2018.10.10: Prohibition Night

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Prohibition Night
A social night costume party for charity
IC Date October 10, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Morgan Mikael Heathen Nino Phoenix Madeline Amelie Devin Wade Oleksiy Azrael Aubrey Silvana Raul Ulfred Arianna Constance Amos
Location Aces and Eights
Spheres Vampire Camarilla
Theme Song When I Get Low, I Get High [1]

Aces and Eights - Vip Room

This Large clover leaf room has brick arches making for two niches and two sitting nooks, stained glass scones for lighting on the casements, and stained-glass pendants Lights over other areas to add soft light. The lovely stone floors have area rugs in rich tones to warm the place.

There is one nook filled floor to ceiling with all sorts of hard backs of varying ages and titles, from classic to modern fiction, a set of Encyclopedia, and more. In front of the books shelves are two wing back reading chairs with red velvet upholstery.

The nook across from it holds a small curved intricate carved wood bar with 4 seats, behind it custom shelves hold many drink choices.

The other nooks have a fainting couch in one, and a lovely lion footed couch in the other nook for private conversations. And of course, in the center are three card tables of fine wood and red felt with side boards for any drinks or food to keep the red felt clean. These each have six wing backed chairs each in fine wood with red velvet upholstery.

Tonight Morgan is wearing high-waisted pants with attached suspenders in a classic pinstripe design, a collared shirt with a tie printed on it, and a hat, a cane, and a tuxedo designed heel, and white gloves while she tends the bar tonight definitely in the spirit of the evening. She has a cloth in one hand as she wipes down the bar and checks the inventory.

Mikael is standing over at the main card table, an apron around his waist but otherwise he is dressed like Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts movie. The only difference is that his vest is a deep gold color, and his long blonde hair is tucked neatly behind him in a long braided ponytail. https://coh.spork.com/images/a/ab/1920sSorcererDandy.jpg

Nino wasn't here earlier, but there he is at the bar. He's dressed as Nino is always dressed. Nevermind the fact that he is actually the only member of the mafia present. So there is that.

Madeline steps in with a swish of fringe and pearls, pausing and smiling as she looks about the place. Finally she saunters over to the bar, the nearly transparent dress swinging gently about her.

Phoenix is dressed exactly like Mikael but in a gold vest. He heads in, glancing around, nodding to those he knows.

Morgan smiles at Nino sits down at the bar and moves to offer to get him a drink, "Good Evening Sir, and Madame," As Madeline approaches as well. "May I get either of you something to drink this evening?" She smiles at the entering Phoenix and Mikael as well, but turns her focus to those who have approached the Bar.

Amelie arrives dressed in her finest flapper dress, of course in a color she tends to wear quite often. She keeps checking her phone, as if waiting for someone to contact her. She looks around and smiles, "Oh my, you have all done well. Bon Soir, mes amies!"

Devin makes his way into the room and looks about as he clears the entrance. Tonight he looks to be channeling his inner black haired Kevin Costner https://i.pinimg.com/236x/de/39/b5/de39b58c5781147627f94b61ecd0810b.jpg

Madeline smiles at Nino as she joins him at the bar "bon soir monseiur" and accepts a drink before turning nad looking over the glittering assembly.

Nino nods to Morgan and he taps the top of the bar with a dirty fingernail, "Yes, thank you." then a turn and look at Madeline and he eyes her dress, his bugshot orbs leer, "Nearly transparent, no secrets here."

Oleksiy Comes walking through the door, his hat worn forward as he enters , his face hidden in the shadow created by the wide brim.

Madeline laughs musically "Nearly.. but not totally" the Toreador elder teases and sips her drink

Heathen being his usual self, and a with his tendency to be following the step of his own drummer, has his hair spiked up and bleached out, with too many belts and a long overcoat. The gangster wizard has arrived to compliment Mikael's heroic one. Grindelwald: https://goo.gl/images/WM2UjU

Morgan pours a drink for Nino carefully and one for Madeline as well, sliding them across the across the bar without spilling them. She just seems to fall into the roll of bartendar this evening, careful that she doesn't touch anyone. She is wearing her white pair of gloves this evening and watches the comings and mingling of the crowds. Smiling as she sees Devin and Oleksiy, and offers a bow of her head to Amelie too.

Amelie steps over to greet Madeline, Heathen, Mikael, and Phoenix. "How are you all this evening?" A warm hug and kiss to the cheek offered to Madeline, and a warm smile to each of the men. She catches Morgan in her eye and takes a second and giggles, "Mademoiselle de Rossi, you look amazing tonight." So many people already! She will have to turn to see who else has arrived.

Well, Wade seems to have missed the mark with the gangster outfit, or he’s making some kind of statement with it. He does look a touch ridiculous. The event draws his attention, at least. Gambling and carousing seem probably up his alley. He walks into the VIP room, giving it a look around from just inside the door. Then eyes go around to those gathered.

Phoenix nods to Amelie at the greeting "Doing well. Yourself?"

Madeline thanks Morgan and kisses Amelie's cheek "bon soir cheri" then with a wink to Nino she leaves the bar and swishes her way over to greet Mikael, Heathen and Nix "Gentlemen."

Heathen gives Amelie a light bow and gives Madeline her kiss on the cheek. "Good evening ladies, I hope you're enjoying yourselves."

Mikael says, “Bonsoir, everyone!" That musical voice booms across the room, "Mademoiselle Withermen sends her sincere apologies, but she shall be late this eve. She is regretful, and requested us..," motions to Heathen, Phoenix and Morgan, "...to welcome you all to this Prohibition Speakeasy celebration! In a few minutes, after the Mademoiselle arrives, bids will be taken for rare bottles of booze from that period. Unopened! The proceeds to go to our very own Sister Constance's Hands of Hope Mission, so dig deep. The Blackjack table here is open, as is the bar, so enjoy yourselves!"

Settling in, Devin lounges slightly in the chair, placing a violin case on the floor beside him.

Nino swipes the drink that Morgan serves him and he sniffs it suspiciously for a brief moment. He grunts quietly and dips a dirty fingernail into it and stirs it a little. He slips Morgan a couple bills and nods to her. "Thanks." he turns and looks around to see who is here and takes a small sip of whiskey, then promptly spits it back into the glass with a grimace.

Mikael gives a bow to Madeline, taking her hand, and brushing his lips across her fingertips. "Bonsoir, Lady Madeline of the Roses." He seems in high spirits ths evening.

Amelie replies to Phoenix, "I am doing well, oui. I hope all is well with you as well." She bows her head to Nino, "Good Evening, Mr. Caravelli. Thank you for joining us tonight." She waves to Devin and then to Oleksiy. "Bon Soir!"

Aubrey strolls in to view having taken time to look over the establishment before moving to the party area. Spying Amelie she moves in her direction, "Hello lovely, seems like ages since I've seen you.". Greeting given she offers a smile to the others, "Good evening all." She leans over towards Amelie and offers her a plain envelope. "For the charity." she murmurs to the woman softly.

Madeline smiles fondly at Mikael as he kisses her fingers "that was a wonderful introduction to the night Mikael, how are you cher?" she asks and nods to Heathen "Enjoying the evening very much thus far"

Morgan smiles and will take that as a compliment as she tucks the bills into the register. "My pleasure Sir." She tilts her head though at Nino, "Is something wrong with your drink Sir?" Her attention drawn to Nino. She would hate to have a dissatisfied customer.

Silvana steps in not too far behind Aubrey and politely gives a nod to those gathered as she steps towards where Aubrey is at.

Oleksiy walks over to Amelie and he bows to her, "This is quite lovely. And it looks like everyone has gotten into the spirit of things. I hope this is passable, compared to the lovely clothing I see so many wearing. Does the evening find you well?"

Amelie keeps an eye on the door, and when Aubrey arrives, she walks toward her and gives her a curtsy. "Dona Giovanni, Bon Soir. Merci for coming tonight. It has been too long since I have seen you." She stands back up and gestures around the room, as she accepts the envelope. "Merci, the Mission will put this to good use. Do come in and enjoy yourself tonight."

Time to make an appearance or maybe just need to see what is happening. Regardless of the situation, Azrael finds his way into the gathering on his own. He puts a set of keys into his pocket and takes a moment to survey those gathered before stepping away from the door and heading into the room proper. His first stop to his Primogen of course, making his way to her,"Good evening my dear. The show stopper as I always I see."

Amelie then turns and curtsies as well to Oleksiy. "You are more than passable. It is a lovely evening. We should speak very soon, in fact, give me a moment, and join me in the reading nook?" She wants to be sure all is settled first.

Mikael gives a warm smile over at Amelie, and a nod for her greeting, but is trying to make certain he notices everyone as they enter. He gives a bow to Aubrey as well, and another smile to Silvana. He looks back to Madeline then, and gives her a bright smile, letting his arm snake around Phoenix's waist. "We are doing very well, merci." His head turns to Phoenix then.

Devin chuckles at the bar and then smiles to Morgan as she turns her worry to the possibly less than stellar drink she just made.

Oleksiy nods to Amelie, "I will make my way there." he responds, then heads over to the counter, to order a drink himself. He smiles to Mikael and bows his head respectuflly to Madeline "You look lovely Madeline.. " he then glances to Morgan and grins "Nice" he offers to her in a slightly playful way. "It is good to see all of you."

Devin nods to Oly replying.

Madeline looks up and actually smiles at Olek "merci monseiur, I trust you are well?"

Wade peers up at Mikael at the announcement as he walks in further to the party. He’s probably searching for a good wall to hold up, before he heads the name Giovanni, and eyes flicker Aubrey and Amelie’s way, looking at the one in question. He gives her a small study and then moves towards Mikael at the black jack table. He really does look ridiculous having ripped arms off of a suit coat, and wearing a wife beater underneath as he is. He slaps Mikael on the arm. “Miky, long time no see. Where ya been hiding?” And then with that he heads for the bar.

Nino turns and looks back at Morgan and he says, "It was wonderful." he grins at her but the mirth wavers as he looks back to the room and he broadly rolls his eyes. Them he gestures to Madeline, "We got guns, hookers and whiskey, that's.. pretty gangster." Heathen tips his imaginary hat to the bartender, and drops a tip in her jar, even if he doesn't get a drink.

There is a warm smile offered to Mikael as Aubrey passes him on her way towards the alcohol. Leaning in she offers him a soft word of greeting to him and his companion "Gentlemen." before continuing on to the bar. Once there she leans against it.

Morgan smiles at Oleksiy and bows her head respectfully to him as he approaches. "It is always a pleasure to see you Mister Druzyna, and Mister Quinn. Is there anything I may get you tonight?" She smiles up at Nino breathing a sigh of relief that she called a good drink for him, and also studies the approaching Wade, waiting to see if he would like a drink, "May I get you anything to drink Sir?" As she looks at Wade and winks at Heathen!

Mikael steps forward for a moment, and announces, "Esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen. Among the items have up for bid this evening these two very rare bottles from Mademoiselle's Witherman's private collection. One bottle of Pre-ban Absinthe Gempp Pernod and Topaz Corn Whisky - Jack Daniel Distillery-prohibition. The bidding will start after she arrives. Look them over. Notice the fine workmanship in the glasswork of each. Not to mention the quality of the liquer within." He places both on a table at the center of the room. He then looks to Wade, and gives him a smile, "I stay busy, Monsieur, but mostly at the lounge. You have not visited us. You should, oui? I hope the eve finds you well?"

Phoenix slips off to the side, happy to not be in the middle of attention.

Madeline dosnt mind being the center of attention but steps aside with Phoenix and kisses his cheek with a soft word.

Amelie looks over Wade and grins at his outfit before heading to the reading nook for a moment. Not wanting to interupt the auction.

Oleksiy nods ot morgan "Corn whiskey." he orders. putting the money on the counter. then he will head to the nook to meet with amelie.

A video comes up on the screen with the classic song made famous in the 20s, by Louis Armstrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWzrABouyeE

Devin idly wonders who Nino might be referring to, glancing about the room curious if perhaps Martha had in fact arranged for some ladies of the evening to attend, and thinking it would strange of her to have such in the VIP room. Then, realizing it IS Nino after all, he simply smiles and turns to Morgan. "I am just fine my dear, I do not actually imbibe food or drink if there is no need. I do appreciate the courtesy however."

Madeline smiles at Phoenix and leans upon something near his shoulder as they talk. She nods to some question he asks, the pearls she wears gently wound about one hand.

Silvana waits her turn for greeting but then Amelie is off to the Reading Nook. She gives a little shrug before she moves to join Aubrey. She smiles and gives Wade a little wave.

Amelie waits for Oleksiy, but sees Silvana and waves to her. "Bon Soir, Mademoiselle Bethancourt" she says warmly.

Devin looks over to Aubrey as she joins them at the bar and smiles.

Azrael shrugs at something and then moves on into the room, looking again at those gathered. He makes his way towards Mikael next and offers him a nod,"You seem to be doing good work brother." he offers to the man, extending a hand to shake if he is so inclined,"Martha will approve I think."

Madeline glances across the party with a smile as she sees Azrael, nodding to him then turning back to Phoenix.

Nine gestures down the bar toward Devin, "He just likes to sit in on the big boy bar stools and secretly, he loves the smell of my death farts." then a look to Aubrey and he grins and leers, "Good evening." he tells her.

Wade leans across the bar, peering at what’s on offer. “Probably not.” He says to Morgan offhandedly. “Nothing here’s really my vintage. And don’t call me sir. I don’t have a stick in my ass, I promise. Just Wade works.” He flips to lean back against the bar and rest his elbows on it, turning back to Mikael. “Maybe. Just fuckin’ maybe. And y’know, it’s okay.” He winks at Silvana when she waves looks back around the room.

Silvana pauses on her way to the bar as Amelie greets her and makes her way over towards her and offers her an envlope "For the charity" she gives Oleksiy a polite nod before she turns to head back to the bar looking between sitting near Wade or Aubrey.

Nino shakes his head, "Sorry Wade. You DO have a stick up your ass, it's not made of mahogany though. It's probably just an ordinary broom stick." he shrugs and his black tongue snakes out of his mouth as he licks at his cracked lips.

Amelie accepts the envelope, "Merci beaucoup. Do have a lovely evening." She gives Silvana a respectful bow of the head.

Mikael grins at the extra donations to the Mission flow in, and he looks to Azrael, taking the other man's hand with a smile. "Merci, mon amie. It is so good that you joined us this evening."

Morgan takes a moment to find the Corn Whiskey, behind the bar, as she had taken time to make herself familar with the bar before the evening began, and powers a glass for Oleksiy. "Your Order Sir." She then turns her attention to Aubrey and Silvana as they approach, "May I get you ladies anything this evening?" She does try to keep from blushing at Nino and his comment though. She nods to Wade at his comment, "As you wish Wade. Miss Witherman does keep quite a good selection though, are you certain?"

Heathen gives the ladies at the bar a tip of his imaginarey hat as he mingles.

And the music shifts to the classic dance of the times, the Charleston! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUpAcPAipDA

Madeline looks over the party as she leans close with Phoenix so they can talk. The lady smiles at something seen among the crowd then laughs, clearly at something spoken to her and turns back to Phoenix with bright eyes

Phoenix grins at something he says to Madeline.

Raul pokes his head into the door and looks around curiously. Recognizing many faces he smiles widely and steps the rest of the way into the room. "Here it is.", he announces to himself and makes his way toward the bar.

Mikael glances over to Madeline and Phoenix at the sounds of Charleston, "Will you show us how it was done properly?"

Aubrey says something to those at the bar then turns to offer Nino a smile, "As charming as I remember, good to know somethings remain constant and dependable." A wink is given to the Nosferatu before she turns to the bartender, "Whiskey, a double please." She looks over at Devin "The week has been quite...pleasant and you?"

Silvana looks to Morgan and smiles "Well thank you. I'll have a white wine please" she smiles and gives Devin a little wave. She smiles as she spots Nino and gives hm also a polite nod and wave "Well hello stranger" she finally decides to sit near Aubrey.

“Oh Ugly, so nice to see you.” Wade lazily lolls his head to look over at Nino. “At least your face fits the part. Not many pretty gangsters.” A nod of his head without really looking back at Morgan. “Don’t have a fuckin’ clue who Miss Witherman is, but I promise she doesn’t have what I want.” He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a bill and places it on the counter. “For your hospitality, though.”

Madeline laughs again and kisses Phoenix's cheek "come dance with me" and slips her hand into his, drawing him to the dancefloor if the contrary Lasombra primogen agrees.

Devin rises from his seat, making some intros with folks and then will momentarily settle back in as the bar begins to fill.

Phoenix groans softly and rolls his eyes "Fine fine.." he grumps and lets her drag him along.

Azrael nods,"I wouldn't miss it." he assure Mikael and then eases back to let the man be about the business at hand. His attention drifts to Silvana offers her a polite nod before moving on in the direction of Amelie to see what she is about tonight. Once she is free to speak he offers her a smile,"Good evening my dear. How does the night find you?"

Mikael winks at Phoenix as he shuffles cards at the Blackjack table.

Oleksiy runs his finger along the rim of his drink glass, his eyes moving around the room. He speaks quietly at the table, but that seems to be a fairly relaxed posture for him.

One of the pair knows the Charleston because she was there when it was created, the other because he is just an incredible dancer. Laughing Madeline steps out with Phoenix and begins to dance.

Amelie smiles to Azrael, and rises a moment to give him a warm hug and kiss to the cheek. "I am well, partner. It is always such a pleasure to see you. I am glad you could make it."

Silvana turning to look at Raul she smiles offering her hand towards him as she says something softly. She politely nods back to Azrael.

Heathen shakes his head as Mikael pimos out Phoenix to Madeline and gives Wade a smirk. "Miss Witherman would be Martha. Not the Smallville or the Gotham one, but Prospect's very own."

Morgan sets to making the double whiskey as ordered for Aubrey, and nods to Raul to let him know she noticed him approaching too. And smiles to Silvana, in recognition of her order this evening to and begins finds a fine white wine for the lady, and adds the bills from Wade to the tip Jar. "Miss Withermen. Would be our hostess for the evening, Sir." She remains polite and with a warm smile as she is serving the drinks one by one as ordered, and getting into her rhythm, memorizing drinks and watching for when they might empty and need refilled.

Nino eyes Wade with a malicious sneer and he says, "This is my disguise. If I showed you my face, you'd throw up. Calling a Nosferatu ugly, that's brilliant. Clan of Philosophers my ass. Did you lose your temper this week? Did you cry when you did it?"

Martha slips into the room in a lovely green silk number and looks about with a smile to see who all is about tonight and where.

As the bar fills, and more drinks and handshakes and such are floating about, Devin removes tonight's fedora and slips it under the bar to where the violin case is, setting it over top the end of the case.

The music continues as the best dancers in the Praxis, Madeline and Phoenix, display their talents to the room. And it seems tonight they are doing an almost 'magically' good job.

The fringe on her nearly transparent dress sways as Madeline moves, smiling brightly at her partner. Not many get to see these two dance together anymore.

Raul smiles for Devin's introduction, nodding politely to the man. He speaks to Devin while looking at the ladies Giovanni, "We have, actually, but thank you for the charming introduction." He accepts Aubrey's hand and, feigning surprise, tells them both, "Imagine my surprise, finding you here!" One by one, he nods a greeting to each person at the bar as he climbs atop a bar stool then turns to survey the rest of the room, also nodding politely toward any that send some attention his way. "So, sorry I'm a little late. Finding this outfit was more difficult than I ever imagined.", he apologizes with a smile. He pauses for a moment and raises his eyebrows to ask, "Did I miss much?"

The Charleston song changes beat then, and another top song comes out ~ April Showers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKGLhs5Dapw&list=PLXRivw5Pd9qlM5efsL4c7js8teYFVy3Dk&index=4

Wade tsk tsks at Morgan. “What did I say about Sir?” He’s not really too offended though, but his ever present smirk comes across his face as he turns back to Nino. “Nobody has ever called me clever. And hey, I’m already pretty close to puking. Aren’t you guys supposed to hide in shadows or something? Not seen, not heard?” He doesn’t even seem mildly affected by Nino’s barbs, coming right back at the man, and doing so with amusement on his face. A glance at Mikael. “Deal me in, just tell me what I have from here.”

Madeline laughs and kisses Phoenix' cheek when the Charleston ends, moving with him to leave the dancefloor "Merci ma cheri"

Martha moves into the room with a smile and thank you to Heathen and Mikael, then a nod to Amelie and her primogen as she looks for someone in here. There is a smile for Aubray, and Silvana, as she hunts for the one she wanted to see this night.

Mikael nods to Wade, "Anyone else for Blackjack? We have at least one player here." He deals a card, face down to Wade, and then himself. Followed swiftly by another card up to both of them.

Phoenix dances with madeline, always giving his whole self to the dance. Its like the quiet redhead comes to life when he dances. When he is finished, he smiles and heads off. "Glad to help" he teases.

Morgan nods to Wade without saying anything this time as his attention moves to the cards. She sets the drink down in front of Silvana once it is ready and goes back to cleaning the bartop, waiting for the next drink order to come her way. She does seem to tap her feet to the music.

Aubrey sips the whiskey and swallows seeming to enjoy the burn as she turns to watch Nino and Wade. Absently she puffs at the unlit cigarette holder and sighs "Are you two going to settle this like real gangsters of the twenties? A knife to the face, a drive-by with a machine gun on the running board?" Leave it to a Giovanni to enjoy the perspective sight of someone else's blood being spilled.

Nino always appears unhappy or hateful, or a combination of both as he sits at the bar, regarding Wade. "That's our business, meathead. Hmm.." his eyes trail off distantly and he relaxes back against the bar.

Silvana takes her glass and smiles "Thank you" she tells Morgan before she brings the glass to her lips and takes a sip. She looks to Aubrey and grins "Machine gun's are fun though messy. Maybe it will be a running board"

Azrael returns the hug and kiss that Amelie offers lightly,"It is good to see you my dear." He turns his attention when the the door opens again and his eyes find Martha. He smirks looking her over once, clearly impressed by her appearance. He turns to offer a nod to Amelie, "Excuse me." Then he turns his attention and his stride to Martha.

Heathen shakes his head a little. "If it's machine guns, make sure to give me some warning to take cover, this jacket is rented."

Devin smiles at Aubrey's comment, half of his mouth curling in that amused way as he turns to her. "May offer you a light?" he nods to her cig.

Martha smiles as she Spot Azrael and heads his way with hands out to him and a big smile, "Well Made house it is tonight, but alas no haunting." as she moves to Azrael for a hug and kiss.

Aubrey is amused by Nino as attested to by the smile she wears. Hearing the offer from Devin she leans his direction and extendes the cigarette holder, "Why thank you Sir."

Madeline smiles gently at something and turns to face Phoenix rather than the party, speaking quietly.

“Well, when I can see you Ugly, feels like it’s mine too.” Wade continues to smirk, but he looks at Aubrey, not at Nino. “Are you kidding? Ugly and I are best friends. Not that both those things don’t sound like fun. Maybe do them later just for entertainment. His face won’t mind.” He motions to Mikael to flip both his cards over, obviously not caring if one is hidden. “Hit me...” The smirk grows to a grin. “I just realized this game is terribly violent.”

Clack clack clack clack clack clack. Thump thump thump thump. Clack clack clack clack.....aaaaaaaand the doggo extraordinaire strolls in with her usual fearlessness....and OMG she has on a tiny hat and tie! She proceeds to peek around for familiar faces before offering her trademarked yip behind her. As if being announced, the giant viking makes his entrance calmly. His hat matches the pooch, although it is quite bigger, obviously. Ulfred offers a dark grin to those present while nodding politely to those he knows. "Keeper, Scourge, Primogens of assorted colors and flavors." he states during his nods while grabbing the brim of his hat as a greeting. Mikael gives a bow to Martha, "We 'held the fort Mademoiselle, you are on now." And he concentrates on the Blackjack table. He nods to Wade, "As you wish"

Oleksiy looks over at Aubrey for a moment speaking to Amelie at the table quietly.

Mikael says, “Your bet, Monsieur? Remember, all proceeds go to the Mission."

And the music continues, another oldie but goodie: 'Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqYJjA4aYXM&list=PLXRivw5Pd9qlM5efsL4c7js8teYFVy3Dk&index=10

Devin will reach over with both hands, as she playful pokes at Nino and Wade, a hand covering each side of the ciggarette before smoke, and then a little red cherry on the end as he slips back to sit upright.

Raul forms a nervous expression and leans back from Devin as Aubrey leans in for her cigarette to be lit, once the Tremere's method is clear, Raul relaxes again and smirks at Devin. As Freya arrives, Raul stares into her eyes for a moment then offers a gentle smile and a nod toward Ulfred before turning back to the bar. "Well, I haven't been to a party quite like this before, I'll admit.", he tells Aubrey with a grin and a shrug then, "But it doesn't seem too bad. We'll see, I guess."

Morgan double checks the glasses for spots keeping them pristine for the guests here tonight. Continuing to pour drinks as guest come up an place their request and head back into the crowd to mingle and enjoy the evening, and then back to wiping down the bar to keep it from getting sticky and dirty.

“What’s the max Miky? I dunno, hundred bucks.” Wade looks down at the card he can see from here. “And hit me again. Playin’ on the edge.” A glance into the crowd catches Raul. “Cowboy, sup.” He yells over at him, rather than approaching as would be polite. He’s very classy, as his outfit attests to. Turning back to Mikael. “Fortune favours the bold, I hear.”

Azrael closes the distance between he and Martha and returns the hug and kiss she offers,"Good evening my dear. You look amazing." he tells her softly and slips his arm around her after the embrace ends,"It seems like you've got quite the party on your hands. I should have made the time to find a costume."

Mikael gives Wade a bright smile, "Oui, Monsieur, and the house tells me there /is/ no limit this eve, so a hundred it is. House meets it." He moves to send another card Wade's way. "Good luck, Monsieur."

Aubrey chuckles softly, "And the house always wins in the end." she says softly. Long legs cross as she leans her back on the bar to watch the others in the room. Sipping from her glass she takes in the interactions between people. Turning she leans over towards Raul and Devin so she doesn't have to raise her voice over the music. "Well if it gets to be to much for you there is always the escape plan."

Nino pushes away from the bar and he limps over to where Madeline is, pausing there for a moment and staring at her with a slight snarl.

And the classic, 'I'm Nobody's Baby': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEMLjnAi8kU

Martha looks to Azrael as she slips her arm about his side careful to keep her left hand free, "You always look wonderful." as she watches all the antics then the cigg lighting then scans the room again. "Well may have the pleasure of some rowdiness tonight." then spotting Freya, "Well someone is stepping out in style."

Silvana leans back against the bar as she sips her wine. She grins at something Wade says about Nino. She looks after him before she quietly watches.

"Hey, Wade. Having any luck?", Raul replies, also not bothering to close the gap though, perhaps, not quiet as loudly. He nods toward Mikael as well, adding a smile. When Aubrey leans closer, Raul raises his eyebrows curiously and then looks toward Devin for answers. Pressing his lips together, he shrugs.

Madeline seems to be enjoying a quiet conversation with Phoenix, the party girl sitting this song out it seems.

Amelie speaks softly at the reading nook with Oleksiy.

Heathen shakes his head a moment. "I think he's looking for a more fun way to hand over money than just turning over his wallet."

Nino leans over and he smudges something greasy on the hem of Madeline's dress, staining it for sure but you can barely see it. He watches her close and waits to see if she reacts to that.

Devin looks to Raul as he seems to be slightly confused. "Are you not prepared for the possible need for speedy egress?"

Freya bounces off of her front paws slightly and barks playfully at Martha, as she seems to notice her fancy digs. She also flops out her big pink tongue at Raul in a playful return greeting. Ulfred smirks jovially to Martha, possibly due to her comment but it could be anything, really. The large man makes his way to the bar with a calm and quiet, but deliberate, pace.

Mikael flips over his card, to show he holds 21. "I am sorry, Monsieur, not this time, oui? You wish to try again?"

Madeline can't ignore Nino passing so close and smirks looking over at him "I'll send you the bill mon ami"

“I’m pretty sure Miky’s cheating.” Wade yells again over the music towards Raul. “But I’ll let you know when I catch him.” He looks down at the cards. “Fuckin’ bust. Yeah, he’s cheating.” He pulls a hundred out of his pocket and slaps it down at the card table. “Alright, again.” That to Mikael, still smirking despite his loss. “I swear Miky, if you’re palmin’ cards, I’ll know.”

Martha looks to Azrael, "Need to do the booze selling soon." with a look to the Table as she thinks how to well make it go for her, "Well interesting." then a grin to Wade, "One must catch him first." watching as she moves to lead Azrael to a table with a grin.

Nino regards Madeline and he shrugs and nods, "Alright. Later Queen Bee." he turns from her and shuffles toward the exit.

Madeline chuckles "I hope you can afford it Nino" she teases.

Silvana scoots closer over to Wade and looks up at him with a grin. She doesn't say anything just invades some of his personal space.

Arianna slips into the VIP room and just takes a few slow steps for a look around at the nooks and the activity, to make out who is where. The exchange with Nino and Madeline gets her attention for a bit, and then some quicker steps to be away from the exit when Nino heads that way. Which turns into a more purposeful stroll over toward Azrael and Martha.

Raul shrugs and shakes his head toward Devin. "Why should I? I'm sure the place is as safe as any other, right?", he asks with a smile. He looks over to Wade and nods but doesn't yell back a response.

Morgan smiles warmly as a newcomer approaches the bar, and she nods her head to Ulfred, "Good Evening Sir." To Ulfred, "Is there anything I can get you this evening?" She is already grabbing a glass just in case. No use in making a customer wait." She had poured Madeline's very expensive champagne and brings it to her before she returns her attention to Ulfred and other drink orders that are given to her.

Mikael takes Wade's money, and places it in the large brandy glass on the table marked for the Mission. Then glances around the room, "Any other players this hand?"

Oleksiy seems to be quite content watching the room while talking quietly with Amelie. He continues to toy lightly with the drink he bought, not making any move to actually drink it though.

Nino pauses on his way out, "What gives you the impression I am not a wealthy individual?" he sneers. Then he looks Arianna over as he passes her, then he waves to Martha on his way out. "Nice party, Martha Stewart."

Aubrey tsks softly, "You always need to have an escape plan just incase things get real." She tips her glass up and drains the whiskey before passing the glass back to the tender. "Another please." Digging in to her beaded bag Aubrey comes up with cash for the tip jar reaching for it she passes as a shadow falls on the bar. Her brows knit and she looks up at Ulfred and just blinks.

Devin nods to Raul "That is exactly why." he smiles.

Madeline smiles at Nino's parting shot and looks up with a smile to Morgan "Merci Morgan, that is most thoughtful of you"

Martha nods to Nino as he leaves then spotting the incoming Arianna, "Well I am getting ready to Free Az to the tables or make model the booze for the Auction, "You think he is up to Modeling the bottles for is to sell off." from his side with a more then mischief filled smile.

Azrael smirks, "Rowdiness is likely to follow yes." Azrael comments and starts to look over the place again. His eyes move to each one of those gathered. He follows Martha on her trip through the room. He offers a smile towards Arianna as she starts their direction.

Madeline sips the champagne and crosses her legs beneath the nearly transparent dress, turning to speak to Phoenix again.

Mikael motions to Anna, and whispers something to her. The woman begins to clear a space at the stage, and she and Martha's other retainers check microphones. Seems maybe there will be a performance this evening. Mikael smiles over to Martha. After a few minutes the band from Bourbon and Bedlam take the stage, along with three beautiful singers ~ dark haired, blonde and redhaired, all dressed in green evening gowns. Behind them a video runs as they start to perform. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acb-js00c40

Ulfred waives a dismissive hand to Morgan and shakes his head, "No no, thank you." in regards to the drink offer, "I typically stand by bars because the furniture you people buy are made for tiny women." He leans against the bar as he says this, which squeaks and creaks a bit under the pressure. As Aubrey gives him the bug-eyes, he simply quirks a brow and returns the confused gaze, but he says nothing about it.

Madeline kisses Phoenix's cheek as he excuses himself and turns sapphire eyes to survey the room then rest upon the stage.

Arianna gives Azrael a smile of greeting and then responds to Martha picking up an amused look, "I wanted to say good evening to the hostess. But I do like that modeling idea. He can always take everyone's money later. I'd like a chance to play a game where I have a chance of winning first."

Freya trots around the room, making her own social rounds while instinctively avoiding those who naturally deter animals. While she seems to dodge them intentionally, it is not out of fear, so she has been trained well.

Silvana looks away from Wade's game over to Ulfred and blinks a moment. She looks to Aubrey and then to Ulfred before she gives a shrug.

Morgan offers a wink to Madeline andd a smile, before she carefully refills Aubreys glass with another Double whiskey and she stops to take in the shadow that just fell over the bar and looks up at him, inviting Ulfred to give her his drink order, but as he declines she makes sure that the double whiskey is handed to Aubrey carefully so it doesn't spill. "As you wish Sir." with a polite bow of her head to him.

Devin smiles as Arianna makes her way in and chats to the others, he seems rather suprised to see her and then chcukles to Aubrey's reaction to Ulfred.

Madeline smiles and gently holds out an elegant hand as Freya passes by.

Azrael winks at Arianna and tells her, "You always find a way." He doesn't go furthur than that. His attention moves towards Martha again and shrugs,"I you need someone to hold bottles I'd probably use her or maybe the bartender waitress moving around. They are pretty to look at."

As the dashing dapper doggo bounces from person to person taking in the sights and smells, she notices Madeline extending a hand. She bounces again and clack clack clacks her way over to her, although she pauses briefly to sniff a dark mark on her transparent dress. Sniffle sniffle SNORT...then a small shake of the head, though her hat stays firmly in place and fantastic. Freya then proceeds to offer the hand a small lick and a nuzzle.

Martha chuckles and sets him free, "Enjoy play, I will Auction in like an hour or so. Right enjoying the music and people about tonight." with a kiss to his cheek, "Arianna give him hell." with a smile.

Madeline laughs softly and nods to the huge dog "I know, he's a cad" she agrees then smiles gently and if allowed, gives expert ear scritches.

Mikael smiles at Arianna as she arrived, he is behind the Blackjack table playing dealer. He is dressed like Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts movie. The only difference is that his vest is a deep wine color.

Aubrey shakes her head to clear it from her own thoughts. She then turns back taking her drink, "Thank you." she says to Morgan while putting money in the jar. "Sorry didn't mean to stare, last time I saw a man of your height...well it was a long time ago."

Arianna gives Martha a soft laugh and replies, "I'll try. I mean, it's difficult *not* to try. I don't know why everyone isn't compelled to give him hell." She dips her head to Martha, then turns a smirk on Azrael before casually turning and strolling over to have a look at the blackjack table. Preferably from an angle more to Mikael's side or a bit behind. "Having fun, are we?"

Connie steps through the door into Aces wearing a knee length high-necked sweater-dress, knit tights and simple kitten heels. Her hair pulled back from her face with a headband. She steps through the door and takes a quick look around before heading for a table.

Ulfred chuckles a bit, "Not to worry....I get that alot." he states to Aubrey with a confirming nod.

Morgan as Aubrey and nods her head. "You are most welcome Miss." She keeps it short not interrupting more than necessary, and is very respectful. Standing behind the bar, tending to the drinks seems to be a perfect job for her to keep her out of trouble this evening.

Mikael is looking at Wade, "Another card, Monsieur? Ir do you bet on the others you have?

Silvana smiles at Ulfred before takiing a sip of her drink.

Madeline rises smoothly from her seat, smiling at Freya then with a nod she moves towards Ulfred and the others, the fringe on her dress whispering as the moves.

Azrael watches Martha go one way and Arianna go another and just like that,"Son...you're on your own." he mutters with a shake of his head. He turns and goes in search of the one that seems to be handing out drinks. Let's face it, that's what he needs. So, he moves towards Morgan to catch her when next she is free to order a bourbon from her.

Martha moves to Morgan and Aubrey, "Evening and good to see you out and about." to Aubrey, "And Morgan great Job." with a smile for the woman. "I must say I left it open and it is nice to see you and Silvana here." then to the Dog, "Well Freya hope you are having a good night too." with pets for the lovely companion to Ulfred.

On the stage the three beautiful women continue to perform with 'Hit the road Jack': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH01QSNCbNA

Morgan smiles at Azrael, and pours him a Bourbon as requested when she is free, which doesn't take to long as she had just finished up Aubreys, double whiskey. "I hope you enjoy Sir." She bows her head respectfully to him, careful to keep her gloved hands from touching his own, and for a moment looks at him as if he is familar to her, before she wipes at the counter again. "I hope you enjoy your evening sir."

Devin smiles as Martha plays with Ulfred's dog and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Constance makes her way to one of the poker tables and settles at it. The Sister does watch the room even as she slips her purse off her shoulder and opens it to dig through the get her ante together.

Freya has a few moments of bliss as she goes from scritcheys and pets from one lovely lady and then another in rapid succession. She turns her head around with a happy tonguey dog face as Martha speaks to her, replying in her own way. Ulfred simply continues to take in the sights and sounds of the gathering, but he makes it a point to chime in towards Martha, "I know everyone likes my dog more than me, but you could still say hello." he playfully quips.

Madeline laughs and smiles up at Ulfred "I was just coming to do just that monseiur"

Heathen gives Ulfred a bit of a smirk. "You're just jealous because nobody is scratching you behind the ears."

As Wade decides on his bet Mikael glances around the room, and smiles. It seems the evening is going well. His attention is diverted to watching the stage for a few minutes.

A smile is directed at Martha at her words, "Thank you, i've been made to feel very welcome this evening. This is the most fun i've had in a very long time." (Aubrey)

Arianna gets distracted for a bit by the music on stage, watching for a bit with a smile before turning back to wandering up to the blackjack table to give Mikael a, "Hi there." Trying to circle around where he's not actually looking, though. "Are we having fun?"

Silvana looks at Freya then looks to Ulfred "You poor thing, though she is kinda cute"

Mikael nods his head to Arianna, "Oui, I enjoy the game. There is still time if you wish to join this hand?"

Amelie smiles to Oleksiy. "I'll be in touch." She checks her phone and types a message before needing to make a quick exit.

Azrael nods to Morgan and wanders by the table to see who is playing and how things are progressing, giving no indication of interest in joining. Just watching. He notes Amelie's departure and frowns a little, curiosity crossing his features.

Ulfred winks at Madeline playfully before rebutting the comment from Heathen, "Maybe I am! Although I tend to bite." he grins widely and maybe even a little ominously, but it quickly switches to an overexaggerated frown as he looks to Silvana, "I know, I'm so neglected." A small glimpse is offered to Freya before a smile retakes his face, "She is pretty damned cute though."

Madeline smiles warmly and nods "Never think you are lesser than your lovely companion Ulfred" she says, touching his sleeve as she slips over to watch Mikael deal the cards.

Martha smiles, "Evening Ulfred" Standing and looking over to Azrael at the bar with a smile and wink before she moves to make more rounds, "Constance!" is called out with a cheerful grin then belated wave as Amelie heads on. Then to the one who thanked her for the welcome, "I am glad you feel welcome."

Arianna replies to Mikael, "Oh, sure thing. I was going to ask about the next hand anyway." So she leans up to the table too in order to join in on the game. While trying not to look too directly at Mikael, instead offering a nod to the whoever else is playing.

Silvana nods "I know what you mean, when I have my boy out he gets all the attention." She smiles at Ulfred "See now you got all the ladies paying attention to you" she winks and raises her glass to him.

Amos, for one, is giving Ulfred and his dog a wide berth. Nothing personal, Ulfred. "Speaking of coming out of the woodwork," he muses, waving to Arianna as he spots her.

Mikael smiles brightly over to Madeline, and gives her a nod of his head and then nods to Arianna, giving her her cards.

Ulfred nods politely to Martha's and Madeline's comments, but he keeps his retorts quiet on them. As Silvana speaks he offers a small chuckle, "Not nearly as much fun when you have to yell at them across the room first." he states with a smile.

Morgan offers a smile to Arianna with a bow of her head in recognition, and keeping her thoughts to herself as she watches them, and the room, and fixes another round of drinks for those who come up to her and make requests.

Madeline looks over and nods to Arianna "bon soir cher, best of luck "

Silvana grins "So you like to yell to get girls attention? I will have to remember that" she teases.

Arianna takes a look at her first card, then the second, and tells Mikael, "Oooh, I'm going to need another." And spotting Amos' wave she looks briefly surprised, but gives a brief smile and wave in return. And a nod for Morgan's acknowledgment too.

Martha comes over to Azrael, and slips an arm about his Waist, "Good drink?" then slides to the side letting her hand trail away with a more teasing smile as she moves to the Table with the Auction bottles debating.

Madeline brushes golden hair behind one ear as she watches the game then wtih a smile she moves to the bar

Ulfred offers another playful chuckle and shakes his head, "I'm not a small fellow. People think I'm yelling even when I whisper anyway." He takes a moment to pop a small old pocket watch from his front pocket and glance at it briefly before returning it to its home, "Mmm....bloody time...always ticking." A small sigh escapes his lips as he looks up to the crowd, "As amusing as this little gathering is so far, I think my evening is coming to an end."

Mikael glances again to Wade. "Are you betting on the cards you have, Monsieur, or do you need another?"

Silvana smiles "Well it was a pleasure to have spoken with you Sir, and to see your beautiful compantion. I am sure we might meet again. You have a pleasent evening" she looks towards Amos and a smile comes to her lips and she waves to him.

Wade pushes up from the bar and finally moves over to the card table, his massive frame taking him over there is barely a couple steps, and sliding over a stool. Really, having him and Ulfred in the same room is a bit of a marvel unless you’re at a Basketball game. He places another hundred down in front of Mikael. “Y’know, I bet the experts would fuckin’ say stay, Miky, but not my fuckin’ style. Hit me.”

Madeline takes something out of her pocketbook and passes it to the bartender, "would you see this gets to the organizers? Merci" then with a glance to someone or other, she turns to go

Arianna follows up Wade's remark to smile sweetly, without quite looking at Mikael, to add, "I could really use another too, while you're at it."

Mikael catches that Madeline is leaving, and gives her another bright smile, "It was wonderful to see you. I hope the rest of your eve goes well."

Madeline lifts a hand to Mikael with a smile before stepping out

Ulfred nods to Silvana, "And you as well." The large man rises to his feet and clicks his tongue once, to which Freya hops to his side promptly. In his booming voice he exclaims, "The night is running away with me as usual. Thank you for the hospitality and cordial conversation. Have a lovely evening, everyone." With that, he starts to make his way toward the exit.

On the stage the three women start their last song of the evening, the Andrew Sisters famour 'Boogie Woogie': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mch6omtVH0U&list=PL12y_TxKmopS7k0gAcVL-TikYVT63eXCN&index=4

Morgan smiles to Madeline and offers reassuringly, "Of course Miss Madeline, I will be happy to. Be safe." She carefully tucks it away in her pocket for the moment to make sure it gets directly to Martha, before wiping at the counters again. She does take another look at Azrael though, still unable to get the feeling out of her head she has seen him before.

Devin smiles makig a comment to those at the bar before sliding back out of his seat. Taking the fedora and violin case he quietly makes his way out for the night.

Gathering her things Aubrey rises after a text is recieved, "Sil would you stay and bid for me." She nods to the people at the bar, "Good evening." she waves to a few faces as she makes for the door.

Azrael pauses and just watches the table. A preternatural stillness about him. Barely noticable where he is. His eyes move from player to player, gauging how they play and what they do with each card turn. The only motion comes in the raise of the glass to get a shallow drink of the bourbon now and then.

Silvana smiles after Aubrey "Yes Donna" she looks to those leaving and waves "Pleasent evening to you all" she grins at Devin "till next time"

“Another hundred.” Wade follows up his another bill from a stack of them. “And I’ll stay, I’m feelin’ fuckin’ wild Miky.” He looks to hide side with a grin at Arianna, a brow raising as if wondering just what she’s going to do.

Mikael nods to Wade, and then looks over at Arianna, "And you Mademoiselle?"

Arianna peers at her latest card and picks up a frown for a bit. "I'll...stay here. We're doing hundred dollar bets?"

Oleksiy rises after a while and smiles offering to those here "Well everyone enjoy yourselves.. I will see you later. Unless anyone needs me."

Martha looks to those leaving, and simply says, "Walk safely."

Mikael nods to Arianna, and Wade, "And the house takes one." He states, giving himself a card.

Mikael looks expectedly at the two at the table with him as he flips his cards over, showing 19.

Arianna has to go digging into a jacket pocket, but soon produces some cash to set down with her cards, "I guess I'll take my chances on these." And then she smiles again.

“Pretty sure it doesn’t fuckin’ matter what you bet.” Wade makes it look like he’s stage whispering to Arianna, though really he’s not that quiet. “It’s all going to the same place. Ya can’t win here.” He holds up a finger. “And besides that, Miky’s cheating.”

Martha head to Amos, "How goes it all, and well I think it was fun, and thinking another time one the Auction, just make a donation." as she sweeps up the old bottle of Absinethe and moves to the Table and sets it down next to Mikael, "Thank you." then moves back to Amos.

Silvana looks over to Raul and smiles at him before she stands to walk over and peek at how Wade is doing.

Mikael smiles and announces, "And we have a winner! Mademoiselle Arianna takes it with her 21."

Morgan takes some fresh drinks around to tables where she can see them starting to get watered down, and need replacing. Making sure that none of her customers have to wait that long for new drinks and pick up the near or empty glasses.

Arianna smiles prettily to Wade and Mikael and affects an innocent tone, "Oh, me? Really? I won by collecting one of each suite, right? How lovely."

Mikael makes certain that Arianna gathers her winnings. "Congratulations, Mademoiselle." He arches a brow at Wade, "And just for your information, Monsieur, this house does /not/ cheat" His words hold a thread of playful amusement in them.

"That's true, he doesn't," Amos chimes in as he watches the game play out. "We'll break his arm if he does. Bad for reputations."

Martha smiles, "Sometimes one just needs to break some Arms, and thinking what is a good spot for a bit of fight club?" with a grin as she looks about the room.

“Well fuck, two cheaters.” Because Wade obviously thinks you’re cheating if he doesn’t win. He turns to Arianna and shakes his head. “Can’t con a con, lady. I ain’t fuckin’ buyin’ it.” A glance at Mikael. “Not from you either.” He pops another bill down on the table. “Last one, MIky, then I gotta go.” A look towards Amos. “I’m pretty sure I could deal with Miky.”

Raul chuckles at the discussion at the card table then turns his attention to Morgan. "Making good tips tonight?", he asks her happily.

Arianna pipes up, "And I resent the implication that I won by cheating. I mean, I don't resent the idea of dear Mikael cheating for my benefit. But, you know, close enough." Then she gives Wade an innocent little shrug and replies, "Maybe. But I can definitely out-adorable a con."

Heathen gives Wade a wide grin. "Yeah, but you're also sure you'll win at cards, so what do you know?

Morgan smiles at Raul, and nods to him. "The tips have been generous tonight, but truly it will all go back to help Sister Constance. Were it should go. I have had fun as Bartender tonight. I am definitely interested to hear how much has been earned tonight. I hope you have also enjoyed yourself Mister Raul?"

Arianna hmms as she considers her cards and then tells Mikael, "Well, I'd really love another card. But no hitting, please."

The stage now dark, music begins to filter through the sound system again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeOQjyuPCms

“Only if the con is susceptible.” Wade winks over at Arianna and holds up a hand to Mikael. “I’ll stay. Even I’m not that crazy.” He stands from his stool at that though, rising to his full height, and turns to Heathen. "Gotta have confidence. And I don't know shit, should be obvious by now."

Arianna takes a bit to peer at her cards, pulling up a frown again. After several long moments of apparent indecision she carefully reaches for her winnings, and original bet, and slowly slides that to the bet on her cards, "I guess I'll stick with these. It worked out last time."

The cards continue. He smirks at the interactions going on, but otherwise remains quiet. Azrael has seen similar behaviors under these circumstances. Mostly amusement in his eyes, though he does keep a watchful on the adorable one, curious as to how she takes care of her business.

Silvana smiles after checking how Wade is doing and pats his arm "You'll do fine" she then walks away from him so she can leave her empty glass at the bar and gives Raul a smile "Having fun?"

Mikael nods to them both, gives himself another card, and then flips it over, "House stands on 19."

Raul shrugs and looks around. "To be honest, it was a little crowded for comfort, really. But its gotten a lot better now.", Raul admits with relief in his tone. He pulls a few large bills out of his wallet and places them in the tip bowl. "But, generally, I enjoyed the company.", he adds.

Arianna hmmmms to Mikael, "Ooh, nineteen sounds tough." She reaches to turn over her cards carefully as she asks, "Did Azrael slip me the right cards to beat that?"

Martha moves from Amos and heads to Azreal with a smile as she moves to his side, "You do like watching after all my dear." moving to slip her arms about him and just watch the game.

Mikael smiles widely as he announces, "And we have another winner! Mademoiselle Arianna beats the house twice in a row," He shakes his head, and glances to Martha and Amos with a slight lift of his shoulders, but his eyes sparkling.

“Yep, this shit’s definitely rigged.” Wade hits the table, feigning anger, but not actually hard. He turns to Silvana. “Obviously not.” Back to the table. “Well, I’m done, Miky. Cheat someone else.” He heads for the door, but not before dropping a handful of money in the donation bin. He’s obviously not worried about the cash. “Peace.”

Silvana waves to Wade "Maybe lady luck will be at your side next time" she winks "Have a good night" Silvana looks back to Raul "The company is nice. I would agree. Though I wonder when the auction will happen"

Morgan smiles reassuringly at Raul, "The company has been nice this evening. Very pleasant really and I am sure Miss Withermen truly appreciates that. It is also nice to just observe the interactions and see her happy Mister Raul. She deserves that." She is a little sad though at a thought, or maybe a bit tired.

Mikael shakes his head again but smiles to Wade, "Your luck will change next time Monsieur. Thank you for coming, and for helping the Mission."

Arianna tsks and chides Wade with a pretty smile, "Well, of *course* it's rigged. But, really, do you think it's more likely the pretty ghoul is cheating, or the centuries-long gambler?" She taps her temple, "You gotta think these things through?"

Heathen quirks a grin at the table. "Maybe everyone should play topless. Make sure there aren't cards up any sleaves."

Azrael turns his attention to Martha when she comes back to him. She slips his arm around her as well. He laughs softly and tells Martha,"Oh I enjoy watching a lot of things." he teases her playfully,"This is just one of the things."

Mikael rolls his eyes at Heathen, "Is it time for you to suggest I pull out the hollowed out barrels?" He glances over to Martha at the mention of the auction.

“You guys are fucked.” Wade responses to seemingly nothing in particular, and then he’s gone.

Martha nods, "Well no Auction, just never the right time, "I am paying for you gift to charity Mikael, so that works too, sometimes the night flows as it does and I go with it."

Arianna makes a face at Heathen and chides, "That won't work at all. The dealer is too pretty to concentrate on the game." She takes a look after Wade leaving, then looks over towards Martha to offer a 'hey, I tried' shrug.

Morgan smiles as she listens to the conversation about the auction not going forward and takes out her checkbook discreetly and begins to write out an amount before tucking the check in with that of the one Madeline offered as well and smiles to herself.

Mikael smiles to Martha, and nods, "I am certain that the Sister will be pleased with whatever is gathered this eve." He glances to Heathen and gives him a nod of his head.

Heathen gives Martha a wink, and tucks a pair of checks in with the others for the donations. "From Mikael and myself, for the charity."

Martha waves Anna over, "Get them some receipt for the tax breaks." from her place with Azrael just relaxing now. And Anna takes the checks and goes to handle things for Martha as she looks to Azrael, "So I all you guys have the Advantage on shirt less poker."

Silvana looks to those gathered "Well I was interested in the auction. So should I speak with Madeline about aquiring the absinthe?"

Martha looks over, "Well it might be up to Mikael there, so was Aubrey interested?" curious now, "I send her a whole set up, I have 4 of those." with a shrug, "I inherited an odd collection of old booze and I really need the room for my books."

Silvana nods her head "That is what we are interested yes. Ah I did not get the whole set up"

Arianna offers a pleasant, "Good to see you," to Mikael as she collects her winnings. Then she pushes off to try something else for a bit.

Martha nods, "One as a gift if she wants the others make an offer." with a smile.

Mikael gives a nod of his head to Arianna, "A please for me, Mademoiselle. Congratulations again." He steps from around the table, and moves towards the bar. "Table is closed for a bit, while dealer has a brandy."

Azrael shakes his head and replies,"Depends on your point of view ma cherie'." to Martha,"Sometimes I think you might have more of an advantage than you might think." He watches Arianna collect her winnings and smirks a little,"She's going to be dangerous at that one of these nights."

Arianna wanders over closer to Azrael and Martha on her way and smirks back at Azrael's comment before retorting, "Either I got really lucky, or one of you two really was cheating for me. And either way I don't think I can rely on that."

Silvana takes a napkin and writes down a number before offering it to Martha.

Mikael glances to Silvana as she finishes up her business with Martha, "It is good to see you this eve. I had not expected that, but it was a pleasant surprise."

Martha takes the Number, "Thank you for both of you coming, and you or her can pick up. If you all ever want to visit here outside an event, call me and I will see you in."

Martha looks to Azrael, "you always say the nicest things, and one needs to enjoy the now." as she leans a bit on him with a smile, "I think many here had some fun."

"Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good ma chere'." Azrael tells Arianna with a wink. His phone buzzes and he reaches back to take it from his pocket. A frown creases his brow and he nods absently to what she says. He hears it for course. He sighs softly and offers,"It seems I miss the rest of the festivities." he tells Martha with an apologetic smile,"You did really well tonight my dear. I will catch up to you in a few hours."

Martha nods "See you then." kissing him lightly, then slipping away, "See you in a few hours."

Mikael nods his head, "Oui, I think that even Monsieur Caravelli enjoyed himself, although he would not let you know of it." He gets his brandy, and takes a sip of it, savoring it. He looks to Heathen. "Why did you not join the game?"

Silvana looks to Mikael and smiles "Well thank you, it was good to see you as well, shame you didn't go dance" she looks to Martha "When will be a good time to pick them up?"

Heathen shakes his head a moment. "Just wasn't feeling the cards, as Arianna obviously was."

Azrael nods to Mikael and Silvana and then turns to head towards the door. He pauses long enough to wink at Arianna and tells her,"Keep an eye on things." A smirk her direction and then he heads out, getting a set of keys from his pocket. Apparently he's tired of the limo mode of transportation,"Good evening all." he calls as he passes and then he is gone.

Mikael smiles to Azrael, "I am sorry that we did not have a chance to speak. I hope the rest of the eve finds you well, mon ami."

Arianna makes a point to roll her eyes at Azrael while also giving him a wave and a, "Have fun."

Mikael glances to Silvana then, and softly chuckles. "With mon Firebird? One can not dance and deal cards at the same time. It worked out well. It gave Mademoiselle Madeline a chance to dance with him, and they are such good partners in the dance."

Arianna eyes Azrael leaving, then turns to give Martha an apologetic shrug, "Well, I *tried* to give him trouble. But now he's run away. Well, I'm sure I can get him later." She chuckles a bit at her own little joke and then adds, "I don't know about this keeping an eye on things bit. I was thinking of slipping out too."

Martha then once it is quieter she moves to flop on the Sofa "He is buying a Mustang, and over insuring it for when you sneak it out on a joy ride." with a grin, "And again Mikael thank you."

Silvana looks at Martha "I should be by for the bottles soon. Thank you" she bows before she turns to go "Have a pleasent evening"

Mikael gives Martha a playful bow and a bright smile, "You are very welcome. I very much enjoyed the evening."

Silvana takes her phone out as she heads for the door.

Arianna hmphs at Martha's news, "Sneak it out? He loves the game of handing me the keys, then sitting in the passenger seat playing like he's in a rollercoaster about to go off the rails." But she smirks and then adds a wave around to Heathen and Mikael before nodding to Martha, "Okay, I'm going slip out too. Thanks for hosting."

Martha grins "He does not let me drive, so that says allot about your driving."

Arianna gives Martha a light little laugh as she goes to turn and stroll on out.

Mikael leans on his elbow at the bar, smiling over at Martha. He raises his glass to her. "It was our pleasure."

Heathen nods toward Mikael as he joins them. "Mine especially, since he did all the work."

Martha smiles looking to him, "It went really well, and well Aubrey was a surprise." with sigh as she moves to rub her head a bit, "I had to remove some strays from prime property tonight, and show them the burbs the hard way, this party was nice and well thank goodness for solvent and baby wipes, I love this dress."

Heathen takes a long look at the dress. "Good thing you weren't here for Nino then. He left a spot on Madeline's."

Martha nods, "I caught him before he left, and well he never get near me, though I am Martha fucking stewart."

You say, “It is a beautiful dress." He looks at Heathen and says, "He did not even insult me this eve. Either he is slipping, or he /was/ indeed in rare form."