for her troubles, before ordering something from the waiter. Something cold.

Carver orders a Frozen Hot Chocolate from Jacob.

Jacob smiles and runs to get the order.

When the music ends, Eloise slides up to her feet, applauding along with all the other NPCs and PCs if they're paying attention and then slides back into her seat to resume the conversation being held there

Jacob hands Carver a Frozen Hot Chocolate and heads off to the next table.

Foster applauds politely at the end of the performance and finishes off his mocha. "Well perhaps, though I think I'm going to turn in," he responds to Velok with a pleasant smile. "Thank you again for the gifts. I'll hear again from you soon, I'm sure." The televangelist then rises from the table and prepares to depart.

Devlin leans into Meave putting her arm about him and pulls her closer to himself with the arm he has around her. He smiles to her as he listens to the music and then raises his mug to the musician to salute her.

Gwydion opens his eyes after Rianna finishes and looks over to applaud for her. He has grin of professional respect on his face as he too gets to his feet. It takes some real bravery to perform a song that everyone knows so well in public.

Phil is just heading over at about that same time, having stopped inside first to pick up a plate of pepper steak and a mug of Diet Crack. Hey, Jacob has enough to do as it is, right? He doesn't join in the applause right away, but it's only because his hands are full; once he makes it to a table and sets them down, then he goes ahead and joins in.

Meave kisses Devlin on his cheek for a moment, not all that concerned about any public displays of affection. "A ve'y good turnout tonight" she says, "Definitely ve'y good. Perfect performance, an' perfect company"

Trekome looks over at Rianna when she finishes and gives a smile and a thumbs up. It's not a standing ovation, but he doesn't seem like the type to give those out to start with.

Rianna gets to her feet, beaming as she takes a bow. "Thanks! Wow. You guys are great! Thanks! And, um. Try the caramel latte! And the cookies! Buy lots and lots of cookies!" She smiles towards Eloise as she takes the capo off her guitar, casing the instrument and taking her leave of the stage. Once she's not -quite- in full view of the public, she can start shaking a bit. She makes a beeline for Nina. "Coffee. I need coffee. Give me coffee," she says.

Velok waves at Foster. "I'ms ure we will. See you soon."

Devlin turns just enough and yeah.. on purpose to make that a kiss to the lips. He nodes in agreement.. "Very good."

Jeoffrey gets up now that the song is over and wanders back out to the street in a rather carefree way. He brings his coffee with him, of course!

Quinn takes the time at Jerrrey walks away, to look him over in scrutiny just to remember him and any interesting tid bits of information.

The majority claps. Elise claps too. Four slow, perfunctory times. Now that she's blending in, she continues to sip her latte at lengthy, quiet intervals, eventually picking up her phone as it chimes. "Walker. Yes. I'm here now. Yes. It's fine. It's - a patio. There are tables. Sir, is this what you called me about?" she speaks monotonously, her eyebrows starting to knit up slowly.

Meave certainly mind kissing Devlin on the lips, but she pulls away for a moment to ask him, "Wot? The performance o' the kiss?"

Devlin winks in reply

Axton smiles though he doesn't move much now that he's got the baby strapped onto him he doesn't not to upset the little one. He gives a little wave to Rianna though as she darts off to seak refuge with Nina and the much needed infusion of caffine. His lips are held in that smile while he watches her go then looking to Eloise as she seems to be so pleased by the grand opening a soft laugh rolling out from him, "You're going to have every preformer in the city up there."

Gwydion blinks as he settles back down to his table and looks around to see who's still around, realizing a little bashfully that he 'went away' for a bit.

Eloise chuckles at Rianna as she scampers off the stage. "Rianna, ladies and gentlemen," she calls. More performers, who had been running late, head up onto the stage. They're a little more hard core. Still accoustic, but they look a little closer to Green Day than Joni Mitchell

Carver's still around, drinking that frozen hot chocolate. Fortunately, he's not thinking about it too much! He gives the owner credit where it's do. In his own way. "This doesn't suck so badly," he tells Eliose.

Devlin teases Meave for a guess as he mock pouts at her as they cuddle close and talk.

Meave chuckles a little and moves closer to Devlin, a smirk on her face.

Sara edges onto the patio, avoiding bodies as she can.. since she's still greasy from work. She smells a bit like diesel and sweat, and looks a little lost as to what to do with herself in the sea of people. Her nose wrinkles as she ducks and weaves to find a familiar face in the crowd. There's got to be one or two somewhere.

Quinn Coughs and sputters her tea all over the table. she stands up caughing and turrning red while trying to catch her breath and find a napkin.

Rianna accepts the mug of coffee that's brought to her, doctoring it with plenty of sugar and drinking greedily. Her eyes drifting closed as she slurps the succulent caffiene. "Ohh... thank God," she murmurs. "Thanks, Nina. That's. Um. Good. Yeah. Thanks." She digs some cash out of her pockets to pay for the drink, leaving Nina a nice tip, then goes back out into the cafe proper to find herself a seat.

Trekome turns beet red as he stands and busies himself with trying to clean up the table.

Velok props himself against the table, taking a coin out of his pocket and playing with it through his fingers. His eyes are roaming the crowd, randomly falling on some, watching them, then moving on. The two cups in front of him occasionally get sipped on, but otherwise get the usual focus a beverage would receive. His eyes draw over towards Quinn and his eyes widen. He pushes himself into a standing position, taking a slow step in her direction in case she's unsuccessful in catching her breath.

Quinn manages an excuse me between sputtering and darts off to the bathroom.

Connor flares his nostrils briefly, a small grin crossing his features, he twists about, looking over the heads of the crowd before shifting and slipping his way through the press towards Sara

Trekome just gives a nod and waits for Quinn to be out of sight before facepalming.

Gwydion blinks at the comotion then shrugs as he offers Rianna a friendly wave and thumbs up upon her return to the patio.

Phil, for his part, glances after Quinn and shakes his head. "That's /my/ line!" Honestly, the nerve of that other guy, getting her all flustered like that. Right?

Axton looks back over toward the sight of the sputter, a frown on his lips as he spots the sight not sure what's up's going on but at the blushing his lips pull into a small smile. Looking back to Eloise as she gives those words about it as he remains settled in that seat. He peeks back down at the sleeping baby again though his eyes lift back toward the party again. Watching to see the next preformance curious as to what it will bring.

Sara catches the ruckus of Quinn and Co.. and Elise is caught out the corner of her eye. She waves to the woman before peering at Trekome.. "Shit.. what's he do, drop a frog in her bra? I ain't never seen her run from nothin."

having finished his coffee, Devlin rises up and then offers Meave a hand to get up, "Homeward bound, yes?"

Connor rolls his shoulders in a bit of a shrug before scooping Sara up to toss a bit into the air playfully "How's the little grease monkey?"

Eloise glances over at Quinn as the spluttering starts. She looks that way, making sure that all is well. A little grin slips over her lips and she leans over to peek at the baby. She doesn't mind spluttering. She's too busy drooling on her daddy. She reaches over to touch the baby's hair gently just as the band up on the stage starts playing their accoustic version of When September Ends.

Rianna glances towards the retreating Quinn. "Woah. Dude. Is she okay?" she asks nobody in particular, leaning forward with a look of consternation. She makes her way over to Trekome. "Is she okay?" she asks again, nodding towards Quinn.

Quinn waits a long long while before venturing back to the table. The fact that she came back and sat down, all be it slowly and less than confident, means that what ever Trekome did it wasn't too bad. she thought she had the blushing taken care of but the fair Irish woman is still red all over.

Elise interrupts her dull latte-sipping to stare after Quinn's sputtering. Since the woman manages an 'excuse me' it must not be an emergency, and her alert state subsides back into her monotonous enjoyment of her beverage. She does notice Sara, and follows her with quiet blue eyes for a second before returning the greeting with a curt nod and a raised hand. It hints at a wave, but isn't a wave.

Sara squeaks rather loudly, and ends with a half a curse word that if finished, might curl some toes.. but she remembers her manners with both hands slapping over her mouth while she's brought back to earth. There's no blushing from the blonde, instead, she turns in Connor's arms to hug the large man. The music's just right for a romantic slow dance after all. "Hey love."

Trekome is still trying to look busy cleaning when Rianna steps over and asks. He gives a nod, "Yeah, she's ok." Quinn returning seems to confirm that well enough. "Kinda just misworded something horribly is all."

Quinn turns sideways in her chair completely mortified, not daring to look at the Leiutenant.

Watching the pair for a moment, Axton just smiles back to them. His fingers softly rake over the canine's large head. The wol- HUSKY doesn't seem bothered by the scene or all the people rushing about though. Rather happy where it is that he is seated just as the man beside him. Axton looks back over to Eloise and he offers to her a warm smile as he speaks, "Looks like you can never have a quiet night." A soft chuckle coming from him when he gives that tease.

Velok stares over towards Quinn and Trekome for the longest time before he slowly lowers himself back to the seat. He mutters something, looking back around the garden party. He slumps back into the chair, closing his eyes.

Gwydion gets a text and frowns at it when he looks at his phone. Gathering himself to leave he gives Eloise and company a wave before hurrying across the street to hop in his sports car and take off.

[Internet] Zack says, "Live on Zack Kora's twitter feed: 'Qurky crowd @Roasters+digital ordr!! Almost LA in Propect. Civilzaton @last!!' Attached is a twit pic of the new patio."

[Internet] HorusB says, "@Zack Kora: Reliable Wifi too.#coffeeshops"

[Internet] Atalanta says, "Bard just got back from there! Says it's AWESOME"

[Internet] Zack says, "@HorusB McDs has reliabl wifi #obligatoryhashtag"

[Internet] The Bard says, "They have a stage now! #RoastersRocks"

Connor grins brightly watching Sara, leaning down to kiss her, his arms coiling about her waist to sway to the acoustic music playing on stage now "So what brings a lass like ya here?"

Carver gets up, bringing his crutches, and starts to head off, after finishing off his frozen hot chocolate. No, that didn't suck so badly.

Sara leaves her arms looped around Connor's neck, blushing pink in the cheeks as she's kissed, but not dissuaded. "Came t' congratulate the Doc and maybe find a nice boy t' carry my books.. you seen one around?"

Trekome recomposes himself as he settles back down in his chair to sip his drink. He clears his throat and looks over at Quinn, "So, what do I need to do to buy a new shotgun for skeet?"

George actually doesn't come out from inside, he comes down the street aimed right at the handicap ramp but when he sees a guy with crutches headed down the ramp he pulls up short into a sideways slide an stomp that ends with the board flipping off the ground into his hand. He steps aside and waits patiently as he looks over the patio's occupants.

Quinn gives a 'thank god' sigh and relaxes slightly as a safe topic is chosen. Well done Lieutenant. "Shotguns are easy. easier than most anyway. what's your price range? I mean, I thought you were going to get trasport before anything else" Yes Ladies and Gentelman... shows over.... nothing to see here.

Connor scratches at his head briefly "Ah, a nice lad, not around here love ya may be tappin' an empty keg as it were." he grins wickedly to the girl in his arms

Sara gives a little sigh and reaches up to smooth some of Connor's rumpled hair. "Always a day late and a dollar short, it's what I get for signing up with the good guys. Guess you'll have to do, mongrel." The young woman winks at Connor and gives him a quick hug. "Thought I saw Maeve for a moment.. they still allergic to the stench of an honest day's work? I know it can't be my great sense of humor that runs her off."

Trekome hmmms and taps his chin thoughtfully. "Well, I've got two good legs, so that can do for a while... though I suppose I really should get myself a Jeep or something that can handle terrain well. It would be fun to get a Lancer Evo though..." He sighs, knowing that's out of his price range for a while. "I dunno, I think a Mossberg 500 would do just fine, and you can find them for $300 or less."

Elise's gaze stays on Sara for another second, then shifts to the gun-related-conversation. It seems above board, so that doesn't last long either, and her attention finally glides back to her phone. It beeps. She frowns in concentration for a moment, then taps away a quick message and begins to stand, scanning the newfangled patio around her before settling on an exit directly onto the street.

Quinn nods and pulls out her phone... is she... is She just Texting the gun shop? she sets the phone aside to wait for a reply. "I still think it's best. I mean I don't have anything other than my bike and my Range is kind of a drive.

George offers Elise a mischevous smirk and salute as he makes his way onto the patio, leaving Carver enough room to get by and carrying his board tucked up under his arm. So many people he knows he just starts waving.

Quinn tosses up a had at George and waves. Oh Look! further distraction.

Eloise had an issue in the kitchen. She left Axton alone with the baby! GASP! But she's back now, grinning, sliding into a seat and snuggling herself right back up next to her husband again. SHe peeks over at Sara, giving her a little wave and pointing down at the baby, then giving herself a wiggle, clearly showing off her new, almost perfect-again figure. Cause Mages rock like that

Connor rolled his shoulders again in a shrug, his hand lifts in a wave to George though, head bobing in a quick upnod before turning his attention back to Sara "Could be, though I wonder if its just some other shit that doesn't need ta be worried about just now."

Trekome waves back at George and nods, "Well, I'm going to have to have someone to teach me about bikes again. I'm still intent on getting that shotgun... get back into three gun again after that."

A quick kiss, that's Connor's answer when he makes his recommendation about the change of topic. "Have you met Doc yet?" She nods toward the new Mom, as she moves to her tip toes, a quick wave for George and a whisper in the redhead's ear.

Sara does all that, yes she does.

Axton smiles back over to Eloise as she joins him there at the table. Leaning back against her he lets out a soft sigh, enjoying the simple feel of her body against his own. His arm slipping out to wrap around Ellie while they rest there together peeking down at the little one again. He looks back up to his lovely wife and asks her, "Everything okay in the kitchen?" The warmth rolling through his voice when he speaks.

Zack was coming for some coffee before going out on the town for the night -- the way he's dressed, stylish, just rumpled enough, and expensive -- makes it clear of this. He gets all the way onto the patio before he looks up from his smartphone and realizes that he's not where he thought he would be. He glances to the street behind him, just in case he ended up in the wrong place somehow.

Quinn 's phone chims telling her she has a reply. while she check the phone she answers The Lieutenant, "Well the Three guns happens at my range and you'll need a way of getting there as well as a way of competing." she shuts off the phone and shares the information "Pete says that he'll take your paper work on the 1911 and start the paper work on the mossburg. but I have to go teach a beginners class there this weekend." she shrugs "he knew I was going to do that anyway.

Connor gives a faint shake of his head before nodding faintly to the woman's words, flicking his gaze over to settle on Eloise with a smile

George grins and ambles over towards......Trekome and Quinn first, standing by their table but not looking like he's going to be sitting just yet. "Evening folks, how's it going?"

Zack must have noticed the sign in his inspection of his surroundings, because he smiles and turns his attention back to his smartphone while he goes in search of a table.

Trekome gives George a nod and a shrug, "Still above ground." he replies. "Looks like I'll be getting a new shotgun pretty soon. Now to work on getting some transport. I'm thinking of a Jeep, Staff Sergeant is thinking of a bike."

Velok opens his eyes, using the moment to peer around the patio again, his own gaze lingering on Eloise as she's the lady to watch. He glances to Axton picks up his two cups, scooting his chair back in and turning to head off towards one of the exits.

Sara slips out of Connor's arms, almost reluctantly, but not completely away. The happy parents' epic romance is clearly contagious this evening. She folds her fingers in the man's and gives him a little tug. "C'mon.. I wanna see the cailín leanbh."

Connor cocked his brow again, grinning as he lets himself be tugged through the crowd, following after Sara

Eloise grins up at Sara, snuggling herself up against Axton. She gives a little wave to the woman and calls out quietly, "Bout time you showed up. SHe's almost 5 days old. Practically grown." SHe chuckles. "I figured tonight would be a good night for her debut. I think she likes the music."

Zack chooses a table and has a seat, taking up two chairs (one for his butt, and one for his feet). He enjoys the night while he pokes away at his smartphone, glancing at the door to the Roasters from time to time, expectantly.

Quinn smiles up to George happy to be joined by a third. "Evening. take a seat?" she offers. "When I first moved here I didn't know anyone but Aodhan and well he's not the best company all the time. Naturally I mosied down to the range. The owner took a shine to me and tried to set me up with his son, Roger. that didn't work but I kind of ended up as an adopted daughter anyway."

"If she's even a bit like her mommy, it's the music that likes her.. she'll call to all things beautiful." Sara answers, very quietly, almost trying not to be heard over the din of the celebration. "Doc, this is Connor.. my best friend, and my beau. I've told him lots about how we met.. just thought I should but faces to the stories." She gives Axton a smile and a quick little two fingered salute. "Won't take too much of your time tonight."

George grins and shakes his head making a circular gesture with one finger as he chats with Quinn and Trekome "Eventually maybe, making my rounds first. Lots of folks I know here tonight, the advantage of roaming all over town the way I do. Plus I have a baby to go check on."

Axton looks to Eloise then the pair that come wandering over. Not only his eyes but those of the large white 'husky' beside him remain settled upon the figures. His head nodding in greeting as his voice drawls out a simple, "Hello." He in turn to the approaching pair. He shifts a bit to get good and snuggled against Eloise before his eyes flick back to the man that is being introduced listening quietly through it.

It's totally a husky and not a wolf at all!

Behold the wonders of the internet! Zack's coffee, ordered via smartphone and paid for via smartphone arrives in the non-digital world. He brightens when it shows up, and takes it from the waiter with a grin. "This is awesome. All you guys need is a better scene, and it'll start looking like LA around here," he laughs.


It's just a Husky. Gosh!

Connor chuckles faintly, dipping his head in a nod to pair he's being introduced to "I swear she tries ta find fancier and fancier names ta call me each day, beau's a new one on me." he grins nudging Sara playfully

Just a husky who sits half-way under a table and isn't chomping on people's legs or eating an antelope on the patio

Quinn likes Wol-.... Huskys

Trekome nods a couple times to George and smirks, "I'm amazed you can wander around anywhere with a kid to look after. Last girl tried to keep me from deploying by saying I couldn't go because she was pregnant." Thankfully that wasn't true. Even more thankfully he seems to have been smart enough to break it off for that stunt. Looks at Quinn, "I still would rather have something with four wheels. More room for gear."

Totally just a husky

Shay looks up to the couple speaking to Ellie and tips his fedora to them both, smiling.

Quinn nods to Trek "thats true. maybe I can bum rides once you find somthing. I know a few poeple with garages that I have an open invitation to if you need fix said jeep up."

Zack leans back in his chair, ignoring his coffee for a moment in favor of what's probably some kind of social media status update. Oh, look, it is. He lifts his phone in a way that suggests he's tacking on a picture of the patio.

Eloise smiles happily up at Sara and slides to her feet. Axton has baby duty for the moment, so she can do this easily. She leans over to give Sara a little hug and eye Connor with a supposedly critical look. Up and down. But then she grins. "Nice to meet you, Connor. Make her happy. I have far, far too much time invested in her to let people mess with her." SHe gives Sara a little wink. "Nice to meet you."

Sara peeks around Connor at the dapper man with the fedora.. looking more suspicious about his congenial attitude than very gracious. She tucks in a little closer to Connor and when Zack's phone comes up she ducks faster than a dude who's girlfriend just dropped the pregnant story. Camera Shy, check.

George shakes his head at Trekome "Oh hell no. Baby ain't mine, I just got friends with babies and none of them look like me neither. As for getting a vehicle on the cheap?" he jerks a thumb over at Sara "I know all the best places, just ask her."

Zack finishes off whatever he's posting, and then sets his phone down and takes a slow drink of coffee. It's maybe a minute before the soft dings start, suggesting replies to whatever he posted are coming in at a steady pace. Clearly, this is someone with lots of fake online friends.

Axton tilts his head to the side while he listens to the introduction before offering, "I'm Axton." Letting the words drawl out from him, a smile tugging at his lips while he watches the pair. Looking back over to Eloise, he smiles to her warmly as they rest there together. He's happy enough just to be sitting beside her while she greets the other woman with such warmth.

Quinn snickers at George "it seems everyone is trying to get you to claim a baby." she narrows her eyes st him "do you have a reputation I haven't heard of yes?"

Trekome snickers, "Don't have to look like you to be yours, you know." He peers over at Sara, who is currently hiding behind Connor. "Hmmm... well then, know anywhere that has a Jeep Wrangler that's not too beat up for under 15 grand? If you know anyone that's got a new Lancer Evo for under 35 grand I might be able to swing that... but then there goes shooting for a while."

Phil pipes up at that point, waving to Quinn. "He's filling in for me this week," he offers, waving casually to George. Fear their evil reputations, right?

Connor shifts his weight subtly blocking the view to Sara, dipping a faint nod over to the woman at his side before turning his attention to Axton "Connor."

Quinn scrunches her nose at the thought of the EVO over a Jeep... I mean it's a Friggin Jeep. ... maybe it's time she get a proper vehicle.

George grins and gives a little flex to Quinn's comment about his reputation "The ladies love some cho-co-lat." Trekome gets a shrug "I most certainly can and for that kind of money I can even make sure they come with good papers."

The girl behind Connor is doing her best to evade social media, be responsive to the Hostess, and tend to Connor.. like trying to spin too many plates at once, it all crashes down when someone gets her attention and mentions cars at the same time. "Dude.. don't you dare fuckin' sell him one of them stolen piece of shit imports.. Quinn, send your friend to impound lot.. I gotta go though." She Leaves Connor to say the goodbyes to the happen parents, using a passing customer to beat an exit to the door.

Arec stops at the fence and leans over it to check out the new patio meeting space. He doesn't quite enter, perhaps waiting for permission.

Customers are coming and going, servers are moving about. It looks open to the public.

Not to mention the sign on the sidewalk that says 'Grand Opening, The Patio at Roasters'

Connor smirks faintly watching Sara tear away from his side "Ah figures" he shakes his head a bit before turning his attention back to the other couple "Guess that's my exit queue as well. Pleasure meetin' ya both, have a great night." he turns and weaves through the crowd, big enough to not need to tailgate on someone else, he lifts a wave over towards George, Quinn and Trek "Have a good night!" that grin of his split his features again before he finally makes his way to the street

Zack sips his coffee and eyes his smartphone, grinning as he scrolls through social media. He sets the coffee down briefly to type something with lightning thumbs.

Trekome raises a brow at Sara's comment and the mention of proper papers. "Well then... I'll check out the impound first. With any luck I'll find something with hidden compartments and armor plating." Why would he want that? Why not would be a better question. He smirks at Quinn, "Would you prefer a Subaru STI? Or, even better, a BMW M3."

Quinn does not look ammused at the mention of hot cars. she folds her arms and gives the condemming, disoprooving stare of god that she uses on her recruits.

Quinn huffs "I'd like a jeep myself. something old and onrey that only turns over when you treat her right. but that's me"

Eloise smiles at Shay and nods. "She was a patient of mine for a while. I'm glad she's found her happiness." SHe smiles over at Axton, then down at the baby in his arms. "Want me to take her, baby? I know it's hard work holding her like that. I think we might get up a stroll a little bit."

Axton turns a bit and smiles, "Sure. She's bound to wake up hungry before long and she's out of luck with me." He says with a soft chuckle rolling out from his lips while he reaches up to lightly pull her off. Making sure she doesn't get scrunched in the sling as he helps slip it onto Eloise. Reaching out to take her hand with a smile, "We can certainly go for a night time stroll if you'd like though, my love."

Arec ducks under the bar that separates the patio from the sidewalk and straightens up again in a fluid motion. What gate? He shoots the cuffs of his sleeves, on after the other. He heads toward Eloise and Axton. If he wore a hat, he'd tip it to the couple. "Good evening Eloise, Axton. The patio looks very nice. I'll bet it gets a lot of sun during the day. Very pretty." Fortunately there aren't any dogs for Arec to have to navigate.

George snickers as he looks innocently back at Quinn and does not say something about 'like car like owner' though if you know George he's clearly thinking it. He shrugs and says "You two have fun now." before turning to amble over to Eloise, Axton, the baby and their clearly-not-a-wolf Shade.

Eloise grins at Axton, taking the light sling from him with the baby tucked safely inside. She gets the thing wrapped around her and the baby stretches out. Eloise puts a hand under the baby and waits, letting her get settled before she finishes getting her settled in. She smiles at Arec as he approaches, pointing toward the patio. "We put stairs there too," she teases gently. "Lots of sun. And the umbrellas let you decide how much you actually want on you, but that corner there..." She points back to her table. "It stays shaded all day long." She smiles at George as he heads that way and gives him a little wave. "Rianna did SO good tonight!"

Trekome can guess what that look was; he was going to give Quinn the same one but George beat him to it. George gets a friendly nod as he walks off, then Quinn gets his attention again. "You know that doesn't work on me, right?" he says that as a shudder runs up his spine. Damn, seems his DI still hasn't quite worn off of him, even now.

Quinn sits back and puts the look away. she is however completely unaware of what she set herself up for. her drink is... was done a while ago and bussed away when half of it was sputtered so she ponders a nother one. She then relizes she is hungry. "is there any real food here" she asks before looking for a menu

Arec glances in the direction Eloise points and without apology replies: "I've never been one for following rules, not going to start at this late date." He looks at the baby Eloise is carrying, but doesn't make any motion to approach it. "Rianna. Sounds like a Gaelic name, perhaps Welsh?"

There is a low rumble from under the table as Shade lifts that large white head of his. Just watching those that approach the little one more then anything else. Seems she's got a great big furry angel watching over her. Axton gives a wave back toward Arec with an easy, "Hello." In greeting though he's help Ellie get the sling on straight. He reaches out, adjusting here and there to make sure it lays flush instead of doubling over itself. Once set he offers a wave toward George as well before settling in again. "She did a marvelous job, is she going to be playing here more often?" He asks his wife with a tilt of the head.

George looks around for Rianna when she's mentioned as if she might reappear. Chuckling he tilts his head to look under the table and smiles at Shade too before addressing the two legged people in the conversation, Arec specifically "Washington state hippy actually, though she could be part welsh I don't know."

Trekome looks at the menu and shrugs, "Baked stuff, which counts as food. Right? I could go for some eggs... and bacon... lots of bacon." His stomach growls. "Damnit, now you got me hungry." he tells Quinn with a smirk. He looks at his now empty cup and hmmms, "Coffee sounds good too. May as well be breakfast for dinner."

Eloise grins at Arec and nods. "I was playing. I... don't actually know Rianna's lineage, but she's an excellent performer." She glances over toward Shade, then back at Axton. She gets the baby settled with Axton's help and then rises up to her feet, stretching her arms up above her head. This causes the baby to rise, but she's nice and safe there tucked against Ellie. Arms come down and wrap around the baby lightly again. "OH, I HOPE she'll be performing again. The audience really liked her and we need all the regulars we can get."

Shay tips his hat to Arec, then looks to Eloise. "If you'll let me, I'd like to do some of my card tricks some night. Maybe just to give a change of pace to the scene."

Arec inclines his head to Axton and Eloise. He has placed himself, not by coincidence, with Eloise between him and the wolf. Those things are never quite as tame as they may seem. "I would offer you a toast to new beginnings, but I must confess to arriving unprepared for good news. Been an interesting week. Very busy."

Quinn looks over the menu carefully. meanwhile she orders a coffee and shakes her head at Trekome "I was never big on Bacon" .... wow did she just say that? is she human?

Well, Phil overheard that one at least, turning and squinting at Quinn. "Now /there's/ something you don't hear every day. Hey Ellie, don't kill her, all right? --even if she is a fuckin' gun runner," he adds, muttering under his breath. Hooray for prejudices.

Near crystal-like eyes of Shade take very close meassure of those that would draw near to it's pup, cause surely the silly humans are just pack mules. Axton reaches down to ruffle the canine's head before pushing up to his feet as well, standing by Ellie he can't help but let out a stunted groan as it blends into a yawn while he stretches out. "Oof. Didn't realize how long I'd been sitting." He admits before letting out a soft breath. Looking to George as he chimes in those words he gives a nod of the head before looking back to Eloise with a smile, "Good! I think it will do her well in turn."

Trekome just looks astonished at Quinn. "Staff Sergeant, I don't think you and I can be comrades now. You don't like /bacon/?!" Clearly he isn't serious. "How the hell do you /not/ like bacon?"

Zack's texting has turned into a phone call, although thankfully he doesn't have the habit of shouting into his cell phone.

George snickers at Phil, one shady dude to another "She's worse, she's a Marine." He steps back as Eloise and Axton both stand up "Calling it a night? Of course if she's been asleep this whole time when you get home......"

Eloise smiles at Shay, nodding happily. "Open mic. Every night until we get some regular stuff going, otherwise we're just going to be playing through the speakers." She motions briefly about the place. Mostly concealed surround sound to play a nice background music. She nods to Arec, giving him the same smile. "It's okay. I sent out just a mass text and I was just a couple hours out when I did it, so I know I missed people. Glad to see you, though." She grins over at Axton and wraps her arm around his waist. "Axton, do you know Arec and George?I can't remember." She shakes her head at George. "Not calling it a night. I just need to walk around." She looks down at the baby and chuckles. "Oh, no. She'll wake up when we get there, grunt and fuss and look REALLY mad for a while, then go back to sleep and do it all again."

Quinn says, "I didn't say I DON'T like it." she looks around at all the sudden hostiles. her attention is pulled to the gun runner comment, confused and defencively upstep but says nothing. "I mean I just don't crave it. and there is never any reason to have more than two strips. I've seen people go through whole plates of it and it's gross.""

Trekome simply ignores Phil, keeping his attention focused on Quinn. "You eat more than two strips because it's fuckin' /delicious/. There really isn't much more reason needed. It's like asking why anyone would want more than two 1911's. Because you fuckin' can! Well, in a free state anyway."

Arec doesn't offer to shake Axton's hand just inclines his head again. "We met once upon a time. The events of the evening escape my recollection. Something about storytelling. I never did get to share my own. I hope that another occasion will arise."

Axton tilts his head to the side while he listens to the others before a soft laugh rolls from him as Ellie hits it right on the head, "Yes. She will wake up long enough to make it aware that we have horribly neglected her feeding." He says with a tease as he looks down toward her, "Absolutely starved, I get practically see her bones!" Pfft, like that's right. He keeps himself intwinded with Eloise as he nods back to Arec before his hand reaches out toward George, "I'm not sure... I'm Axton either way." He says with that easy lilt to his voice before nodding to the 'husky' beside him, "This is Shade."

Quinn makes a show of rolling her eyes at the Leiutenant. "I was never really one for breakfast at all. I like Fish and rice. I know I'm a bad Irish woman." and with that she looks over the menu again trying to find something.

George snickers and nods to Eloise "My third Foster mom had a new baby while I was living with her, I know all about how that goes." Looking over at Arec he ponders "I don't think so, I know I've seen you around but I don't think we've met. George Andrews, Bike messenger and special deliveries."

"Oh! The garden party, right! I remember. Maybe we can have a storytelling night here and you can share then?" She looks up at Axton excitedly because that's a GOOD idea! She nods to George as he handles his own intro and peeks down at the little one who's still just a limp little ball of baby flesh with a bow in her hair. <More indignities for Le Grump de Infante>

Trekome snickers at Quinn, "The fish is forgivable, the rice is an anomaly though." He glances at the menu, but just settles for coffee for now. "Rice is always a good staple to have. Goes with just about everything, tastes great with fish or steak."

Arec shifts position so that he is standing beside Axton on the other side from Shade. "My grandfather had some very interesting stories from the war. I'll stick to the humorous ones. Have to keep your sense of humor on the battlefront I suppose." He muses. "Nice to meet you George. Sounds like an interesting occupation. I don't think I've ever done that as an occupation. I'll remember that."

Shay looks like he might be about to say something, then his phone buzzes. He checks it, then nearly falls back in his chair, hiding the screen. A blush on his cheeks, he glances to Eloise. "I, uh... I gotta go. Was great seeing you, Ellie, and getting to meet the little one. I'll be in touch!" he then gets up and heads off.

Quinn checks her watch and dose some calculations figureing what she has time for. well that midnight run wasn't that important after all. She yawns and seems surprised by it. she finally orders a sandwich and doesn't seem to disopointed by it. "Mom's a vegitarian... it was hard growing up on tofurky"

"Bike messanger? Shouldn't you be on a bit and not a skateboard?" There smile pulling at Axton's lips shows it's a joke, and a bad one that the other man has probably heard a thousand times before. Nodding his head toward him, "Pleasure to meet you, George." The greeting flowing from him as he looks over at Arec when he shifts there, Shade doesn't stop staring at those around them though. The large canine is quite happy laying where he is for the time being as the other chat.

Trekome winces at that revelation, shuddering at the thought of having to grow up without actual meat. "Christ... makes me feel pretty spoiled that we always had venison in the freezer." He smiles when his coffee arrives and doctors it with a little cream and sugar.

Eloise grins happily, looking around the patio. A successful night overall. That makes her happy. Very happy. She looks up at Axton and chuckles. "I've seen him on that skateboard. Almost better than a bike." She slides her hand into his and peers down at Shade briefly, just making sure that he's all okay

George grins and shrugs at Axton "Bike's for working, board's for fun." Then to Axton "I wanted a way to get to know the city fast when I first got here last June. That was the way to go, I got paid to roam around and now I know my way places better than people that've lived in this city their whole lives."

Quinn shrugs as it was just a way of life "My friend used to sneak me hambergers after my stomache got used to it. I'll never be a vegitarian, but not everything tastes good to me. my Mother tells me that I should go back to it... says it would help my skin.... and figure....

Trekome just waves off the advice Quinn's mother gives. "She's full of shit; you look fine. Hell, you're the postergirl for the Marine Corps." Pretty high compliment from him.

Zack has finished his coffee, but isn't getting up to go, yet. He's gotten caught up texting someone, sitting at a table with his butt on one chair, and his feet on another.

Quinn smirks "yeah, I think that's the problem she has with the way I look." and with that she puts her hands under the table so no one can see them. "I've already been photographed. fow some internet news thing when I became the PMI."

Arec says pleasantly. "Well, it was nice running into some old faces, and some new ones. I didn't really intend to stop here." He looks at the coffee shop and then back to the street. "I should probably get going."

Axton smiles back to his wife and leans in to press a kiss to the side of her head, just happy to be there with her seeing the joy on her features. "This was wonderful, Ellie. You did an amazing job of it. No doubt soon be an even bigger landmark of the city." He tells her quite pleased. He lets out a soft 'ah' at the explanation from George, "Well it's much better then being locked inside all day while you work. Riding a back around the city could be much fun. I'm sure you learn all manner of devilish short cuts as well, yes?" His curiosity peaked at the thought.

George nods enthusiastically at Axton "Especially when I got an offroad bike, that opened all sorts of options up for short cuts."

A well tuned motorcycle rumbles by on the road, slows and parks nearby. A few moments later a rainbow haired female in black walks in. She's got a smudge of grease on her chin and high on her left cheek bone, as well as another smudge on her elbow. She pauses upon entering the patio area, her icy blues taking in the gathering. Then Apple smiles.

Zack glances up from his texting when the discussion of offroad bikes and shortcuts through the city starts up. "Might be fun to see if you could jump rooftops on one of those things," he remarks.

Eloise smiles at Arec and nods. "Sure. Come back any time, Arec." She looks up at Axton once she has the kiss to her head and she blinks happily up at him. "Want to get us a couple of drinks to go and we can wander on home?" Her little pocket car is no where to be seen on the street, so they might have walked.

Arec is just headed out but he stops when he hears and sees Apple. "Hello there." He greets. "Have to take a raincheck on that doubledate." He tells her. "Sorry."

Apple smiles lightly at Arec, "Well hi there to you, too." She nods at his words and pouts just a tiny bit. "I know. Life just hasn't made it so we can all get the time at the same time. Maybe some day."

Axton laughs soflty as he hears the enthusiasm from George, it's an infections sort of upbeat laughter that tumbles out of him from seeing the joy. "Then it does sound like quite a bit of fun." He agrees with that smile across his lips, "You are lucky to have found a passion like that so quickly." He chimes in before looking over toward Eloise as he hears those words. Peeking at the baby he nods before murmuring, "Yes, we should probably be heading home I think." The admission coming from him as he dwells on it. "Lets get something warm and sweet before heading off." He says as the cool of the ngiht starts to move in around them.

Arec shakes his head sadly. "I don't think that's very likely. Either I have terrible taste in women, or some things just aren't meant to be. But tell Eddie I was very flattered at the invitation. I don't see him all that often." Arec holds the gate open for Apple to enter.

Apple looks startled and, for a moment, heart broken for Arec. "It'll happen, sweetie." She tells him, slipping in and getting out of his way.

Trekome downs the rest of his coffee before standing and stretching. "I'm going to wander for a little bit, probably be back."

Quinn nods up to Trekome "see you later Lieutenant

Arec fetches forward a smile for Apple. "I'm not that selfish." He gives her a wave before stepping out onto the sidewalk again.

Trekome gives a nod to everyone he recognizes as he makes his way out, humming to himself quietly as he leaves.

Eloise grins at George, stepping away from Axton just a little bit to grab the diaper bag at her feet. She slings it over her shoulder after digging out a light little blanket to tuck around the little one. Apple gets a smile and a wave and the blanket it draped over the top of the sling. "That sounds like a blast!" She starts to extract herself from the crowd, trying to repress a little yawn as she once more flags down a waiter to make their order

Apple lifts her hand and absently rubs her chest over her heart with her fingertips. Her gaze wanders away from where Arec just left and around the groupings of people. She stops when she sees Zack. Her eyes widen a little and the fingers pressing against her chest twitch. Hello..

George takes a quick inventory, Sara's left with Connor, Eloise is leaving with Axton, Trekome left Quinn by herself. Odd little white girl with rainbow hair gets a look but George looks like he might be on his way out himself.

Zack has gone back to texting since nobody was interested in jumping bikes off of buildings.

Quinn is all helpless and alone... oh nos!

Don't worry. The Husky will protect you

Cause it isn't a wolf

TOTALLY not a wolf

A husky dammit!

Quinn slips the husky some of her roast beef... is careful to hold her palm flat.

Quinn keeps her fingers! For now...

Well then.. Apple marches over to Zack's table and says, "Why are you alone?" Yeah, that's a greeting.

Zack looks up from his smartphone and raises his eyebrows at Apple. "Your being a ruthless tease probably has something to do with it," he remarks with a wry smile. "Are we going to do the thing where you sniff me but I'm not allowed to touch you again?"

Axton nods his head back toward George before turning to wander away with Eloise. Walking with her and the baby Shade hauls himself up to his feet... sneaks a bite from Quinn her wrist even gets a lick in thanks before the HUSKY goes trotting along after his humans. They require so much looking after.

Quinn goes back to texting away on her phone.

Apple crosses her arms over her chest (but under her breasts) and huffs. "I can't help it you smell good. And you touched me last time. A lot."

Zack's wry smile grows to a grin. "I'm not really very good at sticking to what's allowed."

George grins when Quinn feeds Shade and he takes out his Cellphone to check it, chuckles and steps over to the ramp. Giving a wave he drops his board and rolls off.