2019.10.26: Halloween in New Orleans

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Halloween in New Orleans
Halloween party at the Royal Cajun Cabaret in Carlsbad.
IC Date Saturday October 26th 2019
IC Time Night
Players Arianna, Bobbi, Mahmoud, Mogui, Morgan, Ghost_18, Brittney, River, Daize, Cedric, Lila, Mikael, Seth, Heathen, Verlaine, Tiva Little Owl, Dom, Jolene, Caerus, Archimedes, Sterling
Location Royal Cajun Cabaret, Carlsbad
Prp/Tp Event 982.
Spheres Any/All.
Theme Song A theme song for the log

Royal Cajun Cabaret - Nightclub, Bar and Stage(#11625RM)

Entering the doors from the streets, all your senses are met instantly with various sensations. The lighting is low and mostly dark, but there are points of brighter light throughout the area, stage lights and work lights. The music cascades over your body, filling your ears and physically pulsating your body. The scent of the room is a heady mixture of body heat, musk, and alcohol. The very air has a metallic tinge to it, a hint of copper taste to it.

The main room itself is expansive in every direction, almost the feeling of an underground cave as the vaulted ceiling vanishes into the shadows. Flashes of light from the stage make it possible to see the ceiling from time to time though mostly the room is shrouded in shadow, all over the ceiling little dots of light that simulate stars in the sky. Around the edges of the room, where light does pool, the vintage wood work throughout the entire room is a testament to the hard work, fine detail, and dedication that went into building this place.

As you walk into the club proper, you will first encounter a hardwood dance floor for customers that want to enjoy the music provided by the show. Plenty of room for guests or the occasional staff dance group. Beyond the dance floor is a collection of tables and chairs for resting or watching the show. There are exits to the back stage area as well as the public restrooms just past the seating area.

On your left, a well-polished hardwood bar runs the length of the wall. Plenty of red, cushioned barstools are placed in a line, end to end of the bar. The area is always staffed by at least two bartenders and two servers, but usually more. There are a few tables in this area that stop just short of the dance floor for more seating in the bar area.

Finally to your right, the shining jewel of the club. The stage and the performers of the show. Singers, dancers, magicians, and other sorts of acts come to life on the stage, set against the New Orleans skyline. Jackson Square is in the midst of the stage at times, but other times the stage changes to the business fronts of Bourbon Street or when the dances truly get suggestive, a stage set for the deep bayou, large campfires are simulated with lights and old glass style effects, colored liquids rolling around in bottles and other tricks of the trade. The acts are very risque to most standards. Lewd and suggestive to tantelize, most always barely clad, yet never fully nude.

Above the stage, a sign in bold letters that reads: Absolutely no video recording of any kind. No cameras or cell phones. Violators will be removed from the premesis. Mulitiple violations will lead to prosecution and permanently being banned from the premesis.

Places and Views Her


Halloween Theme(#17950)

*** Nightzone ***

Obvious Exits:

 Backstage <Ba>   Out <O>  
        October sees a hearse, green and purple lighting glowing from its dark windows, parked outside the club and skeletal doormen in funeral tuxes with tophats flanking the door before you even enter the Cabaret to announce something different for the month.
        Halloween season sees the lighting shifted to eerie greens and purples. Skeletons in 19th century attire, a mix of proper upper crust to escaped slaves and street performers, are scattered around the club, taking up a barstool here or a table against the wall there, or on the VIP box railing, and a pair in a ragged suit and petticoat dress hung by nooses above the dance floor. Decorations such as animal bones, rosaries, and voodoo dolls are common around the club as well.
        The staff is in the theme as well, commonly dressed as if for their funeral in the New Orleans tradition(s) with some 19th century ghosts and voodoo queens and zombies. Servers are often handing out beads and trinkets with orders of Halloween themed drinks and treats like rum in poison labeled bottles and bloody marys and sangria, with floating eyeball candies, in skull goblets.
        The Halloween theme is also strongly reflected in the performances on stage. Bands, singers, magicians, jugglers, fire dancers, belly dancers, burlesque shows, and so on, are usually in some sort of costume in fitting with the season if not something New Orleans specific. A feature is also a seance held on stage on nights there isn't a full play performance.

One of the Laveuxs comes in from the streets.

One of the Laveuxs has arrived.

<OOC> Arianna waves.

<OOC> Arianna is still working on the costume thing.

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs nods, "Sorry if mine seems low effort, but that's just how I'd seem, especially at a place with a number of people dressed this way.

<OOC> Arianna grins and nods. I don't expect everyone to put a lot of writing effort into it. Most people don't put that much effort into costumes either.

(One of the Laveauxs)

Yet another person dressed as Marie Laveux.

<Arcane 4>

<OOC> Arianna smirks. The Arcane does seem like cheating, tho. ;)

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 02:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 75.0 F (23.9 C)

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs says, "I feel like it could be fun. I can interact with the same people multiple times and they'd think I'm a different Laveux, unless I reveal myself to them in some way."

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs says, "So really I'm coming to the party as multiple different people dressed as Laveux."

Tammuz comes in from the streets.

Tammuz has arrived.

This man is rather tall at 6'3" with a notably slender build. His skin is a golden color that hints at his Arab heritage, or at the very least Mediterranean. His hair is covered by a black turban that is folded tightly together. His face is hidden behind a full faced venetian mask with gold inlays throughout against a light, silver toned mask. He wears black robes that are cinched at his waist with a loop of silver thread, gold embroidery lining the robes in Arabic calligraphy. The robes stop at his ankles revealing his sandaled feet. In his right hand he carries a shepherd's crook made of hard wood and on his belt there is a rather large knife that appears stained with dried blood, or rather food coloring most likely. In fact there seems to be that same dried flecks of red splashed across his mask and the front of his robe though his skin seems clean of it.

MoGui comes in from the streets.

MoGui has arrived.

A Chinese male in his 30s. 6' tall, 160#. Dark hair is worn at a medium length. Dark eyes are oftentimes obscured behind a pair of sunglasses during the day. His face is composed of typically masculine features - nondescript save for a neat goatee. Simple minimalist monochromatic archaic and traditional Chinese clothing flatters an athletic physique - a shirt with mandarin collar and frog fasteners, and a pair of loose pants are accompanied by a long cloth jacket with mandarin collar and frog fasteners. Black leather slippers are worn on his feet.

<OOC> Arianna waves to the new arrivals. Then nods sagely to One, "Yep, cheating." ;)

<OOC> MoGui says, "lol!"

<OOC> Arianna is still working on her own costume. Slow start to the day and all.

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs says, "I'm going to make a roll at the start of this. The point of the roll is the level at which I can pull off Laveux. I mean someone of the Laveuxs will have bad french accents and get things wrong, but others might have good french accents and get things right. Basically I'm rolling for my range. :P"

One of the Laveuxs loses one Willpower

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

One of the Laveuxs rolls Charisma + Expression vs 6 for 2 successes.

2 4 4 5 +10 +10


<OOC> MoGui says, "are you mutiple people?"

The party would be getting going pretty close to opening, though. Entering the club past the eerie bouncers, the club is wreathed in the eerie green and purples mixed with both modern Halloween decorations and the ghostish, 19th century pieces. Hey, New Orleans is about a mix, right? People entering with a costume get themselves a cheap cover charge.

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs says, "Well, I'm one character, but unless I reveal myself to you, or you see through me, or I pose that way, it's possible you'll mistake me for multiple people over the course of the night. :)"

<OOC> Arianna says, "Arcane is tricksy."

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs says, "Hmm, don't think my Charisma specialty applies here."

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs says, "Arcane at a masquerade party with many people in the same costume is a whole different thing. :)"

<OOC> One of the Laveuxs promises to make it fun, give you the opportunity to figure out who I am, or possibly reveal myself to you.

Someone didn't get the memo on the theme of the night it seems. In walks a rather tall man in dark robes with a shepherd's crook in his right hand that he uses as a walking stick. There's a silver, full faced venetian mask with gold inlays hiding his features, a perhaps strange addition to his wardrobe. Then there's the large knife on his hip and his costume seems covered in dry, red flecks that are clearly meant to inspire thoughts of blood.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux tries something out for a desc.

A black top hat rests atop dark, slightly wavy hair that spills down past her shoulders, the hat decorated with striped pheasant feathers and red roses. A woman's face is painted like a scull across her upper face ending with black lipstick. What skin can be seen has a deep, natural tan coloring. This woman has some sort of mystique about her so that she stands out even in a crowd, an allure prone to drawing interest with her mere presence. When she speaks, her voice is pleasant and confident with a distinct New York accent.

        A black tail coat with a red rose in the left lapel drapes from her shoulders and billows around as she moves. It's worn over a dark red satin Victorian sort of dress with a high white lace collar. Draped around the collar is a snake...which is pretty clearly rubber. A belt of bones wraps around her waist rather than a proper shawl. White gloves emerge from the coat sleeves and carry a skull-headed cane.

Baron Laveaux strides her way through the club, dress swishing and cane tapping on the floor, drawing some attention just for being there. She pauses here and there, briefly chatting with a costumed server here or greeting some guests long enough to taunt them about not dancing there, and so on.

<---======##=[ Glancing around Royal Cajun Cabaret - Nightclub, B=##======--->

Royal Cajun Cabaret

 +view and Places

Baron Laveaux F 0s Tail coat & dress w/ voodoo touches.

 +notes and APP: 4

MoGui M 45s Nondescript Chinese male.

One of the Laveuxs F 3m Dready Hippie with a Limp

 APP: 4

Tammuz M 3m A stunningly handsome Egyptian man. 6'3"

 APP: 4 and +info


One of the Laveuxs walks slowly through the entrance, surveying the masquerade ball. Before even making it to the bar, she's stopped by another one of the Laveuxs. They laugh as one points out that they had both purchased the same earings for their costume. With not much more to discuss, they part ways. Both glances over their shoulder, but thankfully at different moments, wondering to themselves, "Who wore it better?" A momentary thought, quickly interrupted by a Baron Samedi clearly thinking this Laveux wore it better. Maybe if that Baron Samedi had put more effort into his costume, he wouldn't be getting curved right now. Bypassing the amorous loa, that Laveaux waits in line at the bar behind another Laveux and a Steampunk Skeleton. Or was that the other Laveux? Hmmm, even the two Laveux in line have somewhat similar earrings, though clearly not identical. Just then another Laveux stops in front of your view.

Tammuz looks around towards the various Barons and Marie's, quickly realizing he didn't quite understand the intent for the evening. Or perhaps he was satisfied to dance to the beat of his own drum. He paces along, eyes trailing over various Laveaux with varying levels of interest until he sees the Baron Laveaux. There's a costume, and a form, that catches the eye. He approaches the woman and speaks with an accent that does a rather good job of announcing his identity to anyone who's met the Egyptian man. "Good evening.. baron?" The question is genuine, this culture being rather foreign to him.

Baron Laveaux does flash a charming grin and even a wave at the good costumes as she winds about. Particularly happy when spotting a Baron or a Marie, the nearest one of those getting a playful wink before she gets distracted by Tammuz. She takes a moment to look him over, then reaches up and doffs her hat with a quick curtsy while she replies, "Ah, good evening. Abraham? Or do I get a history lesson?" Unhelpfully avoiding confirming or denying the question in his greeting.

<OOC> MoGui says, "rl dinner aggros but back after."

MoGui goes out to the waiting streets.

MoGui has left.

One of the Laveuxs to another Laveux asks "What's new?" It seems these Laveuxs are previously acquainted Laveuxs. Given the pleasant, though not overly familiar exchange, perhaps work Laveuxs? The departing Laveux is a shot-taking Laveux, the one still at the bar a patient Laveux, declining to push her way to the front through other Laveuxs.

Tammuz shakes his head in response to that question, his head shifting as his gaze runs over the female Baron from head to toe and then back up again. "Tammuz." He pauses there for a moment and shakes his head. "No history lesson unless you'd like one of course, I wouldn't mind spending some time in your company." His gaze briefly drifts over towards one of the other Laveauxs before his attention is once more drawn to the one before him. It's rather hard to miss that she's been acting as a hostess. "Is this your party?"

Morgan comes in from the streets.

Morgan has arrived.

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs is no longer a slightly typo'd Laveaux.

The curtains part on the stage to get the entertainment going, starting with a jazz band all dressed in Baron Samedi and voodoo sort of themed costumes. Purple spotlights give them more of an eerie glisten than might be usual as they get to playing. Those Laveaux, and Barons, visiting the bar do get their first drink on the house. (Those moochers with Arcane are probably going to get several.)

Baron Laveaux is speaking to Tammuz, placing her top hat back in place and then planting her cane in front of her, "Oh, I actually am in quite the mood for history lessons about costumes. The party theme at least touches on it. Halloween, spiritualism, voodoo, New Orleans, all this stuff is part of culture and part of history." Then she grins, "Yes, you could say this is my party. And you're sounding a bit familiar yourself, Tammuz."


Morgan is of average height standing around 5'10. Her straight blond hair pulled up into an elaborate twist, showing off her graceful neck. Her cheeks a natural soft pink hue. With no makeup her natural beauty, and soft pink lips easily bring out the brightness in her intense blue eyes, that seem to see everything around her. Perhaps to much at times and hints of stress, seem to show at the corner of those eyes.

Tonight she is dressed in dark blue evening gown that sparkles with each movement with matching pair of lace gloves on her hands, and dark blue heels.

(Appearance 4: Playby: Jennifer Missoni)

Morgan did not dress up for the evening, but heard there was some festivity at the Caboret and thought she might actually stop by to enjoy the evening, and try to unwind a bit, though the theme is very dramatic and a bit startling, but very well done. She offers a warm smile at those that look her way.

One of the Laveauxs's finally found her beau. They both bask in the rewards of the Steampunk Skeleton's long wait at the bar. A hurricane each, nicely topped with orange slices and cherries. "Just in time," says the Laveaux as they make their way to the dance floor. Now revealed in their departure in another Laveux, with a less kind beau. Is this Laveaux more unimpressed by her man's drunken antics or the fact that he decided to dess as a Ninja Turtle. Yet this now poutting Laveaux is stared at by a single Laveaux, a lonely Laveaux, a boo-hoo Laveaux.

"Tammuz, spouse of Ishtar and god of shepherds." His eyes wander over to Morgan as the woman passes, she stands out merely by not wearing a costume if not for her beauty. Tammuz's gaze wanders back to Baron Laveaux as he continues. "Some also consider him a god of rebirth or of those that return from the dead." He shrugs a bit that, a low sound escaping his throat as he considers his own words. "Perhaps similar to your Baron Samedi in ways." He holds the crook in front of him, leaning on it now as both hands grip it tightly. "Do you dance?"

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 03:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 73.0 F (22.8 C)

[Internet] Urd says, "? And if you're cold, I'll keep you warm If you're low, just hold on"

Morgan looks thoughtful as she realizes that she did not come dressed up in a costume, and really does stick out, as others look at her, causing the woman to blush a little and head to the bar, to maybe hide her face behind a drink.

Baron Laveaux lightly replies to Tammuz, "Can't say I'm an expert on either mythology, but it does sound similar. Which is pretty nifty and nicely fitting. I love thought like that in costume parties." Then she laughs lightly and replies, "Oh yes, that I do. Not that I can do a lot of it while playing hostess, but I do have to set an example at some point. Nobody lets me force everyone to dance."

One of the Laveauxs's passes by a Baron Laveaux to say a quick "Thank You." A moment later, another Laveaux, another "Thank You," or was that the same Laveaux? Who knows, it's one of many Laveauxs, or two of many Laveauxs. Though one of those Laveauxs is a noticeable Laveaux, a zombie skeleton Laveaux. A zombie Laveaux dancing quite poorly to the Baron Samedi bands's voodoo revue. Chances are this Laveaux will also be a single Laveaux, but she seems fine with that, not a boo-hoo Lavaeux. Besides, who knows what a drunken zombie Lavaeaux might eventually do? Who's that, but the poorly dressed Baron Samedi with a round of shots, and flirtatious "Yoo-Hoo." Shot down again. Oh poor poorly dressed Baron Samedi, what will we ever do with you? Quick Morgan, run, he's not only interested in costumed Laveauxs ...

It's a club on the tourist strip, basically. People with little in the way of costume are probably fairly common despite the special event. And the hostess' pushy demands.

There's a growl in the throat of Tammuz as he nods his head. "Find me once you finish your hosting duties Baron. I will entertain you for the evening." It sounds much more like a demand than a request. He inclines his head towards the well dressed Laveaux and then steps away. It would be in poor form to hold the hostess's attention too long and Tammuz always acts in good form of course. Except when he doesn't. He remembers that other woman that entered, the one in blue that caught his eye in passing. Tammuz walks towards the bar using the crook as a walking stick once more just in time to use it to push away the slightly drunk and poorly dressed Samedi. "Excuse me." He growls to the man before the man in the venetian mask turns his attention to Morgan. "Hello there."

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "btw, anyone should feel free to @emit for any of the various costume revelers I introduce, if interested."

Morgan was just acquiring her glass of a rather festive drink that looks orange and red, almost like a sunset with a hint of tequila in it, and smiles as the Tammuz approaches the bar and tries to head of the man in the Venetian mask. She just shakes her head, "Well hello there. Your costume is amazing. Very nicely done."

One of the Laveauxs, and another Laveaux, and another Laveaux, and another Laveaux are all dancing with the Baron Samedi beaus to the Baron Samedi band voodoo review. Other Laveauxs are harder partying Laveauxs, forming the line of Laveauxs for the women's loo. Sniff-sniff-ooo ... out come the naughty Laveauxs, the scandalous Laveauxs, the coked-up Laveauxs, and the solitary actually had to use the bathroom Laveaux.

[Internet] Ghost_18 says, "(white noise and mysterious voice) Nowhere to hide..."

[Internet] Urd says, "I will be your safety..."

Tammuz takes a seat beside Morgan, leaning his crook against the bar as he turns his masked gaze back to her. "Thank you. You look rather lovely yourself." His voice has a distinct accent that, along with his skin tone, hints to an Arab man being behind that mask. If you have an ear for it his accent is Egyptian. "Tammuz," he says as he extends his right hand over to Morgan in way of introducing himself.

Baron Laveaux actually goes winding through the crowd to step outside for a bit. Meanwhile, when the band finishes its jazz set, the stage briefly closes only to introduce a magician and her assistants. For a little while there's a fun show of magic and sleight of hand. Including a couple of tricks introduced with a bit of history about their origin in New Orleans. Good for some jokes mixed in with a show and a bit of audience participation to draw a card or such.

Brittney comes in from the streets.

Brittney has arrived.

Morgan tilts her head at the inflection of egyptian that he speaks, and is curious about the man behind the mask, if he might be someone she knows, but there surely are more that speak Egyptian, "Morgan." She carefully sets down the glass, and extends her hand in a warm greeting. "Is that Egyptian I detect." A hint of Italian in her own voice, she smiles warmly.

One of the Laveauxs waits at the bar with Baron Samedis and other Laveauxs. After waiting a moment, she turns to a Victorian Ghost and asks in a terrible french accent, "Buy me a drink?" Nearby, at the bar a Laveaux turns to an impeccably dressed Baron Samedi, and in a spot on Creole accent asks, "Can you believe some people?" Meanwhile, the poorly dressed Baron Samedi seems to have heard his mating call, but five uncostumed frat boys covered in cheap plastic beads have beat him to it. That Laveaux with the bad French accent would be wise to watch her drink.

[Internet] Poison Pen says, "Saturday night getting started has some pictures getting posted of Halloween party time at the Royal Cajun Cabaret. Green and purple lighting and 18th century ghosts and costumed partiers waiting in line to enter and the like. Party time!"

Tammuz tilts his head to the side at that question, pausing before he answers. "An Egyptian accent, yes. But we speak Arabic there. You have a good ear for such things it seems, hmm?" His voice is rather low, his cool hand meeting Morgan's in that shake before he draws his hand back to his side. "You're European, yes?" He turns to face Morgan more fully now, his eyes revealing keen interest in her.

Ghost_18 comes in from the streets.

Ghost_18 has arrived.

[Internet] Urd says, "Sale! ETsy Store: TheVolumptousNorn. amulet bags to keep the ghosties away"

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "I am in the shadowlands FYI"

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "Should we go to 3PR now?"

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "and hi everyone"

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Oh yeah, I already can't keep up a pose order or anything."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux waves to the ghostie.

Morgan smiles at the recognition of his own, "I am from Milan, my family is still there, but I came here for work and to open a family shop here, as well as a little teching that I do, and translation services when needed." Her hand going back to hold to her drink, it seems a good idea taking a small sip of the sunset looking beverage of orange and red.

One of the Laveauxs with a tropical drink in hand, and a bit of a limp, shuffles up to Baron Laveaux. "Thank you for throwing such a wonderful party. It was a good excuse to get out, and exactly what I needed tonight." She raises the glass slightly and says, "Cheers."

Brittney arrives and is wearing all black clothing and over it is a long black robe with a hood that is pulled up over her head.

"Milan?" Tammuz asks before giving a slow nod of his head. His gaze rather obviously wanders over Morgan, appreciating her beauty before he bothers to let his eyes rest on hers once more. "I've never been but perhaps one day. Have you ever been to Al-Iskandariya? It's a beautiful city, though I fear not half as beautiful as you Morgan."

On stage the magic show wraps up with a funny show of a botched sawing in half of an assistant, with some fake blood splattered around for good measure. After the magician and her blood splattered assistants bow, the curtains close. Moments later the Baron Laveaux emerges again from backstage, strutting out onto the stage with a microphone in one hand and a cauldron slung on the arm carrying her cane. She stops at the center of the stage, plants the cane, and then addresses everyone, "Are we having fun yet? The party's just getting started! And, for reference, partying means buying my booze and dancing. Make sure that poor dance floor doesn't get lonely or I'll be forced to learn how to hex people." She then laughs, tucks the microphone into a coat pocket, and reaches into the cauldron to start tossing out some beads into the crowd, purple and green and orange strings.

One Laveaux, two Laveauxs, three Laveauxs, four. Five Laveauxs, six Laveauxs, seven Laveauxs, and more, all cheer for Baron Laveaux as they move to catch beads she just threw.

Ghost_18 pages: let me know if you want to use me for the summoning. I am good with it as long as it is harmless.

Long distance to Ghost_18: Baron Laveaux chuckles. I'm afraid Ari has no way to summon ghosts and has no intent to try. It's a stage show for fun. Now, if you have ways to join in on teasing the volunteers for the seance that's not too disruptive, that would fit in fine.

Ghost_18 pages: i do and yes it would be harmless. Im not trying to cause any problems with anyone so no worries.

You paged Ghost_18 with 'Nifty.'

Brittney smiles as she strolls over to the bar and takes a seat, then glances over to the stage to watch the entertainment going on.

Tammuz walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Morgan smiles softly at the compliment and the question, "I have not been there yet but I have heard of its beauty, and I fear you give me much to much credit Tammuz. Milan, Italy. I grew up between there and Paris, but I do have an appreciation for the arts, and beautiful cities, of old and new, with the work I do. I will have to leave it to you to figure that out though." She does blink as her attention is momentarily torn away from Tammuz, and tries to return her focus to him.

One of the Laveauxs does a solitary dance, pissed that her Ninja Turtle is sick in the loo. The Zombie Laveaux, now three drinks later, can actually dance, as well as hide. The poorly dressed Baron Samedi is looking for her everywhere on the dance floor. The Steampunk Skeleton is really cutting a rug with his Laveaux. The five frat boys are all grinding with their poorly-french accented Laveaux. The creole Laveaux and her impeccable Baron Samedi barely dance, they just shuffle on dance floor saying catty things about poor poorly-french accented Laveaux. The Victorian Ghost is being waved off by a slightly limping, but definitely dancing Laveaux, oh well, he quickly offers a drink to another Laveaux. Oh Brittney, have you been warned? Now the poorly dressed Baron Samedi is coming for you ...

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "if you are not aware i am using wraith posing so just do your thing everyone lol. No need to wait on me."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Even ghosts need to party, I suppose."

Tammuz lifts his right hand to touch his index finger to the bottom of Morgan's chin, attempting to redirect her attention to him as she struggles to maintain focus. It's a somewhat possessive gesture and rather forward all things considered. "I'll make a point to visit it sometime then. It sounds lovely." His own gaze is briefly distracted by the Baron and her bead tossing before he meets Morgan's gaze once more. "I'm a recent arrival in Prospect myself. When did you arrive?"

Barons Bride comes in from the streets.

Barons Bride has arrived.

Tammuz loses one Willpower

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride changes her name so that the 'look' command doesn't get confused

Morgan was not expecting the direct touch from Tammuz as her attention is gratefully drawn back to him, to his question she answers softly, but loud enough so that he can hear her. Her eyes meeting his own again. "I have been here a few years now."

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 04:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 74.0 F (23.3 C)

Brittney orders a drink at the bar. She smiles and leans against the counter as she relaxes a little and looks around the room to see who all is about. Noticing someone coming her way she smiles, "Good evening."

Tammuz leans in to make sure he hears her over the sound of the crowd as the party begins to get more crowded, nodding his head. "Perhaps you can show me around sometime then Morgan." There's a pleased sound to his voice as he continues speaking with the woman. "What do you do here?" His hand pulls away from her chin after a moment, his own gaze lingering on hers.

Baron Laveaux finishes throwing out the purple, green, and orange beads from the stage, emptying the cauldron which she then lightly tosses the plastic backtage and pulls out the microphone again. In a teasing tone she starts, "Remember, this is New Orleans. Carlsbad is several states over. I appreciate you all taking that long trip through the door!" Then she calls, "Now let's all dance to the sounds of Hocus Pocus!" At which point the curtains start to open and she just hops forward off the stage, which makes for a rush of air as those large skirts spread out during the drop. Someone might have practiced that more with leggings than a big dress... As the curtains open another band starts to play, all in pointy witch hats, to sing some Halloween hits. The Baron Laveaux swishes her way over toward the dance floor to swish and twist with the first song to set an example.

<---======##=[ Glancing around Royal Cajun Cabaret - Nightclub, B=##======--->

Royal Cajun Cabaret

 +view and Places

Baron Laveaux F 0s Tail coat & dress w/ voodoo touches.

 +notes and APP: 4

Ghost_18 M 59s See Wraith Description

One of the Laveauxs F 1m Dready Hippie with a Limp

 APP: 4

B.Samedi Bride F 4m A sun bleached blonde

 +notes and +view

Tammuz M 54s A stunningly handsome Egyptian man. 6'3"

 APP: 4 and +info

Morgan 1m Average Blonde standing about 5'10

Brittney 2m


(Baron Samedi's Bride)

The blossoming young woman wears what appears to be a pink wig that has some grey and black highlights. A crown made of flower blossoms circle her brow with the largest bulbs just above her face. The foundation used on her face gives her an extremely pale complexion. The make up is what might be expected of a Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. Around her neck, she fashions a hemp necklace with a tiger shark tooth pendant. Her button nose is covered in dark make-up, giving the illusion that her face is actually more like a skeleton rather than a real person. Her Cupid's bow lips have lines drawn across them as if her mouth was originally stitched shut.

The young woman, measuring around five and a half feet tall depending on her footwear, is blossoming into womanhood. Some would even suggest that she has been given a double dose of a growth spurt in certain areas. She's currently wearing a strapless sequined bodice to what appears to be a bride's wedding dress. The princess seam cut of the bodice does provide a bit of lift, allowing a generous view of her cleavage. She wears a gawdy ring with a pink faux gemstone on her left hand.

The young woman's waistline and physique suggests a very active lifestyle as its trim and firm. The wedding dress pinches at the waist but then flares out to showcase an hourglass figure. The fluff of the wedding dress obscures such features as the shape of her backside or the length of her legs. If the dress were to be raised some, her slender legs are covered in white hosiery. A pair of two inch heels are done in white leather with pink gemstone trim.

(image: https://www.lucierosedonlan.com/alternative-looks/mrq1334nf5776rqyyrdomu9unodzkj)

Baron Samedi's Bride wanders into the club. Well, she hobbles as if she's favoring her left leg. She does seem a bit tentative with walking as she's not really sure what to expect or where to go. Drinks at the bar is probably a good place to wander, despite how slow she goes. Dancing? Yea, that's probably not going to happen.


This young women looks to be in her late teens or early twenties. She stands around five foot six, with light brown skin and hazel eyes. She has wavy medium length black hair that reaches a few inches past her shoulders. She has gentle features, and a curvy build about her.

She is currently wearing an expensive and stylish suit with a skirt that reaches to her knees. The dark black fabric clings to her feminine form, and is tailored perfectly to fit her.

Morgan attention has been clearly drawn away from the distraction, and is squarely on Tammuz as she speaks to him, and smiles, "I am a restoration shop owner, for ancient artifacts and antiques among other things, I also work as a Archaeology Professor at the University." She smiles softly as she speaks to him, as if the rest of the room doesn't exsist and forgets about her drink. "I also do a bit of consulting for the local police department."

One of the Laveauxs, the poorly french-accented Laveaux, is thankful for security. Poor accents are no excuses for poor behavior. Goodbye to the frat boys, goodbye to their lack of costumes, goodbye to their lack of costumes. Another Laveaux is less thrilled with security, and even less with her soon to be ex-Ninja Turtle who's been puking in the loo. Time to kick them both out, those poor Laveauxs. But the one to feel true sympathy for is dear Brittney, no one wandered not to talk to the poor poorly dressed Baron Samedi. Maybe despite all those rejections, he'll turn out to be a good guy? Brittney think quick! He's offering you a drink ...

Tammuz listens intently to Morgan's description of what she does, a small nod of his head given in response. His own attention is rather on her as well, leaning in closer as she seems to become more engrossed in the conversation. His right hand drifts up to her cheek, a cool thumb brushing along her cheek. "A professor? Impressive. How long have you been teaching? You seem rather young for the job if I'm honest."

Morgan offers softly, "I began my formal teaching career here in Prospect, I was offered the position and moved her to accept. I have been studying since I was very young though, a big part of my childhood and upbringing, even my family history." The hand on her cheek makes her blush lightly, "What is it you do Tammuz?" She is curely curious about him too.

<OOC> Morgan says, "clearly curious***"

Brittney had already ordered a drink from the bar which arrives at the moment, so she passes up the offer for another. Though she doesn't mind talking, "Seems like an interesting event going on."

Tammuz pulls his hand away a moment later. "I'm a translator and interpreter. I speak a few languages and I'm actually looking to start doing some work at the University myself." He settles his elbow on the bar and leans his head against his hand as he watches Morgan. "Perhaps we could go somewhere a little less crowded and discuss professional opportunities."

Baron Samedi's bride smiles a lopsided grin as she overhears Brittney at the bar, "Definitely different, dude." She laughs that stoner laugh of hers as her rum and diet coke is delivered. She takes a seat on a barstool, happy to take weight off her feet.

One of the Laveauxs with a whiskey and soda in hand, shuffles with a bit of a limp up to Baron Laveaux. "This is exactly what I wanted tonight. I needed a decent excuse to get out, and you provided it. Thank you for throwing such a wonderful party." Raising her glass slightly, she says, "Salut." Deja-vu-Laveaux.

The poorly dressed Baron Samedi says to Brittney, "Would you care to dance?"

Just then another Laveauxs says, "Thank You." to Baron Laveaux. Deja-vu-Laveaux-times-two?

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<OOC> One of the Laveauxs has some Laveaux poses. :)

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "Hopefully though someone else will too, for the contest at the very least."

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<OOC> Tammuz says, "Baron Samedi's Bride /is/ Marie Laveaux"

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride says, "Oh :)"

<OOC> Tammuz will enter the contest for giggles if he doesn't abscond with Morgan first.

Morgan smiles at the offer to discuss their work more, and nods at the suggestion to find a quieter place to talk this evening. "I would like that, do you have a place in mind?" Her blue eyes still focused on Tammuz, forgetting all about that beautiful sunset drink she had acquired.

Brittney nods to the bride, "Yeah, very interesting." She smiles then looks back to the Samedi and lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug, "Sure." She then stands up and starts to head to the dance floor.

Tammuz pages: Did Arianna tell Mahmoud that she was running this party?

You paged Tammuz with 'Yeah. Basically, at least. And her identity isn't really hidden or anything either.'

From afar, Tammuz nods.

Tammuz considers that for a moment before giving a bit of a shrug. "I don't live in Carlsbad but I'm sure we can find a place nearby that's private enough." He grumbles for a moment, his index finger tapping against the chin of the mask before he adds. "Hold here for just a moment lovely Morgan. I'll be back." He slips off of the chair and brushes his hand over her neck as he leans in to whisper to her. A moment later he turns, his eyes seeking out the Baron Laveaux. He has a question for her. He picks up the crook and begins pacing over to her.

One of the Laveauxs , a limping Laveaux, takes a much needed seat next to another Laveaux, the Baron Samedi Bride Laveaux. She orders a whiskey and tips a dollar or two. Then from one Laveaux to another Laveaux, she asks the Bridal Laveaux, "How do you do?"

Meanwhile another Laveaux plays a game of peek-a-boo with her beau, or was that her boo? Keeping track of which Laveaux, is turning out to be pretty hard to do.

Meanwhile, the poorly dressed Baron Samedi is finally included too! He walks to the dance floor with Brittney, maybe a romance will brew?

River comes in from the streets.

River has arrived.

There is something, well for lack of a better word, shiny about River. She just has that vibrant alive glow to her. She stands around 5/4 with a skinny petite build which only lends to her youthful appearance, If one had to guess she is maybe 18 years old. She has short brown hair cut into a sporty pixy-ish style. Her large almond shaped eyes have a faint catlike slant and are a deep brown, making her pupils almost invisible. Her mouth has a tendency to go rogue mid-grin and transform into a vaguely impish smirk. While she is easy on the eyes she falls short of runway material.

River has a sprite like build that hints nicely at statuesque, Just enough tone to give definition and shape to her petite frame. A yellow sundress with spaghetti straps drapes over her slender form and with the light just right shows the silhouette under the loose garment. Her dress ends at mid-thigh leaving her slender toned legs bare except for an ankle bracelet on her left ankle made up of hemp and tiny sea shells. On her feet she wears a pair of flip flops when the need arises, but most of the time goes bare foot. On her left thumb she has a tattoo that incorporates two crescent moons.

Morgan smiles warmly at the whisper tilting her head towards the ear he whispered and stays where she is, waiting, and finally remembering her drink, to take a sip, just in time that something else catches her attention again and she keeps trying to ignore it, until it disappears but for how long she isn't sure.

Ghost_18 pages: may i do an @emit its harmless but would fit with Brittneys dance

You paged Ghost_18 with 'Sure.'

(G18) The lights on the stage and dancefloor dim to almost nothing. Followed by a soft dark blue light that spotlights Brittney and her partner on the floor. A white noise is heard briefly from the speaker system almost resembling an old record beginning to play. An old Creole waltz begins in the tune of a funeral presession.

River walks into the bar and well her costume is sort of last minute as she is only wearing a masqurade style masp that covers the eyes with a little face pain of ivy and vines.

The Bride of Baron Samedi (the one with the limp) looks to the other girl in costume. She lifts a hand, extending a thumb and pinkie, "Aloha." She shifts her sitting posture on the barstool, so that she can face the person talking to her with minimal discomfort on her part. She shrugs, "Just chilling, man." She looks out to the decorations and such, "Though the vibes are really... dark, man."

Brittney is wearing a black robe with a hood and heads out onto the dance floor. She laughs slightly, "Didn't expect the music to change to that all of the sudden.

Baron Laveaux spent some time dancing to the likes of Werewolves of London by the cover band in witch hats on stage and then gets to mixing again. Leaving the floor she spots a Brittney with her Baron company headed to dance and grins brightly, "Glad you could make it. Enjoy!" Ah, but there's also a Tammuz headed for her, so she pauses to turn some curious attention to see what he's up to. Well, until she gets distracted by the unexpected spotlight and change of music. So she stares a few moments with furrowed brows until Tammuz catches up to her.

Tammuz approaches Baron Laveaux on the dancefloor, lifting his right hand in greeting before he leans in to speak with her very softly. He gets rather close so that he can be heard over the din of the crowd. Is that his left hand pressing to her hip? Yes, it is.

From afar, Tammuz whispers, "I've found a lovely morsel who's caught my eye and I've caught the eye of. I don't want to step on any toes. Mind if I sample her?"

Ghost_18 pages: thats all for now :) going back to wraith poses.

One of the Laveauxs had earlier told River she might be found here too. But with this many Laveauxs, what will River do?

The other Laveaux, the sitting Laveaux, the sitting next to the Bridal Laveaux, says, "Well, it's Halloween time, right? That's when the veil between the living and dead is at it's thinnest, and we do our best to celebrate that." She then takes a sip of her whiskey.

The poorly dress Baron Samedi gives a charming smile, and moves close to dance with Brittney. It's their song, and it's their moment. This is why he bought that nice cologne. This is why he spent all those years to learning to dance. This is why so many Laveauxs who previously passed him over, are now quite jealous of Brittney.

Brittney smiles as she dances with the Baron Samedi and seems to be having fun. Well that was the entire point to coming out to the party, to have fun and to drink and dance.

River smiles as she drifts over to the Samedi bride and Laveauxe and says "hey guys." She grins and hugs both as she says "Wonderful costumes. Wish I had more time to come up with something myself." Morgan watched as the light faded and still seemed to be watching the area of the light more so than the rest of the room, curiously and quietly. It would be just her luck, but maybe if she continues to try to ignre it, it will go away. While she waits for the Enchanting Tammuz to return, and that beautiful egyptian accent.

B.Samedi Bride takes a sip of her drink and shrugs a little, "I guess so, dude." She then looks back to the person talking to her, "Halloween is the time to get as much candy as possible, man. Reese's Peanut Butter cups are like the best, man." She laughs her stoner laugh at that.

Baron Laveaux gives Tammuz' whisper a little frown while she glances around briefly before turning to murmur something back to him.

B.Samedi Bride adds to her pose as she looks to River, "Aloha." Shaka is given as well, "And well, I had nothing else to do so I could work on this."

Tammuz senses "Baron Laveaux responds, "That's not really my place to give permission on here. The...Cedric might be around later to ask. Otherwise...this isn't a rack yet.""

One of the Laveauxs nods to the Bridal Laveaux, "Well yeah, of course that too." Then turning to River, she offers a hand, and asks, "How do you do?"

Tammuz nods thoughtfully to the Baron's response, one last question seemingly though for her as he murmurs into her ear once more.

From afar, Tammuz is rather forward with his interests. "Understandable. And what if I simply took her away to enjoy her body but not her blood. Would this Cedric complain?"

River smiles as she says "Im doing pretty good. Just decided tos wing by for the party. She does keep glancing at a random part of the room seemingly.

Tammuz senses "Baron Laveaux gives Tammuz a leery look, "Well, I guess if you're into that, that's probably fine. Be careful you don't give the impression you're hunting.""

Tammuz chuckles softly as he steps back from Baron Laveaux. The mask hides his expression however. "There are some differences between your people and mine lovely Baron. I'd be happy to show you sometime." He nods his head to the woman and paces back to Morgan, his right hand drifting over her shoulder as he arrives back to his seat. "I'm back. I hope you didn't miss me too much?" Morgan looks back to Tammuz and smiles warmly, her attention drawn back from the light and to him again, as he places his hand on her shoulder, "I am glad that you have returned Tammuz. Is everything alright?" She offers and sets that drink back down. "Your Gorgeous form of perfection is deeply missed when you are away."

Distracted for a moment, River's Laveaux is now off among other Laveauxs, but River, did that Laveaux just limp away from you?

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 05:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 75.0 F (23.9 C)

The poorly dresses Baron Samedi dances with Brittney like she was a queen. He twirls her and dips her and makes quite a scene.

Cedric comes in from the streets.

Cedric has arrived.

Cedric takes a look around as he walks inside.

Before you is a man appearing to be in his late twenties, a lean yet athletic frame bringing him up to an even six feet in height. Coal black hair is combed back and kept casually cut. Dark eyebrows and a strong jaw help define a face of average looks, with the most noticeable thing being his eyes - a startling blue as bright as sapphires; striking yet soft.

Victorian Steampunk is the attire for the evening beginning with a short black top hat perched on his head. A long, fitted coat of deep burgandy velvet then falls to mid-thigh in front and is slightly longer in the back. The edges of the collar are trimmed in a black velvet brocade, the same material making up the wide sleeve cuffs. An ornate clasp is situated just under the lower collar flaps, allowing the coat to be closed at mid-chest level, with three silver buttons below it acting more as decoration on either side. Beneath the jacket is worn a black ruffled shirt with a semi-high collar, the sleeves obviously edged in lace as they peek out from the jacket cuffs. The shirt is then tucked into a pair of black pants with a wide buttoned waistband. Black leather boots round out of the outfit, lacing up to mid-calf in height, with a belt buckle strap just below the ankle. (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/5d/b8/86/5db8867aab05c382ad0fef435a948ef0.jpg)

The compliment seems to sit well with him, his head nodding in response though his face is still hidden behind that mask. "Everything is fine. Just fine in fact. I just had to clear up a few things with a friend first." He picks up his crook in his right hand and rises as he extends his left over to Morgan. "I think we've enjoyed this place well enough for now though. Perhaps we'll return later though, there's still more festivities to enjoy." His eyes drift over the crowd before he looks back to Morgan. "Come, will you be my Ishtar this evening?"

Tammuz did all of that.

MoGui comes in from the streets.

MoGui has arrived.

Lila comes in from the streets.

Lila has arrived.

Raven black hair is pulled loosely back to the crown of this young, twenty-something, woman's head where loose curls fall to bounce about her neck with several shorter tendrils wildly framing a relatively pretty face. Dark brows highlight large hazel eyes, a ring of deep blue surrounding the pupils as they peer out amongst lush dark lashes. Streaks of glittery brown and beige shadow shading her lids for a neutral look while a heavy application of black liner and mascara serves to highlight those hazel eyes. Lips shaded a deep red glisten with gloss as dew would glisten on the petals of a rose.

Victorian Steampunk is the attire for the evening beginning with a short black hat perched haphazardly on her head. A simple white, off the shoulder blouse is worn with a ruffled edge modestly concealing any cleavage. The sleeves are slightly puffed and cinched just below the elbow. Worn over the blouse is a black corsetted top, composed of black velvet trim and embroidered silk, that fits snugly against her petite 5'4" frame as it falls to hip length. A series of silver clasps keep the front closed while the back laces shut as a traditional corset would. From beneath the corset flows a two-layer black skirt that reaches mid-thigh in front and just below the knees in back. The top layer is made of the same black embroidered silk as seen in the corset and is trimmed with lace, while the underlayer is of black silk with a ruffled edge. Black leather and lace boots lace up to just below the knee, the heel adding about 2" to her height.

(https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1wkpGX5LrK1Rjy1zdq6ynnpXaA.jpg - but in black)

Brittney is wearing a black robe and with a hood overtop black clothing and currently dancing on the dance floor with some guy. She smiles and moves about as she dances.

Mo makes his way back into the RCC after having departed earlier to tend to some distraction or another.

Morgan gently slips her hand into his Tammuz, smiling warmly at him, as she accepts his invitation, "But of course, I am only sorry that I was not as well dressed as you are tonight My Tammuz. I am glad that everything is fine with you and your friend. You will have to introduce us sometime." Lila makes her way inside after Cedric, taking several steps to catch up to him before pausing at his side and looking around the club for a few moments to things in.

Mikael comes in from the streets.

Mikael has arrived.

Dr. Facilier comes in from the streets.

Dr. Facilier has arrived.

Cedric smiles to Lila, "Hey there, I am thinking lets sit down and soak every thing in for now."

Cedric decides to head to the Seating Area.

MoGui walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Tammuz's hand wraps around Morgan as he shakes his head. "You are lovely and dressed beautifully as well. Come, and perhaps eventually I will." He begins to lead Morgan out of the club, nodding to Cedric and Lila on the way out though he doesn't seem to recognize them. One of the Laveauxs and another Laveaux, and another Laveaux, and the Creole Leaveaux, and the poorly-French accented Laveaux are all super jealous of the dancing Brittney. They shoot daggers at that Baron Laveaux, as if to psychically project, "Change the music, you!" Yet the Victorian Ghost, Steampunk Skeleton, and Impeccably Dressed Baron Samedi, all seem happy that the Poorly Dressed Baron Samedi might have finally found love.

Meanwhile, dear River, among the Laveauxs, was that a Laveaux that just waved at you?

After reorienting and giving the room a once-over, Mo ambles on over towards the bar and hops onto an empty seat.

Baron Laveaux's mingling and mixing takes her back around to the dance floor eventually, hopping on to have some fun with the rendition of Monster Mash the local band in witch hats on stage is playing. Fun Halloween favorites to get the party mood really going. Looks like it's a good time for more people to be showing up to the party, though, so after wishing and twisting and 'mashing', she goes back to mingling to check in on the new arrivals. Looks like there's some familiar faces. After charming smiles here and there she gets to the Cedric and Lila pair to give them a particular doff of the hat combined with a curtsy and a, "Welcome to the party!"

Morgan does recognize Lila and Cedric, well she would if her attention was not completly focused on Tammuz, and she smiles softly at him, "You have a way with words Tammuz." She offers softly, "And flattery will get you every where."

Lila smiles warmly at Cedric's greeting then nods, following after him but not before nodding to Tammuz in return. No reason not to polite to a stranger, after all. Her eyes lighting on Morgan, she gives the woman a smile and nod as well and then quickly makes her way to the seating area. Lila decides to head to the Seating Area.

Their song is over, their time almost done, the poorly dress Baron Samedi now leans in for a kiss.

Tammuz goes out to the waiting streets.

Tammuz has left.

Morgan goes out to the waiting streets.

Morgan has left.

Brittney is having fun dancing, though has no romantic interest in the random person she was dancing with. With the song over she smiles, "Thank you for the dance." When he leans in for a kiss, she gives him a kiss on the cheek instead.

Well, that's just swell. The poorly dressed Baron Samedi knows heartbreak too well. The Laveauxs part like the sea to let him through, as the poorly dressed Baron Samedi dissapears from view.

<OOC> Dr. Facilier throws on a +view for his costume

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "ok, so i think morgan was the only one who could see me. lol not much else i can do as a wraith without making things act crazy."

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs is pretty sure at least two people here can see you.

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "i just dont want to keep wraith posing if no one can see it. It would be a waste of time lol"

<OOC> River says, "I been wraith posing"

<OOC> River says, "I dont know why you dont see it"

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "you have? i havnt seen anything. hmmm not sure"

<OOC> MoGui says, "make sure you +rexist"

<OOC> Mikael says, "Oops, last pose was mine."

<OOC> River says, "I see his poses."

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "ok, no worries. as long as mine are seen. :P"

A tall man comes through the door dressed in an outfit that screams Riverboat Gambler. He has his long hair darkened to black, and pulled back in a long ponytail, and he is wearing a floor length metallic gray coat with black trim and golden buttons, a silver vest with ornamental designs, a black shirt, and a pair of matching black pants. He comes in swinging a gold tipped walking cane. He glances back over his shoulder and smiles as he moves into the room, his eyes scanning over the crowd for anyone recognizable. Difficult with all costumes.

<OOC> Mikael says, "https://costumesupercenter-prodv3-weblinc.netdna-ssl.com/product_images/mens-badlands-gambler-costume/5aea186a69702d0aff00113a/detail.jpg?c=1525291114"

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "BTW, for those newcomers, I've been posing quite a number of random party goers on and off. If you see one that you want to do something with/to/interact with, feel free to either @emit for them, or pose to them and I'll do my best to pose back. That's how Britney got that dance with the now dearly departed Poorly Dressed Baron Samedi."

Lila settles into a seat next to Cedric, continuing to slowly look around even as she leans in to say something quietly to him.

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "But hands of the limping Laveaux and the tattoo'd Laveaux. :)"

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "At least *someone* knows how to party hard. ;)"

Brittney heads off of the dance floor and notices Cedric and Lila. She smiles and waves to them as she walks there way.

<OOC> Mikael is drowning in Laveaux. Very nice costumes guys.

Cedric phone vibrates, he looks to Lila, "This is an important text." He noticed Brittney looks his way and he waves to her. Then starts texting back on his phone.

Heathen has arrived.

MoGui decides to get up and leave the Bar.

MoGui goes out to the waiting streets.

MoGui has left.

River smiles to the limping costumed party goer and walks over as she says "great look." She grins impishly and hugs her.

(g18) As Cedrics phone buzzes, everyone who has a phone has the same thing happen, it either rings or buzzes and lists an unknown number.

Baron Laveaux turns from greeting Cedric and Lila as they head off to seats to give the Victorian Steampunk fellow a tip of the hat and a grin, "Ah, that's a lovely fashion.

As the night grows longer so does the queue to the women's loo. Just a long line of naughty Laveauxs, taking turn for their sniff-sniff-oooo. But after, what do they do? Why they form a stew, a stew of sweaty dancing Laveauxs. Their coked out ways chasing away a Laveaux and her Steampunk Skeleton Beaux.

Oh no River, that Laveaux is not that Laveaux you thought you knew. But just then ... "I see you." ... is a Laveaux playing a game with you?

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Heh. Keep in mind with the poses that security is all fussy about phones in the club. :)"

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "i know lol"

Heathen is preceeded by the chiming of his spurs, flat cowboy hat turned low, confetti rifle over his shoulder.

Lila arches a brow as she looks from Cedric to his phone, then settles back in her seat in time to see Brittney approaching. A friendly smile is offered her way, accompanied with a little wave.

(Dr. Facilier) Five feet nine, blond hair lazily combed to the sides, blue eyes, light complexion, angular jaw with light stubble. Wearing a dark blue button-down shirt, beige slacks and black loafers, all name brand and neatly ironed.


Identity Object

The following views are set on Dr. Facilier:


(Dr. Facilier's costume)

Oversized top hat, skull and crossbones, red silk hatband, giant purple feather curling out of one side. Dark purple tuxedo, left open in front, with black collar and tails hanging down below knee level, matching pants and red silk cummerbund. Purple undershirt. Cord necklace with two thumb-sized tusks dangling from it. White shoes with dark tips. And a mahogany walking stick with a large purple ball handle.

Ghost_18 pages: sorry trying to be as harmless but fun as i can

Dr. Facilier checks his phone in turn, then shrugs and drops it back into an unobtrusive pocket. Probably a cold call campaign for the Improbable Gutbuster or something. Now then, what about the people who are actually /here/, does he recognize any of them?

Mikael gives a flourishing bow to Baron Laveaux, "Merci Monsieur, and bonsoir. Might I compliment you on your choice of dress this eve?" He touches the cane to his tophat with a smile. iPhone Laveauxs, and Android Laveauxs, and heavens forbid a non-smartphone Laveaux ... ringing, chirping, buzzing, binging, boinging, zipp-a-dee-doo ... oh no, what will they do? The rules. The phones. The rules. The phones. Oh no! They're all breaking the rules ...

B. Samedi Bride eventually comes out of the loo, limping gingerly and favoring her left leg. She takes note of where everyone is, and tries to find a place where she can sit and not be on her feet for all that long.

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "if anyone answers, its the same scratchy tune from earlier that can be heard."

River grins to her Laveauxs and says "Oh that so? She grins as she turns and then says playfully "Guess Ill go find mine then." She then sees Mikael and smiles as she waves. "MIkael!"

Brittney smiles to Cedric and Lila, "Hello, how are you two doing tonight? Good to see you were finally able to make it to the party."

Dr. Facilier waves to River and Mikael in passing, recognizing that voice and that name. But they're going to be a minute catching up with one another, and so his gaze settles upon the Baroness. "Well, well. Tiana, is it?" His hands settle atop the handle of his cane as he leans forward slightly. "How them bagels holding up for ya?"

One of the Laveauxs a limping Laveaux, passes by the limping Bridal Laveaux, and then even a third limping Laveaux, or was that the previous limp Laveaux? Laveaux or Laveauxs they're now with other Laveauxs. Leaving alone the limp Bridal Laveaux. River, is that the limp Laveaux for you? or just something limping Laveaux?

Cedric looks briefly from his phone to Brittney, "Yeah you knew we would stop by at some point. Though I will not be staying on for too long."

<OOC> River says, "song for hethan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHNfnTnDKxQ"

Crimson Laveaux comes in from the streets.

Crimson Laveaux has arrived.

Baron Laveaux returns a grin to Mikael and replies, "Oh, you certainly may. But I'd best get on to starting the costume contest now that you're here. She winks and then starts to swish off, meandering through the crowd. On stage the band finishes playing their Halloween hits and gives a bow before the curtains close.

One of the Laveauxs a turqouise Laveaux, walks up to the Crimson Laveaux to offer a review, "Nice choice, my sister Laveaux."

Other Laveauxs are distracted Laveaux, distracted by glowing and chirping smartphone Laveauxs. Brittney smiles as she nods, "Well I thought you would be making an apperance, though now sure when."

Baron Laveaux does check her phone from out of a tux pocket. While walking right past security. Because she's an ass that way. She gives the tune an odd look and then tucks it away before approaching the stage.

Crimson Laveaux slips into the club with her hands folded into her lap, a warm smile planted on her lips as she stares over the others present, seemingly rather amused by the collection of outfits and costumes. Her eyes drift towards the stage as she sees Baron Laveaux hopping on stage.

B.Samedi Bride decides to head to the Seating Area.

Mikael chuckles softly at the female Baron, and then there's a River and waves over to her, saluting her with a tap of his cane against his hat. He glances over his shoulder again and smiles as he notices that Heathen has finally made his entrance. He steps towards the bar to order a Sazerac before his attention turns towards the stage.

Baron Samedi Bride is more than happy to take up a place at the bar. The high barstools make it easy to get in and out without too much of a strain. She claims her seat and simply spins so that she can watch.

River smiles and walks over to give Mikael a hug and says "Hows it going?" She then grins to heathen and offers him a hug as well, if not then a smile and a wave.

Dr. Facilier decides to head to the Seating Area.

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride says, "oops, selected the wrong area, but that's ok"

Many Laveauxs, all those smartphone Laveauxs, look like they might become selfie taking Laveauxs.

B.Samedi Bride decides to leave the Seating Area.

B.Samedi Bride walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Dr. Facilier decides to leave the Seating Area.

Dr. Facilier walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Heathen tips his hat to River, keeping a far too serious a look. "Evenin' ma'am. I'm doing well, And you?"

Baron Laveaux hops up the stairs onto the stage, skirts bouncing and swishing. A brief turn in behind the curtains, to emerge in moments with a cauldron slung over her arm holding the cane. Walking to the center of the stage she tosses some strings of purple, green, and orange beads from the cauldron, "Okay, costume contest time! Marie Laveux was the first and most famous queen of voodoo that New Orleans loves to celebrate. So all of you Maries, come on up on stage to show off that hard work!"

"It's good to see you enjoying yourself," Lila replies to Brittney, casually crossing her legs as she speaks. "Hopefully we'll be staying longer than he expects to." she gives Cedric a sidelong glance with a bit of a grin before her attention is drawn to the stage and Baron Laveaux. One of the Laveauxs is first to hear Baron Laveaux, and starts to make her way to the stage quickly followed by other Laveauxs. This announcement stopping many from becoming selfie taking Laveauxs.

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux says, "No cameras or cellphones allowed here"

Mikael accepts River's hug and gives her one. He smiles brightly, "It is wonderful to see you this eve." He applauds the start of the contest. "I do not envy the judges, there are some wonderful Widows of Paris here this eve!"

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "There was an IC cell phone incident earlier."

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux says, "Ah!"

<OOC> Mikael left his at the door as usual

One of the Laveauxs pages: Do you want me to just start posing Laveauxs on stage, or would you prefer I wait or do it a specific way? Hopefully I won't be the only Laveauxs.

<OOC> River says, "I dont even bring mine inside."

<OOC> Ghost_18 says, "thank you everyone for allowing me to attend."

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "I was mostly just posing the crowd of Laveauxs with cell phones waiting for someone to pose security, but when the contest happened instead I posed the phones going away. My actual Laveaux doesn't own a phone."

Crimson Laveaux here's the announcement and she realizes she showed up just in time! She paces up to the stage and carefully walks up the steps considering the height of her heels. Her hands hold her dress up slightly to avoid it getting in her way before she steps onto the stage and gives a warm wave to the crowd. Her eyes drift to Baron Laveaux as she steps closer, whispering to her. "Where do I stand?" Oh, that's a voice that Baron Laveaux might recognize.

You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'I certainly hope not. There looks like at least a couple others. Um, just posing a few is fine, I think. I'm going to try doing a call for applause thing soon and ask people to say who they're voting for.' You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'Oh, there's one.'

(Crimson Laveaux) This beautiful woman stands 5'7" normally though her heels are pushing her closer to 5'10" this evening. Her skin is smooth, pale, and lightly dusted with freckles. Her long, red hair is curled and flows down her back just past her shoulders. The top half of her face is hidden behind a green and purple opera mask that reveals brilliant green eyes. Her lush lips are painted red that stands out in contrast to her pale skin. Her dress is a ruffled affair with an off the shoulder neckline that reveals and highlights the swell of her breasts that peak out the top of the gown where they're pushed up and together. The dress is made of crimsons on black, the ruffles highlighting her hips and running down her arms. The hem of the dress stops at her ankles revealing the tall, sharp and strappy heels. Decorative bangles hang off of her wrists and a golden necklace hangs around her neck that has a golden cross attached that is nestled between her breasts.

Ghost_18 pages: thanks for allowing me to sit in for a bit. I posed out in wraith. just an fyi You paged Ghost_18 with 'Hey, glad you could join and have some fun.'

<OOC> Ghost_18 waves.

Baron Samedi Bride winces as she's being called to the stage. She smiles weakly to Dr. Facilier, "Uh, dude. I'll be right back." She slides off her barstool and starts to make her way to the stage. Step, limp. Step, limp. She exhales and pushes herself up onto stage, looking for her own place to stand.

Ghost_18 goes out to the waiting streets.

Ghost_18 has left.

One of the Laveauxs near the Crimson Laveaux is a rude Laveaux, a pushy Laveaux. Luckily there's another Laveaux, an assertive Laveaux, to put in her place that pushy Laveaux. There's also the poorly-french accent Laveaux, the impeccable Creole Laveaux, the throngs of coked out naughty Laveauxs, the formerly looking at cellphone Laveauxs, and could it be, somewhere a limping Laveaux? or were there two? or three counting the Bridal Laveaux?

Cedric looks to Lila, "I need to look into something." He gives Lila a small kiss on the cheek then gets ready to head out.

One of the Laveauxs pages: I just want to make sure to reveal my actual Laveaux during the contest, so make sure to poke me to do that before you end this contest, unless I've already done it.

Lila watches the array of Laveauxs with some amusement before Cedric's words draw her attention back to him. She appears a little disappointed by what he says but nods, following it with a small smile. "I'll see you later then."

Baron Laveaux offers a hand up here and there to Marie's heading up on stage, with a particularly bright grin flashed to the Crimson one with an, "Oooh, nice!" A little ushering everyone to kind of line up so they can be seen before she goes callign to the crowd again, "We'll just vote by applause. So, pick your favorite and, you know, applaud when I get to them."

Tiva Little Owl comes in from the streets.

Tiva Little Owl has arrived.

Heathen tips his hat up to get a look at the ladies stepping up onto the stage.

Cedric goes out to the waiting streets.

Cedric has left.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Let's see, we have Crimson Laveaux, B.Samedi Bride, and a collection of NPC Laveauxs with another that may stand out? Anyone else competing?"

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 06:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 74.0 F (23.3 C)

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "No I didnt have time to make one"

<OOC> Dr. Facilier says, "Up to you whether this counts"

Mikael smiles to River, "I am well, merci. You have not stopped by the lounge of late, Mademoiselle. I hope you have been doing well?" His eyes go back to the stage and the flow of Maries.

Crimson Laveaux blinks a bit but then recognizes Baron Laveaux, of course she does. She blushes at the wink and lifts her hand to wave back to the Baron. "Thanks." She murmurs before her gaze drifts over to the pushy Laveaux. It looks like she may have dealt with that situation but the assertive Laveaux gets there first.

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "If anyone who didn't make a Laveaux still wants to be involved, you're welcome to pose any of the NPC Lavaeauxs, as I'll probably only doa little bit for flavor."

Tiva Little Owl looks like she couldnt make up her mind on whether to be a cowboy or an indian. Those who've met her know she isnt dressed in a costume, others might not.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "I think Dr. Facilier is dressed as Baron Samedi? We'll get to that next. :)"

Brittney smiles to Lila, "Looks like he had to leave earlier than expected. Actually I need to head out for a bit too, though I been here for a while. I will see you around." She turns to head out, though she turns to look at the people in costume for the contest as she goes.

River own costume consist of a masqurade mask covering just her eyes and a bit of leafy lat makeup on her cheeks and chin. She watches as people parade thier costumes as she says "Now I wish I had tried harder."

One of the Laveauxs pages: Show I pose some Lavaeuxs on stage?

You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'I thinmk now is good to reveal the real one? I'll call for voting.'

You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'Yeah,s ure.'

Lila looks back to Brittney as she announces her intention to leave, nodding once and smiling to her in return. "So it would seem. Well, enjoy the rest of your evening then." she waits until Britt starts to head out before turning her full attention back to the stage.

One of the Laveauxs and another Laveaux, followed by an endless parade of Laveauxs. Walk across the stage showing off, trying to be the Laveaux to appeal to you. There's even the now very drunk Zombie Laveaux, the bartender probably should have cutoff that Laveaux. There's Turqoise Laveaux, next to Crimson Laveaux, but compared to Crimson, she's a nothing Laveaux. Laveauxs of all nations, Laveauxs of all creeds, Laveauxs of all shapes, sizes, and shameful deeds. There are even Laveauxs wondering how badly they might have mispronounced Laveaux, in sloppily written prose that's been torturing you.

One of the Laveauxs steps up from among the Laveauxs. She raises her left hand and reveals a palm sigil tattoo. You thought that was an ordinary Laveaux? No, it's a beautiful Laveaux, a special Laveaux, a catch-your-attention-all-the-sudden Laveaux, a giving a quick-wink-to-River Laveaux. For a moment you catch yourself wondering too: could she have been all those other Laveauxs? Those fading into the background Laveauxs? Those now coming into the foreground Laveauxs? Where did she go and what will you do? Can you find that special tattoo'd Laveaux?

Heathen looks River up and down, "I'd suggest Lady Godiva, but it would be breaking character." and a tip of the hat and a tap of his own spurs toward Tiva as she steps in, but still mostly watching the stage

Brittney goes home.

Brittney has left.

<OOC> Dr. Facilier says, "https://static.miraheze.org/allthetropeswiki/9/96/I_wonder_where_he_could_possibly_be.jpg"

<---======##=[ Glancing around Royal Cajun Cabaret - Nightclub, B=##======--->

Royal Cajun Cabaret

 +view and Places

Lila F 1s 5'4", petite, curly black hair, hazel eyes

 APP: 3

Baron Laveaux F 0s Tail coat & dress w/ voodoo touches.

 +notes and APP: 4

River F 13s

Mikael M 8m Tall, willowy, andrognous, long blonde hair, hazel

 +notes and APP: 5

Tiva Little Owl F 4m


Crimson Laveaux F 6m 5'7", red hair, pale skin, innocent and beautiful.

 +notes, APP: 5, and +info

One of the Laveauxs F 1m Dready Hippie with a Limp

 APP: 4

B.Samedi Bride F 6m A sun bleached blonde

 +notes and +view

Heathen M 55s https://goo.gl/images/EUCjCc

Dr. Facilier m 21s Tall, blond, blue eyes, well-dressed

 APP: 3 and +view


Tiva Little Owl cant help but look at the beautiful costuming. She is looking for someone she cant seem to find. "Seen Miss Jolene," she asks Heathen in a drawl.

Mikael smiles at River and shakes his head, "I did not dress again as the Baron as I did it during Carnival. You look wonderful." He smirks over towards Heathen, "Our Heath on the other hand chose to represent his normal self, only in a different time period. He is very obsessed with western wear, non?"

One of the Laveauxs who probably wasn't on stage, taps River from behind and says "shh. hey."

While up on stage, Baron Samedi Bride simply holds up her hand with her thumb and pinkie extended as if it's her way of waving to the crowd. She gives that lopsided grin of hers.

Baron Laveaux gets everyone lined up and gives everyone a bit of time for a look over. Lots of distraction, after all, like only just properly noticing the Laveaux with the hand tattoo.

"Alright, everybody. Who's your favorite of all these wonderful queens of voodoo?" And shortly she gets to one end and lifts an arm to signal for applause for the votes. A small pause and then moving to the next. On down the row.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "So, who wants to vote for Crimson, who for the Bride, and who for our palm tattooed Laveaux?"

<---======##=[ Glancing around Royal Cajun Cabaret - Nightclub, B=##======--->

Royal Cajun Cabaret

 +view and Places

Lila F 18s 5'4", petite, curly black hair, hazel eyes

 APP: 3

Baron Laveaux F 0s Tail coat & dress w/ voodoo touches.

 +notes and APP: 4

River F 3m

Mikael M 2m Tall, willowy, andrognous, long blonde hair, hazel

 +notes and APP: 5

Tiva Little Owl F 2m


Crimson Laveaux F 9m 5'7", red hair, pale skin, innocent and beautiful.

 +notes, APP: 5, and +info

One of the Laveauxs F 1m Dready Hippie with a Limp

 APP: 4

B.Samedi Bride F 1m A sun bleached blonde

 +notes and +view

Heathen M 4m https://goo.gl/images/EUCjCc

Dr. Facilier m 3m Tall, blond, blue eyes, well-dressed

 APP: 3 and +view


One of the Laveauxs that near-River Laveaux, claps for each and every on-stage Laveaux.

From afar, Dr. Facilier claps some for each, but mostly for the Bride. Because reasons. (Also, which one is PTL?)

Crimson Laveaux looks down the line, a smile on her lips as she applauds for each of her competitors in turn. Even the pushy Laveaux that tried to knock her off the stage. Crimson's smile remains on her face the whole time, brilliant and enjoying the festivities.

Dread Pirate Roberts comes in from the streets.

Dread Pirate Roberts has arrived.

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "I vote River"

You paged Dr. Facilier with 'The one who's using the name 'One of the Laveauxs'. Not sure she has more of a desced costume.'

Dr. Facilier pages: Ah.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux pouts at Tiva. River isn't up competing.

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "Well now"

Heathen looks up to the stage, and glances around the room. "Not since I last saw you..." and offering his applause and vote for Crimson.

Lila applauds for each Leaveaux as well, though she does seem to clap a bit louder for the Crimson Laveaux.

Tiva Little Owl claps for each contestant but Crimson gets a high pitched "Yik yik!" Weird Owl.

Mikael glances along all the Maries and then his gaze bounces between the Crimson Laveaux and the limping Laveaux. The decision seems hard and he glances to those around him. He smiles brightly at Tiva as he had missed her joining them. "Bonsoir, Mademoiselle! She did say she would be attending but with all the costumes I have not recognized her as of yet." His attention returns to the stage and he applauds the Crimson Laveaux loudly when she is mentioned.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux notes for the newly arriving pirate that the Marie Laveaux costume contest is in progress (belatedly). You can pick from Crimson, B.Samedi Bride, or a particular One of the Laveauxs with a palm tattoo who will have to pose again what their competition look is.

One of the Laveauxs pages: Btw, not sure if you got that, but the palm tattoo Laveaux basically dissapeared among the Laveauxs and is probably not on stage anymore, or at least you can't find her.

You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'Ah. No, I didn't read that right.'

Long distance to One of the Laveauxs: Baron Laveaux's brain might be a little fried trying to keep up. :)

One of the Laveauxs pages: Yeah. My actual Laveaux showed up, dropped arcane, hid again, though it wouldn'tbeobvious she dissapeared, and now is playing more games with River. :)

One of the Laveauxs pages: Sorry! Hope it was at least somewhat entertaining. I at least had a lot of fun.

You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'Oh yeah, it's been quite fun. You're adding a lot. I meant the keeping up with the scene and my job more generally, not you specifically.'

<OOC> Mikael says, "Oh, I made a mistake. I thought one was limping :p"

Long distance to One of the Laveauxs: Baron Laveaux did miss the disappearing again part.

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride is limping :)

On the stage, among the Laveauxs, suddenly out of view is that palm tattoo'd Laveaux. What happened to that strange LAveaux?

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "There are two limping Laveaux PCs and one limping Laveaux NPC. :)"

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs did not coordinate with the other PC at all.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux grins. So I think the contest is mainly between Bride and Crimson, because Arcane is tricksy. Anyone else got a vote?

One of the Laveauxs pages: I hope you logged this. :P Thanks for running it btw.

You paged One of the Laveauxs with 'I did. I mean, I forgot until a few poses in, so I'll have to delete like 6k lines of backlog. But it should make a big long log anyway.'

<OOC> Dr. Facilier says, "I Had Trouble In Getting Through All The Laveauxs"

Crimson Laveaux blushes at the applause for her, her eyes directed down for just a moment before she looks back up and waves to the crowd with her right hand, her carefully manicured nails matching her moniker.

River has disconnected.

The Dread Pirate Robert's boots clack as he walks across the hardwood dance floor, making his way to the bar. There is a sort of sway and grace as he crosses the floor, like someone about to break into dance at any moment, revealing that someone may have begun their partying before arriving at the cabaret.

He drops down onto one of the crimson barstools and flags down one of the bartenders to order a drink before he turns in his seat to watch those up on the stage.

This beautiful woman stands 5'7" normally though her heels are pushing her closer to 5'10" this evening. Her skin is smooth, pale, and lightly dusted with freckles. Her long, red hair is curled and flows down her back just past her shoulders. The top half of her face is hidden behind a green and purple opera mask that reveals brilliant green eyes. Her lush lips are painted red that stands out in contrast to her pale skin. Her dress is a ruffled affair with an off the shoulder neckline that reveals and highlights the swell of her breasts that peak out the top of the gown where they're pushed up and together. The dress is made of crimsons on black, the ruffles highlighting her hips and running down her arms. The hem of the dress stops at her ankles revealing the tall, sharp and strappy heels. Decorative bangles hang off of her wrists and a golden necklace hangs around her neck that has a golden cross attached that is nestled between her breasts.

Tiva Little Owl has reconnected.

Tiva Little Owl has partially disconnected.

Baron Laveaux finally gets through calling for the applause for each in turn and steps forward at the end, tipping her hat to all the contestants and walking back down the line handing out beads and free drink vouchers to each before getting to the results. Finally she turns, microphone in hand, to address the crowd, "I have plenty of practice judging these things, so I believe the applause was pretty clear. This was a lovely contest, lots of great work. But I'm positive it was pretty unanimous that *I* was the winner, everyone applauded for me every time." She flashes a charming grin and then reaches up and doffs her hat while giving a deep curtsy.

But as she straightens she lifts a finger to her ear, to an imaginary ear piece, with a, "Hold on. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm getting an update...that's not at all what happened, I'm just being an asshole. Tonight's winner of our Marie Laveaux contest is our delightfully red-haired Marie!" She steps up to Crimson then to give her friendly air kisses to each cheek...and then a whole handful of cheap purple, green, and orange strings of beads to drape over her neck.

Tiva Little Owl claps and whistles for the woman in red she doesn't know. She frowns as she looks around. It seems she showed up to see no one.

Mikael applauds enthusiastically, and mutters to Heathen and Tiva, "I really /must/ get some of those marvelous beads."

Dr. Facilier glances over toward Mikael at that point. "Sorry, it-- just wouldn't be the same if /you/ did it. Nothing personal, you understand."

Baron Samedi Bride applauds for Crimson, "Congrats, dude." She then is happy to get down off the stage. She limps down, heading back to the bar.

Lila grins as the Baron speaks, joining in then to applaud the Crimson Laveaux's win. Winner announced, she uncrosses her legs and rises, slowly working her way towards the bar until she spies an empty seat, towards which her steps quickly move her. Once reseated on a barstool, she waits a moment before getting the bartender's attention and ordering a drink.

Lila decides to leave the Seating Area.

Lila walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Heathen looks Mikael over and then winks to the 'good' doctor. "Oh, he can pull off all sorts of good luck."

Crimson Laveaux tilts her head curiously as the feminine Baron makes her initial announcement, seeming amused more than put out by it. She laughs heartily and when the surprise twist comes she blushes all the more, adding to the theme of the color of her outfit it seems. She accepts the beads and then drapes them over her neck before she leans in to whisper softly to Baron Laveaux. "Do I do something with these?" Her eyes dance over the crowd, waving happily to a few of the more boisterous people expressing their approval.

Jolene comes in from the streets.

Jolene has arrived.

Dread Pirate Roberts walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

One of the Laveauxs oh that rude and pushy Laveaux, is quite mad about beautiful Crimson Laveaux. Is she still a pushy Laveaux? No, but a rude Laveaux yes. Just behind the judges, she steps on Crimons Laveaux's shoe! Are we about to have another limping Lavaeux?

Jolene has not visited Carlsbad for awhile, and what better time than for her friends Halloween party. When she arrives she is an a long black dress, with her hair pulled up ringlets that cascade down to her back, and a simple masquerade black catlike mask, covering her eyes. She is looking around thoughtfully to see if she will catch a glimpse of anyone in particular.

Mikael chuckles as he looks over at Dr Facilier, "I still have hopes of acquiring them another way, Monsieur." Hearing Heathen he chuckles, "I have dressed as both the Baron and the Widow, as well as several others. All of the contestants were wonder..." he catches the foot attack by the sore losing Laveaux and he makes a booing noise through his teeth. "Not very ladylike, Mademoiselle."

Tiva Little Owl is standing with Heathen and Mikael in what could pass for a halloween costume but isnt. She smiles wide when she sees Jolene enter. "She made it," she tells the two men.

One of the Laveauxs the standing next to River-Laveaux, boos the rude and pushy and stampy Laveaux, "BOOOO, That's a bad Laveaux. Why? Because your costume got a bad review?"

Crimson Laveaux has more foot there than shoe really. And likely push Laveaux was wearing heels of her own. Crimson Laveaux's eyes go wide and she winces in pain as she jumps backwards a bit, briefly hopping on one foot in a rather ridiculous display. She hisses through bared teeth more in pain than anger before gingerly placing her foot back down on the ground and staring at her assailant with a rather annoyed look. "Rude.." she murmurs.

Baron Laveaux shows or helps the Maries off the stage with charming smile for having competed, while in between giving the Bride a particular grin and a, "The bride look is great." Oh and also answering Crimson, "Oh, well, start a collection. Show up to Mardi Gras to look like you're prolific at flashing people for beads. Or have a good collection to hand out to people who will flash you for them." She winks then, before giving a scowl at the rude Laveaux and giving her a small push on before there's too much trouble so she can start calling out to the crowd, "Now, let's get our handsome and frightening Barons up here!"

Crimson nods to Baron at that and then her eyes go wide, realizing she's lingered. She quickly moves to get off the stage as she looks back to Baron and waves. "Thank you!"

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux says, "Sorry, should've just waited for Baron's post first."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "No problem. I was slow at it. Never did really come up with a good prize idea. Free cover charge for the year? Oh yeah, probably some staffer will want to grab you for a pic to post on the club website or something."

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux says, "Fair!"

Mikael smiles brightly as Jolene joins them, "Bonsoir, I was just speaking of you. It is wonderful to see you this eve." His attention is diverted to the stage as the contest for the Barons starts. One of the Laveauxs the pushy, rude, and stampy Lavaeux, is an escorted-out-by-security Laveaux. Good night too bad, rubbish Lavaeuxs.

Lila turns a bit to watch what's happening onstage, lips pursing slightly until the bartender sets a drink before her, at which she flashes him a warm smile in thanks and immediately takes a sip.

Jolene smiles warmly as she sees a few of her friends gathered, and wiggles her fingers a little at them, before she heads over towards them. It is quite nice to get out and join a few of them, quite amused at Wyatt Erp and the Riverboat Gamler, and Tiva looking much like herself. She adores that about her friend. True to herself. "I am sorry I am a touch late."

Caerus comes in from the streets.

Caerus has arrived.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux pokes at people. I was sure I saw some Baron Samedis around.

<OOC> Dr. Facilier is a quasi-Baron, will ttly take a forfeit victory from the sea of NPCs.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux grins. C'mon up on stage. Let's at least pretend there's competition.

Caerus makes his way into the room and looks around. He grins a little at the festativies as he makes his way to find a drink somewhere.

Caerus walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Baron Laveaux is standing up on stage, a (plastic) cauldron slung over her left arm that's also holding her cane while a microphone is in the right. She's busy urging the shy Baron cosplayers to get up on stage for the competition. Cajoling, wheedling, encouraging, demanding, taunting, whatever.

Tiva Little Owl looks bashful. "Yeah Im sorry work caught me up and I didnt get to dress so here I am. I match with Heathen again if that helps." She smirks at Heathen before looking back to Jolene. "You look lovely Miss Jolene."

Jolene walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Crimson Laveaux limps downstage. Yes, another limping Laveaux, there's an epidemic now. She looks around the crowd and despite the sea of people she doesn't recognize very many of them at all. If she had realized that a limp was going to be accompanying her rather tall heels she may have chosen better footwear. The limp slowly gets better with time though as she starts to walk it off. Her attention turns towards the Barons walking on stage, beginning to applaud for them in good humor.

Heathen gives Jolene a wink, but looks a little sheepish himself. "Not up to my usual standards of costuming, but I think given the company, it's working out."

Heathen walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "I've been concentrating mostly on posing Lavaeux, so not as many NPC baron's. Also, distracted with wiki stuff, so less regular posing."

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 07:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 71.0 F (21.7 C)

Mikael walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Jolene smiles warmly at Tiva, Mikael and Heathen, "You look great as always Heathen, don't you worry one bit, especially at a halloween or royal party? How can either of you go wrong?" She gently squeezes both of their hands as she slips up to the bar, and slips into a seat to watch with them.

Lila's gaze travels down one end of the bar and then the other, taking in the assortment of costumed patrons while making quick work of at least a quarter of her drink in the process.

Tiva Little Owl says, "Theres a lot of pretty costumes here though I think ya missed the contest. Did work keep ya? I think thats really great the stuff yer doin. I dont know a lot of people who still would do that you know. ANyway."

Caerus isn't dressed in constume. He looks as he always does. He nods to the bartender and orders an Irish Wiskey. He pays for it with a 10 and waves off the change. He turns in his seat so he cvan watch the going ons as he sips at his drink.

Dr. Facilier waits till most of the obvious ones have gotten going, then makes a show of sneaking up behind one of them, waggling his hands as if controlling an invisible puppet. Yeah, voodoo, that's the ticket.

One of the Laveauxs a limping Laveaux, one of the limping Laveauxs, limps over to limping Crimsons Laveaux, "I saw what that Laveaux did, what a bad Laveaux. She's gone now, but could I get you a drink?"

The Dread Pirate Roberts remains where he is as people begin to file up on stage to take part in the next stage of the costume competition. He's not really dressed in anything appropriate for a Baron and at any rate he's got his drink to worry about. Still, he watches the competition, enjoying being out and about and the energy of the contest even if he himself is not competing.

Crimson Laveaux considers mentioning that she thinks she's just won free drinks for a year or something, but that wouldn't be the friendly thing in this moment. She smiles warmly to her comrade in limping and nods towards the bar. "Let's." She says as she steps with a little more comfort now that she's had some time to get over the initial shock of the pain. All the cool kids are at the bar, might as well join them. Crimson looks back to her limping friend and smiles sweetly. "Thank you by the way!" Her eyes then drift down the bar, settling on Mikael and Caerus pointedly before looking back to her new friend.

Crimson Laveaux walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Baron Laveaux invites the Baron's up, with a gentlemanly offer of a hand for help if they want it if they aren't using the stairs on the sides, because. She does smirk at the puppetry bit. But she also ushers the (presumably at least mostly) fellows into line like the Marie earlier while handing out those drink vouchers and beads to thank each for participating, with charming smiles and winks to go along with. Soon enough she's starting the voting, raising her hand behind each one to get applause for the best/favorite Baron Samedi costume out of the lot. Whose interpretation is most appealing to the crowd?

One of the Laveauxs limps over with limping Crimson Laveaux, and takes a seat at the bar, "What would you like?"

Dr. Facilier decides to get up and leave the Bar.

Mikael sips on his Sazerac as he settles down at the bar, adjusting that long metallic gray trenchcoat behind the stool. He leans over to the others and murmurs, "It will be hard to beat the host Baron in this contest, non?"

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "I dunno if anyone really wants to try a perception check for something that doesn't matter, and would probably be difficulty 10, and only if you were looking a certain way, but let me know if you really care, but you probably don't care, but if you happened to be looking at the limping laveauxs limping to the bar, you're welcome to give it a shot."

Crimson looks to her drinking partner and hums softly to herself in thought before she responds. "A whiskey sour sounds perfect. Thank you Marie." She giggles softly, not bothering to try to learn real names at this point.

Heathen takes a look at the host as Mikael's comment. "Being beaten by the host baron, kn the other hand..."

One of the Laveauxs nods to the bartender, and places and order for two Whiskey Sours. "Not a problem Marie."

Lila sets her drink on the bar as she turns to watch the parade of Barons take the stage, momentarily watching the pair of Leveauxs as they limp back to the bar and murmuring a soft 'Congratulations' towards Crimson before her attention goes completely to the stage.

Mikael gives a bow to Crimson, "Congraulations, Mademoiselle. I hope that you were not severely injured." His gaze goes to her foot.

Jolene offers softly at Tiva, "It is alright, I came for the company of my friends anyway, including the owner of the fine establishment. It is good work Tiva, working at the hospital. I like to feel as if I am making a difference in my own way, or trying to anyway."

Tiva Little Owl nods. "I think you are. I been practicin those moves, its rat hell on my feet. I'll get it though dont worry. I cant imagine how little kids can do that and not cry."

Caerus swirls his drink around, holding it up to the various lights to gaze through the amber liquid at the room. He smiles a little and then takes a drink and then nods softly in satisfaction.

Crimson's foot is a rather delicate affair but other than a red spot and a quickly purpling bruise she seems fine. Her own eyes drift down to her foot and she tsks in dissatisfaction before looking back to Mikael with a warm smile on her lips. "Thank you. It's nothing really, just a bruise." And then her attention shifts to Lila, thanking her as well for the congratulations. "Thank you!" Her eyes drift towards the Laveaux buying her a drink and she takes her drink up into her hand as it arrives for a quick sip. "Mm.. it's good." She comments idly.

One of the Laveauxs , the limping, but now seated Laveaux, raises her glass to cheers with the limping but seated Crimson Laveaux, "Cheers." After a sip she notes, "Did you notice two other limping Maries?"

Baron Laveaux goes down the row of contestants with a small pause between each so the applause votes are easy to distinguish. Plenty of hoots and clapping here and there for the various creative efforts, though some obviously put in more effort than others. It does seem like Dr. Facilier's attempt gets the most popular acclaim tonight. Stopping at the end the Baroness calls out to everyone, "I do love a good costume party. Thanks for everyone who dressed up, and especially all these wonderful competitors. This time, though, I'm really sure all the applause was for me. Right?" So she does another flashy curtsy with a doffing of her top hat and a grin for the crowd. Then lifting her hand to her imaginary ear piece, "Hmm? Oh, the update this time is that's still not what happened and I'm just more of an asshole. But I'm pretty sure this time...ack!" As she was going through that bit at the end, one of the assistants from the magic show emerges from the side of the stage with one of those big stage hooks. And the Baroness gets drug off stage, flailing, with the hook around her neck. To be replaced by the magician from earlier in her tux and fishnet outfit who will do the proper honors of giving the beads and award to Dr. Facilier. Wow, it sure sucks when even people you pay are sick of your stunts, huh?

Mikael smiles to the limping Laveaux, "You were also excellent. It was a very difficult choice. Each one participating should be congratulated. With the exception of the one poor sport." He glances to Tiva and Jolene as they no doubt are discussing dancing. He chuckles at the antics on the stage and claps his hands together.

Caerus finishes his drinks and chuckles softly at something. He nods to anyone that looks his way, "Good eve to all." He stands and then starts to make his way out.

Caerus decides to get up and leave the Bar.

Dr. Facilier smirks a bit at the antics up front, then reaches into another pocket to produce a little doll and hand it over to the magician. No, it doesn't have a little knife sticking out of its back, why would you even think that?

One of the Laveauxs the limping Laveaux shakes her head slightly, "Oh, I wasn't on stage tonight. My leg is too limpy to walk on stage, but I appreciate your support none the less." She grins at the limping Crimson Laveaux as if sharing a private joke, but then adds, "That pushy Laveaux was pretty bad. I'm surprised though about all the coked-out Laveauxs. I guess that might be why they don't allow cell phones in here?"

Jolene smiles to Tiva, "Time and Practice, persistance Tiva and devotion and love for ballet. Though the children are blessed with less weight and more limber bodies as they are still in developement." She smiles at Caerus and moves over to give him a hug before he leaves. "Have a wonderful night Caerus."

Crimson tilts her head to the side at that question from Limping Prime, giving a slight shrug. "I noticed one other, but not two. Perhaps a lot of clumsy people this evening." She says in a gesture of charity towards the woman that was more vindictive than clumsy. Her eyes drift towards the stage and she laughs at the skit, as she assumes it's a skit, plays out. She then purses her lips as she looks back to Limping Laveaux. "Oh, I didn't notice any of that. I think for the most part everyone's having a great time." Another long sip of her drink now. Tiva Little Owl nods and takes a seat while Jolene moves to hug the departing man. "Yeah I was pretty small when I learned to ride, too small a lot of folk said. I reckon that makes sense." She watches the other woman with fond eyes, looking away if Jolene turns back to focus on ordering a drink.

Caerus winds his way amoung the people and then slips out into the night.

Caerus goes out to the waiting streets.

Caerus has left.

One of the Laveauxs the limping Laveaux, nods to limping Crimson Laveaux, "Oh, not doubt about that. It just means for long lines for the ladies room, but thats a small price to pay for people having fun." She sips her drink, "Did you know that one of the Laveauxs is limping because of a tiger bite she got while in Indonesia? Isnt that crazy?"

Lila shakes her head with a soft laugh at the antics onstage, turning then to retrieve her drink from the bar and take a few large sips. She scans the crowd for a few moments before returning her gaze to the stage, cradling the glass in both hands as she waits to see just what might happen next.

<OOC> Dr. Facilier fades out, long day

Dr. Facilier goes home.

Dr. Facilier has left.

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride is going to duck out, too... thanks for the lovely scene!

B.Samedi Bride decides to get up and leave the Bar.

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "Oh, but I was just spreading false rumors about you. :("

Soon after the Barons have all left the stage and the magician disappears, the curtains open again. This time on a Victorian style parlor, all gaudy gold and red velvet. At the center is an oval table with various chairs and a sofa around it, with lit candles and a crystal ball and other occultish trinkets. The Baron Laveaux is seated at one end like nothing happened before. She does turn to the audience, though, microphone in hand again, to call out, "Spiritualism is a pretty big feature in New Orleans, even if it started out in New York. New Orleans has plenty of ghosts, though. Have we got some volunteers to try summoning one or two for a chat?"

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride grins, "I'm busy packing for San Diego"

<OOC> Dread Pirate Roberts says, "Have you had your shots?"

<OOC> Heathen says, "why, is she biting you?"

<OOC> Mikael says, "I thought that biting was later in the night!? Who changed the schedule?"

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride already got bit by a tiger, apparently :)

<OOC> One of the Laveauxs says, "In Indonesia. :P"

What does it say about Crimson that she seems to buy that obvious lie hook, line, and sinker. Her eyes go wide as she remarks, "A tiger!?" She leans forward, desperate to know more. "How did you hear that? I'm amazed she survived!

" But then the question is asked about who wants on stage for a seance and Crimson's hand quickly shoots up almost despite herself, her free hand still holding her drink as she looks towards the stage.

One of the Laveauxs nods, "Crazy, right? Yeah, apparently she was in Indonesia playing on a professional cricket team. They were filming a documentary about her when the Tiger attacked, but the camera crew /just/ saved her. It's all the Laveauxs have been talking about."

B.Samedi Bride takes her leave, limping towards the exit. Tiger. Tiger Shark. Same thing. Indonesia. French Polynesia. Same thing. Still, she's taking her leave so that she can focus on whatever is going on in her head.

<OOC> B.Samedi Bride hugs!

B.Samedi Bride goes out to the waiting streets.

B.Samedi Bride has left.

Mikael nudges Heathen and murmurs, "I think they are about to do the seance, mon ami. Will you join?"

Lila can't help but look amused at the new scene onstage, lifting one hand to stifle a laugh before following the action with downing the remainder of her drink. Catching Crimson's raised hand out of the corner of her eye, she gives the Leveaux winner a sidelong glance, looking almost relieved to see someone actually volunteer for this part.

Heathen shakes his head. "No, no.. I'll leave the skeletons firmly chained in my closet..."

One of the Laveauxs nods to Crimson Laveaux, "You should go do that, it sounds like fun. I'm worried if I did it that it would work ... again."

Jolene seems to have missed most of the antics of the evening, and tries to play catch up as she listens to Tiva, and accept a glass of white wine from the bartender who already seems to know what she likes. "You can do it though Tiva, I know you can. You just have to believe in you, as much as we do."

Crimson covers her mouth with both hands after setting down her drink, slowly shaking her head as she stares back at the other Laveaux. "It's a miracle she survived. Thank goodness the crew was there." She then smiles at that, reaching out to take her new friend's hand into her own. "Come on. It's not real." Crimson helpfully explains. "It'll be fun." She then looks back to Mikael, singling him out for her attention for some reason. "Do you want to come too?"

Tiva Little Owl sighs. "You really make a person want to believe in everything Jolene, you know that? Your a real peach.." She laughs. "I reckon we could do some dancin here too but its not the ballet sort, just make it as ya go like most places out in California." She takes a small sip of her drink. "How come I never see any beau followin you around?"

Long distance to Lila: Baron Laveaux hmmmms. Cedric didn't hang around long enough for me to remember. But what the heck. Hey, does Lila definitely prefer Lila over Delilah?

From afar, Lila laughs. "Yes, she does."

One of the Laveauxs a limping Laveaux, limps to the stage hand-in-hand with limping Crimson Laveaux.

Mikael nods his head and downs the rest of his drink before also making his way to the stage. Baron Laveaux gets up from her seat to stride to the front of the stage to do some cajoling of volunteers. Crimson's hand gets a grin and a beckoning wave. While the volunteering is being sorted out she also speaks up, "And to keep you entertained while we figure out who's brave enough to summon a ghost..." While doing that she's peering into the crowd, and grins when she focuses on Lila. "Since we're having a party anyway, might as well throw in another excuse to party, right?" Music starts up and she starts to sing "Hey There Delilah." But after the first verse it abruptly switches the music to Happy Birthday. And she just has some fun finishing out singing happy birthday to Lila. As she does, servers wheel out a couple of cakes in among the seating. Hey, birthday cake for the audience to enjoy during the seance, how convenient, with "Happy Birthday Lila" and Halloween decorations.

Heathen offers his applause to the birthday girl

Mikael , on the stage, applauds Lila, "Happy Birthday, Mademoiselle!" Then he places himself wherever he is directed.

Jolene offers honestly at the question, "I have been hurt deeply Tiva and I have just not been willing to take the risk yet. I am not in a hurry to rush into any commitments. Friends seems to be my limit right now." She smiles at the Happy Birthday wishes and claps for Lila, "Happy Birthday Miss Lila!"

One of the Laveauxs the limping Laveaux holding hands with limping Crimsons Laveaux, says "One second, I need to my shoe." She lets go of Crimson's hand and bends down to tie her shoe, as she watches Crimson lok at the Baron Laveaux's wave. When limping Crimson turns back around, there's one less limping Laveaux around. Ask anyone "What happened to that Laveaux?" All they'll respond is "Who?" Were you just holding hands with an actual LaBOO?

One of the Laveauxs, is now one fewer Laveauxs. Now there's just the limping Crimson Laveaux. Tiva Little Owl nods and places a hand on Jolene's shoulder. "Ahm sorry I wasnt tryin to dig that up for ya but....you got a friend sittin right here okay?"

[Weather] Prospect Weather Report for Saturday, October 26, 08:00 pm: Current conditions: Fair / Temperature: 70.0 F (21.1 C)

Lila's amused look changes to one of embarassment at the surprise birthday wishes. She simply shakes her head the Baron's way, cheeks flooding with color and mouthing a silent 'Thank you' towards Mikael before turning to Jolene and thanking her as well.

Crimson tilts her head rather curiously when her new friend has disappeared. She steps on to the stage and looks around in confusion before she shrugs it off, people do get lost in crowds after all. She looks towards Lila and begins to applaud for the lucky birthday girl as well. Her gaze briefly shifts over to Mikael, flashing him a smile before her attention is once more on the birthday celebrations.

Bobbi walks up and takes a seat at the Bar.

Dread Pirate Roberts decides to get up and leave the Bar.

Dread Pirate Roberts goes out to the waiting streets.

Dread Pirate Roberts has left.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "I think I lost track. Who all besides Mikael and Crimson are volunteering?"

Jolene reaches up to squeeze Tiva's reassuring hand and smiles warmly at her, "Thank you so much Tiva, that means a lot truly." She nods to Lila and winks a bit. "If you need anything at all Tiva, you only need to ask."

<OOC> Mikael says, "Uh oh, come on guys, get in the 'spirit"

Tiva Little Owl tilts her head sideways. "Well can I have some time to think about it?" She chuckles and takes another sip of her beer. "Im kiddin or not kiddin or kiddin. Who can tell? I dont even know what to ask fer."

Bobbi whispers something to someone nearby her at the bar. That person nods to Bobbi, and then orders a whiskey and soda. He then hands Bobbi her drink, and after that hands her a crisp twenty dollar bill. Bobbi says, "Thank you," to the man. He nods back to her, and then walks away, and then out the door, and then into the night. Bobbi sits and sips her drink.

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux is all about participation!

<OOC> Mikael drags River IC and up on stage for seance.

<OOC> River says, "We dont need a seance that real.:"

<OOC> River says, "We dont need a seance that real.:P"

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "Im so confused by all the laveaux's lol"

<OOC> Bobbi says, "I think there's only one Laveaux now."

<OOC> Bobbi says, "err, two. Crimson and Baron."

<OOC> Mikael says, "There were more before the contest."

<OOC> Bobbi says, "But I think Baron Laveaux is half Baron Samedi and half Marie Laveaux, or maybe I've just been totally misimagining this sene the whole time."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux couldn't decide what to do, so did try to do some of both, yeah. :)

<OOC> Bobbi was all those other Laveauxs, "Except the Bridal Limping Laveaux, but I was One of the Laveauxs, the limping Laveaux, and all the NPCs."

<OOC> Mikael says, "You both did great!"

<OOC> Bobbi says, "When I was making this character, someone tried to convince me that Arcane was bad for roleplaying. I'd like to send them this log. :)"

Baron Laveaux returns from the birthday stunt to head back to the table as the volunteers are arriving. Since Crimson and Mikael are more enthusiastic volunteers, or because she's biased, she invites them to sit next to her as she takes a seat at the head of the seance table, the end stage left. Gotta have a good view for the audience. The table has a nice white tablecloth that reaches down most of the way, but leaves more than six inches above the stage.

Crimson Laveaux takes her seat beside the Baron with an excited smile on her lips, her beads lightly bouncing against each other where they lay against her chest. She gives a quick wink to the hostess and then looks out over the audience, waiting to see what's going to be expected of her.

Lila purses her lips as she seems to reconsider volunteering, but she quickly shakes her head and flags down the bartender for another drink.

Archimedes comes in from the streets.

Archimedes has arrived.

This man is just a mere 5' 9" tall, with deep brown hair and dull blue eyes, appearing to be in his late twenties. He is fairly non-descript, with a hawkish nose, and whisps of a beard and moustache. His hair is, at least, styled neatly, cut evenly and then distributed in a mostly rearward direction. He is of medium build, with somewhat slouched shoulders.

He is dressed simply in a blue long-sleeved button down collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. At the collar is a simple silver and black tie, with your everyday average Windsor knot. Above the shirt and tie is a knit vest, terminating at the shoulders and forming a v-neck just below the knot of his tie. Charcoal grey pants, and a pair of shined black shoes complete the list of clothing selections this man has made today. He is otherwise unadorned save for a pair of thinly-framed glasses.


Identity Object

<OOC> Bobbi says, "Arch: My arcane is up, btw, so just some girl in a hippie costume."

Mikael seems excited to be involved in the seance, enjoying himself immensely. He glances to Crimson and comments, "Perhaps we can speak with someone famous, oui?"

Bobbi sits at the bar and sips her drink, watching the seance curiously.

River walks up and watches intently as her eyes scan the various relams closely to make sure it is all kept in good fun.

Lila gives the bartender a warm smile as her drink arrives, then takes the glass and turns to focus her attention back on the stage as she takes an idle sip or two.

Someone in a hippie costume walks over to River drinks in hand. "Here, for you," the hippie says, handing River a drink.

Baron Laveaux is starting a seance on stage. It's all set up with a table with lit red candles and various occultish trinkets atop a white tablecloth. The seats and backdrops are a gaudy Victorian gold and red velvet sort of look.

The Baron stretches out her hands with an, "Let's all join hands to concentrate. Remember, there's always the danger of demons trying to sneak in, so it's important to hold hands for the circle of protection. Now, who shall we try to summon? Marie Laveaux herself? Dr. Seuss himself died nearby." The lights are dimming, mostly just a red spot on the tables while it gets dark behind them all.

<OOC> Bobbi says, "Did I kill the good doctor? :P"

Crimson looks across to Mikael and winks in response to that question, "Perhaps!" She gets into the mood of it, obviously considering this all to be an elaborate performance. "A saint perhaps?" Then her attention drifts back to the Baron. She joins hands with the others at the table, her delicate fingers coming to rest in the Baron's as she's sitting beside the woman.

Sterling comes in from the streets.

Sterling has arrived.

Having heard of the get together through various channels, Archimedes enters the cabaret once the cover charge is paid. He weaves his way through the gathered crowd, evidently endeavoring to excavate an egress from those that are gathered, only finding himself at the bar some time later. He seems to be dressed in a haloween costume evocative of a nerd, geek, or academic. Perhaps a low-paid college professor. He's wearing a sweater vest and glasses, with a tie underneath and khaki trousers. He settles down at the bar, his attention going to the stage as a small half-smile settles on his face.

You paged Sterling with 'Since you just missed this set pose, figured I'd page it to help. Baron Laveaux is starting a seance on stage. It's all set up with a table with lit red candles and various occultish trinkets atop a white tablecloth. The seats and backdrops are a gaudy Victorian gold and red velvet sort of look.

The Baron stretches out her hands with an, "Let's all join hands to concentrate. Remember, there's always the danger of demons trying to sneak in, so it's important to hold hands for the circle of protection. Now, who shall we try to summon? Marie Laveaux herself? Dr. Seuss himself died nearby." The lights are dimming, mostly just a red spot on the tables while it gets dark behind them all.' Jolene smiles at Tiva and offers reassuringly, "You can always have time to think about or change your mind. I would never ask you to do anything you would not be comfortable with Tiva. I promise you that."

Heathen watches the stage and enjoys the company.

River looks to the hippie as her atention is drawn to her and smiles as she says "hey you." She grins and hugs the stranger as obviously not a strnager to her after all. She then looks to the woman leading the seance and starts to say something but then stands quiet.

Archimedes pages: You seem to be running this shindig. Is the setup on stage an actual setup for summoning and binding?

Long distance to Archimedes: Baron Laveaux laughs. No. It's like someone looked at a photo online of a seance room in a New Orleans restaurant and did a half-assed job copying it for funsies.

From afar, Archimedes laughs, "Cool. :)"

Bobbi sips her drink and whispers, "I didn't know what to get you. I hope whiskey and soda is ok." Then, the hippie whispers one of the rarest things a hippie could ever whisper, "I paid for them myself." She seems proud.

Mikael takes Crimson's hand and whoever else is on his other side. "It is your choice, Mademoiselle."

Tiva Little Owl puts a hand on Jolene's. "Well I know that. Im sure if there were somethin to ask it'd ughm, it'd be a yes." She takes her hand back and throws out a distractor. "Now we gonna join the circle or just hold hands over here like I was moonin over you or somethin?"

Bobbi mutters to River, "You... the real one... things..."

You paged (Crimson Laveaux, Mikael) with 'Hey, for reference. Which of you would be seated with a back to the stage and which with a back toward the audience? :)'

To (Mikael, Baron Laveaux), Crimson Laveaux pages: I think Crimson would try to face the crowd?

To (Crimson Laveaux, Baron Laveaux), Mikael pages: SOunds good to me.

<OOC> Bobbi loves the mutter command for chopping up what I said into something that seems like actual hippie speak.

River smiles and warmly kisses Bobbi on the cheek as she says "Thank you." She grins and sips her drink as she listens to her whisper and says "Yea." She does keep here eyes on the seance like a hawk.

Jolene laughs at that as she shakes her head, and had not realized her hand was still there until it was mentioned. "Oh I think this circle is for the others, though you are welcome to join it. I think I will just watch and enjoy the show."

Tiva Little Owl thinks better of it. "Nah yer right, Im too much the skeptic and this beer'll make my hand all icy. I wont interrupt them folk." She smiles at the other woman, pleased at the amused reaction.

<OOC> Heathen has to scoot out for work

Heathen goes home.

Heathen has left.

Bobbi smiles and blushes ever so slightly as her cheek is kissed. But now is no time for smiles. Now is the time to sip your drink, furrow your brown, and eye the seance with suspicion, and that's what Bobbi and River are doing. Alright occult, bring it on.

Lila casually crosses her legs as she continues to watch the stage, shifting her gaze briefly to look around the club before it returns once more to the impending seance.

Baron Laveaux starts speaking as the red light dims more, leaving the candles flickering nicely. She puts on a very serious tone, playing up that spiritualist vibe. Repeating phrases like, "We call on the ghost of the great Marie Laveaux and the spirit of voodoo." Stuff like that, like someone who has definitely watched a couple of horror movies with seances in them. Fog starts to roll out from under the tablecloth while the lights slowly shift from the red toward purple and mixing in some green. Now, the audience paying attention can likely see the trap door on the stage opened so that someone could pop up a hose from a fog machine, but the people at the table can't see through wood. A chill breeze starts blowing from one side of the stage too, gently blowing the fog.

<OOC> River says, "River is on wraith/spirit duty to make sure nobody gets properly possesed by something that wont move out."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux grins at River. That's appreciated. Seem to be a lot of sneaky wraiths and demons about.

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux is wearing a cross. That's good enough right?

Crimson Laveaux gasps a bit as the fog begins to flow out and she feels that breeze from the side of the stage. She shivers a bit, not dressed for warmth necessarily. Her hand grips the feminine Baron's more tightly as she seems to rather be getting into the act. Mikael's eyes widen, and he theatrically squeezes Crimson's hand, and shudders at the feel of the cold. If he is acting or simply enjoying himself it is hard to tell.

Bobbi reaches down to squeeze River's hand. Ok, maybe she's a little scared, River can handle being brave. She sips her drink with aprehension.

Keeping an eye on the stage, Archimedes grins as the fog begins billowing out from under the table, a wide grin on his face. He looks away momentarily towards the bar to put in his drink order, which he pays for with cash up front rather than opening a tab of some kind. As the transaction is complete, he looks back towards the stage with curiousity.

River loses one Magical Essence

River loses one Magical Essence

River loses one Magical Essence

<OOC> River says, "just for something to do.:P"

<OOC> Mikael says, "Uh oh..."

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

River rolls Manipulation + Spirit Command vs 3 for 2 successes.

1 2 2 +3 +6 10


<OOC> River says, "Ill pose it in a sec."

Bobbi mutters to River, "... even... going... with... whatever... contents... it"

Crimson Laveaux has checked risk.

River looks to a spot in thin air and simply mutters like a scolding mother. "No you dont!" She then pounts away from the gathering get out!"

<OOC> River says, "diff 8 to sense it."

<OOC> Archimedes says, "What's the roll again?"

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Bobbi rolls Perception + Awareness vs 8 for 1 successes.

2 5 5 7 +10


<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Crimson Laveaux rolls Perception + Awareness vs 8 for 0 successes.

3 5 6 7


<OOC> River says, "perception+alertness vs 8"

<OOC> Archimedes says, "Thanks."

<OOC> River says, "er awaerness"

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Archimedes rolls Perception + Awareness vs 7 for 0 successes.

1 -1 -1 2 4 10


<OOC> River says, "Ouch"

<OOC> Archimedes says, "Lol"

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "brb"

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Mikael rolls Perception + Awareness vs 8 for 2 successes.

2 2 3 4 4 4 4 7 +8 +10


<OOC> River says, "Hey look a seance?"

<---======##====================[ Dice Roll ]=====================##======--->

Lila rolls Perception + Awareness vs 8 for 3 successes.

2 3 3 3 5 7 +9 +10 +10


<OOC> River says, "Mikael knows she did something, Lila knows she used a magic to command a spirit."

<OOC> Mikael is actuallly expecting someone to do something or other so wouldn't be shocked :p

Bobbi squeezes River's hand really hard, and downs the rest of her drink. She whisprs, "You got this," but then adds, "just let me know if it turns out you don't and we need to run."

As the fog billows thicker and the Baroness lifts her voice calling for the spirit of Marie Laveaux, a grunting sound starts in the back of the stage. It will get familiar pretty quickly, though. A figure in white appears in the low light, and starts to sing Love Me Tender. Elvis Presley in a white jump suit, shrouded in filmy white ghost-like guaze, comes up behind the sofa and places his hands on Crimson's shoulders as he croons to the table. The Baroness stops as he puts his hands on Crimson's shoulders and snorts, "Hah! Begone, demon!" She tells the table, "I didn't know demons had trolls. That one's not even trying." To the audience she turns to add, "Everyone knows Elvis is still alive." Interrupted, Elvis will back away, instead protesting with the first verse of Don't Be Cruel.

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Hmm. That's what I get for getting so wrapped up in trying to create my own pose I don't kee up."

<OOC> Mikael will give you time to respond

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Mikael pages: GOing to be interesting when Elvis gets upstaged by a real spirit :P

Long distance to Mikael: Baron Laveaux chuckles.

Mikael loses one Willpower

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "bk"

<OOC> River says, "I could channel somethign fi you like?:P"

Mikael blinks as Elvis shows up, and then manages to keep the grin off his face as he stares in 'shocked' surprise at the figure in white.

Baron Laveaux is pretty concentrated on what she's doing. Whether it's one of the staff or the audience really getting into the seance thing she's not going to let it interrupt her fun. Heck, it's just more of the atmosphere. So she's not paying a lot of attention to River's cry.

<OOC> Sterling says, "Buh, RL. Sorry folks."

Sterling goes out to the waiting streets.

Sterling has left.

<OOC> Archimedes says, "I rolled that wrong. It should have been vs 6, but it wouldn't have done any good."

Lila's brow furrows as she looks on, watching the fog billow about the stage but there's something else that gets her attention and she soon finds herself looking towards River, head tilting to one side as she looks at the woman quite curiously.

Crimson Laveaux tenses up when those hands come to rest on her shoulders, her eyes going wide as she shrieks out. It's a bit theatrical, perhaps exagerated in order to help put on a good show, but she's not a good enough actor for all of that surprise to be faked! Her hands grip tightly down on her partners but fortunately she lacks the strength to cause a truly painful grip. River smiles and rest a hand on Bobbi's knee as she continues to watch the show. Mostly she seesm amused by t, but then voodoo isnt her style so she really only gets the gest of it. Jolene looks apologetically to Tiva and her friends, as the bartender manages to get her attention that she has a phone call and she steps around to take it.

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "Ive got to run you guys sorry"

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "Rl needs me thx for the rp"

<OOC> Mikael says, "Night Tiva"

<OOC> Jolene says, "sweet dreams Tiva!"

River looks to Mikael and gives him an apologetic shrug before she leans slightly against Bobbi and watches the show.

<OOC> River says, "Night"

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl hugs Jolene

<OOC> Tiva Little Owl says, "night yall"

Tiva Little Owl has disconnected.

Bobbi is holding it together well enough, thanks to River's support. It's not clear if she's actually freaked out or decided to let herself get a bit freaked out for the holiday, but either way she's a little freaked out. Oh yeah, and alcohol. Alcohol is also giving her support.

Mikael pats Crimson's hand comfortingly and smiles, seeming to be going along for this performance. His eyes do cut for a moment to River, but it is a brief look as he arches a brow at her shrug. Lila manages a small smile at Crimson's reaction as her gaze drifts back to the stage, taking a long sip of her drink now.

Receiving his drink, Archimedes thanks the bartender and then turns his attention back to the seance. He tilts his head to the side as the figure in white appears, and then starts singing. Overall, the big gets a smile and a shake of his head.

Baron Laveaux gets going again with the seance, now that Elvis is banished, gripping Mikael's and Crimson's hands as she goes back to calling on the spirits from the beyond to commune and offer secrets from beyond the grave. The sickly, eerie lights play with the fog as it floods from beneath the table and spills over the stage, sweeping around the audience some too to encourage a waider participation in the feeling. A row of flickering candles, along with some whisps of white gauze, cross the back of the stage. Someone in a zombie costume emerges from backstage, and slinks down below the front of the stage to crawl up behind the seats and reaches up with a gripper toy with a bony hand from the Halloween props to reach forward and grip Michael's ankle, then quickly let go and disappear while the zombie gives the audience a grin. Soon after someone else yelps, and Crimson will feel a bony hand along her ankle too.

Jolene comes back to find Tiva has had to leave and shakes her head, unfortunately as much as she would like to stay, she is being called away for an emergency situation and quietly makes her way out without hopefully distrubing the show.

Jolene goes out to the waiting streets.

Jolene has left.

Crimson Laveaux does let out a bit of a squeak of surprise when she feels her ankle grabbed, looking down at her foot but she heard at least one other startled noise before that and was now prepared for the type of act that this is. Her eyes drift around at the music, fog, and lights, seeming to find it very easy to get into the mood. When Mikael squeezes her hand she looks over to the man, a slight blush to her cheeks as she winks to him.

River grins as zombie Elvis is chased off again and smiles to Bobbi as she leans over to whisper to her.

Bobbi smiles at River and leans her head against her shoulder, as she enjoys the show. She's calmer now, but still lets her mind wander.

Mikael actually jumps at the touch on his ankle, not having seen or sensed any movement. His head twists around to look down at his foot but it is just a moment too late to catch a glimpse of what grabbed him. He rolls his shoulders, licks his lips and gives a little smile to Baron as he murmurs softly, "That was a good one..."

Mikael senses "Baron Laveaux winks back at the murmur."

Lila keeps her attention focused on the stage, watching with quiet interest and an amused smile. Baron Laveaux steps up the intensity of the calls to the spirits of 'the other side' and 'the netherworld'. There are sounds of groans and creaks and the jingles of bells and eerie sound effects like that.

And then figures appear at either side of the stage, emerging from the dark into the eerie purple and green lighting. Some people may recognize Beetlejuice. As in, two men in the iconic striped suit, another in the red wedding tux, and for good measure a woman in a 'sexy Beetlejuice' costume. The Baroness stops her chant and gasps, looking up across at two of them, then crying out, "The ghosts of Mikael Keaton impersonators?! Oh no!" With a yelp of fright she lets go of the hands she was holding and jumps up, knocking her chair back, and then running behind the sofa behind Crimson. The four Beetlejuices start closing in menacingly...and the heavy stage curtains abruptly swing closed around the seance group. From behind the curtains come screams. (Probably just Arianna, though.)

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Hey, it's hilarious to me. Though it might possibly be sleep deprivation talking."

Mikael completely goes along with the Baron and when they jump up so does he with a loud deep gasp, his facial expression one of amusing 'horror' at the thought of the impersonators. He lets out a yelping sound as the curtain falls.

Bobbi claps as the curtain falls.

Mikael pages: That was actully quiteinventive

You paged Mikael with 'Heh. Thanks. I was meaning to try something more seance-like...but gave up and went with amusing ideas that popped into my head when I found I was too fried and not well researched enough. :)'

Mikael pages: It came off great i think :)

Long distance to Mikael: Baron Laveaux was a little worried because of how many people dropped out without doing much. But, hey, I seem to have done more than just amuse myself.

Mikael pages: I enjoyed it and I think Crimson did too, and the ones watching. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Lila takes a good long drink before turning to set the glass on the bar. With a short laugh, she then applauds a few moments after the curtain falls.

River smiles and claps as she sets the half finished drink Bobbi brought her on the bar. "Very nicely done!"

When Crimson Laveaux hear's Arianna's scream she'll add her own to the chorus for the good of the act. She knows how to add to a good performance. She rises once the curtain falls and reaches over to hug Mikael before peaking behind the sofa at the Baron. "That was great Aria.... I mean.. Baron! Thank you."

At the conclusion of the performance and the fall of the curtain, Archimedes takes a long sip of his drink and then stands to clap his hands, "Bravo!" He continues to clap along with the audience before he turns his attention back to his drink.

After the curtain falls Mikael lifts the cloth, and glances underneath the table. He rises and gives a smirking grin over at the Baron, and then a thumbs-up.

<OOC> Mikael says, "oops he was already on his feet, so ignore the rising part"

Bobbi rubs whispers back, and whispers to her.

Baron Laveaux spends some time after the curtain fall to thank the volunteers, especially a grin for Mikael and a pat on Crimson's shoulder. "I'm such a troll I can't even do a scam right. But that was fun. Thanks for playing along." A little time giving some pats and thanks to some of the actors and crew helping out too. Crimson also gets a, "Nice scream." Eventually the volunteers will be able to emerge from backstage with a trinket and, for those who want, pieces of cake.

Mikael smiles and tells Baron, "Actually I think the idea of a comical aspect to it was very original." He straightens his costume before he heads back to the main area.

Crimson Laveaux lingers backstage for a moment, taking some time to speak quietly with the Baron. Eventually she comes out with her piece of cake though, a pleased smile on her lips as she looks over the remaining crowd.

From afar, Crimson Laveaux has a blush on her cheeks as she speaks a bit nervously. "So, um.. last time? I don't usually do that kind of stuff."

Crimson Laveaux senses "Baron Laveaux teases in reply, "Because you don't want to, or because yhou haven't had the chance? See you around soon, I hope.""

From afar, Crimson Laveaux stammers and then nods, speaking very, very softly. "See you soon."

River grins and says to Crimson "Nicely done, spooky through and through." She grins as she says to the bartender. "Buy this woman a drink on me."

Lila slides off the barstool just as the volunteers begin to re-emerge from behind the curtain. Catching the bartender's attention, she leans against the bar to speak quietly to him a moment before turning and making her way towards the exit.

<OOC> Lila seriously needs to go recharge her brain. "Was fun though! Night all!"

Lila goes out to the waiting streets.

Lila has left.

Bobbi laughs, "She already won free drinks for life! Look at that costume! ... and I also bought her one earlier not even thinking about that." Bobbi winks at Crimson Laveaux, who probably puts two and two together that the Laveaux has changed into a hippie costume now.

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Crimson Laveaux smiles to River at that gesture, a drink arriving for her. Another whiskey sour in fact. She chuckles and picks it up, not being stupid enough to go back to her unattended drink after all this time. She sips from it and smirks to River before glancing to Bobbi a bit curiously. "Oh, there you are. You ran off on me!"

<OOC> Baron Laveaux warns she's probably bout burnt out for the night. Long day for me. (Starting with waking up before my alarm for the cat puking on my bed next to me.) The club's gonna be open and the party going on for some time, so nobody has to leave. I'm not sure I can come up with more poses, though. :)

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Thanks to everyone for participating, too. Bobbi sure added a lot of color and activity."

<OOC> Bobbi says, "Thanks for the scene. I'm assuming you'll take care of the group nom and make sure that we get to see the logs? :)"

<OOC> Bobbi says, "Was the way I was occasionally rhyming Laveaux at all correct in terms of pronunciation? :P"

<OOC> Baron Laveaux will do the posting a log and scene xp nom thing...eventually, when the wiki is fixed.

<OOC> Mikael says, "Thanks for running this. Rest well when you do!"

<OOC> Crimson Laveaux says, "Thank you!"

<OOC> Bobbi says, "Baron: I'm working on it. This scene actually distracted me from getting further on fixing it. :P"

<OOC> Baron Laveaux nods to Bobbi. Yep, I'll post the log and link to everyone. Everyone I can find, anyway. I have no idea about the pronunciation stuff, though.

<OOC> Archimedes says, "That was fun. Thank you. :)"

<OOC> Bobbi says, "I don't think the wiki will be fixed on Monday, but I think there will be an updated on it by then."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux says, "Nifty. I'm not sure I'll have the log and all ready by Monday anyway, so less pressure on me. :)"

<OOC> Bobbi says, "Yeah, no rush. Just curious to see it."

River smiles as she takes Bobbis hand and guides her over to where Mikael is and says "Hey have you met Bobbi yet?" She grins and says "New friend of mine. Bobbi this is Mikael."

<OOC> Baron Laveaux stops logging and crawls off to bed (after making it). Thanks, folks. This was pretty fun despite me stressing myself about it. Thanks for joining in and making it fun. G'night all.

Baron Laveaux will be around doing some mingling and MCing and stuff for a while...but pretty background for a bit as the party goes on into the night.