2019.03.24: ReGrand Opening Royal Cajun Cabaret

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ReGrand Opening Royal Cajun Cabaret
Opening Night after the Royal Cajun moves to Carlsbad
IC Date March 24th, 2019
IC Time Night
Players Amelie, Ansel, Arianna, Aubrey, Belinda, Brittney, Caerus, Calevaro, Carlson, Cedric, Elena, Fedor, Heathen, Kaati, Katrina, Larry, Lila, Madison, Martha, Maxwell Fairbairn, Mikael, Paige, Persephone, Phoenix, Roger, Simone, Skarsgard, Velvet
Location Royal Cajun Cabaret, Carlsbad, Ca
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Royal Cajun Cabaret - Nightclub, Bar and Stage

xxxxxEntering the doors from the streets, all your senses are met instantly with various sensations. The lighting is low and mostly dark, but there are points of brighter light throughout the area, stage lights and work lights. The music cascades over your body, filling your ears and physically pulsating your body. The scent of the room is a heady mixture of body heat, musk, and alcohol. The very air has a metallic tinge to it, a hint of copper taste to it.

xxxxxThe main room itself is expansive in every direction, almost the feeling of an underground cave as the vaulted ceiling vanishes into the shadows. Flashes of light from the stage make it possible to see the ceiling from time to time though mostly the room is shrouded in shadow, all over the ceiling little dots of light that simulate stars in the sky. Around the edges of the room, where light does pool, the vintage wood work throughout the entire room is a testament to the hard work, fine detail, and dedication that went into building this place.

xxxxxAs you walk into the club proper, you will first encounter a hardwood dance floor for customers that want to enjoy the music provided by the show. Plenty of room for guests or the occasional staff dance group. Beyond the dance floor is a collection of tables and chairs for resting or watching the show. There are exits to the back stage area as well as the public restrooms just past the seating area.

xxxxxOn your left, a well-polished hardwood bar runs the length of the wall. Plenty of red, cushioned barstools are placed in a line, end to end of the bar. The area is always staffed by at least two bartenders and two servers, but usually more. There are a few tables in this area that stop just short of the dance floor for more seating in the bar area.

xxxxxFinally to your right, the shining jewel of the club. The stage and the performers of the show. Singers, dancers, magicians, and other sorts of acts come to life on the stage, set against the New Orleans skyline. Jackson Square is in the midst of the stage at times, but other times the stage changes to the business fronts of Bourbon Street or when the dances truly get suggestive, a stage set for the deep bayou, large campfires are simulated with lights and old glass style effects, colored liquids rolling around in bottles and other tricks of the trade. The acts are very risque to most standards. Lewd and suggestive to tantelize, most always barely clad, yet never fully nude.

xxxxxAbove the stage, a sign in bold letters that reads: Absolutely no video recording of any kind. No cameras or cell phones. Violators will be removed from the premesis. Mulitiple violations will lead to prosecution and permanently being banned from the premesis.

Arianna may be wearing a mask and not the only one in a costume tonight as things get going for the night's bash, but she probably stands out anyway while she does some mingling around.

The show hasn't started yet, people are starting to mill around. On the Katrina is singing a little bit. One part warm up and one part entertaining a few of the people near the stage. Her voice is quiet, saving it for the real show later. Her standard for the show, "Ain't Misbehavin'" gets sung through to set the mood and get herself ready.

Cedric takes a look around as he enters inside with Lila.

Lila steps into the club proper with Cedric, dressed a bit nicer than her usual casual attire, and looks around the room for a moment before giving him a small smile. "Let's at least go to the bar for a bit," she suggests, giving his arm a gentle tug even as she starts in that direction.

Aubrey puts in an appearance and seems quite interested in looking the establishment over as it takes her quite a while to actually make it to the bar.

Brittney smiles as she arrives and looks around the room, "Good evening."

Cedric is sitting down at the bar with Lila, it looks like they have just recently arrived as well.

Velvet arrives, clad in what looks like a full-length dark suede jacket for now. "Hello, greetings everyone--" they brush their long dark hair back and grin, holding what looks like a large gym bag under their left arm. "I hope everyone is having a lovely time this evening--because it's going to get even better," they move to pass on through to the backstage area.

Martha slips and heads to the Bar, "Evening." is chimed out as she does order and pay for some drink or anohter.

Arianna moves across the dance floor twisting and swaying to Katrina's rendition of Ain't Misbehavin' as the party starts warming up. Sure, she's in a costume and a mask, but she's probably still easy enough to recognize since she's not here to blend in. When people look her way she flashes a grin and gives an encouraging beckon. Dance floors need dancers.

Carlson enters, giving a bow to the appropriate people and a "Good evening". He will stand to one side out of the way. If anyone looks his way, he does give a smile and a nod.

Madison enters in quietly in a purple gown and black heels, her hair down this evening in gentle waves. She has never been here before and looks around curiously, at the different faces offering a reassuring smile to Lila and a nod of her head to Lila. For thats that know her and show interest in her being here, she offers a soft warm smile, but does not intrude on those that seem to be in the mood for private company for the opening.

Brittney walks over towards the bar and greets Cedric, "Good evening."

Katrina continues her rendition of 'Ain't Misbehavin'" and walks down into the crowd a little, playfully teasing a man at a table, walking past him, stroking his shoulder, singing to him for a time, and then kissing his cheek to move on to finish the song out amongst the crowd

Aubrey finally makes it to the bar, "Good evening Cedric, how nice to see you again."

Lila settles into a seat next to Cedric at the bar, looking towards the stage and watching Katrina for a moment before turning her attention elsewhere. Seeing Brittney and Madison, she offers each a friendly smile before returning Martha's greeting with a soft, "Good evening" of her own.

Cedric shakes his head to the dance offer, "Not really my thing for tonight, perhaps another night." He then looks to Brittney, "While hello there, am glad you were able to make it and can stand in for me seeing how I will not be here for too long." When Aubrey comes to the bar he gives her a small smile, "Greeting Aubrey, it is good to see you again in Carlsbad."

Martha says, "Wow quite the crowd here tonight that is a good thing."

Madison finds an empty table in the seating area back in a corner to watch the evening from, catching a waitress as she goes by to order a drink from. She is the quiet observant type mostly, at least right now when she is around a bunch of people she doesn't know very well.

Cedric looks to the time, "I sticked around a little bit longer than I should." He gives Lila a kiss on the cheek, "I'll catch you a bit later." He waves to Aubrey and Brittney and gives a nod to Martha, Carlson, Heathen and Mikael as he makes his way out.

Martha is at the Bar looking about seeing who all is here this night.

"It is good to see." Lila nods in agreement with Martha, ordering a drink for herself, something strong but nothing too unusual. "And it's good to see you out this way." she gives the red-haired woman a warm smile, looking back then to Cedric just before he kisses her cheek. "I'll see you later," she murmurs softly to him.

Arianna meanders away from the dance floor finally to do some misbehavin' somewhere else. Familiar faces mixed in the crowd are an encouragement. So she goes to mingle some, winding around to come up on Cedric first with a bright, "Hey, I'm very glad you could make it. Thanks for coming."

Carlson offers a ,"Have a peasant evening." to Cedric in return.

Heathen tips his hat to Cedric on his way out, a touch on the defirential side, on his way to greet the hostess with the mostest, Arianna. "Things up an jumping."

Aubrey waggles her fingers at Cedric as he makes his departure. Standing back to the bar she looks over the club as she sip at her drink.

Cedric smiles back to Arianna, "Would not have missed the opening for the world." He nods to Carlson, "Thanks I hope you do as well." He starts to walk off, he finally notices Madison sitting in the back, he gives her a wave as well then head oout.

Madison watches as Cedric leaves thoughtfully, nodding to him as he leaves if he happens to glance her way, and lets out a bit of a soft sigh.

Mikael comes in with Heathen, dressed completely in black tonight, his long hair pulled back into a ponytail. He gives a bright smile to Arianna. "Bonsoir, the drive was a bit longer than we thought. Everything looks wonderful."

Arianna waves after Cedric and then turns to check on some other familiar faces. Heathen and Mikael's greetings get a bright grin and a, "Great to see you both." With a little chuckle to Mikael, "Hmm. I might be used to making it shorter than it's supposed to be, so I'm a bad judge."

Coming out onto the stage at the moment is Velvet--now apparently in full Emcee stage regalia--which for them involves a sparkling full-body silver jumpsuit, pink boa and a pair of thigh-high white vinyl stiletto heeled boots. Velvet gives a wave to all those present as they click out on those spike heeled boots.

"Welcome one and all to the glorious re-opening of the Royal Cajun Cabaret--I'm Velvet, I'll be your host tonight--don't worry if I look a little rough, I've had all my shots~" they grin and bat their eyelashes, showing off pronounced canine teeth.

"More seriously, however--I hope everyone has a wonderful time this evening, and enjoy our creature comforts, I definitely know I will," Velvet gestures to themselves with a vainglorious arch of their back.

"Speaking of, feeling a bit hungry--how about everyone give a big hand to 'The Jumping Catfish!'"

The sparkling suited one sashays away off the stage, leaving the mic stand.

Carlson looks around at one of his favorite places to visit. He has a smile on his face as he looks towards the stage. He remains quiet but does offer a nod and "good evening" to the arrivals.

Martha looks over to Heathen and Mikael and waves to them, then looks back to the entertainments.

Mikael wanders his way over to Martha, "Bonsoir, good to see you this eve. Such a good turnout, oui?"

A small jazz band steps onto the stage and begins to warm up. A few minutes later, they start their first song. Are they pros? Close. They are very good none the less and they begin to play, traditional zydeco, creole, or cajun influeneced jazz.

Madison offers a soft applause as the evening begins, and she nurses a drink brought to her by the waitress. She smiles towards Carlson, and a few other familar faces. She does admire the beauty of the Caboret though. She smiles at Arianna too who she does know, atleast a little.

Mikael applauds the announcement, seeming in high spirits tonight. He glances around the room, surprisingly recognizing most of the people.

Lila takes the drink set before her, giving the bartender a thankful smile. Taking a sip, she turns in her seat to face the stage, an amused smile forming as she listens to Velvet's introduction for the evening but a more appreciative one taking shape as the jazz band then starts to play.

Katrina walks through the club, pausing to talk to people here and there, but making her way to the bar. She nods to the bartender that slips her a black coffee. A smile to Lila and she offers,"Good evening. Thank you for coming out."

Arianna turns to the stage at the announcement, and then starts up with a whistle and some clapping to encourage the applause as the jazz band comes out. Once they're starting she turns her attention back to doing some mingling around, stopping by to give Martha, "Hey, glad you could come by. I hope you enjoy." And Lila is there too, so she gets a smile and a wave. Then catching Madison's smile and after the briefest pause smiles back and gives a wave. Looks like the party is really getting going.

Aubrey taps a foot to the music but then Jazz is one of her favorite forms of entertainment.

Mikael has been watching the door as well, and seeming a bit concerned. He smiles brightly as Arianna takes the stage, and applauds her announcement as well.

Martha nods, "Very good turn out and quite lively music tonight." with a hmm, then look to the others about.

Heathen leans against the bar, tipping his hat to Martha, and clapping and joining in Arianna's applause

Martha claps more like an after thought.

Phoenix steps into the room, looking disinterested as ever, save for looking for Mikael. When he spots him, he brightens.

Carlson leans against the wall. He watches quietly and remains eerily still. He has a smile on his face, clearly enjoying the entertainment.

Mikael smiles brightly as his eyes catch Phoenix and he whispers to Martha, "Excuse me, please." He moves over to Phoenix. "Cher, I was getting worried that you would not find your way."

Phoenix nods "Well I did try to get lost but gps is too good" he says, winding an arm around MIkael.

On the stage, the band chnages song, starting the last part of their set. They seem to be getting better with each song and the last song seems to be the best they have.

Lila's gaze shifts to Katrina as she approaches the bar, returning the smile offered in kind. "I wouldn't miss this," she replies with a bit of a grin, looking down at the others seated along the bar before it drifts to the others continuing to come in. "Very busy night," she murmurs before taking another sip of her drink.

Brittney smiles as she takes a seat near the bar and then looks over at the stage to watch what entertainment they have tonight.

Madison tilts her head as she catches sight of Carlson and can't help but seem a bit amused at a thought she keeps to herself. She does clap at the last set of the band though, tapping her foot as they play.

Elena steps into the club with a smile and holds a small clutch in her hand. She'll glance around and then make her way around the edge slowly, towards the bar. It appears she's alone today, and smiles as she notices people she recognizes.

Mikael hugs Phoenix against him and whispers, "I need to find out where I am on the schedule for sure. Let us find Heath, oui?" And he moves with him out into the crowd.

Phoenix nods and lets him lead the way, content to do so.

Arianna sways and rocks her hips along with the music, even if she's not on the dance floor, encouraging the partying by example. She grins at Lila's response and then moves down the the bar a bit to add a, "Welcome to the Cabaret," to Audrey. And Brittney's approach to the bar gets a grin and a sort of curtsy as part of her dancing-ish play.

Persephone pushes the doors open and makes her way to the bar. She needs a good place to watch, and a drink.

Martha looks over to Heathen, "Going to be a night." not really that talkative this night over simple comments.

Mikael comes up behind Martha and Heathen, "Mon ami, should you should ask the Mademoiselle to dance. Show off your new dance steps."

Heathen gives Phoenix and Mikael a grin, and Aubrey a wink as he taps his foot in time with the music

Elena finds herself at the bar and smiles brightly towards Arianna as she sees her dancing yet not dancing. She'll grin and lean against the bar to request the bartender, "One of your signature New Orleans drinks please.." Might as well get in theme, right?

Aubrey orders another drink and returns to watching the dance floor and the muscians. Her foot keeps time with the music and a smile curves her lips as she seems to be enjoying herself.

Madison is sitting in the back by herself in the seating area watching the entertainment and admiring the club, offering warm smiles and a gentle nod of her head to those she knows, with a light tap of her foot, here in support of Arianna.

Carlson shifts and places his back against the wall. He crosses his arms and props a foot up on the wall. He looks around at the growing crowd and smiles. It makes him happy to see his friends and acquaintances having fun.

After a time, Velvet appears on stage again, this time dangling a martini glass between their index and middle finger of their right hand.

"Hellooo~ It's me again, Velvet. I hope everyone is still having a lovely time, tonight--I definitely am--" Velvet pauses to sip from the martini glass, who knows what is in there.

"I hate to deny you folks of my presence, I know it's utterly cruel--but I'd like for you to extend a warm welcome to the lovely Cedar Bellecourt--her folk stylings will bring the country to you!" Velvet replaces the mic before waltzing off stage again.

Calevaro would walk into the club slowly. He pauses as he enters, taking a moment for his senses to get used to the sensory overload. It takes only a moment, his hand raising to wave to the people he recognises, a second pause happens as he still tries to get used to the place.

Mikael gives out waves and nods of his head to those he recognizes, but the crowd prevents him from going to each one. Yet. His head turns to the stage then, at the announement. He asks those around him. "Shall we find a seat, mon amies?"

The woman who comes out onto the stage is petite, wearing fantastical earth-toned leather and a wrap top that makes the most of her figure. The folks in black set up a stool, a mike that's at a little distance from the singer, and a closer mike to pick up and amplify the guitar. Kaati gives the audience a lopsided little smile and a nod of acknowledgment. Despite the presence of a seat, she is apparently playing the first piece standing. "Thanks," she says into the higher mike, and then she steps back to play.@em

The guitar pours out a swift-moving accompaniment, something with a sense of flow and repetition, like moving water in 3/4 time. When the melody enters, she sings lightly, in the upper part of her range, a delicate but well-rounded soprano, clear as a bell. The words come quickly, matching the flow of the guitar's arpeggios.

xxxxx"This weary earth we walk upon

xxxxxShe will endure when we are gone

xxxxxWhile kingdoms come and kingdoms go

xxxxxRivers run and rivers flow."

The singer's expression is far-seeing, with moments of a fond, wry smile surfacing now and then, a softness in her eyes. She begins the second verse with hardly any pause.

xxxxx"You know I don't believe it's true

xxxxxThat in this world there's nothing new

xxxxxFor darling, you have just begun

xxxxxRivers flow and rivers run."

The chorus starts low, dipping into the richness of the singer's chest voice, building around the relative minor without really modulating.

xxxxx"And if the river

xxxxxshould ever run dry,

xxxxxsomewhere the rain will still fall,

xxxxxwill still fall from the sky."

Katrina looks over the club and nods,"Very busy." she agrees and nods to the bartender again, taking a drink of her coffee. She looks towards the stage and admits,"The next act is something newer to us. I'll catch you later. I really enjoy her song."

Phoenix contentedly follows along with Mikael, moving to sit with him.

Lila smiles warmly to Elena as she watches her step up to the bar, taking one more small drink from her class before offering. She looks about to say something to the woman when Velvet's voice once more draws her attention to the stage. And soon it's the next act which holds her attention as she listens to the song.

Arianna laughs a bit at the announcement, enjoying the show herself. She's still got a bit of mingling to do, though. After clapping for the new performer coming out she heads down the bar to find more familiar faces to greet. And unfamiliar ones too. Along the way she gets a little distracted by the song on stage, of course.

Elena turns on her stool, drink in hand now, to watch Kaati on the stage. Seeing Lila, she'll smile to her in greeting and nod before turning to more fully watch the stage. Sipping her drink, she'll cross her legs slowly while she smiles, apparently enjoying the song.

Madison attention had been drawn towards the new comer when he stepped in and she smiled at Calevaro inviting him to join if he doesn't have someone else he is here to meet, but the songbird on the stage, she can't help but turn her attention back to and smiles as she sways in her chair lightly.

It takes a moment but Calevaro eventually gets used to the club's atmosphere. He would once again wave to the people he recognises, before spotting Madison. He would start to walk towards her, blinking a few times. He would look to the stage while he walks, pausing to listen to the music for a moment before continuing on his path. "Good evening!" He says as he reaches Madison. "I haven't seen you in a while," He would give her a smile, moving to accept the offered seat.

Back to the brighter major tonic, that rolling pattern continuing-an obvious bit of word-painting, with the constant fast flow of notes imitating the river's current, carrying the song forward. There's a flicker of disturbance in the singer's expression, a note of wistful worry that's almost instantly gone.

xxxxx"When I'm beguiled by the fear

xxxxxThat darker days are drawing near..."

The singer's smile blossoms, suddenly.

xxxxx"--My darling, you seduce the sun

xxxxxRivers flow and rivers run.

xxxxxAnd if the river

xxxxxshould ever run dry,

xxxxxsomewhere the rain will still fall,

xxxxxwill still fall from the sky."

Madison smiles at Calevaro, and speaks quietly so as not to interrupt the rest of the show currently going on.

Katrina watches Kaati perform and takes a slow drink of her coffee, watching and maybe falling into her performance a little bit. There is a blind stare as she is caught in it maybe a little too much.

As Kaati sings, Carlson watches in aww. He thinks to himself, "Truly a songbird. Magnificent!"

Phoenix mns and shrugs at something Mikael has said, glancing to whats going on around the room.

Arianna has to work at it to tear her attention away from the music. Not that she ignores it, mind, she's still swaying and sashaying her feathers and skirt about along with it. She meanders down the bar, stopping to give Persephone a, "Hey, great to see you. Glad you could drop in. I hope you enjoy the show." Then to no one in particular she adds, "Now I need to start getting ready myself." So she goes sashaying off to track down a Katrina and throw her arm over Kat's shoulders with a, "Hey, Kitty."

Mikael watches the performance and from the look on his face he is impressed with the shy Kaati.

After a long moment Carlson moves to sit in his usual seat. He will sit gracefully and quietly. Once positioned comfortably, he will look up and continue to watch.

Heathen is leaning back against the bar, enjoying the show, a glass of something mixed with something carbonated in hand. (He isn't picky, but little bubbles make him happy.)

Martha relaxes just enjoying the show now as the others get into all the little groupings.

Katrina stares for a time, then finally blinks and shakes her head a little when Arianna puts an arm around her. She turns towards her and smiles a little as she says,"Hey. We ready to get Kaati and Velvet?" she asks, finding herself starting to come back to where she is, business back now.

Kaati is, in fact, a captivating performer. Not in any supernatural way, either. It's a purely human thing, the way she embodies the music and pours her soul out through its medium... then again, maybe there *is* something supernatural about a truly talented musician. There's an energy that flows into the listeners, especially those willing to listen and open themselves to fully experiencing the music. And for those who have *met* Kaati previously... the person on stage is an entirely different creature from the one they've encountered.

The guitar's pattern doesn't change completely, but becomes more delicate--keeping to the higher strings, softening. A shadow of pain comes to the singer's expression, but it is the pain of beauty seen through tears, or eyes crying from the brightness of the sunlight.

xxxxx"This wounded earth we walk upon

xxxxxShe will endure when we are gone

xxxxxI hope our children may come to know

xxxxxHow rivers run and rivers flow."

The lower-pitched chorus repeats again; then the next verse rises in volume and energy, something to match the commitment of the words.

xxxxx"I cross my heart and I hope to live

xxxxxJust long enough that I can give

xxxxxall that I have to earth and sun

xxxxxRivers flow and rivers run...

xxxxxRivers flow and rivers run."

The last word's held out a while, and the accompaniment flows into a single chord, which the guitarist allows to die naturally.

The singer leans a little to speak into the mike. "Thanks. That was Karine Polwart, great Scottish singer and songwriter. This next is by Tina Malia."

Mikael applauds a look of appreciation on his face. He nudges the redhead at his side, and murmurs something to him.

Lila crosses her legs absently as she listens to Kaati, drink forgotten for the time being as she simply cradles it with both hands, looking more content to listen than drink. As the song ends, it takes her a moment to set the glass down in order to applaud, picking the glass up again only once the next set begins.

Madison smiles at something said softly between Cale and her, gently squeezing his hand and watching him blush, causing her to laugh lightly, a smile that reaches her big brown eyes. As the performance ends though she joins in with the audience to applaud, gently letting go of Calevaro's hand.

Phoenix leans in to mikael and grins, then speaks softly to him.

Carlson applauds for Kaati with a smile on his face.

Calevaro would applaud alongside the audience, a faint nod being given towards the stage.

Arianna grins and teases Katrina, "I think so, Miss Manager. You're the one scheduling." Then she takes time for some applause for Kaati's performance. Looks like she's then slipping off through the crowd to ehad backstage.

Katrina seems to shake something off and then she steps away from the bar, handing her coffee cup to a passing waitress who is clearing off a table. She slows near stage as Kaati starts to do another. A shake of her head and she moves backstage as well, her eyes searching out Velvet and motioning to follow.

Persephone gets a drink from the bar, and sits there, nursing the drink while watching.

The singer flushes just a little, and for a moment there's a glimpse of the everyday Kaati in the crooked smile. Then she takes a deep breath, and drinks in the energy in the room; it centers her. "Thanks," she says, the dark eyes brilliant. Then she sits down, hooking one of those fantastic boots around a rung of the stool. The lighting softens, growing a touch warmer, like moonlight. A 'special' puts flickering forest-like shadows outside her pool of light.

Kaati takes a moment with eyes lowered to find the mood, and then she starts playing, dark gaze veiled as if she loses herself in the pleasure of making the music. The opening is gentle, the guitar playing soft flowing patterns, beautiful even before she sings at all. Soft melody moves through the middle strings, the sort of thing that might sound good on some complementary instrument; she weaves it into the accompaniment in counterpoint.

When the singer comes in with the vocal line, her voice is tender, a dreamy pianissimo in the upper range. The words come in two small phrases, and then a longer line; unusually, the melody begins at its highest pitches, a little downward interval of a third like a call across some distance.

xxxxx"Be brave my love--the time has come

xxxxxto cross the Tintagel sea...

xxxxxThe fragrant air, the apple blossoms

xxxxxHave long been beckoning..."

The second half of the verse ascends and falls, with a few places for more free expression.

xxxxxAnd there we'll stand,

xxxxxlooking out upon the world that we've known

xxxxxAll fear *will* be gone...

xxxxxwhen we reach the shores of Avalon."

Both "gone" and the last word have melismas--the first one flowing and impassioned, the second ending in a soothing cadence.

Aubrey smiles as the show goes on and the drinks flow, a wave is given to someone as she settles back to continue enjoying the evening.

Fedor enters the Cajun caberet, blinking at the turnout, he silently makes his way to a table near the stage, and slides unto a chair there. Clapping? He will join in this activity, thankful he is able to multitask.

Carlson leans back into his chair and watches. He thinks, "Its so nice to relax for once. I love good music."

Carlson looks and notices Fedor. He will say, "Its good to see you my friend. Your just in time, the show has been amazing so far."

Martha claps for the songs and seems to just be enjoying the music for now over all.

Calevaro would look around the crowded club for a moment. He would wave to Fedor and to Carlson, before his atention returns to his table companion.

Cedar looks out dreamily over the crowd to some other world, her smile soft. The opening melody returns, supported by the soft strains of the guitar. The first two lines are very simple, just triads downward, outlining the harmony; the third lies lower, in contrast. The word 'garden,' though, features a floaty little melisma, a lovely bit of word-painting.

xxxxx"They'll greet you there, the maidens fair

xxxxxtheir eyes an ocean blue

xxxxxIn the garden, they will braid your hair

xxxxxWith rosemary and rue...

xxxxx And there we'll stand,

xxxxxlooking out upon the world that we've known.

xxxxxAll fear *will* be gone...

xxxxxwhen we reach the shores of Avalon."

Mikael nods to Phoenix as he slips out, and then bumps Martha's shoulder as his attention goes back to the stage. "When she shy one comes out of her shell she truly comes out and shines, oui?"

Madison smiles warmly to the two that Calevaro waves to, offering a gentle nod of her head to them both, though she does not know either of them. They are clearly friends of Calevaro and she means to be warm and welcoming to them too.

Carlson will give a wave back and a smile to his friend Calevaro.

Fedor smiles at Carlson, "I do enjoy a good show," he muses, "how are you, friend? " he asks of Carlson, before a gaze extends to Calevaro, With a slight wave. A smile blankets his face when a funny thought pops in his mind, 'someone should inform the Tremere there is more the 3 letters in the ABCs'. The corners of the Tzimisce lips twitch with amusement, as he watches the night festivities.

Martha nods, "She does and I wish sometimes..so many things." in a soft almost melancholy tone. "The performance is good, something to savor."

The guitar accompaniment changes, something about it becoming more intense, more sweeping--as if it portrays the sea journey, or an aspect of the expansive ocean and dreamy landscape of the green mythic island. The bridge is entirely different, musically, the mood rising and hopeful. A wider smile lights up her face, her dark eyes shining as her gaze fixes on one of the tables where people are actually listening.

xxxxx"Feel the wind on your face, as we cross the stormy sea...

xxxxxClose your eyes, don't look back... there's nothing left to see..."

The woman's expression softens, and she gives a wistful little shake of her head at that last. She looks far away again, into the middle distance, in the interlude before the next verse.

Carlson chuckles at Fedor's words and replies, "I think you should bring it up at the next court." He winks to the man and chuckles some more in their humor.

Mikael glances around, wondering where Heathen had gotten off to. He smiles to Martha and nods in understanding. "Enjoy yourself, Mademoiselle. This is a night to be festive."

Brittney smiles as she watches the stage as people perform. "Seems like there is a pretty good turn out tonight, and the entertainmain is very good."

Through the door lumbers Roger. The giant man strides in, head bobbing faintly as he hears the music presently being played, then heads for the bar as the first stop. Because booze makes everything even better, yes? Yes. "Amaretto Sour," he orders, pulling loose a couple bills for his 'girly' drink without a second thought. It's easy to be secure in one's masculinity when you're the size of a commercial freezer and built like a brick shithouse.

Aubrey pushes away from the bar with her new drink and moves to join the one person she knows well. She slides in to a seat close to Fedor and remarks, "Fancy meeting you here."

On the stage, the guitar's passion calms, yielding again to the quiet, flowing arpeggios of the introduction. Softer, now, than the opening of the song. Cedar's voice matches it, achingly gentle. The tenderness in her eyes is real, as she looks over the room, connecting with everyone who watches.

xxxxx"The other night you came to me--

xxxxxLike an angel you appeared."

xxxxx"And we climbed the endless sky

xxxxxAnd held each other near..."

She sings a long, winding melisma to illustrate "climbed the endless sky," the ornamentation effortless. The last refrain is dreamy, her gaze lifting to that distance again, a smile touching her lips between lines.

xxxxx"And there we'll stand... looking out upon the world that we've known.

xxxxxAll fear *will* be gone... when we reach the shores of Avalon."

The singer repeats the last line, tenderly, her gaze going up a little as if to watch the sky, a faint wistful smile on her lips.

The guitar returns to the flowing, delicate patterns of the introduction, softening until it's a whisper like the trickle of spring meltwater. Her voice recalls the first words, the opening of the melody, a falling third: two words on the fifth scale degree, falling imperfectly to the third, a calling figure that's as soft as possible:

xxxxx"Be brave, my love..."

After the flowing notes of the guitar fade down to pianissimo, there's a small silence. Then the lights come up a little bit for her to acknowledge the applause. The singer's smile is that slightly crooked, closemouthed thing, as she gives a little half-bow with the guitar held by her side.

Velvet comes out onto the stage bathed in her MC spotlight, as the lights go down and stagehands come to clear away the stool. Kaati steps back some, into the shadows. Someone in black takes Kaati's instrument from her, under cover of darkness.

Carlson gives his friend a pat on the back and watches him rise and move to the seating area. As he does this, he notices the large man enter and move to the bar with curiosity. Not much longer he is back to watching the show and smiling, truly enjoying the evening.

Calevaro claps cheerfully. Despit his converssation, he has still paid atention to the stage, clapping with honest cheer. Carlson would get another wave, a finger raising to becon the otehr man to come and join him, if he so wishes.

Lila sips idly at her drink as she continues to listen, allowing her gaze to now drift around the club, a faint smile forming at the familiar faces present that she hadn't noticed were there before. Naturally, the big guy draws her gaze as he steps up to the bar, but there is a glimmer of recognition in her eyes and she offers a friendly smile his way before setting her mostly empty glass down in order to applaud Kaati.

Showing up fashionably late is Belinda who saunters her way into the cabaret, quietly humming a little tune which is soon drown out by festivities here.

Enter the Paige, stage main entrance. No cellphone, but she is carrying her violin case in the left hand. Heels clicking as she heads for the bar slowly. Hey, there is Persphone, her free hand raises to give a little wave.

Mikael quietly speaks to Martha and Heathen, "Pardonne moi, I need to go get ready." And he slips off backstage.

Madison bows her head a moment to Fedor as he approaches and she motions to the free seat there if he would like to sit. She speaks quietly but as the performance comes to a close she claps supportively but her attention is drawn back to the table.

Arianna comes sauntering out on stage as the music starts up again. While backstage she's switched out the dress for a fishnet top and colorful purple corset over the leather leggings and boots, going for a sexy look. That still includes the feathers in the hair and mask, though...gotta have those. Microphone in hand she prances out to the front of the stage and then inhales to start out a song, "Where's all my soul sistas?" Rocking along with the music she dives into the first verse of Lady Marmalade.

Heathen gives the ladies a short bow, slipping backstage with Mikael

"Phew, hope everyone is still ready for the main course tonight--it's just about here," Velvet is back on stage again, this time sans martini glass, thankfully, as they limber up visibly in front of the mic and readjust that pink feather boa strung around their shoulders.

"Hope you people are ready to be amazed by some smoking hot shit tonight~" Velvet hands the mic off to Arianne--hopefully as she starts singing!

Fedor nods to madison, smiling. "I am Fedor Vasiliev, Madison. A Good friend to all Tremere whose name begins with C." he smiles amicably to Calevaro.

Arianna comes sauntering out on stage as the music starts up again. While backstage she's switched out the dress for a fishnet top and colorful purple corset over the leather leggings and boots, going for a sexy look. That still includes the feathers in the hair and mask, though...gotta have those. Snagging the microphone from Velvet with a grin she prances out to the front of the stage and then inhales to start out a song, "Where's all my soul sistas?" Rocking along with the music she dives into the first verse of Lady Marmalade.

Spotting Calevaro and Fedor, Belinda steps closer, smirking at Fedor's joke. Though, she soon casts her auburn gaze up to the yonder stage, doing so with a delighted look.

Carlson nods to Madison with a smile.

So what kind of party does a New Orleans themed club throw? And didn't it use to be-- well, they probably got a better deal on the real estate, and/or fewer public decency complaints. Larry takes a moment to look around, looking to Simone and gesturing toward one of the tables. "That work, or you want to try to get closer?"

"Good evening, Belinda!" Calevaro says to her as the woman approaches, giving her a smile and a nod.

Madison nods to Carlson as he to decides to join their table in the seating area, extending her hand as well to him, in a polite introduction.

Aubrey pushes away from the bar with her new drink and moves to join the one person she knows well. She slides in to a seat close to Fedor and remarks, "Fancy meeting you here."

"That's fine," Simone tells Larry, her arm looped through his. She heads with him towards the indicated table, and only lets go of his arm so he can sit.

Carlson takes Madison's hand and offers to help her sit. He will kiss her on the hand if she allows and wil say, "I am Carlson Phillips. It is a pleasure."

Kaati comes out to join the introduction of "Hey, sister, soul sister," taking the higher part of some nice tight harmony. She's wearing nearly the same look as Arianna--leather pants and a wild-feathered Mardi Gras mask, black and green, with her corset in the same forest color. Her boots are traded out for heeled ones, not quite so high as Arianna's perhaps. People might not even *recognize* her.

Madison nods to the lady as she approaches as well and extends her hand to Carlson and Belinda in turn careful not to interrupt the current performances.

Fedor smiles at Aubrey, "Please join us." he offers.

Katrina comes out onto the stage and smiles as she joins the duo with her own voice. She has a certain sway to her step though not a dancer really. Her voice blends with theirs and she lets herself fall into the song. For someone that was recently just the host, she's taken to the singing part very well,"Where's all my soul sistas?"

Carlson will smile back to Belinda and a "Hello and it is so good to see you. How have you been Madam?"

Madison returns the handshake to Belinda, studying her thoughtfully for a moment and shakes her head a little amused.

Roger gets his drink and leans back against the bar, sipping it lightly while the performance begins. The giant man notes someone on stage and chuckles faintly. Watching with amusement, he enjoys the show as they determine where, indeed, their soul sisters may happen to be.

The stage goes dim, and curtains part at the back of the stage, revealing a large screen.

Martha sighs and looks at her barely touched drink and the growing crowd, seems the opening has been well advertised.

Lila orders another drink from the bartender, similiar to the first one she'd had, as Velvet comes back onstage. It's set before her rather quickly and, after taking it, she turns to watch the stage again, a smile forming as Arianna steps out, followed by Kaati and Katrina.

Well there is a stage show as well. Paige just keeps going for the bar, somehow ending up next to Roger, because well that is funny. She does however give a wave to Belinda as she goes, and orders a coke.

Belinda lifts a hand to wave to Paige. "Good to see you again: how do you do?"

Velvet, in retrospect, probably should have not had those two to three vodka martinis in between announcing the various acts of the show, but the emcee seems to be handling things with this rather spirited Moulin Rouge number, even in those white stiletto boots!

Velvet works it, though gives a lot of space and screentime to Arianna and Katrina, mincing about alongside them as the song continues, making motions with their feather boa as if they need to be 'cooled off' after witnessing their fellow performer's moves. Oh yes.

The four take turns going through individual verses and their voices unite together towards the major build up bring the performance to a close. It takes some real talent to mingle four distinct voices that way, but they manage to bring down the proverbial house in the process.

Carlson says, "It is nice to meet you Aubrey. The pleasure is mine. I do hope everyone is well this evening. I myself have been enjoying this tremendously."

Arianna strikes a pose with the other performers as the song ends, and blows a kiss to the crowd before sauntering off backstage and the curtains go to work shifting things for the next act.

Paige gets her coke, gripping it in her hand as she pushes away from the bar. Swinging her violin case slightly as she turns towards Belinda. "Quite well, managed to escape my responsabilities and my signifigant others for a few moments. Gives time for the rope burns to heal." A pause. "Is your husband not in attendance?"

The stage goes back dim after the last performance, and the lights change to a slightly greenish glow. The sounds of frogs croaking can be heard over the speakers, and a splash of what sounds like water.

Mikael takes the stage dressed completely in black, a black cowboy hat pushed forward on his head and shadowing his face, his hair pulled back in a ponytail. The large screen behind him shows images as he caresses the guitar strings and starts to sing the words of the old tale of the Swamp Witch, Black Hattie, in an expressionist vocal technique between singing and speaking...

xxxxx"Black water Hattie lived back in the swamp

xxxxxWhere the strange green reptiles crawl

xxxxxSnakes hang thick from the cypress trees

xxxxxLike sausage on a smokehouse wall

xxxxxWhere the swamp is alive with a thousand eyes

xxxxxAn' all of them watching you...

xxxxxStay off the track to Hattie's Shack in the back of the Black Bayou

xxxxxWay up the road from Hattie's Shack

xxxxxLies a sleepy little Okeechobee town

xxxxxTalk of swamp witch Hattie lock you in when the sun go down

xxxxxRumours of what she'd done, rumours of what she'd do

xxxxxKept folks off the track of Hattie's shack

xxxxxIn the back of the Black Bayou

xxxxxOne day brought the rain and the rain stayed on

xxxxxAnd the swamp water overflowed

xxxxx'skeeters and the fever grabbed the town like a fist

xxxxxDoc Jackson was the first to go

xxxxxSome say the plague was brought by Hattie

xxxxxThere was talk of a hang'n too...

xxxxxBut the talk got shackled by the howls and the cackles

xxxxxFrom the bowels of the Black bayou"


Arianna re-emerges from backstage pretty shortly. No time for a costume change. She's heading out to sway and twist and dance to the new performance, to properly enjoy the tale of Hattie.

Carlson says, "Well, this has been quite interesting. It is nice to see so many people here tonight."

Katrina comes back out from the backstage as well, still in costume. She slips her arm around Arianna's waist and leans in to kiss her cheek playfully, then moves her own way to check on the state of the performance, never in question. She smiles up and Mikael, watching a moment and then turning her attention, reluctantly, to walk up to the bar. The bartender slips her an i-pad and she tuns it around to look at it a moment, sliding things around and studying the numbers with a smile.

Belinda's gaze brightens with a little humor after Paige's words concerning those rope burns and a tiny smile takes her. "He is tied up with the finances right now, but I will tell him that you asked after him as did others." Then, she motions to those who are here at the seating area to indicate who had. Mikael's performance soon draws her full attention, though, easily so. Thus, she watches the cowboy with keen interest as he tells that tale.

Madison nods in agreement with Carlson, and stands to offer an apology to those gathered at the table and nearby. "I wish I could stay longer, but I need to go as well. It was a pleasure meeting you each of you tonight." She does stop the waitress going by though to offer a generous tip for the one and only drink she had for the night.

Lila arches a brow as Mikael steps onstage, but a smile slowly forms as he starts in on the number and, different as it might be, she clearly seems to be enjoying it.

Mikael continues to finish the tale, his barely visable facial expressions matching the depth of his voice as he relates the final line in an ominious near whisper into the microphone.

xxxxx"Early one morn 'tween dark and dawn when shadows fill the sky

xxxxxThere came an unseen caller on a town where hope had run dry

xxxxxIn the square there was found a big black round

xxxxxVat full of gurgling brew

xxxxxWhispering sounds as the folk gathered round...

xxxxx"It came from the Black Bayou"

xxxxxThere ain't much pride when you're trapped inside

xxxxxA slowly sink'n ship

xxxxxThey Scooped up the liquid deep and green

xxxxxAnd the whole town took a sip

xxxxxFever went away and the very next day the skies again were blue

xxxxxLet's thank old Hattie for saving our town

xxxxxWe'll fetch her from the Black Bayou!

xxxxxParty of ten of the town's best men headed for Hattie's shack

xxxxxSaid Swamp Witch magic was useful and good

xxxxxAnd they're gonna bring Hattie back

xxxxxNever found Hattie and they never found the shack

xxxxxNever made the trip back in

xxxxxThere was a parchment note they found tacked to a stump

xxxxxSaid, "Don't come look'n again"

Martha looks a bit irritated, and heads out for now. There is a look back to the stage with Mikael performing and smile, it stops her for the moment to watch.

Mikael bows his head deep, and the screen flickers off and lights on the stage go dark.

Carlson will watch Mikael and smile as he enjoys the performance.

Paige gives a little wave to Martha as she passes close by, and a polite smile. Nodding once to Belinda as she explains herself. "Well I do hope to see you soon."

Arianna takes a few moments even after the song ends and the stage goes dark to bring her slow dancing to a halt and to properly join in on the applause, with an appreciative whistle thrown in to encourage more noisy applause.

Martha waves to Paige with a smile, as well others she knows when they come in.

Awe struck by Mikael's tale, Belinda simply stares until the darkening lights suddenly happen, at which point she finally shakes herself awake a little bit then smiles back to Paige. "Thank you. I hope to see you again soon, too."

Amelie enters, dressed to the nines, into a place familiar to her, yet in a new location. Surprised to see how much like the original it is, she smiles and waves to the crowd and those that she knows before finding her way to the bar.

Aubrey claps when the peice is done as Mikael yet again impresses with his talent.

As the song comes to an end, Lila set her glass down in order to applaud loudly, and appreciatively, for Mikael's performance.

Katrina pauses to watch Mikael as well, looking over the screen of the iPad and she'll find herself caught up in his performance. Numbers are fun, but Mikael is amazing. Anyone watching can see that. She blinks when a coffee cup touches her hand and she thanks the bartender before taking it.

Amelie may have missed most of the performance, but applauds with the crowd!

Paige gets around to her clapping, then nods. Sliding back to the bar because yes, that is Amelie, right there.

Brittney checks her phone and sees she has something she needs to go do. She smiles as she waves to people she knows before turning to head off. "Good evening."

Carlson smiles and says thank you on his way out. He will look to those that work and perfumed tonight and give a smile and thumbs up before he heads out the door and into the night.

Mikael comes out from backstages with Heathen, and he smiles as he moves towards the bar. He is still dressed in the black outfit, minus the hat (since it was swiped by Heathen) and wipes at little beads of sweat on his forehead.

Martha says, "Great Job mikael, "so so cool" is called out to her friends, "Whoo Mikael.""

Katrina makes her way to the stage, giving Velvet a break from his duties,"I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for coming out again." she offers,"We still have a few acts tonight and after that the dance floor and music will rule the Big Easy. For now one of the cast members from our play and musical is going to come out and perform a belly dance."

Kat steps off the stage before she ends up in that and the stage lights fade, then a single spotlight and a woman in a teal colored bikini like top, gold trim. Loose fitting, leg flared pants match and she starts to perform, a smile behind the gold sheer veil teases as much as her body.

Arianna saunters off the dance floor to do some mingling again after the highlight, winding around to head into the seating like she's stalking after Mikael's appearance, coming up to that table shortly after. She first addresses Heathen to tell him, "Hey, thanks for coming." Then she gives Mikael a grin, "And especially thanks to you for the show, and bringing your entourage." Followed by adding a playful pout toward Heathen, "And no spreading rumors I arranged this event *just* to talk Mikael into performing."

Heathen keeps the hat low, just a little over the eyes, giving it a little tip toward Arianna.

From the seating area, Belinda lifts her hands up and claps enthusiastically but does so without much distance separating her hands between every beat. Then, she lowers down the pair onto the lap of her gothic dress, so as to watch the next performance.

Mikael glances to Arianna and smiles brightly, "Merci, Mademoiselle, and you were brilliant. I was peeking at you from backstage." He chuckles softly as she teases Heathen.

Lila continues to watch the stage for a while after the belly dancing begins, then slowly turns her gaze towards those at the bar as she sips at her drink, just taking everyone and everything in tonight it would appear.

Heathen chuckles and nods toward Mikael. "I don't think he needs much convincing. Attention hound here loves the spotlight.l

Aubrey finishes her drink and leaves the glass and a tip for the staff. She looks around and finds Arianna engaged at the moment so opts to head towards the outside. "It was a very amazing show." is offered up as she leaves.

Katrina walks to the side of the stage, but doesn't stray far. She leans on the stage and watching the dancer do her act. Kat looks like she's a bit on edge yet, so maybe she will have to do one more show and....shudder....follow Mikael's performance. Nobody should have to do that.

The dancer continues to tease and sway, everything about her at once alluring and yet not revealing more than a tease of flesh.

Martha looks over to the Goth woman, "Evening, and well quite all over the place."

Mikael gives Aubrey a bow of his head as she starts to leave, "Bonsoir, Madame. A pleasure to see you again. May the rest of the eve find you well."

Aubrey waves to Mikael, "Your were wonderful as always but as you know there is no rest for the wicked." She nods to Heathen and slips out.

Arianna gives Mikael and Heathen both a grin, "The stage can be rather addicting. I seem to have gotten my boring ol' accountant addicted. So I'm much too pleased with myself lately. Thanks for showing up and adding it. I'm having a great night."

Belinda says, "I do love accountants, don't you?"

Martha looks to Belinda, "When they do there work well it is a wonder to behold, though not sure about loving one."

The belly dancer starts to wind down her performance. Sometime after she paused, Katrina walked back stage again. The belly dancer takes her bows and then exits the stage once more. The light go down and then just enough back lighting rises to show the fog that rises up from the stage.

As the smoke rises and gets thicker, Katrina and Kaati move onto the stage again. Costume changes happen fast around here. Kaati has an electric guitar and Katrina takes the microphone down from the stand and a crew memeber takes the stand away and the duo prepare for one more song.

Belinda chats up those at the bar a brief moment then looks up to Martha with a mirthful gaze. "Such a wonder to behold, indeed! I was married to one who is incredibly kind and saved my family from being broke." Odd arrangements, yes? Carrying on, she happily notes, "I do not only love him for the money anymore but for how exciting and loving he can be. I know he may seem shy, but he is quite impressive, I must say." She goes on and on about her husband Maxwell, but then Paige suddenly draws her attention to something else she murmurs.

Lila tucks a few strands of hair behind an ear after applauding the dancer's performance. Seeing Elena return to the bar, she gives a little wave before she's once again looking to the stage as Katrina and Kaati appear on it.

There are a couple of background players who start up the music with bluesy backing guitar and drums, before Kaati comes in with a little solo on the electric. Her attention's on the strings--she's absorbed in her work, the way most electric guitarists are. She's wearing seductive clothes again.

She takes her time, letting the music build before her voice joins in. Katrina has a tone in her voice that is far different from anything else she sang tonight. She doesn't look over the crowd at first, eyes closed and listening to the music and falling into it as she does. Her voice has a very haunted tone to it, her words sounding like they resonate with her deep inside.

Elena smiles over at Lila and wiggles her fingers in a return wave. When she gets her drink, she'll turn again, and put her back to the bar, cross her legs and watch the performance with a soft smile while she sips her drink.

Arianna shifts her attention with some curiosity as the stage puts on a new show again. And soon she's swaying along to the music with a pleased smile, just basking in the music.

Belinda looks from Paige to the stage, doing so with a nod which shifts her tricolored hair about her shawled shoulders. She points up toward Kaati with the electric guitar and does so with an inquissitive look before leaning to again ask Paige something else, still watching the performers on stage.

At some point, Ansel slipped in, acquired a beer, and found a spot by the wall to watch the acts. He seems to be here entirely for the show, without an eye for mingling, and he's had maybe three sips of that beer he's holding.

Mikael comes back from the restroom area, and seems to be moving in a swaying motion as he crosses back to where Heathen and the others area, seeming to very much be enjoying the music.

Elena glances over at Paige as she hears her name and then grins to her. She'll lift her drink and look at it, it even has an umbrella! "I am not sure.", she says in her thick Romanian accent. "I think it is something special here, hopefully something from New Orleans.." It's colorful too, and Elena takes another sip from the glass as she sits comfortable at the bar with her legs crossed demurely.

Katrina continues to sing the song at hand, losing herself more and more. As the pitch rises and moves towards the climax of the song, Katrina moves to Kaati, singing to her and at her

xxxxxIf you don't wanna lose my lovin'. Use it constantly.

xxxxxIf gonna be lies, suspicious eyes

xxxxx then baby, oh baby set me free.

She smiles and presses a light kiss on Kaati's cheek and then moves back towards the front of the stage to finish the rest of the song to the crowd and pausing to take a bow when it comes to the end.

Kaati locks eyes with Katrina for those few lines, accenting the woman's singing with snippets of solo guitar. She's hazy eyed for the rest of the song, watching Katrina sing.

Skarsgard enters, probably hearing something in the papers about a grand opening. He slowly pierces the room taking in his environment, before finding himself at the bar.

Though her gaze is focused on the stage and the performance going on, Lila's expression changes a bit at the tidbits of conversation drifting from the bar, a smile tugging at the corners of the mouth as it seems to strike her as amusing. Or maybe it's just the alcohol in the drink causing that.

Mikael leans on the bar counter to watch and listen to Katrina, smiling softly at first as he watches her actions and then wider as she finished and applauds.

Slinking in silently through the main door, a one such Maxwell (a clinger) arrives, scanning the room as though he is looking for someone. He sees Kaati, and gives her a shy smile, waving at her and then he keeps looking until he finds Belinda. Then he starts to walknin her direction.

Elena seems to be having a lively conversation towards Paige and Belinda and even toasts in their direction with a grin before she drinks from her fruity looking drink that has a little umbrella.

Arianna joins in on the applause pretty promptly as the song ends with a very pleased grin. After time for that she saunters up to lean on the bar, "Oh, this has been a wonderful night."

Caerus orders an Irish Wiskey from the bartender and then spins with his back to the bar to look out over the room.

At first, Belinda does not realize the devil about whom she spake has arrived and drapes her umbrella across her skirted lap as she chatters away. "Well, that has yet to be decided." says she, but then she suddenly spots Maxwell which suddenly inspires her to stand up from the bar stool and turn to him, doing so with a warm smile as one of her hands holds her umbrella and the other, ringed one reaches out his direction. "My Dear! Welcome! How are you? Did the books balance?"

As the song comes to an end, Katrina blows Kaati a kiss, bows to the crowd, and moves to the front of the stage to take a seat on the edge a moment,"Again I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for coming out. You have made the new grand opening a big hit. The main stage show will start up again tomorrow night and we'll be back to business similar to how it was in Prospect proper." she begins,"We'll also be throwing a little more...risque acts. More daring acts as the laws a little less stringent out here than they are in the city proper." She pauses and bows once more before stepping off the stage and heading to the backstage area to get changed.

Lila sets her glass on the bar in order to applaud for Katrina and Kaati, but it's something Elena has said that causes her to laugh and she turns to look at her with amusement. "Really? Three kidneys? I'm going to have to remember that one," she says, picking up the glass once more to have a sip. Seeing another familiar face in Caerus, she offers him a warm smile and a "Good evening" in greeting.