2019.08.27: Crown Painting Party

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Crown Painting Party
Madeline hosts a body painting demonstration party.
IC Date August 26th, 2019
Players Amelie, Angelica, Arianna, Asheton, Gabriel de la Vega, Heathen, Katrina, Madeline, Mikael Oleksiy, Paige, Tomoko
Location Crown Elysium Lounge
Spheres Vampire Camarilla

Crown Elysium Lounge

Welcome to a beautiful bar right out of Paris in the Art Deco Age! The room glows with a soft light reflecting the colors of polished wood, bronze, copper and crystal. The smooth, clean lines of the bar set with colorful bottles of high end spirits and decanters of delicious blended cognac invite you to take a seat. The barstools are hand crafted from a glowing copper tinted metal, set with generous padding in soft brown leather. Along the base of the bar and echoed upon the ceiling are cunning geometric designs a dark bronze, suggesting a skilled craftsman had a hand in their forging. Upon the back wall behind the bar is an art instillation directly from the 1920’s in Paris – beautiful figures in flowing gowns and the Paris skyline blend to draw the eye. Hanging over the bar are crystal lamps done in that same geometric style, casting a warm and inviting light across the room.

Once you leave the bar there are other delights to attract your attention. A stunning grand piano is set with 8 seats so guests can better enjoy the skill of the artist gracing the keys – a dancefloor welcomes those wanting to take a turn across its polished wood, and lush seating invites groups large and small to gather and enjoy an evening together. http://www.thechicagochic.com/otto-mezzo/otto-mezzo-art-deco-bar/

Tonight the Crown Lounge is all set up for an event unlike any other. The stage is draped with painting tarps and has stools, stands and more for the artists and their canvases. There are special lights set up to show of the art and some are waiting to be turned on that will add an extra special effect when the time is right.

The staff are ready with drinks and some musicians are in the far corner playing sexy jazz to set the tone for the evening.

Oleksiy arrives, Stepping through security to look about the room casually.

Madeline comes out from the back of the house in her robe and heels, smiling warmly as people begin to arrive "bon soir"

Mikael isn't immediately seen, but comes out from the same area not long after Madeline shirtless, with artwork painted on his back: a twisted ribbon-ike piano keyboard and musical notes. http://nebula.wsimg.com/ce9ccb3b24a3015bf0d1b542033f5bdf?AccessKeyId=6A089C3A4E330132B0E5&disposition=0&alloworigin=1

Heathen is ready with the airbrushes and stencils, a few other knick knacks scattered around. He's 'borrowed' some of Madeline's background staff to assist. After all, he doesn't want each one to take half the night. Like Mikael, he is shirtless. Though Heath has a far more pale complexion.

"You know, if Vegard doesn't show, I am going to be sorely disappointed." Ah yes, there is Paige, sliding in through the door in one of her dresses. Cello case held firmly in her right hand as she goes.

Madeline welcomes each as they arrive "bon soir, please make yourself comfortable, help yourself to drinks

Angie is perched on a bar stool, a cherry sprite overflowing with cherries sitting next to her. She nibbles on a cherry as she watches people file in.

Gabriel D enters the lounge, hands clasped behind his back as he makes his way to a place to sit.

Tomoko arrives at the bar, looking as stylish as ever. She lifts a hand and wiggles her fingers as she waves to everyone, "Bon Soir."

Amelie arrives without much fanfare. Wearing a long leathercoat, she looks very much out of place for Summer in SoCal. At least for now. She lifts a hand and waves, "Bon Soir, mes amies! How is everyone tonight?"

Heathen is beside Angie with Mikael, helping with a few last minute suggestions and instructions before setting up the second tarp. "Welcome, welcome! While Mikael gets started on Angie, would anyone like to take the second seat and get done themselves? If anyone needs it, we have a selection of skin toned bikinis and speedos that should hold pants nicely if desired."

Madeline smiles in her silk robe and steps over to greet Amelie, Tomoko and then Angie, each gets a kiss to their cheek "bon soir mon belles dames" then turns to Heathen and Mikael and back to the girls "Who is next?" she beams

Gabriel D sits down at the Supple Brown Leather Art Deco Sofa.

Oleksiy has only recently arrived, he will nod to Madeline, properly greeting the hostess as she welcomes people. He glances over and spots Amelie and nods to her an eyebrow raising slightly at the trench coat, but he doesnt say anything abou tit.

A staff ghoul moves about the guest taking drink orders.

Amelie returns the greetings to Madeline. "Mon ami, so nice all that is going on here tonight. I cannot wait to see what happens here tonight."

"You didn't hear about the skinny dipping Olek?" Paige raises her brows to the deputy, before stepping off to the side. Snorting once as she waves off the drink ghoul. "I heard the less is more philosiphy has taken the fasjion world by storm recently."

Madeline smiles as the guests gather then turns to stroll up to the stage, the band suddenly starts playing "the stripper" as she struts. Laughing she undoes the belt of her robe and slowly drops it from one shoulder, glancing over at someone in the crowd, then the other shoulder is bared

Mikael gives a flourishing bow to the audience at Heathen's announcement, and steps over to where Angie is sitting. "I shall start with your foot and then work my way up." He tells her softly. He turns to look out at the room. "The Mademoiselle has chosen the demure pink petals and buds for her design and as opted for almost total coverage of her body."

Heathen gives Madeline an amused look, sharing in her laughter as he twirls a dry paintbrush around his fingers, readying the paints beside the stool.

Tomoko leans against the bar and glances over towards Mikael to watch as he gets started. She grins as she looks around, "So is everyone going to get painted up then? Wouldn't that be the most interesting way?"

Madeline laughs and smiles at Heathen, the robe dips lower and lower until she drops it, revealing the very very little she is wearing.

Angie has moved to be near Mikael as he proceeds to pain. She has no issue with dropping her robe and looks to Mikael as he starts on her foot. "Aren't you going to be in a speedo Mikael?" Her eyes twinkling as she teases him. She looks to Maddie as she does her strip tease whistling at her.

The jazz trio continues playing some sexy and snappy music to highlight the mood.

Asheton wanders into the room, pausing to blink a few times like a deer in a headlights. Seems he wasn't warned.

Gabriel D sits quietly on the sofa and watches the event unfold.

Heathen does slip away for a moment, giving Asheton a quick, but heartfelt kiss while Madeline struts her stuff. "Don't worry, we have plans for you too."

Madeline blows a kiss to the crowd and takes her place upon one stool, one leg straight, the other with the heel of her shoe hooked in the stool's braces. She notes how quiet they all are "I think I've put them all into shock" she smiles.

Asheton blinks at him. "we do?" he wonders and wanders over to sit down quietly.

Mikael chuckles softly and shakes his head, "Non, the attention should be on you Mesdemoiselles, not the painters, oui? I will at least keep my pants on." He gives her a mishevious look as he speeds up his work as he moves up her leg painting the pink roses blooms. A bit of Celerity speed here and there but never so fast the audience can't see what he is doing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnOIhdgOFT8

Reservations about tonight? One can never be sure. Regardless, Katrina arrives after getting a heads up to be here. She leaves her heavy jacket on for now, just trying to get a feel for who is around. A few familiar faces makes her a little more at ease as she moves from the door to mingle around a little.

Madeline smiles over at Heathen "when you are ready maestro" she teases, posed on the stool in a very small bikini.

Paige sets her Cello case down by the bar, shaking her head softly. A cluck of her tounge as she looks over the room. "Did someone remember to call Connie?"

Heathen directs one of the staff of where to hold the stencils and how to get the left side foundations correct while he takes the right and begins. "Some of these, done freehand, can take all night, especially freehand. Hopefully with a little help from Madeline's staff, the airbrush, and the stencils.. we can get done fast enough for some parading about..." and likewise, starts at the feet, and works his way up with greens and blues.

Asheton stays quiet and seated off to the side, terribly awkward.

Madeline smiles at Heathen then over to Tomoko "Toreador, parading about? How could he suggest such a thing" she jests.

Heathen meeps a little. "I didn't, and I know she can get lost in research projects at times...

Oleksiy was clearly not quite expecting the ladies of the court to be.. stripping down this far, but he just chuckles as he makes his way around, staying out of the spotlight. Such thigns are not his normal cup of tea. He smiles and has to ask "Is Mikael doing all of your paintings?"

Mikael is doing mostly freehand work, but using touches of Celerity speeds up the process. He is mixing the various colors of the rose petals first, applying them up one leg and then around Angie's hips and stomach. "That is because the peacocks has a lot of intricate detail work, especially with the tail feathers." He is shirtless, with artwork painted on his back: a twisted ribbon-ike piano keyboard and musical notes. http://nebula.wsimg.com/ce9ccb3b24a3015bf0d1b542033f5bdf?AccessKeyId=6A089C3A4E330132B0E5&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 (last for those who didn't see his entrance pose)

Madeline holds still as Heathen gets to work on decorating her lovely bare skin. Smiling over at Olek she says "We were going to ask Paige to join in the painting but I know she had prior commitments that prevented her being prepared"

Katrina raises a brow and doesn't appear to be quite sure what to make of what is happening. Her hands slide into her jacket pockets and she moves around the room and studies the art work at hand.

Heathen as the greens and blues land, it quickly becomes obvious that a peacock is about to be prancing around a garden. The foundation quickly handled, the freehand begins. The more detailed brushwork Heath handles himself, while staff is allowed to handle similar leaves and outlines. "I do hope nobody is ticklish...."

The band picks up a more modern jazz piece almost begging to be danced to.

Angie watches as Mikael does the painting, grinning at him. Her eyes catch note of Katrina and she waves at her. "Hmm looks very good Mikael, quite the artist. I'd paint you but you'd have stick figures everywhere..."

Madeline smiles over at Angie "roses for the rose, how approprie" she winks then smiles down at the design Heathen is creating "I do wish Guy was here to see this" she jests.

Gabriel D continues to quietly watch the event unfold his attention focused more on Madeline for the moment.

Katrina wanders over to where Angie is and slips her hand around her waist,"Hey sis." She looks at Mikael's handiwork and nods approvingly,"Always impressive my friend."

Asheton watches Heathen painting, now over his confusion just watching him with enjoyment now.

Mikael murmurs to Angie as he works although his main attention is on the formation of each bloom. So far the only colors on her are blended variations of reds, pinks and creams but it is obvious now what he is painting. He was cautious in doing her thighs to avoid the giggling effect and has reached her ample chest now. He slows and uses more care as he has to work around her bikini top as well as across the fabric. The bottoms were easier to do across the mostly flat area.

Mikael tells Angie, "I am hardly the artist that Heath is, but I do flowers rather nicely."

Angie and Madeline are both very scantily clad, sitting upon the stage as Mikael paints roses all along Angie's pretty form, and Heathen creates a majestic peacock on Madeline. A band is playing some fast jazz music and the staff are attentive if anyone needs anything

Angie smiles up at Katrina " The paint brushes tickle a little bit" She looks to Mikael "Ah my friend you are doing a fantastic job"

Tomoko sits down at the bar and watches the painting going on, "Well it isn't really a contest, everyone just wants to have fun and enjoy the art, so that is the msot important thing."

Madeline winks at Tomoko "Well.. a friendly contest at least" she says, moving just so, that Heathen can work on the feathers

Arianna comes strolling into the lounge finally to check out the goings-on, and to look for familiar faces. She does get distracted watching the art in progress for a short while before getting a destination set and heading over to find a Katrina.

Paige continues to well.... watch. Her lips quirked into a little smirk, and a shake of her head softly. Amused perhaps, as she watches the people.

Heathen dips his brush into the blacks, and starts the highlights. "Of course, Madeline does enjoy being a patron of a wide number of arts. Though convincing her of living canvasses was a little tricky... ooc (where Heath is going with this) https://coh.spork.com/images/0/0c/PeacockAndFlowers.jpg

Madeline lifts a hand to Arianna's arrival and smiles "I think you asked me about 2 years ago didn't you? A little tricky yes" she laughs.

Amelie stands off to the side, enjoying watching the creations going on.

Oleksiy makes his way around to stop next to Amelie. He stands there watching for a moment silently.

Madeline glances up at Amelie and Tomoko "Are you nearly ready ladies? I believe our amazing artists are nearly finished with their works of art" she winks

Asheton breaths out when he isn’t asked, assuming that means he's safe.

Katrina is standing near Angie and smiles a moment before Arianna arrives. When she arrive there is a full smile and she waves as she draws near, "Hey stranger. How are you tonight?"

Mikael glances over to Madeline as he mixes the greens and blacks for the leaves on the rose blooms. "I wish the Duchess had been able to attend. She had so wished for Heath to paint her." He starts to do the leaves, "If you will stand now, Mademoiselle, S'il vous plaît."

Heathen offers his hand to Madeline so she can stand and strut like the Peacock that now adorns her. "I think that turned out well..."

Madeline rises from her seat and turns slowly for her artist and the crowd, the bird slowing about her body like a living thing. "Heathen you're wonderful, merci" and kisses his cheek before stepping down to move amongst the crowd "Who’s next?"

Tomoko grins as she looks to Madeline, "Well if it was a contest, it wouldn't be fair as only one person can use me." She giggles as she strips down, though she is still wearing a stylish black bikini, rather it is just a plain normal looking black bikini but somehow she is able to make it look extra stylish.

"That is pretty much the exact opposite of what I have heard." The comment just immediately comes from Paige. But she is smirking, head tilting, looking to Amelie. "Alright then."

Angie nods and stands to show the roses that are painted along her body. "Wow Mikael...it's beautiful!" She spins slowly to show the crowd.

Amelie looks to Tomoko, a bit surprised. And yet, not. She steps forward, "I agreed to do so." Although her coat is still on while she waits to see who paints her.

Arianna comes on up to Katrina to plant an arm on Kat's shoulder to lean on as she teases, "Fun show?" Then she also answers, "Oh, keeping busy enough. Thought I'd drop in for a bit. You having fun?"

Madeline laughs softly, no not at all surprised by Tomoko's comment. She steps over and takes Angie's hand, turning the girl "Si Beau, mon treasure. Merci Mikael, you do lovely work"

Mikael puts the final touches on Angie as she stands, especially around her face, giving it extra detail on the actual rose buds. "You are blooming, a true image of the Roses, oui?" https://i.pinimg.com/originals/19/92/76/19927627cd40db9d5f631593996cc060.jpg

Heathen motions Amelie to the chair Madeline just vacated, moving to lean against Asheton for a moment, "Don't worry, you'll get a private session later." Before starting to set up a new pallet and fresh stencils.

Gabriel D smiles and admires the work, "Well done."

Katrina slips her arm around Arianna's waist when she leans on her. There is a smirk and she looks to the art," Maybe you should line up and get painted too." she teases mildly, "The show is pretty interesting for sure. Nothing quite like I have seen before."

Angie blushes gently as she looks to Mikael "Oui I am..." She looks to Madeline with a look of admiration.

Madeline turns to Gabriel and smiles "Which do you prefer, the roses or the peacock?" she jests and nods to Katrina "just as promised Madmoiselle"

Paige snorts once, before she waves her hand through the air. Stepping forwards as she goes, waving Heathen off. "I got this one." She gives a wink to Amelie. "Might want another chair though, going to be a while."

Mikael says, “It is no contest, Heath is the better artist. You wear a masterpiece, Mademoiselle.”

Madeline looks up in surprise and smiles brightly "Welcome to the party Paige" she says "Well now we have three artists and only two canvases, will anyone help to fill in the gap?" she glances at Asheton

Gabriel D tilts his head and looks them both over, "I'd have to say its close but the peacock wins out."

Amelie drops her leather coat from her shoulders, and then off her arms. Where is that jack when she needs him? She hands the coat to a nearby staffer, exposing herself now, fairly timidly for once. Now standing just in her lovely blue bikini, the silver rings on it catching some light, she moves toward the chair. Her hair flowing behind her.

Oleksiy manages to look neutral as he watches all of this. he stands relaxed and attentively, as he simply observes.

Heathen takes a cloth out of his pocket, making a grand show of dusting off the empty seat. He gives Asheton a 'come hither' finger wiggle

One of the male staffers takes Amelie's coat with a soft word and goes to hang it up.

Asheton glances up "Excuse me?" he wonders "Oh I think my nudist days might be behind m..." he glances over and as if Heathen's asking were all it took he nods "Guess so.." and steps over slowly, a bit cautious

Madeline smiles at Gabriel as he makes his preference known "ah one for Heathen, the art of course" she winks and draws Angie over to Katrina and Arianna "bon soir ladies, i'm so glad you could make it"

Mikael smiles brightly over at Paige, "Welcome, Mademoiselle. But now I am outclassed on both sides. My talent lies in music, not the brush."

Tomoko giggles as she looks around the room, "Well if someone doesn't want to do a full body one, there is also just getting their face painted. So no reason to be shy if that is the case for anyone."

Arianna smirks at Katrina, "I'm sure you'd enjoy that. Try to shove me on stage at the Cabaret too? Not real convenient for dropping by bars to pester bikers and ex-cons to answer questions, though." Then she hmms and stage whispers to Kat, "No fights breaking out over who gets Mikael to paint them?"

Madeline turns to watch as Paige claims Amelie as her canvas, Tomoko goes under Mikael's brush and poor Asheton "Monsieur there are a few robes in the back if you prefer /not/ to strip in front of a crowd"

Katrina laughs softly and kisses Arianna's cheek, "I'd like that a lot yes." she teases lightly. Her attention move to the show going on, "You know you want to. It's art and you can't stand the idea of missing a chance to be a part of that."

Mikael moves over to Tomoko with a bright smile, "I shall do yours in special fluorescent paints. It will give a special effect when the proper lights are turned upon it. What I lack in talent I make up for in creativity, oui? If you will trust me?" Mikael hears his name faintly and glances over at Arianna and smiles to her, "Bonsoir, Sheriff. It is wonderful that you could join us tonight."

Heathen snorts a moment. "This is Madeline's Elysium. Anyone fighting over Mikael will be politely asked to take it to Secrets, where they will get thrashed within an inch of their un-lives. Weather that inch is before or after is uncertain." This all said as he pulls Asheton out of sight to 'assist' him in being properly dressed for the part.

Madeline laughs brightly and nods to Katrina and Arianna, "simply pick your artist and I'm sure they'll help you when they're finished" she winks, leading Angie over to Olek "Primogen, are you enjoying yourself?"

Paige just tilts her head, then smirks, motioning Amelie to get herself comfortable. Checking over and testing out the airbrushes at her disposal.

Asheton blinks as he's tugged along, looking terribly uncertain about the matter.

Oleksiy smiles just a little to Madeline "This is.. unlike the events I am used to.. but I have always been a bit stogie. " he doesn’t sound angry "No one could argue the beauty of those of your clan that are here though. " He bows slightly to her "Nor of the artwork being incredible on them."

Tomoko waves off any concern, "There is no reason to be worried, after all it is just paint. Even if it was horrible it can be washed off." She grins, "Of course it is me we are talking about, so it would probably look cute even if it was full body zombie makeup." She giggles. "Of course your last one look very beautiful, so I am not worried about any of that, I trust you."

Madeline smiles gently at Asheton's discomfit but knows Heathen will handle it. Turning back to Olek she smiles up at him, wearing the paint like an elegant gown. "I am only sorry your Lady wife could not join us. She would very likely volunteer to be made up don’t you think?"

Arianna grins back Mikael's way and then turns a smirk over on Heathen, "I think you're forgetting how vicious the verbal warfare can be." Then she hmms and wonders between Kat who's close at hand and Madeline who brought it up, "Who even are the artists tonight?"

Mikael guides Tomoko to a stool, and turns her around so her long back is to him. "Merci, Mademoiselle. I shall create your design mostly upon your back." He leans over and whispers to her, "A waterfall, your beautiful long hair will seem like the water under the light."

Madeline turns to Arianna "Mikael and Heathen, with a late entry of Paige" she smiles, clearly happy with how things are turning out. She takes a drink from a passing tray "merci"

Angie walks with Madeline as she leads them to Oleksiy. At that point Angie gives a small curtsy and stands by as she listens.

Amelie sits comfortably, crossing her legs, holding her hands together on her knees. She waits and wonders - just how will this feel?

Heathen tugs Asheton back out wearing nothing but golden speedos and quickly getting the airbrush started.

Ashe isn’t ashamed of his near nudity, but he's not meeting eyes either as he moves to sit down "So...what are you going to do?" he asks Heathen.

Madeline turns to note Asheton's arrival and smiles, wondering what Heathen will aspire to with the lovely man's skin. She nods to Amelie as Paige gets started "i promise it only tickles Madame Keeper"

Tomoko moves to the stool and sits down and lets Mikael start working on her back. Sit sits there elegantly, a beautiful canvas for the paint.

It might tickle a lot. Paige is starting down at Amelie's feet, taking in a deep breath, and then falling into a sort of trance as she starts to go. "Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in e minor, please."

Amelie holds out her foot, as if she were a dancer, but she never really was. "Ooo... it does tickle!" And it would feel cold, but well... cold does not really bother them.

Heathen as with others, he starts at the toes and works his way up. This time, the foundation in black, following up with some gold trims. "Last time I did this was on the beach... but sand can so easily get into the paint..."

Madeline blinks at Paige's request then nods to the jazz band. None of them have a violin but one nods and pulls up the music on the house system, piping it into the room.

Katrina is zoned out a bit, just watching things as they progress. Not the dreaded Toreador freeze, just really caught up in the process and watching how the pictures start to take shape.

Asheton glances down, grinning a bit to Heathen as he paints, watching him intently "I would imagine so"

Mikael glances over to Heathen and then to Paige and he smiles. "A wonderful choice, Mademoiselle." His full attention then goes to Tomoko, using the Celerity again to quickly start in on blended blues which he literally paints her entire back and buttocks with.

Madeline kisses Angie's cheek, the side not covered in roses "go enjoy yourself dearest" she winks and smiles at Arianna again "So, will you be joining us?"

Mikael moves to Tomoko quickly blends in black and darkest greens to create the rocks and surrounding scenery from Tomoko's lower back up to the shoulders, creating the formation of the

Heathen gets out the blues, and golds, and reds. Getting helpers to work on the face. The design is vaguely south American, and definitely with a floral nature as it begins to take shape.

Angie nods and smiles to Madeline before she heads to the bar to get her drink. She pulls her bag from behind the bar and checks her phone before going back to her soda, nibbling on a cherry.

Madeline sips her drink and smiles as she watches Heathen work on Asheton and nods to Mikael and Tomoko "We set up the lights especially for his work on you tonight Mademoiselle"

Arianna hmms to Madeline's question, ganging up on her with Katrina, "Mmm, maybe. A bit of tough girl face paint imagery could be fun. I do have a story to dig into later."

Oleksiy doesn’t interrupt much of anything, but unless he is directly addressed, he will mostly stay quiet and observe

Asheton grins a bit as it gets a touch tickly "Hey now"

Mikael carefully moves Tomoko's hair out of the way and starts to cover both of her arms in the blue blends before he quickly blends black and darkest greens on his palette. He starts to create the rocks and surrounding scenery from Tomoko's lower back up to the shoulders, creating the formation of the waterfalls, complete with green highlights over the rocks for the living foliage. He is moving at a fairly quick rate as he has a lot of skin to cover. He glances then over to Madeline at her words, "And I do not think you will be disappointed in the effect that it creates."

Madeline smiles warmly at Asheton's reaction then nods to Arianna "I am looking forward to what yuo have done, who will you select as your artist?" she asks the other Toreador then smiles at Mikael "I am never disappointed in you mon ami"

Tomoko just sits there patiently as the work is done, "I am sure it will end up looking very beautiful."

Katrina continues to watch and smiles as Arianna talks about getting some work done, "This could be fun to watch." she teases lightly.

Angie grabs her drink and moves from the bar, careful to not smudge the paint. She moves to where Mikael is and stands near as he paints Tomoko, watching in fascination

Heathen pastes some golden beads at even intervals, and opens up a small box, kissing Asheton on the top of the head before adding the final touch. A golden, leafy headdress. "T least you can check yourself in a mirror..." http://www.imaginecircus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/14409856_10101576608640707_1444871921141309846_o.jpg

Madeline tips her head to watch all three artists and smiles "Is the music helping Paige?" she asks

Asheton blinks as he raises a headdress. "I'd have done something with my hair if you'd warned me" he teases, brow cocked. "May I look?"

Mikael glances to the other artists, and his eyes widen at Heathen's astonishing work on Asheton. His eyes shift to what Paige is doing but quickly return to Tomoko as he adds in creams and white for the fine tuning. He whispers again to Tomoko, "Heathen's is magnificent but yours will be as well, just different. I think it might be hard to choose a winner if a contest is actually held with voting."

Paige is very very quiet as she works, which may be a bit uncomfortable, as she has... a lot to do, even if she is hastening herself.

It starts at Amelie's left foot, the winged and horned beast that tries to pull itself vainly from the freezing ice that entraps his waist, then up from there to the pits and punishments of fraud along her ankle. Her brushing elongating becoming larger as she stretches up along the side of the leg as she pivots to the side in a long, growing ribbon. The boiling blood seas, and bleeding trees that poke forth from them give way to burning tombs, and men who fight upon a frozen river, further up still to men who walk through freezing rain carrying heavy boulders, and others blown fitfully about by sand and dust consumed wind. It ends at Amelie's waist with a table of toga clad men who look mournfully down at those below, yet refuse to look up, and what was denied to them.

For up...The men and woman who broke their vows on the ever changing surface of the moon, and the rise of mercury behind it, and with it the men who did good but for the fame it brought them. The clouds of Venus, filled with the flitting souls of those who gave into their love.

There is a pause there, the burning half sphere of a sun, and the wisdom it entails, giving way to the red sands of mars, and the marks of the weapons of those that fought for their faith. Jupiter makes it's way across Amelie's breasts, because even now, Paige will have her joke, sat upon like a throne by Constantine, who looks to the rings of Saturn upon which monks sit in meditation.

Across her shoulders, the night sky, and the fixed stars, pin pricks of light, those man has always look to for hope. And standing upon those stars, and running up Amelie's neck, a bevy of angels, painted into each other, a crowd, all with their arms outstretched, as if to hold up and separate from the rest, Amelie's untouched face.

Oleksiy Looks on at what Paige does and he smiles just a little bit "If your going to do it." he claps his hands softly "I am glad you did it right Ms Sands."

Heathen gets a mirror for Asheton. "No, no. These are quickies. Hand brushing a full body work .. that'd be a trip."

Mikael's eyes widen further as he looks over at Paige finishing off Amelie. "Very tough competition," he murmurs to himself before he adds the final strokes of bluish white to create the actual falls. He steps back then and motions for the waiting attendants to adjust the lights. As the lights change the artwork seems to come alive on Tomoko's back, and with every move she makes it appears that water is cascading from her head and down her back, tumbling over the water. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/47/96/06/47960653973aefc267a4f163d33e9ca8.jpg

Katrina pauses and lets her mouth drop just a little as the picture on Amelie is revealed. She stares awkwardly. Nothing like she's seen before. Not much she can say to fit what she is looking at. She looks at Arianna and smirks a little, "You get painted I'll get painted if one wants to paint me."

Madeline steps over to admire each artists work and smiles "c'est magnifique" she says and sighs in admiration of each piece completed or not "wonderful"

Angie looks to Mikael's art and Paige's art "Wow, you guys have done an amazing job!" She takes a sip from her glass, watching in awe.

Arianna remarks to Katrina, "The impressive artistry does make it tempting, I suppose. Not that I have ideas to request or anything." She smirks a bit, "I haven't played artist's model in ages."

Madeline looks to her clanmate and smiles "perhaps you should"

Katrina shakes her head and admits, "I don't know what I'd want either so I guess we'll just enjoy the show for now." She looks at

Madeline and grins, "This one is trying to get us both out of clothes though I think." She offers Madeline a polite nod to show that she is teasing.

Tomoko giggles and nods to Madeline, "Yeah, this is your chance to do all this for fun. It would probably cost money to have someone paint you up some other time."

Madeline turns with a wink for Arianna and Katrina "Come on in, the water is fine" she teases then smiles at TOmoko "oh indeed they could each of them charge a pretty penny for their work"

Heathen gives Katrina a smirk and Arianna a wink. "Now would I ask for an event like this just to ogle beautiful naked people?"

"Unfortunately, I rarely have the motivation anymore." Paige finally notes, shrugging her shoulders slightly as she cleans brush, and steps away from her work. "It is rare for me to do anything besides play the same pieces on the violin over the past few months."

Gabriel D would, but doesn't speak up about it, he simply watches, admiring their work.

Mikael gives a bow to Tomoko and the audience, "Merci." He smirks over at Heathen. "Oui, oui you would." He glances to Arianna and Katrina. "Did I hear that we had more willing to be our canvases?"

Mikael glances to Paige, "But when you do decide to do something it is truly a masterpiece, Mademoiselle. I pale in both your and Heathen's shadows."

Arianna suggests to Mikael, "I think that depends on how generous one wants to be with the term "willing"." She smiles at him, "You have more ideas?"

Madeline nods to Paige "Well you nearly were Toreador madame scourge" she smiles then applauds the three artists "merci beau coup for your talent and sharing it with us tonight" before she smiles at Arianna and nods "I’m sure they have many more ideas cher"

Mikael hands Arianna a book of photos, designs and stencils. "There are quite a few there to chose from. It would depend on what you were considering. There is everything from flowers and scenery to superheroes and mythical beasts. It is limited only to your imagination."

"I believe, more accurately Primogen. I was almost a Ravnos." Paige gives a small quirk of her lips, and then a small chuckle. "If my blood had been stronger, it would have been entirely moot."

Arianna hmms skeptically, but takes the book to start flipping through the images.

Madeline gives Paige a wink and turns to those watching "What do you all think, do you have a favorite so far?" she asks, indicating herself, Amelie, Angie and Tomoko

Katrina looks over Arianna's shoulder to look at he pages as well, curious what there is to see, listening to Mikael's comments about what is inside.

Arianna suggests after a bit, "I suppose some of these beasties are pretty nifty. Dragons and gryphons and snakes and stuff."

Tomoko sways back and forth then struts around the room, pausing briefly to give a pose here and there so everyone gets a good look at the art drawn on her back.

Madeline smiles as the lights strike Tomoko's painting just right "They are all beautiful if you ask me" and smiles over at Arianna "perhaps we will do this again some night?"

Mikael says, “Each, I think is unique, beautiful in their own way.”

"Art is meant to be appreciated, not compared." Paige waves her hand slightly. "Unless it is the same subject, in the same style."

Madeline makes a point of thanking all three artists personally and then the other canvases, even poor Asheton who got roped in at the last minute. "It was more a jest than a true request for votes Paige" she smiles "No one could compare the five works done tonight, each is remarkable in its own way"

Katrina considers the pictures for a time and nods, "Something with an eagle grasping a snake maybe." she muses thoughtfully. She shrugs,"Sorry. Heritage talking."

Heathen sits on the unoccupied stool, looking around at the painted people with a wide, self satisfied grin. "Maybe next time, I'll have someone give me an 'elephant', and I can helicopter spin..."

Oleksiy sees that the evening is winding down, so he heads for the door. giving a polite nod to Madeline, before he disappears outside

"Heath...." Paige raises up her brows as she returns to her cello case. "I swear to Caine, I will blow it off."

Madeline laughs "not in Elysium Paige" but shakes her finger at Heathen before she retrieves her robe

Mikael smiles to Madeline, "It is our pleasure. I am pleased that it was enjoyed." He starts putting the paint brushes into their cleaning solution and straightening up, but he waits to see if Arianna makes a decision. He asks her, "You need not to it tonight if you wish. We could always do it another time."

Gabriel D stands and smiles, nodding to the artists, "Thank you all for all you wonderful works tonight, this was a fun evening. Alas I must be going, research to be done and all." he says before making his way toward the exit.

Madeline slips her robe on and ties it finally covering up all her beauty that was out for the world to see "Thank you Gabriel" then turns to take her leave of the others before moving to the back and out of the public eye.

Amelie looks down upon the stunning creation that Paige has made of her and is astonished. "Merci, Paige. This is amazing. Merci."

"Hardly, hardly." Paige waves her hand into the air softly. "I just had really good canvas."

Katrina looks down at her phone as it buzzes. She sighs and looks at the screen and puts it away,"I swear. I'm going ot kill that woman one of these days," she mutters and puts it away. Her attention goes to Arianna and she mutters,"Slight issue at the club. I'll deal with it."

Tomoko gets her stuff as some people start to head off, "It was fun everyone, though I got things to do as well." She lifts a hand and waves to everyone. She leaves the paint on as she heads out, so everyone can get one last view of her back as she leaves.

Mikael finishes cleaning up and takes the supplies out to the vehicles.