2020-08-11: Fire Animal Control

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Fire Animal Control
A group at the Nexus solves the Fire Kitten problem
IC Date August 11, 2020
IC Time 2 PM
Players Arumi as ST, Astra, Bobbi, Branton, Merek, Tiernan
Location The Nexus
Prp/Tp N/A
Spheres Traditions
Theme Song Mr. Sun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=593B-bVPWjw

At the forge, Arumi left a note, two gadgets, and some instructions. "Colleagues, I apologized to the mice but let me help you guys out. I've left here the plasma generator I made to feed Onibi, but Onibi is living in my glass furnace now, so it doesn't need it. I've set it up on a delay to go off when you hit this button. Make sure to wear these gloves. Plasma is hot.

"There's also this trap here. I was talking to Professor Urquhart about this and he sent me this trap. Hit the foot pedal and it works just like you'd expect. Bring it to a good trans-dimensional destination, and hit the red button on the side to release the contained aliens.

"Sorry I couldn't be here this afternoon. I'm accepting delivery on some titanium today and I have to be present. Good luck. - Dr. Arumi Hanada"

Piled on, in, and around all the flame-producing and -receiving equipment here are dozens and dozens of wispy little fire gafflings.

Branton had offered to come by to help with the Elementals, being able to literally speak their language is a useful qualification. He takes some time to read over the notes and grins as he takes a look at the devices "That's handy."

Astra is reading over the note, grumbling softly, "There are so many things that could go wrong with this." She mutters, "What do we do if the trap misses a few of them!? And what the hell is an appropriate trans-dimensional location!?"

Dressed casually Bobbi comes into the area. Trailing her in the Umbra is a magpie spirit and a color butterfly that seems to have fractal sigils as the desgn for their wings. They fly and flutter around around the room, as Bobbi eyes the device and reading that note, Bobbi wnders, "What's a 'good trans-dismensional location' and who defines that and how do they know others were agree? I've been having that debate a lot lately ... " Bobbi looks around seemingly to the air, but really she's looking to that umbral butterfly as if to let her know there might be a lot more people on Bobbi's side of the argument they've been having lately ... whatever that might be.

A few of the fire kittens spill out of a furnace, and run around the floor. Roll around. Float around. Flicker and fly. The place is warm. Not uncomfortably hot, but warm.

Branton grins and shrugs "So they'll be happiest somewhere fire themed. Its why they were drawn to the forge out of the available spaces in the Nexus. Really they're very far from home, I was considering working a summoning of a stronger Elemental from Helios' realm so they could hitch a ride when the big one went home. I figured that might be a hard sell though, considering my approach to things isn't very scientific."

Astra blushes at Branton, "Actually uh, I was the one who suggested we lure them to the forge, but I said *twice* that it was a terrible idea, I just didn't hear any better ideas from anyone else." She sighs. "Anyway, between you and the trap we ought to be able to get them all herded. Where to we take them and how do we get there!?" She swivels her heard toward Bobbi and looks at her expectantly.

"Well what kinda of relationship do they have wiht the fire?" Bobbi wonders, "Is is just sort of a spiritual relationship that works out ike being in a hot tub or are they draining energy and such." Bobbi looks to Astra and says, "If happy to talk to them, and that was easy when they wanted help getting something they wanted. No idea how it might work when I'm telling them the fun's over." Bobbi crouches down robably a little closer than a person who fully understood the device would porbably be willing to do, her obliviousness and curosity potentialy putting her nto danger.

a couple of the gafflings do flitter on toward the plasma generator as well. IT really is a very crudely constructed metal box painted black, with a red metal button on top, adjacent to a small upward-facing spout.

Branton grins broadly at Bobbi as he looks over the kittens "Its less about convincing them that the fun's over and more about the fact that there's more fun elsewhere. I really think that the only reason they need to go is they're way more active and impulsive than the forge would be on its own and when you're making things precise temperature control is important. I've got a site we can take them too that I can work my magic. Once they're all in the 'cat carrier' it won't be too hard to move it."

"Well there's one way I could handle that," Bobbi notes as she glares at the spirit butterfly, "but I thnk it would be a pretty /terrible/ idea. On the other hand, I know a good deal about certain tech things, just not computers, maybe I'll take a look and see if I can at least get a reading." With that Bobbi makes her way closer to the forge

Astra shrugs at Bobbi, "You'd know better that I would what sort of fire they're looking for, from what I can tell they're happy with anything though." She looks hopefully at Branton, "That sounds like an awesome idea." She moves to the plasma projector. She trusts herself to operate it it more than Branton or Bobbi, even though it's just a couple of big red buttons, "Can someone get me a stick or a fire poker or something? Not sure how hot this is going to get.."

One of the fire kittens hops onto the plasma generator, briefly brushing against Bobbi and then Astra on the way if they doesn't pull back. Hot to the touch, but not dangerously so for a short period. Like a hot shower.

Branton grins at Astra as he rummages through his pockets and pouches "I've actually got some potions of fire resistance in here somewhere. You might still get a sun burn but it'll keep you from getting gouged to the bone or anything." Then to Bobbi he adds "What do you think of my plan? Able to make anything out on the instruments you're checking?"

Bobbi's long ago stopped being worried about the fire kittens, so it's nice to have one warmy snuggling against her as she bends down and eyes the forge, gently examining and even fiddling with some of the things she finds. "Well, mean, that might be a good idea," Bobi notes, "but it might also be good to save it and I can just try to do somhing on my self." oke poke poke

A small red squirrel spirit scampers into the room, followed by a confused looking Tiernan wearing khaki shrorts, and a red shirt and hat that say 'House of Rising Dough' and carrying a pizza. "Yo Little Red Squirrel, why are we here? Pretty sure this is not the place th gps said. Before you made it malfunction." he says with a tiny bit of annoyance. But then there's people and spirits and tech and he blinks a bit, good thing he knows these people, or well, has met them. "Uh, hi everyone. Pizza?" he asks with a blush. Meanwhile the squirrel spirit looks smug.

Astra reaches a hand out to Branton eagerly, "Awesome! Gimme one! and then I'm hitting the button before we've got too many of these guys swarming around." She ducks awkwardly, around that one kitty that got too close, "I think these things have gotten hotter since we brough them in here."

There are about 200 of the little gaffling fire kittens floating around. One embers on up to land in Bobbi's hair before sliding down her arm and floating back toward the furnace where most of them are congregated.

Branton nods at Bobbi and gestures for her to go ahead "Sure! My way is going to be more work. Big W and little." Then he steps over to Tiernan and get a slice of Pizza "Looks like you're scheduled for a learning experience this evening. How's it going?" Astra gets passed a vial "These are more handy than the amulet I have that does the same thing. The amulet requires some knowledge of sorcery to work correctly, the potions can be used by anyone."

Astra takes the vial but holds it in reserve for now. She slides the foot pedal back as far as it'll go, hits the button on the plasma generator, then makes a mad dash for away from the thing, only waving at Tiernan when she's sure she's safe, "Hey, sorry, kinda busyright now." She watches the fire kittens carefully and keeps her foot over the pedal.

Bobbi keeps examining the forge, trying to figure out if there's something she's missing about it or the the other new device. Her spirit friends are at least smart enough to do something a little further away.

Tiernan nods to Branton, "Everything goes, ok." he says in a still confused manner, looking around at the 200 or so fire kitten spirits, "What, uh, what'd you guys do, blunder a summoning ritual?" The little red squirrel spirit scampers up to sit on his head. "Or do you need all these little guys for something?"

Possibly disappointing for Astra, the plasma generator isn't like a fireworks machine. When she hits the button there's a second of stalling, and then the stored effect takes effect. Super glowing incredibly hot plasma starts to spout out from the box, about 6 inches in height.

The effect is immediate. MANY of the gafflings congregate around the generator, swarming on it, covering it to the point where you can barely see it. Except for how they all try to climb onto the spout of plasma to surf on it.

Branton chuckles and shrugs at Tiernan "Well Doctor Hanada made a friend out on the Train platform and after she fed them they brought friends the next time. Now we're working out what to do about it. I'm thinking about a summoning of a spirit from Helios' realm so they can hitch a ride back to the Flame. How are you on drums?"

"Branton! can you round the stragglers up before I trigger the trap? The note didn't say how long this spout's going to last." Astra says as she squints into the flame, "I should have brought the welding goggles." She grumbles to herself.

Tiernan says "Uh, I can play the drums, ya. And my specialty is summoning, though I imagine your natural connection with fire elementals means you should do the summoning. I'm connected to stags brood, not much help with elementals." he hears Arumi call for help and blinks a bit, "I suggest summoning a small fire elemental with the ability to 'call for aid' on top of the trap, all the others will come running to it, then hit the button." The small squirrel spirit thumps Tiernan on top of the head, "I can do it if anyone wants, don't want to intrude though."

obbi steps back from the device haveing played with it enough. "There's a number of things I can do to help," Bobbi notes, "I'll leave it up to you Branton on what you want me to do, but if the idea if a drum circle I thnk that's probably the best one."

Branton will toss Astra a set of welding goggles from one of the work tables and look to Bobbi "I've worked with Mages before and one of the interesting things has been when someone like Tiernan and I starts a working and the Mage adds power. Not just energy, like prime energy nessecarily but like when we start our drums and gathering energy for the summoning...reality's going to bend a bit. Not as much as when a Willworker does a thing but it will. So I guess I'm trying to describe it like you'd be helping push things along the way we're trying to make it go." Then he grins to Tiernan "That's a good idea, I'll try something first though. Keep that thought handy." then he turns to the room in general and opens his mouth and he makes an odd sort of rushing, crackling sound >>Gather up kittens, we're going on an adventure<< and he gestures at the fountain where the rest of the spirits already are.

Astra puts the goggles on with a grateful look. "If you can survive that close to the spout be my guest!" She smirks at Tiernan, "Seriously if you can add more heat it'll probably attract more kitties."

Astra waits for the kittens to respond to Branton's charms, then stomps on the pedal!

Yes, the gafflings are pretty much in a good mood already after Astra set off the plasma feeder fountain. So when he makes his stirring call for a trip, they all rush on over. Which means when Astra hits the trrap, they're ALL in range when the bright light flashes, and they get sucked in to the trap. It closes up, shudders, and crackles with raw energy.

Well, except for one fire kitten that dives away and lands back in Bobbi's hair. That one isn't trapped.

Astra wipes her hands off, "Okay the Entrapment will cost you three thousand, but we're having a special today on plasma charging, and that's only going to come to two thousand.." She says as she looks around expectantly, a smirk on her face.

Tiernan huffs in humor, "That's a lot of dough." says the pizza delivery boy with a smirk. "But seriously, nice teamwork everyone. Drum circle? I think was the next step?"

Bobbi grins as the fire kitten lands on her. "I don't mind carrying this one, if you think can handle the rest. They'e more warm than actually hot. More like sauna kittens."

Branton nods at Tiernan and moves to pick up the trap "We pile in to assorted transportation and drive over to my testing facility. It used to be a private air strip out in the hills on the edge of the desert. I use it to practice and test things that might explode. If we're going to summon a fire elemental from the Sun the size of a city bus we're going to need a lot of space."

The one in Bobbi's hair stays in place, watching the trap, watching Branton, and is still along for the ROAD TRIP even if it's not in the trap, fortunately. The trap itself is crackling with raw energy, but isn't even warm to the touch.

Astra says, “I need to hitch a ride with someone then." Astra says as she slowly approaches the trap, checking to see how hot it is, "I took the train here." Presumably the trap is safe to pick up by the cord, and is just steaming a lot. She offers the trap to Branton, "Maybe it's best if you hold onto this?"”

Merek walks up into the place with his dark attire on, and what looks to be a felt hat, magic rod in the hand while he spins that about. He then looks to folk while he nods a bit, "Cats," the man mentions. The man of course was fairly catlike himself, while he takes the time to look to the fire kittens.

Tiernan says, "My jeep Cherokee is parked out front, if you dont mind driving it there." he says to Astra, "I can call upon some aid for the drum circle while we go, though whoever does has to listen to me sing in Gaelic, at the top of my lungs, for the whole trip." he chuckles. "And deal with the smell of burning herbs."

Branton accepts the trap and nods at Astra before adding "I've got a cargo van. I'll be chanting in classical greek, mostly explaining to my Patroness what we're going to be doing. See if she'll pitch in." Then Branton nods to Merek and looks to Bobbi "Ready to go?"

obbi gives a nod and starts walking towards the Cherokee, the Fire kitten on her head. "Just to note, it might be a bslightly better idea to travel through the umbra with this many spirits, but I'll go with whatever Branton thinks is best."

Astra looks between Tiernan and Branton, "I'm gonna go in the van, sorry." She smirks at Tiernan, then turns to follow Branton to his van, "These guys are spirits anyway.. don't they *belong* in the umbra?" She points out.

The trap sizzles, and the ST has nothing else to emit while the heroes debate travel methods.

Merek would offer a cat a little bit of petting if permitted, looking to people. "I will assist in whatever way I can," he offers, then he takes a moment to wait while watching the people.

Branton nods at Astra and comments as the group moves towards the vehicles "They do and Bobbi is right but I don't know how trained or equipped the rest of you are for umbral travel. Actually I was considering translocation but I can't move this many passengers at once, not to mention how the trap might react. Its not far from here, we should be fine as long as we don't dawdle." Then to Merek "When Tiernan and I start working on the summoning you can maybe keep an eye out for any outside influences? Make sure nothing interferes."

"Well, the Umbra is my specialty," Bobbi notes to Branton, "so if there's something you need assistance with, let me know, because otherwise I'm deferring to your expertise in fire."

The place is as branton described. I has a couple of rounded topped hanger buildings and some square metal sheds. There are also an assortment of concrete traffic barriers and derelict vehicles scattered about. All of it looks like its been shot, electrocuted, blown to hell and back, or even (in one case) struck by lightning so bad its like it got smote by an angry god. Branton climbs out, trap in hand "welcome to my testing facility."

Merek begins taking a moment to find a place to settle in, placing sigils about while he begins to check in, "Alright, if anything comes up, I will be able to bring a full message for you." he nods a bit to Branton.

Tiernan climbs out of his Jeep, a strong waft of herbal smoke lingering around him as he hops out, still loudly singing some Gaelic song. After another verse he ends it and a small Song Thrush Spirit wings from the middle Umbra to materialize and fly a slow circle overhead, tweeting merrily in the same tune that Tiernan was singing. Tiernan looks to Bobbi and says, "Sorry." for the loud singing, but atleast he's a decent singer and his Jeep has pizzas in it. "Song Thrush will join in the drum circle and help us stay on beat and such." he nods to the group. (Muse power, +1 to everyones performance dice rolls for the scene)

Astra grins as she steps out of the van, "This isn't what I expecting this place to look like at all, it's way better." She decides to keep an eye on the kitty-trap again, ready top open it when the magic happen, "You were actually serious about the drum circle!?" She peers at Tiernan.

Bobbi doesn't seem to have any problem with the singing, a quick glance at the small Song Thrush, and while she's doing that, something moves at her /fast/. It's almost imperctible, to fast to make-out what it is, but Bobbi seems to be aware and she waves it off, and it's gone as soon as it came. Looking to Astra, Bobbi notes, "Well, I would have been happy to teach you magick with drum circles and alien languages, but you decided to be a scientist." Bobbi shrugs, "It's cool, you can still jame with us. It's a dum circle."

The Trap is holding. The gaffling in Bobbi's hair leaps out when it sees the trap, and runs up to it, jumping ONTO it, clinging somehow int hat way a living puff of fire can.

Astra awws softly, "I think he wants to be with his friends.. either that or he just wants at all the heat in there." She adds suspiciously. She watches the gaffling to make sure it's not trying to open the trap early or anything.

Branton nods and gets a djembe (lap drum) out of the back of his van. There's a lot of stuff back there, bundles of herbs, crates of glass bottles, a duffle bag with a rapier hilt sticking out, and some mundane looking tools. Including a fire axe that looks like it could have been in a glass case on a highschool wall fifty years ago. He also has extra drums for those that didn't bring their own "Yeah. The drum circle is an important part for the way I do things especially when summoning a spirit this big. I'll mark out a circle and then we'll sit around it and drum, starting out with a slow simple heart beat. Easy to follow yeah. We focus on what we're actually trying to accomplish here, we want to get these kittens home. Sure they were enjoying the forge as a novelty but its like a diet of just cotton candy, Its not really good for them. To get what they needed eventually would have been destructive to the Forge and maybe even more of the Nexus." As Branton explains he's marking out a circle, those that can see the spirits will recognize the extra bits as making up a scaled up version of the sunburst mark on his forehead.

Tiernan listens along to Branton and then snags a drum and waits on the sidelines till everything is all set up. The Song Thrush spirit lands nearby, overlooking the circle and waits to join in as well.

Bobbi joins in the drum circle, giving the impresion that the dreadlocked hipie might have been in one or two of these before.

Astra might have been in a drum circle or two before as well, not that it's something she cares to admit, but she joins in, finding a spot near Bobbi. She keeps the trap close and her foot ready to hit the pedal again.

Merek would join that circle while he settles about with those sigils, nodding a bit to people.

Astra drums like, well... someone who really doesn't care for drum circles to be perfectly honest, but she gives it her all in the name of sending the fire kittens home!

Tiernan drums along, following Brantons lead, while the Song Thrush he summoned adds in a cheery melody to keep in time with everyones drumming, filling them with a bit more confidence and aptitude.

Branton is going to lead the drum circle for a while, starting with a heart beat rythm and eventually running different pulses and rythms around it. Patterns in groups of seven beats. There's a metal bowl with some wood in it that burns with the smell of bay laurel and mugwort. He sings in classical greek, focusing the intention into will and prayer. Sending a call out into the spirit world, it sounds a bit like a sad song. of a spirit lost and far from home.

Tiernan and Branton, aided by Astra and Bobbi, with MErek providing lookout, are successful. It was already a bright late summer day in the California desert, but the appearance of this spirit brings that to another level. The day is so bright, you might need shades.

Those who can understand spirits will understand this big, nebulous ball of light and fire as it starts, speaking specifically to Branton. <<You have brought me here asking me to help your own. This... effort is done with such care, and respect, that I will do it. But I ask something of you, to help Helios's own. At your desert home, I ask that you build a resting place for the ravens and the crows. Let them rest, and groom, and drink, and eat, as they travel and watch. Will you accept?"

Branton was prepared for there to be all sorts of different chimmange required from the spirit that came. You don't get nothing for nothing after all. This though makes Branton smile "I will mighty one. With joy and gladness in my heart. A kindness for a kindness."

Tiernan keeps the beat steady and smiles as Branton and the spirit converse.

Astra can only understand what Branton said but it seems like a positive transaction from what she can tell. Sje stops drumming as soon as it seems polite to.

Merek seems to be content to keep his gaze on that magic while he watches, listening. He does not involve himself on anything that would mess with the magic. He does learn a little while he watches.