2019.07.03: Unwelcome 3rd of July Visitor

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Unwelcome 3rd of July Visitor
Amelie hosted a night of music, socializing, and fireworks at her venue - all for Kindred only. But when a wraith came to wreck the night, it took a turn.
IC Date July 3rd, 2019
Players Alejandro, Amelie, Angelica, Aubrey, Elena, Ellery, Mikael, Oleksiy, Paige, Perseus
Location Versailles Convention Center Amphitheater
Spheres Vampire Camarilla Independent Ghoul

Versailles Convention Center Amphitheater

Built into a rising hill, this amphitheater is reminiscent of the Shoreline in Mountain View, California. The stage is mostly made of concrete, and there is a large tent like structure that keeps the stage and backstage completely covered, as well as the first 30 rows of seats in what would be the called the Orchestra section.

There are 2 sections of seating, the first section has 15 rows of seats that incline up the hill, and there is a large walkway behind it. The seats are divided into 3 sections with steps between each section. The back section is divided into 3 sections as well, each with an additional 20 rows of seats. Behind that section is a grassy area (General Admission) which are blanket seating only. There are a total of 1,000 seats available. The grass area is at capacity with about 300 people.

There are lights placed all around, so when it is dark there are twinkling lights, as well as two towers placed behind the seating area, and with a screen hanging in the middle so those in General Admission can see the stage better. There are stage lights and speakers on the towers.

There is a snack bar with typical food served including popcorn, candy, hot dogs, chicken strips, fries, and drinks available. For those of age and with ID, there is a separate alcohol bar.

During events SECURITY is roaming around and they do have cameras in use so they can spot trouble quickly. Please do not cause any trouble here, or you will be removed.

xxxxxIt is the night before the biggest celebration of the summer, and people are all about and ready for the 4 day weekend! A private concert event has been scheduled at the Versailles Convention Center Amphitheater, closing it off to only kindred and their special guests. All precautions have been made for the fireworks spectacular, so that everyone can enjoy it. Musicians are already on stage and playing various famous pieces, with much more to come.

xxxxxAmelie has been greeting those who enter, and her staff has buckets filled with red white and blue glow sticks, firecracker scepters, and even cat ears for those that wish to partake.

Enter the Scourge, stage main entrance. After all, this promises to be an event. Paige is as prim and proper as ever, dress laying just right, makeup perfect. Even if she is tapping on her Samsung as she goes, ruining a bit of the presentation. A smile given to Amelie, bright and appreciative, before she suddenly speaks. "Olek! Did you know they make peacocks in different /colors/?"

Mikael seems to be escorting Angie tonight to the event. He's dressed comfortably but still stylish enough. He gives a bow to Amelie at the door. "Bonsoir, I hope the eve finds you well." He murmurs to Angie "Any preference on seating?"

Oleksiy smiles to Amelie first, and bows to her, "Always a wonderful choice for gatherings Madam Keeper." he then looks over to Paige and smiles a little "All Peacocks have a goodly number of colors.. Peahen's are almost as pretty also. I have seen a few that were other iridescent shades besides the normal green.. White and pink being the most common, but I've heard of Black as well."

Perseus gives Amelie a little wave as he enters, and little more than a, "Greetings, Keeper Renoir." He's pretty focused on getting properly positioned, and as such, once he half-hurries past, he chooses a strategic position. Third row, slightly off to the left side, with an umbrella beside his feet. His gaze remains on the entrance for now, paying attention to those who filter through the threshold. Curious. Features a little aloof, as though he were looking through those he observes. Lips slightly pursed.

Ellery is in Perseus' shadow, as usual. For all of his somewhat questionable attention to his own general state, he's freshly washed, hair given a passing comb to try to fight the miserable amount of curls, hair still thick with water. His phone is in a hand, but it's at his side- Gripped tightly. He fails to give any lasting appearance of disinterest, glancing around. But as Percy darts by- Dipping his head, offering a murmured, soft- "Good, uh, evening, Keeper, thank you for your hospitality," It -sounds- like he should say more after that... But he does no such thing, sliding off after the blond man who is already several leg lengths ahead of him, hurrying back up to his side to take a seat with him.

Elena comes in behind Oleksiy and smiles at Amelie as she approaches, taking the ears and the extra fun stuff. "Thank you, Ms. Renoir. This looks to be a very fun event.." She'll put some of the glow sticks on with pleasure, she's still rather young, after all, so glowing things are NEAT.

Aubrey does make an appearance it is rare for her to miss one of Amelie's events. Though this evening she seems more dressed for a blanket in the grass then anything else. She offers Amelie a smile and then looks around for those more familiar faces so Oleksiy gets a wat and Paige the finger. No not that finger more a pointing of the forefinger and the thumb trigger as she mingles.

Oleksiy does glance over to Elena and offers to her, as he points out Ellery "A new Ghoul that serves Perseus, of clan Tremere.. you might want to get to know him." he offers in a conversational way, giving a nod to Perseus as he speaks.

Angie steps into the area with Mikael and smiles to him "ooh this going to be fun!" She glances around and reaches for a pair oof the cat ears and puts them on "anywhere is fine with me"

The young man that Oleksiy points out perks up slightly, hearing himself mentioned, even if not by name- He tries to peer over, and make eye contact with Elena, waving sheepishly.

"No they have like /entire breeds/." This seems to be an exciting topic for Paige, as she turns to show Amelie a picture on her phone of a black and bronze peacock. Aubrey gets a small nod before she continues on. "And you can just /buy/ them." This does not bode well for the country club.

Elena's crystal blue eyes will lift and then gaze over in the direction Oleksiy directs her. She'll look at Ellery curiously and then offer a polite, friendly, yet reserved nod in return. Leaning in to Oleksiy, she'll whisper quietly, the cant of her head showing it's more of a curious statement than anything.

Unfortunately for dear Perseus, he is far, far too interested in the forest to see the trees. Oleksiy's mention and the exchange of eye contact completely evades his notice. Really, he probably looks a little lost.

Oleksiy leans down to hear Elena, then briefly responds with a smile to her.

"There's nothing more obnoxious on the face of the planet, then one of those birds." Alejandro offers as he makes his way up. He reaches up and brushes some errant hairs out of his face and tucks them behind his ear as he makes his way over towards Amelie to get some of the party favors. "Good to see you again, Amelie." He says with that smile of his, and he lingers there near her for a bit.

Amelie grins watching people glow up. "Bon Soir, and welcome mes amies." She takes a moment with each of them, trying even with the sneaky ones trying to quickly get to a seat and all. She reaches for a pair of the glowing cat ears, and is putting them on as Alejandro comes up by her. Tucking some hair behind her ears, she places the cat ears just right. "Bon Soir, Monsieur Sotolongo." She is thrilled to see so many here tonight. Really, she is all smiles for everyone here.

Finally, Perseus's eyes find a place to rest. Right at the crown of those glowing cat ears on Amelie's head, his gaze settles, alongside a little shake of his head and a grin. "Well, I suppose no one else can look silly with them anymore, if she's wearing them. Rowan...?" Conspiracy thickens in his voice as he looks over and leans towards the ghoul, voice dropping to a whisper.

Mikael adjusts Angie's cat ears for her, and gets a pair for himself but doesn't place them on his head yet. He nods to the others as he steps away from the entranceway to get out of the way.

"Hierophant." Paige pauses there, spinning away to start making her way towards Oleksiy. "I have seen your pants." A hand raises, waving a pair of fingers in the air towards Alejandro. She leans in close behind Elena as she passes, making a small snap of her teeth together. Then she is falling in besides Olek for the moment.

Cat Ears:


Ellery sort of... Turns his head towards his domitor, tilting with seeming disbelief- "Re- Alright. Okay." But he's got a dumb, broad smile with those slightly off teeth, lurching to his feet to go towards the 'party favors'- To go collect a glow stick in every color... And a pair of the cat ears, that, unless stopped, he trots back with to go deliver back. He's a little less than surreptitious about it.

Aubrey seems to go unnoticed so chooses a place on one of the blankets and once settled opens her flask and takes a long drink from it. She tilts her head to look up at the night sky and a smile tugs at her lips as she simply waits for the evening to begin in proper form.

Elena nods curiously to whatever Oleksiy has told her and then smiles as she adjusts her glow sticks, and her cat ears. "These are adorable.", she'll comment, although when Paige comes and snaps her teeth behind her, she'll jump and quickly step forward. For some reason, Elena is nervous around Paige and gives an embarrassed look around as she moves closer to Oleksiy.

Perseus rises to meet the ears with a hand! And he grabs them, of course, before fluidly sliding through the distance between the two of them and snapping them onto Rowan's head. "It's your job to be fashionable in my stead." He nods, as solemn as he can be, maintaining eye contact all the while.

"And they are glorious." Alejandro retorts back to Paige before walking over towards Aubrey and joining her on the blanket, setting his six pack between them.

Ellery's blank, dry grey eyes stare at Perseus in reply, the redhead's gaze distinctly nonplussed at having the blue glow cat ears forced on his head. He doesn't resist, but he turns his head to offer a blank stare seemingly at the air to an invisible camera. "... I... Don't think 'fashionable' can be the word now that you've put them on my head. Can you, never use that to describe anything to do with me again? I think you might offend someone." A dry, low drawl.

Oleksiy just chuckles and nods "You are quite right Scourge Sands.. But strangle when you breed them for the different colors. they tend to grow more aggressive.. as is so true in many different breeds." he seems amused by something. He gives a one armed hug to Elena and whispers something to her

Ellery shamelessly tucks three glow sticks in the front pocket of Perseus' suit, only waiting for the man to open his mouth, before seating himself diligently.

Angie stands off to the side with Mikael and grins as he fixes her ears "Merci Mikael...you should put yours on too. " She adjusts her leather jacket and looks for a good spot "Do you have an idea on a good spot?"

xxxxxThe band is kicking it in strong, with a ghoul doing his best impression of James Brown: https://youtu.be/c5BL4RNFr58

Aubrey turns her head and grins at Alejandro, "Now all we need are weenies and smores." She reaches for one of the bottles from the six pack. "I like the ears it gives it a very festive feel, not sure about the glow sticks. Last time I used them I have unfortunately had a poor choice in dinner, on the plus side I do like molly now which may not be a good thing."

"Ah, Christ, Rowan. You're fine. At any rate, I don't believe anyone is threatened enough by your cattery to be offended on my own word." Lightly stern, what authoritativeness lies in his tone overshadowed by a pleasant mood. As the ghoul seats himself, Perseus looks down at the glow sticks, clearly making a mental judgment thereof as he stares.

He seats himself without much more word, eyes sliding towards the stage - and quickly, that judgment just *thickens.* He blinks a few times before it properly sets in.

Mikael folds one arm at his waist and gives Angie a flourishing bow, "I will go as you lead."

xxxxxIn the back, a water sprinkler suddenly bursts and a spray of water goes up. Staff moves quickly and shuts it off.

"I am relatively certain that hyper aggressive peafowl are the least of my worries Olek. Wait, do people pretending to be Toreador count?" That in turn gets a small "Toreador, l'amour, l'amour t'attend!" out of Paige, before her eyes are drawn to the bursting sprinkler. She winks once at Elena, raising her finger to point at her. But then she is using the distraction provided to close in on the Tremere and ghoul.

Amelie is alert, and her smile becomes a little less than perfectly natural as she holds her composure with the issue in the back. A quick text is sent off by her, before she moves to join some of the others here. Watching those on the blankets, she first steps up with Paige and Oleksiy. "Merci for coming here tonight. Should be a good event. The musicians have been working hard on some songs."

Angie smiles at Mikael and grabs his arm gently and heads over to some seating "How are you this evening Mikael?" She takes a seat and looks around at those in attendance then she looks back to him

xxxxxApplause from those in attendance at the end of the song, and the musicians switch up a bit, moving on to a song by John Mellencamp. The original videos playing on screens on either side of the stage: https://youtu.be/SgtmStUrXMQ

Elena gives a quiet look around, it's not quite a glower towards Paige, it's more like a pout of 'stop teasing me'. She'll look up at Oleksiy then and smiles to him before she nods, replying quietly before she says more loudly, "Where would you like to sit, my Lord? There are fireworks tonight too, right?" She'll pause to look curiously at the musicians and smiles as they switch up the songs.

The music and excessive noise does seem to necessitate a mild shutdown of Ellery for a moment as he exhales from his seat next to the man, getting his phone out though earbuds don't go in- An actual pair of earPLUGS goes in. Bright orange, disposable construction worker type. The ghoul breathes a little easier for a few moments after that. He needs to last the evening. When Paige starts walking towards them, however, his head snaps from his vague appreciation of the stage- In a muffled octave- Towards her before she even arrives. A foot lightly bumps Perseus', in case.

Oh no! He's being closed in on! Perseus sounds the retreat- ah wait, no, this is a social event. Right.

The Tremere at least has the situational awareness to identify a missile headed towards his battle cruiser, and that awareness allows him to meet the approaching ballistics with a polite smile and a subtle wave. "I wonder how effective these glow sticks are as a self-defense weapon. I'm willing to bet they're quite inadequate, all things considered," he states while sizing up the approaching social assailant, relatively undeterred. The case of the 'just in case' thankfully does not occur.

"I wouldn't mind a bon fire, but I think a few of the others might object." Alejandro replies with a chuckle, pulling one of the bottles of his special brew out and opening it. Clinking bottle necks with Aubrey before taking a sip and turning to focus on the stage.

Oleksiy smiles to Elena "you choose, where you are comfortable." he offers to her. his attention moving around a good deal. He looks over as Amelie approaches him and he smiles "I always enjoy your events Amelie.. Always. Thank you for all your efforts."

The Tremere at least has the situational awareness to identify a missile headed towards his battle cruiser, and that awareness allows him to meet the approaching ballistics with a polite smile and a subtle wave. "I wonder how effective these glow sticks are as a self-defense weapon. I'm willing to bet they're quite inadequate, all things considered," he states while sizing up the approaching social assailant, relatively undeterred. The case of the 'just in case' thankfully does not occur.’

Elena's blue eyes will scan the area and then she'll point at a nice place near some others. She'll pause though as Amelie approaches and goes silent, watching with a soft smile.

"Ah, it is wonderful Miss Renoir, I do love fun celebratory events, doubly so when they are outside of the direct eye of my boss." Paige gives a wink to Amelie, turning around to speak as she walks backwards still on her course. Smiling brightly the entire time. "But do give me a moment to get our arrivals involved." A bow of her head, and then a spin back around to face Perseus and Ellery. "Incredibly ineffective to be honest. Generally you want good mahogany, personally I find it easiest to come in from under the ribcage and drive upwards." A pause there, as she leans over to take a deep sniff of Ellery.

Amelie smiles to Elena, "It is good to see you as well, Mademoiselle Vulpes. I have been wondering how your knitting projects have been going." A nod of thanks to Oleksiy. "Oh you flatter me. I just try to do some little things for everyone to keep things from being dull." She grins to Paige then. "Of course."

xxxxxThe song over, and the lights change up. A Kindred comes out on stage, dressed as Kid Rock. Or is it him? Hard to tell. Probably Tzimisce. The guitar rifts begin and he is already in character: https://youtu.be/mt84J7U75e0

Aubrey makes idle chit chat with Alejandro as she watches the stage. She looks amused as she takes another drink, "Good thing your here Alejandro or i'd have been forced to call my brother. God knows what kind of scene he would cause if I let him off his leash. Did you ever meet my brother? He no doubt would have hated you he's psychotic when it comes to me."

xxxxxA light over the stage suddenly bursts and rains down sparks over the band. The singer keeps going, although there are staff that run out with extinguishers to be sure anything is put out before there is any fires - especially in front of the vampires.

Oleksiy nods in agreement with Amelie "You do a wonderful jo.." he pauses as there is the bursting of a stage light.. those things are huge and its pretty impressive that anyone would keep going amid that.. let alone a kindred. "That's.. unusual.. "

While Ellery stiffens slightly at someone close to his personal space, he doesn't shift away. He smells, strongly, of garlic, frying oil, generic sweaty man, and- Dirt? With a mild attempt for it to be covered by some bland Old Spice. He doesn't pull away, but he stares out blankly, merely raising a finger. His mouth moves, but he says nothing, staring out again. "Uh- Hello. Uh, good evening-" He's looking at her and unable to blatantly stare, a bit, sort of gaping like a gormless goldfish.

Perseus can't help but let out a moderately-confused laugh at that. "Yeah, haha, I'm sure. Rowan, take notes." Naturally, after the initial laugh, he literally says 'haha.' He takes the time, while she's sniffing Rowan, to very approximately size her up -

TWITCHING, VIGOROUSLY, at the sound of the light bursting, grabbing his umbrella as he jolts - before, gradually, untensing. "God, fuck! Trying to give me a heart attack..." For humorous effect, he grips at his chest.

Mikael follows along with Angie he takes a seat with her, nodding over at Aubrey and Alejandro. "Bonsoir, Madame, Monsieur." He smiles to Angie, "I am well, just a bit tired. Getting ready for tomorrow."

Mikael turns to stare at the stage, "I wonder what happened to the electronics?"

Elena bows politely to Amelie and smiles brighter, "Oh my knitting is going quite well. I've made socks, hats, scarfs, and I'm working on my biggest project now, a shell design shawl with lacework." She seems rather proud of that. "I'll show it to you when I'm done.." Then she'll pause and looks up at the light bursting over the stage curiously. She'll look thoughtful and then asks quietly, "Is that ok?"

"I always liked your brother." Alejandro replies, taking another sip from the bottle. "But he is psychotic. And not just about you...just in general."

Amelie shakes her head, "No, this is not supposed to be happening. Something is wrong." She is back on her phone, and a staff member runs up to her and whispers in her ear. "The green room? Really? Wasn't it being watched?" She blinks hearing the news.

Aubrey overhears Amelie perhaps or maybe it's just the person running up to the keeper that has garnered the Giovanni's attention. She nudges Alejandro lightly and points it out to him.

Oleksiy looks down at the electronics malfunctions, then to Amelie. he doesn't intrude or anything, just curiously watches and waits to see what's happening, if its anything that needs his assistance.

Paige's attention flits to the exploding light fixture, nose crinkling up as she blinks. "Miss Aubrey." She sort of mentions. "Could I beg of you to be a dear and tell me if that is what I think it is?" The small smile normally on her face sliding away into a more passive look, more hard eyed.

Granted, this is immediately followed up by the soft touch of Paige's hand on the back of Perseus' neck, and the soft whisper of her voice from behind in his ear. "Dearest, you can't /have/ heart attacks. But well, maybe a little something else.". Which is likely a bit odd, since she is standing /right/ there in front of him still.

Alejandro follows the person running up to Amelie with his eyes, and sets the beer bottle down. "I guess that wasn't planned pyrotechnics after all. Any idea what the green room is?"

With his earplugs, and his temporary distraction towards the woman's presence, Ellery belatedly clears his throat. His hands clench underneath realizing how startled his companion is, short nails scraping softly as the tension transmits itself. His eyes close- He's getting a little overwhelmed.

Aubrey really hadn't been paying much attention to the light fixtures but at the question by Paige she turns her attention skyward and scans the lighting trusses of the amphitheatre. Her eyes seem to bleed over black for a moment the nictating membrane of a reptile before it bites or maybe the rolling black of the eyes of shark before it rips out flesh. It's not very attractive but then if Necromancy was sexy there would be far less jokes about banging the dead at family events. "The green room is normally the back stage meet and greet areas for entertainers."

"I'm very tempted to inform you of the existence of a subreddit about failures to catch jokes." Nerdery and positively trampled joke aside, at the sudden change in atmosphere, Perseus decidedly *slides away* from the sound of the voice, and rises to fwop his umbrella open, fanning in the direction of the stage, blocking the view. The Tremere turns to where he is *convinced* Paige is - right where he can see her, of course.

"I'm assuming that this is something serious?" He asks the question in her presumed direction, but soon he turns his gaze back towards Amelie's direction, slitting his eyes as he watches. Careful.

Aubrey tilts her head a little, "You might be right Paige there was something there but if it caused the disruption I can't tell you as I did not see that part. If things continue to go wrong I can call in a hound or two they can suss out the area." She turns to look at Amelie, "With your permission of course it is your event."

Mikael leans over and murmurs something to Angie as he overhears the conversations.

That normally jovial smile fades from Alejandro's lips. Rising up from the blanket, he reaches into his pocket with a free hand and frowns.

Amelie nods to Aubrey, and realizes she needs to be vocal. "Oui, s'il vous plait." She is running on instinct now, wondering what the hell is going on. She is tapping on her phone, and then instructing staff.

xxxxxThe music continues on, taking on the twang of a country rock song, and OMG the ghoul coming out to sing has a mullet. Billy Ray in the HOUSE!!: https://youtu.be/LSXBEzL1KUk

xxxxxIt only takes a few strums on the guitar and the beginning of the voice echoing in that country style, and suddenly fireworks blow, and the band scatters. The crooner keeps going, totally self-obsessed until his acoustic guitar blows up in his hands, the microphone stand knocked over and he squeals like a girl and runs off. Winds are whipping around, fast, and the temperature is lowering.

"Ah, place is haunted. Last time I believe it was trying to smash car hoods onto my predecessor's hands." Paige nods her head slowly before smiling. More excited looking than anything else as her lips curl back into a smile. "I wonder if we will be able to figure out what it wants this time."

There is a sound of scraping heels behind Perseus, and a small girlish giggle that precedes Paige's voice once more. "There is supposed to be an entire fireworks show. I wonder when he will get to /that/."

Elena jumps as the electronics blow and she'll move to stand in front of Oleksiy, the fragile girl looking as if she's ready to defend him. From what? She has no idea, her blue eyes are wide and darting here and there, looking very alarmed. She remains silent, although her body language speaks volumes.

Angie looks over to Mikael as he whispers, her eyes widening with the latest thing happening on stage "yikes.."

Perseus already has his umbrella out. That's fortunate, because Ellery practically immediately stands only after explosions continue. One blown light? Eh...

The explanation ameliorates it, but Rowan bolts to his feet to be between Percy and the stage as soon as possible in turn, his pupils dilating faintly- Though he waits for ANY word to stand down and stop making an idiot of himself in turn.

"Ah." That certainly answers that. The small statement is tinged with a noticeable amount of distress. Rather than wait for further confirmation, the Tremere very quickly, under the pressure of invisible voices he can't be entirely certain are Paige's, tries to grab Rowan's hand and start his way to the exit like a husband leaving his adulterer bride at the altar. In summary, he is affecting a performance of 'fuck this,' or at least making the attempt.

Aubrey gets up off the grass then smirks at Paige, "Yes but that was Wade and he probably deserved whatever harassment he got. But if you could elaborate the last incident I heard of was the risen who was pretending to be a Brujah."

Oleksiy sets a hand on Elena's shoulder in approval and support. His attentive and sharp eyes looking down on the events happening right now though, his expression seeming neutral and business like.

"Oh, there was a car show. Wade was very interested. Before my release you understand. Same sort of thing, slamming car doors and hoods, horns going off, lighting fixtures going. Like that movie from the eighties." Paige supplies helpfully, before pointing off to the side. "Over in the exhibition hall. If only we had someone capable of using thaumaturgy."

Aubrey sighs softly, "What do you want?" she asks her voice pitching louder across the shroud then in real life. Patient as she watches the destruction Aubrey turns to look at Paige, "You guys could have just called I do still have that physic service on the side. Though knowing Wade he would have made a miss Cleo crack and it just would have gotten ugly."

Amelie runs over, her heels not even touching the ground, as she gets next to Aubrey and Alejandro. "This is just like before. Aubrey, anyone that knows how to communicate with them.. stop them.. this.. wraith. Please. Help." She is already signaling for staff to get people off the stage, and clear out.

Mikael nudges Angie, "I told you that it might have something to do with that other show..." his voice trails off as he freezes in place for a moment. Then his head turns towards the stage, and his hand grips Angie's arm, and whispers urgently. "Move away from the stage, Mademoiselle. If whatever that is does not get calmed in some way the entire thing could blow."

Ellery gets grabbed. His mouth makes a gentle O shape, easily getting yanked, though he hisses softly at Perseus!

Alejandro stands besides Aubrey. Both of his hands rest in his pockets now, and by all accounts he 'looks' relaxed and calm. But the expression on his face is dour.

Ellery mutters to Perseus, "... uh, maybe, leaving? Is... idea?... tight,... back?... be,... good. Hey.... can...."

The Tremere stops riiiight in his path. Inhales, deeply, unnecessarily - only to thickly *sigh.* "Why does every other blood mage seem to reside in another county? I'm still practically in infancy, and, most importantly..." He swivels to face Paige, Rowan being the Schrodinger's Ghoul who might or might not - ah, yes, he certainly IS with him. "I'm approximately powerless against *ghosts,* unless they happen to be blood ghosts. Are we dealing with blood ghosts?" He asks while looking around, as if the ghosts themselves will answer.

Angie listens to Mikael and nods when his voice turns urgent. She moves quickly away from the stage and attempts to get out of harm's way

xxxxxThe winds blow around the whole amphitheater, knocking down whatever is not bolted. Suddenly BOOM! One of the riggings crashes down, and blocks the exit. Sparks flying up in the air, there is a live wire down.

Aubrey waits for a reply to her question well aware the spirit can hear her and looks over at the baby Tremere and makes that awwing sound people makes over babies. Then her attention returns to the present situation. Her voice rises an octave, "/THAT/ is enough either state what you want or i'll be forced to do something to garner your full attention and I can promise you will not like it."

Elena looks alarmed as she listens to all of the discussions going on around her. She'll jump nearly out of her skin as a rigging crashes down and turns slightly to look at Oleksiy, "Does this ghost have something against Vampires or something?" Seeing the live wire, she'll say, "We should move away from the wire, if the ghost can move that, .... I think that'd be bad." Her voice is soft, urgent and she'll give Olek an imploring look to move away.

Mikael rises and puts his arm around Angie and almost picks her up off the ground as he turns and all but bolts from their seats to get further away from the stage. His eyes fly to Aubrey, "This is something Madame Giovanni needs to perhaps handle." He steers her away from the exit and the live wires, and towards the grassy area.

"Oh, well you can always stand in front of me to shield me from the blast." Paige notes to Perseus, her head nodding. She is however bending down to test at the flooring, seeing if she can get any up. Down to dirt. Continuing on in general. "And Please, Miss Cleo is one of the Hierophants. I will however make a note to call you up for lotto numbers."

Ellery mutters to Perseus, "... to walk... exit."


When his question is (perceptibly!) answered by strong winds and explosions, since naturally, every event is a response to his own input - Perseus just fucking dives and hits the ground, more than happy to lower his profile. He closes his umbrella and announces, a little less distressed, "*Please* be careful in how you refer to them. Sensitivity goes a long way." He holds his umbrella over his head, as if that will shield him from debris.

Ellery grips at his ears, sticking shoulder to shoulder with the man, muttering anxiously.

In the Shadowlands

xxxxxxxxxxThe Wraith is flying around, wreaking havoc. Trying to force whatever destruction on both planes. With Aubrey's question sent out, it turns toward her after getting the rigging to go down. She moves right in front of Aubrey, looking at her (and her date supposedly with a chin jut of recognition), and tilts her head.

xxxxxxxxxx>> You can see me, my pretty. What do I want? What I have wanted for centuries. For you leeches to leave me alone, leave my home, and never return. You killed me once, and I will see that your existence is ended if you come back again. <<

xxxxxxxxxxA long cackle! She flies over closer to each of the others, and then settles right next to Amelie.

xxxxxxxxxx>> My, oh my. This one has turned my home into a tourist location. All this French properness, and pretending not to be what she is. A dirty killer that needs to be destroyed, like the rest of you. <<

xxxxxxxxxxShe holds her hands next to Amelie, like she is going to pet her and then bares her teeth.

Angie nods at Mik's words and high tails it to the grassy area, watching from afar. She's read about stuff like this but really cant offer any assistance

Amelie shivers a bit. "Alejandro..." She looks rather blank now. Things do not feel right to her, but she does not know what is going on.

xxxxxFor now, things are still stirring around, the temperature around the kindred is going lower though.

"Amelie, dearest?" Paige raises up her brows a little, stepping over to the grassy zone. "You may want to come this way and get low, beloved keeper. Like, underground low."

Aubrey seems to be in conversation with something but her lips are not making sounds loud enough to carry to anyone except maybe Alejandro and Amelie.

The vampires might be immune to the cold, but Ellery isn't. He stays quiet against the wind, tilting into the Tremere shoulder to shoulder- But his teeth chatter, and huddling closer to Percy likely actually doesn't help at ALL. His actions do not alter, however. The earplugs were definitely a good idea, though not expected to be used against howling winds.

xxxxxAubrey speaks to the Wraith, "I can force you from your home I can send you to the well of eternity. Neither of those things are what I want to do. Calm yourself and perhaps we can come to an arrangement you can live with. The vampire who killed you does he still exist and do you know his name? We can grant you the peace of the one who killed you facing punishment for his crime. Then perhaps arrangements can be made for your home one that will see your eternity calmed."

Once he and his ghoul have bunkered down with the umbrella as marginal protection, Perseus begins army-crawling towards Paige, seemingly to move towards safety while also avoiding getting a television-sized chunk of concrete yeeted into his ribs. "Calm, calm, careful we are..." Elbow by elbow, one hand occupied with the shield. He probably looks absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Mikael wraps his arms around Angie, and puts himself between her and the stage area, and braces himself against the wind as he brings them both closer to the ground. He keeps his eyes mainly on Aubrey but watches for anything else his eyes can catch flying about so he can knock it aside.

"It will be alright, Amelie." Alejandro replies when the Keeper says his name. His serpentine eyes staring in her direction, but not directly at her. "Just stay calm. Aubrey has this well in hand."

Angie feels Mikael's arms go around her and she braces herself and shivers at the wind. When Mikael whispers to her she nods and stays put

In the Shadowlands

xxxxxxxxxxThe Wraith cackles!

xxxxxxxxxx>> Who did this to me? HAHAHA My husband! Nicolai. Refused to make me one of you, and kept me trapped for the rest of my life. When I died? He kept me bound to him in this form. Until I finally figured out how to rebel - to make his undead life a nightmare. He ran away from this pretty one here, that he had pledged himself to, and broke her. Then burned my things, trying to release me? But oh no, I had a new obsession. To get rid of you all! <<

xxxxxxxxxxShe flies up in a twisting pattern and then back down behind Amelie.

xxxxxxxxxx>> Starting with this one. <<

xxxxxxxxxxShe pushes on the cat ears to knock them off Amelie's head. Not quite touching her, but beginning to be more threatening.

xxxxxxxxxx>> My Nicolai, without the pieces from my life, has run off away from here. Kill him, and maybe I'll not torture this one here further. <<

xxxxxStaff is mostly out of here, aside from the few that are most loyal to Amelie. They have come over with the rest of them, bringing blankets for those that are affected most by the winds.

Four and a half, and only one of them here. Paige gives a little sigh. At least the cold isn't affecting her much, and honestly, she seems almost cavalier about everything going on. She does however tilt her head to Perseus with a little smirk. "Hell of a celebration isn't it?"

Mikael gratefully accepts a blanket if anyone gets near them and drapes it mainly over Angie's shoulders as he watches what is happening with the others. His eyes scan the area to make certain there is no one injured and down. He rubs the tops of his arms vigorously, but seems to be holding up to the cold for the moment.

"How in the world did that one manage to learn how to bind a wraith." Alejandro asks, to no one in particular, as he shakes his head. Then his own voice goes quiet and soft upon the wind, barely audible on this side of Duat.

Perseus continues holding the fort down while he crawls, gradually. He's a real trooper, after all. Holding the retracted umbrella above his head as a hat, he yells back in return to Paige, "This is the most exciting thing which I have experienced since arrival, but I am somewhat distressed by the fact that it is beyond my control! I feel as if the natural reaction would be an attempt to learn, but I am *absolutely* certain that at least one person here would take offense!"

Angie feels the blanket draped over her shoulders and she looks to Mikael "Is there anything I can do to help??" She shivers uncontrollably

Amelie stands there, still, and whiter than normal. Her light blush she normally has is gone. The cat ears on her head falls off in front of her.

Elena takes one of the blankets as well and wraps it around her shoulders as she watches, waiting.

In the Shadowlands

xxxxxxxxxxThe Wraith's hand trails down Amelie's hair, ready to do something to her, and then Aubrey grabs her.

xxxxxxxxxxA tormented scream echoes through the dim of the shadowlands as some other, completely unrelated, soul in the shadowlands is partially ripped apart.

Alejandro seems to grow more resolved, and grim in his expression. "Aubrey....whatever you're going to do, do so quickly before I have to."

Aubrey reaches out and grabs dead air though their seems to be something twisting and wriggling in her grasp. Aubrey concentrates for a moment and pales as nothing seems to happen. A moment later something else is tried and in the shroud the spirit is flayed bits ripping and melting as for a moment it winks into the real before back across the shroud.

xxxxxIn that moment the spirit of a woman can be seen, there is a whoosh of the wind up and around Amelie, Alejandro, and Aubrey. The spirit is gone. And then things are still. The winds dissipate. The temperature starts to slowly rise up again.

Mikael notices Elena close by and steers Angie in a duck walk over to where the other woman is, getting the two together at least. He is also still watching over towards Aubrey but mostly is listening as he can't /see/ what they are fighting. Oddly he seems to be rather calm, as if sure the two will handle this. He still stays alert though.

Interrupting the Tremere's army-safety crawl is, naturally, the gradual shift of attention towards the wraith-wrangler! Unfortunately, dear Perseus is not willing to fully rise from the floor, but nonetheless, he makes his way to his knees and observes the *rending* with interest. As the necessary calming occurs thereafter...

"Huh. All righty. That - seems like it was simple enough! For one of us. Great work, I think." He keeps his umbrella at his chest, ready to protect himself from a flying, sharpened, stake-shaped piece of aerodynamic mahogany if the need comes for it, as he finishes rising. "Hopefully the next time, it will be a blood ghost, and my skillset might be more applicable." Yeah, haha, blood ghosts... His smile sure says he knows a lot about those, if they even exist.

Aubrey says, “Amelie, she is Nicolai's wife and she wants to hurt you. She wanted to be one of us and he refused and killed her. She is never going to stop she is full of rage. You must decide in the end what you want done. If you get me her name I will see about summoning her and casting her in to the maelstrom. For now she is hurt and should take a while to heal buying you time to decide.”

"Wait...isn't that...huh." Paige finally notes, though mostly she is looking around now that things have died down a bit. Hmming. "We are going to need a cleaning crew."

Mikael's eyes widen as he hears Aubrey, and he looks towards Amelie. Obviously from the surprised expression he thought that had been settled long ago. He shakes his head then as his head turns to the two women with him, "Mesdemoiselles, are either of you injured?"

Angie looks up at Mikael as she slowly gets to her feet "I am okay thank you" She looks to Elena

Perseus naturally adds, "AH. A story of a star-crossed lover!" He claps one hand and the umbrella. "Nothing makes any sense around here without involving some sort of spat, I'm certain. Can't the dead find something far more interesting to focus on than immortality they were never entitled to?"

Amelie blinks a few times. Realizing those cat ears have fallen down, she still does not move yet. "What was that? Could it have been..." And then she stops as Aubrey explains. "Rosemary. That is her name." She takes in a deep breath. "I thought she was gone. I thought Madeline had convinced her to leave. Let alone with..." she takes a moment and then says the name "Nicolai gone from the city, I never thought I would deal with that again. Damn him." She shakes her head, and finally picks up the cat ears and holds them in her hand. "Rosemary was mad at me and was literally mad when Madeline spoke with her. There is no calming her down - we thought when Nicolai burned the items, he let her go. Seeing as how he pulled this whole trick on me for months, leaving before he had a blood test even, maybe there was something more he did not want anyone knowing. Please, I want this over. I want it all over. I want that part of my life gone."

Aubrey nods her head, "Burning things only works in movies. Give me a week and I will call you if you wish to be there. I am loathe to destroy spirits but there is no choice in this case.

Alejandro lets his gaze linger on Amelie for a long silent moment before walking over and picking up the rest of his beers. One is cracked open and chugged before he turns back towards Amelie and Aubrey.

xxxxxThe electricity has been turned off around the stage. Clean up crews are coming in, and the live wire is well..dead. Rigging is being swiftly moved, and taken care of here. Emergency lights from the back are turned on so staff can work. Drinks are being offered to everyone waiting here.

Mikael waits to hear Elena say she is alright, but his attention is divided between the two women and listening to Amelie. He sighs heavily, and nods his head to himself. "Mademoiselle Elena, are you injured?"

Amelie looks a bit relieved, but still a bit blank. "Merci beaucoup, mon ami. Whatever you can do, you are the expert on this. Merci merci." She reaches out to both Aubrey and Alejandro, touching their hands. "Merci. I owe you both a song, or 12." She begins to smile, and then turns and looks at the others. "Is everyone else alright? Staff will have this place well in hand, but perhaps it would be best if we move to another location, and plan another celebration, another night - elsewhere."

Aubrey offers Amelie a smile, "I do love to listen to you sing so I consider a true and fair price for services to be rendered."

Perseus gradually mellows. He allows the more serious and in-depth explanations of what's going on and why it's important to merely pass on by, though he certainly focuses on Amelie, expression growing solemn. "Perhaps," he wonders...

"... the right thing might not have been burned? I'm not too acquainted with actual direct interaction with the dearly departed, save snippets. There is something which holds them, is there not? An object, or some *task*...? Maybe your friend Nicolai couldn't help but keep her mother's necklace or something doubly important, if he's as disreputable as your description seems to imply."

"I did nothing, Amelie. But I would love to hear you sing, regardless." Alejandro replies, offering the Keeper that soft smile of his. "Let me know when and where your next celebration will be." He turns towards Aubrey then. "If there is anything I can do to assist in this, you need but ask."

Paige just watches, for now. Polite smile, hands folding in front of her waist. More habit than anything else as she seems to seek to come to terms with the evening.

Aubrey laughs softly, "Consider yourself asked then." She says to Alejandro. "It is good to have someone there just in case if what I plan works I will be weakened for a while."

Mikael steps over and gets drinks from the staff, and brings them back over to Angie giving her a warm smile "If the group goes elsewhere do you wish to go?"

Angie smiles at Mikael as she takes the drink "we could hang out somewhere"

Amelie wonders about Perseus' words. "You know, he did give me a necklace with a rose on it. Very unlike him to do that. I wonder... could it have been hers." She sighs. "I'll have someone remove it and get it to you Aubrey. Make sure what it is or not, and hopefully be rid of her once and for all."

Perseus fingerguns in Amelie's direction.

"It sounds like you've been getting played from the beginning, revered Keeper. Positively certain - within reason." He pops his fingerguns off, eliminating the nonexistent bad guys right in front of him, before casually dropping his hands to his side and examining the damage as he approaches Amelie. "Wow, she really did a number on this place, huh? You should send your friend a bill when you inevitably hunt him down and interrogate him for answers."

Elena looks worried, although fine and gives Mikael a smile, "Thank you, I'm fine, just... cold.. I have no idea what happened. Definitely a ghost, right?" She'll go quiet and as she takes the drink from Mikael and looks unnerved. "I'm not too knowledgeable of spirits."

"We'll meet up later then Dona. Go over what the options are and go from there." He turns towards Amelie. "Any idea where Nicolai is now?"

Paige finally speaks again, leaning over towards Elena with a smirk. "It is possessing your bra, you have to go burn it."

Mikael glances over to Amelie then and says, "And perhaps you might need to inform Mademoiselle Madeline, since she was aiding you. Since this 'ghost' is so very angry with you, and Madeline was also at the car show, she needs to know this being might try to do something to her as well." He looks to Elena then and gives her a smile, "I know just enough to probably get into trouble. That is why I got out of the way."

Aubrey says, “What hold a spirit to this world vary from spirit to spirit. It only has to hold a special connection for the wraith and could very well be the man himself as a focus of her anger. Nicolai can be found I am sure of that if nothing else he can be summoned." She bows her head to Amelie and then pokes Alejandro, "Please my friends enjoy the rest of the evening I am going home to crack some books.”

Perseus says, “Be sure to fry the books with onion and garlic should they fail to provide any sustenance of knowledge, dear necromancer. I'm certain you can glean satisfaction from them in their life or after.”

Elena glances at Paige and smirks at her and then looks down at her chest, "Is that why my breasts are getting larger?", she jokes. Apparently she -can- joke, when she's not being nervous. Looking back to Mikael, she'll smile to him as she sips the drink, "I'd like to learn more, it is terrifying but very interesting."

Amelie shakes her head to Alejandro. "I have no idea where he is now. He just left sometime after we broke up. I wanted nothing more to do with him, and have tried to remove all vestiges. Obviously failed on this one. I do wish for him to get what is coming to him for this pox he left with me." She nods to Aubrey, "Merci again. We shall speak soon. Good luck with your research."

Paige waggles her eyebrows for a moment. But her attention does flit to Aubrey. "Thank you, Miss Aubrey." Then a look to Perseus. "Excitement!"

Aubrey waves to the remains of the party and slips off to be picked up with the classic black town car favored by the cia and the mafia.

Perseus violently shrugs at the word addressed his way, throwing his arms into the air! His umbrella, naturally, pops open to punctuate the motion, turning him into an Asian vampire blood mage Mary Poppins, minus the wind.

"You prophesied it! I'm fairly certain the 'smelt it, dealt it' principle requires that you are now considered as a culprit. Whoever you are." He gradually un-lifts his umbrella. And, awkwardly, closes it again.

Mikael nods to Elena, "I am sure Monsieur Oleksiy can help answer some of your questions. We still have the occasional 'ghost' around B&B but she does not seem to hate anyone in particular, even if she is rather mischievous."

Mikael looks to Angie, "If you wished to go elsewhere I will see you there."

"Oh, I /assure/ you that somehow all of this will get blamed on me." Paige makes a motion, towards the mess, giving a small nod of her head, and a slip of her lips into a wide grin. "Paige Sands. Scourge."

Amelie looks to Alejandro, now pushing her hair behind her ears again. "I do think it is time for a drink. And perhaps a song. You feel like a duet, mon ami?" She smiles at that thought and looks toward the others. "Thank you all for coming tonight. With this finally handled, the next celebration should be much smoother. Stay as long as you wish, but staff will be cleaning up more all over."

xxxxxAnd with that, this is the end for tonight. One wraith finally down, and a night no one will forget in the books.