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IC Date October 10th, 2015
IC Time Late Afternoon, early evening
Players Gwydion, Tasha, Silver, Cassin, Phil, Russell, Arashi, Reed, Rajani, Rose
Location The Dive
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"There's a guy with a grill on wheels out there asking where he's supposed to set up." That's Tasha. She comes in with Phil, munching on a piece of bread. The tables are clean. The bar is clean. That's about it. The rest of the place kinda looks like a few dozen people were slaughtered in here. Tasha also has a bucket and some cleaning supplies and already, there are people starting to filter in with buckets and cleaning products and one chick just heads right up behind the counter and scoots Cassin out of the way. "Go. I'm your bartender for the night."

There is a Silver seated at the bar, she is already getting an early start. There is a drink poured in front of her a shot to be specific. "Tell them to take the corner of the parking lot nearest the door, so people can come out and eat when they want a break. As Tasha walks in, she stands and gives her a hug, grinning to the bartender, a familiar face and friend of Steele's.

Cassin is easily removed from his position behind the bar. Doesn't mean that he doesn't send Silver a look, a simply arch of his brow before he makes his way around. He's only just about to drop into a seat when he's startled by the extra new faces..and the buzz of his phone. The phone gets a scowl, everyone else a wave. "I'll be right back, I have to take this." Is allowed to the only familiar face in the room before he heads for the door.

Phil lets out a long sigh as he takes a look around. "I've seen worse," he finally declares, nodding to some of the janitorial mooks and jotting a couple quick notes down on a notepad. "They got any Glenfidditch left?" he asks Tasha, dryly.

Gwydion comes in from the street dropping his phone in his pocket and offering a wave to the familiar faces before wandering over to Silver "So your brother sent me a text? I'm all for sprucing up the neighborhood."

Silver catches the look from Cassin, oh she does, but she bites her lip to try and be nonchalant about ignoring it. Still, a smile tugs at her lips as he disappears briefly. "Hey Phil," she greets him, then there's Gwydion and she smiles, walking over to stand beside him. "Yes, he wanted to get some help cleaning this place up so it could get reopened. The owner, I've met him a few times, his name is Cassin, he's a nice guy." As the Hamburger Helpers get busy cleaning, the buckets and mops and brooms, she motions towards the bar. "Like a shot before getting started?"

"Looks like we've got whiskey, some vermouth, some gin.. hey, this isn't a bad set up over here, guys!" That's the temporary bartender. Whatever's on tap, though, she starts pouring them out for people to come get started. Tasha hugs Silver and nods. "Beer. God, this place is awful." She scoots away from Phil to go grab them both a drink so that everyone can get started

"No kidding," replies Phil, picking up a shot glass, then leaning over to grab the bottle as well and turn the label around. "Yeah, thought so," he murmurs, before setting it back again. "Hey, Johnny, you got that mop extender out in the truck, right? Might need it for that top shelf up there."

Gwydion shakes his head at Silver "I'll take a cola if that's alright, couple of months till I can drink legally still. Its the beard, makes me look distinguished."

Scene-set: The bar and the tables are clean. The rest of the place still looks kind of like a slaughterhouse, though the people here (PCs and NPCs alike) are starting to make inroads on it. Out front, somebody is grilling burgers or something. And Phil squints at Gwydion and laughs a little. "Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that."

"At least 14," Tasha tells Gwydion. She's on her knees, scrubbing something gross off the floor. Her beer is beside her and she occasionally stops for a little sip.

Bouncing into The Dive is a flowing trane of blue-black tresses that turn out to be part of a young Japanese woman of tiny stature. She looks about with slightly wide sanguine brown eyes as her hair splashes about her slim shoulders and otherwise seems to continue flowing forwards once she stops. "Mister Harrison," says Arashi to Phil as she bows to him briefly, "Where is Steele? The bathroom is clean now. I wanted to see if there was another task he needed me to perform."

The door flies open because the fellow behind it puts considerable, casual, force into the way he thrust it open. The door rebounds off the wall and Russ catches it easily to slip through the opening. He's got his fedora and mirrored aviators in despite the hour. "Hello..." Russ' face erupts into a wide grin as he surveyed the chaos of all that deep cleaning and blood? He didn't say hello to anyone in particular, it was really muttered under his breath in an idle approval at the sight inside the bar. He takes a few hesitant steps into the establishment. "You guys closed?" This is hailed in an unabashed Scottish accent.

Gwydion grins at Phil and shrugs as he gets his non-alcoholic beverage "If I wish hard enough it might come true right?" Arashi gets a wave and then Russ gets a look and a nod "Scene just got released recently and its still gettin seen to."

"Better you than me, gentlemen," Phil offers to the cleanup crew. Well, they /are/ getting paid, at least. "G-man, I hate to break it to you, but some things are beyond even your considerable skills. Give it another ten years." With Tasha working on the floor, he heads over and takes a turn behind the bar for a while. "Pick your poison," he calls over to Russ, "we'll see what we got."

"Oh, and I think Steele's out front working the burger grill," he adds, nodding to Arashi.

"Whiskey, well is fine." Russ agrees as he ambles over to the bar and takes a stool. He makes an idle effort of quietly watching the clean up going on around him. "The hell happened here anyway? Looks like a freaking movie set."

"We're cleaning. Get a mop or get out," Tasha calls, rather grumpily, toward Russ. There are some things that she doesn't mind being on her knees for. Just ask Phil. But scrubbing blood out of a hard wood floor isn't high on her list or priorities.

"I think I'll stick to the whiskey and you can keep your attitude..." Once his whiskey arrives he takes a neat little sip from the rocks glass. "If didn't spill it, I don't intend to scrub it." Russ quips back to the snark from Tasha loud enough to carry the sounds made by others present. He adds in a softer voice, "And even then... You should see my apartment..."

Looking to Russ, her sanguine brown eyes looking rather like the darker side of a sunset, Arashi says to Russ very simply in her flue-like soprano, "People died. A lot of people." For once she is not carrying around her violin case, though this would be on one of the shelves behind the bar so she has access to it. It is never far from her. To Phil she says "Thank you... " Before looking around once more, "Hmm. On second thought. Plenty do be done in here." With that she gets to work cleaning. The little thing is rather efficient at it, really. Russ is given another comment, "I apologize, sir. I do not believe the place is actually open for business. Something about how the wash of human blood and flesh violates health codes or something. So it is, in truth, exactly as she says. Everyone present is part of the cleanup effort."

Without missing a beat, Phil picks up a spare washcloth, balls it up and chucks it in Arashi's general direction, though it winds up missing by a few feet. "You wanna shut the fuck up before some cop drops by lookin' to make quota? We're here to help, not get the place shut down for /another/ month." Eyeing another near-empty bottle of vodka, he sniffs at it, then dumps the last few drops onto another cloth and wanders over to start working on a stretch of wall with it. It'll do more good that way than in anyone's gut.

"Well, seeing as how the place isn't OPEN, and we were all brought in here to help clean up... you can shove your whiskey up your ass and grab a mop." Tasha's tone is just.. almost chipper.. until she slides forward and sticks her hand in something.. sticky. "Oh god..." she mutters quietly to herself and just dunks her whole hand in her bucket of probably chemically scalding cleaning bucket.

Making his way back into the bar from the parking lot outside, Cassin is forced to sidestep the stranger (aka: Russ). He just barely catches onto the conversation, but it earns a nod nonetheless. "Yeah, sorry. Closed still. Feel free to help mop up the last crowd the bar saw though. There's a little bit of them?...verywhere." A hand waves absently toward the messy bar (though in all seriousness it's not going to give folks nightmares). "Otherwise..." He lets his words fade as his phone is tucked into his pocket as he heads back toward the bar. Tasha gets a glance and a grimace, "You're gonna demand a kidney for payment, huh?" After all, scrubbing. For the moment the rest of the strangers get a once over. They're multiplying.

Gwydion eyeballs Russ and sets his cola on the bar top and stands there with his arms hanging loose at his side "So what'll it be stranger, takin a task or takin a walk?"

Pivoting where she stands, Arashi moves with a viper-like alacrity. The leg of her jeans actually gives a resounding 'POP' as the air flows over the hem. The tip of her foot catches the wash-cloth that missed her by feet and causes it to arc up into the air, the maneuver something like a wheel kick but much faster with the 'chamber' having happened only as a function of the body's torque at her hips. The knowledgable might recognize a maneuver out of Pi Qua Chuan. She catches it as it comes down, tucking it into her belt fr later use. Beaming to Phil, she says "Thank you Mr. Harrison, I will do my best to shut the fuck up then." And she hums cheerfully as she mops up spots of gore and blood that have dried into brown masses and sticky horrors.

"Oh yeah? You guys are in violation of the health code?" Russ surveys his glass of whiskey and takes another long sip to finish it off. The rest of what was said to him goes over his head with a condescending smirk on his face. His eyes hide behind the impassive mirrored lenses as he quips back to Phil, "Guess that means mine was on the house?" To Tasha, "I've got worse things than a broom to return the favor with... If you're offering." There was nothing nice about the way he said that...And, without farewell, he starts for the exit at a calm pace.

Phil glances over his shoulder toward Russ as he takes off. "She ain't," he calls out, in a tone of voice that pretty clearly reads 'mine, fuck off'. There's no particular vitriol behind it, he's not trying to prod the guy to stand and fight after all.

Tasha rolls her eyes and leans upright, then sighs. "I... I'll be right back." There may be some more health code violations once she sees the bathroom. We'll see. "Be back in a minute."

Reed rumbles up with in his Deuce Coupe, parking, getting out, carrying a toolkit, and moves toward The Dive, heading in, looking around, "Heard someone needed a cleanup on Aisle five?" He hefts the toolbox, smiling.

Driving a mop that is likely taller than she is with the efficiency of someone whom has cleaned temles grounds and shrines for nearly their entire eighteen years on earth, Arashi is humming cheerfully amidst the gag-worthy gore-strewn 'slaughterhouse' of The Dive. As naive and unworldly as the young woman seems, the gore does not seem to bother her even a little. It is as though it is something she has seen before. Perhaps often. When Reed arrives, she sets her mop aside and he gets a view of her blue-black hair flouncy-bouncing towards her before she plows into his midsection for a hug. "Reed! Hi!"

Gwydion nods as Russ strolls out and then smiles at Reed "And Aisles six through twelve. There's plenty to do." Gwydion gets back to hauling water buckets and mixing cleanser in for people, keeping the scrubbers well supplied.

Silver comes back over after finishing her drink(s) plural, because yeah, that's what Silver's do. Lately. She looks back to Gwydion and the others, surprised to see Arashi there. "Hey, Arashi, good to see you."

Reed smiles as the little Asian girl barrels into him and he holds his toolbox clear, "Hey Arashi." He says, chuckling, free arm going around her shoulders, looking around, nodding. "Weeell now this reminds me of Georgia." He looks at Gwydion, "Okay it's real cleaning, then, no repairs? I'll get down on the scrubbing if that's what you need." He looks at the toolbox, "Brought the repairing tools, but I'll get on a mop if you need." He pulls back from Arashi, grinning to her, and sets down his toolbox, taking off his jacket. "Hey, Silver, how's it going? Cleaning time." He says, getting ready.

Yes, since being cured of her the permanant wound, Arashi has been a bit more cheerful. She was not a monk to begin with after all. Or at least, she was an apostate. Her serenity may be true, but it is tempered by her youth and energy. She nods to Reed, stepping back after the hug, not prolonging it overmuch though her cheeks to have a bit of a blush to them. "I think it's mostly mess. There might be some repairs but we will have to tclear things up before we can figure that out... most of this has been here since the news article." She turns about, "Hi Silver!" she says to Silver. She's been here, though mostly out of sight doing things like cleaning the bathroom etc.

Phil, on the other hand... well, he's not rushing off to urp, but he does make a face now and then, peering at the increasingly crimson washcloth in his hand. "Gonna need bleach for this shit," he mutters under his breath.

Gwydion nods to Phil as he keeps mixing buckets of cleanser for people, taking back the used buckets and disposing of them as well. On one trip by he says, quietly, to Phil "Better livin through alchemy." Reed gets an encouraging nod, a scrubby mop and a bucket of his own "There's probably gonna be repairs to get done later but right now there's layers to get off. Many hands make light work though, we'll be done in no time.

Reed nods to Arashi, looking around, "Yeah, this is nasty." He smiles, "Let's do the Nasty." He takes the equipment from Gwydion, "Oh, Alchemy, badass, let's get down on this." He takes the scrubby mop and bucket, ties his bandanna around his face, bandito style and gets to work on scrubbing up the gore. Yeah, no problem with him. He's getting to work

Silver waves to the others and then frowns only a little. "Cassin, he is a good guy, have you all met him?" He was definitely around somewhere, possibly within earshot of the talk. "I know he's grateful for the help." Everyone is cleaning and scrubbing the closed bar, Silver has even been doing it, but now is taking another drink at the bar.

"Well, let's not get it /too/ clean," Phil answers Gwydion, peering at the wall. "We're looking for 'passes inspection', not 'five-star French restaurant'. Be a waste of time in this neighborhood anyhow."

Mr. Kafur enters first and he looks sharp as ever in his double breasted dark blue. The suit is not suited for cleaning work. He nods to those present before pulling out a  cellphone and making a phone call. The middle aged Indian man speaks in a Hindustani dialect for several minutes. There is a pause. Soon, Rajani enters The Dive and her thin hand rises to her mouth at the sight of the half cleaned space. There are no words and the silk she wear swallows any horror written on her feature. Only the single tear which falls from her right eye belies the stolid mask. "Good evening. I brought the cleaning crew I promised, if you'd like Mr. Kafur can fetch them from the van." Raj is standing by the door with her jacket on as if she never meant to stay...

"Yes!" says Arashi to Reed, "Let us do the nasty!" Someone is going to have to tell her that has a different colloquial meaning. Someone. Anyone. Beuller? She sets back to work on mopping at the various spots, having already changed out mop water a couple of times before Reed arrived and now going to do ao again. It is a dark alizarin crimson, bloody bloody water. And still she hms, completely uneffected. Simply working on.

Gwydion brings Arashi a fresh bucket since its obviously her turn to need one. Setting that down he turns to look at the new people entering "Think it might be about time for a shift change. Give some of these good folks a chance to step outside, have a sit down and get somethin to eat?"

Reed looks up to Arashi, and winces, "That means somethign different than you.." He stops, looking to the door, Masked man with a scrubby mop drenched in blood. He looks to Gwydion and blinks, not sure what happened, someone brought a cleaning crew?

Rajani nods and glances around at all those gathered. "Right. Well, they'll be in shortly. Excuse me." Her words are spoken with an accented lilt. The woman goes to step outside and her bodyguard Mr. Kafur follows her to tend to The Help she brought.

Gwydion nods and goes to head out with Rajani and her guard as well "I think I'll take that break myself and get some fresh air as well."

In street outside----

Cassin can absolutely not deal anymore. To many people he doesn't know doing to many things to keep track of. Slumped against the side of the building, the parking tryke gets a sigh and an arched brow. Damn you Steele. Strangers were packing into the poolhall faster than white girls pack into Starbucks on the first day of fall. A glance back toward the entrance and Cassin was, for a moment, almost sure he could almost sense the pumpkinspice-like draw that filth seemed to have on these people. "There is, but it's a pool hall, not the Ritz. I guess you're welcome to try..but I'm only paying like five people, not the greater metro population." She gets a smile though, despite his tone.

Mr. Kafur holds the door for her this time and Rajani steps out a few moments before Gwydion. She occupies a spot near the curb to watch as Mr. Kafur wrangles her cleaning crew. He gets the six non descript Indian gentlemen out of a dark blue panel van. The crew vary in age but they all sort of look as if they might be related- to the discerning eye.

The food was outside. It really was! In the corner of the parking lot. So that's where Silver is intending on going. Stepping out, she catches sight of Cassin and walks over to stand beside him, offering him a smile. "Rough stuff in there isn't it?" It's then Rose arrives and Silver grins at the tryke. "Well there you go, you got one. Reed said he was getting you one." And there was the kitten too. She laughs.

Rose shakes her head, motioning toward the inside. "Nope. Volunteer." She flicks out a card and hands it over. It reads Briar Rose, Street Artist. It's all fancy and stuff. A lot of effort gone into the effort. "My dude's in there. I was going to offer to paint up the walls for you, inside and out. And help with the clean up. It's no problem at all." Her fingers come up lightly circle around the necklace about her throat. Socialization is HARD. "Anyway... I'll.. oh. You guys are done already?" She pedals over toward Reed on her sexy tryke laden with painting supplies on the trailer.. and a kitten on a leash in the front basket. Mew. "Hey, baby. You goin' my way?" She waggles her brows at Reed and toots that little horn on the front. Also, Rose hates pumpkin spice. "If we're done, I am pretty sure I hear Waffles calling our names."

Reed comes out of the bar, jacket over one arm, toolbox in one hand, after the Crew of men go in. He was fine inside, but the crew of men going past, one after the other, creep him out for some reason. He looks at the door he just came through and tilts his head, "Shoulda thoughta that." He turns back to the street to see Rose, peddling up and smiles reaching to scruff Slayer<Kitten> on the head, and nods, "Yeah, I guess so." He smiles, "I think it's handled, really." He looks back to the others, "Um, anyone got anything else needed?" He shrugs.