2018.6.14: Sabbat Come To Church - Act III: The Shed

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Sabbat Come To Church
Act III: The Shed
IC Date June 14, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Amelie Angelica Caerus Constance Guivre Heathen Ilias Oleksiy Mikael
Location Dilapidated, abandoned garage
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Caerus appears looking like someone a little different than himself in a little different form of clothing than normal. His hands are in black gloves and appears he has thick goggles on from the reflection from under his hood.

Guivre has a ski mask rolled up and worn on as black beanie on his head, a black hoodie and a pair of black jeans complete the simple tactical gear. Guy is still wearing his knapsack and that includes some very important items: No less than twelve wooden stakes each topped with its own cork, three lengths of a hundred feet of rope(bundled), extra blood pack (2 pts) and a towel.

Heathen is driving his little beater bike, that may or may not have some after market mods. At some point pulling off the road for a few moments, only to pull back on. Lights out and zipping back into whatever motorcade they might have going. (If they have one.) Only now, instead of his normal looking clothing, covered in black body armor, with what looks like a broadsword resting against the frame. At least, if you can see the outline of it against the steel of the bike, as it's black as the abyss itself.

Oleksiy int a combatant, and this is new for him, he is just wearing his normal clothing, and no mask. He did get a pair of leather gloves though to put on, and a trenchcoat to wear over his clothing. he will hang to the back, his grey eyes swirling like thunderclouds.

Mikael is driving one of Heathen's 'borrowed' bullet proof black Escalades with Constance and Angie. As he passes a nearby intersection, a black and white police car pulls out and taps their lights, flashing them for a brief moment as if in answer to something, and then parks at the side of the road, cutting off their lights. They look like a normal speed-trap sitting there on the highway waiting for someone to go by speeding.

The silver Mercedes stands out a bit in this location, but less so than say.. a Royce, or a helicopter - really this was the best downgrade option. Ilias and three men arrive on the scene. When the car parks, two men get out. One of which was the man Ilias brought to the meeting, and the other a similar looking man. The third remains in the car on Ilias' order as he starts getting ready to approach by foot seemingly.

Constance is settled in the back of the escalade though she's not exactly noticeable, in fact, she's downright not noticeable for the moment. She's keeping alert and while Mikael and Angie keep an eye out the front she keeps her attention on the rear.

Guivre parked some distance away and is walking up on foot in his casual manner with his knapsack securely on his back.

Angie keeps her eyes to the front...observing. She does note the actions of the cop car, her mind analyzing.

Out on the highway, amid several other run down or completely closed businesses sits what is left of a once thriving business. Part of it looks as if it had burnt down and the remains left to rot. Overgrown grass and weeds, tossed out trash, and rusted out vehicles sit around the dilapidated building. The main doorway is only partially on its hinges, and the large bay door at the side is bent and closed. It looks for all the world to be some long forgotten, uninhabited place. Definitely not friendly looking. The night seems eerily quiet as they approach the building...

Caerus arrives in something that looks half broken down..an 76 Pinto, blue and rust in color. It matches the neighborhood perfectly. Caerus will scan for security cameras.

Heathen pulls off to flank the larger vehicles, keeping his Darksight on in the desert night, and maintaining vigil until everyone is prepared to move in.

Mikael parks the vehicle nearby, in the shadows of a closed business, and quietly gets out, motioning to the two women with him. "I can drop us in shadow when we get into position." He looks to Constance, "Are you remaining with us, or going with the others?" He is dressed completely in black, reinforced clothing, his blonde hair up in a man-bun on his head, and under a black ski cap.

Amelie was in the car, with Ilias and his guys, since she really takes up so little room. She slips out, and stays behind the others. She is dressed for a fight, with her go bag, all prepped like a boy scout. She's done this once before... hopefully it ends better.

Amelie can sense whatever is moving around here. She sees some thing very important with her night vision and senses. She whispers to Ilias, since she is standing behind him and all with his men.

Heathen points toward the building where the dog is comfy and gnawing on it's treat, not having Animalism himself, and hoping someone else can keep it from alerting anyone.

Guivre continues his slow steady approach to where the others are gathering and he sniffs the air as he goes with a look of furrowed concern on his face... as if trying to place a smell.

Constance sniffs the air and looks around. She says softly to the people in the room, "There's the scent of... it' smells like the clinic. Probably does not bode well as one of their beasts is eating something."

Oleksiy steps out of whatever ride he was in, and his eyes focus as he looks around, searching, there is a faint frown on his face. He doesnt speak though.

Caerus nods in agreement with Constance and bends low to look across the ground.

Guivre chimes in, "It's ether.. chloroform." Guy provides and shrugs as if to say he TOTALLY doesn't drug people...

Angie dressed in her own dark clothing she follows Mikael quietly.

Ilias begins his approach, obviously not a man to be concerned with alerting or bothered with sneaking. The long retired soldier approaches, flanked by his guards as he does so. He lifts a hand to point towards the main building and says, "The obfuscater is inside, with one of the dogs.." then he motions his other hand to point towards the other dog, and his men raise their heavy pistols in that direction, screwing on silencers and close in to take down the dog without hesitation.

Mikael gets into the agreed position with Angie, tapping his ear, and giving Heathen a nod before darkness seems to swallow Angie and himself, obscuring them and their surroundings from sight, but allowing them a clear view of everything around them.

Guivre cracks his neck smartly and falls into step behind Ilias' retainers. He reaches over his shoulder and pulls a stake out of his pack... twisting off the cork and casting it aside as they advance on the building.

Ilias lets his men take care of the dog, perhaps confident that they will do their job, or confident in what the repercussions will be, either way. The man walks towards the building, he doesn't wear a mask or worry about obscurities or both with a careful approach. The same way the British marched on battlefields. Straight line, chest presented, walks forward as those some goofy red vest will make him bullet-proof. A deft black gloved hand reaches behind him, pulling out a heavy pistol from the back of his waist, which he levels with insidious ease as he makes his way for the door. A dispassionate expression on the man's face, as though he has spent time as an enforcer before. A very different man than he is in the board room.

Amelie stretches out a bit, as she stays behind Ilias. Nothing fancy, just keeping herself safe and keeping aware of everything going on around her and her friends here. If need be, she will run.

Caerus suddenly turns invisible..he was just there..now gone. Footsteps can be heard though, and a voice, "I'm to the left of the door." Probably to make sure the bodyguards don't attack Caerus. With sword on one hand, and a flower tube in the other, he races toward the door.

Mikael keeping his eyes and ears open, shielded by the shadowy darkness he just stays on alert, watching around for anything or anyone that might come up on them.

Heathen flanks to the other side of the door from Caerus, going right, and preparing to hack at the next one out of it.

Guivre doesn't charge the door with the others because his power is in his voice. He calls out boldly, "Juaan!" A slow approach keeps him several steps behind the hail of gunfire but his crisp accented tenor rings out clearly, "There's no where left to run! Juan-Papi!" A mad peel of laughter follows and the intent is infectious; his companions hear it but his victim /feels/ it. Maybe? Probably not. He looks appropriately crazy either way as he twirls the stakes deftly in his hands.

Oleksiy moves forward at the back of the pack, not seeking to harm, instead focusing on his senses, becoming aware of everything near him, looking for unseen dangers.

The bodyguards move with a military precision, knees half bent and torso turned to make a slim target of themselves. Elbows tight to their chest and heavy pistols snap off three shots a piece in quick succession into the dog as soon as they're within point blank range. It wasn't sporting, or close - it was an execution. They did their job, and they turn to resume their position with Ilias as he moves to enter.

How very rude, to shoot a man's dog while it is eating, or gnawing, or whatever it was doing. It was totally unprepared and made easy pickings for the bodyguards. With a startled yelp the dog jerks upwards off the ground, then drops onto its side, bleeding profusely , and jerking as it starts to convulse from its multiple gun shot wounds.

Angie remains cloaked in the shadows with Mikael. Her gaze shifting to the direction of the gunfire..ready to run if need be. She wasnt about to get in the way...yet if she could help...she would

Juan was just a bit bored, seeming to be waiting on someone perhaps. Suddenly his whole body jerks as if he had been struck, eyes widening and terror filled. His hand unconsciously jerks downward, pulling at the pit bull's collar, making the animal give a startled yelp. For a moment he looks as if he wants to flee, face paled and confused, but he stands his ground, now glassy eyes frantically scanning the room around him.

Constance waits patiently. One hand rests on the long rapier at her hip and the other holds her pendant; not that anyone can see it or Connie. Obfusated and dressed in simple black clothes the Sister is covert to make sure that she can get any living victims out if possible.

Ilias' Bodyguards are flanking behind him, and will hold their action until instructed otherwise, or Ilias/Amelie are in danger.

Ilias is marching in like an old time British soldier, Heathen held up at doorway at the right, ready to pounce, Caerus is under Obfs on left side of Ilias going through door, Guy held up on the right hand side. Connie is slipping in beside Ilias on the left in order to do her thing. All are advancing on the freaked out Juan.

Ilias hears the voice of Caerus describing his position, and then sees the door burst open - which suits him just fine. He walks straight forward, gives a dispassionate look at Juan and says in a authoritative toned voice, "Juan Diaz, /lay down on the floor/." and he begins walking past him, as though he was not even there. The last gesture is to lift his hand, much like he did with the dog outside, he points for his men to put it down.

Caerus busts through the door, his invisibility shimmering in the light, flickering on, then off, then invisible again. He continues to move leaping past Juan looking for other fish to fry and ignoring the dog.

Juan's terrified eyes meet Ilias' and he immediately obeys him without question, dropping to the floor. The pit bull however begins to growl in warning, back fur bristling up as it shows its teeth.

Guivre keeps the heel of the group and he looks around, checking their tail, as he ends up being one of the last people through the door.

Amelie remains behind Ilias, watching Juan to see what he does. She sees him drop, but the dog still there geting all riled up.

Heathen picks up the pace as the team makes it to the door, keeping to the right side of the room to maintain clear sight-lines for the armed ghouls, eyes scanning for signs of the vampires, readying himself further for combat while his player hopes he didn't just waste a BP on Celerity that won't be used next round.

The bodyguards sweep in behind Ilias, like an extension of his arm. As his gloved finger rises towards the dog, there is no verbal command - just action. Without hesitation their guns snap off three shots a piece to put down the dog immediately. The blood splatter hitting the room, and likely splashing Juan in the process. There's that implied threat of, he could have been the target, but wasn't.. yet.

Before the dog could lunge at Ilias, he lets out a growling snarl that ends up a yelp as the bullets rip into him, causing him to dance on his paws for several moments. Then, like his sibling outside, he falls onto his side and start to jerk. Juan never moves from the position Ilias ordered him into, even when the blood sprays across his face.

Thankfully little noise has happened yet to alert whoever else might be in the house, and the entire group is now in the main room. Constance unseen is already moving to open a door that was behind Juan and the dog in the dimly lighted room. They notice that little to no cleanup was attempted here, litter and garbage, including needles are strung out across the floor. This must have been an office at some point. Another door might have lead off into the main shop area, but it has been barricaded with wooden slates. It seems the only accessible doorway is the one that Connie is about to go through, and that Heathen will literally reach almost at the same time. Ilias, Guy and Caerus are all on their way over there now.

As the group heads to the door, sans Ilias who has decided to hold back with Juan instead of walk over him. Heathen with the speed of that Celerity has reached the door first, and Constance who was praying unseen pulled back to allow him to open the door. As the door opens a scent hits anyone that has Heightened Senses up. Human urine and feces, unwashed bodies and something even less pleasant underneath it all is released into the already unpleasant smelling room. Sounds of talking, and music coming from somewhere downstairs can be heard.

Ilias lowers down into a half squat, and he presses the barrel of the heavy pistol into Juan's ear, hard until it forces him to turn his head so that Ilias can see into his face. "Where do I find the person in charge?" the question is spoken very cleanly, crisp and annunciated perfectly to make sure there was absolutely no confusion or misconstruing his words. The hammer on the pistol is cocked back, so that the sound of it echoes down the chamber and directly into his ear canal. The dispassionate expression on his face likely giving the clear indication that a poor answer, results in a pulled trigger. Some things just don't need explaining. Ilias seems the kind of guy, that prefers to be direct.

Amelie stays back, behind Ilias, but far enough right now as he does his work with Juan. She sees the others head to the other door, and reaches for her nose as the smell gets so much stronger. She feels for the people trapped down there.

Juan flinches, but answers without hesitation, his voice robotic as he says, "Mr Dimitri, I don't know where he is, nobody ever knows. He is just THERE!"

Mikael is still watching, but the moment he can't see them anymore, Heathen hears something in his ear as he touches the bud and murmurs.

Heathen does not go quietly into that rancid cellar, but rage.. er.. wrong splat. He does charge in though, in hopes to catch their quarry unprepared, and hoping to not take such a beating that he can't recover from it. A nameless, faceless, black knight of doom busting in without a word, brandishing a big ass sword.

Guivre skirts wide around the interrogation and he angles himself so he can see into the next room when they get the door open and others start charging in.

Caerus heads toward the next door, going though it and down, letting his senses take in everything as he runs toward the next set of targets. He still shimmers in his invisibility as he heads down ready to release the splinter servant at an appropriate target.

Constance waits for the door to be open and there's a sound just to Heath's side, small and angry before the shimmer of the petite Nun is off with fire and determination in unseen eyes. Well, there was all that hope for her to stay back but then something deeper calls to her and the far too empathic sister is on the move, stealthy and silent as possible to go find the source of the suffering. But she's still careful not to get too far ahead or be brash.

Those moving down the stairs, Heathen especially and then Constance can hear the talking over the music, which seems to come from deeper within the dimly lighted room. They will notice that once on the floor it is poorly poured concrete, and is at a slope downward. Not enough to lose footing but enough that anything could easily start to roll. Amelie detects the same noises, but fainter as the soft sounds of the gunfire take off the back of Juan's head so quickly there is barely even a grunt from the now released-from-service Ghoul.

As Ilias rises back up to a stand, the bodyguards lean in and press the barrels of their guns to the back of Juan's head. Two quick shots a piece, and they are ejecting clips and reloading before the man is even realized he's dead. Seems that wasn't the correct answer.

"Mr. Dimitri must be our shadow man." Guivre remarks to Ilias before disappearing down the stairs with the others...

Dimiti isn't seen, and doesn't move, just watches as they move past him when they step away from the stairs. The others are sitting around a table playing dominoes, slamming them onto the table and betting it seems with poker chips. They are completely unaware of anything yet. Downstairs seems a bit cleaner than upstairs, devoid of trash at least but just as grimy, even though it doesn't seem like the large, dim room has been there long. There are signs of unfinished walls, and barely any furnishings. Boxes are stacked up on one side of the room, and the hallway beyond looks like it goes deep through the ground - they can't see the end of it. They can make out bars though, on both sides of the hall/walkway.

At the bottom of the stairs Guivre hesitates for a moment when the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He stares off into darkness under the stairs at... nothing. The chaos of the impending battle pulls his focus and he turns back to join the others as he dismisses the shadows with an uneasy feeling written onto his face.

Ilias rises to a stand, nodding towards Guivre as the silenced guns go off. A bit of blood splatter on his shoe makes him look down, blink with annoyance and then turn his head to look towards one of the bodyguards. He ends up shaking his head and turning to walk towards the stairs where the others went. A glance to check on Amelie and says, "Eyes peeled.. he's here somewhere, hiding."

Amelie keeps looking around, listening. She has those great eyes right now for spotting things. "Of course. Always." She will keep close and turns her head around to see everything she can.

Heathen brings his shadow sword down into the middle of the domino game, and right into Sissy. There's no battle cry, no clanking of metal. The shadow surrounding him and empowering him aren't for noise, but Heath gets the ball rolling as spectacularly as he can.

Constance is little more than a shimmer of shadow heading for the sounds of the caged people, further in, deeper down. The others she trusts behind her but she needs to keep the mortals safe. Praying that she can save as many as possible.

Caerus slaps the tube against his thigh and points it at Charlie and says, "Kill." Out of the tube appears a bunch of sticks that form instantly into a stick shapped man and it lets out a scream of death and it hurls itself at Charlie and embeds itself into his heart.

Guivre strides over to Bruce and he snaps him up by the collar just long enough to get his attention... as soon as he locks eyes with the fellow he very quickly explains, "Play time is over." The Malkavian takes a half step back as the waves of terror wash over Bruce.

The 'mostly' friendly game between the pack mates turns deadly as suddenly they are interrupting by what no doubt seems to them to be a shadowy demon from Hell. Sissy lets out a blood curdling scream as Heathen's sword goes into her, and in reflex her claws pop out ~ deadly talons from each of her fingers. Charlie doesn't even have time to react from the shock of his packmate's attack when those splinters start to attack him. He tried to fend them but too little, too late and he falls over backwards as he ends up torpored, and out for the count. The last one at the table, Bruce, doesn't seem to even give a damn about his packmates as the chips and dominoes on the table turn into spiders... spiders everywhere! At least in HIS eyes it seems that way. To anyone else though they see chips and dominoes. He leaps from his chair, and tries to climb up in it as an unreasonable fear takes over his mind.

Heathen dervishes? Is that a word? Black sword of woe cutting a bloody trail through the Kindred around the table, taking pair of swings at each of the other two to soften them up before the others get down there. Maybe next time he'll make a meat tenderizer instead of a sword, and concentrates on keeping the celerity train going until the fight's done.

Guivre scares Bruce with imaginary horrors- and then his celerity kicks in and Guy buries a stake in the heart of the cowed Cainite before he knew what hit him. Hands are still flying with super human speed as he takes off his bookbag and removes a rope. Guy makes -very- quick work of typing up the now staked Bruce.

Constance sees there's no door which means something else entirely. So while keeping out of the way of the snicker-snack she's instead dropping her obfuscate in the shadows and moving out so that she can get to the people and the people can see her. Calm, almost commanding, moving past the others to find the source of the smell.

Ilias is.. shall we say, not a fan of the game hide and seek. When one of his bodyguards notices the distortion and points it out. He nods and makes the gesture for them to spray and pray. Without remorse, or hesitation he lifts his gun just as they do and the weapons bark off three shots a piece into the darkness. Watching closely for blood splatter, to find out where the guy is. "Mr. Dmitri, nice of you to join us." the dispassionate tone of Ilias' voice about says it all. He definitely didn't come here to 'save' monsters.

As the bullets start to fly Dimitri, who at least had the advantage of seeing the group come downstairs, and simply stood there as the pack was ambushed, made an attempt to dodge the bullets of the guns he saw being pointed blindly towards him. Unfortunately the Ghouls were either very lucky, or he had been cursed and not informed of it. He takes every bullet, jerking and having to drop his Obfuscate mask even as his body absorbs the bullets and partially heals. In front of the group now is a tall, close to seven foot monster of a Nosferatu, dripping slime from what appears to be a leathery skinned, skeletal corpse with overly long fangs, and bat-like pointed and flopping ears. He snarls at the ghouls and hisses at Ilias when he says his name, and even wounded he attempts to flee by starting to almost instantaneously shifting into a mist form.

There is a flash of irritation in Ilias, as his gaze levels harshly on the 7ft tall Nosferatu and he says in a sharp, commanding tone of his voice, "Kneel and Surrender, Mr. Dmitri.. don't make me hunt you like a dog." the gun is lowered now, though his bodyguards leave their weapons trained on the misting form all the same.

Heathen makes sure the ones they know about are all dealt with securely before drifting toward the back to find where that smell is coming from before he starts breathing, and talking. Blood and viscera drip from the blade and the armor without a care, though this next leg is a little more... cautious.

It seems to take a few moments for the Nosferatu to actually do what Ilias wants, the Ventrue can no doubt sense the Kindred struggling to push the command aside, and they have a mental battle, but he finally reluctantly begins to reform, and jerkily goes to one knee. But that head is held high, those yellowed fangs gnashing at Ilias as if he is imagining ripping at the flesh of his throat, his dark eyes lowering to the Ventrue's shoulder then, and not making contact again with the eyes.

Constance is already headed in back, while others were fighting she's been back in search of the humans. She's visible as hell, because well..she is.

Mikael contacts Heathen again after hearing the bullets from outside.

At the sounds of the combat, and the gunfire, terrified sounds come from the back of the room, from that walkway through the cages. Whimpering, crying, praying, and other inconsolable sounds of people in misery and fear.

Amelie will continue staying behind Ilias, and let him protect her and do his thing.

Between the three of them, Heathen, Guivre and Caerus, the other two Sabbat ~ Sissy and Dimitri, are quickly staked and Guivre uses his rope to further bind all of their hands and feet for easy transportation. They take them upstairs to the waiting Escalade, and most of the group whisk them away to the Sheriff and the Prince, leaving Heathen, Mikael and Constance to deal with the Sabbat's prisoners in the cells, and see to the cleanup.