2018.08.15 Bastille Day Event

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Bastille Day Event - Carlton Pines - Ballroom
Wednesday Night Bastille Day Event - Carlton Pines - Ballroom
IC Date August 15, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Devin Madeline Mikael Heathen Martha Amos Nino Amelie Daphnne Santiago Sharpe Syn Daniel Vilmos Brittney Jolene
Location Carlton Pines - Ballroom
Spheres Vampire
Theme Song Bastille Day - Madonna - Live to Tell [1]

August 15, 2018

Bastille Day Event - Carlton Pines - Ballroom (Please feel free to update this page for those who left after I did since I was not there to get the complete log - Jolene)

Bastille Day Setting

The dignitaries' balcony of the Ballroom has been dressed up this evening and set up for the incoming Court of Idyllwild. Each of the 15 chairs covered in Blue white and Red Chair slips.

The pleasant scent of authentic French pastries fills the air from a pastry table set up near the bar, and two Tricolor Blue White and Red Flag, flank the door, with two Honor Guard dressed in authentic period outfits. The Honor Guard special duty for the evening is to escort the Dignitaries from the Court of Idyllwild to the second floor Dignitaries Balcony. Across the room, a large screen has also been set up to show various scenes from history that depict Bastille Day and well as current celebrations. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ZuYDs_v3s)

Jolene is making sure that all the final preparations are in place for the event, the stage is set up, for the performances, performance, which ever happens, and the screen is ready for videos as needed for said performances. The dignitary balcony is in place, the flags are hanging perfectly, and the Honor Guards are ready as well.

The Scent of pastries fills the air, and Jolene is dressed in an authentic blue and white striped gown in the style of the late 18th century, complete with gloves and bonnet. She seems happy with the results so far tonight.

Madeline enters with a graceful step, clad in emerald green she smiles and nods to those present

Jolene is making sure that all the final preparations are in place for the event, the stage is set up, for the performances, performance. which ever happens, and the screen is ready for videos as needed for said performances. The dignitary balcony is in place, the flags are hanging perfectly, and the Honor Guards are ready as well. The Scent of pastries fills the air, and Jolene is dressed in an authentic blue and white striped gown in the style of the late 18th century, complete with gloves and bonnet. She seems happy with the results so far tonight.

Devin makes his way in and looks about at the decorations, taking his time to sweep left to right, top down as he looks it all over. Making his way to the bar, he pulls a seat back and slips into it.

Martha is dressed all in some lovely French man's outfit from the early 1770s, her long wavy red hair tied back at the nape of her neck in a tail of curls. She makes a very pretty boy. She waits at the door for those entering and greets them all. Each one, Even Nino most politely tonight.

Madeline did not dress for the era, though she is every inch a noblewoman despite the period. She smiles and moves to the bar to wait and see who is arriving

Nino limps through the ballroom with his usual ratty garb and accompanying hateful scowl. He meanders slowly around the periphery, his bugged-out eyes are cast on the floor as he appears to be listening to the goings on. His fingers are splayed out at his sides as he stalks along.

Jolene smiles warmly as she looks up and sees Madeline and Devin enter, and Martha is in place already, this makes her happy. In the background a video plays very softly on the big screen, but it is ready to be changed as soon as the moment arrives that it should. "Good Evening Mademoiselle Blanchard and Monsieur Quinn!" So far the evening is off to a slow start but that is okay, people have to have time to arrive and she smiles at Nino too, "Good Evening Monsieur Caravelli." offering a respectful bow of her head to him as well.

Vilmos steps inside the Elysium, dressed in a more modern look, politely escorting Daphnne inside.

Devin smiles from his seat as Madeline makes her way towards the bar. "Good evening Primogen. The night finds you well I see." He too is dressed in a more modern cut of outfit.

Daphnne glides in on Vilmos' arm, a brilliant smile on her face. She is wearing an exquisite gown that looks like it is no reproduction. A gown straight out of a museum, in delicate layers of rose and cream colors of silks and lace. http://coh.spork.com/images/3/39/RoseGown.jpg

And the hat, oh the hat: http://coh.spork.com/images/6/67/A.jpg

Sharpe makes his way down the stairs. He's dressed to the nines tonight as always. Though his outfit isn't one of his suits. Tonight, he is clad in a perfectly tailored French Hussar's uniform. Complete with captain's rank markings, pelisse and a sabertache swinging from his waist. It probably took an hour to get into pants and boots that tight. https://tinyurl.com/y8tb5jw3

Amelie slipped in at some point, and sits in the corner, observing tonight.

Madeline looks up and smiles gently with a nod to those arriving

Jolene takes the time to greet each guest in turn this evening, as she is able too, standing near the door in her blue and creme stripped gown, a warm smile on her features as each person enters and she is glad to see the interest in tonight’s event. She does offer a kiss to Sharpe’s cheek in greeting and to Amelie she winks at her and squeezes her hand before she heads further in tonight. She is thrilled to see Daphnne and Vilmos arriving together too. "Mademoiselle Cunningham, you are absolutely beautiful tonight. I am glad to see you here tonight. I know it is not easy."

Daphnne smiles to Jolene, but it is obvious that it is an effort. Simply wearing the gown has brought back memories it would seem. "Good evening Miss Addison. Thank you. You look wonderful as well." She glances around the entire room and comments, "Indeed everything looks beautiful looks beautiful this evening. You all have done an excellent job."

Vilmos gives a slight incline if his head to Martha as he enters. "Good evening." and then to Jolene as she approaches. "And to you as well. I apologize for not.. dressing up. But the day has slightly.. different connotations for me."

Martha smiles, "Good Evening Vilmos, Daphnne. It is good to see you both." with a look about all here tonight.

Madeline accepts a drink at the bar and smiles softly as she watches

Nino stalks through where there are others standing, he says in a growly voice, "Which of you were there?" he then looks around slowly to see who speaks up.

Daphnne gives Martha a smile that doesn't reach her eyes and inclines her head to her. "Good evening Miss Witherman, a pleasure to see you again." Hearing Nino's question her head turns towards him, and she responds, chin lifting upwards slightly. "I was... good evening Mr. Caravelli." Her eyes travel across the room to Madeline, and she gives the other woman a softer smile as she nods her head in greeting to her. "I was not alone. Most of my coterie were there, as well as Miss Blanchard."

Jolene nods her head very understandingly, "There is nothing for you to apologize Monsieur Zsoldos, I would imagine that the time weighs heavy on you, as it does for all who have lived through such history. I do not take your offer to speak about it, at all lightly Monsieur Zsoldos. Mademoiselle Cunningham and I spoke at length about it. I admire you for having the courage to speak about such a time to enlighten us all. Some of us are young and have not lived through such trials."

Madeline inclines her golden head as her name is mentioned "oui, even though I was not part of your coterie at that time Mademoiselle. Some nights it does not seem so long ago"

Vilmos gives a nod to the Nosferatu. "Indeed. I had just missed the opera before the entire affair. The entire event was rather hectic, and unpleasant."

Nino stalks toward Daphnne and he halts just a little too close and he inspects her hat, then he nods to her. "I'd like to hear what happened, from your perspectives. That's a nice hat. I have one just like it, but it isn't made from a bird." he grins rather menacingly at her.

Devin lounges in his seat while Nino hunts down revolutionaries, reaching into his jacket for a small book which he opens and begins to peruse.

Amelie murmurs to herself softly, "...bet...rat...."

Brittney smiles as she arrives and looks around the room to see who is about. She didn't really dress up for the theme but is there to socialize.

Syn is here though off to the side watching as everyone is enjoying themselves. Having heard of this get together, he came to see what was going on. Annoyed about earlier though, still he watches everyone.

Vilmos gives a nod to Brittney and Devin as they enter, eyes drifting over toward Syn as he also joins them,

Martha moves to the bar with a little nod to Jolene. Then when hear Devin has a few words with him softly.

Daphnne says, "Well, I did shake these out of mothballs to wear them tonight." Is she joking? She meets Nino's eyes, not flinching in the slightest. Instead her expression turns pleasantly vacant. "My perspective on that night? It was hideous. I knew the moment that we drove into the city that unrest was occurring, but perhaps that is because we were not living there at the time." Her head tilts gently to the side as she asks him, "I am curious, Mr. Caravelli. do you sing?""

Amelie makes her way over to the side of the bar and takes a seat, as she watches.

Madeline nods thoughtfully and sips her drink "And of course. the court was having a party, of all times"

Devin turns towards the tall "French boy" and tilts his head to listen and nod.

In the background French themed music plays, but it is very soft, and meant to only add to the atmosphere this evening. There are French Pastries on a table in case any wish to indulge, understanding that the majority may not wish to, but it is there all the same. Two French Tricolor flags flank the door, and Amos and Martha are providing Honor Guard for escorting dignitaries to the second-floor balcony if they wish to sit there that is.

Brittney smiles as she looks over to Vilmos, "Good evening." She then glances over towards Devin, then Martha and give each a slight nod.

Martha nods to Brittney.

Devin smiles and nods towards Brittney.

Nino's face scrunches up and his expression turns dark, "I can't sing like I used to, no." he scowls at Daphnne and he lifts a finger, "Why were you there in the first place if you knew you were heading into an explosive situation? You're from Transylvania, right? So what were you doing in France when a revolution was brewing?"

Madeline sips her drink and smiles gently, waiting to hear Daphnne's take on that time

Devin smiles at Nino's questions, not speaking his own thoughts on the topic, but continuing to chat to his company instead.

Jolene does offer softly, "Perhaps you would like to make yourself more comfortable and offer your perspective to us all Mademoiselle Cunningham?" She offers gently so that everyone may begin to settle in to listen. But she is happy to let them decide that for themselves.

Daphnne just gives Nino a polite expression as she answers, "The entire world was in an explosive situation, in one way or another, Mr. Caravelli. I can tell you that we were meeting old friends in France and making new contacts. It was the center of culture in those days, and literally anyone who was anyone was there."

Madeline smiles to herself and nods "The city of light in every sense of the word"

Nino's lip curls and he turns his head and looks over to Madeline, "That's not what they call it in the sewer. You were there too, right? So what were you doing through all of that night?"

Brittney smiles gently, "I am sure there was a lot of contacts that could be made around there at the time, hopefully they didn't all die."

Madeline smiles gently at Nino "I have been in the sewers of Paris, I know what they call it" she says "At that time I was only 40 years embraced and my Sire was very demanding, she threw the party, I was part of the entertainment until the fires of revolt began"

Nino's black tongue snakes out of his mouth and he lick at his overextended fangs as he grins maliciously at Madeline, "Your sire threw a party, knowing the world was about to end? That's very Toreador. You were part of the entertainment eh?" he leers and takes a step closer to Madeline, then his attention shifts back to Daphnne and Vilmos, "Where were you while the Toreador were throwing a Shindig?"

Leon arrives a bit late, though not fashionably. He wanders in, offering nods to those he knows. Others get the once over, before the man makes his way towards where Madeline rests.

A man arrives alone and pauses at the edge of the vast chamber to view all those who are gathered here tonight. Santiago's dark eyes take in the many details for a long string of seconds, including the Bastille Day Settings. So many people in their colorful attire.

He himself is dressed in a deep blood red costume with black, from the French Revolutionary period jacket smothered with black roses and entwined thorny vine embroidery up either side to the lavishly made black vest with the twisted forms of lovely nudes, to the crisp white ruffled silk cravat at his throat set with a brilliant ruby.

The Spaniard dressed so enters once his eyes alight upon at least one face he knows, and Santiago begins to make his way to Daphnne.

Martha is at the Bar with Devin and Amelie.

Madeline chuckles softly at Nino's approach and nods "I said she was demanding, I should have also mentioned a bit decadent" not seeming at all concerned about Nino or his fangs. Looking up she smiles and offers her hand to Leon as he arrives

Vilmos snorts a bit. "If I remember correctly, and much of it is s blur, running brawling my way through a mob and being locked under the jail."

Daphnne seems to be watching Nino curiously, perhaps wondering why all the pointed questions, but she answers him. "Actually, we were there as well. Madame Probenjenska's party, trying to make contacts. It was easier to simply force one's self into a corset and go where the others were to gain our answers. At the time of the announcement we were answering a barrage of questions about our subduing a demon and dealing with Dracula."

Jolene watches with interest and without interruption, just making sure that things run smoothly for the moment. Madeline, Daphnne, Nino and Vilmos seem to be in a discussion. There are tough questions that need answers and it may help all to deal with the past if the events are spoken about, and to put events into perspective. "It is interesting to hear that the French Revolution was only a blink in history to you Mademoiselle Cunningham. That you were not just dealing with the events of Revolution but other significant events surrounding it as well. I would imagine you had to sort of pick your battles of the time?"

Syn yawns a little and begins moving around just watching everyone, listening to conversations as he passes by. Feeling a little out of place at times during gatherings, though that’s partly his fault, still he just watches.

Nino blinks slowly and he focuses on Daphnne, "Okay, that's mighty dangerous work to be doing. Especially at this party, so you were all at the party? Must have been some party? Ended up with Vilmos under the jail... you mean you ended up /under/ the Bastille?" he limps a step in Daphnne's direction when he halts and glowers menacingly at Santiago as he inspects him. Then he points a clawed finger at Santiago and nearly pokes him in the chest, "Who the hell are you?"

Leon takes Madeline's hand and kisses it, perhaps trying to fit in with the period. "Look at this place, yeah? Bring back memories?" He asks of her. A nod to Nico and the others about.

Amelie watches with a slight grin on her face.

Madeline nods as she listens to Daphnne then smiles and touches Leon's cheek fondly "Indeed it is"

Amos arches a brow when Nino pipes up-- but (a) the Keeper's here, and (b) Santiago already went through his bonafides last court. He'll be fine. Instead, he turns his attention to Daphnne's story. "Bet you don't get asked about /that/ a hundred million times."

Vilmos watches Nino plays with the food. Or something. "I'm afraid after all the effort to dress properly for the event, followed by the subsequent destruction of said clothing, has left me unrepentantly dissuaded from that much time and energy going into corsets and makeup."

Martha blinks, "Did she say Demon, and Dracula in one sentence?"

Santiago smiles warmly at Daphnne as he comes up, but he stops a goodly step back, rather than intrude upon those who are gathered speaking together. His smile falters somewhat, when that Nino fellow takes note of himself. The hideous visage is studied, details taken in, and then his own gaze slips away to look upon far more pleasant faces and attire. His smile begins to creep back, and he offers a faint nod to Joline to be polite, then studying the others and hanging back until such time as Daphnne might deem to take notice of himself. Santiago can be very patient and watch people, listening.

Up ... until Nino comes into his space and puts out a claw to /almost/ poke at him. He draws a deep breath and executes a bow, "I am Santiago Alvarez de Toledo, in service to my Domitor, Don Jose Joaquin Alvarez de Toledo y Silva." Standing erect once more, his English crisp but well-seasoned with his Castilian Spanish accent, he adds, "I am lent in the service to Whip Franchesca von Brandenburg, Childe unto Harpy Cunningham, sir."

Yeah, it's probably a good idea if Santiago avoids direct eye contact with Nino and acts respectful.

Amelie nods. "Oui, she did."

Jolene does step over to the stage to begin the film that goes through the beginning of the revolt into the modern-day celebrations surrounding Bastille day to try to help lighten perhaps the mood a bit and get things more settled. A picture is worth a thousand words? Hopefully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3ZuYDs_v3s begins to play on the screen.

Madeline glances at the film as it plays, her expression warm but her eyes a touch sad

Nino stares at Santiago for almost a half-minute before he nods, "I actually may have killed your father." he tells him. Then he nods briefly to Vilmos, then he refocuses on Daphnne, "You were all at this party and the city is a powder keg, we got that far. So, was the prince Villon at this ball too?"

Martha blinks, and looks between them all, then just nods to Amelie.

Leon leans against Madeline, watching the film with her.

Madeline smiles a bit sadly and kisses Leon's cheek then nods "oui Villion was there"

Daphnne's eyes go to the screen, and her posture visibly tenses for a moment, but then relaxes. The action of a sigh is seen from her otherwise still frame then, but of course no air escapes her chest. Her eyes seem to drift a bit in time for a few moments, and she looks back to Nino. She registers Santiago's presence and gives him a slight incline of her head in greeting but then states in response to Nino's earlier question to her,

"Actually, I am not certain which is more terrifying; the hounds of the Inquisition, the pitchfork carrying peasants of Transylvania or the hordes of humanity that descended on us that night, over running our carriage, and ripping at our hair and clothes. Yes, indeed we took refuge underneath the Bastille. And yes, he was there at the party. I remember his words even tonight. He came into the ballroom screaming, '"Bastards! Those arrogant bastards! The impertinent bastards! The mob ...attacked me... the Bastille has fallen, and they are arming themselves. Where are the Highness' troops? Who is going to do something?' And then... complete chaos."

Vilmos raises an eyebrow, looking to Daphnne as her ire gets up.

Nino nods gratefully to Daphnne and he smiles sickeningly, "I'm asking because its interesting, so thank you. I do wonder, why on earth did you travel /to/ the Bastille in that chaos? Everything erupts, there is an angry mob and the Bastille was stormed. why did you fight the mob to get into it?"

Jolene looks to Santiago for a moment and then steps over by him at Nino's comment, but quiets as Daphnne reveals her version of events from that night and gently steps up beside her to squeeze her hand reassuringly. She was going to say something but thinks better of it. "Perhaps a breather is in order Mademoiselle Cunningham? We have arranged a bit of entertainment and we can hear more after? Whip Taylor and Monsieur Rousseau have a special performance tonight."

Santiago actually /smiles/ at Nino, "Why, have you been in Argentina? It's a wide world, Senor ....?" He may not be expecting the other to give an introduction as he is beneath notice for the most part. Santiago fishes none the less and offers what may pass for a charming smile for everyone. He stands his ground and looks to Daphnne, swapping to very passable French he offers low. "Bonsoir Comtesse Cunningham." Her reaction draws his attention likewise to see what is playing on the screen for a moment. Daphnne however is clearly occupied and telling a story so he should not interrupt further. Santiago listens and then having paid his respects unto her, he moves along to see if there isn't some refreshment to drink. Just in time to side step around Jolene and get out of her way too.

Brittney smiles as she listens to the stories being told, "Definitely sounds like a lot of problems going on there, and a lot of chaos. Though stuff like that does sadly happen all around the world in many places, even to this day."

Madeline smiles "Nino, the mob was not revolting when the party began, it was an event like any other, thrown by the powerful Madame Probenjenska, they were there to make contacts in the city. the revolt began later that night as I recall

Daphnne says, "Mister Caravelli, it would take longer to explain to you exactly what we were there for than I have time for tonight but suffice it to say we went there to meet up with an old friend, a Malkavian who was a powerful seer. And it is correct when one assumed earlier that we had to pick and choose in a way which situations to become involved in. The world was spread out at the time, travel was difficult and perilous even more so for Kindred, and a lot was before there was a Camarilla to help protect us. All we had was each other." She looks at Nino and answers him clearly, "We were attempting to get to someone who was within that prison, following this Malkavian’ s words, it was but one link in a mystery we were trying to unravel.""

Amelie sips a drink the bartender sat next to her. The staff know her needs well. She keeps an eye over everything, including the one she does not know personally yet. Devin smiles to Martha's expression. "Well dear scourge, it is time I depart and see to some familial matters. Perhaps I can dig up some more of my illiterate scrawling’s at some point for you to look through. " he smirks as he takes his cane in hand and gives her a little bow and flourish. "Be safe, obviously I am a text away..." he pauses a moment "most literally." Then Devin straightens his jacket and takes his leave.

Vilmos looks Nino over for a long moment. "I am curious though, about your relation to the singer that was so popular at the opera that night."

Martha giggles and bow back to Devin with a little Flourish, "Another night Primogen."

Devin turns to Martha at the mention of the seer and offers. "That would be number one on that list of four." he winks and takes his leave.

Nino grins savagely at Daphnne, "Well I appreciate you reliving your war story for us. It sounded like you went through hell to accomplish that task. Literally. I understand that my presence is stressful, so I'll not make you relive anymore." then he wrinkles his nose and he studies Vilmos, "I wasn't even born when the Bastille fell. What's this about the opera?"

Madeline smiles gently at Nino "That is where I first met those of your clan mon ami, I danced in the Paris opera many times"

Vilmos hmms. "An ancestor perhaps? There was a man sharing your name, and seemed to be the swoon of the ladies, and the envy of the men."

Nino leers at Madeline briefly and then he refocuses on Vilmos, "You never heard of a Sicilian singing opera? So, I sang opera. So, what?"

Daphnne says, "I don't mind answering your questions. Perhaps you would care to sit with me some evening, and I shall recount the entire adventure. It was hard few nights on all of us." Another shadow crosses her face, and a measure of emotional pain shows itself briefly. "But this IS a party... perhaps I should let someone else talk for a while or enjoy the entertainment our hostess has arranged.""

Santiago doesn't seem to get any replies, so he just goes to the bar and leans against it, right next to Amelie whom he doesn't know. All dressed up and being ignored. He looks over what there is on offer at the bar, "Hmmm... Un bon vin rouge, s'il vous plait?" He looks the others over by the bar and offers Amelie and Martha a smile, "Bonsoir." It's a French thing, tonight.

Amelie smiles to Santiago, "Bon Soir, Monsieur Alvarez de Toledo. I do not believe we have met yet. I am Amelie Renoir, Keeper of Elysium." She bows her head to him.

There are plenty of pastries being offered at the Pastry table, and of course the bar to offer drinks. Mainly because the hostess forgot all about wines tonight. The bar is always kept properly stocked for just about any occasion though. Up on the stage ghouls are getting it ready for the performance for Heathen and Mikael to take the stage.

Madeline slips her hand into Leon's as they listen to the ongoing conversation and memories

Not realizing what is going on in the main room, Mikael starts a video presentation on the large screen, by remote from the make-shift dressing room area. He has created a little mini production himself. Nine different settings in the studio recording, a bit of each song from Les Miserables. It plays on the screen after Jolene's presentation. https://pastebin.com/dQ05b1Fm (of course it is the blonde Mikael that is seen on the screen, showing off that amazing vocal range and his mimicking abilities, lyrics are there to prevent long spam in room)

[Lyrics] [fml]

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9IWAxSpgKA

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======---> Mikael rolls Charisma + Singing + 5 (15 dice) vs 3 for 13 successes. 2 2 +3 +5 +5 +6 +7 +7 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 <-------------=============++++++++++++++++++++++++=============------------->

One Man Les Miserables Medley

I dreamed a dream in time gone by When hope was high And life worth living I dreamed that love would never die I dreamed that God would be forgiving And I still dream he'd come to me That we will live the years together But there are dreams that cannot be And there are storms we cannot weather!

I had a dream my life would be So different from this hell I'm living So different now, from what it seemed Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

Who am I? Can I condemn this man to slavery Pretend I do not feel his agony This innocent who wears my face Who goes to judgement in my place Who am I? Can I conceal myself for evermore? Pretend I'm not the man I was before? And must my name until I die Be no more than an alibi? Must I lie? How can I ever face my fellow men? How can I ever face myself again? I gave my soul to God, I know I made that bargain long ago He gave me hope when hope was gone He gave me strength to journey on Who am I? 24601!

Welcome, Monsieur, sit yourself down And meet the best innkeeper in town As for the rest, all of 'em crooks: Rooking their guests and cooking the books Seldom do you see Honest men like me A gent with good intent Who's content to be Master of the house, quick to catch yer eye Never was a passerby to pass him by Servant to the poor, butler to the great Comforter, philosopher, and lifelong mate! Everybody's boon companion Everybody's chaperone Everybody raise a glass! Raise it up the master’s ass! Everybody raise a glass to the master of the house!

There, out in the darkness A fugitive running Fallen from God Fallen from grace God be my witness I never shall yield Till we come face to face Till we come face to face Lord let me find him That I may see him Safe behind bars I will never rest Till then, this I swear This I swear by the stars!

It is time for us all To decide who we are Do we fight for the right To a night at the opera now? Have you asked of yourselves What's the price you might pay? Is this simply a game For a rich young boys to play? The colours of the world Are changing day by day Red: I feel my soul on fire! Black: my world when she's not there! Red: it's the colour of desire! Black: it's the colour of despair!

A heart full of love A heart full of song I'm doing everything all wrong No God, for shame I do not even know your name Dear Madamoiselle Won't you say? Will you tell? A heart full of love No fear, no regret My name is Marius Pontmercy And mine's Cosette Cosette, I don't know what to say Then make no sound I am lost And I am found!

One day more.

(Tomorrow you'll be worlds away And yet with you, my world has started!)

One more day all on my own.

(Will we ever meet again?)

One more day with him not caring.

(I was born to be with you.)

What a life I might have known.

(And I swear I will be true!)

But he never saw me there! My place is here, I fight with you! One day more!

(I did not live until today.)

(One more day all on my own!) 

How can I live when we are parted?

Tomorrow is the judgement day

Tomorrow we'll discover What our God in Heaven has in store! One more dawn One more day One day…

On my own Pretending he's beside me All alone I walk with him till morning But without him I feel his arms around me And when I lose my way I close my eyes And he has found me And I love him And every day I'm learning That all my life I've only been pretending But without me His world will go on turning A world that's full of happiness That I have never known!

God on high Hear my prayer In my need You have always been there You can take You can give Let him be Let him live If I die, let me die Let him live Bring him home Bring him home

Take my hand I'll lead you to salvation Take my love For love is everlasting And remember The truth that once was spoken To love another person Is to see the face of God.

Do you hear the people sing Lost in the valley of the night? It is the music of a people Who are climbing to the light.

For the wretched of the earth There is a flame that never dies. Even the darkest night will end And the sun will rise. Will you join in our crusade? Who will be strong and stand with me? Somewhere beyond the barricade Is there a world you long to see? Do you hear the people sing? Say, do you hear the distant drums? It is the future that they bring When tomorrow comes!

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Tomorrow comes!

Brittney decides to take her leave as she has many things to do. She smiles as she looks around and offers farewell, "Have a good evening." She then heads off.

Nino nods seriously to Daphnne, "Sure, you can come visit me anytime. Be sure to wear your dress that you can get dirty in." he chortles a bit and then sighs with disgust as he begins to shuffle his way toward the bar. Pointing a clawed finger at the screen he mutters, "Whoever she is, she's no Madonna but the kid does have some range." he watches Brittney depart and he looks back to the screen with a scowl.

Madeline smiles to hear Mikael singing then chuckles "I suppose it is a very unpopular opinion to somewhat resent the revolution, it did destroy something very beautiful"

Santiago perks up and stands away from the bar for a moment in his French finery and bows slightly to Amelie, "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle Renior, a pleasure to meet you. May I order something from the bar for you?" He smiles, "You seem to already know who I am. I do not believe I saw you at the Prince's Court last Friday?" Santiago turns his head to when the screen changes to play Mikael's 'Les Miserables' and then he's looking back to Amelie to also pay her his attention, "And what does the Keeper of the Elysium do? Manage the art collection displays?" Perhaps a touch more shyly than his usual, Santiago adds more quietly, "I enjoy painting and making sculpture a little. I rarely have time for it, but my mother used to be quite an artist."

Leon's arm is around Madeline's waist, not having been at said revolution. There's not too much he can add, having been a poor history student.

Martha nods to all then stops by Jolene. "See me tomorrow evening?" as she moves to head on out.

Jolene smiles at Mikael singing so beautifully and keeps her thoughts of the French Revolution to herself because she was not there, and only knows stories she has heard and read about and history is often colored by the victors. So far, the evening has gone fairly well even if she hoped to hear more speak about their time. She does step over to Martha though and Amos both to squeeze their hands, "Thank you Martha. I will."

Nino snaps his horribly long fingers a few times in Santiago's direction, "Yo Pedro, I got something you can paint. You're an artist? You don't look like a Toreador, but you /are/ dressed like one. You like to make the pretty things, or do you prefer hellish landscapes? Or ...sad clowns?" he actually seems interested, which is dubious in itself.

Madeline is drawn from memories and does laugh at Nino's comments "now now mon ami, not everyone can be Toreador"

Daphnne actually gives Nino a true smile then, "Actually Mr. Caravelli, you might be surprised what I am capable of, and there can be beauty is strange places if one knows where to look and takes the time to see it. I hope we will speak again soon." She turns her head to look to the others present. "I forget my manners entirely." And she goes about speaking to each of those present, if nothing but a good evening.

While he's at the bar, Santiago turns his head to look back to where that Nino fellow reeks or stands. Oh, just in time for pretty boy to be making clawing motions at him. Alvarez de Toledo turns around to lean his back and elbows on the bar as he studies Nino and gives reply, "I'm dressed like this because I was told this would be an occasion to dress up - a costume event." Santiago looks Nino up and down and then smirks rather than speak his mind. "I much prefer nice, challenging landscapes with sharp rocks to navigate and rough seas. Far more interesting in person, in fact, than merely in image. Why, do you collect art, sir?"

Amos inclines his head to Jolene, returning her gesture in kind. "Looks like it's been going pretty good. Hell, even Nino's playing nice." He tries to keep his voice down, lest the guy get any ideas.

Jolene squeezes Amos hand with a smile and dares not say anything that might jinx the moment and ruin what has been a respectable and pleasant evening if a little trying to start. Everyone is getting along decently. "I could not ask for any better with so many different Kindred in one place Amos." She whispers softly to him.

Nino's expression darkens, and he grins mysteriously, "Oh yes I do collect art, but its a lot worse than you can imagine. You must sit to truly appreciate my collection." his black tongue slithers out and he licks at his chin thoughtfully, "You thought it was a costume ball? It is apparently, but I had to throw in the movie reference for a laugh." he pushes off the bar and starts to shuffle toward the exit, "Thank you all who shared some information with the Hidden Clan. We like when you do that. Fuckers." he waves and keeps shuffling off toward the security vestibule.

Madeline just laughs softly and turns to Leon "it grows early cher"

Daphnne pauses after circling the room with greetings, beside Madeline and murmurs, "Now I remember how truly horrid these corsets were." She looks from Madeline to Jolene, and tells the other woman, "You should be very proud."

Leon nods to Madeline, smiling. "Let me drive you home?" He asks, offering his arm to her.

Jolene smiles as she watches Nino left and just shakes her head, "Thank you for joining us this evening Monsieur Caravelli! I do wish you a good night." She does smile at Daphnne and bows her head, and smiles at Madeline a little sad to see her go but does understand. "Rest Well Mademoiselle Blanchard."

Madeline nods to Leon then turns and laughs brightly with Daphnne, leaning over to kiss her cheek "indeed but still fashionable, I'll send you a modern one soon"

Santiago inclines his head with respect to Nino, even not knowing who he is, "Indeed, I shall take your word for it, sir." He keeps his place at the bar and waits for his wine.

Madeline takes her leave of Jolene with a kiss to her cheek and makes certain to thank Mikael, Heathen and others who helped or performed on her way out with Leon

Daphnne states quietly, "Goodnight Mr. Caravelli, walk safely. And Madeline, goodnight. I will hold you to that promise." She moves to find a seat then, to watch the rest of the video show.

Amelie finishes whatever took her attention away for a few moments, and finally can answer Santiago. "Non, I was away on business last Friday. I hate to ever miss court, but sometimes it does happen. Only about 3 times in the last year or more since I arrived in Prospect." She crosses her legs and turns a bit more toward him. "I do manage the art here, as well as the building itself. As well as Edwards 18 Elysium. I keep a safe place open to all Kindred and their retainers. Not just for the Camarilla, but open for all Sects. It is a traditional meeting place, where no disciplines or violence is allowed. Period. Look at me as the protector."

The Bartender finally gives Santiago his glass of wine. Jolene does also step over closer and tries one of those buttery croissants that are more than just decoration and something she does not indulge in often, but she loves French pastries, and what isn't enjoyed the Ghouls can be shared with Sister Constance. Jolene does offer softly, "Keeper Renoir does a beautiful job taking care of our Elysium," smiling at Amelie, but not doing anymore to interrupt their conversation to much.

Daphnne does indulge her curiosity about the tiny hamburger appearing pastries, and places one on a small plate. Daphnne says, ""

Santiago will help himself to one of the pastries as well, something stuffed with matched cream cheese over apples with orange rind. His thanks is given for the glass of wine. He takes a small bite of the pastry and tastes his wine after, as he listens to Amelie and Jolene. A nod then, "I enjoy looking at the collections. You do a very nice job of it. I should like to meet the artists of the Camarilla, if that may be permitted?"

Suspended high on the walls are four large paintings with massive mahogany frames. The first painting that catches the eye is of a stoic, blue-eyed man in an antique suit, seated on an ornately carved wooden throne. Then the eyes are drawn to a painting of a diminutive professionally dressed man with glasses, seated behind an antique mahogany desk. The third painting is of a dignified man with a cane who is seated at a comfortable chair. He appears to watch the viewer no matter where they are in the grand room. The last painting is given a position of prominence and it is a dark, gloomy painting of a pallid man with long brown hair and a goatee.

Amelie smiles, "The paintings here predate my time. None are in this area that I know of. Our last many artist moved out of town last fall. Former Primogen Adele Sweetheart. You would think Toreador, but no, not at the moment do we have an artist in residence it seems - at least visual arts. Unless you count photography, then Monsieur Daniel Dodson is your man." She gestures to the paintings here. "The portraits here are of the former Princes, and current."

Jolene offers an apologetic bow of her head to Amelie and Santiago, "As much as I wish I could stay all night, Keeper. I must head out." She looks over to Daphnne and walks over to her too as she looks at the pastry table. "I thought they would be a fun addition to the night Mademoiselle Cunningham. If only to get a small smile. I thank you so very much for aiding me in tonight's event. I am grateful you were here to share your story with us. I am with Monsieur Caravelli though. I should truly wish to hear it all, to understand how the events unfolded."