2018.08 08 Remember me this way - JD's Memorial

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Remember me this way - JD's Memorial CARES Gym
Wednesday Night JD's Memorial CARES Gym
IC Date August 08, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Madeline Silvana Jolene Constance Bishop Eric Eddie Amelie Martha JD Devin Mikael Esmira Heathen Phoenix Amos
Location CARES Gym
Spheres Vampire
Theme Song Jordan Hill - Remember Me This Way [1]

August 8, 2018

Remember me this way - JD's Memorial (Please feel free to update this page for those who left after I did since I was not there to get the complete log - Jolene)

Madeline steps past the lions and down the stairs, strokking Pettibwa who is curled up on her shoulder

Amelie has been in here, making sure the sound system is ready.

Eric too comes in from the outside. He has been walking around the domain to see how everything fares.

Jolene had stepped down into the the Gym, a few minutes late, and not far behind Madeline, dressed in black, despite it being a shindig, the party mentality is hard for her to embrace, when she deeply misses JD. As she sees Pettibwa and Madeline though, she does hold out a bag of nuts to Pettibwa. She is still sad that Grady is no where to be seen too.

Madeline reaches behind her to take Jolene's hand, knowing this is difficult. She smiles gently and chuckles at the bag of peanuts "you'll make her fat"

Silvana checks her phone as she comes in as if she seems to be waiting for someone to call her or text her as she makes her way down the steps. She looks around and politely nods to those present. For once she doesn't have her dog with her.

Martha comes in with Devin, and then looks about to see who all is here tonight.

Eric looks walks in shortly after Madeline and Jolene. When back inside he looks around to see if all the preperations are well under way.

Devin walks in with her on his left, his right hand on his cane, as it leads the way.

Madeline draws Jolene over to Eric and while she is not usually affectionate with him, she kisses his cheek softly "bon soir Eric"

Martha moves to the groups with Eric, Madeline, and Jolene. "How are you holding up Eric?" with a tilt of her head and well a look of sympathy. "Do call if you need anything." then a move to Jolene and a hug for Jolene.

Eric gives a bow towards Madeline as she comes over to him, together with Jolene. The small kiss on is cheek is a new one and catches him a little bit off guard. "Good evening Madeline." He takes her hand if she allows and places a small kiss on it. He then looks towars Jolene. "And good evening to you as well Jolene." He would give Jolene a hug.

Devin smiles quietly as Martha makes her hellos and gives a nod to Jolene and Madeline.

Madeline allows the kiss to her hand and gives Eric a smile before she moves to the bar with Pettibwa, allowing the furry critter to jump down if she wishes

Silvana looks around and makes her way to the end of the bar and takese a seat. pose doesn't fight Madeline pulling her over to Eric at all, and puts her arm around his waist tightly as he gives her a hug, and closes her eyes as she tries her best to fight back her tears tonight. She is trying really hard not to cry. "Good Evening Eric."

Jolene doesn't fight Madeline pulling her over to Eric at all, and puts her arm around his waist tightly as he gives her a hug, and closes her eyes as she tries her best to fight back her tears tonight. She is trying really hard not to cry. "Good Evening Eric."

Pettibwa jumps to the bar and chitters her thanks to Maddie and then scampers down to the end of the bar and approaced Silvana.

Madeline slips up onto her usual stool, crossing lovely legs as she does so, gazing at the gatherng faces

Heathen makes his way in, comfortable, calm, and after his new self being reintroduced to 'security' on the way past. "Evenin' folks."

Jolene doesn't fight Madeline pulling her over to Eric at all, and puts her arm around his waist tightly as he gives her a hug, and closes her eyes as she tries her best to fight back her tears tonight. She is trying really hard not to cry. "Good Evening Eric." with a gentle hug to Martha too (sorry Martha)

Silvana smiles at Pettibwa as she comes to her "Hello girl" she extends her hand towards her and sure enough she has her favorite nut there for her. She takes a breath.

Amelie puts on the music, keeping it low in the background, but it is upbeat, and will move from song to song. https://youtu.be/2C721IZzgmE

Pettibwa walks up to Sil without taking the nut. She jumps up onto her shoulder and wriggles her way around her neck.

Madeline looks behind the bar and pauses, her wine glass waiting amid all of the mason jars, it brings a sad smile to her lips and she sighs then rises and steps behind the bar

Silvana closes her eyes as she leans her head against Pettibwa and takes a deep breath reaching up to pet the lovely squirrel.

Eric strokes Jolene's back as she hugs him. Trying to ease her a bit. He nods at Martha as she walks up to them as well and nods towards her. "Hello Martha." A smile shows. "Thank you and much appreciated."

Heathen makes his way over to where Madeline and Eric are drawing a crowd. "What a long strange trip it's been."

Martha nods, "Well I see his place is in descent hands, that is good." with a nod as she moves back to Devin, and gives a look to Silvana feeding the little animal then a wave to them.

Bishop has worn the wrong shoes for this. The young girl is quite lost for a while but eventually gets escorted in looking bewildered. There is a bar over there so all will eventually be ok.

Eddie after being escorted in he tries to tip Sam, "Thank you darling, very helpful.". He cackles adjusting his digs as he surveys the place. "Hello!" he calls to no one in particular.

Madeline moves behind the bar and finds a gallon jug in the cabinet with JD's initials imprinted upon it. She brings it with her to the bar, eyes curious as she's not seen this container before

Jolene offers a reassuring smile up at Eric, before she steps away a moment and steps over to Silvana and gently squeezes her hand, understanding how she must feel to. "I know you and JD were close too Silvana. I know this is not easy for you." She would offer a hug to her in support if Silvana will allow it.

Eric slowly lets go of Jolene, giving her a last squeeze in her arm and walks behind the bar counter as well. "Madeline. Let me fill your glass for you." He smiles at her. He looks up as Heathen comes over as well and nods. "Yes.. It very much has been so far. But we are not yet on the end of it." He watches Madeline pull out that jar and sees her looking at it. "Ah.. Yes.. That is actual JD's blood. It was meant for Magdalena, would something ever... Happen to him." He sighs at the memory.

Silvana keeps her head leaning against Pettibwa as she pets her taking a breath for a moment she had her eyes closed though when Jolene speaks she opens her eyes. She looks at her a moment before she takes the offered hug and returns it "Thank you" she pats Jolene's back before letting go of her and bringing her hand back up to pet Pettibwa.

Bishop eyes the place and settles her focus on a sparing pit? ooooooh.... Bishop discreatly starts looking over all the patrons pitting one against another in her head. who would be victorious.

Martha hmms and Looks to Devin, "I do know that Magdelena, she was teaching me to play min craft, I really suck at that game."

"mine craft?" He arches a brow and curls a lip slightly "horrid work the mines. What sorts of deposits do you own?" he asks curiously.

Madeline looks up to Eric and sighs softly, taking the gallon jug back to the cabinet "keep it safe for her please Eric" and returns with one marked DB Eddie frowns slightly looking around those gathered here, "I haven't stumbled in on something private have I?". He folds his hands in front of him and adjusts his posture to imply a regretful stance.

Heathen sighs, shaking his head a bit. "He was an honorable man, that looked out for his own. Even helped make /me/ feel at ease when I first stepped in. He will be missed."

Amelie looks to Eddie and Bishop, "Did you both know Monsieur JD McCoy? We are holding a Memorial for him. He recently met his final death. You are welcome to join us."

Eric nods and gives her a sorrowful smile. "I will. Though Magdalena does not need it anymore. She's mine now. All te supply we have left is used for JD's other ghouls. They need a bit more time to adjust to another source of vitae. For they have been for far longer with him than Mags did." He watches her place the mason jar back into the cabinet and nods at it. He looks back at Heathen and gives the man a grin. "Ah yes. That does indeed sound like JD alright.. He will be sorely missed. But Roland and I shall honour his legacy and keep our family up and proud."

Madeline pours herself some of the DB into her wine glass and glances up "Would anyone care for a drink, a toast to him?"

Martha looks to Devin and smiles, "Well it is a game, like a video game thing, not a real mine, and unless it is a garden or a car I really do not craft it." with a grin as she pulls her phone out to well show him a video of this game. "Jd was was interesting a shame you never really met him Devin."

Silvana crosses her legs as she gets comfortable against the bartop as she pets Pettibwa.

Eddie his frown deepens as understanding glimmers in his eyes, "Ah that explains that." he mutters toward his feet. He looks back up, "My condolences, truly. I had met the Kindred briefly but I did not know him well.". He tilts his head looking down again as if thinking or listening to someone. "The dead speak well of him, terrible gossips we may be.".

"Yes, it seems he aquitted himself honorably. It is always a misfortune to lose such an individual, especially in light of recent events." Devin says as he looks over at Martha's phone. Eventually he smiles "You control the little.." he chuckles "Most charming. A video game you say hmm? " he nods.

Bishop smiels softly to Amelie and shakes her head "I'm sorry, I didn't. Thank you for the invitation to remain, however. I won't be any trouble."

Martha nods, "Yup Video game" as she moves to turn it off and get them both a drink. That in it's self is odd, "Try this Devin, this is drunken buffalo, and well do not drink too much as well...his stuff will creeper on you." then to Madeline, "A toast to JD is an idea."

Madeline pours several of the mason jars with the drunk blood and offers them to those who might want one

Silvana takes a breath and leans her head once more against Pettibwa as she watches all the people gathered.

Devin smiles as she hands him the glass. "I do not actually imbibe...alcohol to be honest. Even from the parts of steed." he says confused but politely takes the glass in hand. "I appreciate that thought however."

Pettibwa chitters softly and then slowly climbs down to the bar. She looks back to Silvana and then scampers across the bar looking at those gathered.

Amelie makes her way over to the bar, and takes one of the jars, waiting the toast.

Devin can smell the scent of actual blood as he holds the glass in hand and once more a brow arches as he is suprised.

Martha nods, "Yup Video game" as she moves to turn it off and get them both a drink. That in it's self is odd, "Try this Devin, this is drunken blodd, and well do not drink too much as well...his stuff will creeper on you." then to Madeline, "A toast to JD is an idea." then to Devin "You missed the DRunken on tap Buffalo, that was like soo neat." (corrected pose)

Madeline waits until thos who want one has a glass then lifts her own "JD was my best and oldest friend, he drove me crazy, made me laugh and made me better than I was. There will never be another like him"

Jolene lets go of Silvana and moves over to find a seat at the bar, closing her eyes and takes one of the mason jars offer by Madeline. She lifts it slowly and offers softly. "I will miss his friendship, I will miss calling my Uncle, a man of wisdom, devotion to family, a man that none can replace or compare. When no one could help me. He believed in me. He had so much love in his little pinky alone, and.." Looking at Silvana, "And he was not afraid to tell me I was wrong and give me a chance to learn that for myself." She raises her mason jar to him. "To a man none can compare. I will miss you JD." Her tears building up at the edge of her eyes.

Pettibwa jumps onto Jolenes shoulder when she sits near the bar. She burrows under her hair and wraps around her neck.

Eddie smiles softly edging to the rear of the gathering as to not interupt or distract from the memorial, seemingly content to satnd faux vigil for the ceremony.

Mikael slips in with Phoenix so quietly that they could have been here for a few minutes. He hears what is going to and nudges Phoenix over to get himself a glass. He moves then over by Heathen.

Madeline sips quietly in honor of jolene's toast

Martha raises a glass, "To one innovative man who made everyone who came by feel a bit more at home." sipping again to the various toasts and even her's. Phoenix steps into the room with Mikael, following along quietly.

Heathen gets himself a drink from the flask with the alcholic contents. "I told him I'd be drinking one of these one day. Too bad he isn' here to share it."

Amelie holds her jar up for the other toasts, taking her time before saying, "To the first one in this city to really help me get to know others, who believed in me, helped me in ways I will never forget. He was a man unmatched. I will always be his songbird, and sing for him wherever his spirit lays now."

Mikael gets himself a glass of wine, and Phoenix a jar. He looks to Heathen, giving him a sad little smile. He waits until the rest take another sip, and he joins him as he listens to the heart touching toasts.

Phoenix smiles warmly to Mikael "Thank you" he says fondly, then looks to heathen "How are you?"

Esmira arrives a bit late to the memorial. She didn't know the fallen but some part of her felt the need to attend. She stands at the entrance for a moment before making her way inside.

Madeline lifts her glass to each toast when spoken and sips quietly

Heathen gives Phoenix a fond smile. "I'm good." and he glances toward wherever Eric got off to, shaking his head. "I hope if they go sfter payback, they drop the 'fair fight' bit and call on some friends for an extermination."

Devin drinks at each toast, listening to the tributes that are given about the man and taking in the company of the night.

Martha looks to them, "No fair fights, Exterminate." the last work spoken a bit like a Dalek. Then she looks to Devin, "so you doing well here?" as she looks at all the people here and those who flow in and out.

"Oh absolutely dear lady, " he smiles grandly "If you learn nothing else from me, that as your battlecry would suffice. " a little chuckle "on a more serious note, if you learned it from JD, then good to know we had similar views on such things."

Mikael remains quiet for the moment, simply looking around but he nods to their words, especially to Madeline. He does slip a hand in the pocket of his pants and draw out a handful of nuts that he places on the counter.

Phoenix listens quietly, considering his drink but not really touching it as he listens to the conversation.

Madeline has been lost in her thoughts and turns away amoment, somthing in her eye it seems

Eddie looks around before quietly speaking up, "I beg your pardon. If you require any assistance with erecting a memorial or safeguarding a resting place please do not hesitate to ask. I would happily offer the freedom of the graveyard to this stalwart figure.". He bows, "Thank you for allowing me to meet this man's most honest face. I leave you to your mourning, tata.".

Silvana finding herself something to drink before she raises her own glass as she looks towards Jolene then towards to JD "He was a great, even if he did drive some of us nuts" she looks around the place "But he had a heart of gold, and saw things in some that many missed. I remember when we build this place and how excited he was about having people come here and play on his obsticle course and train as well" she takes a breath "He is one of those that can never be replaced, one of a kind and will always hold a special place till the end time" she raises her glass.

Martha raises her glass to the toast and then waits to drink to it when the others do with a nod to Devin.

Amelie nods and lifts her glass to the next toast.

Constance can never seem to be on time. It's probably a running joke by now, but after Dinner Service Connie had changed into her proper wake clothing and hurried down to the Gym portion of CARES. She's in plainclothes with her hair pulled back in a braid. She hardly stands out as she slips through the door and over towards a familiar noticable blonde haired dancer. Moving up to Madeline she touches her shoulder lightly, whispering something and smiles at him before turning her attention to Silvana to listen to the toast.

Raising his glass, with a nod and smile at the words spoken Devin drinks when Silvana finishes.

Esmira remains silent but does try to offer a smile to Jolene when she sees her. Esmira listens to those speaking.

Madeline turns back to the gathering and manages to smile, though her eyes are shining. She looks pleasantly surprised as Constance approaches and leans over to kiss her cheek "thank you for coming sister"

Jolene gently brushes her cheek against Pettibwa when she jumps up on her shoulders and closes her eyes, listening to the sound of her purring, and reaches up to rub her behind her ears. She nods at Silvana and she pulls out a napkin to keep back the tears that are staining the napkin, but raising her jar towards Silvana and couldn't agree with her more.

Mikael takes a sip from his own glass, tightening his grip around Phoenix's waist as the tributes continue.

Pettibwa pages: Pettibwa chitters softly to you, "It will be ok. I be back. Need to go see others."

Pettibwa stays with Jolene for a bit to give her comfort and then she chitters softly to her before slowly climbing back to the bar. She scampers down to the end of the bar And chitters her thanks to Mikael before cheeking the offered nuts. She turns and scampers back to Maddie and jumps up onto her shoulder. She slowly works her way over so she can see Connie and she chitters a soft greeting.

Madeline invites Pettibwa back onto her shoulder and smiles gently "Now please.. he would hate us all being sad, Please will you each share your favorite memory of JD?

Constance watches the others quietly with a little smile. She isn't crying, she smiling - if a hint sadly - but she seems pleased to see the turning out in JD's memory. Pettibwa's arrival gains a smile and she turns her hand to offer little rub under the little basts chin and checks her pockets. She usually has something on her and indeed finds a small bit of a granola bar she breaks off. For now she keeps quiet though to listen to the others who've come to honor JD.

Esmira continues to remain silent as the other speak. She knows she can't ease their pain but she does try to offer a smile where she can.

Silvana notices Bishop and gives her a little wave in greeting as she takes a sip of her drink. She looks to Madeline "Oh my favorite memory of JD, will have to be the first time time we sparred when I first arrived in the city and he kicked my behind. He looked so sorry" she smiles foundly "Though I sure did surprise him when he returned and I had been practicing. " she giggles "The look of shocked on his face was always my favorite, not sure how many could get that look from him." she sips her drink.

Madeline smiles gently at the memory Silvana shares and nods in agreement Martha kicks back to listen to all people have to tell here about JD. Bishop smiles to Silvana and raises her glass in kind. Bishop remains on the outskirts, however, less inclined to engage when she didn't know the man personally.

Mikael raises his glass and takes a sip more of his wine. After hearing Madeline he did get a small small on his face as he thinks about something. Madeline smiles gently "Whose next?"

Mikael glances at Madeline, and says "I remember when Heath and I were to met him to speak of combat practice. I did not realilze it would be in the woods, or at the edge of it. He seemed to very much enjoy how I jumped at the sound of every twig, but most espectially how at first Pettibwa started me so much that I made a very undignified yelping souund, and I do believe my feet left the ground. He and Heath both got a laught out of that."

Silvana cant help but laugh at Mikael at that 'You jumped?" she grins and guestures for Bishop to come join her she is at the end of the bar. Madeline laughs warmly and scrittches the squirrel upon her shoulder "did you scare him darling?" she smiles

Esmira remains silent with a smile at those sharing good memories. Bishop gathers her drinnk and clutch and makes her way to the offered seat.

Pettibwa chitters happily. And she keeps chittering. And she moves around and flicks her tail as she keeps chittering. ANd at the end you can swear she is laughing. <OOC> Pettibwa says, "For those of you with animalism. she retells the story from her perspective.

Mikael feels a touch of heat rise in his cheeks. He nods to Silvana, "Oui, I did. I wasso unused to being around animals, but by theend of the eve I was petting her. She is wonderful" He smiles to Pettiba. Mikael murmurs, "And so was he... he was always treated me fairly. He never knew how much that meant."

Madeline listens carefully to the little rodent then laughs softly and nods "Well done Pettibwa"

Constance smiles towards Mikael as she listens and glances at the little squirrel as it chirps and chitters. She grins at Madeline before looking towards the others. it seems the Sister will be keeping quiet for now though she toes remain near the little squirrel and Madeline for now. Silvana looks over to Pettibwa and grins with a little laugh "I see, well you keep that up" she winks before looking to Mikael "I can understand that" she raises her glass to them.

Jolene smiles at both Mikael and Silvana and grins at Pettibwa's retelling of the event. "I remember how he surprised me the day that I went to ask for help for Eric. I remember how he showed up like he just knew I needed him and I didn't even know how much I needed him. He gave me the miracle I needed that day. He helped me save my friends life."

Pettibwa adds, "He use to love to play with Io."

Martha listens with a bit of a smile to them all speak of the man, though the squirrel just got a long and curious look when it spoke? that got a head tilt with some slow blinking. Then a shake of her head and look to her glass.

Pettibwa chitters something aloud.

Madeline scritches the little critter with a soft smile "that he did

Amelie cannot help but enjoy listening to Pettibwa, even if she cannot understand her.

Martha looks at her drink, then about, then with a nod to others and a move to hug Jolene again, "See you soon." and well what the hell she waves good bye to the Squirrel and heads out.

Silvana looks after Martha then looks to Bishop "How have you been?" she lowers her voice.

Madeline sips her drink and smiles gently "I have decades of favorite memories of JD but I must admit, when I achieve dhte high score on his obstacle course" she chuckles "he was jumping up and down, hooting and shouting for my achievement" she is smiling and looks over "Last I checked no one had bested my score, other than possibly JD himself"

Jolene accepts Martha's hug and watches as she leaves, nodding to her about seeing her soon. "You have been so proud of that accomplishment as long as I have known you Madeline. And I tried once to best it but never came close."

Madeline smiles "I wasn't proud of it as an achievement but, also becuase it made him so happy"

Constance smiles at Madeline though she for now keeps silent though the observances of memories.

Bishop gives a shrug and a swirl of her drink "Starting up school again. I shifted my major if you haven't heard. but honestly it's been bizarly routine for me.

Silvana looks towards the high score then to Bishop and lowers her voice as she looks around to see who else is going to speak up

Jolene looks down at her phone as a text comes across it and she tries to clear her mind for a moment to read it. She then leans over and kisses Madeline's Forehead apologetically and offers a hug to Constance. "I need to go, mom." Squeezing Madeline too before she has to go.

Constance hugs Jolene, "Have a good night." She says. The blue eyes Caitiff quietly standing near Pettibwa and Madeline. She does murmur to Maddie softly and squeezes her arm before drifting fof a it.

Silvana is sitting at the end of the bar speaking quietly with Bishop as not to disturb others as they talk about JD.

Madeline nods to Connie and kisses her cheek "of course cheri" and she smiles gently with a nod.