2019.10.13: San Miguel Surf Trip

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San Miguel Surf Trip.
A group of people decided to take a day trip down to San Miguel for a day in the surf and sun.
IC Date 10/12/2019.
IC Time All Day.
Players Dom, Jenna, River, Seth, Archimedes, Hayden, Jade Lambert, Sedna, Sandy, and Daize
Location The Coracle, Saint Miguel, and Ensenada.

OnABoat.jpg The morning was certainly crisp as sunrise temps were sub-60s, so the sun is just beginning to warm the occupants of the boat. Still, by the time that Daize and crew get down to Ensenada, the sun is out and reaches nearly 70 degrees. The north wind is fair, hitting around 3 knots. So it's a bit chilly, but we're on a boat! Music is playing from a tiny speaker box. Daize has opted to go with simply wearing her rashguard while lounging on the bow of the boat.

Jenna has came to the docks dressed in her beach wear.. as she gets on the boat she joins Daize on the Bow of the boat just relaxing as the boat works it way out to where they would need to be she looks and smiles. Having brought River along too.. it's awsome day for a boat.

River smiles and waves as she says "Heya guys" and offers a wave. Dom and Jenna get one arm hugs and she smiles to Archimedes and offers a friendly little wave as she does not know him well enough for hugs just yet.

Just sit right back and we'll sing a tale, a tail of a fateful trip. Ok, so Prosepct isn't exactly a tropical port and the Coracle certainly isn't the Minnow. For one thing it's actually got a sound system, so the bluetooth speakers aren't necessary. There's also a lot more room to move around on the boat as Dom takes it down the coast toward Ensenada. The boat moves along at a lively clip, about 20-30 knots depending on the surface and it is never out of sight of land, being only a mile or two off shore for most of the trip.

HowFar.jpg When the start of the next song starts to play (apparently, the blonde surfer chick put together a random sampling of songs for a playlist -- though other songs are welcome to play), Daize starts to move to the very front of the boat. She holds onto the rails as she starts to sing along, ~I've been staring at the edge of the water, long as I can remember... never really knowing why. I wish I could be the perfect daughter, but I come back to the water no matter how hard try~ No, the surfer chick is not a singer by any stretch of the imagination; however this is a Disney show-tune. How can one not perform to such music?!

River smiles to daize as she says "You sing nice." She tne pulls open her pack removing a bottle of water and taking as drink as she looks to Jenna "So a lovely cruse to go out and scrape mold. You take me to the nicest places."

One of the stranger features of the Coracle is that it has a semi-retractable roof, the glass area over the cockpit being able to slide back over the rest of the roof sort of like a targa top car. There is also a glass wall that can be dropped down into the sole of the boat which can separate the cockpit from the aft dining saloon.

Since it's a nice day Dom has the roof back and the partition dropped, exposing more of the boat to the sun and the air as he steers. The radio occasionally squawks with the transmissions of other boats and the various ships that patrol the area.

Jenna smiles to river as she listens to Daize sing and then smiles to her as well. "Oh, lovely indeed.. Oh, River trust me ill take you more nicer places don't worru. "?

The song continues to play with the blonde surfer shifting her gaze from the shoreline to the horizon, checking out the different sights that are to be seen. After all, there could be a whale sighting! Still, as the song reaches another part ~... I can satisfy if I play along, but the voice inside sings a different a song...~ She certain 'hams' up the performance as she continues, ~... What is wrong with me?!~ She takes a moment to scan the surf, but continues her performance with the song, ~See the light as it shines on the sea, it's blinding! But no one knows how deep it goes. And it seems like it's calling out to me 'So come find me'~

Appearing dockside in the requisite beachwear, Archimedes comes about with a bag thrown over his shoulder that could contain a host of things. For now, it's zipped. As he comes aboard the boat, he does make overtures towards its impressiveness. He does make his way out to the bow of the boat as well, having found a rail to hang onto as he hangs his legs over the side of the boat. In between verses, he looks towards Jenna and then River, "Is this a Disney song?"

Since everyone was meeting at an ungodly hour (at least in Dom's opinion, 8 am is ungodly) Dom has made sure that the boat is well stocked with breakfast provisions, in addition to food for the rest of the day. There's a selection of cold cereals including shredded wheat, granola, and Cap'n Crunch along with eggs, bacon, sliced ham, and frozen hashbrowns for those more adventurous who want to take advantage of the galley.

Daize turns to look at Archie as he questions the origin of the song that's being played over the sound system. Ok, so it's a bit 'childish' but this song on the playlist came from Daize - obviously. She says with pride, though she has that stoner laugh, "Dude, of course it's Disney." She then looks back out to the water, "But, it's totally awesome, man. I love listening to that song."

Jenna looks to Arch with a warm smile "Hiya How you doing this morning? " she looks to see where Dom is and of course she spots him where he would be. "Dom do you have coffee? Coffee would be great about now.. I think everyone could use me a pick me up? "

Flashing a wisp of a smile, Archimedes shakes his head, "Oh, I wasn't speaking ill of it. Just questioning its origin..." He then looks out towards the water, continuing, "...and place in the universe." His attention is brought back to the boat by Jenna, to whom he nods, "Quite well! Thank you." At the mention of coffee, he visibly perks up. He looks first to Jenna, then to Dom, "You have coffee?"

Dom is currently driving the boat. While it is possible to walk away briefly from the wheel it isn't as though it is an airplane with an autopilot so someone has to spend time keeping the boat on course and making sure not to run into anyone else who might be out on the water.

"There's a coffee maker down in the galley below," he says to Jenna. "If you want to just bring it up and put it in the sitting area it might be easier for people." He gestures to the small table sitting area just behind the pilot's seat. "It would save them from going up and down the stairs. Mugs are in the cupboard over the stove."

Jenna smiles as she motions to River to follow. "River would you mind helping me go down and get the coffee and things I need ? " She smiles to her. Then speaks to Dom with a smile. "That's all I needed to know.. and I love your boat btw looks even nicer in the day light. Do you need coffee or anything Dom?"

The songs continue to play, shifting to the next one. Not necessarily a show-tune, but it's certainly upbeat. It is definitely another song that has reached Daize's approval, though she's not singing along this time. As people are talking about coffee, she simply sits down to let her legs dangle over the side of the boat.

~Into your head, into your mind
Out of your soul, race through your veins
You can't escape, you can't escape

Into your life, into your dreams
Out of the dark, sunlight again
You can't explain, you can't explain

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
Rushing through your hair, rushing through your hair...~

River smiles and nods to jenna as she moves to help her.

Dom laughs to Jenna and says, "Oh, god yes, please. Cream and sugar. I should have thought about how early we were going to be heading out."

Jenna listens to Dom and grins "Okay.. one huge cup of coffee with cream and sugar coming up. Do you have a thermos you want it in? Or just a cup. " She asks before her and river make thier way to the galley to get the coffee stuffs,

"Just a mug is fine," Dom says to Jenna, "especially if you set up the coffee maker up here. I can just top off then as I need it. By the way, could you do me a favor and make sure everyone knows that if anyone needs to they can go and have a lie down in one of the cabins?"

Jenna looks to everyone on the boat shortly after he tells her that. "So, if you need to lay down in one of the cabins feel free.. Though one of the Cabins are occuipied River needed to go lay down. I think I woke her up to early. " Soon she is bringing the coffee maker and goes back for the rest then it's all out.

Daize just continues to watch the shoreline as the music plays. She sways back and forth to the music, tapping the edge of the boat to help with the percussions. Because obviously, recorded music doesn't have enough bass as it is. Or something. Or whatever. Another song plays as it's catchy and upbeat...

~Never knew I was from, never felt like I belong
Blood runs deep, but the river is wide
And I'm lost in the water, far away from the tide.

Now I'm floating, and it's peaceful
But something's not quite right
Yea, I'm floating, and it's peaceful
But something's not quite right

Pull me back in, and I'm ready to find my home
Pull me back in, so I know I'm not alone...~

Dom smiles to Jenna as she sets up the coffee maker. "Bless you," he says, "I'm sorry that River had to go and lie down. Still, everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves."

Pulling his legs back onto the boat proper, Archimedes looks over towards Daize and gestures over his shoulder, "Rumor has it that there's going to be coffee in the sitting area." Holding on to the rail, he lifts himself up to a standing position, looking a little green as he seems to hold of for dear life for a moment. As things settle out, he laughs and then starts walking from the bow towards the cockpit. All few feet of travel.

Daize looks up and over towards Archie as he spreads coffee gossip. She offers a lopsided grin at the man, "Awesome, dude." She gets up from her seated position, navigating towards the aft. She then laughs merrily, "Dude, don't hurl on the boat, man." She gestures to the side, "Do it overboard cause I ain't cleaning that shit up."

Jenna smiles to Dom. "Oh, no problem at all. I don't mind helping out not one bit. I am very nice in that perspective. So.. I see that Daize is doing much better. And yes that thing did work out for me.. though still learning. She leans close to Dom to whisper something in his ear.

Dom listens to what Jenna whispers. "That sounds amazing," he says. "I've got to learn more about that. None of my books really cover that kind of stuff. He then greets Daize and Archimedes as the head into the sitting area. Casting an eye at Archie he says to Jenna, "There's some ginger ale in the fridge down in the galley. Could you do me a favor and get a can for Archimedes?" He then says to Archimedes, "I've got some Dramamine as well if you need it."

Jenna caresses dom's back with a smile. "Sure thing buddy.. " She then glances over to Daize and Arch with a smile before she heads off to go get what Dom asked her for. Soon she comes back and hands Archmedies the Can of Gingerale. "So.. Daize did you bring some party favors?"

Looking back towards Daize for a moment, Archimedes rolls his eyes and then replies, "With the ratio of water to boat, surely I couldn't even miss." He enters the cockpit, nodding to Dom and saying, "I may just take you up on that. I'm further removed from my seafaring ancestry than I originally thought." He drops down into one of the chairs, looking towards Dom now, "Thank you for the ride down to the surfing competition. I've never been."

The next song lines up as Daize enters the sitting area with that lopsided grin of hers

~... As the midnight sky falls down around me
I'll make diamonds from the dust
I don't care what people talk about me
I know one thing that's enough

I make the rules as I go. No, I'm not sorry
Don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way
I make the rules as I go. Ain't gonna worry
Don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way~

Daize looks to Jenna, "We can save the left handed cigarettes for a little later, dude." She laughs merrily, but then looks to Dom with a lopsided grin, "How close are we to the Isla Todos Santos?" She makes sure to put an emphasis on the spanish pronunciation of the last three words - not that she really speaks Spanish.

"Did you want to go there first or Saint Miguel?" Dom asks Daize. "I thought Todos would be for after you at practiced. It doesn't make a whole lot of difference either way. Just a small change in course."

For Hayden's benefit, people have gathered near the sitting area which is close to where Dom is. Coffee has been brewed and the aroma whaffs up into the air. Music is also playing out over the sound system.

Hayden stretches and pokes his head up "Coffee?"

Jenna grins to the other woman "Oh.. not now talking about way later honestly. It's too early for them now dontcya think? "She then begins to make Dom his coffee and comes to him hands it to Dom. "Oh,.. here you go dom.. Your coffee. But yhah, she told me about that I beleive. Maybe I'll see you around there sometime. " Soon she is looking to Hayden with a smile. "Hello.. I don't beleive we have met I am Jenna. "

Shifting gears, the music starts to play something that begins with a banjo?! What the hell, Daize? Country music? It just shows how ecclectic her musical tastes can be.

~I'm meetin' my buddies out on the lake
We're headed out to a special place (We love!)
That just a few folks know
There's no signin' up, no monthly dues
Take your Johnson, your Mercury or your Evinrude and fire it up
Meet us out at party cove
Come on in the waters fine
Just idle on over, and toss us a line

Basstrackers, Bayliners and a party barge,
Strung together like a floatin' trailer park
Anchored out and gettin' loud all summer long
Side by side there's five houseboat front porches
Astroturf, lawn chairs and tiki torches
Regular joes, rockin' the boat that's us
The Redneck Yacht Club~

<OOC> Daize says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI7Ghu1FpnQ"

Dom accepts the coffee from Jenna and blows on it to try and cool it so he can consume as much caffeine as possible. He looks to the GPS to check the course and see about adjusting it in case Daize wants to go to Todos Santos before going to Saint Miguel.

Watching the coffee maker from the corner of his eye. As the last drip makes its way through the filter, Archimedes is in line. He takes a mug, pours himself a cup of black. He returns to one of the seats and sits down, "Tell me, Dom. At which point does a boat change from conveying only the neccesities of a trip to the neccesities of life?" He takes a sip of the still steaming hot coffee and sighs.

Hayden waves to Jenna. "I am hayden."

Daize laughs merrily at Dom, "Oh yea, we're going to San Miguel." She wrinkles her nose, "Yea, we should probably go there." She shakes her head, "Isla Todos Santos has the best surfing during low tide."

Dom laughs to Archimedes. "I don't think there's any particular point," he says. "You can find some pretty small boats that people live on. Probably only about 20 feet. It's only going to be a single cabin and they'll be eating off of a camp stove, but it still works. This? I'm not sure I'd say it has all the necessities, not for long term at least, but then it isn't suppose to. I just use it for trips like this, diving, and when it gets too hot to sleep back in the city."

Jenna makes her self some coffee and finds a seat in the sitting area and slides in one.. as she sips her coffee.. it's hot for sure but that's why she is sipping it.

The song selections move from one country song to another, but the upbeat beach vibe is still there, even if it's a bunch of rednecks playing their songs.

~...Four days flew by like a drunk Friday night
As the summer drew to an end
They can't believe that I just couldn't leave
And I bid adieu to my friends
'Cause my bartender she's from the islands
Her body's been kissed by the sun
And coconut replaces the smell of the bar
And I don't know if it's her or the Rum~

<OOC> Daize says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB8Nkn3Xjes"

Hayden grabs a coffee and sits near Jenna.

Daize collects her coffee, making sure to color it with cream and to add a couple of helpings of sugar. Once stirred, Daize moves back to the side of the boat. Unlike others, she likes hanging over the side of the boat and being close to the water. She craddles her cup of coffee, savoring the flavor and its warmth.

Jade was either up late last night or is perhaps just an inveterate napper, as she has apparently tucked herself away somewhere quiet and dozed away for who knows how long. Now that she reappears, she looks slightly unkempt and is still blinking sleep out of her eyes, but hey -- it's not like this is a job interview, right? Right!

Looking towards Hayden as he appears, Archimedes gives a quick nod to the new arrival, then one to Jade as well. He watches Daize head back out to the bow of the boat. He blinks after a moment and then calls after her, "You forgot we were going to San Miguel in specific, or forgot the order of the trip?" He then adds, off-handedly, "Asking for a friend."

Daize looks over her shoulder after savoring a sip of her coffee, and responds with, "Dude." It's as if this is the only response she can give. Since Dom is idle, he'd probably explain that Daize is known to be... forgetful, or just loses focus from time to time. Fortunately, there are people like Dom who are actually driving and know how to stick to plans and is not so chaotic.

As the next song lines up for playing, this one is not so much country; however, it is folksy. Given that the song was released many moons before Daize's birth year, and that she has a tight relationship with her step dad, this song is probably one of his. Still, it's just one of those songs...

~Think about how many times I have fallen
Spirits are using me larger voices callin'.
What heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten.

I have been around the world,
Lookin' for that woman/girl,
Who knows love can endure.
And you know it will.
And you know it will.~

Jenna looks to Hayden with a smile. "So.. How are you doing this fine evening? " Then she looks to Daize with a smile to her as well. "So.. Daize do you have a shorter nickname.. I want to call you Daisy but not sure if that is allowed. Your certainly pretty like a flower. Soon She looks to Jade with a smile. "Hello there, I'm Jenna btw. Good morning. " She then looks to Archmedies with a thughtful smile. "Soo.. I'm sorry we didn't get to chat more before.. but hey I'm sure we will chat more on this trip right?

Jade, who's just showed up on deck, blinks owlishly at Archimedes, then at Jenna. "Am I still waking up," she asks, "have I just forgotten you from sometime when I was super, super drunk, or have we never met? Either one's good, I just want to make sure I know which is which." Apparently she can still look fabulous even just having rolled out of one of the berths in the t-shirt and jean shorts she slept in. It's vaguely unfair. "Either way, I'm Jade Lambert. Um, nice to meet you?" she guesses.

Daize looks a little confused at Jenna, Daize being the first syllable of Daisy. Not really sure how things can get shortened from there. Still, she does offer up a different nickname, "My step dad and his friends called me Gidget."

<OOC> Daize says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cBsnopTVmo"

River Finaly comes out from below as she says "Okay I think I got my sea ssickness under control."

Archimedes blinks, looks around, and then raises an eyebrow towards Jade. He then smiles, "I don't think we've been acquainted. Archimedes Andrews." He then gestures, "There's a coffee pot right over there if you want a cup." He's carry a mug himself, as are a few others. Looking at River, he nods his head and then says, "I almost had a bout of it himself. Nothing ginger ale and coffee couldn't sort out."

Another one of those songs that has to be played, but pre-dates Daize's existance. Again, you can thank her step dad for this song being in her sailing playlist.

~Now away in the near future
Southeast of disorder
You can shake the hand of the mango man
As he greets you at the border

And the lady she hails from Trinidad
Island of the spices
Salt for your meat, and cinnamon sweet
And the rum is for all your good vices...~

<OOC> Daize says, "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeXeUUCpOYg"

Hayden sips his black coffee and watches the horizon.

"Okay!" Jade says, rather cheerful now that the question of whether she's supposed to know these people or not has been settled. Honestly, she was pretty cheerful already, but this /does/ help. "So 'nice to meet you' was the right call. Ooh, coffee! Hey, where are we?" she asks, while she's in the process of getting herself some coffee. Or, perhaps more accurately, while she's in the process of adding a little coffee to her milk and sugar.

Finally, the sailing cruise reaches it's destination: Ensenada and the beaches that can be found there! The Coracle, Dom's ship, remains about a mile off the shore line. For those that are wishing to hit the beach, there is a tender boat thingie or something - whatever the proper word is. For Daize, she finishes her coffee and then disappears into the cabin for a few moments. When she returns to the deck, she's carrying her signature pink shortboard.

Jenna looks to Dom as the boat is ancoired for those that want to get off the beach of course they would.. But it is a bit early for her to go to the beach so instead she just relaxes and enjoys it. "So.. Dom you going out to the beach or staying back a bit? I wanted to speak to you about some things. " She looks to river and smiles "You going to the beach river or staying aboard?"

Looking towards Jenna, Archimedes nods, "Sure, I don't see why not." He then adds, back to Jade this time, "Indeed, and it's good coffee as well." As they approach Ensenda, Archimedes stands and retrieves his bag. Looking towards Daize, he grins and shakes his head, "I'm not entirely sure how that surfing thing works. Seems like a multitude of different directions to fall off."

Dom shrugs his shoulders slightly to Jenna. "I thought I'd hit the beach with everyone else he says." The tender is a small boat with an inflatable top that is stored in the back of the Coracle which can hold about six people. It takes a little wrangling to get it out from where it is stored and it takes two trips to get everyone to the shore but the Coracle can be parked pretty close to shore so it doesn't take long to get everyone to the beach.

River says, "I forgot to bring my board or id surf too." She grumbles and says "I guss lets go down to the beach.""

Narration time: despite Daize's tendencies to forget things and simply go along with the flow, one of the purposes of this day trip down to San Miguel was to check out the surf. After all, she wants to participate in the Wildcoast Surf Competition which has its next leg in San Miguel. She wanted to come down to get a feel for the surf - after all, the surf here rolls right while the surf in Prospect rolls left. However, there are reports that the bacteria levels in the water are above approved norms.

And they're there! Almost as soon as anchor is dropped, Jade bolts down the rest of her coffee and disappears belowdecks for a minute or five before reappearing in a cute blue floral-pattern bikini and carrying a board of her own, along with a sort of water-resistant tote-bag sort of thing that she can sling over her shoulders. No staying on the boat for this girl! Nor is she apparently even /remotely/ concerned by the prospect of high bateria levels. Oh, she's not going to drink the seawater or anything, but she doesn't show a moment's hesitation about whether to go ashore and play in the surf or not.

Jenna follows all those who go back down to the beach with her beach bag of course.. "Okay, lets go to the beach it couldn't hurt honestly. "She smiles to river and Dom. "Hayden you coming? "

Daize, standing at the edge of the boat, tosses her pink shortboard into the ocean. She then jumps into the water after it. She twists in the air, so that she can stick her tongue out at Archie before splashing down into the water. She swims over to the board so that she can paddle closer to the coast. If need be, she'll wait for the tender to help her reach the break a little quicker. Still, it's all about the surf for her!

Hayden has no board but is dressed for the beach.

Dom was already pretty much dressed for the water. A quick change from his shorts to a pair of trunks is all that's really required which he takes care of before ferrying people to the beach. One advantage of not having a monstrous ship like some other people, the draft for the Coracle is a lot less and he's able to pull the boat to within a few hundred yards of the shore before dropping anchor. It is perhaps not the wisest course of action but since Dom knows he won't be unlucky enough to hit a hidden sand bar he's not too concerned.

As the tender gets closer and closer to the shore line, the water temps get a little more chilly than before. But that's nothing too far out of the ordinary. It's common place. Maybe the drop in temperature could be a little disconcerting, but the Pacific is always known for being cold, even in the summer months.

The tender easily reaches where the surf breaks and where those wish to surf can be dropped off. Otherwise, if you're not in the water, it's assumed you're on the beach to enjoy the sand and the fire pit and to watch those surfing.

Daize is one of those people, obviously, paddling towards the break so that she can get in. The corduroy set of waves is just perfect for surfing. It's just a matter of time, waiting for the right wave to hit.

River fishes out one of Daizes boards and walks over tot oss it down to the water and then simply jumps over the side and swims to it. She then starts to paddle right behind the Daize one.

Hayden finds a comfy place to sit on the beach and relax . He stretches and starts to watch the waves.

Jenna that's excatly where Jenna is headed is the beach she isn't here to surf. Instead she is on the beach on her towel that can fit 3 people at least. Not to super big.. She looks to where River heads and smiles. "Enjoy your selves. "

As Daize jumps overboard and sticks her tongue out at him, Archimedes smirks. He picks up his go-bag of sciency stuff and throws it over his shoulder before he heads back out to the stern of the boat and to the tender. As surfers get dropped off, Archimedes reaches into his bag and retrieves a small vial. He reaches down, scooping up a sample of the water here before putting a cap on it.

Hardly a surprise, given her enthusiasm for all things beach-related and her complete disdain for cold water temperatures, that Jade would also be another of those over the side with a board. She does have one of her own, albeit it's not terribly fancy, and she's patient enough to wait for the others to catch their own waves in before she tries one for herself.

DaizeTrick.jpg Daize easily takes priority as she can read a wave like the way people read a billboard sign. She paddles and catches the first wave. She rides the wave down to the bottom, so that she can hit the bottom turn and gain velocity. She easily twists and turns so that she's riding back up to the lip of the wave. When she reaches the top, she causes the funboard to slide along the lip - doing a front side cut back. For those watching from the shore? She basically causes a spray of water to go out as if someone took a hand or a forearm along the surface of a pool of water and pushed it out.

With several people choosing to take boards in there are enough seat in the tender freed up for Dom to bring a large cooler loaded with drinks along with a large box loaded up with snacks along with one of the radios. He leaves the second aboard the boat so that those dozing in the cabins can radio if they should need the tender.

With everything fairly well secured he takes his shoes off and walks along the sand, about ankle deep in the chilly water.

River padles out and catches her wave as she pops up and stands in a slightly slouching position. She isnt fance about her tenique as she has not been doing it nearly long enough to be in the same league as the others.

As the surfers are dropped off and the tender continues on to the shore, Archimedes hops out to help pull it in. He then reaches into his bag, getting another test tube and taking another water sample closer to the shoreline. He walks up onto the beach, pulling a large towel from his bag. He unrolls it and then lays it out on the sand, falling onto it a moment later. From the bag, he continues to pull things out. A microscope. Slides. Additional larger test tubes half-filled with a blue liquid.

Jenna looks to Dom and the other's with a smile. "So.. this was a lovely idea Dom.. I need a favor from you.. can you rub some oil on my back so I can tan.. just something to do really. "

JadeTrick.jpg Well, Jade may have been underselling her surfing abilities slightly. She has no trouble getting up on the board or keeping her balance, and she even does a nifty little move where she goes /up/ the wave, to the point where she almost flies off into the air -- and then somehow manages a quick 180 to come back down. To the untrained eye it looks pretty sweet! But the actual surf aficionados are still keeping their eyes on Daize.

Hayden looks at Arc. "Don't make the blob happen."

Dom smiles and drops down onto the blanket next to Jenna. "Oh, of course," he says. He picks up the tube of tanning oil and squeezes some into his hand, rubbing them together to warm them up. "Really, the idea had just been for Daize to be able to get in a little practice," he confides to Jenna. "It just sort of grew from there, but it's been a lot of fun so far. We'll definitely have to do it again. Maybe take some trips out during the winter to watch the whales migrate."

For those that are aware, not too far from the surf break, the tell tale sign of a dorsal fin is evident. Perhaps from your angle and the way the sun is lighting the area, the dorsal fin looks a little dark. But hey, it's probably just from this angle, it's in between the eyes of the viewer and the sun. (ie... if you were further out to ocean, you might actually see better coloring - Science, people!)

For those on the beach, well... unless, it's a skit from Saturday Night Live and its someone dressed up a shark, y'all should be safe. Those in the water? Well, it's relatively close to the surfers. John Williams is just aching to break out the orchestra!

Daize is already starting to paddle back to the break, since she was one of the first to hit the waves. No sense in stopping after one run. Good God, Gerdy! That's like eating one potato chip! That just does not happen, especially if said hunger is 'medicinally' induced! Still, she's paddling and waiting her turn. It's only then that her eyes go out of focus for a brief moment. "Noah!" The surfer cries out upon returning to the here and now.

Jenna smiles as she is laying on her tummy as Dom rubs the oil on her back.. She does have her eyes closed for the time being not really paying much attention to the surfers as she is kinda enjoying oil being rubbed on her. As it is a relaxing feeling. "Oh, I hear you on that.. it would be nice to make trips down here during the weather. So ivory couldn't join us ? I didn't see her or is she sleeping in the cabins?" She asks him.

Dom is about to answer Jenna when he spies the dorsal fin breaking the surface of the water. He takes a moment to try and shield his eyes from the sun which results mostly in getting a smear of tanning oil across his forehead. "Ah, crap," he says before standing and cupping his hands to his mouth so he can call out "Shark!" He races toward the tender to drag it into the water, hoping that the sound of the engine might scare the fish off once he gets it started and knowing it will get him out there a lot faster than he can swim.

Jenna does open her eyes when Dom says Crap "Oh.. hell " She does get up and off her towel to go and Join him.. she has to help him get them inside as well.. she couldn't just watch. "Dom.. can you get it going.. "

Hayden takes off running and heads towards the water.

Jade isn't really that experienced a surfer, despite her apparent talent for the art. But the thing about someone yelling "SHARK!" is that you don't have to be experienced to grasp the import -- anyone who's ever seen a surfing movie knows /exactly/ what that means, and it means 'GTFO of the water like yesterday'. So she stops fiddling with fancy tricks. She stops trying to look good for the boys on the beach (mission accomplished, probably). Instead she just turns toward shore and does everything she can to get there faster. Fortunately for her, she was still finishing up the first run, so it's not /too/ far to go, but who knows how hungry the sharks are today?

After all, it's not a matter of being faster than the shark! Oh no, you just need to be faster than the person in between you and shark - which would make Daize the closest to the shark. Just for spatial awareness references.

The shark is indeed swimming closer and closer to the surfers. As stated above, the shark is closest to Daize. It's hard to say if it's taking a direct route to her, or simply swimming in that direction. Though, before too long, the exposed fins dip into the water, disappearing from view.

Daize, in her own response to shouting 'Noah', gives her a new mission! Paddling for the shore! It's quite a distance to the shore, so she's going to have kick butt in her swimming skills to get moving.

The small tender isn't particularly heavy but it is a bit on the bulky side. Dom drags it into the water with Jenna's help and then jumps into the driver's seat, firing up the engine and gunning the throttle in an attempt to make as much noise as possible as he aims for a spot between the surfers and where the shark disappeared.

The redhead is a strong -- and pretty swift! swimmer. By the time she pauses to look back, Jade is nearly close enough to shore to consider herself safe. But, like Lot's wife, she *does* look back, although the effects are somewhat less dramatic. There's Daize, further out, and not -- as far as Jade can tell from this distance -- having a good time in the surf. So Jade does the dumbest thing possible: she turns around, swims back out, starts thrashing and making fish in distress type movements. Because she is actually crazy enough to try to attract the shark's attention.

As others go rushing to help, Archimedes knows full well that he isn't the dashing hero in this story. He looks up, an expression of worry clear on his face, but he eventually goes back to his microscope and slides. The water goes into the larger test tube of blue liquid. The cap goes back on and the tubes are sat back in the bag, away from the sunlight. Then he stands up, making his way out to the shoreline to watch the proceedings with knitted eyebrows.

Jenna is inside the tender with Dom.. she wants to help looking worried but in serious saving mode.

Daize is indeed struggling with paddling. She's fighting anxiety plus the surf. You'd think she'd probably do better with surfing back, but that's not ideal. She's caught up in the white water, which is slowing her down or something along those lines. Once the wave rolls past her, she can start paddling a little better than before. But she's splashing and well, attracting attention. The fin once again surfaces, zeroing in on Daize - the wounded flopping fish!

But those looking now will notice something eerie about this particular shark. It's as if someone took tar and dipped the dorsal side of the shark in it. It's a thick kind of tar. The flesh of the shark that is/might be visible appears whithered or if it's even flesh at all. Could be like exposed muscle rather than typical flesh. Around the mouth of the shark, there's a bluish foam as if its suffering from rabies, though that's typically seen in dogs.

Not having a really good idea where the shark might be Dom takes the small boat in a sort of S pattern, cutting between the pair of Jade and River and the more isolated Daize before aiming to hook around behind Daize. He figures if the shark is bypassing Daize he's got a better chance of heading it off should it be headed for one of the other surfers and if not perhaps he will still be able to bring the boat between the shark and Daize.

As he goes he also does something he typically avoids, muttering under his breath in archaic French and throwing a malediction at the shark.

Hayden yells "Daize hands out of the water. You are going to get attacked!"

With the shark headed straight for Daize, Jade glances quickly from the swimmer to the fin to the launch and back to Daize again. Is there enough time? It's going to be close, one way or the other. So ... she ups the ante a little. Diving down to the bottom of the ocean, she picks up a convenient clamshell, or rock, or anything else that might have a cutting edge to it, and -- below the surface, where she can't be seen -- she draws the edge across her forearm to produce a ragged cut. Blood spills into the water immediate. Can sharks really smell a drop of blood in a zillion square miles of ocean? LET'S FIND OUT.

Daize sensing the worse decides to stop thrashing about as people are calling in her general direction. She clings onto her board so as to become nothing more than driftwood. If she needs to, she'll roll to one side as a means to dodge any kind of lunge from the shark.

And it's like magic, but the shark does indeed miss the tasty Daisy treat! Whether it's the distraction from a stronger source like Jade blood, or if it's the influence of something else, it would be hard to say. However, the feeding frenzy on Daize is missed.

With said missed attack, Daize is going to bust her little surfer butt to that tender ship - even if it means ditching the board in order to get to safety.

Dom tries to bring the tender in between Daize and the shark and is perfectly content to just run the shark over if that's what it takes. The craft uses a jet for propulsion so unfortunately there's no spinning blade that he can use as a weapon but he's fairly sure that having a large boat bounced off its head will be fairly distressing to most forms of sea life. Additionally, getting in that close will hopefully give Jenna the opportunity to pull Daize on board.

Jenna gets ready to pull Daize up into the tender as soon as Dom gives her the shout to do such.. She is quick about it when the time comes. Of course, she doesn't want to loose her new friend to a darn shark. "

When she sees the shark turn away from Daisy -- well, miss, turn aside, the important thing is that Daisy didn't get eaten when she otherwise would have been -- that's good enough for Jade. She has no intention of sticking around any longer, and instead she turns and starts speeding for shore. Speeding is the right word for it, too; her progress is astonishingly fast. Fortunately, most of the people on the beach are probably too worried about the shark and whether or not Daize is going to get out of the water safely to be targeting Jade with one of those laser speed guns.

Daize accepts whatever help there is to climb into the tender. Once on the boat, she rips the velcro of her ankle leash off so that the board isn't a hassle with trying to retrieve. No, she can easily recover the board when it's safer. But for now, her intent is get on the small boat. She puts a hand to her chest, "Dude."

The shark eventually will search elsewhere for food as the Scooby Snacks here have vacated its reach. The sickly looking shark dips down into the water once more, looking as if its heading out to open sea.

Jenna looks to Daize with a hand resting upon her back.. she does focus a moment. She doesn't see any physcal marks on her.. but still. "Are you alright.. That was a close one.. huh. "

Dom heads the boat back to shore and runs it aground on the sandy beach. Jumping out he helps Jenna and Daize out before hauling the boat further up the beach before collapsing onto the sand. "Ok...so...we need to worry about things larger than bacteria in the water," he says.

Jenna looks heads out the boat with DaZIE AND nods in agreeance. "Yah.. and im less worried about suntinning now too.. at least we got them out safely right?"

Jade doesn't stop until only her knees are still submerged, and then, turning around and shading her eyes, takes a long look back out at the ocean to make sure no one else is still out there. A moment later, she's jogging along the beach toward the boat to make sure everyone in there is all right. Curiously, there's no sign of the cut on her arm at all. "Is everyone okay?" she calls as she draws closer.

Daize's heart rate is definitely elevated, but she still has that lopsided grin and that stoner laugh of hers, "Dude, I think someone peed in the pool." She can't help but keep things light, "I know because I think that was me!"

Jenna giggles at Daize's comment. "That's a good one.. I don't think anyone would mind if you did hon.. at least you are alright. "

As people are pulled back onto the boat, Archimedes breaths a sigh of relief and turns to go back to his beach towel. He reaches into his bag, pulling out one of the test tubes of blue liquid. He makes quick work of dropping it on a slide and then sliding it onto the table of the microscope. He adjusts a few knobs on the device, croutching over the eyepiece to glare in. A few additional settings are adjusted and he looks up to shake his head. He pulls the slide out from the microscope and wraps it up, putting it in his bag. He begins packing everything else up, zipping the bag and throwing the strap over his shoulder. He walks down to the shoreline and waves to the people on the boat.

Daize looks over to the waving guy, putting a hand on her chest as if this will help her calm down. She steps out of the boat and is more than happy to be on solid ground. She looks over to Archimedes when he's waving about.

Hayden says "You ok?"

Archimedes walks over to the tender, his eyebrows furrow and his face exceptionally serious, "We need to find a place to shower off."

Jenna looks to Daize and smiles "Are you alright though? I'm glad Dom and I were able to get to you in time.. with what Jade did to help that helped as well.. Was afraid you were a goner. "

For Seth, who is joining the party 'late', especially with all the commotion that just occured. The people that were here - Jenna, Daize, Hayden, Jade, Archimedes, Dom (offline), and River (offline)... it would seem that they had a run in with a shark or something along those lines. Fortunately, everyone has all their limbs and fingers. Still, it's a matter of emotion and anxiety. Daize looks to Hayden and then to Jenna, "Yea, I'm good, dude. Thanks for coming to get me, though, man. Men in grey can be total douchebags, man."

Daize does add as she looks to Archimedes, "Dude, what are you talking about?"

Jenna looks towards Daize and smiles "Okay.. Good glad you still have all your limbs and fingers. "

Archimedes reaches down to pat his bag, "Someone has been dumping sewage into the water. I saw a higher level of choliform bacteria than there should be. Also..." He trails off, his voice lowering, "I saw something else, but I need my equipment back at UC Prospect to know more." He then adds, "But we need to shower off now."

Seth emerges just in time to catch on that there /was/ a thing, looking around and blinking. "Men in grey?" he asks. Well, at least it seems like everyone's okay for the moment.

Daize looks on with concern as Archimedes brings about his information. She might not know all the big sciencey words. However, the words 'dumping sewage' is not hard to misintepret. She then looks to the tender, "Dude, I think there are showers on the boat." She then looks around the beach here, "Or there might be some showers here on the beach." She sounds skeptical with those. After all, their water source may be the ocean water.

Hayden says "Men in grey are Men in Black with a lower wardrobe allowance so they can't replace faded clothes.".

Jade has just come back from attempting to convey to the lifeguard, or the police, or whoever else might be available that, yes, there was a shark in the water, and no, no one's hurt but maybe it would be a good idea to keep people out of the water anyway. Whether she met with any success is unclear, but at least she tried. "Wait, did you just say 'sewage'?" She looks ... slightly green.

Jenna looks to The others with a green look on her face. "Ewwww... Yah. Showering can't hurt honestly." She awaits to see if and when they are going back into the tender to head back to the boat.

Daize is already heading for the tender, not really wanting to stay on the beach for much longer. Not to mention, it might be nice to pick up her floating surfboard that she abandoned along the way. She does add with that stoner laugh of hers, "Dude, men in grey are sharks." Nice to see that she keeps things 'light' despite that she was almost a tasty treat.

Hayden says "I was making a joke." He gets on the tender and waits.

Archimedes frowns, "I don't know if the water source on the boat is potable or sourced from the ocean, or if it's sourced from the ocean off Prospect. Too many unanswered questions, but I'll check when we get back on board." He then looks back, "Might be worth going inland and getting a room just to get a shower with fresh water."

Jenna boards the Tender with the others she doesn't really have much to say right now so she is quiet.

Seth offers a shrug. Like he would know which things are which? Maybe if he hadn't stayed up too late the night before and then overslept some. "Anyway, I'm no good with any of the tech stuff, but if we just need some phone calls along the way, I can take care of that part at least."

See, this is why that Daize tries to surround herself with people who have brains. That's a smart call to go inland to find a better place to shower off. The boat would have pulled water from the ocean, which may or may not be as polluted as the water near the beach. Fortunately, for everyone here... the Villa Marina is not too far off from the beach and would be a likely hotel that can be used.

Jade's /starting/ for the tender, but Archimedes' point draws her up short. "Huh. That's ... actually a good point. I didn't bring a ton of money or anything but how expensive can stuff really be now that it's the offseason?" she says hopefully.

Hayden says "I have enough."

Daize stays in the tender, frowning a little, "Dude, I still wanna go retrieve my board, and then like, go get a change of clothes if we're going to be inland for a little while."

Jenna looks to the other's with a smile. "I vote to go help get Daize's board. Anyone that wants to come just follow us. Yah?"

Hayden nods "Cool."

With a tilt of his head, Archimedes says, "Look, I understand that, but there's something else in the water that isn't sewage. I don't know what that is yet." He hmms, "Listen, let's go back to the boat. I'll need 20 minutes to check the water onboard. If it's clean, we're good. If it's not, we'll come back inland." He begins walking towards the tender, hopping in and depositing his bag carefully on one of the seats.

"That's ... also a good point," Jade says, vis-a-vis Daize's statement. "Okay, let's grab the boards, stash stuff on the boat, get our overnight bags or whatever, and /then/ go inland to like a hotel or something if we need to. Anyone not going out who needs us to bring stuff back for them?"

Seth looks around and considers, then nods. "Are we still waiting the twenty minutees first, though? If so, I'll go ahead and get a couple extra things together."

Hayden says "I have a purple duffle if you can bring it out with you."

Jenna is already on the Tender but she looks to Seth "Do you need any help getting things together? " She asks with a warm friendly tone.

Seth looks to Jenna and nods. "Wouldn't hurt having a second pair of eyes. And purple duffle bag, got it." Probably just the one of those, right?

Daize nods her head, seeming to like that plan. But then again, someone could say 'Let's go get some tacos, rumor has it they have good Mexican food down here' and she'd be all over that kind of plan, too. Someone is going to have to drive the dumb thing. For Daize, she helps push the tender out into the water so that things can get moving. She will be claiming the bow of the boat, though, as she's keeping her eyes on her board.

Jenna nods to Seth "Okay, sounds good. "

Back in his cabin, or wherever they've been crashing, Seth lists off a couple things for Jenna to go looking for. Spare power packs and cables for cell phones, stuff like that. Plus Hayden's duffel, if she has time left over. Meanwhile, he digs through his own bag until he finds a pencil and a copy of La Opinion, scanning through one of the interior pages and adding a few marks seemingly at random.

Yes, so the trip back to the boat is easy peesy. No more shark, at least at this point. Daize is able to collect her board with no problem. On board, she goes down to the cabin where she has her quiver stored. She makes sure to wrap some spare towels around her pink board, just in case there's sick yucky stuff infecting the wax and whatever else. Don't need to be creating an incubation center or whatever. She then collects the clothes she brought along - just in case she needed to change out of her surf gear.

Jade stashes her board back on the boat -- she's a little put out to not get any more surfing done, but this too shall pass. She didn't bring much in the way of extra clothes, so she'll be stuck with cutoffs and a t-shirt. Fortunately, mingling with high society is probably not on the menu for the night anyway!

Hayden grabs his duffle. "I have enough to pay for anything we need."

Jenna grabs what ever he listed off to her and soon she comes back to him with all of it after a moment of searching for all the things. "Alright, I got everything that that you wanted me to find and got what Hayden wanted. Anything else before I go and put the stuff in the Tender? " Asfter she asks these things she picks up her own little duffel and slings it on her shoulder.

Archimedes boards the boat, climbing immediately towards the galley, "Give me twenty minutes!" He with an additional test tube, Archimedes does his thing, and twenty minutes later emerges, "Same thing, but the quantities came back less. I didn't see any of the extra chemicals that I saw closer to shore, so it is probably safe to shower off here on the boat." He then continues, after a moment, starting to seem less concerned, "I still want to go back to Prospect immediately so I can understand what you had been exposed to."

During that 20 minute down time, Daize changes into her cut-offs and halter top. Still, she's more than happy to be where she is. She seems to wait to see what other people want to do because all that Science talk destroys braincells, or at least hers. She's content to simply sit at the bow of the boat, gazing towards the horizon as the sun is hinting at setting.

Seth looks over things and shakes his head to Jenna. "Nah, looks good." Pulling that one page of the newspaper out, he folds it up and sticks it in his pocket, leaving the rest behind.

Jenna looks to Seth "Okay, good. Want to go out there and join the other's? "

Oh, and since no one turned off the sound system. Now that we're back on the boat, the music continues to play for everyone's enjoyment - or not, depending on your tastes but y'all left Daize in charge of the music, so take it for what it's worth.

All day long just takin' it easy
Layin' in a hammock where it's nice and breezy
And sleepin' off the night before
'Cause when the sun goes down we'll be back for more

When the sun goes down we'll be groovin'
When the sun goes down we'll be feelin' alright
When the sun sinks down over the water
Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down~

Jade, once she's washed off (even with boat water) and changed clothes, is showing a hint of impatience. "Well, staying, going -- either one's okay with me, but if we're going we should go, and if we're staying we should get back on shore so we can enjoy some nightlife!"

Daize keeps lounging towards the front of the boat, but she does seem to be agreeable to Jade's remarks. Still, if people are looking to Daize for leadership and decision making -- that could be a bad choice. "Dude, so like... we going to shore for tacos? Someone said they have awesome authentic Mexican food down here, man."

Hayden nods "I'd agree with that."

Jenna adds that She changes into a Pair of cut off shorts and a blue shirt with pair of sandles she is going to keep things simple on the nightlife either it's here on the boat or on shore. Either one works for her.

Archimedes has busied himself with the microscope as everyone gets showered and changed, but then looks up as things turn towards going out, "I'm for it, but I haven't brought clothes suitable for anything too far from shore."

Daize laughs merrily at Archimedes, looking down at herself, "Dude, we're going to a beach party town, man. I'm pretty sure we'll fit in wherever, man. Or, like, we just bring some firewood and have a killer beach party..." She then pauses, "... right by puke-filled ocean water." She shakes her head, "Dude, might have to go a little inward."

"You'll be fine," Jade reassures Archimedes. "Seriously, I've been here before, it's not like anyone's going to be rocking the Armani or whatever." She grins. Like Daize and Jenna, she's in cutoffs, after all! Her t-shirt says, 'I Like To Take Hot Showers So I Can Practice Burning In Hell.' "We'll get some drinks and some food and in a couple hours we'll have forgotten all about this bacteria thing."

Sandy walks along the shoreline looking very much like a tourist. She's wearing a loose pair of pants and a brightly colored long sleeved top over a bathing suit, a large beach bag in one hand, and floppy sandals on her feet. She smiles as she notices a large sea shell and picks it up, smiling as the colors come out as she usts off the sand.

Seth nods to Daize as he surveys the nearby area. "Probably, yeah. You're right about the food... thing is, though, aren't they gonna look at us and point out the local tourist trap? There's probably a local tourist trap."

Archimedes turns towards Daize, shaking his head, "Oh fine." He then adds, with a small smile coming to his face, "Well, one thing I can say for certain is this isn't puke." He looks towards Jade, shaking his head, "Truthfully, I don't think I will be forgetting about this very soon. You could exposed to long-term effects that should be gotten ahead of."

Jenna nods to Daize "I Say we go and have us one huge beach party.. Why not. "

Hayden nods "Let's go."

All right, so finally everybody manages to climb back into the tender. The fading light makes for the trip back to shore interesting, but it's not all that difficult. There are some people who are staying behind to watch after the boat (anybody who was here previously, but obviously we haven't left the area).

Daize is the first to get out of the tender once it's parked on shore. Still, she always keeps her eyes on the setting sun until beached upon the shore. She then steps out and looks around for where the best place to go to find authentic Mexican food - in Mexico.

Jenna is the second off the Tender and onto the Shore she too looks around with Daize. She just awaits for the rest of the party to join them.

Archimedes is third off the boat, putting his feet in the sand and sighing as they're away enough from the water to keep their feet clean of the raw sewage. He walks in towards the beach, looking around, "Perhaps we can go somewhere with coffee, or what passes for it in this town, as well?"

Daize shrugs, laughing merrily at Archie, "Dude, I don't think drinking coffee at night is a good idea, man." She wrinkles her nose, "I think it's a law down here that you have to drink tequila..." She then furrows her brow, "... or like you drink tequila instead of water..." She shakes her head, "... or maybe tequila is like water." She shrugs, laughing that stoner laugh of hers, "Or something like that."

Bright blue eyes notice the approaching smaller ship, and they are drawn to those departing off of it. Sandy drops the sea shell in her bag, and then swings the bag in her hand as she strolls casually over towards the area.

Hayden says "You drink tequila because alcohol is safer than the water especially now."

Whipping out his phone, Archimedes begins furiously tapping on the touch screen, "I've found two restaurantes," the last pronounced with the gringoest if accents, "within a one mile radius that are open and have higher than a rating of 4.75." He adds, "There are additional factors to consider, as well. For example, El Culito Fuego Taqueria has coffee and a full selection of tacos, burritos, chimichangas, enchiladas, and the like. However, La Orina Caliente is rated higher in terms of food and the alcohol is a little cheaper." He looks up, his eyebrows high, "Thoughts?"

Safely back on shore, Jade grins across at Daize. "It is!" she says, mischevously. "Just like water. Except for the drunk part." When Sandy approaches the group, she waves a cheerful hello to her fellow ginger, although there are no secret salutes or handshakes exchanged. Yet! Then Archimedes is getting all /data/ in this thing, and Jade is just blinking. "Uhm. Either one works for me," she manages.

Seth walks up behind Daize and slips his arms around her waist, nestling his chin against her shoulder for a moment. Well, then! "You're the boss this weekend, I'm just following your lead. Might want to watch out about the chili relleno, though, just in case."

Jenna looks to the others and shrugs. "I don't mind where we all go.. I'm just hungry. Honestly. "

Daize runs her hands along his arms as she's embraced. She laughs playfully, "Dude, I don't think we want me being the boss." She shrugs helplessly as she listens to Archie, "Uh, I think the Caliente one is good." She laughs that stoner laugh, "I like saying caliente. It's like.. California but... different." Ok, Daize. This is why you don't teach Spanish. She then takes note of Sandy. She holds up her hand with her thumb and pinkie extended, known as the shaka, "Aloha!"

Hayden says "Lead the way, I'll pay."

Sandy gives the group a dazzling smile as she notices a few familiar faces. She waves back to Jade as she approaches. She overhears the conversation and laughs as she says, "It's best to avoid drinking water altogether. That's why I won't even try coffee or tea unless it is bottled. I got deathly sick once when I was little and visiting Juárez."

Seth lets go of Daize, though he stays close, and nods to Sandy. "Yeah, they put different chemicals in it for whatever reason? So the locals have a tolerance but we don't."

Archimedes seems to be having less of a fun time as news of the inadvisability of the coffee in Mexico is explained to him, "Oh, fine. Let's go get tacos then."

"For the record," Jade says, with a grin, "I am completely on board with only drinking tequila while we're here. Last one awake pays for the drinks?" she suggests, with a gleam in her peculiar-colored eyes that promises Trouble. But Caliente seems to be the group's decision, and, rather than wait for actual agreement on that score, she just says: "Off to La Orina Caliente it is! Wait, which direction is it?"

The Bishopry of Ensenada.

Hands to your hymnals
Hell's at the door
It bellows and it growls and it roars
I was snared by a sickness

Some fever in my lungs
Hold my language like an armor
And thin brand on my tongue

Current time: 6:25 local. Early evening.

The beast comes from the south, along the road by the shore. The figure. Clab in a heavy weather poncho in dark green, covering, smothering its features. The hood of it turned out to sea, impossible to see exactly where it is looking, but the rich yacht out there was certainly a very distinct possability. Whatever Sedna may be, they walk at an unhurried pace, entire body swinging in wide, almost drunken like sways as it goes, though it never seems to lose balance. It may be closing in on Seth.

Hayden says "Apres vous."

Daize hovers alongside Seth as the group starts to move to ... Burning Piss - which ever direction that is. Archie has the Google Maps thing, going, so follow him! Or, the other options was Flaming Asshole. Thanks, Archie for those choices! Still, it's Caliente because it rolls off the tongue much better. If Sandy decides to join, there's really no complaint from Daize. At the front of the restaurant/bar, she grins with some amusement as it has a verenda so that people can still see the ocean while ordering food.

Jenna moves along the other side of Seth as the group moves she is in a whole diffrent area and why not be near a close freind. As they move within the area Jenna will look around but she won't stray to far from Seth or the group. That wouldn't be a good idea to just wander off by yourself now would it?

Hayden is walking along humming softly.

Sandy just joins the group uninvited, slipping in with them and smiling to Sean and Jenna. "That place sounds great." She adds with a smile, "And there's still soda and fruit juices you can safely drink." She looks over to Seth, "I always heard it was contaminated. Basically just bad for you if you hadn't been drinking it all your life. Some people even brush their teeth with bottled water."

Jenna moves along the other side of Seth as the group moves she is in a whole diffrent area and why not be near a close freind. As they move within the area Jenna will look around but she won't stray to far from Seth or the group. That wouldn't be a good idea to just wander off by yourself now would it?

Jade, of course, is /not/ notably conscientious about staying near the group. She'll wander away to look at something in a shop window, or get momentarily transfixed by something in the sky overhead, or otherwise fall victim to some distraction -- but she usually catches up pretty quickly, and she's rarely if ever actually out of sight (or earshot).

Seth makes a face at Sandy's explanation. "I could see it going either way, yeah. Might depend on where exactly you go." He stays with the group, off to one side a bit, offering Green Hoodie a casual wave as (he? she? it?) approaches.

Sedna, for that is indeed who it is under that poncho, tears her face away from that boat out there for a moment with a cluck of her tounge. Perhaps she is expecting rain. Her attention flits to Jade for a moment, watching for a long moment, then over to Seth. Still swaying with every moment as the hood gives a small nod. "Beunos dias."

Daize offers up a shaka, thumb/pinkie extended hand gesture, to Green Hoodie. "Aloha," she says as her typical greeting. If she knows Spanish, it's unclear. After all, she didn't use one of Daize's known Spanish words.

Jenna looks to The green hoodie with a smile and overs a wave. It's a short wave but other than that it's lowered quickly. She does not know if it was a hello that was said but.. she hopes so.

Sandy glances over at the hooded figure with a smile but only nods politely and watches the figure out of the corner of her eye. She seems to have little concern though about stepping off to look at something here and there, although she remains basically with the group. She had, afterall, been wandering around the beach seemingly alone.

Hayden keeps an eye on green hoodie and says nothing so far.

Someone actually addressing the group is an interesting enough occurence to pull Jade's attention back from Ursa Minor or wherever it was a moment ago. She doesn't really /speak/ Spanish, but you can't very well grow up in SoCal and not know or be able to guess what "buenos dias!" means, so she nods to the person in the hood with a friendly smile. "Hey."

Hayden says "Bueno Dias Senora."

Sedna pauses for a moment, her eyes gazing over the group, the looks, not that anyone can tell. And then suddenly a laugh. "Si, you are a /long/ way from the border Gringos."

When Sedna switches to English, then so does Seth, or rather he actually joins the conversation at that point. "We know." A quick glance around, is she distracting them while her buddies move in from the side?

Daize looks at Sedna, but then simply laughs that stoner laugh of hers, "Dude, people call me Daize." She then shakes her head, "Not Gringos." She then tries to show off her knowledge of the Spanish language, "And uh, I believe, I'd be a Gringa, mi amigo!" Yes, she doesn't know the language. But like, she's trying, right?

Jenna stays quiet on the other side of Seth.. speaking at this moment could not be a good idea.

Hayden says "when you have mixed company you use the plural masculine form of the word in Spanish. So all of us are gringos."

Sandy laughs as she hears Hayden, "That word makes me think of an old western movie."

The woman's not wrong. They really are. So ... Jade's fine with her pointing it out. She cocks her head slightly while listening to the conversation, but keeps getting distracted by the stars, so she doesn't have much to interject herself.

"Very far south from Tijuana too, past the tourists." Sedna leans a bit to the left, then to the right, as if looking past the grouping. Or she is just drunk. There is a motion of her hand, a small wave at hip level. "Dangerous to be Gringo here at night." Both her hands move at this point, making a poofing motion in front of her. "People disapear. You should stick to the big clubs."

Hayden folds his arms and listens quietly. He glances around for any other people trying to gather around.

Daize furrows her brow at the woman, and then looks to Seth. She then looks back to Sedna, "Uh, we're heading off to some Caliente place for their tacos." She laughs merrily again at this with her stoner laugh, "We hear it's like real authentic Mexican food and everything."

Okay, so probably not trying to get them whacked, Seth decides. "How close are we?" he asks Archimedes, he of the map expertise.

The hooded figure doesn't look like a gang member, but at her words Sandy does move over a bit closer to Seth, Hayden and the others in the group. No reason to be an idiot.

Jenna now begins to worry but doesn't show it too much but When she looks to Seth and the other's they can see it in her eyes. She really normally isn't scared easy like this but she doesn't want to go poof in the middle of the night. "Yah.. umm how far we from this place?"

Archimedes looks down at his phone and gestures vaguely, "About a quarter-mile that way."

"Do you be careful, I would suggest the Villa Marina." Sedna leans backwards some at this, holding her arms out from her sides hands still hidden in the sleeves of her ponch. "It isn't safe there, but nowhere is."

Daize looks around to the others, "So like, do we want real authentic Mexican food from that Caliente place, or like do we want vanilla wafers from this Villa Marina or whatever it serves?" Yea, sometimes ignorance is bliss for poor Daize, not truly grasping the severity of the situation.

Sandy looks to Daize, "Well anything on Yelp about either of them?" She lowers her voice so that just those nearest her can hear her, "No offense but we don't know her either. She could be sending us off somewhere worse with the excuse of good advise."

Daize looks over to Archimedes, "Uh, dude... you're the Google Guy. What does Yelp say about that Caliente place, or this Villa Marina place?" She laughs that stoner laugh, "Because like, I could seriously use some tacos."

Jenna looks from Daize and then to Seth and back to the others. Soon she speaks softly to those near her. "I don't think it's a good idea we even venture futher on.. It's obviously not safe here. " She doesn't like the odds of things turning out to be horriable.

Dom catches up with the rest of the group. Since people have decided to leave the beach behind it took him a little time to go ahead and take surf boards and the cooler back to the boat and make sure everything's locked up properly. As a result he's missed the dire warning from Sedna, but on the upside he's changed back into shorts from his swim trunks.

Hayden is looking at Sedna and starts to quietly move closer to the ladies.

"I ain't your boss gringos." Sedna chuckles to herself at that, though one can tell her lips are cracking up into a smirk. "How did that thing from Crowley go? Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, si?" Her hands move, up in front of her for a moment. "Nowhere is safe, even north of your border."

Seth reaches over and gives Daize's hand a quick little squeeze. "Should just be a few minutes' walk away, long as we don't run into a dead end or anything."

Daize returns the squeeze, "Dude, I'm tired of just sitting here. I want food." She looks to Villa Marina, "And like that's right there." She shrugs, "So I know where I'm going." She laughs merrily, "But like y'all better not leave without me."

"Oh, sure, but Crowley was just a fraud trying to build a cult out of a bunch of gullible people," Dom says, smiling to Sedna and being unaware of the earlier context. "I mean, he said that as an excuse for his own behavior and he was adapting that from the earlier works of Rabelais, 'Do as thou wilt because men that are free, of gentle birth, well bred and at home in civilized company possess a natural instinct that inclines them to virtue and saves them from vice. This instinct they name their honor'."

Jenna is beginning to get weary of this even as such as Hayden moves closer she clings to his arm a bit. Heck, he moved closer so why not.. he looks like he can keep her safe. As could the other guys for sure. And then she hears Dom's voice this makes her much more at ease now, they have him back at thier side. "Don't worry we won't leave you. "

Seth arches a brow as Dom speaks up about it in turn. "Yeah? I'll take your word, I lost track of the classics around about 'Hush, I will stop your mouth'."

Sandy smiles as Dom steps up and nods her head, "Very well said. Nice to see you again."

Sedna snorts once, and the ponchoed figure shakes her head. Her hands move, making a little shooing motion at the gringos, and then she is moving on. She at least was headed for the Villa, but to each their own.

Daize ventures off from the group, rubbing her belly as she does so. She can't help but start singing to herself, "You know, I love it when you call me senorita. I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya. But every touch is oooh la la. It's true, la la. Ooh, I should be running. Ooh, you keep me coming for ya." It doesn't take her very long to reach Villa Marina.

You move to Villa Marina - Lobby

Daize enters the lobby of Villa Marina and inhales deeply upon smelling the Mexican food. She smiles brightly, though keeping the lopsided grin, "I smell queso! This is gonna be awesome."

Dom smiles to Sedna as the group walks along. "Sorry," he says to her. "That may have come out a little more brusque than I meant. I did a paper on the Wiccan Rede back in college and you pretty much have to deal with Crowley when doing that. The other thing a lot of people miss is that there's a second line to what Crowley said. After 'do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law' he said 'Love is the law, love under will'. Even he wasn't trying to pass it off as open license to do whatever you want but to say that it's ok to love whoever you love.".

Jenna follows the group inside of the restraunt she isn't too picky on whom she sits by or anything she just wants to be within the safetly of the group. Though, when they find a table she will sit down.

Hayden yawns and stretches.

Seth eyes Hayden in passing. "And I thought /I/ was a late sleeper today," he murmurs. "And you're not wrong about that. I think the tacos are worth checking out, they could be really spicy but that should be obvious, at least."

Sandy runs a hand through her hair before she enters the restaurant with the others, and straightens her clothing. She sniffs the air appreciatively, "I love the way Mexican restaurants smell." She glances around and wonders, "Is there like a hostess or do we sit ourselves?"

Sedna removes her poncho once she is inside, though oddly enough not until she is quite clear of the doors. She has apparently chosen the long sleeved, short skirted black velvet piece tonight, along with her dark stockings and heels. The poncho is handed to one of the doormen without even a look. She tilts her head towards Daize, speaking as if she didn't have that aura of the predatory coming off of her, as if she was more trustful than her companions. "See? It is very nice here, is it not? Come, table." She raises up a hand, to motion others to follow, not looking back as if she just expected obedience as she strides onwards towards a booth in one corner. She still has that sway to her, not at the hips, but in her entire body, and she whistles softly to herself as she goes.

Daize eagerly follows along to Sedna's lead. Why? Because she wants food. And if Sedna can get a table without waiting? Dude, score! She follows along to the booth. Now, I doubt there's a booth big enough for the entire group, but still she'll slide in on the other side of Sedna.

Hayden follows along looking a little freaked out.

Dom follows along with the rest of the group to where Sedna directs them. He nods as she asks for the group's opinion of the hotel. "Yes, very nice," he says smiling. He cocks his head just slightly as he listens to the tune being whistled by Sedna, trying to place it, although his knowledge of Spanish tunes is extremely limited.

Jenna has been following up to this point.. but she is beside Hayden staying close. "Don't worry.. your safe with us. Trust me "

Sandy joins the rest, even if she has to grab a chair from a nearby table, and drag it over. "I think I want soft shell, and spicy. I love spicy."

Sedna arranges seating, an additional table isn't hard, before she seats her own self languidly in the booth. One arm resting over the back, turned slightly sideways. She doesn't order anything herself, but service is prompt. She either knows the owner, or is rich as all hell. "You want to stay near the things like hotels." She motions about. "But do enjoy Mexico." Then finally to Dom. "I never read much into him, just something that has come up si?" She waits however, to see who would end up next to her.

Seth glances over to Sandy as he settles in, near the other end of the table by this point. "Crab, you mean? Yeah, they would have the good stuff this close to the coast, I bet."

Grabbing yet another chair from the nearby table, Archimedes takes a seat as well. Looking towards Sandy, he nods his head, "Soft shell is the other way to go." Throughout it all, Archimedes has looked a little unsettled, which doesn't seem to change now. He, every so often, looks down to his phone.

Hayden looks over and sits near Sedna if Daize doesn't. If she does he sits in a random place.

Daize is sitting across from Sedna, not by her side - sorry. Ha ha, someone else can have that privilege. She looks over the menu, "Chips and queso. Check." She chortle laughs her stoner laugh. "I'm thinking ..." She tilts her head, "What is... Pollo Loco Diablo?" She laughs merrily at that, nodding her head, "I don't know what that is, but it sounds... Mexican." She laughs merrily, "I'm getting that."

Jenna looks to the others sitting with her and smiles looking at the menu, She is looking for the word enchilda as that is a easier word. Thankfully she sat next to Hayden so she can just look to him and ask "Can you help me figure out which one is cheese Enchilda's that's what I'm going for. " She then looks to Daize with a smile.

Dom smiles and nods to Sedna. "He's one of those historical figures who's become pretty distorted," he says. "In his case partly by his own efforts." He goes ahead and takes an open seat and while Sedna does not appear to be ordering he figures her experience here is probably still valuable. "Do you have any recommendations for what to order?" he asks her.

Seth glances over at Daize's menu from the other side. He doesn't know Spanish, but he does know Spanish Menu, at least a bit. "Pollo is chicken. I would guess it's way on the far end of the spicy meter."

"Oh, everything is quite good, though as always I suggest sticking to the simpler meals." Sedna notes, leaning back some in her seated posistion. Her lips settling into a smile that never quite seems to reach her eyes. "This is one of the more high end tourist areas, quility is required. The alcohol is better than the food however so I am told." A tilt of her head, gaze drifting towards Daize. "Devil's Chicken."

Sandy laughs a bit and shakes her head, "I love soft shelled crab but I meant soft shell tacos instead of hard." She glances at the menu as well and adds, "I could go for some chicken taquitos with guac for sure."

Daize shares her menu, or at least allows Seth to take a peek at that. "It says something about habaneros peppers." She grins, "Sounds tasty." She then blinks and looks to Sedna with some concern, "Oh, dude... I don't want to take his chicken." She then looks back down to her menu, "Hmm... pollo quesadilla, then." She then looks up, "They don't use the Devil's chicken in that, do they?"

Hayden ordersca full meal in fluent Spanish. He gets the hot stuff without thinking twice.

Dom searches through the menu, eventually settling on crispy shrimp tacos. "I think it's just prepared in the Devil's prefered style," he says to Daize. "Kind of like how Eggs Benedict don't actually belong to someone named Benedict."

Hayden looks at Jenna and orders her some enchiladas.

Seth picks out a beef burrito for a minor bit of variety. "And tequila all around, I assume?"

"Oh, I don't think the devil has many chickens here." Sedna arcs up one delicate eyebrow, royalties paid, and her lips quirk into a smirk at Daize. "He is mostly up in Tijuana these days."

Jenna nods to Seth "Yes.... sounds good on the tequlla bit. "

Sandy nods her head to Seth, "Sure, order us a bottle of it." She orders her regular beef tacos but adds the chicken taquitos as well, with extra guacomole and spicy sauce. She eyes Sedna then and asks, "So, are you an official guide to Mexico or just bored on a Saturday night?"

Daize nods her head as she listens to all of these explanations. She takes it all in stride, even the fact that Devil is up in Tijuana. She simply accepts all this information, and then hands over her menu. Still, she's looking around to see when the chips and queso will get here. It's as if once the nacho chips are brought to the table, she's grabbing a nacho before they're even placed on the table. She grabs the salt shaker so that she can salt the chips.

Hayden says, "I thought the devil came down to Georgia?"

Jenna hands her menu over as well and once the chips are placed near where she is sitting she takes a chip and snacks watiing until the drinks are deleivered as well as her food.. she is hungry.. really worked up and hunger during the day.. with all the events that transpired today.

As Dom waits for the answer to Sandy's question he says to Sedna, "You know, I'm afraid I missed when introductions were being made since I was taking care of some things. I'm Dominic."

Jenna looks to Dominic and smiles and then she looks to Sandy and Sedna as well.. "You know I did the same. I'm Jenna. "

Sedna raises her brows softly, and her attention is turned away from the munching Daize for the moment. Her lips slipping into an easy smile, but all she says is one word. "Sedna."

Sandy smiles and says, "I know several here, but not everybody. I'm Sandy." She glances to Sedna but those bright blue eyes seem to note that the women didn't answer her. But in the next moment she seems to push aside whatever thought might be on her mind as she smiles and takes a chip.

Daize is more than happy to feast on the chips and queso. She then listens in to the conversation. Dash of salt. Dip. Crunch. She then laughs merrily enough, "People call me Daize." Shake salt. Dip. Crunch. She then has that stoner laugh again, "It's like really, Daisy, but like people stop after the first syllable."

Dom nods to Sedna. "Very nice to meet you, Sedna," he says, "and thank you for helping us out. I should have thought about checking to see what was in town before we came down, but when your dealing with Daize it is sort of like trying to figure out where lightning will strike."

Jenna smiles as she is seated next to Dom.. she seems to be close to him but once.. things seem to get a bit lighter in situation well.. it all makes her feel a bit better she does look to dom and whisper to him softly.

Hayden eats a chip and drinks a sip of tequila..

Sedna gives a small wave of her hands upwards, as if to clear the air in front of her for a moment. "I am no guide, I just happened to be in port, and heading inwards for some time. I have dealings with others about the city when my ship is in. It is merely unusual enough to see a group of Gringos so obviously lost." Her lips curl into a smirk at that. "Perhaps I was feeling particularly generous, perhaps not. You are strangers in a strange land here, being prepared will save your wallets from being pilfered, and more. The gringo in town here? If he goes the wrong way, he is a source of wealth."

"I'm Seth, hi," says the guy buying the bottle of tequila. Or bottles, depending. He's met at least most of these people before, but definitely not Sedna at least. "And when you're dealing with Daize," he adds, eyeing Dom, "you do what any sensible guy does: grab a piece of sheet metal and hide under the tallest tree you can find."

Daize blinks and looks at the two guys talking about her. Yes, the lightning references just goes right over her head. She then looks to the rest of the group, and just laughs that stoner laugh. No, she has no clue what they're saying, but obviously, it's funny or something. "I know, right?" She tries to chime in along with it.

Dom chuckles to Seth. "Or one gets a lighting rod to try and control where the lightning will strike," he says, "but those only work so well. There's still a certain degree of chaos involved."

Sandy laughs as she hears the guys, "You two make her sound like a modern day Calamity Jane."

"Be careful how much control you reach for Mr.. Dominic." Sedna chuckles for a moment, waiting for the tequila so she can hold and swirl her shot in a hand. "Or how much chaos, tho I do hope she doesn't burn anything down."

Jenna repeats the process of dipping a chip then eating it. Jenna really isn't sure what she can add to the comments already given so she just Fall's quiet, she mostly isn't as quiet but maybe this new place not sure what to say or not to say as her nervous.

Daize continues to look confused as the discussion continues on about her. She then looks to Sandy, "Dude, no... people call me Daize. It's, like, short for Daisy but like you don't want to say the second half of the name." She keeps that chortle laugh going. But then the alcohol gets here. Bottles are brought, glasses are distributed.

Dom shakes his head to Sandy. "I was really just talking about her somewhat unpredictable nature," he says. "The fact that lightning is destructive isn't really part of my analogy." He laughs to Sedna as well. "Control probably wasn't the best choice of words," he admits. He leans over to Jenna and whispers something back to her.

Sandy laughs again and shakes her head at Daize, "You are amazing, my friend."

Sedna rolls one shoulder into a soft shrug, and her lips settle into a smirk. "How /did/ you all end up down here?"

Jenna looks up from her drink of Tequilla and the question of the moment as popped up.. but she looks to Daize and let's her answer that one. Then she leans to whisper to Dom once more.

Daize answers with a lopsided grin as she looks at Sedna, "Dude, we decided to do a surfing caravan down to Meh-HEE-co." She does her best to mimic how Mexicans say Mexico, but obviously, she's so not Mexican and fails. Still, she has no qualms about the exaggeration. "But like, instead of RVs, we took a boat. How awesome is that?"

Seth reaches across the table to pat Daize's hand. "You can predict that she's gonna be /fun/. That's about it, but what else do you need, really?"

Dom elaborates a bit more on the events that brought them here. "Daize is competing at Saint Miguel in a couple of weeks," he says, "and we all live up around Prospect, so we came down here to let her get use to this particular beach."

"Prospect, and by sea." Sedna actually seems to perk for a moment. Swirling her glass once more as she leans slightly forwards. "How very interesting, that is quite the trip for a pleasure craft."

Sandy says, "I don't surf really, just learning. I just came to watch. They took the boat, I drove."

Dom laughs a little at something Jenna whispers and says, "Always happy to be of help," to her.

Daize nods and adds her own analysis of the beach, "Yea, the righties are awesome. Totally different from the lefties up in Prospect." She chuckles that stoner laugh again, "But like, I could do without Noahs showing up."

"Oh, it wasn't that bad," Dom says to Sedna. "The trip is about sixty nautical miles or so, so it's only a couple of hours down and a couple of hours back and the Coracle's got about three times that range before I need to gas it back up."

"Thousand plus gallons of fuel." Sedna pauses there for a moment, a cluck of her tongue as she calculates. "That means fifty feet or more. Likely twin diesels." Slowly her brow raises. "Quite interesting."

Jenna smiles as Dom speaks to her softly then.. The food is making it's way towards them all. She knows she is happy to see thier food being displayed out to them.. she isnn't in a hury to eat and go... just hungry. She does take a few more sips of her Tequilla.

Meanwhile, Seth thinks back, trying to remember something, but then can't. "How come 'left' and 'right' are different down here? Is it because the beach is facing the other direction?"

Sandy is trying not to fill up on chips, and going easy it seems on the tequila as well. "People travel alot further than a couple hours to enjoy an afternoon or evening. Nothing weird about that."

Dom nods to Sedna. "About twelve hundred and fifty," he says. "It's...toward the larger end but considering other boats I've seen out and about it's not all that impressive. It's just good for excursions like this, diving, and beating the heat during the summer but it's not like you could take it across the ocean and it would be a bit cramped to live on."

Food! Score! Daize is more than happy to get her quesodillas! She makes sure to scoop some of the queso from the chips onto her plate, so that she can dip her quesodillas into more queso because ... it's queso. And hey, this girl surfs like crazy, so she burns the calories. With a mouth full of food, she answers Seth, "Oh-shun four."

"Ah, it isn't the size of the boat..." Sedna chuckles once, but alas, she is in motion. "This is where I leave you alas, /do/ stay safe. But if I hang around all night, I will never get out of port."

Jenna smiles as Dom whispers someting to her in return to hers. Then she begins to devour her enchildlida's.