2020-10-19: Round About Went They - Bobbi's Party at Under Wraps

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Round About Went They[1] - Bobbi's Party at Under Wraps
Having found a flyer for it, Parker joins Bobbi's Anniversary Party while its already underway
IC Date October 19, 2020
IC Time evening
Players Aiode, Bobbi, Camila, Dalvin, Dariush, Eden, Heathen, Katie, Mikael, Odelia, Parker, Thorn, and Topeka
Location Under Wraps
Theme Song Technomusic (two mixes) at 3pm PST and at 4:48pm EST
Scene Set: It's a pretty decent turn-out for a Monday night. Definitely not the same crowd as the psytrance parties, but then it's not psytrance: the wooks would not have heard the mating call. Under Wraps is a warehouse like club setup with a DJ booth an excellent sound system. There's security at the door, but that's more for show than any attempt to enforce a 'velvet rope' policy. The clothing is varied, some just in jeans and t-shirts, others with more of a raver or hip-hop looks. A decent mix of men and women. A cash bar, and a projector playing 1930s cartoons that seem to sync to the music.

Odelia laughs. "Whoever said you need to be ostentatious to be fancy! Just pour the wine, silly goose!" She gestures, with grand effect, swivelling on her stool at the counter as if the swivel stool was the greatest thing in the world. "Besides, I am sure by the end of the night we'll have gone through the whole brewery list so. Might as well start off light." She proclaims.

Lost in the crowd, Katie dances her way along, twisting and twirling as she goes, until she finds some more active dancers and joins them for some fun. She leans in and says something to them, has something said in return that causes her to laugh and nod, then she quickly pours them a little of her champagne into their empty red cups. A toast all around and they start to dance together, not at all seriously, a small competition to do the silliest dance moves and get the loudest laugh in return.

Rewarded for her tip with a bottle wrapped in gold foil at the top, Threl turns to cast her gaze over the dance floor, looking around for a seat and finding...well...the amps, the floor, or pretty much where she is now next to the bar. The floor, obviously, is a no-go; getting trampled or sitting in whatever might be on the floor of a warehouse converted to a nightclub is probably not the best thing. Neither is the amp, since she'd probably be yelled at for doing so and, if not, she'd vibrate herself to...ahem...best not in public, at least. So that leaves the bar, the bartender, and the dreadlocked woman who just gave him a handshake of some sort, as well as anyone who might be wandering past.

Bobbi nods lightly as she receives two Solo cups with red wine, handing one to Odelia. "To Prospect," she says as she raises her cup slightly, "it may not be the prettiest city and it may not be the coolest city, but it's where I keep my stuff and where my friends live, and that makes it home." Bobbi clinks her cup with Odelia's and takes a sip. Some nearby people join in the toast and drink with them. "I can't believe I've now been here for a year," Bobbi says with a bit of astonishment, "time kinda flew by, but I'm glad I decided to stay here."

A slender young brunette makes her way in to the warehouse space, bright amber eyes wandering over the gathered throngs with obvious excitement behind them. Aiode's dressed in a black satin spaghetti strap top that leaves precious little of her figure to the imagination and a pair of dark gray parachute pants (yes, like full on MC Hammer – where'd she even even find those things?) and black sneakers, Adidas if the stripes are any indication. She spots Bobbi – even in this mass of humanity she does stand out a bit, and it helps that she's over near the bar – and heads that way, already grinning happily. “I am so pissed I'm late!” she calls once near enough there's at least /some/ hope she'll be heard.

Having arrived nearby Katie once again, following around after her a bit lost, perhaps, Dalvin takes another sip of the drink in hand. Though, this go around he seems to linger nearby, but not directly approach. Instead, he wiggles a little, dancing with poor rhythm as he moves with rigid, reserved motions.

Having danced his way though the crowd, Dariush smiles as he slips out and makes his way to the bar. Pushing up the rolled sleeves of his shirt he moves in to wave the bartender down with one hand while the other pulls a metal money clip free holding folded bills. Smiling to the others at the bar waiting and already drinking he gives a nod of his head in way of greeting. When its his turn to order he opts for a beer, dropping payment and tip to the bar while waiting for his drink.

"Hey," Bobbi says with a smile as she sees Aiode. Then, once again, she's bending over, tempting fate and her tailor. By now enough people are in the know about this activity that many are watching. Even those not captivated by girl butt (how could that be?) get in, feeling a tense excitement from the very real possibility that that dress coud fail. Yet somehow, it doesn't, and after reaching into her ankle sock, Bobbi makes her way up -- obviously a skilled yoga practitioner. "Here!" Bobbi exclaims in a chipp voice as she hands a marked-up Skee Ball ticket -- likely a drink ticket -- to Aiode. "Sorry about the weirdness on Friday," she says, and seems genuine about it, "I dunno if Evie reached out to you yet. But we should talk about the car, just not now." A beat and she adds, "Nice Adidas. Do your people require it of you as well?"

One of the other dancers wins the silliest award, a mix of pirate and robot and.. who knows what that was. Katie laughs and steps over to refill their red cups, leaving her with an empty bottle that she looks at with some disappointment. She pokes her tongue out at the dancer, flashes him a cute little grin, then twirls and heads off through the crowd over to the bar where she can place down the empty bottle. She already looks a bit out of breath, leaning forward and resting her arms on the bar after sliding her glasses up into her hair.

At the DJ booth, the second DJ shows up and hugs the current DJ. They chat together as the new DJ begins to unpack their gear.

OOC Note: ~15min to DJ mix #2.

Odelia *thuds her solo cup with Bobbi's, taking a drink of the wine and letting a purr come through her throat. "Mmmmm." The woman licks her lips, setting the cup after drinking all of it. In one go. Like a boss. She gives Bobbi a smile. "Home is where the heart is, wherever the heart may take you." She nods. "I understand that better than most. Home isn't a place, it's a thing, a thing that can be anywhere." She nods to Bobbi, turning her attention to the arrival of Aiode. She gives the woman a once over and smiles. "Well /hello/." She says, looking to Bobbi. "You have -so- many friends." She teases.

Parker, arriving late and having had to find a place to park her Harley, steps into the club. She is dressed in a dark gray, translucent silk-satin shirt over a strapless black bra with a matching gray suede mini-skirt over extremely pale gray, crushed velvet tights and a pair of gray leather boots that look all strappy and are twice buckled at her ankles on the outside. A black cloth clutch bag hangs against her left hip from a strap crossing her body. In her right hand she's holding a copy of the flyer advertising the party on it. Her head is moving front and back with the music while her hips and shoulders also sway in time with it.

The flash of bills from the man nearby does catch Thorn's attention for a moment, as it was probably intended to, but the rubber-clad Addidas fan with her extraordinarly daring dress has the woman staring just a little bit because...well...how can you /not?/ I mean, it's, like, RIGHT THERE, man!

Shaking her head with a grin, she takes another swallow of her beer and snags a bar napkin to wrap it in, resting it on her hip and watching the DJ's switch over. The drop has happened a few times already, and the thrum of music is probably making her beer foam just a little more than it should. "First time I've ever been to one of these on a Monday." She says to no-one in particular, seeing who, if anyone, might answer.

With Katie busy entertaining those dancers, and his own plastic cup looking a little empty, Dalvin turns to wiggle his way back through the crowd towards the bar, inevitably passing by Bobbi, Odelia, and now Aiode as she arrives too. Spying her, he raises his glass towards Aiode with a soft smile for her. "Oh, hey there." He manages to murmur over the music and the crowd. Though, he doesn't stop yet, as he first gets his drink, and then returns nearby. "What's up?" You paged Thorn with ‘mind if I'm nearby? ;)’

Eden pays for her drink and shotguns it down. Leaving the spare drink ticket at the bar. She then begins to slip into the crowd and night. Leaving many to wonder if she was ever here to begin with or not.

Parker, having woven though the crowd and ended up near Thorn, says, "They happen every day every where, just gotta know where to look," loudly enough to be heard over the throbbing beat of the music. "Some people even are at such things as frequently too!" She then, crassly possibly, asks, "Are they charging for drinks?" Long distance to (Thorn, Bobbi): Parker has Charisma 1. "I'm having to work so hard to play it." :D

"I know home is a thing," Bobbi says to Odelia with a grin, "I lived in a tent when I first got here, and for pretty much a year before that. Now that thing is in my place. But, I know, you didn't mean it so literally." Bobbi looks as the cup is set down, and says, "Oh, I thought we /weren't/ shooting these." Bobbi finishes her wine and places it on the bar. "What?" she says when Odelia mentions Bobbi having a lot of friends, "No, not like that. Aiode's just good people. Doesn't mean I 'know-know' her."

Havaing clarified that, hopefully, Bobbi once again begins to bend over, just a few minutes after she last did. It almost seems like people are adjusting their drinking schedule to /make/ Bobbi do this. Perish the thought. Almost ... almost ... almost. Darn. Once again it didn't pop. Well, Bobbi definitely 'pops', but the dress did not break. "Well happy Monday, then," Bobbi says with a smile as she hands a drink ticket over to Thorn. "I'm Bobbi," she introduces herself, "We're getting drinks, come-on." Bobbi does her best to grab Odelia, Aiode, and Thorn's hands all at once to lead them to the bar.

Aiode takes the drink ticket with a mixture of confusion and thanks. Then mention of her shoes and she adds, “Require...? No, just felt like it fit the look.” She laughs, an open, joyful peal. “You're killing it as usual though. Very brave. And quite the audience. Didn't know you were doing sponsorship deals. And don't worry about the car thing. It was weird, but whatever, we'll figure it out later.” she's quick to agree. Aiode's attention then shifts to Odelia, and the little up-down glance she gives the other woman is most certainly approving. “Goddamn, hun. You're putting me to shame.” It's playful, amicable. “Aiode. Good to meet you.”

Odelia smirks. "Get with the program, Bobbi!" She teases, leaning forward and pressing her lips to Bobbi's cheek. *MUAH*. As others show up, and Bobbi grabs her hand, Odelia is dragged along with what Odelia now thinks of as 'the crew'. Aiode is given a once over, a wink and an impish smile to the lady. "I've been around! You learn a thing or two." She teases, giving Aiode a hip-bump. "Odelia. I'd offer a hand but Bobbi stole mine. Have my hip." The hip bump comes again.

How can he not look, the shy, tiny red head taking in the sight as Bobbi bends some more. Though for the most part, Dalvin is just lingering near the three girls with a drink in hand, sipping at it lightly. Maybe Aiode didn't hear him, considering it's quite loud in here, and he has a tendency to speak softly. So, he raises his drink towards her again. "Aiode. Hey." He tries, louder this time. This time, he's within ear shot as Odelia admits to having 'been around', his cheeks flushing softly, though he otherwise doesn't interrupt.

Leaving the empty bottle on the bar, Katie considers everything around her, glances back over her shoulder at the dancers and the gathering of new arrivals. With a smile to herself, she turns away from the bar and makes her way through the crowd, heading for the exit.

"Sponsorship deal?" Bobbi says, genuinely confused, as she drags a few of the women, and probably knocks a few more people, towards the bar. "No," she begins to explain, "I'm Estonian -- sorta -- which means Adidas and saunas are pretty much required of me." Bobbi then proceeds to say something that sounds confident and slangy in a Baltic language. "Ok, what are we drinking this time?" she asks as she twirls around, and actually leans back into the bar. Gripping the edge of the bar, Bobbi's body is actually at a slight angle, and it's pretty clear that right now she can't -- or at least shouldn't -- open her legs even a little.

Just as his beer arrives, Dariush gets a text which makes him hrmm softly at reading. Motioning to whoever is closest that the beer is up for grabs he slips the clip of bills away and heads out.

Yeah, hip bump works. Aiode responds in kind, grinning quiet happily over at Odelia. “Oh. Well that makes a hell of a lot more sense than anything I'd come up with so far, if I'm honest.” she counters, nodding in agreement and sudden understanding toward Bobbi. Dalvin gets a sort of drive-by one armed hug and she practically has to yell in to his face over the beat as the new set starts. “Hey Dal! Hope you're having fun, yeah?” Once she manages to get one of the bartenders' attention she presents the drink tickets, not having bothered to figure out what they're worth or anything, and orders a double shot of bourbon, specifying 'not shit, please' like the classy lady she is. Waits. Proceeds to destroy it, tip heavily, and call for another... this time at least on the rocks.

"...and yeah, we've never been to bed together. Not that I didn't think about it. Too late! I'm basically taken these days." Yes, even Aiode seems amused by this, but she's... serious?

With the one armed hug, Dalvin smiles softly back at her and accepts the gesture in a reserved attempt at a friendly motion. "Yeah, it's fun here." He offers softly, and then retreats into his plastic red cup once again, shyly sipping on his beverage as he observes the conversation going on around him. "Oh, speaking of.." He tries. "How is Adeline doing? I have't really heard from her in a while." He mentions towards Aiode, brushing past the mention of Aiode not having been to bed with Bobbi, but thinking about it.

Parker shrugs as her question gets answered by the inked woman who appears to be the hostess or center of attention or... well, whatever. "Awesome party!" she says trying to be heard over the music and thus speaking a bit louder than she might need to.

Thorn is just about to answer the woman who asked her about drink prices, and even has the sentence created. "Oh, he just gave me a beer and I tipped well. probably a few bucks.". this would have been followed up by a coquettish smile and introductions and hopefully an interesting conversation underscored by breakbeats and melodic trance but, suddenly she finds herself pulled to the bar, passed a chuck-ee-cheese ticket and asked what her poison is. her beer gets a quick look and is kicked back with a couple of swallows, the bottle placed daintily on the bar. "Lady's choice." she says with a grin. "I'll have whatever put you in such a wonderful mood."

Odelia waits for her turn at the barcounter. She gets another red solo cup of more wine, because why not. "Ummmm...How about..." She sas to Bobbi, pursing a finger to her bottom lip. "To new friends and an awesome night!" She says, "WOO!" She then proceeds, like before, to chug chug chug her wine away. She holds onto her cup this time as she likes her lips to get the wine taste away as she looks around. "So! Don't mean to be the greedy friend but /I/," She says, "Am gonna take this lovely lady for a dance, and finder's keepers!" She says, taking Bobbi's hand. Huzzah!

"Hey, unavailable," Bobbi says with a laugh, "just what I look for in a lover. Though usually its emotionally unavailable." Bobbi pushes back against the bar, rising from her angle like Dracula coming out of a coffin. Bobbi furrows her brow and hmmms quietly, "I haven't seen Adeline in awhile, so I couldn't tell you. I enjoy her company, but I kinda washed my hands of her problems." Bobbi gives a tattooed thumbs up to Parker, and says, "Glad you could make it! I'm Bobbi." Bobbi gives a single emphatic nod to Thorn, and twirls to face the bar. "Daquiris?" she calls to the others, pointing around to count them. "One, two, three, four, five, six, Frozen Daiquiris, ah ah ah." Bobbi hands over some drink tickets, and then once again gives the bartender that secret society handshake that she seems to be expecting. Tipped generously, the bartender goes to make frozen strawberry daiquiris for what's become 'the crew.'

"One sec," Bobbi says, as she pulls Odelia back by the hand, "Waiting for drinks, then dance." Bobbi puts an arm around Odelia's waist, and holds her tight against her rubberized body.

Parker leans against the bar and asks one of the bartenders if they can make her drink a Strawberry Lime Habanero Daiquiri rather than straight strawberry. This gets an odd look but that is followed by a nod and - using totally different equipment than for anyone else's - her drink is mixed and handed to her. She lifts it into the air towards her new friend Bobbi and says, "Thanks, great party by the way!" not quite as screamy as earlier.

Strawberry daiquiris! Thorn hasn't had one of these in a while and, watching the bartender make them, the amount of alcohol being added will certainly make it a good idea to get an Uber back to her hotel. Tempting fate in a new city isn't the greatest idea, after all. Another few bucks are tucked into the carafe, the thing already starting to bulge, looking like a fairly lucrative night for the crew. "Yeah, great party." Thorn manages to shout during the build up to the next drop, saying more after the music starts thudding along again. "You're celebrating something?" If it said on the flyer, she missed it entirely. or just wanted to go to a party for whatever reason.

Odelia is denied. DENIED! But she can't really complain though. Getting waist-claimed by Bobbi isn't so bad in comparison. "Oooh fine." She rests an arm on Bobbi's back and her hand resting on her shoulder. "Hey. All that matters is the moment right? If the stars align or whatever?" She teases Bobbi and listens to the conversation. Right now, about this Adeline and Aiode. "Congratulations! We can drink to that next! To bonfires." Huh? "People keeping us warm and all that." She laughs. Looking to Thorn Odelia responds. "IT'S BOBBI'S ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IN PROSPECT." She shouts over the decibles. Even her voice is soothing when shouting. "WE'RE CELEBRATING! CELEBRATE WITH US."

When Bobbi speaks up, Dalvin peeks towards her as she mentions Adeline, and bobs an agreement for her, too. "Oh, um yeah. Hey Bobbi, good to see you again too." He offers, finally engaging her with conversation too. As Odelia mentions stealing her away though, he lifts his cup towards her with a deeper blush forming on his cheeks. His lips part to offer her some praise, but it seems she is denied... ? So he closes his lips again, quietly sipping from his beverage.

“I'll drink to that.” Aiode echoes; granted, it takes very little time for most to realize she will drink to just about anything. She raises the solo cup of bourbon and ice in solidarity. As for Odelia's plan to abscond with Bobbi? “Hey, you were the one brave enough to call it. I don't make the rules.” adding when Bobbi reiterate proper order of operation, “She does.” A grin and a wink, there. Then there's talk of daiquiris, which just prompts Aiode to drink her bourbon that much quicker. She's not showing any signs yet, but it's really just a matter of time... When Adeline comes up Aiode's contribution is straightforward enough. “She's really busy with work, and outside of that I do my best to keep her occupied.” Yeah, not hard to read between those lines. To Bobbi she adds, “And hey, no tempting! I am making a real go of this whole 'being good' thing. So far it's a lot nicer than I imagined.” She also takes not of Parker then – the daiquiri related power move earns her an approving nod and a called over “Mine too!” to the bartender, who is clearly none too pleased. “Oh come the fuck on man,” she adds, rolling her eyes at the dude. “You know how I tip. Deal with it.” Her attention then falls on Thorn, who's just kind of been... swept along in all of this but appears to be handing it exceptionally well. “Hey. I'm Aiode. You've sort-of-met Bobbi, mistress of ceremonies, and that's Dal” – a nod toward the hoodied redhead man – “and that's Odelia” – the other dreaded, tatted up beauty – “and her I don't really know yet but she seems cool” – indicating Parker – “and over all I promise they're probably only half as dangerous as they look.” Which to be fair is still a lot, depending on one's personal definition of 'dangerous'. Then Odelia's offering a toast to the thus-far success of her relationship and Aiode's grinning ear to ear once more. "Thanks hun."

This is nice! Being conscripted into a celebration her first night out in a new town is an unexpected pleasure, and for such an auspicious occasion, too. "Hopefully I get one of these after I'm here for a year." she says with a grin, taking a too-big drink of her daiquiri and immediately getting a cold headache. "Ow." Thorn pinches the bridge of her nose as she fights through the discomfort. And the next time the music lowers to a more tolerable conversational level? she introduces herself.

"I'm Thorn!" the brunette says over the beat, looking at the gathered group. "Her three hundred sixty fifty day here. My first. Cheers!"

The frozen drinks begin arriving, and Bobbi begins to pass them out to the crew. A cup is raiesd to Odelia's toast and Bobbi takes a sip of her drink, coming perilously close to brain freeze territory. "/Now/ we can dance," she says, "I expect all of you to join." Having handed out the drinks and explained her plans, Bobbi takes Odelia by the hand and heads towards the dance floor. How exactly Bobbi will manage to dress in a very short rubber dress and 5" platform crocs remains to be scene, but most people can understand it will be entertaining, no matter what. "Welcome!" Bobbi says as she gives a hip bump to Thorn, and then gestures with her head to indicate she should follow along. "If you're still here," Bobbi tells Thorn, "We'll celebrate together next year."

As Aiode introduces him, the very same hoodie wearing red head lifts his red plastic cup towards Thorn, Dalvin shyly granting her a reserved smile before he brings the drink to his lips for a gentle smile. "Hey." He offers, barely audible over the thrumping of the techno music. It does at least look like he's relaxing some again, wiggling his hips a little as his shoulders sway some too. It's clear he doesn't dance very often. Or very well. Assuming a drink is handed his way, and he too is conscripted into the dancing, he nods softly back at Bobbi, and finishes off his last drink, before switching over to the frozen one, giving it a gentle sip.

"Tongue to the roof of your mouth." Aiode offers as she sees Thorn go down to brain-freeze. Can't have that.

"Parker," the darkhaired woman with the first of the pepper and fruit drink recipients as a means of introducing herself. "I got here a couple of days ago myself," she says while continuing to bop and sway with the music.

Thorn does as asked and, after a second or two, the pain goes away and she's able to drink again. More slowly, this time, to avoid the prickles rocking a step to the side from the hip bump with a requisite giggle following up. "Okay, okay. I'll dance. You've convinced me." Dalvin gets a cheerful smile and a left-handed wave, the right taken up with a drink that is quickly finished and, fortified, out she goes to the dance floor. She's wearing her boots, thankfully, so she doesn't have to worry too much about getting her toes stomped in the dance. "You come too, Parker!" Thorn calls. "No sense is sitting alone on the margins!"

OOC Note: Heathen and Mikael enter the room around this point. As appropriate for a place that should be crowded they don't make a specific entry pose.

Aiode raises a well kept brow at Parker's contribution. “That recent? Wow, I've always gotten the impression Bobbi's like the unofficial welcoming committee but that's fast. Good to meet you Parker.” Aiode offers, and her tone is warm and genuine... or at least as close as one can get with this kind of back-beat. “But yeah. Aiode. Cool.” Her attention shifts to Thorn and she adds, “That is officially one of the more unusual, badass names I've ever heard, and forgive me, but you /so/ do not look the part.” But there is no time for such discussion – now is the time on Sprockets when we dance! “Aiode's already through around half of her pepper-lime-strawberry wonder – “Holy shit this was a good idea. You are a genius,” she calls over to Parker, and by all appearances means it – and seems to have determined that dancing with half a cup is possible. “Fuck it.” she announces to no one in particular, headed toward the dance floor shortly after Thorn.

Odelia shares in the toast and drinks happily. Giggly even, at the response Aiode gives to being the subject of the toast. "And ~many more~." She half sings, her voice naturally lyrical, in that way you would want a lover to sing to you. However! It seems Odelia is now UNDENIED, because it is Bobbi this time who is taking Odelia to the dance floor. "Oh I see how it is. YOU wanted to be the one to cart ME off." She laughs. Don't worry Bobbi, Odelia's got your back because her dance is grinding. A leg next to Bobbi's, waist writhing to the beat and hands up in the air giving into the music to the point her body is rubbing against rubber.

"I'm game," Parker calls out and move to follow the rest of the group onto the dance floor. She grins at Aiode and then takes a large sip of her apparently trend-setting strawberry lime habanero daiquiri as they head that way. "So its..." she starts to ask something and then shakes her hed, "Yeah, its great to meet all you also!" she says instead and then drinks another sip of her drink instead.

Heathen uses his ballcap to brush some stray sand off his shorts on the way inside, wavingit around like an idiot as he eyeballs the drinks the party. "Well, this place certainly has adjusted iit's usual..."

Awkwardly, Dalvin follows after the girls towards the dance floor, drink in hand as he does his own little half hearted dance, with the frozen beverage in hand as he dances and spins, bobbing his hips around with a little more effort as he rather sort of just half grinds at the air. Though he does return the wave Thorn tosses him, his lips curling into a soft, shy smile for her.

"It's the English translation of my middle name." Thorn tries to explains to Aoide as she starts to groove along with the music. Whether or not it gets across remains to be seen. In her opinion it's a hell of a lot cooler than Herminia! She laughs and reaches out for Parker, drawing her close if she'll let her, then reaches for Dalvin. No sense in leaving him out. Thorn's a friendly sort!

Mikael glances over to Heathen as they step inside, "I have not been here in some time." He glances around the room for their host.

Seeing Dalvin's awkwardness, Parker swings a bit closer to him and, grinning, slides up and grinds her hip against his in time with the music. "Hey Delwin," she says, "Let loose, have some fun!" as she presses her side suggesively as she attempts to mirrior his moves. Long distance to Thorn: Parker acks and was typing her's before fully reading your's. :6

If Odelia came to grind, then she's in luck. Bobbi pretty much has to keep both feet on the ground, legs together, at least to preserve modesty. Though other than the one very specific things, modest is not the way Bobbi dances. There's an occasional light bending of the knees, as Bobbi ... well, Bobbi oscillates. It's like her bottom and chest were two opposite points of a circle engaging in a push-and-pull. It's somewhat reminiscnt of the actions of a locomotive wheel. A very wiggly wheel. Modest? No. Suggestive? Yes. As she does this, she casually sips on her strawberry daiquiri, with a perfected almost bored affect. Like 'sorry you're imagining me fucking right now, I'm just hoping the DJ plays something I can /really/ dance to.'

For the new comers, Bobbi is wearing a very short white rubber adidas dress -- though doubtfully an actual adidas product -- pink 5" platform crocs, dreadlocks up in pigtails, and a cardboard party hat. Between the platforms and the pigtails, this normally 5'4"er is now just over 6' if you count hair.

When Parker swings in closer to him, the shy red head blushes softly and smiles back at her, Dalvin bringing his drink to his lips for a deeper sip. The grinding earns a deeper blush, but he nods his head softly and presses back into her as one arm goes up over his head, mirroring Odelia's motions more than anything. Of course, he allows Thorn to pull him in, seeming content to dance with her too. There may be just a few drinks in his system, which might be helping him to relax some already.

Odelia came more to dance than grind but Bobbi is so helpless in that dress of hers! The perfect excuse for the gypsy to get up close and -very- personal. The closeness is palpable, because Odelia leans in realllly close to Bobbi. Arms snaking up her sides and over shoulders to bring Bobbi close enough for a more...intimate, exchange.

(For the new comers) Parker's outfit, while monocromatic with its dark gray, suede mini skirt and matching translucent silk-satain top with pale gray crushed velvet tights and a strapless black bra for a hint of modesty, is texturally compelling and the way she's dancing there's no way that these textures aren't being felt by Dalvin though his baggy jeans. Turning mid dance, she offers the young redhead a sip of her spice-laiden daiquiri, totally ready to say, "Take a chance!" to him if he hesitates in accepting a taste.

A vision in her black satin spaghetti strap top, gray parachute pants, and black Adidas sneakers (it's a weird vision, to be fair) Aiode makes her way out on to the floor one hand upraised. Protecting the SOLO cup. One must always protect. Her dance is not the intense grinding thing going on between Bobbi and Odelia or the more friendly exchange among Dalvin, Parker, and Thorn, but a sort of fluid, singular thing, very vertical, pleasant to watch but decidedly strange. A sort of prayer-by-movement. She does not dance with anyone so much as herself.

As Odelia breaks away from the kiss, Bobbi's eyes remain closed, looking as if her body hasn't full registered that the kiss is over yet. Then Odelia whispers something to her and Bobbi whispers something back. One hand goes to Odelia's hip, the other bring her cup up to clink against Odelia's before she takes asip.

OOC Note: At this point Mikael and Heathen depart as quietly as they joined.

Additional: Topeka arrived to join the scene at this point.

Certainly Dalvin can feel some texture, and the normally shy, tiny red head doesn't seem -entirely- reserved to grind back into the dance with Parker and even Thorn, depending on how she might join in on the dance. At this point, the alcohol is probably getting to him a touch, his frame probably lending him to a decidely poor tolerance for it. But when Parker spins the other way, his gaze drifts up towards her, and he certainly seems reserved. Though he relents and accepts the drink, giving it a deep sip, locking eyes with her as he does.

Odelia gives Bobbi a wink and leans in and gives her a warm hug. Apparently, that is it for dancing! as the beat changes and Odelia looks around as everyone is beginning to dance. "Oh! You know what we should do!" She tells Bobbi. "I brought my camera. We should get the crew for a photo!" She says with an impish smile. "Just don't burst out on me though." She eyes Bobbi with that awesome dress. "Or...you know what? Nevermind."

OOC Note: Camila joined the scene at this point.

Parker continues swaying and bopping to the music. Now that she's facing Dalvin she swings her hips far enough to bump into his on every major beat in the music. After his sip of her drink she downs another quarter of the drink, leaving the cup nearly empty and she says, "This is the liFe!" loud enough to be heard by everyone in her immediate vicinity over the music. In other words within a yard or two at most.

Camila moves under the lazers and black lights. A dark smile dancing on her face. She draws attention. Attraction, desire, jealousy, obsession; its hard for most not to feel something when she passes.

Bobbi nods to Odelia's suggestion of a photograph, and finally stop are highly suggestive dancing. Making her way towards Parker, Thorn, Aiode, ad Dalvin, Bobbi whisper-shouts something about a photo, takes a sip of her daiquiri, and then turns around to look back at Odelia.

Moving through the crowd, shouldering past people, is Topeka. She's wearing; a black t-shirt with a drawing of Darby Allin's face with the left half of his face painted black and white like a skeleton, her intergalactic space skirt with pockets that she wore to an outdoor rave long ago, and black combat boots. Her sea-green/blue hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and the right side of her face is painted black and white like a skeleton, just as Darby. She's moving with a purpose; looking for someone. Bobbi. She catches sight of her and approaches, standing a few paces away and just... staring at her

Thorn's drink has been finished and put over there somewhere - probably on top of an amp that got rattled off at some point - and she's enjoying the life of a woman with no real attachments to speak of just yet. Parker gets a giggle and a grin while Dalvin gets a playful bump on the hip with her backside. At the suggestion of a picture, she grins and nods, looking around for an appropriate spot. "By the stage!" she calls, motioning over there and catching sight of a woman with a half-painted face remniscent of the Candy Skull tradition of Mexico. "Oh..."

Thorn blinks and straightens, looking to Bobbi who, somehow, hasn't busted out of that extremely tight dress of hers. "Think we can get the DJ's in the background? Get someone to take a picture of us all?"

Odelia pulls out her camera. And it's a fancy camera, with all the dials and gadgets and gizmos. She messes with some of the tabs, checks to make sure has a drive in it before she does anything. When Thorn suggests 'by the stage!' Odelia nods once. "Yes! To the stage fellows! And scrunch up! And be happy and pose however you want." She says. Odelia is now busy rigging the camera while everyone figures out how to get together. When Thorn says something about getting everyone in on it and having someone else take the photo Odelia thinks this to mean that SOMEONE ELSE will be MUCKING with HER CAMERA. "hhhhisssss." Odelia says to Thorn. HISS she says! Apparently it's her camera.

Each bump Parker grants him, Dalvin returns in kind, working to keep up the tempo with her as best as the tiny red head can. Once she has finished feeding him her alcohol, he takes another deep drink of his own drink. Rather, he finishes off and empties the plastic cup, looking less sober than before, and certainly seeming to be under the affects of the alcohol. His lips are curled into a pleasant smile though, and he swings and sways, dancing along with Parker and Thorn both. In turn, with each playful bump he earns from Thorn, he bumps back into her. At the mention of a picture though, even in his buzzed state, his eyes widen a bit as he reluctantly bobs his head in agreement.

Aiode stops her strange undulating when Bobbi comes over and suggests a picture, clustering back up with the rest of 'The Crew'. "Good call hun." she agrees, this directed at Thorn. But it seems Odelia has a camera, and a nice one at that... which she is not willing to entrust to others. Fair. Fair, that. "I'm down for whatever."

Parker allows herself to be drawn into the clump for the picture and even seems to smile as the picture is taken.

Odelia waits for everyone get to crammed together like a bunch of mad girls going out on a night out. AS IT SHOULD BE. "Oooookay! HOLD STILL DAMMIT." She shouts, then brings the camera up, and three...two...one...*CLICK*. The click is loud enough to even be heard by those nearby.

Thorn crowds next to Parker and Bobbi and somehow manages to pull Dalvin into the mix if she'll let her and, why wouldn't he? Curvy hispanic woman wants to pull you into a knot of other women? Who wouldn't want to?! "Say Cheese!" she calls out, giving a playful smile and a wave as the camera clicks. "I need a copy of that!" It'll go on her wall once she has one that's hers!

Generally, Dalvin is rather easy.... To be pulled around by curvy women. So as Thorn guides him, he follows into the picture with some reservation, made lighter by the alcohol in his system. He even seems to smile warmly as Odelia snaps the picture of the rest of 'The Crew'.

Bobbi gives a big smile as the picture is taken, followed by a big hug to 'the crew.' Turning, she begins to walk towards Odelia, when she notices Topeka. "Hey!" she shouts, as she raises her left hand in greeting, reveally a ery large -- and what was probably very painful -- palm sigil tattoo. "When did you get here?" she wonders, as she wraps Topeka up into a great big hippie hug.

Odelia brings the camera down. "Annnnd /scene/." She even does the theatre motif of running her hand down her face. When Thorn asks for a copy Odelia nods. "Sure thing!" She plucks a magic marker out of her chest, from somewhere. What else does the woman have in there! "Here you go, write me your email?" Odelia has no paper. She offers her arm instead. "Anyone else want a copy write on me! The more hearts the faster you get a copy!" She smirks.

Right after the picture is taken, Parker leans close to Dalvin and whispers something to him. She then slips off into the crowd. Maybe someone sees her departing but maybe not with all the lights, noise and motion.

Parker whispers, “It was really nice dancing with you," sounding just a bit awkward. She then says ten 1-digit numbers. "If you want them those are my numbers.” to Dalvin.

As Parker leans in closer, the tiny red head nods softly, Dalvin accepting the whisper readily and nods his head back at her before she departs. But then, she's gone...