2020-08-04: Morning Exercise

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Morning Exercise
Arumi honors her commitment to Bobbi and Rick
IC Date August 3, 2020
IC Time 5 AM
Players Arumi, Bobbi, Rick
Location Coronado Beach
Prp/Tp N/A
Spheres Traditions
Theme Song Jumping Jack Flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cPXwc-5Kw8

Arumi does as she said she would do, and on Monday morning, quiet early, she pulls her car up to the wonderful Coronado beach. Changing in her car, she gets out in sandals, light coral shorts, and a white sweatshirt. In her hand is a metal object, akin to a sword hilt, with a very light, translucent sword 'blade' attached to it. Clipped to her shorts is her new phone.

Rick drives up to the beach in his Rav-4, dressed for surfing. He hops out of the car and unlashes the surfboard from the roof, then makes his way towards the beach. He gives Arumi a wave and a grin, then walks over to her "Getting warmed up? DId you stretch yet?", he asks by way of greeting.

Arumi sees Rick arrive, as she around to the other side of the car, getting out her bag, which has her giant brushed metal travel mug in it. Waving. "Oh hi. Um.." she smiles. "I just got here, so I haven't done anything yet. I said I'd do it, so here I am."

Rick nods, holding his board under his arm, then offers to lift anything she might need with his other, free hand "Well good. Do you know how to stretch properly? I've been learning a lot of that stuff lately, so i can give you some pointers if you need."

Arumi giggles again, leading Rick out from the parking lot, down the steps into the beach proper. "Stretching? I'm just using a, um. This is just my cosplay sword hilt and a translucent light plastic sword. There's nothing to stretch?"

Rick lets out a little sigh and a shake of his head "Not the weapon...you!" He walks out into the sand about ten feet away from the sidewalk, then buries the end of his board to keep it standing upright. "You need to stretch your muscles first before you excercise, otherwise if you try to do physical things you could hurt yourself. Start with the arms, like this." He holds his arms horizontal to the ground, and starts making small circles, gradually making them larger and larger until both arms are swirling around. "Then slow down again and do it the opposite way." He shows her what he means.

Arumi looks at Rick as she holds out the sword in both hands, tilting it, getting ready to start. "Stretch?" Then he starts demonstrating. "You're joking right? That looks like a joke."

Rick isnt joking as he twirls his arms around "What happens if you took a hammer to a cold length of steel and hit it as hard as you could. The sword would snap in half. But if you heat the sword and then strike it, its going to bend, and its going to bend the way you want it too. Now substitute the steel for your ligaments inside your body. If you try to do something hard before warming your body up, you could injure yourself." He seems serious and he folds on arm across his chest, and presses down on his tricep with his other arm.

Arumi watches Rick swirl his arms around, and giggles. "That looks ridiculous to me. Besides, my ligaments are approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheight right now." She giggles, and sighs. "But fine."

At that, puts her arms out and starts drawing small circles with her fingertips

Rick lets out a little laugh "Doctor, I am shocked you used the Imperial system of measurement." He continues to stretch his arms, then works on his torso by twisting slowly to the left and to the right with his hands on his hips "You need to get all of your body warmed up, because the last thing you want to do is pull a muscle in your leg. Stretching also helps your flexibility."

Arumi snickers as her arms move. "Rick, I was born and raised in Pomona. I use Fahrenheit, I drive on the right side of the road, and I don't care about soccer." She's still holding the light saber in her hand as that hand makes small circles, held out to the side.

Rick is dressed for surfing, stretching and telling Arumi how to stretch as well. He moves to stretching his legs out by doing extensions and calf bends. "But you are a scientist, i thought you all used the metric system for everything."

Bobbi's souped up Subaru arrives by the beach, and out pops ... Bobbi. Today she's wearing her typical excercise outfit: tank top, tiny lil running shorts, knee high soccks, and trainers -- all black and all adidas, as required by law. As Bobbi jogs over, it becomes clear that she's had another rough night crying, yet despite this she's doing her best to be perky and friendly, a big smile on her face. "Hey," she says, as she arrives by the two, her face visible only for a moment as she begins to touch her toes and stretch in all different ways.

Arumi snickers. "Look, I do, a lot. But if you ask me what the temperature of the human body is, the number that comes to mind is 98.6. Should I have said 320 Kelvin?" She laughs, and drops her arms from the 'stretch' she was doing. "Okay, first Kata. Men Nuki Men." She goes into a neutral stands, and holds up the sword, over her head. "Bobbi, hi! Doing your 10 miles of... are you okay?"

Rick shakes his head and tisks at Arumi "You didn't stretch your quads or anything...well lets hope you don't get hurt." He looks over to Bobbi and quirks an eyebrow, giving her a nod of the head "Hey Bobbi...how are you?" Its a cautious question.

Bobbi laughs lightly as she continues to stretch. "Don't be silly, of course not," she says to her toes, "that was six hours." A timeline that would indicate pre-dawn. "Doing alright," she says to her side, before saying to the other side, "got a spa day scheduled with Evie tomorrow, so that should be nice. Taking today a bit easy." Bobbi finally stops moving, as she stares horrified at Arumi, and says, "You didn't stretch your quads?"

Arumi looks at Rick, then Bobbi. "Well I hope the um, the spa day is good for you. For stretching, I put my arms out and swirled them like he showed. I'm not going to try to put my leg out and swirl it. I'm not that flexible." She then takes a deep breath. "Ippon-me." She lowers the training sword, holding it out from her stomach. Steps back, then steps forward. Swinging the sword slowly, delierbately, up and down. "Attack to the forehead, duck the counterattack, step back," she says softly, going through those motions.

Rick folds his arms a bit as he stands next to Bobbi, and he watches Arumi do her....whatever it is she's doing. He glances over towards Bobbi and says "She didn't stretch her quads,glutes or her lower back." He gives her a knowing look, then back to Arumi. "Are you....sweating already?" He asks.

"Arumi!" Bobbi exclaims, clearly a bit concerned, "Would you go to space without a spacesuit? Without doing the pre-flight checklist? There's a science to this, and you're turning your back on that!"

Arumi shakes her head as she returns to a neutral position, hands at stomach level, sword out. "I'm not sweating, no. It's too early in the day for that, not warm enough yet."

Then glancing to each of them. "Okay I'll listen. What do you propose I do?"

Rick mmmmms a bit and looks to Bobbi, then back at Arumi "You really need to stretch your legs out and get them warmed up, then some cardio. Twenty jumping jacks to get the heart moving, then ten crunches to work your abdominal muscles." Thats a really light workout. "Sound fair to you Bobbi?" He looks to her, then says "Alright, this move is called a hip flexor..." He gets down on one knee and shows her how its done "Hold it for ten seconds, then switch legs."

Bobbi nods in agreement with Rick, and then folds her arms across her chest and turns to watch Arumi.

Arumi keeps glancing from one to the other. "Wait wait wait. First it's stretches." She starts, smiling. "Then it's... all these exercises? You guys are gonna get me tired before I do the actual sword training." She does slowly try to imitate Rick's move, having worn the shorts suitable for this. "What, this?"

Rick nods as he watches Arumi stretch "Yeah, thats right. Dip down a bit further until you can feel the tension. Don't worry, we will only do a half mile run after we warm up." He glances back to Bobbi with a little grin. He's kidding.


Bobbi just nods lightly as she continues to stare at Arumi, arms folded across her chest. Wow, Bobbi's really mastered the dead-pan ... right?

Arumi is doing the hip flexor. She takes a deep breath,a nd holds it as she goes just to a certain position. "I'm not running," she giggles, not entirely sure if they're joking or not. "I assume you guys wouldn't ACTUALLY set me up, but I'm not running. I'm here to train. Yoda never did this."

Rick starts doing some jumping jacks in the sand "Yoda also had Frank Oz's hand up his ass. C'mon, lets do the jumping jacks to get that heart rate going."

"Why do you think Yoda needed to be carried everywhere?" Bobbi asks as she continues to watch Arumi, "do you want /us/ to carry /you/ like /that/ ?"

Arumi starts laughing harder, and falls out of the stretch, onto her side, into the sand. "You guys are crazy. Jumping jacks? Are you trying to make me too tired for the kendo? I just want a sword. I want my sword and I Want to be a jedi knight." Lifting her head up, giggling, pulling herself back onto her knee, then to her feet.

Bobbi bends all the way back, planting her hands on her ground, flips her legs up and then turns to face Arumi. "If someone saw you and I like this?" Bobbi begins to ask as she cartwheels into a normal standing position, ending with a little hop, "which one of us do you think they'll think is the Jedi Knight, and which will be the Storm Cruiser?" Bobbi positions herself as if she's about to start doing jumping jacks, but waits for Arumi.

Rick isn't even breaking a sweat or breathing hard after finishing his 20 jumping jacks. "If you are tired after twenty jumping jacks, padawan, then you really need to be doing twenty jumping jacks." He places his hands on his hips and says "Alright, now time for the jumping jacks Arumi. We'll go slowly. Ready?"

Arumi gets to her feet, dusting off her self after falling into the sand. Seeing Rick finish his jumping jacks, and Bobbi doing her cartwheel. "Back off man. I'm a scientist." she says. Giggling again. "You really expect me to do this don't you."

Rick lets out a snort "Remember how tired they were climbing the stairs of Shandor Apartments?" He starts another twenty "Yes, I really do expect you to do this. How much do NASA astronauts work out? Lots." He grins over to Bobbi and slips her a quick wink.

Bobbi blinks for a second, but then she gets it and exclaims, "Ghostbusting! I actually saw that last night. I was surprised that it depicted some of the Spirit world so accurately." Bobbi glances to Rick and then back to Arumi and says, "You don't want to lose your security clearance do you?"

Arumi nods to Bobbi. "I know right? I feel like, somewhere there must have been someone named Tobin who really did like, go exploring and catalog this stuff. The name Spirit Guide makes me think Society Adventurer, like Adeline's going to be"

to Rick. "Apollo astronauts had to pull 4 Gs. Shuttle astronauts 3 Gs. I'm goin..." She pauss, and lowers her voice. "I don't need a rocket, and I have inertial dampeners in my schematic."

Bobbi then gets a sigh. "I'll do five, but you have to leave me alone."

Rick gives a bit of a grunt as he finishes his second set of jumping jacks "Alright, lets see them." He then goes to the ground, lying on his back, and starts to snap out crunches and reverse crunches as he tilts his head towards Arumi "You should know, it really feels good when you get done excercising. Your body just has this glow to it. When you are doing your Kendo, I'm going to do two miles up the beach and back. You wanna join me for that Bobbi?"

"I know a Tabin," Bobbi notes, before a quick glance to Rick, and then back to Arumi. "Slightly increasing daily quantities of excercise keeps the Bobbster away," she notes to Arumi, before adding, "with that in mind, we can compromise on five to start." Looking to Rick, Bobbi says, "I didn't know you were a slacker also, but sure."

Arumi is holding the hilt the whole time. But she starts doing the jumping jacks. Her movements are slow, and deliberate. But somehow, she barely manages to do them 'correctly' without turning into a complete mess of flailing limbs. "I'm not a slacker," she says with a deep breath. "I'm the Doc not Marty. You're Marty. And I think doing too much of this would feel miserable when it was over, not good."

Rick picks himself off the sand and brushes his back off "I missed seeing that Arumi, can you show me the five again please?" He turns to Bobbi and says "I'll have you know I'm down to running a seven minute mile."

"What's Doc not Marty?" Bobbi asks as she furrows her brow, apparently having not seen that one yet, either.

Arumi folds her arms, taking deep breaths, sweat begining to glisten on her exposed skin. "No, I'm not that gullible, Rick. I'm not doing five more. I'm doing Kendo now. You're convincing me the whole stretching thing was a scam." Look to Bobbi. "Back to the Future, a classic comedy featuring Fortean engineering."

Rick chuckles a bit "Five jumping jacks is five more than you've probably done in the last uhh...." He looks to Bobbi '....lifetime?" He gives a little shrug, then looks back to Arumi with a grin "The stretching thing was absolutely _not_ a scam."

"If you thin it's a scam," Bobbi tells Arumi, "feel free to skip that part of the excercise. Rick already explained to you how it works scientifically. I'm not sure why science goes out the window when you sweat."

Arumi shakes her head, definitely breathing deeply. "I did jumping jacks in... middle school. I managed to avoid PE in high school. And Harvey Mudd, unlike Caltech, doesnt' have PE in the core curriculum. So I have done them, just.. not since I was 9. And Bobbi, it goes out the window when I sense I'm being talked into joining your exercise cult."

Rick raises an eyebrow at that, and perhaps is looking a tad bit annoyed "Its not a cult, its us caring for you and wanting you to be in good physical as well as mental shape. We are not just brains, we have physical bodies as well. If you are getting chased by a bunch of It-X are you going to ask them for a timeout so you can catch your breath?" He gives a little shrug "But it's your choice. Me, I'm going to do a little jog now." With that he starts to run up the beach, barefoot on the packed sand between the high and low water marks.

"My college had a PE requirement," Bobbi begins to respond, "and all these students thought /they/ should be the exception. Well, there was a student around that time who was quadriplegic yet completed her PE requirement. They were told, 'if you can explain to me why she could complete her PE and you can not, I'll /consider/ waving the requirements.' Most of those slackers ended up biting the bullet and signing up for 'bowling' and 'relaxation yoga.' A few not getting the point actually wrote convoluted essays on why /they/ should get oout of the requirement."

"Mind, body, and soul," Bobbi explains to Arumi, "it's all one. The best rocket crew won't make a difference if the ship's made of cardboard and you fuel it with cheez-its -- hey! wait up!" Bobbi takes off running to catch up with Rick.

Arumi shrugs and smiles apologetically to Rick when he loks annoyed. "See, when I agreed to come out and do kendo, and now you're trying to talk me into going jogging... It's just not something I have time for. Enjoy your jog Rick."

Now Bobbi, as she re-grips her sword. "You too Bobbi." Then exhaling hard, still glistening after the five jumping jacks. "Nihon-me." and she resumes what ends up being repeating a cycle of five kata with herself.