2016.07.29 My Sweet Prince

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My Sweet Prince
Leetah is summoned to Elysium to meet Prince Shane of Prospect.
IC Date July 29, 2016
IC Time Night
Players Shane, Madeline, Stefhan, Leetah, Brice, Silvana, Apollonia, Jolene, Shiori, Vegard, Sentinel, Lissa
Location Carlton Pines Country Club

[INT. Carlton Pines Country Club - Elysium - NIGHT]


Madeline sits near Vegard with Jolene close to her side. She gives Sentinel a fond smile then turns back to the Prince "but you have yet to meet her, your grace?" she asks fo Shane.

Stefhan steps into the court meeting and scans the area to see who all is present. Almost all of the faces are familiar. He doesn't say much, especially considering the fact there is already a conversation going but, assuming there is an empty space to sit near Jolene he takes a seat beside her and smiles.

Shane inclines his head to Madeline. "Just got the word a couple days ago. Although--" He takes out his phone and glances at the display, then turns expectantly toward the security entrance.

Silvana crosses her legs as she gets comfortable setting the tablet on her lap as she looks from one face to the other.

Vegard arches a brow slightly, looking to Madeline and then to the rest who are present. "That is the end of my own list of announcements. In a bit I will offer a topic tonight. One that I will revisit each week to promote interesting discussion..." he trails off and checks his own phone, also looking toward the security entrance. "I'll delay my topic until this security matter is resolved." he says quietly.

Apollonia glances over and gives Stefhan McLatearrival a nod in greeting, but keeps quiet for the mo while introductory stuff is being discussed and or started.

Jolene smiles warmly at Stefhan as he sits near her, brightening with his presense, though a visible concern at Shane and Vegard turning their attention to security.

Shiori is watching Shane and Vegard, so when they both look at phones, then security, she frowns a little bit and sits forward in her chair, "Is something amiss?" she asks the men.

Stefhan frowns a moment as the focus shifts to the security entrance? He's not quite sure at the moment but he does offer Apollonia a nod before after moving to entwine his fingers in Jolene's. Yet he does look back to Vegard and Shane and he's curious, if not concerned himself.

Madeline smiles and glances curiously at the door then settles back into her seat, crossing her lovely legs as she awaits the arrival of whomever is soon to appear.

Vegard shakes his head at Shiori, "No, if something were amiss. We'd offer a clear indication that is so and directions to those on guard. Security needs to make sure the arrivals are legit and a keycard needs to be issued to new members."

"You are required to present yourself to the Prince," is what Jacob Heart, her sire had said. If her color could fade any more it would have. She rolled her shoulders and head and gave her sire That Look (tm), the look she gave when she was not happy about an course of action being suggested to her, only, this wasn't a suggestion. It was a requirement. She had spent the better part of an hour picking out the right dress, the right hair style, the right makeup. Appearances were everything to her new family, or so she had been told. It had been many many years since she had to do this song and dance but even still it made her nervous to stand before that kind of power with all those eyes on her, judging her. She was of course extra irritated today because of that vampire, Mara, she had met last night in the club while scoping out the scene waiting for her blood test. She had called Leetah her Sire's dog, a pretty trinket to wear around his arm and that had seriously miffed the little princess because it was probably true.

And so, she arrived at the place she was required to, stepping out of her fancy car and making her way into the building with a walk of confidence, head held high with pride and confidence, doing her best to laugh fear and weakness at the door less she get eaten alive by her brothers and sisters. She was greeted by the escort(s) that would take her before the prince. She walk into the room and took her position before the gathered vampires in a most uncomfortable position of being dead center for all to see from all angles. The escorts veered off to the shadows and there she stood waiting for the Prince to speak first.

Shiori nods to Vegard and she sits back slowly, making herself relax. She reaches over to touch Apollonia's hand lightly when the new person makes an appearance, and she watches Leetah curiously.

Mercifully, Shane doesn't keep the poor woman in suspense for too long. He saves /that/ treatment for people who manage to annoy him. "Miss Lanley, I presume," as he rises carefully to his feet and offers a hand. "Run into any travel headaches on your way here?"

Apollonia folds her fingers over Shiori's and leans on the arm of the chair, remaining silent and totally staring at the new girl, waiting to hear her introduction.

Silvana looks over to the new person and gives a polite bow of her head as she looks from Shane, and Vegard back to the new arrival.

Stefhan untenses a bit when the prince offers a hand to the newcomer. His eyes look upon the woman for a bit but then he looks to Jolene before turning his attention back to the prince and seneschal.

Madeline observes the entry, sapphire eyes taking in the new arrivals appearance and Shane's greeting of her before she smiles and inclines her golden head, waiting for now

Leetah offered up a winning lipstick smile and offered up a bit of witty joking in response. "Only which type of shoes to wear to impress you my Prince," she says in a tone that was dripping with charm. She bowed slightly and added, "I apologize if I am late. I am not use to the traffic in this city...yet." Truth? Maybe or perhaps another light witty joke.

Vegard remains seated near the other officers of the court and he offers Leetah a courteous incline of his head, "Welcome to Prospect Miss Lanley, glad you were able to join us tonight for our weekly court meeting." he directs her to Shane who stood up to greet the new arrival with a handshake and he quiets down as she makes her introduction to Shane.

Jolene smiles softly and curiously at the newcomver, not quite sure what to make of her just yet.

Sentinel watches the newcommer from against the wall, unsure of her intentions as of yet. The Gargoyle stands at ready in case things go awry.

It's largely wasted on him, but hey, she's trying and that's worth something. "Shane Evans. Good to meet you. I'll let your clanmates and the others introduce themselves," he adds, settling back down.

Vegard takes that as his cue and he rises from his seat and smooths out his jacket, "Seneschal Vegard Torvik of the Clan of Kings. It's nice to meet you Miss Lanley, I am familiar with your musical career. Feel free to direct any questions you have on policy or.. anything concerning the Praxis and I will ensure to give any matter of concern you have my full attention. You can find my contact information at the security desk, you can call any time." he smiles faintly and offers a curt bow before seating himself once more.

Madeline rises smoothly at that and steps forward with a smile "Enchante Mademoiselle Lanley, Madeline Blanchard Keeper of Elysium and member of Toreador. Welcome

Madeline is a lovely young blonde, about 22 years old with the graceful body of a dancer. She stands about 5'6" and her blue eyes sparkle with energy as her quick smile warms the room around her. Tonight her hair is pulled back into a soft bun with a few wisps of blonde hair escaping to frame her angelic face.

Sentinel bows a bit. "Pleased to meet you. I am the Sentinel. Some people call me Nell." the guardian says. "I guard the halls of Elysium and I am assistant keeper. A pleasure to meet you."

Stefhan offers his introduction when the right time comes around. He bows his head to the newcomer and says, "A pleasure as well. Stefhan O'Neal, Primogen to the Clan of Kings."

Silvana looks over to Leetah as she stands because it's the polite thing to do. "A pleasure to meet you Miss Lanley. I'm Silvana Vega, ghoul to Jacob Xanders of the Clan of Kings." she gives a little smile before taking a seat.

Shiori gives Apollonia's hand a squeeze and then lets go of it for the moment as she rises and steps forward to offer Leetah, "I'm Shiori Robertson, fellow Toreador and the Court's newest Harpy. Welcome to the city." She offers the new woman a friendly smile.

Jolene smiles light as she stands beside Stefhan and offers a respectful bow of her head to her new mate, "Greetings Sister, I am Jolene Addison, childe of Our Keeper and sister in the clan of the Rose, A pleasure to have a new rose in the garden with such spirit."

Apollonia rises just after Shiori does, introducing herself in brief with thick Italian accent. "Apollonia Ardizzone, Clan of Kings. Welcome to the city." She gives Leetah a light bow of her head and then sits again.

Madeline retakes her seat so as not to overwhelm her newly arrived clanmate and smiles, brushing a hand along her green skirts

Leetah offers return smiles, handshakes and bows that are offered from her fellow vampires as they introduce themselves in turn. So far so good. She hadn't locked on to anyone that she hated but how quickly things can go to Hell in a Hand Basket in these things. All it takes is one eye twitch, one curl of the lip in the wrong way or shrugging of shoulders at the wrong angle to offend someone. Leetah found the entire thing ridiculous that her kind could get set off so quick at such things sometimes. Win them over with smiles and curtesy for now! "It is a pleasure to meet each and every one of you and it is my fondest wish that we can remain civilized and perhaps even bare friendship as the clock ticks by the days," she said as she turned this way and that to address everyone in the room on a semi-personal level before turning back to face the Prince.

Shiori retreats back to her seat and settles in it. When Apollonia has also re-taken her seat, she offers the Italian woman her hand once more.

"As you can see," Shane points out, "your clan is well represented here. Now then, Mr. Torvik, you were going to bring something up earlier? I look forward to hearing this."

Vegard gestures around the room vaguely, "Friday nights are open court here. That means we encourage you to participate, socialize and take part in any of the topics. Do not feel daunted by being the new kid. All of us were in your place at one time or another. This is an open forum so we encourage your opinions and wish to hear your thoughts." he then nods to Shane, "History sir. The topic I reserved for tonights discussion is one I wish to revisit each week so we can all possibly learn a bit more about each other and what exactly it is we come from. I figured each week we would take a clan and focus on it. Seeing as we have so many Roses present, how about we discuss the history of Clan Toreador? Who are and or were the movers and shakers? Who is the rumored Progenitor? I'll let the Toreador themselves speak up first before I add any of my own comments."

Stefhan squeezes Jolene's hand if she's in reach and smiles to her at the mention of Toreador. He then releases her hand and remains quiet to let the roses speak for themselves.

Jolene offers softly, "There are a few different stories of who or progenitor was depending upon who you ask. who was said either to be a sculptor named Arikel or the entity that later became known as the Summerian deity Ishtar." looking around the room, and slips her fingers back between Stefhans. "There is still much I am learning."

Brice walks inside and moves off to the side. He leans against the wall and slips his hands in his pockets as he quietly watches.

Apollonia lays her hand over Shiori's again and leans back in her chair, listening quietly while Jolene speaks and paying attention. Whether she knows any of this or not already, she treats the history lesson with the attentiveness of it being the first time she's heard any of this.

Sentinel pays close attention but is silent the rest of the night. The gargoyle seems to have become one with the scenery.

Shane arches a brow at Jolene's story. "I would've guessed Aphrodite, if we're getting into all the ancient stories. Arikel, though, that's a new one on me."

Vegard looks to the Toreador for a long moment, a pause when he spots Brice and a deep nod is given then focuses on Jolene and he smiles briefly. "I heard a similar discrepency on the identity of your clan progenitor. The name Toreador is supposed to refer to Bull Dancing? I believe the Minoan culture were the ones to make this famous? Do the names, Raphael de Corazon or Francois Villon mean anything to any of you? The former being the Toreador Founder of the Camarilla who first codified the Masquerade and penned the Traditions as we read them today? The latter being the Prince of Paris, quite possibly the most famous member of your clan?" he smiles faintly.

Stefhan leans in to kiss Jolene on the cheek as she sits down next to him, "But your brillance will never be forgotten darling. There are still many skills you have, that others can never understand." He then look over to Vegard as he tells more of a story.

Brice's eyes shift from one person to the next. He takes in each appearance before moving on. When he sees Vegard, his lips curve up slightly and he dips his head in a gentle fashion. Afterwards, he resumes looking and listening.

Jolene smiles at Stefhan and leans into him as he kisses her cheek. She does offer to Vegard, "I do have a lot to learn, and I am eager to do so, so I am grateful you are offering corrections to misinformation I may have found on my own."

Silvana glances down at her tablet a moment before she looks back up. She doesn't seem like she has anything to say or add as of yet.

Stefhan squeezes Jolene's hand and just sits back for the time. During the rest of the night he doesn't seem to add anything new but notes the topic of conversation and time marches on.

Vegard shrugs at Jolene, "It's all speculation and heresay, honestly. Though when I hear things, I do tend to look things up in mortal history to corroborate. For instance, Ishtar isn't a Sumerian name. It is I believe, Akkadian. The Sumerian diety that held the same place and title as the Akkadian diety was named Inanna in Sumer. she was a goddess of love and war. She had a legendary Romeo and Juliet style love affair with another diety named Dumuzi, who was a part of an opposing sect of gods. Their union was supposed to bind the two warring sects together, but a jealous brother of Dumuzi murdered him. That tale goes on further in another story called Inanna decends into the Underworld. Where she travels to the land of the dead to retrieve her lost love. She failed, she died. But an ally of hers rescued her and resurrected her. It's all quite facinating."

Jolene smiles softly, and offers her honest opinion, "It is unfortunate there was never a more accurate history kept throughout each clan, so there is not so much speculation and doubt."

Leetah has remained politely silent as history was not her forte nor a subject she had really absorbed all that much as a young vampire. Her sire had tried to teach her such things but they had not stuck as of yet. She remains standing for now, turning to face each vampire as they speak, memorizing faces, voices and body language.

Vegard lifts a shoulder in a light shrug, "We can assume that the most ancient among us, have their own Masquerade and it's directed specifically at us. Between the Jyhad and the very real threat of diablerie, they likely have no wish for us to know the real truth of our origins. On another night, we will discuss the origin of the Tremere and you can see exactly why this is the case in their story." he looks to the others. "I hoped some of you could further illuminate some on the origins and history of the Toreador clan, but since Madeline was called away early, perhaps she knows more? I will surely ask her. Perhaps you should as well?"

Jolene nods in agreement to Vegard "I will definitely ask her, how much she can share. I would really like to know more myself. It will definitely give us all something to think about and prepare for, for future meetings."

Silvana gives a little bit of a thoughtful look and makes a little note on her tablet.

Pushing off of the wall, Brice makes his way over to the medium-sized den where old books rest neatly on large shelves. He stops to place his hands behind his back as he looks them over.

Vegard lifts a hand and gestures around the room, "Now that I have bored all of you into torpor, my work here is done. That is the end of my addition to this evenings topics so feel free to visit and socialize or do whatever." he rises from his seat and straightens out his jacket. "It was lovely seeing all of you. I am always available should you need of me for questions, issues or for the love of all the gods.. reporting your current achievements and undertakings." he smiles faintly at that and dips his head toward Shane, "Farewell and a good evening." then he begins to make his way toward the entrance.

Silvana gives Vegard a slight bow of her head.

Jolene shakes her head a moment and bites her lip, "Good Evening Seneschal and thank you for trying, the history is interesting and it is important."

Brice's attention shifts towards Jolene and he tilts his head curiously. He appears to be admiring something about her for a few moments before he steps away from the books. Not much for reading tonight it seems. He takes a few more steps through the room, slowly turning about as he looks over its entirety. An amused smile surfaces on his lips.

Shane has been watching quietly for a while, finally speaking up now that there's a lull. "Cat got your tongue, Mr. Godelieve?"

Alissa's guardian has been here the entire time (because she is proper and responsible), but Alissa is late. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the stick of cotton candy the girl holds as she enters, plucking little bites from it. Maybe it doesn't, though. She could just be late! The blonde peeks around, looking for Kathryn, and once she spies her.. somwehere, she smiles and then avoids her for now. Not time to get scolded!

Leetah freely walks about now, taking in the place in more detail. She stops to admire a few of the paintings and if she finds the music collection she most definitely stops there to see the tastes these vampires have. The music playing was not particularly her style but she did find it relaxing to the point it was meant to be, keeping her relatively at peace as the floor show is now over.

Jolene had gently let go of Stefhan's hand as he had left to answer an important business call. She is thoughtful as she watches Leetah for a moment.

Brice spins around until he see Shane and he smiles warmly. He replies in his usual silky tone, "I've said a lot .. much of it without real substance. Tonight I'm enjoying the lovely artwork of the Camarilla and all their lovely attire, poses, and in particular, Miss Jolene's dress." he looks to Jolene and offers a tiny wave, "Bon Soir, Mademoiselle." he grins before his attention returns to the Shane, "I do hope to catch up with the Praxis soon regarding current events, though tonight is not the time for such talks.." he gestures around the room, "There are so many new faces.. it's ..." he closes his eyes as though he were searching for the term, or maybe he's just being his usual strange self. He breathes in through his nose before exhaling. His eyes open slowly as he responds with, "..invigorating."

Shane inclines his head to Brice as he answers. "Spoken like a true Rose." Meanwhile, he tears a sheet off a notepad sitting nearby, folding it up a couple of times and then chucking it in Alissa's general direction. "Catch!"

Jolene blushes at Brice's compliment, "Bons Soir Monsieur Brice, it is a pleasure to see again. It has been quite a while. I know that Miss Madeline, will love to see you again, when you have time, if you will be around for awhile in town?"

Silvana looks over towards Brice a moment then looks towards Shane and for some reason gives him a shrug.

Catch? Catch wha-Oh, paper! Alissa is mid-bite with her treat, so as she turns to glance at the paper.. she doesn't manage to catch it. That's okay, though. The young woman giggles softly, licks the candy stickiness off two fingers, and then reaches down to pick up the paper she didn't manage to catch. She lifts it up to examine it, checking to see if anything is written or if it is just normal paper. Probably normal! Alissa smiles to Shane and wiggles the wadded paper at him.

Brice smiles at Shane and bows slightly before turning back to Jolene and saying, "Oh yes. I do plan to now that things have settled down for me. I did need a bit of travel to clear my mind and get focussed. I'm hoping that I'll be able to stick around now and actually have conversations that aren't within the space of a month or two each time." he winks and adds, "If you see her, do tell her I said hello." he steps in her direction again, "Have the nights been treating you well, Mademoiselle?"

Jolene smiles softly, "I will let her know, she keeps busy but I have her ear now and again. They have kept me busy with studies and work at the Museum, but the nights have been treating me very well recently." Offers genuinely, "I can most definitely understand the need to clear your head and gain perspective now and again. It is nice to see such a talented Rose return to the family here. Your voice has been missed."

Silvana is very quiet as she looks between Brice and Jolene before she looks towards the others. She makes yet another note on her tablet.

Leetah kind of wanders off a place to Vamp watch, seeing who is grouping up with who and carrying on conversations. She pulls out her smartphone and thumb types something on it. A moment passes and she smirks and responds with more thumb typping.

Shane nods to Alissa. Eh, close enough. "If you see anything like that, you call me, okay?" That said, he leaves her to it, and Silvana to her electronic noodling. "Oh, the Roses mentioned planning a charity gig, I think," he tells Leetah. "Probably worth offering to pitch in."

Leetah peered up as she heard the Prince's voice directed at her. She pushed off from her wall perch to walk closer, "Oh really? I could certainly provide musical entertainment for such a venue if it is required. Who would be in charge of this charity event?"

"Like what? Blank paper?" Alissa asks, head tilting as she watches Shane. That may not have been meant for her, but Alissa must be mistaken. She looks to the paper again, puts it into a pocket on her dress, then takes another bite of her snack. As she lets the candy melt in her mouth she glances around, listening to bits of conversation.

Silvana looks over to Shane and gives him a little smile as she keeps being well quiet.

Silvana takes her phone out as she gets a text and raises a slight brow at the text.

Brice nods to Jolene and says, "It's good to be back. I'll try and help out where I can.. provided it's not in the spotlight." he winks, "I want to focus more of my attention on the Theatre and getting some performances going.. perhaps revive it a bit... focus on my passions for a change. I have some ideas for things I'd like to do there.. Concerts and such.. but I'll not bore you with the businessy details of my thoughts.. Still, we absolutely must get together more.. just to socialize and have fun... not so much for business.. I mean honestly, who wants to just meet up to talk business? Sounds hideously drab." he grins.

Jolene offers with a smile, "We have meetings every Tuesday Miss Lanley, and to say anyone in particular is in charge of the event right now, would be stretching things a bit, but we need focus, and a theme and a firm date to be set so things can be put in place. Monsieur Brice has been said to have a very nice voice too, though I have not had the pleasure of hearing him sing yet myself. Perhaps a duet of Rose's? Would be considered?" Looking between Brice and Leetah. "I understand Monsieur Brice and would be grateful for the distraction, already Mother and Mister O'neal are trying to convince me I should not work so hard."

"Only terrible people would do that," Shane says to Brice, dryly. "And I think Jolene was the one talking about--" Yes, well, she just covered what he was going to suggest, so he leaves it at that. As for Alissa's question, he just offers a shrug. She can make of it whatver she likes.

Leetah turns on her heels to face Brice, looking the handsome vamp up and down. "Duet's are fun if the chemistry is there for sure," she smiles at Brice.

Once Alissa has made her way around the room once she finds a place to sit. She tugs her dress up slightly as she sits, making sure it's neat beneath her bottom, and then she sits forward while crossing her ankles. She continues to eat the cotton candy while asking no one in particular, "I wonder what's beyond the fence at that old amusement park. Unfair it's gated, mhmm."

Silvana looks thoughtfully at Alissa.

Brice smiles warmly at the thought, "Oh I've longed for another voice to sing with.. I do so hope to find such chemistry, even if purely on a professional level." he turns in place to look to Leetah and smiles softly, "Brice Christian Godelieve, Clan of the Rose.. If you'd like to sing, even if alone... perhaps we can make ample use of the Theatre, it's walls do echo quite nicely.. and it would be a lovely place to potentially experiment with our songs if such a thing is of genuine interest to you, Mademoiselle.." he actually looks a bit excited at the idea.

Leetah also shows a spark of life in her hazel eyes as she finds a fellow music creator and lover. She nods with a pure smile, "Oh very much so. I haven't really been able to dig my claws into Prospect like I did San Francisco. My Sire has been keeping me in a short leash until things get sorted out here in our new home away from home. Have you.... heard any of my music by chance?"

Shane does his best to pretend he didn't hear that discussion about duets. It's not going so well. "Maybe you should pull some volunteers and go find out," he suggests to Alissa.

Blue eyes flick around the room, shifting over Silvana and right back to her an instant later. Alissa begins to smile more and she lifts her free hand, wiggling her fingers at the woman. She mouths, 'Hello' before she rises from her seat and wanders closer. She smiles at Shane's suggestion, nodding to him, and then she pauses close beside Silvana. "Have you ever been by the old amusement park that is broken down? The one with the fence around it?"

Silvana looks at Alissa as she comes over to her and closes her tablet. She looks at the others then back to Alissa "Stay away from it. You won't like what you find there and if they find you, probably won't go well for you either" she shrugs.

Jolene thinks that her work is done for the evening and stands, sensing that Stefhan, will not be returning for the night called away by his own work again, departing quietly, and that Leetah and Brice have much to discuss.

Alissa's brows perk slightly as she watches Silvana. "So there are people there? How interesting.. What sort of people? Do you know any of them personally?" She doesn't appear to be bothered by the warning. If anything, it's made her more curious. "Why do you not think I would enjoy it? It looks.. almost magical, in a way."

Brice tilts his head curiously at her and says, "Perhaps.. I believe your sound is more modern, yes? Lately, I've been more into the Synthpop scene only because it allows me to make use of my voice while simultaneously pumping a beat onto the dance floor which combines dancing and singing and an overall perfect mixture of energy throughout the room." he moves to Leetah to speak more on the subject, "Do you have a preference of what style you enjoy singing?"

Leetah nods and says, "Yes, more modern. I am a child of the 80's but I was told when I was alive that my music was ahead of its time. I have a mix of styles. I guess if you had to compare me against today's artists I go for the early Evanescence sound sometimes and other times I am more of a Katy Perry clone only far more attractive and much less into hiphop crap and I have no problems with synthpop or EDM in general."

Silvana looks at Alissa with a wrinkled nose "Not those that are there now, but I did at some point yes" she shrugs "Because if they are still there they will tear you from limb to limb" she shrugs

"But -why-?" Alissa wonders. "What about me would make them do such a thing? They would tear me apart just because I wanted to admire their home? I just want to look. It seems so nice." She starts to pout. "Can you give me a name? A description of the person I would find there?" she questions.

Brice smiles brightly, "Oh I do adore Evanescence.. I would love to be able to dip my toes into that style of music. Monsieur Vegard and I were going to do some kind of a metal band I think .. at one point or another. He was a screamer type and I would implement my voice.. But it never actually took flight." he waves that off, dismissing it as quickly as he brought it up, "But do tell me about yourself, dear.. How long have you been in the city?" He blinks suddenly and reaches into his pocket. He withdraws a smart phone with a back case with a red rose on the back... stereotypical? Why not?.. He taps the screen and reads something before sighing quietly, "We must continue this discussion again soon. You can't know how much I've missed being able to talk music with a fellow vocalist." he slips his phone away and then hands her a business card. It has his name and number as well as the address to Carnegie Theatre. "Do call soon.. I would very much like the opportunity to test our voices in unison."

Silvana looks at Alissa and raises a brow "Look I just told you not to go there, you can do what you want with that information what you want" she shrugs at her.

Shane eyes the debate between Alissa and Silvana, offering a shrug. "If you want to see for yourself that badly, then go and see. Just don't let the trouble follow you back here."

Leetah looks at the card and pulls out her little purse that matches her orange and black vinyl dress and slips the card into the internal holder. "Noted. I will be in touch. It was a pleasure meeting you and hopefully there shall be many more meetings to come and perhaps music shall be given form with our meetings."

Alissa gives a faint sigh, then murmurs, "I'm just curious." She glances away then, finding her guardian in the process. She nods to her, rises, and then says, "See you later, Silvana. Thank you for the suggestion." Her eyes find Shane then and she smiles a bit more. "Of course.. I am a big girl. I can take care of myself." She giggles at that, then gives a little skip to her step as she wanders to exit the room.

Silvana gives Alissa a faint little wave as she takes a rather deep breath looking down at her phone as she text someone back or something.

Brice takes the card and pockets it. "Indeed, Miss... Good evening." he turns to Shane, "Good night, sir.." to Silvana, he grins, "Bon Soir, Mademoiselle." he winks before turning to retreat.. He waves to the room as he exits, "Good night to those I missed!"

Leetah watches Brice exit with those intense hazel eyes and once he is gone from the room she breaks her gaze and looks around who is left.

Silvana looks towards the door and raises a slight brow before she shakes her head a bit. She takes another deep breath and looks over to Shane.

Leetah puts her purse away and seeing that other vampires have slinked their way off into the night she considers doing the same. She also turns to face the Prince and speaks, "Thank you for your kind welcome. I feel a little more at home already."

Shane looks after the direction that Brice took off, arching a brow. "Doesn't he already have a girlfriend? I suppose we must have missed the acrimonious breakup. That could have taken a few months to shake out."

Silvana gives a little shrug at Shane

Leetah raises one of her eyebrows and smirks. "I am not in the market for a boy toy. It is strictly creative partnership I seek."

Silvana watches the prince leave and she stands up collecting her things.

Leetah eyes Silvana as she collects her things. "Well then... that was not so bad after all."

Silvana turns to look at Leetah and smiles softly "No not that bad at all"

Leetah looks to the spot where the Prince vanished. "Is he always so short and straight forward?"

Silvana nods slowly "Sometimes.. Sometimes he is a lot shorter" she grins.

Leetah turned her gaze back on to Silvana and smirked, "Let us hope I never get on his very short side." She looked around the room again, "I was expecting more..... grandness.... you know... the Prince sitting up on a a throne on a raised dais while the rest of the vampire nation stared at me in a spotlight from dark places wishing to stake me for daring to entre their happy little dysfunctional home."

Silvana looks thoughtfully at Leetah and shrugs "Sorry it wasn't what you expected. Would it make you feel better if at least one person wished to stake you?"

Leetah laughed. "I am not really into kinky things," she grinned as she pulled her fingers back through her hair to fluffy it out. "I was afraid someone was going to ask me to recite the Toreador Bible or burn in the fires of shame...."

Silvana smirks "That might be on another night. I'll make sure to suggest it to the Senechal" she teases

Leetah gave another smirk, "Oh don't you dare. I am too young to die.. again..."

Silvana grins "Sure take all my fun away"

Leetah checks her watch. Still time to get back to the studio and do some more track work. "Well then, Silvana was it? I will be seeing you around I hope as a friend or at the very least a frienemy."

Silvana bows her head to Leetah "I look forward to it, and I hope as a friend" she smiles.

Leetah waves a hand as she saunters out of the building for her car to head back to the in-house studio. "Ta ta."