2018.05.10: A Sire's Love Pt.1

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A Sire’s Love
Martha is tormented by her Sire
IC Date May 10th, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Martha, ST-Ilias
Location Local business office
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Martha has met with the builders and her ghouls over the new venture with her coterie, and is now in route to the Elysium for an appointment with the Keeper. She is driving her car, and well realizes she forgot something at one of her meetings and turns about to hit the new business to retrieve it. By now the place is empty for the evening as it is not opened yet. It is almost completely furbished and she goes in with a smile to look over the work and get her folders for the notes Brittney wanted her to work on from the safe in the office.

Everything seems perfectly normal, just as you would expect them to be. The lights illuminate as one would expect when the switch is flicked and the air carries just the right amount of moisture and the scent of new construction is faint and fresh. The world has begun to invite the fresh beginning - like Spring time.

It begins like a faint scratching on the back of your neck, a tingle - a taunt.. a whispered word that you can't tell quite from which direction it comes from. Even if you turn, there is nothing there and no one else around you but you can hear.. thoughts.

Martha starts up from where she went to open the safe and looks about with a bit of a frown. Her hands forget the safe, diving into the pockets on her dress to fumble for a candle, just a little birthday candle and electric lighter she keeps on her for a simple ritual, and with a hand not as steady as it should be she lights the candle and utters a few words. To try and sense if this is magic, blood magic or something else as she hears thoughts?

"Tick... tock." the whispered words trace your skin like a knife playing on the flesh, the infinite direction in which it seems to surround you and is all around you. Like a haunting, and yet.. not.

"Where are you my pet?... where have you gone? Have you left me? Why would you do such a thing?" the questions start off soft, and then slowly they twist a bit more maniacal. "I did -not- release you." Martha with candle in hand walking the room looking carefully now, then a swallow as she takes moment to calm herself and blow out the candle then making sure it is out before putting the light, then after a few her candle up. "The Elders released me, I am free." with a look about, "Phone phone." She then gets her phone, instead of her papers from the safe. "They staked and box you, you cannot be here, we are not to be with in a hundred miles of each other." as she fumbles with the phone then finally dials someone.

<Phone> (You to Caerus) Ring ring.

"~Destroy the phone~" the order comes through vividly, like a pull on your own blood - a man with the connection to you more intimately than any other in this world. A compelling phrase, that leaves your body yielding to his will before you might even realize what is taking place.

"Tsk tsk my Little One. Did you really believe that we would ever be separated? That I would ever allow you to slip through my fingers? No my dear... my pet. You, are mine. Or have you forgotten?"

Martha dropped to her knees, "Please please Ronald do not do this." as she starts slamming her phone against the desk, "Please your killing us both." she is trying to resist but the pull is so strong. "You’re sick, you need help. To get free of it, I got free, please." begging as she destroys her phone. "I am not her, I am Elizibeth, not her."

"Do you remember how we would dance in the moonlight?.. do you remember the way the world would come to life when we tasted it? How magical it is, how I crave it now." the words continue to torment from seemingly all around you. Always just out of sight, no matter which way you turn or how you move.

"Sick?.. is that what they told you?" there begins a wicked sort of laughter, like shattering mirror glass all about you, echoing and fracturing with the tones of madness set within. "No my pet. It is they that are crazy, but you and I.. we have seen beyond the looking glass, and into the world of infinity. You belong with me.. you know this to be true."

Martha looks to her shattered phone then the air about her sure he is using a ritual to communicate, "Where are you Ronald?" as she moves to the tablet on the desk and slips it down to try and get a message out to someone without looking at her hands. "Ronald, do you remember you almost drained me dry with your affections. ME Elizabeth, Not Martha...your Martha is no more. WE do not belong in the world thru the looking glass." but his words do make her remember the wonder of it all, the feasting without remorse on the other side. "Where are you Ronald." trying to Keep him talking as she tries to get a message to someone.

"No... no... no..no..NO! Why do you try to hurt me my beloved? ~Break It~" he tries to invoke his command over you once more, though he is not capable of controlling you this time. "You don't think I recognize my own wife?.. I would know you anywhere.. find you anywhere.. I miss your lips." the man's mind conveys a sense of hunger at the mention of the memory of draining you dry.

"Martha.. I need you. I am so hungry Martha.. and I crave the sparkle. Feed for me.. find me something magical and bring me your throat. Let me taste the wonders within you again. How I cherished everything you gave me... Martha, my wife.. where are you? Why is it so dark here?"

Martha is crying as she fumbles out a Text realizing at those words he is nowhere near just awake and in pain, "Ronald you need to sleep, in your dreams you and You wife can be together." drawing on her link with him, her sire, and well suggesting to him, "You and Martha can meet in the dream land, dance in the moonlight." as the tears run down her cheeks. The warring of hate and affection for the man so strong in her who stoles her from her honey moon, and made her this, "In the dreaming and dreams you and Martha can hunt, and feast, feed on her as take down another Fae, hold her again, hunt with her again, share the blood of her prey, feel her Kiss, she can feel yours Kiss again, just sleep and let the dreaming take you Sire."

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) At new business, in trouble Sire is awake somehow clan mates not responding.

<Phone> (Text from Amelie) Do you need me to come right away? I can.

There is a long and dreadful silence all of a sudden. The softer tone changes, and a shrill cold comes over the tone now. "I am very disappointed in you Little One." the words spoken with an eerie clarity as you can almost see him standing in front of you now - or at least the astral projection of him with his arms crossing over his chest.

For a moment you can see through his eyes, looking down at his own chest and what remains of the stake withering and crumbling away to nothing in the darkness. There is an exertion of something, and the lid of whatever he was in explodes outwards and fragments of rock and stone smash against the walls all around him as he rises from his crypt. "Don't worry my love.. I'll find you... soon."

Martha does not switch to Mattie, she looks mad now. "You have not stood your Trial Reggie my love." in a voice dripping with anger, pain, hate. "I am not your wife, I will never be your wife. WE hate you." screaming it at the top of her lungs, "WE hate you my once love." then she tilts her head, "Atta girl?" not to him, but something else he can hear, there are two of them in her head, and the other one is telling her Atta girl. "You come here you died here." it is taking all her strength to stand up to him, some little part of still loves her sire, but her fear of his madness, and what he now is stronger. Never mind Mattie giving her allot of opinionated bolstering in her head. "Get out We do not want you in our heads."

But it is quiet now.. there are no voices, no laughter, no words.. except for your own. Perhaps there never was.. perhaps you imagined it all.

Martha slips back to the ground, and looks about, then realizes Amelie messaged her back, and she is well a mess red heads never cry pretty, and blood tears do not help. "We should answer her Mattie." shaken enough to talk her other self out loud now.

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) Ok need to gather myself, I will be to our appointment soon, jjust need to gather myself, he is not here, he is not here, he is not here.

<Phone> (Text from Amelie) Where would you like to meet?

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) Umm somewhere warded? I mean safe somewhere safe.