2015.08.09 Violently Protesting Violence

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Violently Protesting Violence
A march from the hospital to the park turns ugly.
IC Date August 9, 2015
IC Time Just after Sunset
Players Ayden, Larry, Laura, Kokimi, Nymph, Basilisk, Rin, Tara, Corbin, Skye, Eva Zaitsev
Location From Memorial Hospital to Maple Park.
Spheres Mortal, Mortal+, Mage

Begin Log

Lincoln Blvd. and Fourth Ave. - This intersection cuts through the sprawling medical center complex of the city. The northeast block is dominated by the huge, modern white and green glass Prospect Memorial Hospital. The grounds facing Lincoln Street take up half a block and are exquisitely landscaped. Carefully planned gardens make geometric forms round the shaggy boles of palm trees along the sidewalks. Torrey Pines are tastefully scattered over the greensward with ornate benches beneath their evergreen boughs. Before the huge entrance, a massive fountain sprays umbrellas of spumey water into a decorative cistern. Along the west side of the main building, the emergency entrance sees steady traffic, especially from EMT vehicles barreling down Fourth Street. Across from that, the city block is cut up with a tangled web of side streets. All along these in every direction, are private clinics and doctor's offices of every kind.

Skye is walking down the street with Rin, making her way towards campus. They seem to be chatting amicably, looking a bit more relaxed than they were earlier.

Rin looks surprised to hear about Skye's workplace, but shelves her questions when she sees the crowd gathering. "Oh my - not what I expected, what's up here?" She looks curiously in all directions at once

Kokimi is standing on one of the low concrete blocks on the side of the hospital steps, leading a group of mixed gender students in a mantra.. "Stop The Silence, Save Our Sisters!" Her hand waves emphatically like a maestro, louder.. more excited. as the group seems to really engage she tosses the bull horn to the loudest of the gathered and gestures them off to gather more. Give a college kid a free cup of star bucks, they'll yell their daddy wears women's panties at a raiders game!

Skye slows as she sees the crowd gathering. She cocks her head and shakes her head. "I'm not sure..." She says, pausing at edge of the crowd. She picks up a flyer and loks at it. Her eyes widen. "Oh! Eva? Oh no! There... appears to have been an attack on a woman.. a friend of mine." She bites her lip and walks up to Kokimi. "Hey! Is Eva okay?" She asks, sounding concerned.

A huge, blue and white EMT vehicle roars into the emergency entrance of the hospital and quickly disgorges paramedics and a patient.

Rin blinks rapidly and grabs the flyer from Skye's hand. "Another one? She was in the hospital when I left her! Oh no- wait, is this the one in the park or- " Rin's brows are furrowed in confusion

Basilisk comes by the area, pausing to look at the crowd. "What's thsi alla bout then?" she asks.

Kokimi is handing out flyers about the rally, a march to raise awareness about violence against women in the way of an attack on Eve. She's also handing out free Starbucks coupons for a cart in Maple Park. As she hands

Skye one of each she shakes her head, "I don't work here.. you'll have to check with the nurses.. but if she's not, please tell everyone.. it's important we stop this madness.. crimes against women in prospect have raised 45 in the last three years!"

Ayden approaches the area his badge on his belt. "Whats going on here?" He asks nearing the area.

Skye lets Rin take the flyer. "There was someone else??" She absently takes both flyer and the coupon. She shivers at Kokimi's comment. "Yeah.. I can imagine. We were just saying that we were nervous walking through some parts of town." She nods at Rin.

Rin looks up toward the approaching officer and shrugs in confusion before looking back down and shaking her head. "Oh geez.. yea, small world, me and a friend - Eva - were just attacked last night out there actually.. Wait- " She looks in confusion toward Skye "You know her too?"

As others gather and talk amongst themselves, Kokimi jumps up on one of the low concrete blocks on the side of the hospital steps, leading a group of mixed gender students in a mantra.. "Fourty-Five is Life! Violence in Prospect Up 45 Perscent! Stop the Silence! Save our Sisters!" Her hand waves emphatically like a maestro, louder.. more excited. as the group seems to really engage she tosses the bull horn to the loudest of the gathered and gestures them off to gather more. Give a college kid a free cup of star bucks, they'll yell their daddy wears women's panties at a raiders game!

Skye glances at Rin and blinks. "Oh! You know Eva? Yeah.. It is a small world. I'm a friend of hers too. We went out to Sushi a while back." She murmurs softly.

Ayden approaches the gathered group not concerned about the yelling and loudness. More so their message and what it means. Ayden nods at everyone as he gets closer to Rin. "Excuse me I understand the general message but is there specifics that I should be aware of?"

Campus hipsters gather with their iphones and androids, banners wind through the street.. folks starts to pack together. On the streets, cars begin to be blocked off, and congestion mounts. The drivers honk, adding more noise to the cacophony.

Rin looks over in surprise and nods. "Yea, hey Officer - I think we filed a report about it the other day. Assault in Maple Park, some guy was trying to do something to my friend.. he ran off but not before scaring the Hell out of some of the cops helping us. I didn't know about all this though, and I don't think this girl- " Rin hands her flyer over to Ayden "- is even conscious right this moment to know about it.. but I bet she'd be happy about it!" Rin smiles gratefuly toward Kokimi

Skye looks up and nods hesitantly at Ayden. She listens to Rin as she describes what happened. She squeezes the woman's shoulder before nodding at Kokimi. Leaning up, she offers her hand. "I'm Skye, by the way."

Ayden says, "Well I normally work Homicide so this isnt really my area but. Ill tell ya what Im gonna stick around crimes against women need to end." He says. "Ill make sure with all of what I can do that no one breaks this up. Are you Ok though did anything happen to you that night?" Dalton asks. "Evening Skye I hope all is as well as can be with you.""

Kokimi is handing out booklets of free coffee coupons as she looks up and catches Rin's smile "Man that sucks. It didn't even make the news I bet.. that's the problem. No one reports. If it's not reported, it didn't happen. That's why that poor girl in there dying now." She gestures at the hospital and then tosses the coupons to Skye as the hand comes up. "I'm Kim.. thanks for handing those out!"

Rin blinks, looking between the two figures. "You know each other too? Girl its a small world." Rin smiles slightly re-assured, before brushing away some stray hair and fiddling with a jacket pocket. "And- wait! " The conversation suddenly catches up in a flash and Rin's voice gets slightly loud and panicked "-she's dying? When did this happen!" Kokimi becomes Rin's whole universe for the moment

Tara walks towards the group of people her arms bandaged up and as well is her leg as her face is brusied from her wreck. "Hey guys what's going ON?

Skye nods her head at Ayden. "Um.. yeah.. I'm fine. Just worried about Eva." She glances at the hospital before blinking as she's given a bunch of coupons from Kokimi. "Um.. Oh! Well.. sure." She smiles faintly and starts to give the coupons out. She gives one to Rin and blinks. "She's dying?!"

Ayden says, "Wait now what dying? How what exactly happened that night?" Ayden asks approaching warily." looks around and is watching hearing about someone dying Tara's face turns red in anger.

Kokimi picks up a giant brass whisper and blows it hard and loud.. then three short tweets. With that, he body of college kids hold up their phones with "flames' on the screens, because no one uses real candles anymore. "Everyone!" she bellows.. ignoring the terrified questions about the health of the girl inside. "One Block North, Straight East! Keep it slow, watch your neighbors! TAKE - BACK - THE - NIGHT!"

Rin looks in panic between Kokimi, Ayden, and Skye. "Wait, is she- have you heard anything about- " The crowd seems to be moving the main source of information and Rin looks torn between following it and seeing if the others have any information. "The last time I visited her she was ok - I mean, half comatose, shaking, and talking about being drowning in darkness, but fine, did something happen? Did that bastard come back?"

Skye pushes the Starbucks coupons into some passing girl. She lets Kokimi lead the crowd away. Then she looks back at Rin, biting her lips. "I'm tempted to stop in the hospital to see if they know anything."

Tara begins to looks to every one and looks to skye and to ayden and shouts "Is someone going to tell me what is going on who got hurt and what the hell are we doing?

Ayden if Rin will let him Ayden puts his arm around her too. "Dont worry Maam Im sure shes fine or at least will be ok. Lets do Eva an honor and march to reclaim the night for you women to be safe what do you say?" He asks reassuringly.

Basilisk approaches the group. "Why are you going to the park?" she asks, looking almost protective. "Are you going to harm anyone?"

Rin checks a slightly outdated smartphone covered in stickers, not seeming to mind the arm. More subtly though one hand drops down into a pocket to protect the wallet there. "Um. I don't think they'll let us for a bit longer unless visiting hours have changed.. But yea, if you check on her later I could come with maybe?" Rin waves toward Tara, grabbing a flyer from a random student's hand and handing it over

"TAKE - BACK - THE - NIGHT!" the chant grows, moving through the crowd, and with hundreds of folks there.. it's a recipe for chaos. Kokimi disappears into the crowd, moving northbound.

Tara looks to rin after she reads the flyer "So your telling me that thier are men out there hurting women ?

Rin starts typing the phone number in, along with a skype and email address. "The phone number.. its to my hotel. Eva got me that hotel room, I couldn't afford one, didn't even bat an eye.." She shakes her head slightly, gathering herself up and nodding to Tara. "I don't know about other men, just this one creep the other night that I know of.."

Tara looks to her "have they caught him yet?"

Skye licks her lip and nods. "Um.. yeah.. well.. here.. let me call you and then you'll have my number." she taps the number and lets it clal Rin's phone. Then she hangs up. She winces. "Yeah.. soem men.. can be plain evil."

Basilisk frowns "Theres a murderer or rapist or something on the loose?" she says. "Well. Lets get him!"

Tara looks to balilisk "Yes I agree with her, this should not be left un finshed where did it happen?

Ayden keeps his arm around Rins shoulder as long as she will allow it. "Ill keep you safe promise." Then he turns to Basilisk. "Maam you are aware you all have a cop with you right, No vigilantism if we run into him let me take him down Legally shall we."

Bodies move in unison, surging, driving.. voices rising. The anger of the crowd grows more with every step they take. The banners, lights, someone yell's Get Him! and several more voices chime in. "YEAH GET HIM!" and "THE RAPIST IS HERE" as the crowd throws east with the blow of a whistle, poor Ayden's words of wisdom reach a small crowd but are lost on others. "KILL THE MOTHERFUCKER!"

Skye blinks and shakes her head at Ayden. "Oh.. no.. we'll be okay. Thank you though." She says, glancing at Rin. "Sure.. it's this way." She says, gesturing down the street.

Rin looks over toward ayden and nods gratefull. "Plus, I have a bad feeling you're about to be Very needed here. Um. could I have your card though? And remember, tophat, scary goth-topic cain, you get him for us!"

Ayden hands rin his card. "Thats got both my personal and business lines on it gimme a call if you need anything at all ok?"

Rin nods gratefully and follows Skye

Tara looks to Ayden when she finds him "oh thank god, I found you, please tell me you are going to find him

Skye flashes a smile at Ayden and then heads down the street.

The group moves to Maple Park

Maple Park - A winding, clay-tile walkway leads from Maple Street to a wide, walled parkland. Beyond the great gates set with colored tiles in a Spanish motif, a tropical promenade opens with many more trails wandering the various attractions. Gardens of succulent plants and myriad flowers adorn a cultivated greensward riddled with landscaped streams and fountains illuminated by colored lights. Here and there, the walkways enter a flower-grown colonade with benches and small, cafe tables. Many of the plants here are not native to Southern California, only the intricate waterworks of the park ensure their health and survival despite the ubiquitous heat.

Seven hundred angry people, more caffeine than finals week at the UC, and someone yelled rape.. down the block a car surged at the group after profanities were exchanged, and a mob from the rally for Anti-Violence scrambled atop it to take the matter into their own hands. "You support rapists you mother fucker?! We'll show you what we do with your kind of monster!" Of course that's blocks away now, but here, the bitter angry tone isn't getting any better. A woman stand up on a bench and holds up her sign, "I WONT BE SILENCED AGAIN!! The Scool Told me Not to Rock The Boat!" --- and the crowd roars in return -- "ROCK THE BOAT! STOP THE SILENCE!"

Basilisk knows even if she wanted to she couldnt stop this many people. She lowers herslef towards the ground, growling softly to herself. This doenst look good.

Among the protesters is a Nymph! Not a student, but fuck the man! Her violet hair definitely stands out among the sea of people as she shouts at the top of her voice, shaking her fist in the air.

Larry is doing his best to keep a low profile among the crowd, which isn't easy, considering. "I hear you," he offers to Basilisk in passing, before returning to surveying the crowd. If it was going to break down from anti-violence into just plain violence, where would it most likely start...

Tara follows the crowd and watches

Corbin meanders into the park, the well-tailored gentleman a bit of an odd sight at this hour. He hardly seems to mind, however, a smile playing at the corner of his lips as he glances about.

Laura tries to sort of lay low herself, but she knew some of the people, as a graduate of the school herself not so long ago, these were her people! Hearing the chants, she glances in that direction and the woman standing on the bench being the voice. There's a quick and covert look to Larry, but she doesn't join in.

Ayden approaches the people near the car. "Stop this shit now. What the hell do you think this is going to do for your cause?" He yells out. "This is supposed to end violence and you all are now Perpetuating it give it up let the bastard go Ill call in the plates come one Now!!!"

Tara looks to Ayden and stands beside him "He is right, volience wont solve the problem only make it worse"

In he crowd is also Kokimi.. she's not got a bullhorn anymore, but she's inciting another group standing near the children's part with a story shouted at the top of her lungs. "RIGHT HERE! HE WAS BEATING HER RIGHT HERE AND WHEN SOMEONE TRIED TO STOP IT.. HE WAS STABBED TO DEATH!" The knot of protesters around her erupt into another chorus, "STOP THE SILENCE! FOURTY-FIVE IS LIFE!" From across the sea of bodies someone lifts a large caliber handgun in the air.. "I got a .45 right here! Where's the Rapist?!" Several people scream, trying to scatter away from the guy with the gun, making a ripple through the crowd, where several women, unaware of the gun scream "Get your hands off me! STOP TOUCHING ME!" Oh boy.. "There he is! MASHER! He grabbed me!"

Ayden stops turns and charges the guy with the gun pulling his own .45. "Put down the Gun Sir Put it the hell down now!"

Ah, priorities. The one with the gun, or the one who-- well, the alleged rapist is probably about to be dogpiled. Hopefully non-fatally. Larry turns his attention to the one with the .45 instead, focusing his voice on him and him alone. "Put that DOWN." (OOC: Radiance 1 coming up, Per+Awareness vs 10 if you have the latter)

Fingering a pistol of indeterminate make, Nymph thinks better than pulling it out at this point, watching from afar. It's justified for her to shoot the cop if he shoots someone, riiiight? I mean, fuck the establishment!

Corbin seems to be highly entertained by the ongoing events. His smile widens when he sees several pistols drawn, and he rests his fingertips in his tailored trousers, watching the show.

Well, the cop hasn't shot anyone /yet/. And the guy with the .45 seems to be slapped with a sudden dose of Common Fucking Sense, tossing his piece down rather than risk someone else being faster on the draw.

Somewhere in the distance, Kokimi ducks down into the crowd, becoming easily lost. Ayden's call out brings the backup, or one of them at least, for the other is trying to stop a group dragging one of the homeless folks towards a tree, they're screaming obscenities at him, "Molester! FREAK!" The female cop chasing the lynch mob down gets ahold of one of then by the back of his Raider's jacket.. "PUNTA!" he hollers, and it's on, she's drawing her service weapon and shouting for backup.

Ayden holsters his gun. "Smart move dont do that again." Ayden says as he pulls out his phone calling in to have a few more cops come for back up to help him keep this a sfe rally.

With a deep sigh,Nymph slips away from whatever the hell is going on and manages to get out of the crowd. Nodding to Kokimi, she finds herself next to her. "Well, fuck this, can't have a rally without someone coming along and fucking it up, right?" She says, glaring as she totally looks pissed.

The backup jumped common-sense dude from behind, since he DID draw a weapon in a crowd. Someone else starts videotaping it and yells "BLACK LIVES MATTER!" even though both the cop, and the dummy are white. Because, chaos. On the fringes, many of the students have started to vacate the park, even a free Star Bucks is not worth this.

When the guns had been pulled, Laura hadn't approached anyone, nor had she ordered anyone to drop any weapons. Her gaze was on the people with the guns though, and she ducks into the crowd, not wanting to get accidentally shot. She gets lost from Larry's side in the process.

Tara begins to hurt alot from standing and looks to ayden "I'm sorry but I was in a car accident not to long ago anf I have to go home and rest text me sometime alright

Rin wonders back toward the park, following the sound of the protest march, looking at how big the group has gotten

Ayden runs towards the female officer pulling his piece again hes telling the group dragging the homeless man especially the guy in the raiders jacket to knock it off. "Im detective Ayden O'Leary Officer keep calm Uni"

Rin stares in surprise at the scene, closing in on the fight but making no move to stop anyone - more curious than anything

Ugh. This many people, this many emotions. This is /hard/. How do the cops deal with it? Oh, right, fear of superior firepower. And that's starting to unravel now. Larry is going to have to choose his words carefully here. "Hey. Hey! Even if that guy /is/ a rapist, let's not lynch anyone tonight, okay? Take matters into your own hands and they'll feel justified taking /you/ into /their/ hands."

Basilisk shakes her head. "It doesnt matter what we say. The crowds too big. They want something hurt." she crawls under a bench to hide. "Too many people."

It sounds like a damn cannon.. followed by screams, people running.. the blood spatters on the Detecive as he arrives just in time to see the rookie take a .38 to the face from one of the punk gangers intent on making the night memorable. Now, everyone's running. Anger is decidedly second to survival in the millineal crowd.

Kokimi is indeed just sort of standing aside now, watching everything going down, including the well dressed man with the slight smile.. Corbin. She nods slowly to Nymph, or at least starts to as a reply when a gun goes off over at the would-be lynch mob scene. She's dropping behind a concrete trash can. "Holy shit!"

Ayden says, "What the fuck!" Ayden shouts keeping his gun up. "Put down your guns NOW!""

And, the instant she hears the gun shot, Nymph ducks down and shouts. "Fucking hell. What the fuck has violence EVER solved?" Well...other than when I'm the one doing the shooting, of course. Muttering, she turns to Kokimi and asks, "Are you okay?"

Rin moves gracefully around the crowd, working to get the homeless alleged-rapist away from the crowd, out to the streets and away from the violence while the police are trying to hold them back and fight the crowds

Larry throws up his hands in frustration. Well, he tried. And at least that stopped the lynching, or at least postponed it for a while. Now, since it worked so well the first time, he yells over at the guy with the .38. "You heard him, drop it!"

Ayden tackel the shooter and punhes him in the in the chest as he lands and rolls him onto his stomach cuffing him. "Youre so fucking lucky I dont shoot you right here right now." He snarls

The young man who just shot a rookie cop in the face is not only tackled and punched in the chest, he seems to have been disarmed by the detective. The way he throws that gun aside like it's hot, couldn't have anything to do with Larry's very frustrated demand after all.

Kokimi quickly counts her fingers, and pats herself down. "I'm here. Yeah. Shit, what the hell, that's one angry group of people.." she seems to be perfectly content staying in the darkness.

Laura doesn't see anything because she'd taken a dive for cover as soon as she had heard the gunshot. She looks from where she s for Larry but can only hear him now and again, speaking to the gunman. So much for a peaceful protest!

As the crowd's focus and bloodlust turns toward the shooting, blood, and police, Rin shoulder's the homeless guy and moves away. She is whispering calming words and promises while working to get him away from everything that's been happening, promising to keep him safe

In the distance, police sirens wail as Ayden's backup begins to descend on the park.

Smiling at Kokimi, Nymph nods and...passes her a cup of coffee? Best to just not think where she got it from! "Just...ugh...people, I hate them. I would fucking love to just make it all go away."

Ayden hits the shooter a few times. "She was a fucking rookie just a gods damned Kid what the fuck is wrong with you!" He throws a few more punches. "Not a big enough man to take a shot at me you piece of shit!" He yells throwing an elbow to the gunmans face.

Okay. Gunman #2 is down, and about to be more so. Larry takes another quick look around, finally spotting Laura again and beelining toward her. "You okay?" he calls over, now that she can actually hear him without any shouting involved.

And Black Live Matter continues to cell phone video Ayden beating the shit out of his unarmed suspect.

Rin slips off into the distance and nearby alleys, trusting things to sort themselves out. The man will, unfortunately, never be found.

Accepting the coffee with a mild smile, Kokimi offers Nymph her hand "I'm Kim.. sorry t' meet you in these circumstances."

The college kids have all but vacated the park with the exception of the videographer.. the first gun waver is fully cuffed and under control of the police, the police and rolling in.. last chance for bystanders to get fair escape before becoming official witnesses!

"I'm fine," Laura hastily assures Larry, "This has gotten way out of control. Any ideas?" She looks towards the dead rookie and the cop beating up the shooter. "What can I do? I feel about useless, but I have no desire to get shot."

Ayden pulls the shooter to his feet. "Lets fucking go now douche bag." Then he turns his gaze to the videographer. "Delete that please. This was about getting even for the murder of a cop without killing him. I want the justice system to take care of that. Im not going to order you to delete it or take your phone from you but Im asking please dont leak it."

Larry slips his arms around Laura's waist, keeping her close. "I think the best we can do at this point is fill in the other officers when they get here. Big mess like this, every little bit might help. Then I'm going to take you out for ice cream or /something/."

"You fuckin' kidding me man?! I'mma sell this shit to NBC!" The camera-guy is turning to run off with the whole scene on the phone.

Ayden says, "Fine kid ruin my rep cost me my job I dont care at least I know I did the right thing." He says dragging along the suspect."

Oh dear! 'Black Lives Matter' really is a clumsy fuck! Just as he turns around to run, he trips on a particularly grassy knoll! Going flying, he loses grip on his phone and SPLOOSH! With little fanfare, the phone with the video is sinking to the bottom of the pond.

...okay, /really/? Camera Guy just had to run his mouth. Acting on instinct, Larry whips around and yells at him. "/Erase it/! You're trying to make money off a /cop killer/, you--" But that's as far as he gets before it goes flying into the drink. Okay, well, that works too.

Was that Nymph staring at 'Black Lives Matter'? No, surely not! Anyway, now she's got her phone out and is tapping away, probably tweeting all about what just happened!

Basilisk is busily watching people under her bench. No one would miss one if she reached out and grabbed them pulled them under and had dinner, right?

Ayden says, "Well I guess that settles it an odd way to trip and lose the footage but Im happy its gone." Ayden says heading to his back up the shooter in front of him and hand cuffed. "Youre going to prison for a long time bitch.""

Officers now on scene in droves, walk around to take statements. Koimi walks past the pond and listens to the guy babbling about his phone man.. his phone. Phone? What phone? Movng some hair from her face the young native american woman says, "What phone? There wasn't no phone.. he was harassing that hero cop over there.. yeah I saw him take down both shooters by himself.." She's pointing at Ayden,, then moves off to a bench to wait for her statement to be taken.

Pressing send on her phone, Nymph turns to look back at Kokimi. "So, uh, you got much planned for now?" She asks. Smooth.

Laura gives Larry a brave sort of smile, it holds a wealth of concern though. "I'll gladly go anywhere with you other than here if you can get us all out of here alive.." Of course she knows he couldn't single handedly do it, but he seemed to be helping.

Larry inclines his head to Laura. "Soon as we can, yeah." They just need to get the statements taken care of. But first, they need to go browbeat 'Black Lives Matter' into coughing up his actual name. There's going to be a press release the next day.

Kokimi moves a hand across her hair, smoothing down the feather, then reaches to adjust her bead and bone top with a grin. "Got no plans except maybe shots and good company. A night like this one? I might try an take them in a hotel room where it's going to be safe."

Meanwhile over there - Larry easily gets the name and address of the would-be video star, he's happy to tell anyone who'll listen, all about himself.

Ayden hands the suspect over to the unis. "Here you all go I dont know how a homicide detective can be so unlucky to be onscene when a murder goes down." He turns and points to Kokimi. "May I have a word with you maam?"

Kokimi flicks her tongue against the back of her teeth and stage whispers to Nymph.. "Sorry Sister, I think I'm in trouble. But yeah.. later." She gives a little finger-wiggle to her companion, then moves over towards Ayden with the coffee cup Nymph handed her earlier.. which of course is offered to hero. "Yes Sir. " She stands aside quietly to let Ayden finish his other business first.

Ayden nods to Nymph with a smile and a bit of a saddened look in his eyes. "We were at the academy together. But thanks Maam I will let you know." He takes Nymphs card and hands over his own both personal and business cells are on there contact me anytime if you need anything he offers." Turning to look at Kokimi. "Would you like to walk a bit or just talk here. thanks for the offer but you drink that Ill get some booze or something later." He says. "Youre not in any trouble I just would like to ask you a few questions." He says pulling out his pack or Marlboros and a zippo he pulls a cigarette out and offers the open pack to Kikomi. "Smoke?"

As she passes by Kokimi press a soft kissto her cheek, slipping another card into her hand. "Shoot me a text when you're done, okay? I won't be going far." She winks and turns around, "I will see you around, Detective." A flirty air around her, but still managing to be respective.

Kokimi stands, looking at the offered pack of smokes.. her tongue flicking against the back of her teeth. "I quit.. like six days ago man... but.." she plucks one from the pack and slips it between her lips. After all she just saw a chick die, and got kissed by a hot one. "Can we walk?" she mumbles around the butt.

"There's always a press release," Laura watches the cops doing their jobs and gives Larry a headshake. "Is there anything you can do? Or say? To get him to give his name I mean. You sort of inspire people to talk." Oh how well she knew that. She gives him a smile, but it's a little shaky. "I think I'm going to learn to use a gun."

Ayden strikes the zippo lighting both cigarettes and closing it with a tink as he pockets it and starts to walk. "Look I just wanted to know what happened here tonight. Why did you start this rally?" He asks. "Did you think that it might cause fear panic and danger?" He asks not able to take his eyes from the woman hes talking to.

"Already did," Larry says, handing Laura a slip of paper. "Though he's going to wish he hadn't. We have /much/ better PR than he ever will again. C'mon, let's get some dessert in you and then you can hit the firing range tomorrow if you want."

End Log