2019.01.09: Rave Against the Machine

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Rave Against the Machine
Vampire only Rave gets unexpected visitors from shovelheads
IC Date January 9th, 2019
IC Time Night
Players Agate, Amelie ST, Angelica, Arianna, Caerus, Heathen, Madeline, Martha, Mikael, Oleksiy ST, Paige, Phoenix, Silvana, Wade
Location Warehouse on outskirts of Prospect
Spheres Vampire Camarilla



Vampires and Ghouls, it is time to party!


Laser lights of all colors move around the scene within the warehouse, flashing, and illuminating the stage with the DJ and massive speakers. Fog machines let out a haze, which kicks up from time to time depending on the speed of the dancers. The place is filling up with Vampires and their Ghouls tonight, and will be at capacity before the night is over, if all goes to plan.

A portable bar is setup in one corner for drinks, and drugs are flowing around for any that wish. There is scattered glitter on the floor, and the smell of soap and liquor about. All in all, the crowd is managable, if not a rather motley crew ranging of Camarilla to Anarch Vampires, some from around town, some from various other cities about SoCal.

Heathen is the man in black. No, not Johnny Cash, and not Tommy Lee Jones. But black makes the LED light strips on his clothing pop better against it.

Madeline steps in, also in black. Has anyone /ever/ seen this Lady in butter soft, skin hugging leather pants before?

Phoenix heads in, wearing black because he always wears black...and here he is..in black. Nix.

Oleksiy comes in, not looking any different than any other time, really. He looks about and smiles a bit nodding to the people here. "Good evening."

Arianna seems to think her typical "biker" look is good for showing up to a rave. Besides, that top probably looks interesting under blacklights and other rave lighting. Anyway, she'll stroll in to have a look at the event.

Angie follows in after Maddie, glancing around smiling

Mikael comes in with his arm around Phoenix, dressed also in black. Black leather pants, and a black spider's web looking shirt that hangs down to his thighs. His hair is loose, and his eyes are lined with kohl.

Phoenix as always is close to Mikael and letting him do the leading around.

Amelie is waiting not too far from the door, so as to greet those she knows. She sparkles in this little gold slinky dress and spike black heels. "Bon Soir, Bon Soir! Please have a glow necklace, glow stick, and enjoy!" She has a basket filled with the glowing things ready to hand out.

Agate comes bouncing in, high as a kite as usual, and grins giving Amelie a hug "Ooh! Glow sticks! This is the best idea evah." as she helps herself.

Oleksiy will accept a pair of glow sticks, one he hangs from his cane the other he lets hang from his breast pocket.. in omage to the event. "Thank you Amelie." he looks over and gives a broader smile to Agate "Hello Agate.. I trust you are well?"

Madeline looks about with a smile and steps over to greet Amelie with a kiss to her cheek "bon soir cher"

Mikael grabs a glow necklace and places it playfully around Phoenix's neck. "There, now I can find you, cher." He choses a matching one for himself.

Phoenix chuckles "yea cause I'm hard to spot in a crowd otherwise" he teases playfully, but does not deny him the right of placing glowy crap on him if he wants to.

Arianna stops by to pick up the glow stick and necklace with a brief smile, slipping the latter on over her jacket.

Heathen throws an arm around Maddy, and another around Angie. "So girlfriends, see any fun to be had in this?" he asks with a wide grin.

Angie grins at Heathen as she grabs a few glowsticks "Of course Heath! Just need to get it started " She winks at him and goves Maddie a glowstick

Madeline laughs and nuzzles Heathen's cheek playfully "Well that remains to be seen" she teases

A grin to Oleksiy from Agate "I'm always doing well Olie. It's just the question of how much fun I'm allowed to have." There's music and lasers so she's EXTRA bouncy tonight.

Mikael smiles to Amelie, their hostess, "Merci for the greeting, and the glowing trinkets. This looks as if it shall be fun." He turns to Phoenix, "Especially if a certain redhead will deign to dance with me this eve."

Madeline looks at the glowstick "dare I ask what I'm supposed to do with this?" but she winks and winds it about her wrist

Phoenix says, “Have I ever denied you anything?" he wonders to Mikael.”

Oleksiy gives a laugh to Agate and nods "Well, I wish you plenty of fun tonight. You deserve a night to let loose a little." he gives a nod to Pheonix and Mikael, though his attention remains mostly on the Madeline, Amelie, Agate area. "This looks like it will be quite lively."

The music is pounding out a beat that few cannot feel their hips move to. As the laser lights move around, and black lights line the walls to show off various items left to reflect special under them, the vampires that congregate here are off to a raucous evening already.

Madeline glances at Phoenix quietly a moment then looks back to Heathen and Angie "so what sort of dancing is done at a rave?"

Phoenix catches that glances and cocks a brow curiously.

Amelie smiles as they each partake. "Do enjoy! This is an event where we can just be free to be ourselves. It is not Elysium, and open to all of our kind. Security looks good though."

Heathen leans over to tell Madeline. "Mainly flailing and bouncing. I'm sure Mikael will get Phoenix into the mood in a moment.

Mikael smiles to Madeline, "Simply listen to the music, and move the way you feel like moving. But normal it is fast tempo."

Phoenix says, “Club dancing" Nix tells maddie.”

Arianna wanders off to mingle some, starting to sway with the beat of the music and then to twist and turn around as she picks up to dancing while twirling and playing with that glowstick. Because, hey, that's the main fun to have, right?

Madeline laughs warmly and smiles at those giving her advice "ah, merci" she chuckles

Heathen clicks a button and his LED clothing starts a slow pattern of flashing starts. He'll leave the epileptic nightmare to others.

The music reverberates around the room: https://youtu.be/CYkGj5MmT3Y

Caerus enters with Silvana on his arm, "Yes, almost two years now since I promised to take you dancing, but never let it be said that I am not one of his word." He looks around and nods at the rhythm and pulls Silvana in with him as he enters the room.

Mikael moves with Phoenix towards the edge of the dance floor and people, knowing he doesn't appreciate getting too crowded in. He whispers to him as they slowly walk around.

Heathen slips into the crowd walking backwards for a bit, winking at the ladies as the glow sticks start bouncing and flailing, as instructed.

Flinging herself into the crowd Agate engages in DnB Step dance. She's a child of Europe's 2000s dance craze. She's put some of the glow bracelets around her ankles even so now she's just a blur.. As Agate is, perhaps to some, SUPRISINGLY adept at dance.

Angie runs for the dancefloor and soon is apart of the moving bodies, getting lost in the music

Oleksiy Moves further into the room, he doesnt dance, its just not his thing. But he does seem to enjoy the energetic atmosphere.

Phoenix follows along with Mikael, grinning and leaning in to whatever Mikael whispers.

Amelie taps her toes, her hips swaying with the music, but she remains not too far away from the door to greet any last minute members showing up.

Madeline nods to Caerus then laugsh waching her coterie dancing as they are. She doesnt join them yet but is clearly enjoying their joy

Silvana smiles as she holds Caerus' arm "I would just continue to give you a hard time if you didn't take me dancing" she looks around "It's intersting"

The crowd is dancing, but some are gathered in some clumps along the walls. Drinks are flowing and sloshing around for some of the more drunk ghouls here.

Hey, a rave. Everyone /isn't/ stuck back with Johann Pachelbel, one hit wonder of the 1690s. Well that is a relief. Paige blends in a little, dress and makeup, almost like she is a college aged creature of the modern era. A hand waving about with her smile towards Amelie as she slips in.

Madeline glances over and smiles at Paige, lifting a hand in greeting to her

As the party goes on, there is a bit of a commotion outside the door.. over the noise of the room, its not likely to be heard if your very far from the door, but after just a moment, one of the guards that was outside the door comes escorting a young lady, she looks about 18, plus or minus. Very disheveled, and completly disoriented, through the door, holding her by one arm, as he brings her to Amelie "Ma'am. She isnt on the list but.. I think perhaps you should check this out.. " he offers her over to you in a businesslike fashion

Caerus pulls Silvana out onto the dance floor and hops into the dance. He seems to be mimicing Agate and duplicates her moves for a moment before falling into a laugh and then changes his dance to one that will fit in with Silvana's moves.

Amelie reaches out and takes the girls arm herself, and escorts her away from the door to a part of the room a little less crowded. "Merci, Monsieur." She looks to the girl and brushes a bit of her hair back from her face. "Mademoiselle, are you alright? Are you here for the party? Do you need some assistance?"

Madeline watches the new arrival a moment then steps over to Paige with a glow in the dark bracelet "hving fun cher?

Phoenix begins to dance with mikael. Nix is an amazing dancer. Its easy to forget how good since he does it so seldom. Still, its as if a light switches on when he gets out there.

Silvana laughs softly as Caerus pulls her into the dance floor. She raises a brow at first as he moves but then laughs and joins in dancing with him looking like she is enjoying herself.

"I am just waiting for them to put Strobe on Miss Madeline." Paige turns her head into a smile at Madeline, no curtsy today, it is a party, but still a respectful nod. "And it is fun, granted parachuting molly is no longer an option but I will deal."

Mikael is currently enjoying the dance, and hasn't noticed anything yet since they did move away from the door.

Martha comes in all slouching and dressed well like a slouch tonight. She looks about the place to see who is about where with a bit of a sigh like even coming out is a chore tonight.

The Girl is sobbing almsot as soon as Amelie asks her question, fear radiating from her palpably. She doesnt resist Amelie's guidance, and the guard that brought her in is just about to turn away when the door that she came in, is knocked in, with a smashing bang that is audible even over the music, as something comes flying through the door, sailing several yards before it hits the floor, and then slides at least 30 more feet before it comes to a stop, limply in the middle of the dance floor.

Phoenix sees the movement and grabs Mikael, tugging him off the dance floor and away quickly.

Madeline blinks at Paige's terms "Is that a band?" she asks then looks to the girl and then the door flying across the room. She puts Paige behind her and is clearly preparing for battle if needed

Amelie takes the girl back to a more defendable spot. "They are here for her! I've got her! Someone stop them!"

The door wasnt alone.. the guard from outside is laying limply in the middle of the floor. having been used to knock the door off its hinges. The DJ, almost instantly looks up and the music scratches to a halt.. only the strobing lights filling the room with an almost staggering silence after the music of a moment ago.

Mikael tries to see what is happening, and mutters something to Phoenix.

Oh, ok, that isn't an act. Paige is easily put behind Madeline, her brows immediately furrowing in half panic, half thought.

Phoenix grabs mikael back from his curiosity, trying to pull him behind him.

Oleksiy is at the other end of the room, he turns though and looks on as the body comes flying, he casually reaches back behind him to draw his sword. Almost casual in his movements.

Madeline keeps Paige behind her as the shadows along the edges of the wall begin to undulate

Heathen turns off his lights on his suit, and allows the darkness to claim him as they dim and dim and dim until they are gone and the dark has swallowed and encased him in armor.

Martha looks to the noise as she is near the door notices the limp form then the Door all bust near her with, "Huh, entertainment or dinner?" in a blah voice with a look about the room then back to the door she is not far from as she just got here and was taking it all in before heading any where.

Amelie tries to comfort the girl, and gestures for anyone else that is not as martial and not covered to come by them. She calls out, "They want this girl! She was shovelheaded!"

Mikael suddenly Mikael seems to be holding a sword. It's dark, hard to tell where that might have come from.

Phoenix keeps mikael behind him as he too has the shadows suddenly swirl arond him. He too draws a sword not unlike Mikael's

Agate dances her way over towards Amelie and shouts "What's going on?"

Through the door comes a laugh, not visible, but its a clearly insane laugh "OH.. what do we have here boys? Some big bad party goers.. Think they are hard core.. all Goth and Shit.. " through the door comes not one, but a bevy ov people.. at least 10. spreading out left and right around a big fellow in all snakeskin leather, jacket, pants, boots, even gloves. "You got somethin' o' Mine" he points at the girl "I want her back."

Amelie eyes grow harder.. even black. "I don't think so." She holds the girl behind her. Amelie's stance is protective and dare say majestic.

Arianna certainly gets startled out of her dancing with the crash of the door. Well, that's real party spoiling. Though for a bit she just stops to observe and get the idea of what's going on, and then taking her time to walk over toward Amelie since that's the apparent target. As she approaches she does seem to get much more intensely intimidating in that too cool to worry way.

Caerus stops his dancing and moves over in front of Amelie and the girl to be there as a physical guard. He looks at the leader, "I'm your Huckleberry. I'm out here on the dancefloor, we should dance." He puts something into his mouth.

Heathen makes his way toward the side, sticking to the wall to approach the door from the side.

Phoenix makes an effort of keeping Mikael behind him, glancing to see what flew through to the dancefloor.

Silvana makes a bit of a face when someone rudely comes sliding into the middle of the dance floor and she goes to check on the poor guard that was send flying in.

Phoenix follows along the side of the room, keeping Mikael firmly behind him.

Mikael does not look happy about not having free movement in case he needs it, but at least they are following close behind Heathen now.

Oleksiy doesnt say a word, but he gives a little bit of a smile himself, and his skin changes color, taking on a granite, grey huge that seems to flow up out of the floor through his body.

Silvana looks around and carefully takes the poor man down and moves him out of the way and treating his wounds. If she's needed she will be here at least.

The glowing necklace around Mikael's neck seems to vanish, or something else seems to cover it that is just as black as the clothing he is wearing.

Martha just flexes a bit and pops something into her mouth then smiles.

Heathen reaches back to Mikael, taking a sword hikt from Mikael, a black blade springing from it, much like Aryas. ooc sorry, a little lag there

Banter? Agate is still dancing. Are there possible sabbat? Sure. Is there a fight? Yeah. Is that a reason to stop dancing? Fuck no. It's not like the things she might do doesn't involve dancing.

Oleksiy doesnt seem to actually do anything, his eyes moving around the room as he stands a bit behind the forming skirmish line, ensuring that anyone retreating has a place to go.

Angie looks up and sees the commotion. She exits the dance floor and hurries to Maddie and Paige

One, small fellow at the left end of the line, not far from Martha in fact, with a yellow (Not blond but bright yellow) mohawk, with glitter sprinkled in it licks his lips and blows a kiss to Martha, not ready to just leap in, i mean the boss isnt even done talking yet.

Amelie grins as Caerus stands in front of her and the girl. "Oh, you guys picked the wrong party to crash." Her majesty emmanating from her, as she tries to still comfort the girl and will keep her there and protected.

Paige doesn't move, despite Madeline's whisper. Head tilting just a little, but otherwise stock still. Watching, waiting for this to turn bad.

Angie reaches Paige's side and nods to Madeline. She offers a small smile despite the stuff hitting the fan

Silvana looks to all the people that are present and decides that she isn't needed in the front so she will tend to the injured man for now as the others get ready for battle.

Currently there is a line of 10 clearly sabbat Vamps that just broke in the door they are lined up on the left and righ of who is clearly their leader, There is, from Left to right (Based on how they look) Three toreador on the left end, A Gangrel, A Brujah, Raw Hide (the Leader) Another toreadore lady, two more brujah, and then the malk at the opposite end of the line. There is a line of FOUR of the Camarilla, Arianna, Madeline, Caerus and martha (again from left to right) facing them. Agate is behind them on the dance floor dancing, Heathen, Pheonix and Michael have backed away to a wall on one side and back an bit, Amelie, Olek and the frightened lady are on the dance floor as well a little behind Amelie, and As far back from things as possible, there arecurrently Angie, Paige, and Silvana, more or less around the injured guard while Silvana is tending to him. Is this about correct? Or did I miss anything?

The Group of sabbat are currently simply trying to intimidate, they wont act until Rawhide order them too, or the fight starts. So they are more or less trying to taunt you all

Phoenix stands behind Heathen, a hand out as if to guard Mikael

Heathen leaps in where angels fear to tread. Why make things any different now? He trusts enough others to pull their weight to get things rolling and lashes out as the last of the group steps in.

Caerus laughs softly, "I'm waiting." He twist the head of his cane and draws out a sword just waiting to be attacked. "Or are you afraid to dance with me?"

Madelines eyes are dark with anger but she gives a dangerous smile to the Toreador gathered "didnt you realize the sabbat went out of fashion ages ago"

Rawhide was planning to taunt and intimidate a bit more, but as he sees Heathen dash out to strike one of his own down he suddenly looks angry and shouts "KIllem Boys!" and he charges forward, swinging at the nearest person to him, Caerus!

Heathen thinks, blah blah blah.. and sends the head of the nearest party crasher floating throuh the air and back out the broken door. Go Go Heathen Ranger.

Rawhide steps in and swings, and those gloves, they are steel reinforced and there are little spiked rivets in them that tear into Cearus, not doing tremendous damage, but it looks rather painful when he tears away a patch of flesh from him.

There's fighting going on. But Agate is dancing. She's moving, spinning to the music. Arms flailing. Like an ecstatic. As she moves, as she dances, as she flows her skin begins to darken. The song bringing her blood deeper and more potent. Invoking heaven's grace Agate transforms herself into the power of a Methuselah.

Arianna stands there cooly next to the others in the line. She blinks as Heathen charges in, and then the leader jumps in. So she reacts by breaking her cool long enough to turn a snarl, a fang-bearing hiss, on that Gangrel nearby. Claws have no business hear. And he seems to get the message clearly, as he yips like a whipped dog and turns tail on the spot to try to get right back out of the door.

Silvana makes sure to splint the poor man's bones and that he is safely out of the way. She stands and looks towards the fight swaying a little bit as she watches.

Suddenly two slithering shadow tendrils shoot out from near Madeline and sieze one of the sabbat toreador, wrapping up the struggling creature doesnt seem hurt yet ... yet

The Brujah on the end nearest the Malk, turns and charges foaward going at Madeline, he isnt using his fists though its a pistol he pulls out and fires.

Mikael mentally attacks the one that has moved the closest to him ~ the one that came in right before the one Heath took out ~ and he forces him to see his 'packmates' that came here with him as not his packmates; he sees them as terrfying, monstrous werewolves, frothing at the mouth to get to him. He'll see them as enemies that intend to kill him if he doesn't kill them first. Anything they try to say to him he hears as snarling growls. He has to fight them for his life to escape in one piece! He ends up going after those in front of him in a crazed attempt to 'save' himself.

Caerus takes the hit from the leader and laughs at him, "That is the best you can do."

Madeline is so focused upon the shadow tendrils and their victim she does not notice the bullets that strike her, bouncing off harmlessly though one does leave a hole in her designer blouse

As Martha is flirting from a distance with Mohawk boy some brute with a bat hits her, she turns and looks him not even moves with a bit of a red spot on the side of her face, "Damn you hit like a fucking mortal, go play with a ghoul or something I am Busy." looking back to mohawk boy and waving at him with a smile and come hither look.

Sweeps steps back but there comes from her a sense of incredible awe and majesty (If anyone seeks to attack or harm her, I need to know it please)

The Lone, untouched toreadore on the left end of the line turns to the one thats being held by Madline's tentacles, and with a snarl he leaps forward and sinks his teeth into the bound toreadore, tearing a great chunk out of his shoulder

With a maniacle laugh the malkavian leaps at Martha, swinging his fists wildly, but not even managing to really even offend her, let alone hurt her.

Oleksiy is waiting behind the line, and smoothly, almost like he is going to step left, he feints, then swings in a horizontal line back, almost like he is going to strike Madeline.. instead his sword cleanly decapitates the Obfuscated Nosferatu that was about to use an axe on her from behind.. The Nossies bodie appears briefly before turning to dust.

Angie watches Madeline, a shot of adrenaline going through her as she watches Madeline fight. She felt helpless but she is obeying orders at this point in time

Mikael keeps up the illusion in the one Sabbat's head, sending horrifying images into his mind as he waits for a chance to swing his own sword if needed.

Martha moves into the flailing Mohawk man and punches him then says a single word and steps back with a smile as she watches the fun begin, "Now that is hot." as well seems he is heating up, smoking like some how he is cooking from the inside or something, and she just watches him with only a side glance to the Bat boy near her ready to swing again.

Madeline glances over her shoulder and nods a quiet thank you to Olek then those shadow tendrisl tighen inexorably upon the sabbat toreador as Madeline bares her fangs.. the creature is suddenly ripped apart and falls to ash

Amelie turns the girl away from the action, keeping her shielded.

Arianna's attention flicks to Sabbat after Sabbat getting taken wiped out. So she focuses on the intimidation factor of being too cool to exert herself, and just takes a few steps forward as they start to run to help encourage that.

Agate is still dancing. Blowing the mist from her vape pen up into the air. As the Sabbat begin to flee Agate turns and casually gestures at the fleeing leader. It's all just dance.. It doesn't look like she did anything. But then coroded iron spears and sword blades burst out as if coming from inside of the Sabbat leader drawing an agonized scream from his lips. The weapons then whisp away leaving gaping burnt wounds.

Heathen does not get lured away from the party, but does use tentecles! Loves him some tentecles! And his enemies will learn to love them too! ooc armof the abyss, but exceptionally long and strong. (2 rolls coming, ine for each tentecle.)

Heathen unleashes the hentai, a pair of tentacales wrapping around a fleeing shovelhead and squeezing in... wrong ways.

Silvana has gotten the poor man stable. She does glance to see if anyone else might be in need of medical assistance.

Caerus slices the fleeing Presenced Toreador girl with a slice across the back of her right thigh, "Not so fast!"

Mikael sees his opportunity, he raises and swings his sword towards the injured Rawhide, slicing him almost in half and finishing him off. A flash of the blade ashes him.

Heathen slips into the shadows, and the shadows slip into him, until they are indistinguishable from eachother. Heath prowls the outskirts ready to give warning if someone is coming back, drifting from darkness to darkness. ooc :needs to head to work, so pardon the out of place bit...

Phoenix moves in unison with Heathen.

Angie leans to Paige whispering

Olk looks at Sweeps, raises a hand and points, a blast of sulfur blasts up from the ground singing her and you see blood seeping and evaporating painfully from her body. She immediately screams in pain and fear and enters a frenzy of fear, trying to do nothing but to flee.

One of the ones at the back runs before all the others start, and just as Wade was getting to the party. He looks like he’s just about to interrupt when the man almost run right into the wall that is Wade. There’s a quick little clutch of the man’s neck and a twist of his head. If he’s not dead, that’s going to take a lot to heal because Wade almost pulls his head off. “Oops, sorry.” Then he’s got a whole horde of his favourite people coming at him. The Sabbat, dying on by one, until all that is left, is the hurt and limping Sweeps. This time though she doesn’t run into Wade, but into his fist. It was there first, not his fault. His skin seems to flush red, but that might just be the excitement. Still, it must have done some damage because Sweeps turns to ash.

Caerus turns and looks at Agate. He simply nods once like he is adding something to a tally sheet in his head.

Martha is smiling Bat in hand she took from the brujah, that she beat down with it instead of Staking, "Wow this rave thing is Fun, Amelie needs to do something like this again." as she shoulders the bat letting the Malk behind her boil from the inside out until dead.

Silvana steps over to Caerus once the bad guys have been taken care off.

A tally for what? She's just innocently still dancing here. Who's fault is it that some people with the ability to see can perceive the nightmare entities stuffed into some of her jewelry? Certainly not Agate's fault. She's too good at dancing to be at fault. Fault is for ugly people.

With all those hostile types getting killed or thrashed or run off, Arianna stops again to just survey that result for a bit and then shakes her head, "So much for a dance party." That intense presence fades away as she lets it go. She pulls out the glow stick again to toy with as she adds, "Well, I assume no one needs me for anything? I've got some other errands to run off to."

Oh good, Paige doesn't have to expend effort. Always a win in her book. She takes a quick look around, then over to Angie to make sure she is still ok. Then down, to make sure none of the tentacles were still around and near her. She has seen that movie before.

Mikael watches the Kindred finishing dealing with the leftovers as he finds a piece of cloth from anywhere, even if it is off the bar to wipe the goop off his sword. He moves over towards Martha, when she seems calmer, and whispers something to her.

Caerus says to Agate, "You dance...divinely." He looks to Silvana, "I think I have had enough dancing for the night. I need to get this unconsicous one to a cell. Ok. I know. I still owe you a night of dancing." He boots the unconscious Sabbat, "See. Can't even pay off a debt with you guys ruining it." He takes up the body and throws it over his shoulder. He looks at Silvana, "You ok with that?"

Martha nods and looks to him as he whispers to her, then out of no where, "I think I ripped a piercing out of my back, is my lacing scarf peeking out?" as she nods to Mikael, then to Caerus, "The young lady needs to be under protective custody for her own Safty." is called out.

Silvana dramaticly sighs and nods "Of course. I can see myself home. You have a good evening" she looks around

Wade doesn’t eve care about the cleanup, he keeps walking past the rest, and the Cammie, frowning at the club. “Shit, I missed a bunch of emos dancing. Well, maybe not all...” Does he glance Agate’s way? Maybe. Then he carries himself further into the club. “I hope one of them took the good shit.”

Mikael checks Martha's back, but his eyes move to Agate in wonder from what happened a few minutes ago. "Everything seems to be all right, Mademoiselle"

Caerus nods to Martha and looks at the girl and says to her, "You will come with me. You will do as I say. You will keep quiet." Yes, Caerus used Domination on her. He takes her hand and then Caerus, the girl, and the corpse all vanish.

Silvana looks around and gives polite nods to some people before seeing if her help is needed when it's not she heads off herself.

With the fighting for sure over Agate's palor returns to normal and she pops a few mints into her mouth. "This was a lot of fun." before she winks at Caerus "If you guys hadn't wrapped it up soon I was going to sing for you. I'm sure it would have been a blast."

"Huh. You know, I hadn't realized this entire little grouping was just like a man." Paige finally comments, nose crinkling for a moment as she looks back around the room. "One bout of action and everyone rolls over and goes to sleep. So much for partying." A sigh, and a slump of her shoulders.

Agate blows a ring of mist into the air and grins at Paige "Well some of us never stop partying." she grins at the younger woman "Don't mind the old people. They're just salty cause they can't do drugs at a rave. Isn't that sad?"

Mikael glances to Paige, and softly chuckles, "Well, this is actually past the time that most weekly socials start breaking up." He glances back over to Agate, "I do not think I will ever be able to see you smoke again without that image in my mind."

Wade pauses and looks around. "Why the fuck can't they? Just gotta find the right person to get ya high. Anyone can do that." Then eh turns to Paige and Agate. "But Rave's are kind of shit. That's why ya need the drugs, to deal with the people at them."

Agate grins "I have magic vampire drugs. So I'm just fine. I don't need to find anyone else. I'm just a terrible person and don't share the holy get high magic drugs with non-faithful." Agate wiggles her eyebrows at Wade. She's still dancing. She doesn't have to stop dancing to fight. She can dance and fight.

"Oh, well if you find someone on molly..." Paige raises up her brows for a moment, and while she gives a direct nod to Agate at the old people comment, it is Wade she leans towards. "That argument doesn't work after you have already shown up. You can't just buy two tickets to a game and declare the soccer sucks. It makes you look like an idiot."

Mikael listens to the other talk, and he turns away, moving to the bar. He finds a pours a quick brandy and all but downs it in a couple of gulps.

Wade does not look saddened by that. “Then you’re missing all the fun. Besides, not sure I want any of that.” His head then tilts at Paige. “I been around the block. You go to enough soccer matches, you don’t have to go to them all, or even be at one, to tell people soccer sucks. “ He rolls his eyes rather purposefully. “Besides Secrets might be his Majesty’s, but it’s on Brujah territory and I’m lookin’ after it for Lily, so y’know, it sucks.”

Agate laughs "Well you kids have fun. I'm going to go hotbox my special room." and with that she heads out

A wave to Agate, and the Paige's attention is back right on Wade. "Nino is better at the whole, look at how much of a giant asshole I am, and how much I don't care, look at me, look at how much I don't, bit." A small sigh. "Well moot, since this is obviously in your grounds by your own admission, that means /you/ can show me around the rest of the night."

“Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Ugly is so transparent, he makes me laugh a little. Yes, we get it, you’re super ugly, yes I’m super scared. Yes, you’re a fuckin’ vampire who ahs a beast inside you. Yaaawn. Fuck that guy, seriously. Only thing less scary is maybe a fuckin’ wet piece of paper.” He raises a finger at that. “And actually, Paige is it? There’s so many of you new fucks, I can’t keep track, and I don’t care. Which sort of ruins my point, that’s why I don’t need to pretend, I actually don’t care.” He motions around the place. “And that’s why you can show yourself around.”

"Oh yes, he very much makes it very clear that you should care how much of a rebel he is." Paige waves her hand through the air. "Proposistioned me the first time we met, before I was known. Well unless he had another meaning of dungeon delving in mind." That hand moves on, moving to rest on Wade's elbow. "Oh no no, you got stuck with me. And I am hungry, and I was promised a party and then everyone blew their wad punching some people so now there isn't one, and I am now terribly bored."

“I think he’s going for scary. Rebels my thing. I hope he’s not stealing it.” Wade smirks at that and then raises a brow. A shrugs follows and he chuckles. “Well, I guess lucky you. I would need to be tied up in a dungeon for that, myself. And even then, I’d be hoping for a fire.” A glance down at her hand as she touches his elbow then back. “Well, feed away, that’s kind of the point…” He motions again to the rave floor. “Not quite sure what ya want me to do. I can’t blow my wad anymore, I just like hitting things. I suppose I could hit you, would that help? Safe word is…there’s no safe word.”

"Please, I have a youtube channel. With a message box, and an entire world full of young men who either think they are the next cassanova or figure F it, she will never see me, whats the harm in trying? You will have to be substantially more vulgar and or threatening." Paige sighs out softly. "For one, I am not allowed to feed on my own apparently, wich makes you convenient. For two, without anyone else here the rest of my night will involve having drinks bought for me that I can't enjoy, and people I doubt I would be able to relate to. Given the option, I would prefer to at least learn of you. If nothing else to see if there is anything deeper."

“Believe me about one thing, if I’m ever threatening you, you’ll know.” Wade flashes her an easy wink, and then smirks again. “Feed on your own? You mean one of us? Yeah that’s cause that’s just fuckin’ stupid. Or ya mean somethin’ else?” A chuckle though and he acts surprised. “And you think you can relayte to me. Well, that oughta be good. Hit me with your best shot Pat Benatar.” Though he shakes his head, and seems about to motion around the place, but stops halfways. “I was going to say ask everyone else, but y’know. So ask everyone else when ya see them. There’s nothing deeper. I’m the shallow end of the pool.”

"Yes, and I am nothing but a perfecly polite little maiden and a pretty face." Paige rolls her eyes, her hand lifting again, making a flit into the air. "No one is that shallow as to be put down in a word, unless that word is /be/." A pause then, and a blink. "No no, not like that. I am not allowed to hunt on my own. Apparently I need supervision."