2018.10.22: Shadows of the Past - Pt.5 - Visions

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Shadows of the Past
Pt.5 - Visions
IC Date October 22, 1018
IC Time Night
Players Angelica, Heathen, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Oleksiy
Location Bourbon and Bedlam Private Lounge
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Heathen is in the lounge, looking at a large paper map laid out on the table, a phone and tablet with the same map weighing it down at the corners.

Madeline strolls in with her hand upon Mikael's arm, she always moves like a queen it is just natural to her. Smiling she sighs "And you're sure you're alright Mikael?

Mikael nods his head to Madeline, patting her arm gently, "Oui, it was only a minor wound, and I healed it. Now it is not even a scratch. As I said, it was not aimed for me, they just sprayed the bullets. We were lucky they did not hit the woman as well. It was Heath that took the majority of the bullets."

Heathen snarls a bit as he marks a location on the map, scrolling through some news articles. If by 'news' one means internet weirdness rumors, "That's usually what drive bys do. Hit everything but the target."

Heathen is in the lounge, looking at a large paper map laid out on the table, a phone and tablet with the same map weighing it down at the corners. He snarls a bit as he marks a location on the map, scrolling through some news articles. If by 'news' one means internet weirdness rumors, "That's usually what drive bys do. Hit everything but the target."

Mikael nods to Heathen, taking a sip from his drink as he twirls a highlighter pen in his hand. "They know the building is in your name. We should have placed it in mine"

Martha comes in and looks about, "Knock knock." with a grin, "How is trouble?"

Heathen gives Martha a wink as she comes in, forcing a smile. "Had to replace a nice shirt."

Martha looks to him, "Sorry to hear about the shirt, hell could of been worse you know." not forcing a smile now, "Pissed, or worried?"

Heathen thinks about that a moment. "Worried about Mikael and others that can't take bullets as well as I can. Pissed about my business. And ready to cut the head off this snake."

Mikael say, “I can replace the shirt, mon ami. But /you/ I can not replace. And I have taken precautions now. I wear the armor even now, under this suit. And I am making potions to increase my stamina."

Martha nods, "Good cause I am not sure any of us could bring Heathen here back from your death, and well you would hate any of us for changing you without asking, but Heathen."

Heathen shakes his head a little at Martha's comment. "If it comes to that, necessity is necessity. As long as I don't find out it was a setup. Anyone that tries to /force/ that necessity... well, I am not just smiles and costumes." Heath is not his usual pleasant self, obviously, as he cross-references a few locations on the map.

Mikael gives Heathen a smile, but his eyes hold a trace of worry in them as he touches the other man's shoulder. "I doubt there are any that believe you are always the trickster, mon ami."

Martha nods, "I feel better if Mikael, has a say when and if the time ever comes." with a look to them both. "Do not get too cocky Mikael, sometimes the damnest things will get you."

Heathen leans back to look at the map, calling up satallite views of the terrain and scrolling through on the tablet. "Of course he does. And really, when he wants it, only Vegard could stop Madeline from going through with it, and I doubt he will."

Mikael nods his head solemnly. "I know that I am mortal, Mademoiselle. Which is why I am trying to 'hedge my bets', but I did not mean to seem that I thought I could not be injured or die. I am cautious. Probably more cautious than most. And I am more useful as I am now, with my magicks."

Martha nods, "Magic, yup magic." is all she says to that as she looks at the tablet and terrain that Heathen is looking at, "Mikael you are gift to many of us with or without magic."

Heathen is checking out border areas, marking off places that have been raided for smuggling lately, and places that have had tabloid coverage.

Heathen gives Mikael a wink and Martha his first genuine smile of the night. "Why do you think I went and swiped him out from under everyone's nose?"

Mikael looks to Heathen, and gives him a warm smile, "In truth because you are mon frère, and that will never change." He smiles at Martha then, "You are too kind, Mademoiselle." He looks back to the map and his smile grows fades. "Do we have any idea where they might be held up?"

Martha smiles, "You are one hell of a fox Heathen, and well goodness this is going to be one hell of a fun road trip. The incinerator is one line, I have a cleaners kit, with some stuffing can hide three body's in the car, but also will have some other quick tools for the field."

Heathen looks over the terrain. "The desert can hide a lot of sins, just leaving the bodies out for the sun, sand, and wildlife. But I don't want to stomp the tail of this snake and not hit the head. I'm thinking the guy might be holed up near El Paso. Like he ducks away when he pulls something like this.

Madeline strolls in and brushes golden hair behind one ear, smiling "bon soir mes ami'

Mikael hands Madeline the chilled glass of pear brandy when she returns, "I was just speaking of the preparations that I have made, to help protect myself. I can also do the same for Mademoiselle Angie."

Martha nods, as she looks over, "Do not get the head he will just get a new crew, for damn sure, how is the heads bank roll and does he have backers in the crime families?"

Madeline accepts the glass and kisses Mikael's cheek "you are always so thoughtful cher" then looks up "heads?

Heathen gives a light shrug of that. "Well, he does have familial ties to the Sabbat. But they don't seem to be cohesive, and they don't really like to back failures. There might be a few reliant on his income that'll get wired up, but he also might have gone almost solo. That part we won't know until we hit him."

Heathen gives Madeline an emotionally warm, if somewhat physically chilly hug.

Martha is looking over a tablet with Heathen, and the others.

Mikael say, “He does have access to the supply of weaponry that they were 'running'. And my research shows that they own or have interest in several pawn shops, both in the city, and at the border. You spoke of the 'coyotes', Mademoiselle? I think they might have a finger into that as well."”

Madeline touches Mikael's cheek softly eyes concerned, not hearing the others for a moment

Heathen gives Okeksiy a salute from his table covered in both paper and electronic maps, and some pulled articles from various tabloids about weird border activity.

Madeline does glance up and nod to Olek with a bit of a smile before focusing once more upon Mikael, something silent passing between them.

Oleksiy walks over, nodding to each of you "Good evening, am I interrupting anything?"

Heathen looks around the map for a moment. "That depends. Can you tell me if Revenants cause indigestion?"

Martha looks to Heathen then the others as that is asked with a bit of a what the hell look. Then look about the table.

Mikael gives a deep bow of his head to Oleksiy as he enters. "Bonsoir, Monsieur." He looks to Heathen, letting him and Martha answer about what is happening.

Madeline sighs softly and looks to the others "It seems I have missed a few things.

Oleksiy offers , deadpan "Bloating and gas, Elemental spirits give you Indigestion." he answers. hen his brow furrows a bit more seriously "Can I help in any way?"

Mikael pulls his head away from Madeline then, and turns to looks at the others.

Madeline glances back to Mikael and nods quietly.

Martha nods, "Well talking on finding the one running the show to take his ass down then what with the rest Heathen, hostile take over?"

Heathen looks around his map. "Oh, back when I was still running with a couple of Sabbat cast offs, I started poking around the smuggling game. Cemented a good spot, or so I thought. Rival group didn't take kindly to what's now mine being turned away from theirs. He's finally realized I'm more than some random punk off the street, so I need to take him out before he hurts someone I care about in his little fit. His property can be parceled out afterward."

Martha nods, "so go for the head, then take over the parts, got it. So narrowing where he is operating from, and he will have some protections I am sure." with a bit more of a look over the map.

Madeline sips her pear brandy and tries to piece this all together.

Mikael says, “From the attacks before we know that they have those similar to myself, yet not, and they can grow claws. Deadly claws. They almost got them into the Keeper on the beach."

Madeline looks to the Scourge, "Is the Sheriff working on this do you know?

Martha looks to him, "I need to speak with her on this, and yeah she knows some. When was the Keeper attacked this is too far." with a frown.

Madeline sighs and looks to you all "Is she alright? When are we taking steps?" then looks to Heathen "I want to be involved cher, pray do not deny me"

Heathen shakes his head. "It's been little snips here and there. The biggest was when they tried to hit me on the beach. Nicolai was there and took them out. I was the actual target, and they didn't seem to be fully aware if what I could do even then. This was back when she was still with Nicolai."

Oleksiy frowns a little bit at that "indeed.. That alone makes it my concern." he considers "Do you have an item of his.. or his full true name?" he asks simply "if so, I can make an example of him." his eyes are roiling grey at the moment, apparently he doesn't like hearing that the keeper was threatened.

Madeline nods to Olek in agreement.

Mikael nods his head at what Heathen states, "It was before his Embrace. We thought they had decided then it was unwise to continue."

Martha listens, and nods, "Well a bug hunt."

Heathen shakes his head at Oleksy. "Only Obertus, the rest is the Mexican equivalent of John Smith and John Doe pseudo names. And only got that because one of his goons slipped when they thought I was in their sniper's sights. Fortunately, Asheton's skill at Entrancement and Mikael's keen eyes fixed that. And between the four of us, the assassination attempt went south for them. They probably laid low through the whole biker gang fiasco and are now getting their feet back under them."

Mikael says, “We know they have ties to Mexico," he nods to Heathen, "I heard them call him Obertus, and they were only thugs, so he runs gangs as well. No doubt he has a Master somewhere. He contacted as by the name of Garcia"”

Madeline quietly takes a seat, listening.

Martha says, “Gee how many Garcia's are there about here much less Mexico?

Oleksiy frowns a little bit, saying nothing right now, just listening and waiting.

Heathen gives Martha a nod, "Like I said. John Smith."

Madeline is seated quietly, savoring a glass of the brandy Mikael always keeps for her. She glances to Olek and asks softly "I do hope you are well monsieur?"

Martha nods and speaks more then a few sentences in fluent Spanish about the shifting though Obertus is a interesting moniker, not much of a name. Then also show she misses tequila.

Oleksiy nods to Madeline, "I am, thank you. I pray the same for you. Seems a lot of things moving in the city recently."

Madeline nods in quiet concern and turns her eyes back to those gathered "quite a few things"

Martha says, “Yeah but they are sweeping in a night then heading out, so where are they holing up. They have to have some bolts hole in the out skirts for staging or weapons storage, coming back and forth over the boarder, the have caches some where."”

Mikael glances around to the group and states, "I helped with the disposal at the beach. They had a few items on them, and I still have them. But I am not certain if they would give very much information."

Heathen nods to Mikael. "Better than nothing."

Madeline sighs softly "Could I at least try?

Angie quietly steps into the VIP lounge. She glances about to see who is here.

Madeline glances up and smiles at the young woman.

Mikael looks to Heathen, and then to Madeline. "I have the items in the storage room... I will get them." He sees Angie, and gives her a smile. "Bonsoir, mon amie." He moves towards the back of the room, past the stage.

Martha moves to sit and watch it all quietly for now, waiting to see well what all Madeline can glean once the object or objects are brought out by Mikael.

Angie moves to take a seat near Madeline. She nods to Mikael "Hola friend." She nods politely to the others

Madeline touches Angie's hand fondly and smiles "how are you cheri?" she asks then looks up as Mikael returns.

Heathen also waits on Mikael, despite the looks of several little 'pins' on his tablet map. The apot where he first encountered the Revenant in black, the two hit squads with dates in white and red, and a few of his articles that have corresponding dates in the same colors. He does give Angie a smile as she comes down to join Madeline.

Mikael comes back in with what looks like a regular medium sized cardboard box. It does have an X marked in black felt tip pin on the side. "Pardonne, but I had to locate it." He places the box down beside Madeline, and carefully removes the tape from the lid.

Madeline squeezes Angie's hand then sets her drink aside and moves to the box, looking inside "how often has it been touched?

Mikael says, “Only when I went through their pockets to try to get identification. They had none. I put them in the box, and placed it in the back room."

Madeline looks over the items intently "which do you feel is from the person of greatest import?"

Angie smiles at Maddie then she shifts her eyes to the items that Mikael sets out.

Mikael hasn't touched the items, or the box after removing the tape. Inside, if others look, are a couple of watches, a wallet, a dog whistle and what appears to be a spark plug. No change or other money.

Martha says, “Interesting choices God whistle from a spark plug for ten please.”

Mikael says, “Each of them did have a photocopy of a drawing which was of Monsieur Asheton and myself... Although the drawing of him was more accurate than mine... but he tore them into little bits."

Mikael points out one of the watches, and the dog whistle. "I took these off the ones with the claws, the one that almost got to the Keeper. The other items were off the one with the shotgun."

Madeline nods soberly and reaches into the box, resting her fingertips upon a watch Mikael indicates.

Heathen makes his way around, setting a hand on Angie's shoulder. 'Cold Comfort' might be a word coming to mind, as Heath doesn't really keep his body temp up all that often.

Martha hmms as she watches Madeline, then looks to the others, "Spirit sight, such fun." leaning back with a look to Oleksiy, then to the others, "So ready for Halloween fun you all?"

Angie watches them work with the items. When Heathen sets a hand on her shoulder she glances to him and offers a smile before looking curiously back to Maddie.

Madeline shudders and gasps, eyes closed as she groans then removes her hand and sinks into any chair nearby "horrible"

Heathen moves to make sure Maddie is alright. "That is one psychic skill I'm glad I never cultivated."

Madeline takes a deep breath and nods "It is too valuable not to have at hand however" she looks up "they have a fiend with them, fleshcrafing at least one dog"

Mikael watches Madeline, and then moves to grip her as she slumps down, making sure she doesn't miss a chair. He speaks softly to her, in French, calming soothing words, and then he says, "I am sorry you had to see such."

Madeline touches Mikael's hand as if to ground herself a moment and catch her breath "A pack of sabbat" then she draws another deep breath and unless stopped reaches into the box again, touching the spark-plug.

Heathen nods at that. "This guy might be bankrolling them. Could cause extra problems if they like having nice things."

Mikael watches Madeline, and seems to want to stop her for a moment but then pauses, knowing this is important. He doesn't seem to like to see her in distress however.

Angie listens to the others talk, watching how Maddie is able to draw info from the items. She freezes when she mentions the Sabbat..

Martha looks to Heathen, "They have bolt holes and catches nearer then the main home."

Heathen nods at Martha's comment. "They do, but like I said, I don't want the peons. I want the top dogs."

Madeline blinks as she rises from the vision "Abe.. Pat, they were at a shop, mechanic's shop I believe Pat owned it"

Heathen nods to Madeline. "Yeah, gone now though. Might be a flattened lot there.."

Mikael glances from Madeline to Heathen. "That is just north of here, is it not?"

Martha nods, "You need to take down the hiding holes and catches, even if you take down the top dog you need to root them all out, so they need to lose all places near to make it easy on them. Do not start with the peons, start with the infrastructure they use to piss off the Big man, make him fuck up his stratify, let you see his moves, thing of it as a game to draw him out."

Madeline continues quietly "Mr Obertus.. a tall, dark haired man that was working there. Mr Lucius.. I don't know who that is"

Madelines eyes are still closed as she replays the vision, not really aware of any of you yet. Sighing she shivers and swallows hard "He's important, a leader.. talk, dark hair, dark eyes - a scar upon his face?" she seems to ask herself then nods "oui. Monseiur Obertus"

Heathen gives Martha a nod, "Yeah, true enough. And we don't want them fucking around in the city when they loose direction."

Madeline opens her sapphire eyes, a little dazed and quite pale "Obertus was a revenent but he is no longer.. he is kindred"

Mikael pales, and looks at Madeline. "I did not have the ability to check the night we met with him, and when we met with him that first time Heath was not Embraced yet. We... did not realize."

Heathen nods at that revelation. "Makes sense, given our meeting was after dark."

Martha nods, "Well then we have a face to the man, and a bigger Problem that needs to be removed." with a sigh over it all as she moves back to listening again.

Madeline sighs deeply "I really must return home" she says quietly.

Mikael touches Madeline's arm in concern, "Will you be all right, Mademoiselle? Perhaps you do need to rest?"

Madeline gathers herself and rises then nods to Mikael "My driver isn't far, I'm fine cheri." she looks to you all "I do hope that helps"

Martha nods, "Well I can do what you do, suck at drawing what I see, they come out looking like cartoons of people." a wry smile, "So well big help you are supper good at it,"

Angie looks at Maddie with a concerned look as she leaves. She turns to look at Mikael "Interesting.."

Mikael looks to Madeline and nods, "I will see you out." He does so, and then returns to the room. He hears Martha and says, "She is far older, Mademoiselle, and is quite good with such." He looks into the box at the items, and then goes about re-taping them up. "At least we have a place to start. That is not far from where Earthly Delights and Club Extacy are. Heath spoke of them being at both."

Mikael eyes go silently to Angie then, but he says nothing else.

Martha nods, "Well some spying will be in order then."

Angie looks up at Mikael when he mentions the places. She remains quiet but is suddenly worries

Martha nods, "Need to head on things to do."

Angie watches as Martha leaves. "This happened by Eric's club??" She turns to look to Mikael.

You say, “Apparently whatever Mademoiselle Madeline saw there at the end did. That was an area that Heath once frequented when he was with the Sabbat."