2018.04.04: Pillow Fight In Elysium

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Pajama Party
Wednesday partynight turns into a pillowfight
IC Date April 4, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Daniel Heathen Mikael Amelie Holly Martha Jolene Madeline Sharpe Guivre Angie Arianna Amos Caerus Azrael
Location Carlton Pines Country Club - Elysium Ballroom
Spheres Vampire Camarilla
Theme Song Pillow Talk [1]

Pajama Party, Wednesday Get Together April 5, 2018

Carlton Pines Country Club - Elysium Ballroom

The ballroom is definitely an awe-inspiring sight to behold. The room is cavernous in size and could easily house several hundreds of people, if not a thousand. From the ceiling hang several large crystal chandeliers bearing an artistic flair as their shimmering surfaces are cut in delicate and eye-pleasing patterns. Their light is a soft electric, golden glow that illuminates the area in varying degrees depending on dimmer switches that control the amount of light within the room. Above the chandeliers is an elegant sight; the entire ceiling is crafted from finely-cut, silvery panels that reflect all beneath them. The panels each have artistically hand-crafted patterns of various shapes and sizes all glistening like diamonds from any source of light. Suspended very high on the walls are four impressive paintings that are arranged with perfect symmetry.

Large marble pillars line the walls at strategically placed points. Within their stone are lengths of carved patterns that are straight vertical lines and seemingly add to their height. The entire room is a two-story structure with several sets of cast-iron stairs leading up to the second floor. Large burgundy curtains with fabric of velvet are held back by braided ropes that end in gold tassles. They serve as cover for large partially frosted glass panes which are decorated with exquisite etchings and drape from the top of the arched artwork down to the floor and behind each of them are kept museum grade antiques from the past two hundred years or more. The second floor has several archways that hold various cushioned chairs, couches, and tables that visitors can seat themselves at. The archways are like those found in a Victorian theater, opening up for one to view the ballroom floor below. The dance floor is made from richly designed tiles that match the rest of the decor.

Surrounding the dance floor are more tables, chairs, and couches for onlookers to sit and chat at while still able to watch those that decide to take their shot at dancing. Often a variety of classical music can be heard within the background to add a sense of harmonic luxury within the room. A medium-sized pit has been carved into the back of the room for an orchestra to play. Overall the feeling of this place could easily make an individual feel rather insignificant due to the sheer mass and spectacle of it all. <+view here/paintings> and <+view here/antiques> and PLACES are available here.

Contents: Heathen Mikael Daniel Holly Martha Jolene Madeline Sharpe Amelie Guivre Angie Arianna Amos Azrael Caerus

Daniel comes, not from the normal way, but from further in, one of the rooms. There are pillows strewn everywhere and a few low plush couches for people to sit on. Daniel's all decked out in his delightful mockery of sleepwear and he heads toward the door to greet people as they come in

Martha comes in with her hand phones in carefully about her curled demon horns bopping to what sounds like pet shop boys or something in her pjs and cloven hoof furry heels. Never mind her black velvet sleeper with skulls and cross bones on it.

Holly wears yellow, blue and white. Bananas in Pajamas.. pajamas. Except her head isn't a banana, her hair is all up in foam curlers, oldddd style. She drags along B-2, her Bananas in Pajamas twin and compatriot.. pillow. On her feet are big yellow and white sneaker feet house shoes and she looks all proud of herself for wearing what she's chosen.

Daniel hangs out near the door, ready to put names to faces since he hasn't been around a whole bunch and doesn't know everyone. He proudly wears his tuxedo jammies and monster foot slippers and everyone who comes in gets smiles.

Martha says, “Hey Daniel," with a smile and dance about the place looking to see who is the early ones here tonight. "Nice feet."” Tonight as Jolene enters she has actually dressed for the event, in a nice Rosa Signore Sexy Night Dress and rose slippers. Well she is as dressed down as she gets and it does show off more of her legs this evening, but still leaves plenty to the imagination. (https://tinyurl.com/yah9xl82)

She smiles as she sees Holly, Martha, Heathen, Daniel, offering a kiss to Daniel cheek as she comes in.

Daniel smiles at Martha and lifts a hand. "Hi there! How you tonight?" And when Jolene comes through, he dances her around in a brief little circle and kisses her cheek. "You look amazing, miss J."

Heathen comes in, dressed nicely in silks, even as seems more 'out of his element' than usual.

Mikael comes in with Heathen, hair drawn back in a ponytail, dressed in black and white plaid pajama pants with pics of little craw-fish running up the sides of the legs, and a black shirt pronouncing 'Crawfish King' on it, with smaller writing underneath it 'Suck dey heads, Twist dey tail'. He gives Daniel a smile, and softly chuckles at his slippers. "Bonsoir, Monsieur, your toes look toasty warm."

Martha is dressed only as she would those cloven heeled bood putting her at about six foot 4 now, never mind the glossy black curled horns and the black velvet sleeper with skulls and cross bones all over she is more then happy with her appearance, and how all the black makes her long red hair just pop. "Doing well Daniel."

Holly absently tugs on one of her curlers (@desc set) as she enters and she smiles at the familiar faces but doesn't shun the non-familiar. Curious looks are given and she just announces at large. "I'm Holly Penny." Because some inquiring minds want to know. She tugs her pillow along and shuffles her large yellow and white house shoe sneakers as she walks.

Heathen gives a grin to the various faces inside, shaking his head a bit as they all enter. "You know, as a once certified insomniac, sleepwear for me was usually whatever I was in when I passed out."

Jolene giggles as she is spun around by Daniel, in clearly good spirits tonight. "This was a wonderful idea! Did anyone brings s'mores?" Because what pajama party isn't complete without s'mores! She offers Heathen and Mikael a hug too as they come in and whistles at Heathen looking all fancy! "Rockin' the silks tonight Heathen! and Mikael." She bows to the crawfish king." She then steps over and offers a hug to Holly and her curlers. "Way to get into the spirit."

Mikael carries pillows under his arm, and chuckles softly, "I prefer my black silk ones, but the crayfish are nice too. I did not wear to wear the shirt he wanted me too though, managed to takk him out of that."

Holly looks at Jolene a little squinty eyed. "No fires." Because s'mores needed that sort of thing, right? The Banana in Pajamas.. pajama clad Malkavian smiles back at Jolene. "I like his feet," she points to Daniel's big feet.

<OOC> Sharpe is wearing http://incrediblethings.com/style-and-gear/pajamas-suit-dignity-suitjamas/

Heathen takes a seat at a large plush sofa.

Madeline enters with Sharpe, well in Sharpe's arms actually. He bears her light weight easily as she wiggles her bare toes. Once on the main floor the man puts her down and she adjusts her robe, kissing his cheek "merci"

Heathen watches as more come in, grinning as Madeline gets carried in, dropping down on the sofa and curling his feet under him.

Daniel wiggles his cute hobbit feet in his slippers and winks at Martha and at the mention of S'mores, Daniel points to the food tables. There totally ARE s'mores, but it's in the form of drinks with a little piece of graham cracker garnishing.

Jolene smiles brightly as she sees Maddie and Malcolm enter and steps over to give both of them a kiss on the forehead and a warm hug. Martha moves to Jolene, "You look great, and well seems to be a thing tonight." looking over to Madeline and her escort, "Maybe I should of pulled out something less me." with a smile as she well towers over most the people here now in those cloven hoof boots.

Sharpe chuckles and returns the kiss to Maddie and the hug to Jolene "How are you this evening Jolene?" Holly walks out onto the dance floor.

Madeline laughs and turns to hug Jolene "hello dearest, you look lovely tonight"

Holly leaves the entry area and walks out to the dance floor area, plopping down her B2 pillow and flopping down on top of it. "I shoulda got the burger pillow, it could have been a bed." It's not like she's specifically talking to anyone this time, but she muses over the thought aloud. Lifting a hand, she tugs on the curler until it comes free, leaving a lock of blonde hair to fall free. The curler gives her a distraction and she alternately slides the foam off then back on the plastic rod.

Mikael smiles, watching Sharpe come in carrying Madeline, moving to the bar to order a Rum and Coke, and a Sazerac. He is dressed in comfortable black and white plaid pajama pants with pics of little craw-fish running up the sides of the legs, and a black shirt pronouncing 'Crawfish King' on it, with a large red craw-fish on it. (Small letters underneath it state "Suck dey heads, twist dey tails").

Jolene smiles at Malcolm and offers softly squeezing his hand, "I am actually doing well tonight Malcolm. You both look fantastic tonight too! I love your jammies! And did you hear we have smores too! Never a hair out of place for you mother! I imagine you threaten them if they even think about betraying you. You are beautiful." She smiles at Martha too, "I love your jammies to Martha, so you actually."

Martha moves to Madeline, "Hi PRimogen, and well you are amazing to look at." moving to what, give MAdeline a light hug and whisper something to her if not stopped.

Madeline laughs warmly with Jolene then looks to Martha in a touch of surprise but smiles and returns the hug "How sweet of you to say so Martha"

Martha mutters to Madeline, "Thank you for... Primogen."

Madeline smiles and nods to the girl "of course. and you look wonderful tonight, having fun I hope?"

Sharpe as always, needs a drink. He'll wander off briefly to find one before rejoining the crowd with his drink secured.

Jolene looks curiously aver at the table with the smores drinks and just has to try one before wondering over to join holly to see how she is doing. "How are you settling in Holly?"

Mikael moves to the couch where Heathen is stretched out, and gives him his drink, then sits down with him, watching the others as he sips at his own drink.

Martha nods, "We plan to have some fun." with a smile as she looks to Jolene, "I am tall for really pretty so might well be me, though s'mores, never was sure about those things, preferred some nice dark chocolate dipped coconut macaroons."

Daniel wanders around, taking in how everyone's dressed, grinning here and there, a thumbs up for Mikael as he heads his direction, oversized slippers flipping and flopping against the floor.

Madeline gives Jolene and Martha a smile then pads on lovely bare feet over to greet Daniel "looking very sharpe monseiur"

Jolene giggles at Madeline and her comment about Daniel looking sharpe and wonders if she means him or the feet.

BOTH, Thank you, Jolene. Daniel is snappy as hell in this getup. He bows to Madeline, reaching out to take her hand in his and grace the back of it with a kiss.. or.. did he just gnaw on her hand? It was the latter. "And you are looking as delicious as ever, Mademoiselle." He pronounces the French BADLY. He's just... not that fucking fancy, even in a 'tux' with a super fancy poop emoji pillow. Mademoiselle.

Madeline laughs and pretends to pull her hand away from the gnawing, shaking her head "perhaps do not have /too/ much fun Daniel" The curler held in her hand, Holly looks up at Jolene from her prime position on the pillow covered floor. A smile is given her direction. "I am, but this party is fun, Getting to wear my favorite pajamas. You look really pretty."

<OOC> Daniel says, "Oh! Here. http://delightfulemade.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Double-Chocolate-Smores-Martini-DelightfulEMade-FB1200x628.png The drink"

Heathen rises and gives a bow. "Sorry my presence tonight is so short ladies and gents, but not going to be able to stick around."

Mikael glances to Heathen, and seems torn about leaving with him but the other man whispers to him, and he nods, giving Heathen a warm smile as he watches him leave.

Martha looks to Mikael then heads that way, "Evening again it is good to see you out and about." yeah she is making the rounds tonight.

Madeline winks at Daniel then tip toes through the pillows to Mikael "bon soir cher"

Mikael rises from the couch to take Madeline's hand to brush his lips over her fingertips. "A pleasure to see you. You look as dazzling as ever."

Jolene smiles at Holly, "Thank you so much Holly, I love you are dressed in banana pajama's so classy for the evening! I can't help but smile!" She does look as Heathen leaves though sadly, and then back to Mikael and Sharpe to see if they might join them. "Come on Mikael, Malcolm, please join us." She is holding her smores drink in hand and sniffs it trying to pick out the classic smell of it. This is great!"

Daniel is actually standing right next to Mikael, and was going to say something before Madeline caught his attention. So he does so now, offering Mikael a little fist bump.

Amelie walks inside, late to the party since business called. She is barefoot, and humming a familiar song that goes along with the pajamas she is wearing. She smiles and looks around.

"Classy?" Holly looks at her pajamas and smiles at Jolene, clipping the curler on her shirt pocket. She points over to Daniel, "Who is the man with the big feet. Those are the best. As the keeper enters, she gives a smile, even though they hadn't really met much before. She was at least familiar. "I don't know everyone yet. I'll learn soon." Hopefully.

Madeline smiles warmly at Mikael and leans in, kissing his cheek "merci cher, where is our redhead?" she asks, looking about for Phoenix

Martha is with Mikael, Madeline and Jolene, and a few others just chilling some as all chat about things. Then to Holly, "That is Daniel, he does amazing photographs."

THERE she is. Daniel HURRIES over to Amelie, his monster feet flopping against the floor and he offers out his super fancy poop emoji with monocle and moustache. "No one died. Everyone's having fun. There are s'mores drinks." See? He's a GOOD boy

Mikael looks to Madeline, "I am afraid that I have been abandoned by both, at least for the evening." He makes certain to clarify that for her. "I believe they conspire something together, in truth."

Madeline glances over as Daniel scurries about and laughs softly then smiles at Mikael again "not at all cher, besides.. you are not alone, not at all"

Jolene offers a smile at Holly as Martha talks about Daniel, "He is a good friend too. Always ready to make anyone who dares to think of being down around him, smile. And how can you not smile when you look at those feet!?"

Amelie grins, "Good job, mon ami! I appreciate the last minute help out. You have done good!" She looks Daniel over, "Nice choice of pajamas. You like mine? I thought it was appropriate for me."

"Thank you," Holly tells Martha for the information. "You look great." Admiring Martha's pajamas, she grins. "The feet on yours too are so cool." A smile to Jolene. "I think you're right. Those feet and the poop pillow are funny. Everyone looks good."

Mikael gives Madeline a warm smile then, and nods, "Oui, and he did tell me to stay and have some fun. He is going to meet with mon Firebird, but will see me later this eve."

Madeline nods to Sharpe over at the bar "Perhaps you will accompany me?" she asks of Mikael

Martha says, “Well she said cute and such, so I did with what I had. Though I love theses shoes, they are great to play in." with a smile. "So many uses."”

Daniel grins at Amelie and he nods. "YOu are by far the prettiest mermaid here, I can assure you," Daniel says to Amelie, offering her their trademark fist bump. "Everything's going just fine."

Mikael gives Amelie a warm smile when he sees her, then watches Daniel tromp around in those huge slippers. He looks to Martha and Madeline, and then offers his arm. "Then shall we join him?"

Madeline chuckles and wades delicately through the pillows over to the bar "Malcolm"

Amelie fistbumps Daniel, "Why thank you, Monsieur. And my, aren't you...orange!" She giggles and then waves to Mikael and Madeline and oh...so many here she knows! She waves to each person!

"Uses?" Holly questions of Martha, curious about that. "What other uses?" There's a grin that accompanies the question. "Are you going to have anything from the bar?"

Madeline accepts a drink from the bar and offers one to Mikael

Martha smiles, "Other uses, very fun uses really. They make a great prop in hide and scare." with a smile, then looking to the Bar, "I do not really drink, unless it has blood in it, I wonder if one could create bleer, or a new coco drink with blood sometimes though."

Angie steps into the ballroom, dressed in comfortable pajamas and slippers. Under her arm was an Invader Zim pillow. She stops at the entrance and glances about, wondering where she will plant herself

Holly appears to consider that. "I know of hide and seek. What's hide and scare? Just hiding behind or in something then jumping out and giving a fright?" She continues right on as if it weren't a separate subject. "Some sort of blood drink with something else in it? As long as it's not from midgets I'd try it. Most I'd do is throw up right?"

Arianna strolls in to the ballroom in shiny silk leopard print pajamas and comfy pussycat slippers, flashing a smile around as she heads in to mingle. Heading toward Madeline first.

Mikael motions to Madeline with his Sazerac, but takes the one from her as well. "I shall drink double fisted this eve.'

Martha Smiles, "The trick would be to find a way you did not have to throw it up, it tasted good and the blood could carry the other things into your system," whtn a smile, "Yes is one version of hide and scare, but it is even more fun when the poor people are not expecting it at all."

Madeline laughs and smiles at Mikael "I promise to see you safely home and not take advantage" she teases

Jolene listens quietly and smiles warmly at Angie when she comes in and stands up to offer her a warm hug in greeting and a kiss to the forehead. "You are adorable Angie!"

Angie looks up to Jolene and smiles back as she kisses her forehead. Her long hair up in a messy bun. She hugs Jolene back. "Thank you Miss Jolene...how are you this evening?"

"I don't know of a way but if you figure it out I would try it." Holly gives a slow, wicked smile. "Scaring people would be fun. My Leila won't let me though, not too badly at least. Something about catching more flies." A pfft and a roll of her eyes as if she disbelieves.

Mikael chuckles softly at something, and nods his head.

Madeline whispers to Mikael and seems to consider something then smiles and whispers back

Jolene smiles softly and takes her by the hand to pull her towards everyone else. "I am good today. How are you though. And Thank you for the rose too."

Martha smiles, "That depends on what, and where you are hunting really. Then again maybe we can go out and have a bit of fun there." and to the other, "I will indeed let you try if I come up with a workable sample batch or two."

Daniel looks around a little more and talks quietly with Amelie. "Looks like everyone's brought pillows. I have things set up for next week, mostly. I need to get with Martha before the night's out for the rest of it."

Mikael drains his drink, and places the glass on the table. He nods to Madeline and glances toward Jolene.

Madeline finishes her drink also and steps away from the bar, looking about at all of the pillows quite innocently then smiles at Mikael and selects a pillow, turning it in her hands

Angie bows her head to Jolene. "You are welcome..." She glances to Jolene a moment but remains quiet a few moments before answering her. "I'm....alright" A slight hesitation. "I have been taking more yoga and flexibility type classes lately..."

Martha looks over to Daniel with a bit of open curiosity at her name about all she really caught of their conversation, then back to Holly, "there are allot of things about the city to explore, and well you can also by appointment get into places when they are closed too."

"I'd go out with you to have fun." Holly is all for the fun. "Just tell me when, except Wednesdays and Fridays." She also looks to Daniel but only because Martha does. "I've been to Guyver's spa and I met with Amos at that burlesque place. The bartender guy was taking someone to the VIP area. I saw him at court, but I don't guess I ever got his name." She looks around at the familiar faces. "Others from court were there too. It's an interesting place."

Mikael reaches down for a pillow, a nice big fluffy one - probably feathers from the feel of it, and gives a conspiratory smile to Madeline.

Jolene smiles softly, "It is good to hear. I am glad it will help keep your mind focused to Angie. I will tell you more soon about the project. Really I can't wait for you to see it."

Amelie nods to Daniel, "Excellent. Keep me updated on your progress. I appreciate your help more than you know, mon ami." She sees the pillows, "Are those all what people brought, or did you bring extras?"

Madeline winks at Mikael and strolls casually across the room hefting the pillow in her hands.

Jolene looks up as she feels eyes looking at her, and then down at her drink and sets her drink down for the good of all, as she looks around for her rosette pillow.

"I brought extras, of course," Daniel tells Amelie, bringing his hand to his chest as if he's just.. shocked. "YOu can never have enou----" He catches the movements and looks of Madeline and Mikael out of the corner of his eye. "Are they going to have a pillow fight?"

Madeline smiles brightly and calls to Mikael in french "Aller!" and tosses the pillow at Jolene

Angie nods. She had made goals for herself and it was a start. She stretches lightly and glances at Daniel...pillow fight? She holds onto her pillow a bit more tighter..."I look forward to helping you Jolene..."

Mikael tosses the pillow into the air as he walks around, flanking Jolene with Madeline. At Madeline's call he catches the pillow, and turns with it to bop Jolene with it, smiling broadly.

Martha hmms, "Mikael's place is nice too, Bourbon and Bedlam, it has a carousel bar, and live music. Then there is Secrets, that has I almost want to call it a gym, and spa with lower a fight club, you would have to see it to get it all. I have not been to Eric's place some sex place or night club."

"I'll go there sometime. Bourbon and bedlam." Making a mental note of it. "Secrets and, I guess I don't know Eric or his club. But Secrets is a safe place to go? Is Eric's allowed?" Multiple options it seems. "I don't have it memorized yet, what is allowed and where isn't." As the pillow fighting begins, she eyeballs her banana in pajamas she'd left out on the floor and grins. "Maybe B2 will get to kung fu chop someone." (Holly)

Jolene makes a jump for her pillow across the way to dodge the incoming fire and lands in the pile of pillows. "FOR THE PRAXIS!!! JOIN ME ANGIE! ITS US AGAINST THEM!"

Madeline laughs and snatches up another couple of pillows, spinning them like nun-chucks before she steps in to attack again

Angie giggles and looks to Mikael and swats at him with her pillow, getting into a fighting stance but being playful of course

Amelie laughs watching them all have fund with the pillow fight! "This was a great idea, Daniel."

Arianna slinks over to a comfy couch to slide down onto where she won't draw too uch attention while smirking and watching the pillowfight.

Daniel grins and whaps Amelie lightly in the belly with his fancy poop pillow. "It's because I'm a goddamn genius, Amelie. Really that's what it boiled down to."

Mikael says, “Ah, I am being attacked from two sides!" He swings back at Jolene, and then tries to bring the pillow around toward Angie.”

Guivre is met with quite the vision.. everyone in their PJ's and Madeline with Mikael leading a pillow fight charge

Martha moves to a safer place to watch the pillow fight with a bit of a grin for now. Chat is over as there is now entertainment to watch.

Jolene is taking refuge with all of the extra pillows that Daniel brought with a bring it on look as she takes up two pillows, one in each hand. "Come and get it!"

Amelie looks around for a pillow and the first one she can find, she whaps Daniel lightly with it! "Two can play at that game, monsieur!" She laughs and laughs!

Madeline steps over and places her back to Mikael's "Together Mon Amie, against all these villains" she laughs and pitches a pillow at her childe's head

Mikael presses his 6'2" frame against Madeline's, and smiles brightly as he nods, "Oui, we shall stand our ground and not surrender!" He now has both pillows he brought in his hands, eyeing Angie for her possible charge. His eyes catch Amelie and Daniel, and his smile grows wider.

Angie tries to dodge Mikael's pillow but it catches her in the hip. She laughs and glances to the door and sees Guivre. She picks up a random throw pillow and hurls it at Guivre before going to swing back at Mikael...

Jolene huffs as Mikael lands a blow and takes a swing back at him gently aiming for the stomach. She clearly doesn't want to hurt anyone just have fun. "HEY!" She throws one back at Madeline! "MOM the Betrayer! I see how it is now!"

Guivre pulls an about face at the sight of the pillow fight and walks back out of the room without a word, his expression is one of comical disdain and he doesn't say anything.... looks like he wasn't aware of the theme. He wasn't wearing his PJs.

Holly watches as Martha moves away so she sneaks around the edge of the dance floor towards her banana pillow. Scooping up B2, she grins triumphantly, holding it up a little just as a stray, random pillow hits the pillow she's holding making Holly get unequivocally kung fu chopped by her own banana. It elicits a giggle and she inches back around to see Guivre. "Hi Guyver!" Grinning as a pillow flies towards him.

Madeline laughs merrily and snatches up one more pillow, taking aim and tossing it at Arianna "En guarde Madme!" she calls then scoops up another to thwap Jolene "Viens le chercher mon treasure"

Daniel grins as he's bapped and steps back, taking up something that might be a fencing stance.. except he's holding a pillow. He waves it around at Amelie and declares, not loudly, but loud enough to be overheard, "Amelie Renoir, Keeper of Elysium, I, Daniel W. Watson of Clan Toreador, challenge you to a Duel!" But then he turns instead and FLINGS that poopy pillow toward Mikael and Madeline.

What has Amos walked into? Everyone in their PJ's, Madeline and Mikael back to back engaging in a giant pillow fight

Martha watches the pillow fight with open amusement staying well out of the melee. There is smile though on her face as she just enjoys the silliness of it all.

Amelie giggles, and toss her pillow to Daniel, "You have great aim - go for it again!"

Jolene tries to dodge the incoming pillow and it hits Amos, and she giggles and blushes at him, "Oh Hi Amos!" She grins, and offers him a pillow to protect himself with.

Mikael tries to duck Angie's pillow and is in mid chuckle when he is bopped on the head by Daniel's pillow. Blinking he looks over at him as if stunned, and says in a fake English voice with a French accent, "I say, old man, did you just assault me with a poop pillow?"

Amos is wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants and a hoodie, because of course he is. "I see how it is," he quips, grabbing the pillow and hunkering down with it pressed over its head. "Just lemme know when I'm dead."

Madeline glances to Mikael "Revenge?" she asks in regards to the poop emoji pillow

Martha hmm, "Yeah that is a line you do not get to hear everyday."

"I think we can thank whatever Gods there are that it isn't something we hear every day." Holly emerges with her Banana in Pajamas pillow, shuffling her feet clad in the oversized sneaker house-shoes across the floor. She parks somewhere near Martha, standing beside her. "Don't you want to play?" She holds up B2 and uses his stuffed foot to roundhouse kick Martha gently on the arm. An appropriate hai-ya sound even accompanies the gesture.

Jolene giggles at Amos and smiles at him, "I am afraid to be the one to tell you Amos, but you are quite dead, If you surrender now you may make it out of here alive or you can join me and we can make them surrender to us!"

Mikael nods his head to Madeline with a grin, finding said poop pillow, and then quickly launching it back toward Daniel. But... uh oh, Amelie is right beside him, and poop pillows are oddly shaped, hard to aim properly...

Madeline's lovely bare feet shift upon the floor and she turns with Mikael to engage Daniel, pillow vengeance!

Amos lifts the pillow up for a look around, sighs and crawls forward on hands and knees. Maybe he can make it over to Martha and Holly's foxhole before the mustard gas catches up to him.

With the accusation against him delivered in such poor British fashion, Daniel violently shakes his head and points at Amelie. "She did it." he doesn't have any pillows! See? Oh! Wait. Madeline's comes hurling at him and it bops him and he stumbles back a step, laughing and launches it in a random direction.

Jolene shakes her head at Amos, as he goes crawling away, and shakes her head, "Simply no loyalty among the dead!" and grabs the pillow that Daniel throws at her along with the one she is holding and throws both at Madeline, "Take that Mom!"

Amelie shakes her head, "Oh no no no, mon ami! You are not going to put the blame on me!" She toss the nearest pillow at Daniel as well!

Martha looks to Holly, "I could crush someone's foot by accident in these shoes. So safter if I stay out of the fray, have some fun." with a smile to Holly as she watches it all. "It nice to see,"

Madeline is a ninja in a embroidered silk robe. One pillow lands its hit but she dodges the other then laughs "Traitor Childe!" she calls and throws two at Jolene

As if on cue, it starts to rain.. feathers. Just a few here and there, but it is definitely coming from the ceiling. Is it a miracle? Or is it something carefully engineered by the evil Toreador, Daniel. He's bopped! Then bopped again and he laughs and sends the pillows flying again

Mikael is no longer sure who he is bobbing with pillows, but one thing is for sure as a feather swirls its way down from one of the ones he brought - that particular pillow's seams were about to burst.

It's not far, Amos can probably make it safely. If or when he does, Holly gives him a wink and bumps her shoulder against his. "Hey sexy." Blowing in an upward motion as a feather lazily drifts down towards her head. "It looks like we get snowed on though, Martha. Does it tickle your fancy?" Grinning.

Amos arches a brow at Holly, going so far as to sit up. Still holding the pillow in front of his chest, of course. "I still got ten bucks on the Prince, though, you just know he bought a new couch for the occasion."

Jolene is taken by the sudden beautiful snow of feathers swirling down and misses the pillow barrage that comes her way from the cross fire of pillow exchanges and winds up knocked down in the fluffy bed of cushions and pillows. "Ugh!"

Martha looks at all the feathers, and smiles, "It something and well really had to rethink the whole foot stomping thing." with a lovely smile at the thought then tilt of her head and look to the fray before looking back to Amos, "Sexy how sweet, most never say such sweet things to me."

Madeline smiles as her childe goes down then hurries forward and scoops her out of the feathers, carrying her over to Arianna and depositing her there "one victim down.. " she kisses Jolene's cheek then dashes back to defend Mikael

Mikael starts to try to catch feathers as they float along in the air, bemoaning, "Oh, my poor pillows... those were hand made!" But the smile on his face, and his bright eyes don't show sadness in them, only amusement.

Angie tries to blow the feathers from her face as she tries to focus

"Me neither," Amos replies to Martha. "But hey, now I know who my real friend is around here, don't I?" Rising fully to his feet once again, he moves over and holds out the pillow so part of it's in front of Holly instead. No initiation of aggression from his quarter, no sir.

"Nothing sweet about it. He just looks that way." Holly laughs, shrugging it off and looking back to what the others are doing. She does walk away from Martha and Amos to find a safe seat to watch the feathers fly and soar like snowflakes on the masses, capturing one in her hand and tickling it against her other hand idly as she watches.

Holly leaves the dance floor.

Mikael manages to catch Angie lightly in the side as she is busy trying to deal with feather blindness.

Madeline is rather fetching with feathers in her hair. She smiles at all those battling and cowering or defeated "Surrender now and you will be spared" she calls

Martha chuckles, "What if you had a real friend here would you be needing?" slightly curious now as she looks to Amos, "Or is that begging nicly not to be pillow bombed?"

Angie feels the thump of the pillow and catches a glimpse of her blond friend. She wasn't one to do go down without a fight so she swipes at Mikael again

Jolene giggles as she watches the feathers falling entranced by them and reaching up to grab ahold of them, as she is taken out of the current battle. "Such pretty feathers."

Arianna casually offers, "Oh, I surrender, I surrender." From her spot lounging on a sofa reading news on her phone.

Another pillow bops Arianna

Mikael makes a high pitched sound of astonishment and in a mock Irish accent now says, "Ah, there is fight yet left in the fair lass is it?" And he tries to swing back, swinging widely as he missteps on some of the feathers, and has to fight to stop from collapsing into the pile of pillows.

Arianna starts briefly, then grabs the offending pillow and stuffs it under herself to get more comfy.

Amos bites his lip, considering. Should he? It's a risk... but a risk worth taking, apparently. Lowering the pillow and tucking it against his side, he leans in and murmurs something in Martha's ear.

Amos mutters to Martha, "I need... tree-fiddy."

Angie goes to swing again but stops, tilting her head to see if Mikael would indeed fall...

Martha nods, "Ok." is all she says, and with that she just takes his arm. "let go some where quieter to make a deal."

Like in those great action movies it all seems in slow motion. Mikael falters and begins to fall, the blonde turns and spots her fellow warriors impending fate. Fleet of bare foot she steps over and catches his wrist, with unnatural strength she bears him up "rescued!

Amelie stands behind Daniel and points to him all like - AIM HERE!!! She is ready from behind to get him from that angle!

Mikael is saved by Wonder Rose Madeline, and gives her a grin. He spots Amelie's intended target, and looks to Madeline.

Madeline laughs and nods to some message from Mikael, turning and launching both pillows in her hands at Daniel "En Guarde Monseuir" then steps back and laughs, preparing to end the assault

Mikael takes his pillow in hands, bunches the end to get a good grip and bends down a bit, then with a light leap upwards catapults his pillow towards Daniel.

Jolene is lost in the feathers, until that last feather might fall which isn't happening anytime soon, as they get stirred up in the swinging of the pillows, it does not happen to her often, but she has succumbed to the clan flaw. She could be buried in pillows now and not care, forgotten in all the feathers and pillows flying.

Martha is over to the side quietly speaking to Amos, and looking about as if where to head with him for some business or another.

Holly is seated near one of the couches on the floor, cross legged in her Bananas in Pajamas.. pajamas. She's got her stuffed B2 beside her, serving as her pillow for the night and she's toying with a feather that had fallen on her, ignoring the hundreds of others in her hair and all around her. She's watching the pillow fighting with amusement.

Angie moves over with Mikael and debates if 3 against 1 is fair.....She picks up another throw pillow and hurls it at Daniel....

Madeline laughs and slowly steps back out of the field of combat, smiling and victorious

Amos stays out of the fray as well, listening to Martha even as he keeps an eye on Holly from a distance. Nope, he hasn't forgotten about her.

Arianna is lounging on one of the couches reading her phone, with a couple of stray pillows collected for better lounging. Stretched out in shiny silk leopard print pajamas and pussycat slippers.

Martha smiles, "She is something is she not, the Lovely and wild Ms. Penny." with a look to Amos, "Come let's hit the couch there to discuss things."

Martha takes a seat at a leather couch.

Mikael is probably nearly the only one in the room who has a slightly heaving chest, but not quite panting yet as he takes a breathe and says, "Everyone have enough now? Pay homage to the pillow Queen!" And he gives a bow to Madeline.

Amos takes a seat at a leather couch.

Madeline laughs brightly and inclines her golden head, picking a feather out of her hair

Amelie giggles, "This was so much fun mes amies!" She looks to poor Daniel, taken down in the prime of unlife with a crap ton of pillows.

Angie laughs softly as she clutches her own pillow, feathers sticking to her hair and pajamas

Walking into the ballroom, Azrael pauses and raises a brow. He looks back over the main entry room and then into the Ballroom again,"What the f..." he starts and then shakes it off. He closes the doors and takes in one of those pictures into his perfect memory that he'll never forget. Hard to say if that is good or bad though. He smirks a little and shakes his head as he looks around to see who is about.

Mikael steps to the bar to retrieve his other drink Madeline had ordered. He picks it up, and with a straight face, he states in a high nasal tone, "Bartender, there is a /feather/ in my brandy."

Angie looks to the entrance and gets an evil smirk on her face...glancing about for another throw pillow...he'll catch it she figures...hurling the pillow at Azrael

Madeline laughs again and leans over to kiss Mikael's cheek "bravely fought valiant friend"

Jolene is laying back on one of the couches in her silk nightgown and is plucking feathers out of the sky, one by one, gathering them into a bouquet of feathers in her hand.

Mikael plucks the feather from his drink, and salutes Madeline with it, giving her a bright smile, "Oui, and you came out victorious, but beware of revenge, Mademoiselle." He takes a sip from the glass, and glances over to poor Daniel laying amidst the pillows, and almost covered now by them.

It's like Scarface or the Godfather or something else equally horrific. As pillow after pillow pummels poor Daniel's body, he is knocked this way and then that, arms flailing, a little shout of surprise (agony.) coming from his lips. He almost.. Almost manages to keep his feet. He stumbles once.. twice.. three times and slips on a puddle of feathers and goes down, arms extended outward, making grabby motions before he falls to the floor... dead. Done for. Gone forever. R.I.P. His glasses are askew, his hair is ruffled, one ginormous hobbit slipper has fallen off his foot. Somewhere, angels sing of his glory (Not HERE, mind you, but SOMEWHERE) and he just.. kinda lays there.

Azrael shakes his head at the chaos unfolding. His attention catching the flight of the pillow and he turns his head and slide to the side a little to let the pillow strike the door behind him. He looks around for the culprit, probably suspecting Arianna, but seeing the "I'm guilty" look on Angie's face he snorts softly and winks at her.

While the party seems to be winding down, Holly whistles a little, it's quiet, not a piercing sound, but it sounds disgustingly like https://youtu.be/hmYOTb_nCLY . With the pillow flying at the bartender from the burlesque club she continues to whistle but smiles a little at the deft way he avoids it.

Angie shrugs when Azrael looks her way, a smirk on her face though. She winks back and glances to Daniel...or in the direction of where he last fell. She moves over and looks down at him

Madeline smiles and touches Mikael's shoulder then slips through the feathers to place a kiss to each Rose including the fallen Daniel before gracing Azrael with one on her way out

Mikael finds the other thick feather pillow he brought that seems to still be intact. Will wonders never cease? He picks it up, and steps over to Daniel, raising the other man's head to place the pillow under it. He straightens his glasses then, and nods. "Good as new, old man."

Jolene with all the pillows there and buried beneath a layer of feathers, Jolene just falls asleep where she is. she has definitely had a long day.

Caerus is not dressed in PJs, instead he is in his usual fare and is attempting to make his way toward the Sanctum unless halted. He nods and smiles as he passes though the room.

Daniel is kissed! That revives him. He sits up, covered in feathers, reaching around blindly for his glasses. He really can't see worth a shit.

The room is a virtual landscape of feathers and pillows now. Nothing damaged though, and everyone seems relaxed as they lounge around in their pajamas.

Martha smiles, "That may come up Amos, good touching bases with you."

Amos stands up from a leather couch.

Angie extends a hand to Daniel to help him up, if he takes it.

Caerus chuckles as he passes Holly, "Let me guess. Split Personality?"

Amelie is still laughing and offers Daniel a hand up. "You ok there, sweetie?"

Amos nods to Martha - "You too" - then veers around, kind of along the side of the group, doing his best to sneak up behind Holly and slip that pillow over her eyes. (Not her mouth, he's not a monster. Well, not that she needs to breathe, but...)

Azrael glances towards Caerus and then back to the chaos,"The things we miss." he tells him, not sounds too terribly upset about it. He looks at the gathering and says,"So are you not in pajamas because you forgot, because you don't like pajamas, or like me your pajamas would scandalize people?"

Arianna calls over to Amelie, and Daniel, with a vague wave toward Caerus with her free hand, "Hey, a heathen flouting the social norms. Get him!" She's just lounging on a sofa, mind you, in pjs.

Angie and Amelie can probably pull him up pretty easily. He lets each woman take his hand and after a little work and slippy sliding he manages to get to his feet and makes a little spitty noise once he's free, trying to get a feather out of his mouth. "That was the most fun I've had in years."

Mikael hands Daniel a Hobbit shoe, "I believe this is yours?"

Caerus chuckles and holds up both his hands, "I surrender!" He smiles as he looks to Azrael, "I've been out scouting graveyards and was on my way to the Sheriff's office." He looks about, "Ok. Ok. I forgot the PJs."

"Nope." Says Holly to Caerus with a wicked grin. "I'm all me. We are one." The last thrown in to joke around a little bit. "It's a pajama party though and I'm in my jammies. You should have dressed up too. It's fun doing weird things. You disagree?" The pillow finds her face and she mutters. "How many deaths we must die." A giggle follows the words and she mock kicks backwards with her funky houseshoes, not hard, just to graze his leg. "I could have taken you out!" A grin.

Angie chuckles lightly, her Invader Zim pillow in one hand..her other hand helping Daniel up. When Arianna calls out her words she looks to Caerus...almost ready to fire

Martha gives a wave To Azrael, then leans back relaxing some quietly.

"I thought that was supposed to be my line," Amos replies to Holly, lowering the pillow and offering it to her at just above waist level. "I do still owe you a night at the Gardens, don't I."

Daniel makes a few more spitty sounds. But ya know, no spit, so that feather just kinda sits there. He finally manages to get it out of his mouth and takes the shoe from Mikael. He bows deeply. "Thank you, good sir."

Azrael nods to Caerus and watches him face his fate. He turns his attention towards Martha next and offers her a wave. He leans against the wall near the door and surveys the chaos that he caught the tail end of apparently.

Mikael gives Daniel a flourishing bow back, then smiles to him, "You are a wonderfully good sport, Monsieur."

Caerus backs out of the room keeping his hands up, "No. I actually love times like this. It is good to see everyone having a wonderful time."

Amelie giggles, and when she sees Azrael off by himself and Daniel is up and going again, she takes her little mermaid self over closer to Azrael. "Bon Soir, mon ami. It is good you could make it."

Angie winks at Mikael and pats his shoulder. "Good times no?"

Azrael watches as Amelie approaches, maybe a little wary of a feathered attack. He nods to her as she draws near,"It was touch and go tonight. Had my hands full with a few difference pursuits, but I got free so I couldn't in good conscience not show up. Sorry I am not dressed for the occasion, but as I told Caerus I probably would have scandalized some people."

Martha is watching the interactions more between Caerus and Azrael then anything else. She really is not into pillow fights and all the movement to the other rooms has her interest for some reason or another. Then hearing some other chatter her eyes move on to the other people and conversations going on about the room.

Holly watches Caerus backing out and laughs, giving a wave at his retreat. "Are the gardens worth an entire night plucked out of the middle of our forevers?" A grin is given to Amos as she voices the question to him. "I suppose if we must, we must."

Angie smiles as Mikael leans to whisper to her. She glances to him when he says what he does. "Are you alright my friend?"

Mikael nods his head and then gives Angie a playful wink back, "Might I get you a drink? Preferably without a feather stirrer?"

Daniel leans over to get his slipper on and wiggles his toes briefly. Now he might actually be too pooped to party. He looks around for his little poop emoji pillow and wanders in that direction and flops down among the large pile of pillows he finds, nothing visible except for the toes of his slippers

Amelie puts out her hands - see! No feathers or pillows! She is safe! "I was late myself due to business. Stuff happens." She turns around in her pajamas so he can get a look at the onesie goodness. A far cry from her normal wear. "It wasn't required to wear pajamas...this was just a fun event and I'd rather people come then not from dress code."

Angie chuckles lightly as she tries to get a few more stray feathers out of her hair. "Sure Mikael, thank you...Cherry Coke if they got it...please"

Mikael eyes goes to the other room for a moment as Caerus enters it, then turns back to Angie with a smile, "I believe our marvelous Keeper has a little of everything now, she has even added some of my favorites." He can't hold in the soft chuckle as he glances at the Hobbit feet amidst the pillows.

"It seems you have a good turn out as usual my dear. Any sign of the Prince or his bride this night?" Azrael comments and leans over to whisper something to Amelie, still watching the room at large.

Somewhere in the midst of the raging battle, Amos takes a step behind Holly and slips an arm around her waist. "Hey, first thing out of your mouth tonight was buttering me up. That's a 'yes it is' in my book. Question is, who's driving?"

And with it being a done deal, pajamas and feathers and all, she offers her hand out to him, "Lead the way, for you own the night. Well, this night at least." With a grin, and whether he takes her hand or not, she tucks her B2 beneath an arm and with as much dignity as she can muster in her current state and dragging her heels with those big sneaker house shoes on her feet, escapes the room. Hopefully with Amos. "You're driving. Cause that's hot."

Martha stands up from a leather couch.

Angie glances to the hobbit feet slippers. "Daniel...you get those waxed...." She teases lightly

Martha moves to where Azrael and Amelie are chatting quietly for now the feathers really not bothering her as she moves thru them. "Evening" is all she says right now to them both.

Daniel lifts up one foot in the air and turns his foot this way and that, then it plops back to the ground and a little plurf of feathers rises up from the force of the wind. "Nah, it'll just grow back tomorrow." Those feet wiggle slowly back and forth and little feathers are stirred about.