2020-03-17: Whiskey in the Jar

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Whiskey in the Jar
One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.
IC Date March 17, 2020
IC Time 8 PM-???
Players Arthur, Ethan, Hop, Jade, Joel, Lance, Robin, Skye, Tabin, Wick
Location Margaritaville
Prp/Tp N/A
Theme Song "Going Out in Style", Dropkick Murphys

Sceneset: The pub crawl has been going on for a little while now, having shifted to Margaritaville from another nearby tourist pub. There's a crowd of a few dozen, coming and going, and in them, Joel unsurprisingly seems to be leading the charge towards inebriation, Guinness in hand and a ridiculous Lucky Charms leprechaun top hat on his head. At least he hasn't affected a terrible accent. He's not a very imposing presence through physicality, but he's flashy enough to get noticed, and old enough to not get carded. The combination of the two seems to have gotten him some drunken regard from his compatriots.

Tourists abound here at Margaritaville, most getting drunk too, making terrible jokes about lost shakers of salt. The beer is Guinness; the drinks are Midori for the color or the oh-so-respectfully named Irish Car Bombs, and whoever's not wearing green gets looked at funny for a second or two. Welcome to St. Patrick's Day in tourist hell.

Lance does, in fact, get carded. But after a little song and dance with the bartender - literally, he does a little tap dance without tap shoes, in an attempt to impress the guy - he produces a card and is promptly given access to as much alcohol as he could possibly want. He's also wearing a green shirt, a pin that says "I'm not Irish but kiss me anyway," and a pair of sparkly shamrock antennae.

Ethan just happens to have on a green t-shirt with 'Kiss My Ass, it's Irish' instead of his usual plain black. He's carded but legal. For once he's not head of the pack in drinking, but by God he's second-in-command. Louder than Joel, but definitely willing to let some other asshole--- um, someone else-- take center stage, he's in on every chant and matches any drink or shot posed to him. No, every single one. Curdled Car Bombs are apparently his specialty, but at one point he gets dared to drink out of the bar's drip tray. And does it.

Sometimes you just want to kick back a little, and some days you want to kick back a /lot/. St. Pat's is one of those days that's better suited to the latter. And Jade is very much getting into the spirit of things! She's got one of those ridiculous big green top hats to put her in the spirit of things, and, well, ginger. People assume she's Irish by default. And she is one hundred percent determined to have a hell of a time. Drink? Yes please! Doesn't matter what kind, the answer is always the same, and -- let's face it -- she doesn't have to buy any for herself. Dance? For sure! Karaoke? Well, maybe. We'll see.

Lance, green beer in hand, takes this opportunity to hit on the pretty lady. "You know," he says, just walking right up to Jade, glittery shamrocks bobbling over his head. "My button is actually a lie. I'm really five point seven two percent Irish, according to my DNA test results."

The sound of wheels can be heard as Hop sliiiiides into view, he's got on his normal attire, plus all that green plastic shamrock jewelry everyone is throwing around, like he ran through a crowd and just let them bead bomb him, his backpack is on, and he stops by the group, taking a second to click in his Wheelie shoes, /like a responsible adult/ and then cram a clearly homemade green cupcake into his mouth, which he mostly totally finish in like two bites before saying, "Hola party people!" since they're in mexican joint, and he knows 'hola'.

"That near six percent is all in his junk," Joel leans over to chime in on what Lance says, althouh he stops and stares at the redhead for a long, long moment. He might be jawdropped. Ethan's drinking from the drip tray snaps him back, if rather unwillingly, and he stares. "What the fuck are you /doing/, man? Gross. Jesus. Shit." And then he looks back towards Jade. And takes a long, long sip of his Guinness. The Jimmy Buffett starts up then, and he groans aloud. "Jesus! It's /St Patrick's Day/! Can't we get some Dropkick Murphys in this damn place? Someone talk to them."

Arthur walks in off the street, already mildly buzzed from a couple of shots earlier at the Murder with some woman he met. Arthur blinks when he sees all the "Kiss me I'm Irish" t-shirts and badges and, more than once, stops to consider it before moving on. Half stumbling for a second, he puts his hand on the bar and says "Can I get something green and very alcoholic?"

Ethan takes a good moment to spot Hop, point accusatorily in his direction and say deafeningly "HEY!" and then in the stunned silence that follows, add "I can do THAT. Who wants to bet how many cupcakes I can eat at one time?!"

Give her credit: Jade takes this entirely in stride. (She'd certainly be s**t out of luck if she didn't, wouldn't she?). She laughs at Lance's remark, and then again at Joel's, shaking her head. "So what you're saying," she summarizes -- well, kind of -- "is that I should give him a six percent kiss, but on the junk? You haven't even bought me a drink yet!" It's unclear which of the two she means by this. Judging by her behavior so far, 'both' is entirely possible.

Arthur feigns offense and says, in a mock accusatory tone "Him dude. You can do *him*. Not that."

Lance feigns shock at Joel's words. "Sir, I am a gentleman," he says, putting his free hand over his heart. "I would never have said anything so crude to the lovely lady." Which is immediately followed by him looking to Ethan. "Twenty two!" he yells. Back to Jade. "May I remedy that?"

"Yes," Joel tells Jade, heedless of whatever she might actually be saying. He eyes Ethan, raising his brows. "I'll take the over of twenty-two," he's quick to bet against Lance. Hop's arrival earns a grin, if unfamiliar, and he leans an arm on the bar, blinking slightly. "Are you... are you on roller skates? Wait, no." He scans the younger guy. "Wheelies? What are you, twelve?" He jabs a thumb at the fellow, before he looks back towards the bar, swigging his Guinness. Still no Dropkick Murphys, and he's about to yell at it, before Arthur swims into his view. "Hey. You not having a ceilidh at your own place to ban me from?"

Arthur says, “Jesus you're a fucking cunt-cunt-contakerous prick arentcha. Liven the fuck up. It's Paddy's day."”

Ethan gives a determined two thumbs up and finds a place where anyone interested can watch him stuff his face and cheer and keep count. It's not a big audience, but some people are that into their cups already, and someone found something for him to eat.

Hop blinks a bit, "I miiight have twenty two more on me?" he looks backwards at his backpack, "They'd help you keep the liquor down too, they're banana and fennel, which sounds gross, but I made them so they're bangin'." he nods like no truer words were ever spoken. He sees that Arthur is already a bit stumbly so he walks over to offer him a scientifically designed no-barf pastry. "Here man, on the house, well I don't own a house, but that's what people say, ya? I'm Hop, have a cupcake, they'll help, and they're good." he turns to Joel, "Nah, the opposite, 21! Can drink, though being 12 was fun too, no work, not that I work." he shrugs.

"Okay!" Jade says, cheerfully, and it is entirely unclear what she's agreeing too, or if she even knows herself. But she somewhat spoils the suspense by telling Lance, "Sure, if you want to! Don't even need to ask, really. You can pick!" Which is, like, just /asking/ for trouble. If, somehow, she weren't already. "Twenty-two, huh? I don't think I could eat that many in a /day/, much less at one sitting.

Arthur eats whatever was handed to him nodding "Oh, man. These are fucking awesome." Through munching the muffin, Arthur slurs "Anyway, Joel. As I wuz sayin. Or gonna say. You're a friend of Wick. An Wick is ... Wick. So I figure we should bury the axe." and offers his hand

"Chug! Chug!" Lance shouts over at Ethan, despite the fact that cupcakes aren't for drinking. He tries to flag down a passing server. "Gimme something for the pretty lady," he says. "Something that will make her overlook how far out of my league she actually is." Whether or not a drink actually arrives is another matter. Meanwhile, he downs the rest of his own drink. "If the waiter doesn't come back with something good, it's not my fault," he assures Jade. Then he spots Hop. "Dude, wrong holiday!"

Wick turns up checking his phone to make sure he's got the right place. But the moment he catches Joel and a number of other familiar faces - including a fairly tipsy Arthur - his smile quirks and he puts his phone away. "Hello!" He offers those gathered a broad smile. "Hope I'm not too late."

Joel grins sharply at Arthur. "Always light. Never quite buoyant." He tosses back the rest of that Guinness, definitely not his first, and doesn't go towards those cupcakes. Instead, he motions Ethan towards them in indication. Arthur's words make him tilt his head. "Yeah, and just who the hell are you to Wick, bro?" He doesn't go for that hand quite yet, eyes narrowing warily. And there's Wick! He starts a little, muttering, "Speak of the devil. You made it, man. Who's this guy to you?" A hand waves lazily towards Arthur.

Hop will upend his backpack on the bar, since apparently someone is going to try to eat 22 cupcakes, a /ton/ of tupperware spills out just loaded with pastries and in between it all it basically streams a rainbow of candy, hershey kisses wrapped in every color. "What holiday?, they're green cupcakes, that counts, they're /wearing/ green!!" he nods and then adds, gesturing to the pile, "Anyone want a kiss?" he says with a side smile.

Jade clearly -- from her expression -- has no idea who Wick is. Who cares! She waves to him anyway, calling, "Happy St. Patrick's! Slainte!" Which, wonder of wonders, she actually knows how to pronounce correctly. With Lance having stepped up to actually order a drink for her, she beams sunnily at him, whether one eventually shows up or not. "My hero!" And kisses him on the cheek! Which surely has to count for more than six percent. Right?

Ethan is currently partially obscured, having occupied a booth around which people so inclined are chanting; they're up to 'fourteen, fourteen!' about now, and a harried server is bringing more slices of key lime pie to the fiasco. (The menu here did not include cupcakes, he will get around to those eventually.) Somewhere in there the 'at the same time' must have fallen by the wayside. Go and watch if you are likewise inclined, a couple of spectators have moved on, looking green themselves.

Lance beams brightly at Jade, even blushing a bit. "I live to serve!" He makes a big show of bowing to her, twirling his hand in a flourish. "Lance Keller, world renowned explorer and perfect gentleman, at your service." A drink does eventually show up for her, plus a fresh glass of green beer for him. "The rollerskates, dude," he tells Hop. "Everyone knows those are for the fourth of July."

Arthur returns Jade's toast with words sounding vaguely like 'isditsa hayn', raising his glass of green to her and then knocking it back, he then looks to Wick and "See what I mean about this town and synchoripity?"

Wick offers Jade a nod with a soft smile. "Happy St. Patrick's," he returns. And his smile quirks wider as he catches hat kiss she gives Lance. "Hi Lance." He can't help but grin as Hop produces an avalanche of baked goods and candies. His gaze lingers with interest, drifting across his features and lifting to his hair. But Joel captures his attention with that question - though he seems to catch him a bit off guard with it. "To me?" He glances up at Arthur and laughs with a nod. "Mm." He drifts over before glancing at Joel. "We're close. Getting to know each other better."

"She does," Joel tells Hop. "Get all that hot-shit makeup off her and we'll see if she really is a ten-plus beneath all that." Regardless of whether Jade is wearing any makeup. He stares at her for another long moment, still not entirely over her looks. But Ethan's eating draws his attention. "He's on fourteen," he tells the crowd, a little bewildered. "Fourteen... slices of pie? Jesus. He's gonna hurl before any of the rest of us, and here I thought he was a guy who could handle it." He angles himself that way, but then he looks a bit puzzled at Wick. "Seriously? You're shitting me." And he slips away from Wick at that, moving to watch Ethan inhale yet another key lime pie, at this rate, top hat sliding a bit on his head.

The redhead curtsies in response to Lance's bow. She doesn't really know how to do it very well, but she knows, or thinks she knows, that's what one does. "Jade Lambert. Um, not world-renowned for anything in particular, yet, but I'm still working on it. Nice to meet you." And hey! Wonder of wonders, her Irish Car Bomb actually arrives. She takes it, raises it to Lance, and then starts to drink it. And drink it. And drink it. And ... oh, it's gone. "Your turn!" she tells him with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. Is she wearing makeup? Enh, throw her in the ocean and find out.

Hop shakes his head at Lance, "No way man, wheels are for anytime, help you go faster, gotta get where you're going lickedy-split, not that I gota any destination set right now, cuz they're also for fun." he nods and eats a piece of candy himself, and then another, and then starts handing them out to people at the bar, he looks to Joel, "Nah man, you can't volunteer anyone for kisses, what if they're allergic to chocolate and all that, I got lots of non chocolate stuff too, oh and non gluten stuff, um some non sugar stuff that tastes good anyway since I made it, duh, for the diabetics and stuff." he nods as he hops up onto a bar stool and orders a beer.

Lance looks over and gives Wick an exaggerated wave. "Hi, Wick! Ethan is eating like a delicate little bird, you should go watch." He beams at Jade, not seeming to even notice the quality of her curtsey. It's not like his bow was very good, for all the enthusiasm he had for it. "What?! That's a travesty. We should fix that immediately. Get your name in lights!" he says with a sweep of his hand... and then chugs the rest of his drink in a manner very unlike a delicate little bird. Also very unlike Ethan, since Ethan didn't start swaying after gulping down one cupcake, unlike Lance and his green swill.

Ethan has his moment in the sun, as the small crowd screams "twenty two" like they are losing their damned minds. And then dissipate as they are themselves hungry or nauseated by then. Ethan gets up from a table laden with dessert plates, and not a speck down his front, washing everything down with a green beer and giving money to the poor server. "Thanks," he says and manages not to aim the punctuating belch at the person's face, turning to go find out what everyone else is doing.

"Goddammit, Ethan. I had the 'over' bet." Joel is a little disappointed, pulling an animated frown at Ethan. And as clear as his voice is, his posture is starting to slouch a little. He blinks, to clear his vision from some sudden muddiness, reaching out for a barstool. The hat topples onto the ground, sparkly cardboard shining for a second before he swoops in to grab it and pick it up. "Oops. Hey, you, with the shamrocks." He means Lance, but that doesn't really narrow down the crowd much, as more than a couple people turn to look his way. "I lost the bet. What was your call for it?"

Arthur looks briefly down at his hand and shrugs, shaking his head ever so slightly, looks at Wick and grins brightly "Hey there. Close friend, buddy of mine, if you're looking for someone Irish to kiss, I think Lance was offering" and snickers a little

Wick blinks a bit at Joel. He hesitates, and Joel is already slipping away. But glancing up at Arthur, his smile returns with warmth. "Ah, was he? That doesn't surprise me." And Lance's greeting couldn't be better timed. He can't help but laugh. "Hi Lance. Is he really?" His eyes shine with mirth. With equal measures of curiosity and apprehension, he drifts off after Joel to behold the spectacle. Just in time for the belch. He winces with a laughs. "Hi Ethan."

Laughing, Jade tells Lance: "Hey, I'm ready for it!" Meaning, her name getting up in lights, presumably. When he starts to down his drink, she chants, "Go! Go! Go!" whilst bouncing up and down in place until he's finished, and then jumps into the air: "Hurrah! You're doing your six percent Irish heritage proud. Or I think so, anyway. Some of the Irish are probably sick of hearing about drunkenness and potatoes."

Arthur just blinks and looks at Jade, his Irish accent incredibly strong "That'd be all of us love. And we've been sick of it for about as long as American television has been a thing back there. So... like the 80s?"

"Five million, three hundred twenty three thousand, six hundred seventy four dollars and thirty two cents, plus your pocket lint," Lance replies to Joel. "Or a refill." He holds up his empty beer glass. "Who are you, anyway?" He beams cheerfully again at Jade. "Well, lucky for them, I'm only talking about green beer and glitter shamrocks, which nobody can ever get tired of." He gestures to Arthur. "See? He didn't even mention them."

Joel pulls out his cellphone, texting a bit hamfistedly. It doesn't go all that well. His eyes widen a little to focus on the phone. Texting. Totally good at it. Yes, coordination aplenty. "Joel," he states sidelong at Lance, before waving a hand hazily for a refill. "Friend of..." he has to think for a moment, making the point even more deliberate -- almost stupidly so -- than it might be otherwise. "... of Ethan's." Full stop. "Ethan, you gotta eat the cupcakes that Xanadu roller-skating motherfucker brought. He still here?" He scans the crowd for Hop, a bit fuzzily, and then finds him at the barstool. "Right. Better hope he's got a fake ID."

Ethan pulls a face at Joel, coming around eventually. "Hey! Hey man.. eat what, now?" He grins widely upon seeing more familiar faces.

Hop nods and eats a piece of candy, "One, I can hear you." another piece, "Two I'm 21, I don't need a fake id." he eats a third, like they're, well, candy, "I dunno what a Xanadu is." he nods

Arthur grins "The muffins, they're like, superfood or somethin, the cute maybe-not-old-enough-to-be-here guy on wheelie shoes gave me one when I was about to pass out. And look at me now. Jobre as a sudge." Arthur stands up to try to prove his sobriety, tries to a hand on the bar which suddenly isn't where it seems to be and stumbles, falling flat on his arse, he collects himself, dusts himself off, glares at the bar and says "rude" before sitting back down

Lance gives Joel that same exaggerated bow he gave Jade. "Hello Joel, friend of Ethan. Lance Keller, though I'm sure you've heard of me. Famous explorer, lover, adventurer, etc."

Jade is momentarily dismayed by Arthur's reaction, but she brazens it out: "Goes to show how much Irish heritage I have, I guess, or I'd've figured that out on my own. She flashes a smile, and, turning back to Lance, says: "Have you ever tried to vacuum up after a glitter shamrock? Because I guarantee you /that/ person is sick of them."

Wick heads over the bar, checking his own phone on the way, and orders himself one of those themed beers to join at least a bit of the fun. He starts a bit as Arthur falls, but the man's already hauling himself back up. He bursts out with a laugh. "It moved on purpose, didn't it." His eyes shine with mirth as he glances to Hop. "Did he say something about superfood muffins?

"What's the et cetera?" Joel wants to know of Lance. He stares levelly at him. "Never heard of you." And then he looks over to Ethan, raising his brows a tick and putting his phone away. "Eat those cupcakes Xanadu kid brought in." Hop's getting no explanation for the movie, either. Joel slouches a bit at the barstool where he's landed. "I wanna see how many of those you get though too. I gotta win the next bet," he points out, starting on another Guinness. This one seems to be giving him a little bit of trouble, though.

Lance puts his hand to his heart, looking shocked, just shocked, at Joel's words. "Oh, you know, lion taming, fighting off pirates, organic farming, all sorts of things." His refill shows up, and he turns back to Jade. "But who would want to vaccuum up glitter?" he asks, his bobbing shamrocks raining a bit of the stuff down into his curls. "It adds sparkle to existence! Joy to every little nook and cranny it lands in!"

Arthur tilts his head at Jade "Nah, I mean... it's not like you're to know. Unless you've actually been to Ireland, the chances are Paddy's day is about as much Irish culture as you get exposed to. Maybe the Boondock Saints. But if you want real Irish cinema; there's the Commitments, of if you like really good horror, there's A Dark Song. That's probably my favourite Irish film." he then turns to face Wick, swaying a little because of the rapid turn, grins broadly and says "I think, once the room stops spinning a little, I'll have words with the bar about its manners." he takes out his phone and paws at the back, stares at it, turns it around and tries again right face forward.

Hop chuckles a bit, "Wear wheels and suddenly maybe I'm not old enough to drink, the world is an odd place." he shrugs and then gets out a small tin of powder to place in a glass of water to slide down to Arthur, "Thanks by the way, you're pretty cute too." he says with a smile and then motions to the drink, "Antacid, will help with the falling down bit." he gets out another cupcake and slides it down too, "and another one of these, slowly, should have you right as rain, if you wanna be that is." he'll drink his own beer a bit and add, "Drinking's fun but no reason to paint the floor green what with science being a thing!"

Robin opens up the door to the bar and smiles. "Phew was worried I would miss the whole thing." He turns to Joel since he wears the biggest hat of the group. "How far behind am I?"

Jade can't help but look amused. "I can tell you for a fact," she says, "that it does not bring joy to every little nook and cranny it lands in." She doesn't go into details! But fortunately she says it with such good humor, such cheerfulness, that it's impossible to imagine her being /really/ annoyed with glitter shamrocks. Or nearly impossible, at least. Despite her bubbly manner, she listens to Arthur with apparent seriousness (and also, decided lack of intoxication): "My brother loved that Boondock thing. Couldn't stand it. I'll have to check out that other stuff, though!"

Wick smiles with warmth as Hop offers Arthur a couple of remedies. "Kind of you to look after everyone. You made those?" Resting back against the bar's edge, he takes a deep draught of his beer. Bright green for St. Patrick's day. He takes a quick glance at his phone, but for the most part, Arthur and Hop have his attention.

"It helps you catch bad guys too," Joel mumbles to Lance's words. He looks up at Robin. "Hey. Wick's other good buddy, Bruce Wayne. Cool." His voice is a little flat. "We're like... partway through. Have a drink. Midori shit 'cause it's green, or Irish car bombs 'cause, well, hell." He pauses a moment, studying Jade yet again, a little more drunkenly now. "So, like, what is it? Just a real good makeup job or like... super duper hot? 'Cause if I weren't too drunk to make a pass at you, I'd be seriously charming the hell out of you, mark my words." He keeps staring.

Arthur takes Hop's advice, because the room is /quite/ spinny and thinks that 'too drunk to know which side of your phone gets typed on' is probably too drunk in general. "Yeah. That sounds smart." and starts to eat the muffin slowly with his left hand, running his hand through Wick's hair tenderly. He turns to Jade again "Yeah. A Dark Song is a very slow burn. If you can't get a copy of it legitimately, let me know and I'll order a copy from my Irish amazon. Because they deserve money and I'd rather you not pirate it on my advice." He turns back to Hop again and regards him carefully "These muffins are something else man."

"Are you sure it was the right kind of glitter?" Lance asks. "Glitter is very particular. You need the right kind for the right job!" Which is clearly nonsense, but he sounds sure of himself nonetheless. He starts working his way through his refill. "C'mon, didn't anyone ever tell you to show not tell?" he says to Joel.

Hop nods, "I made all of this." he motions to the pile of turpperware he dumped onto the bar, a backpacks worth. "The cupcakes are banana and fennel which sounds gross but I made them taste good, and they help make you not throw up." he nods, "The rest of the stuff is just stuff I made to share, lots of varieties since people have allergies and all that, figured people would want stuff to eat along with the booze. I bake, and make candy, with science and all that." he sounds /very/ scientific as he explains, and then adds, "They're technically cupcakes but muffins are good too, you should have some of that antacid drink, I know a total stranger just poured some powder into a glass and handed it to you but it will help." he nods and then nods again, "Right, I'm Hop, by the way, I dunno if I ever gave my name, my bad." he smiles and then eats another piece of candy of the bar.

The redhead throws Arthur a thumbs-up and a smile. "It's a deal. I figure that's fair -- if I have to work hard to find it, then fifty zillion people probably haven't paid the people who make it already, so maybe a little extra is warranted." She grins at Lance, though. "Positive. It was shamrock --" Then she screeches to a metaphorical halt. Joel has expressed doubts! He's not sure she's for real! IT IS SO COMPLETELY ON NOW. "Just a second and we'll clear it up." Then she turns to Lance and asks, sweetly, "Hey, can you get me, like, a bucket of water? Without ice is best but if that's all you can find I'm okay with it."

Robin smiles trying to behave better than last time. "Hey Joel." He then gets a determined look on his face. "I promise I'll catch up right now." He walks over to the bar squeezing through the crowd. "Two car bombs."

Joel watches Jade. It's easy to do. He looks a bit skeptical though at her request for some water, leaning back and folding his trenchcoated arms. And swaying, juuuuust a little.

Wick tilts his head as Hop explains. He seems intrigued, glancing from the pile of tupperwares and back to the baker with keen interest. But he pauses, growing rather still, as Arthur runs a hand through his hair. He peeks up at him with a soft smile, somewhat shy, before glancing back over at Hop. "It's good to meet you, Hop. I'm Wick." Having finished the last of his beer, he takes up the antacid drink. With a quirk of a grin, he says, "Powder from a stranger in a glass... Sounds like a excellent idea." And he takes a deep draught - no hesitation.

Lance spreads his arms. "Anything to help you defend your honor!" And he scrambles off to knick a jug of water. "Sorry, I'll bring this right back, very important business!" he calls behind himself as he returns to Jade carrying his drink in one hand and the water in the other. "Here! Nobody will miss it."

Arthur tilts his head a little, trying to get a sense of Hop, "Hop, I like it. Suits you. Names should suit the bearer. Born with it or get it bestowed on you in life, like a modern Cuchulainn?"

Hop blinks a bit, "Oh, I meant for your handsome friend who called me cute, but I have more antacid on me if you need some more for him or you, Wick, a nickname like mine, sweet deal." he nods and then nods to Arthur, "Apparently people think I'm always bouncing about, for some reason, or maybe hopping mad, I got it in highschool, hopefully it's a term of endearment." he chuckles and then looks to Robin, "Hey, welcome, you're new! Would you like a homemade cupcake?, -they help keep your stomach settled so your drinking doesn't make you vomit, also they're hella tasty since I made them."

That's just what Jade wanted! Perfect. She takes the bucket from Lance with a "Thanks!" and sets it atop the bar. Probably still pretty cold water, even if there are only a couple of chunks of ice left; odds are excellent it was being used for chilling beer earlier. "Okay," she says to Joel, grinning, "watching closely? Three, two -- oh, hold on a sec." She turns back to Lance and *this* time give him a kiss on the lips. Not an extended one, granted, but hey! "Only fair! Okay, now, three, two, one --" And she dunks her entire head into the bucket of water, all the way up to her neck. Completely submerged. She shakes her head around a little, to boot, just to make sure she gets entirely soaked. No way any makeup job could possibly survive that. Of course, when she pulls her head out again, gasping for breath, she gets cold water everywhere. Miscalculation! But anyway. Pretty much the same, except now soaked.

Joel is definitely watching closely. Jade, not the water. He stares for a long moment, even as people start to chant as she dunks her head in, cheering when she emerges, and he moves to grab a towel thrust at him by one of the bartenders. Jade /is/ a looker, after all. Traffic-stoppingly so. It doesn't take much for her to get the bar's attention, and being soaked definitely does it. "Pity you didn't get more on your shirt," Joel observes a bit wryly as he hands a towel to her, bracing himself on the barstool and blinking again.

Wick turns a bit pink as he realizes he ended up drinking what was meant for Arthur. "Oh! Sorry... Thanks." He shifts a bit and orders another beer, trying to catch up to the others. Perhaps also just trying to recover from the embarrassment. He takes a deep draught. He doesn't quite mean to drain it, but somehow ends up at the bottom all too soon. His eyes shine with mirth as Arthur tells Hop his name suits him. "I expect it is. It sounds like a nice name," he tells him. He glances off to Robin and smiles with warmth. "Hi there. It's good to see you." He drains his third beer. It seems to be hitting him fast. Did he remember to eat before this?

Lance blushes when he gets a kiss, and one can practically hear the internal "woohoo!" that goes through his head. "I never doubted you," he assures Jade with false seriousness. He looks to Joel. "Yes, wet t-shirt contest! I'll go first." He sounds cheery, but it's hard to tell if he actually means it or not.

Robin looks around also captured by Jade dunking her head in water. "Wow I really need to catch up." and with that two cars bombs are placed in front of him. He works quickly on packing them down, which is a mistake with all he drinks he should know he's a light weight. After finishing the first he hears Wick and offers a friendly wave. "Hey Wick." And then he moves onto the second.

Hop shakes his head, "No worries, but cute blush." he says to Wick and then gets another glass of antacid ready for him, with a science! cupcake as well, passing them over to Wick, "Here, for the tummy, but they won't stop you from getting fall down drunk." he nods to the third glass, "But as long as you don't drive home, who cares! Right? And seems like you have a friend to take care of you." he nods and clearly means Arthur, with a smile, and then finishes up his first beer to order the second.

Jade, her head and hair soaking wet from the dunking they've just emerged from, accepts the towel Joel's offering her gratefully. "Hah!" she says, laughing, and then, impishly, "Oh, well, the night's still young, right? Plus I'm pretty sure that any drunken evening along the coast has to end up with an ill-advised dip in the ocean." She's vigorously toweling herself off, only a little to the dismay of some of the people nearby.

Arthur, who is obiviously drunk, feigns looking offended at Wick "Did you bring a date and not tell me?" and dramatically looks around for the handsome friend and mockingly glares at Robin. "Is it you?"

Ethan must have gotten lost somewhere between the table and the standing lump of people he knows. No stagger in his step, he winds back around, stopping only to take a handful of goodies from where they were strewn. "Hokay," he says "Who is drunk? Did anyone hurl yet?"

Joel keeps watching Jade toweling off for a long moment. His hands tighten on his top hat which he holds in front of him for a long second, and then he lets out a breath, telling Lance, "You got lucky, man. Real lucky. She's like... way outta both of our leagues." He pauses a moment, moving to slink through a break in the crowd towards the sound booth. "Look, it's fucking St. Paddy's Day! Can't we get some fucking /Irish/ music in this joint? Dropkick Murphys, Black 47, The Pogues, Flogging Molly, I don't fucking caaaaare." He drawls out the last word, swallowing back a little alcohol before he makes his way back to the bar where the rest of them are. "I'm drunk. I think," he informs Ethan. "Do I look drunk? I feel drunk." He looks drunk.

Wick's blush deepens a bit at Hop's compliment. He accepts the antacid and the cupcake with an appreciative nod. He laughs with a grin up at Arthur and shakes his head. He pauses with a blink and lifts a hand to his head "Damn. I didn't have that many beers, did I?" There might have been a fourth in there somewhere. He downed them fast. He smiles with an apologetic wince. "I'd better get going."

From the front door, amidst the throng of celebration, opens to reveal Tabin! Signal fanfare and trumpet blasts. It's not true. Admist the rancor it is hard to notice that Tabin even came in, let alone everyone noticing him! But he manages to survive the throng of drinkers, a smile on his face and wide eyes taking in the revelry and fun. He came alone, not going to meet anyone and instead worms his way toward the bar to get something to drink.

"Drunken swimming is *never* ill advised," Lance assures Jade with that same fake seriousness. "Besides, it's an *adventure*! And I am a world famous adventurer." He looks to Ethan, even as he sways a bit and drinks more of his green beer. "I'm stone cold sober. So is your friend Joel. But I think Wick can't hold his liquor."

Ethan raises an eyebrow, shoves the fistful of candy in his mouth with one hand, and with the other reaches out to grasp Joel by the shoulder and shake him. "Yep, you're feelin it. Buncha lightweights," he says with a grin.

Jade is actually a little taken aback when Joel departs, however briefly. "Did I say something wrong?" she asks Lance, not /upset/ or anything, but certainly /puzzled/. "'Cause I thought we were having a good -- oh! Hey, welcome back." She nods firmly. "You're all drunk! And that's the point! And if drunken swimming isn't ill advised then either you're not drunk enough or you're not swimming far enough!" Yeah, nothing could possibly go wrong here.

Arthur responds to Ethan with "I resemble that remark." he nuzzles the top of Wick's head with his face "Do you need me to call you a taxi?"

Lance shrugs helplessly to Jade, the motion exaggerated. He downs the rest of his drink. "You know, you're right. It's just not a proper ad- adventure without risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Hop nods to Wick, "Please don't drive, take care ya?" it was nice meeting you, he smiles and the gives Tabin, and Robin too, a point and a "Hey, welcome! Join us if you'd like, I made cupcakes too, they're green so they count! And with the miracle of science!." he makes jazz hands, "They help you not vomit, cuz I'm totally a scientist." he says with a nod and a smile before he pops a piece of candy into his mouth.

Robin smiles at Arthur's stare already feeling a bit warm. "Maybe it is." He says jokingly. Then he turns back to order two Guiness. "Be careful on the way home Wick." When he hears he's leaving. Then turns to Hop. "Thanks I've already started, but I don't think I'll need it I almost never throw up." Says the man who is indeed definitely going to throw up.

Skye steps into the bar and looks about. He smiles as he sees the nature of the place, apparently finding it in his price range. He looks around and then slowly makes his way up to the bar proper.

Tabin's weapon of choice tonight is coke. Just plain ol' non-tanked coke. Complete with straw! He grabbed the glass in time to turn to see the finger of Hop point in his facial direction. His first reaction was to blink, not used to getting called out and the second was to double-take to make sure no one else up and decided to start waltzing over to Hop and the table. When no one did and it was obvious the finger was directed at him he slurped on his straw an came over to the table. "Hola friends." He said with a smile, one of true enjoyment. "You better not be kidding about the whole cupcake thing. Best news i've heard allll night."

They don't have much Irish diaspora music here at Margaritaville. It's not their vibe so much. But someone does find a copy of Metallica's "Whiskey in the Jar," and that kicks in. Joel seems satisfied by that, although Ethan seizing him earns the bigger man a quick, sharp look, and he pulls away defensively. "Fuck off," he tells Ethan, drunkenly although not heatedly. It's a reaction to the touch and nothing more. He looks back towards Skye, blinking. "I'm not drunk. I can handle this shit," he insists.

Wick can't help but grin at Arthur's nuzzle. "I'm alright, I can handle it. Took an uber over, and I can get one back. Thanks though." He keeps his footing quite well, but he's definitely got that drunken flush to him. "Should have started with the cupcakes. It was nice meeting you, Hop. And Robin, sorry to be leaving. Arthur - it was good to see you." He smiles with warmth up at Arthur and eases away from the bar. He snags one of the cupcakes for the road. Still solid footing, but he's definitely got a sway to him. "Good night all. Joel, thanks for the invite. Ethan. Lance. Good to see you. Good night!"

Arthur watches Wick as he heads out the door and then turns back to Robin "Sorry, it was Robin, yeah. You missed the set up for the joke. I'm not actually mad at you. Just a little bit drunk." He's a lot drunk. He smiles at hop again "So you from this place or another blow in like me? And do you work in science or is it a side gig? Oh, huh Metallica. This is not actually a bad cover of this. It's no Thin Lizzy, but it's probably the best Irish American cover."

Drunken swimming may or may not be on the agenda for later -- it depends in part on how drunk all the potential participants get. But dancing is definitely on the agenda! As soon as she hears the music come up, Jade is on her feet and off to do a bit of it, and if she can pull any of the drinkers along with her to embarrass themselves? All the better! "Come on! You'll miss the fun!" Questionable to say the least.

Skye blinks in surprise and nods slowly at Joel. "Um.. Okay... yes.. you're not drunk." He looks a bit nervous at the man before settling on the bar. And of course once he's there, he orders a cosmo, something that one of the tourists might order.

Hop nods to Robin, "Ok, I mean, they're also just hella tasty, but no worries." he looks to Tabin, "Ya, banana and fennel, totally tasty and totally balanced to fight stomach problems. I'm Hop, nice to meet you all." he says to Robin and Tabin, and then waves to Skye too. "Lots of cute dudes here tonight." he says to Arthur, about the joke, and just in general too, "I grew up a bit north of here, but still a Cali dude, I don't currently work, could probably do well at a bakery or something but I haven't looked into anything, just got to town." he nods

"Yes, too much talking, not enough dancing!" Lance agrees, then holds one finger up, suddenly looking a bit queasy. "Uh. One moment. I'll be right back. Important business." And he wobbles off to the bathroom.

Arthur nods at Hop and fumbles at his wallet, spilling a bunch of business cards belonging to various people on to the bar, and paws at them until he finds what he thinks is his own and writes his cell number on the back "If you go into business doing these, give me a call" he follows this up with an attempt at a charming wink but he is probably too drunk to succeed and so instead it is *just* the right side of creepy.

Robin laughs double fisting Guiness now and already swaying a bit, fucking light weights. "It's all good bud." He turns hearing another familiar face. "Skye!" He yells and moves over to the man.

Tabin slurrrrrpped on his coke. "Hey Hop. Name's Tabin. Also new. Drifting as well. Just me and my boat." He gave a wave that was immediately cut short by upturned eyebrows as he watched Lance offer the throne it's much needed sacrifice. "Phew. When you gotta go you gotta go." He laughs. He looks around at the collective giving a stern and obviously critical assessment of the 'hotness' level. "Hmmm...Perhaps. You should probably have a bit more, they'll only get better." He said in a smirk.

Skye glances over at Hop and blushes, overhearing what he says. THen his drink is delivered. He smiles and takes a sip. He notices Jade and waves before he jums as Robin calls out to him. He waves. "Oh! Um.. Hi Robin." He says, the sober one here, it seems.

Joel slips away from Ethan, presumably. He stares at Jade for a long, long moment. "What -- what are we doing? Dancing? Not me. I -- uh -- I'm good watching." The arm with the hat drops to his side, before he too starts feeling his liquor. "Look, man," he announces, presumably to Ethan although really to anyone who's listening, "I gotta go for a walk and sober up. This shit is starting to get to me." His footing lurches just a little, and that seems to bring about a bit of drunken caution in the man.

Ethan does not mess with anyone else claiming they are not drunk, to be fair. He grins at Joel and says "Aight, you're fine. But I need a refill, you were right, the cupcakes were-- man, who has been eating banana and fennel? Is like a cloud in here. Wait, Robin?" he echoes, and looks about as if for the person in question.'

Hop pauses, probably at the word 'business' but maybe it was at the wink, "I'll do that." he says as he helps Arthur put all the cards back in his wallet, keeping the one with the number, "You should switch to water dude, and def set up an Uber for yourself, or I can get you one when need be." he nods and then smiles at Tabin, "Nice to meet you, neat name too, I like that, not boring like being a Dan or something." he nods, "On your boat? That's cool! and nah, they're alright with just two beers, I don't got a designated driver, or anyone to go home drunk to so no point in getting blitzed right?"

Robin sits next to the man finishing his first of two beer. "What's up man? Ya doin' good?" He Chicago accent starting to slip through the cracks.

Skye takes a delicate sip of his pink drink. He glances about and then looks at Robin, grinning. "It looks like you've had a few? I'm doing pretty good. How about yourself?"

Tabin has been hard at work keeping track of everyone. When Ethan calls out for Robin, Tabin taps him on the shoulder and points in Robin's direction. "Went over to that guy over there." He gave a thumb up and looked back to Hop. "Yup. Came on a boat, immigrant style...save by style I mean from the north. No big deal though. Needed someplace new ya know? Get stuck in the same hole your entire life never see anything awesome. Like banana cupcakes." Which the man had never heard of. "You sure? I mean if you get blitzed I don't mind supervising you home." He shakes his coke. "Eternal DD that I am."

Arthur says "Water sounds good. I am going to be so fucking hung over tomorrow" and looks at Tabin "What kinda boatcha got? And what's a DD?"

Ethan turns around at the tapping and eyes Tabin. "Huh, another new guy... man, this was supposed to be just hanging out," and looks in the direction that was pointed.

"It means he's got herpes and he smokes crack," Joel notes 'helpfully' to Arthur, even if his wit's a little dulled. He moves to lurch towards the door, raising a hand at the others, scrubbing his other one over his face. Having not had a single cupcake, he isn't doing too well at sobering up, but he manages to slip out of Margaritaville without falling flat on his face, so there's that. Never mind the faint sound of retching right outside the door.

Ethan is distracted from whatever he was doing and sidetracks to the front door.

Robin smiles at Skye. "I'm doing pretty good." When he hears his name. "Yo what's up?" He yells louder than he should looking for who said his name.

Skye glances curiously at Ethan as the man gestures to him. He nods his head boefre looking back at Robin. "Uh.. Who are you talking to?" he asks, smirking a bit as Robin yells out. "You are so drunk!"

Tabin points over to Joel. "That's about right. He forgot about meth though. Way too much meth. That's what DD stands for after all. 'Too Much Meth', or it did originally." He slurps on more of his coke watching that now Joel is defying the porcelain gods by offering a generous donation outside. He pouts. Toilets never get the love they deserve. "What kind of boat?" He looked to Arthur. "Camp Cruiser. 15' by 31' foot or something like that. Nice little houseboat. Beats an apartment with rents and all that nonsense.

Mo makes his way inside, looking to grab a quick taco type bite and a beer.

Hop shakes his head at Tabin, "That's very nice of you, problem is, you're cute, and sober, and I won't be, sober that is. So I'll try to kiss you or something else equally embarrassing and that's a par-tay foul, trying to kiss the DD." he nods, he knows the rules. "So I'll stick to the two drinks." he reaches down to his backpack to get out a small vial and a tea bag which he sticks into a ziplock bag and then uses a sharpie to write on, "Arthur, make this tea, then pour in the vial of apple cider vinegar and have a slow morning, it'll help take the hangover from like a 10 to a 4 or something." he nods, "Best science has got, well the science that fits into my backpack anyhow."

Arthur looks at Robin, sipping his pint of water and looking green about the gills, but holding on thanks to the cupcakes. "He's also pretty. There's a lot of pretty men in this town." He then looks at Hop with his eyes very wide "I could kiss you man. You're a leg end."

Joel looks up as Ethan makes his way out. "Hey, man," he greets Ethan a little fuzzily. "Make sure I get back somewhere in one piece, huh? I didn't quite think this through. I just saw 'pub crawl' and was in." He braces a smile at the chef, and then adds, "My car's... somwhere. I'll find it tomorrow morning." Good plan.