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Into the Woods 2
Years ago, something was sealed away. What, and why, and is it coming back?
IC Date July 4, 2015
IC Time Evening
Players Phil, Typhanie, Gwydion
Location Forest south of Prospect

Begin Log

The return to the field kept getting put off a few days at a time, people making tentative plans but then having other things come up. Phil had a Hunch that it could afford to sit a while longer, after all it had been gathering dust for forty-odd years already. Finally, though, a few of them did make it back out. "All right, pretty sure I got civilian traffic blocked off for a few hours. So we're gonna try peeking behind the wall, right?"

Typhanie ushered Willow off with Luna for the night and came back out, ready to roll. "That seems like the best plan. And you've got two of the most flexible paradigms in Prospect here, so one of us can take a peek, then if we need to DO something, we can all work together under your mojo to Get Shit Done."

Gwydion nods and looks around "Sounds good to me. All the other complicated ways of getting clever about it have held it up so much we just let it sit. Its time to do a thang."

Phil is partway through taking down a card table and setting it down, along with a few camp chairs, when he turns and squints at Gwydion. "Next time you say 'thang', you get to buy the beer for the rest of the night. All right, Yukon oughtta do it, just go by color for now. This was the spot here, right?" He looks around and adjusts the position of the table a bit.

Typhanie chuckles. "He isn't even old enough to buy beer yet." Typhanie shakes her head and moves over a little bit more. "Right about here, I think."

Gwydion snorts and grins at Phil "Alright since we're the only ones who showed up I'll try to sound a little less country." Moves around the other side from Typhanie so now they have a sort of rough triangle thing going and he nods.

There's four hands of cards, but only three chairs. The reason becomes clear as each person works through their schtick in turn, Phil slipping on a pair of sunglasses despite the late hour: a shimmering little ugly mug of a creature floats in mid-air there, a tendril of energy connecting it to the man opposite. Handfuls of cards are rearranged here and there, eventually uncovering some face down ones which are flipped over in turn.

"Ugh." Typhanie declares when her bestest buddy appears. "Haven't seen your stupid fucking face in a while." Then she's back to playing cards, Phil's way. She spent enough time with him and she's all flexybendy enough to work things his way.

Gwydion has those spectral tendril wings going on and a ghostly overlay of armor and a hood all to umbral sight. He doesn't see himself as seperate from his avatar but working within Phil's paradigm makes Raguel more prominent. He peers into the vortex and frowns slightly "Well crap."

Not /that/ kind of flexybendy. (Not for a good long while.) "Use your words, G-man. What're we lookin' at?"

Gwydion nods at Phil and frowns as he tries to parse it into words "Its like someone hit the pause button on the big bang."

Typhanie also has a nasty old bitch looming over her shoulder, muttering in her ear. "No. Shut your trap. I'm still not talking to you. You don't get to critique my sex life anymore than ugly fuck does." She motions generally in that direction, then falls silent to wait for Gwydion.

<< we've moved on, >> the thing croaks. Phil, meanwhile, waves a dismissive hand. "The hell's that mean?" he asks Gwydion. "It's holding still, that's good, right? Or you mean it's just about to blow up in somebody's face?"

Gwydion shrugs as he consideres "Its like its stable at the moment." He fishes out a notepad to sketch a line drawing of it. Its sort of a nebula that in monochrome looks like an eye "There."

Typhanie also waves a hand and looks over to Gwydion. "Paused. So.. what happens if we unpause it? Does it blow up or does it do pretty things? Can we rewind it instead?"

Gwydion blinks a couple of times back into the vortex he says "Huh." Then mindful of Phil's direction to use his words "Okay check that. Its not a frozen proto spell big bang thing. Its a living creature......like the genus loci of the Horizon realm that should have been? Not sure exactly."

Phil squints, moving some more of the cards around and nodding. "Yeah, think you're right. Can't blame them for being worried about /that/, question is, is it friendly or is it pissed off on account of being shut up all that time?"

"Well, maybe we should ASK it. Just how slow is it moving? Like.. will it inevitably DO something? And if so, are we talking ten years or a million years? And even more pressing, what if someone ELSE comes along who doesn't happen to have the common sense to be careful and they unleash this thing and he's REALLY pissed?"

Gwydion ponders Typhanie's questions and rearranges his cards a couple of times and says "Well crap. Its not one life its several shared lives. Like a hive intelligence. I'm not gettin an impression of hostility or anythin but some of the signs are...alien. So its hard to tell."

"Well, that could be a mess," Phil muses. "Might be a friendly neighbor. Then again... I heard about this story one time where these aliens were friendly, right up until they cut up one of the humans. Others asked 'em why, they basically couldn't answer nothing except 'because'."

"Well.... We should talk to it. Maybe I should talk to it." Or, ya know, take one for the team and fuck it. That might work too. "Them. Is that possible? I've got no strain on me right now and I'm all filled up with mage juice. I could probably do it."

Gwydion grins at Typhanie and shrugs "With the three of us at a table together pretty much anythin is possible. If you wind up needin more juice I've got plenty to spare."

End Log