2019.12.26: Flight Plans

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26th December 2019: Flight Plans
Part 3: After finding the actual murderer and further information, Bobbi & Roxy gather to plan their next move and Roxy gets to fly.
IC Date December 26th, 2019
IC Time Morning
Players Roxy, Bobbi
Location Glenhurst
Roxy Main.jpg

NOTE: This is part three of a longer plot thread. If you haven't read part two you can find it here.

It's not the best morning to be travelling around, especially if you have a problem with travelling in a vehicle. Heavy rain pours down, mixing with a thick fog that keeps all but the most adventurous inside the warmth of their homes.

But Roxy has invited Bobbi over to talk about what might be happening and maybe have her cook some food for lunch! Who knows? Hearing the door, Roxy hops up from the couch and rushes over, pulling the door wide open, "Hey Bobbi. Come in, come in, it's awful out there." wrinkling her nose as she steps aside to allow you into the living area. Thinking ahead, she grabs a warm folded up towel from a nearby cabinet and offers it over.

"This is the first time I've had visitors here, so.. yeah, ignore the mess.". Motioning out to the room she says, "This is the main living room.. that's my kitchen..", a point of a finger, "The bathroom is that way if you need it..", another point up to the end of the hallway, "And.. um.. Hi!" she smiles.

"Yeah ... " Bobbi said with a slight nod as she steps inside. She looks around the place, flips down her rain soaked hood, an wipes some rain off her face. "I mean, you've seen my place ... this is nice. You haven't been here too long, right? Oh ... is there a place I can hang up my coat to let it dry a little" Bobbi hobbles over to the stove and plays with the knobs a bit, taps the stove top, and turns around. She steps forward and gives you a hug, "hey. How did talking to your Moms go?"

Taking the coat from you, Roxy hangs it up on a hook placed just inside the doorway, her own leather jacket hangs next to it. "I moved in when the detective forced me to stay in the city, so like.. a month or more?", thinking about it for a second, but deciding it's not really important.

Returning the hug for a moment, Roxy steps away and heads toward the kitchen, "Would you like a coffee.. tea..?", glancing back with a little smile. "My mom? Well, she listened to me, but she's still real angry but maybe I'll see her for New Year."

Bobbi moves her cane from hand-to-hand as she removes her damp coat and hands it to you. "Thanks," she says then hmmms slightly. "I would take some green or black tea if you have it. A little bit of caffeine would not be bad this early inthe morning." Bobbi nods, "Does your family live in Prospect or no? I'm guessing they must live kind of close by."

"I think I have.." Roxy starts, opening a cupboard and finding what she was looking for, "Yep, green tea.", pulling the box out so she can go about creating a cup, moving around the kitchen as she fills the kettle, gathers a spoon and some mugs.

Turning around while the kettle is boiling, Roxy pushes herself up onto the counter, wriggles back and settles in for the wait. "So, picture it..", she says, raising her hands as preparing to paint the picture, ".. two storey mansion, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen bigger than this house, a long driveway, a large garden, thick bushes around the outside.", her hands still moving, describing the 'outside'.

"And here I am, living in a cheap rental home." she chuckles. "I don't mind, at least I earned this myself without them paying for everything.".

Bobbi gives a little impressed whistle, "... damn. Sounds pretty sweet, though I'm sure your life and childhood has it's own challenges as well." She looks around and shrugs, "This place is way better than anything I could afford. I mean, you have a kitchen, a shower, and actual rooms. I'm betting you have a bed frame and not just a mattress on the floor." She slowly hobbles around the kitchen taking a closer look at things. Then looking back to you, "Yeah ... I can picture your parents being pissed at you. It sounds like your life would be part of their own life's project, ammiright?"

Bubble bubble, the boiling kettle catches her attention, Roxy hopping back down and moving over to pour the drinks. "Most of the things here came with the place, I added a few pictures and necessities..". Gathering up the mugs, she turns and offers one across to you.

"They had my life all worked out before I knew I had a choice.." she explains, ".. I'd be a rich doctor with my own clinic, earning enough to buy my own mansion and invite Hollywood stars around for lunch." she chuckles. "I rebelled from the start, it was all so boring. They did push the doctor thing into my head though, I wish I hadn't messed that up. I don't blame them for being mad.".

"Anyway.." Roxy moving back to the couch where she can sit herself down, ".. my life has gone to some weird place now. It looks like being accused of murder was just the start of it.", gazing off into space for a second before lifting her mug for a drink.

Bobbi takes the mug, the sound of metal rings clinking on ceramic as it dissapears behind a curtain of tattoos. She pulls the mug close to her chest and blow on it lightly. "Yeah, my dad had no real direction for me. I mean, he taught me plenty of stuff, but there was never really any push to be anything more than his daughter. Maybe my mom would have had some idea had she lived. Maybe she would have pushed me to have kids and be a house wife, I dunno. I just kind of ambled through life, and it hasn't been going the way I expected, as I didn't really expect anything." Then she nods, "Yeah, well, at least you know you didn't do it, right? But I guess that just makes everything weirder, right?"

"I kinda made my life the way I wanted it to be.." Roxy explains, ".. when I knew of the psychic thing, learning about medicine helped me understand how to use it. But I still had that wild side." she smiles, "I said I needed a bike to get back and fore to the university, so that's how that started.".

Pulling her feet up onto the couch, her thighs press gently against her chest, holding the mug in hand but resting it on top of her raised knees. "I knew I didn't do it anyway, but that was weird. I wonder why he used me like that." she ponders. "And who is this?", sliding the police report closer, it's already sitting on the couch nearby, "Lewis Hoffman? But that's not who we saw in the high rise. Or it is, but it's not." she chuckles, "This is really freaking me out.".

Bobbi hobbles forward and takes a seat on the couch beside you. "I don't know, Roxy. I'm only just getting to know you. I mean, I like you a lot. We have a lot in common. But there could be a whole lot I don't know about you. I don't know your whole life story and what sort of enemies you parents might have made in the process of making their wealth. It could be anything, and me guessing would be pointless. I can try to help you figure it out, though." She looks towards the report, "Did you hear anything back from your detective friend after you clued him into that secret compartment in the floor?"

Turning on the couch so her upraised legs are leaning against the back, Roxy faces you more clearly, mug lifted for another drink. "There's a whole lot that you don't know, when I was with the Legion especially, but I could be here all week talking about my misadventures.." she chuckles. Reaching out, she playfully gives the end of your nose a 'boop' with the tip of her finger, "You know, you're real nice too..? The only person I'm happy to call friend.".

Hiding her smile behind her mug while she has another drink, she nods at the final question, "He looked at those DVD's and.. the guy was a paedophile, like, those DVD's were movies of.. things I really don't want to think about. The children were all missing kids from around California. So at least the parents know.", a gentle bite of her lip, "I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.".

"We help each other. He knows about my psychometry so when he's stuck on a case he might have me walk the crime scene, or handle a murder weapon, something like that. So sometimes he'll give me something in return.", a motion to the police report between the two, to illustrate her point. "What do you think we should do with that?"

Bobbi grins as her nose is booped, and gently rubs her nose with the tips of her fingers. "Yeah, I think being nice might be my greatest weakness. It's tough one for me to figure out. How do I prevent people from taking advantage of me or trying to make me their victim, without becoming something that I don't want to be and runs contrary to my soul?" Bobbi shakes her head a bit at the mention of kids, "Yeah, I thought so ... but, yeah ... maybe not get into that unless we have to ..." Bobbi sips her tea and begins to read over the police report. "Well, I guess the next thing to figure out is whether you think your detective friend is telling you everything he knows, or whether he might be hiding something ... then we got to figure out the who, what, how, and why of whoever setup you up. I guess we already know the when and where. We also got to be careful, I mean they've already fucked up your life, shown they're powerful, and shown that they don't really have the best morals. I got a few more tricks up my sleeve, but it really depends on what you think is most important for you to know, and what you think might be the most promising option."

"You're doing fine." Roxy replies with a little smile, "Like, how many brothers did you have? Seven? You can walk into the Styx without trouble, so you've got it mostly worked out." she nods.

After another drink from her mug, she gives a gentle shrug, "If I had done it, I wouldn't feel so bad about it knowing what he did. He deserved that.", wrinkling her nose in disgust. "I don't think Copeland ever tells me everything, he gives me as little as he can while being able to keep me on call. I don't know.", another little shrug. "I really don't know what to do with this.".

Leaning forward, she looks again at the police report, the photograph of the man, his personal details and police record. "He can look like someone else whenever he wants. If it is a he.." she adds after a moment, "He can flash across the city in a blink. Like, are we supposed to fight that? I don't even know. And why would he take this persons face?", a point at the report again, "Does he want us to look into him, or is he next to be a murder suspect?". Shaking her head, she goes back to her mug, taking the final few sips.

"Eight. All older. I'm sure you can imagine," Bobbi says. "It sounds like this person is using one person to take out the other. The thing you need to think long and hard about is whether they intended this to be your downfall, intended for this to pull you in to commit other actions for them, or whether they didn't care. Either one. They wouldn't care if you were locked up or if you were their unwitting pawn. I'm not sure which is a scarier option." She sips her tea, "Well, I can try to figure out what your police friend actually knows, we an try to figure out who this new identity is, or maybe there's a clue in what you saw on the TV. We got a lot of clues going to the site of the murder. You say they knew and predicted what you can do. I wonder if they knew I would come along." She sips her tea and stares off.

Stretching down, Roxy places the mug on the floor in front of where she's sitting, then turns to face you again. "I can heal people with a touch and sense the past from places and things.." she explains, ".. like, this is /so/ far over my head it's floating in the clouds." she chuckles. "You seem to understand this type of thing more than me. What do you think we should do?".

Her arms wrap around her raised legs, tucking her thighs a little more tightly to her chest. "If he's going to make this man a murder suspect..", a nod down at the police record, ".. we should probably at least warn him.". She considers that for a moment, then chuckles, "Though I have no idea how we'd explain that one.". The mention of the TV program catches her memory, "That was like a message. Two police chasing a juggernaut and not being able to do anything to stop it..? Maybe he does know you were there too.".

Bobbi hmms, "I mean, I've been following your lead so much, just contributing what I know. I knew the the library search, but you knew what to search for. I might have been able to connect us to this man, but you found the spilled blood." Bobbi sips her tea and then looks to you. "Do you think we should find out first if we should warn this person? I mean, the last guy ... I wouldn't kill them myself, but I'm not exactly mourning his passing." Bobbi thinks for a moment, "That does seem like possibly symbolic of our actions. We could look more into it to find out the details of what happened. We don't even know if that was a real or fictional event ... maybe there's no difference, and maybe it doesn't matter." Bobbi scratches her cheek with her thumb nail, "I am also wary about how much this cop might actually know, right? I mean maybe you have no way to prove it to him, but I feel like his gut feeling would tell him it wasn't you. It seems like he might not care about that."

"He probably doesn't care.." Roxy admits, ".. he's got me on call, it helps his career when he's solving unsolvable cases.." a shake of her head. "I don't trust him, but he's a cop and is in charge of my murder case, so I've got no reason to.". Shuffling into the corner of the couch, she sits flat with her legs extended along the seats, which places them over the top of your own.

"I don't know, this is starting to feel really dangerous. This is someone who can jump across the city with a thought, I didn't even know people could do that. I've heard of sorcerers being able to travel a short distance, but wow.." a shake of her head.

"I wonder what would happen if we did nothing. Did he plan for that? But then I wouldn't be able to find an end to this and prove I'm innocent. If that's still even possible.", she sighs, resting her hands down in her lap.

"What worries me isn't that they are capable of doing that. What worries me is that they seem to do it without a thought. Hubris is very dangerous in a mage. Pushing your will on the Universe can be very dangerous. You want to work with the Universe until you get to the edge of what it lets you do. I mean to get the information we needed, I could have just tried to grab it, but it makes more sense to search for it. I can move from one space to another, fly through the air, but it makes sense to try hobbling first ... or ... that motorcycle." Bobbi looks at you, "I was surprised I was able to ride with you on that bike. Twice even. Maybe I'm starting to get over some of my issues." Bobbi shrugs her shoulders and sighs, "It does seem like we might be walking into a trap, or acting as unwitting pawns."

"Wait, wait.. go back a bit.." Roxy chuckles, her clear blue eyes widening, "You can /fly/?", a look of amazement upon her features. "Like, turn into a bird, or fly like a superhero? Either sounds awesome."

"I told you riding isn't so bad. You're safe with me, I drive fast but I make sure I do it safely too. It might not seem like it when I'm weaving through traffic at sixty, but.." she grins.

"To be honest..", she starts, looking back down at the police record, ".. if he's anything like the last one, I wouldn't feel sad about wasting a bullet on him, pawn or not.".

Bobbi reaches into her pants pockets and fishes out a little medallion. She shrugs and hands it to you, "Give it a try, but I want it back. I don't have a motorcycle or anything like that to get around. River made it for me so that I would be able to visit her more often ... that was before I learned to move from place to place," Bobbi says. "I mean, part of me know it's safe, the other part remembers me getting run over and murdered a million and one different ways. That kinda sticks with you, you know?" Bobbi gives a slight frown, "Well ... I'd prefer not to see that, but I won't shed tears."

Taking the medallion, Roxy looks it over, twirls it in her fingers, then closes her hand around it feeling the energy coming from within. "Oh, I can feel it.. I'll never get used to this." she grins. Her attention remains on the medallion, working her willpower into the magical wonder while she's talking.

"If I crashed the bike a few million times, I wouldn't want to get on another one either." she says in understanding. And then she starts to float upwards, squealing in surprise as she rises, "I'm doing it!", though she doesn't really understand how to control it and starts to spin, smacks against the ceiling with a thump, "I'm not doing it, I'm not doing it..", she cries as she starts drifting randomly, eventually throwing the medallian back down to you from above. Straight away, she plummets, but those Kung Fu lessons must be doing her well, as she twists on the way down and lands on her feet in a crouch, just in time. She nearly falls forward, but manages to keep her balance. "Fun!" she laughs.

Bobbi grins as she watches Roxy float up and then throws up a hand to catch the medallion. She puts it in her pocket, but comes out with her pill bottle. She pops a pill in her mouth, swallows it with a sip of tea, and then pockets the bottle again. "Yeah, it's good to have a bunch of tricks, but the trick is not to rely on them. That's the undoing of many mages. You lose your humanity that way. If someone cut off your hand? They could regrow it for you, but they'd never be able to console you through that trauma. It's a shame. I can tell they're good people, they're just not quite people anymore."

Placing her hands on the back of the couch, Roxy pushes herself up and leaps her way over, landing with a bounce on the soft cushions next to you. "It feels a bit like cheating." she admits, running a hand back through her long, black hair after the twisting and jumping, straightening it again. "With magic, I'd prefer to be able to do it myself than rely on a device. It would make me.. lazy? I guess, something like that."

"I feel like going to investigate this guy..", picking up the police report and placing it in her lap, ".. maybe he'll give us a clue on how to fix all this. He might even know the person in the high rise.". With a glance across, she gives a little smile, "You don't have to come if you don't want to.".

"Yeah, I mostly do things myself. That was just a present from Riverso that I could visit her more often. I don't really use it too much. I don't want to get caught flying around, but it's there for emergencies." She shakes her head, "Nah, I'm not going to let you do this on your own. What do you know about him? Do you know where he lives or do we need to do more hacking to get that information?"

"How are things with you and River?" Roxy asks, leaving the question up in the air.

Moving the police record from her lap to yours, she shakes her head, "It's all on there. Name, address, age, criminal record.. That's if he's still living there.", lifting a hand with crossed fingers.

Bobbi shrugs a little. "I haven't been seeing too much of her lately. Things got a little weird with me, but they're settling down now. We're supposed to go SCUBA diving sometime soon. Well ... no SCUBA tanks, just some charms that give us gills or something like that. She thinks it'll be good for my leg. We'll see." Bobbi takes a look at the sheet of paper. "Well ... should we just go there and check out the block? Might be good for us to get near and for me to take a look first. You have no idea whether or not this person is going to recognize you or not, and what he will do if he does."

"More charms and medallions?" Roxy asks, "Is that her thing? Enchanting items? What would be better for your leg would be to have it properly healed. Swimming will help strengthen it, but it's never going to be the same without either serious medicine, or strong healing magic.".

"Yeah, let's do that, we can take a look and see what sort of trouble we're walking into." she nods. "Did you want to cook something before we do all that? It could be our last meal.", she says ominously, but then breaks into a soft chuckle, taking the edge off it.

Bobbi nods, "Yeah, she's always making something, be they charms or herbal compounds. Pretty neat. I have a hard time with making something permanent. Speaking of permanent ... not sure how well healing will work with all of the metal plates screwed in there. Even if I can figure out how to heal my leg, no doctor is going to perform surgery on me where they remove the metal and send me home. I may be shit out of luck." Bobbi looks around, "It's a little on the early side, but I could eat a little. Happy to cook though, up to you."

"Well, I would.." Roxy corrects, ".. I would need somewhere sterile to do it, but if we can get your leg back to normal, I certainly would." she smiles. Pushing to her feet, she heads for the kitchen, "When you said you prefer Vegan, I bought all kinds of things. There should be something here you like.", pulling open the fridge door and peering inside at the various fruits and vegetables that, judging by the half eaten pizza sitting in there, doesn't really see a lot of presence in the Roxy household.

What does make a presence, however, is the pack of beers, two of which she pulls out, offering one to you. "A meal, a beer and a few funny pills, and we'd be more than ready to face whatever is coming." she chuckles.