2020.03.28: Murder of Crows Reopening

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Murder of Crows Reopening
It's a bar that's reopening.
IC Date March 28, 2020
IC Time 5 PM-???
Players An'Madra, Arthur, BT, Caelan, Cash, Clara, DeadPixel, Deja, Erik, Ethan, Hop, Joel, Larry, Merek, Ray, Robin,Saraid, Simone, Skye, Sterling, Tian, Topeka, Wick, Zazu
Location Murder of Crows
Prp/Tp N/A
Theme Song N/A

Sceneset: Arthur stands near the stage, a bundle of nervous energy, counting things, five things he can see, four things he can hear, three things he can feel, two things he can smell, and one thing he can taste. The taste of a sweet cider on ice. He waves to anyone who waves to him, a friendly word if they can hear him over the music.

At the appointed time, he walks up the stairs to the stage and to the lead singer's microphone position. A nod to Charlie and the music goes silent.

Arthur clears his throat and addresses the crowd "Ladies, Gentlemen, Theydies and Gentlethem, friends, strangers and everyone in between. I bid you all a fond welcome to The Murder of Crows. I came up on the rock scene in a bar in Dublin called Fibber Magees, and there I learned that rock has always been the music of the outcast, those that the mainstream have left behind, forgotten or eschewed."

"To that end, I would like to commit this bar to the principles of inclusiveness. And on that note, the bar's share of tonight's profits are being donated to the New Hope Sanctuary. So please, enjoy your night, enjoy the band, tip your waiter, and if you can't be good, be magnificent." He alights the stage and walks to the bar and sits by Hop, staring at the stage with rapt attention.

Clara helps Hop set all the food down on the bar and smiles, "It all smells wonderful Hop, you're going to put my cooking to shame"

Hop smiles to Clara, "Oh, thanks!" and lets her snag some stuff, that done, and now that he can see, he heads behind the bar to start unpacking things. "I made blackberry pies, and blackbird shaped sugar cookies, to go with the rhyme and the aesthetic and all that, and some banana and fennel tarts - which are good for nasuea, incase anyone drinks too much."

Sterling nods his head to Ethan. "Indeed so," he says. "Always good to see friends branching out and making their efforts and labor available to us all, nay?" He chuckles as Clara goes to help Hop with his burden. The good doctor looks like he would like to go help as well, but stays put so he doesn't get in the way and trip folks up. "A bold claim, my lady, and I'm -quite- sure is next to impossible. But! I shall certainly be willing to put both chefs to the test, and make summary judgement, for the good of posterity. Suffer as my waistline might." He pats his hefty middle with a chuckle.

Ethan says "'Banana and fennel'? So that is where that smell came from during the pub crawl."

Clara laughs and smiles at Hop "I dont do as much baking as I do other things, we'll hae you all over for dinner soon" she says then turns back to Sterling and takes his arm again

Ethan says "Excuse me," to anyone around him, and crosses the room to the pool table.

Wick turns up with an electric guitar over his shoulder and a backpack full of other equipment. Though he usually performs in just his streetclothes, tonight his clothes are all punk-rock. He pauses at the door, gazing across the room, before heading off to the stage to start setting up for later.

DeadPixel practically skateboads in the door, stopping just in time to kick up the board, grab in her hand, and actually walk herself into the shop. Her head is kept down, not really going to make eye contact with anyone, not really trying to draw attention to herself -- this being one of the few places where that's a posssibility. She moves about the space, seemingly looking for something as opposed to someone.

Simone is backstage, doing prep work. She spots Wick and hurriedly waves him over. "You're late," she tells him quietly once - if - he gets closer.

Moments after DeadPixel comes An'Madra, she keeps her hands stuck into the pockets of her pants a mischevious smile playing on her lips as she glances around and seems to be searching for nothing or noone, she just wants to get an impression of the crowd as she makes her way over towards the pool table.

Skye glances about and wanders over to the bar, hopping onto a stool there. He smiles slightly and looks about at the club starts to fill up.

Joel has been chilling at the pool table, Guinness in hand. He lifts the can towards Ethan at his approach, giving him a wan smile, abandoning the Guinness down towards the break line. "Play you?" he offers. "I'm a good shot. It's been a saving grace before." He may or may not be talking about pool, even as he distributes stripes and solids in the rack, rolling it a couple of times to even it out, nodding Ethan towards the pair of cues to choose his first. "Don't forget to chalk," he adds without looking up from racking up.

Hop smiles to Skye at the bar, as he plates things and starts slicing other things, "Hey, you made it sweet, glad you could." he says to him and then looks over to DeadPixel, "Rad board! We should shred together sometime."

(Arthur's sceneset was here.)

Skye smiles and nods his head at Hop. "I did. It looks like it'll be a pretty large gathering. That's good for business, I suppose." He says, lapsing into silence and looking up at Arthur as he speaks.

Clara Applauds Arthur's speech and looks up at Sterling "Shall we get a drink?"

Wick offers Simone an apologetic wince, ducking his head as he joins her next to the stage. He keeps his voice hushed, whispering to her as Arthur starts to address the crowd.

Sterling looks up as Arthur takes the stage, and smiles warmly at the younger man's speech. He adds his own applause, whistling sharply through his teeth. "Hear hear!" he booms cheerfully. He looks back to Clara with a smile and a nod. "Delightful notion, my lady. Let's." He settles his arm around her shoulders and ambles over to the bar. "Bourbon on the rocks for myself, and whatever this radiant vision next to me would like."

"This is it, ladies and gentlemen! This is the -happening place to be- right now if you are in Ca-li!" Zazu shouts into a his phone, aimed down at him from above, as he makes his way into the grand repoening. "Party central! Zazu will -not- lead you wrong! Get down to this bird-house! See your main hornbill in action, and hey - buy me some drinks while we Par-Tay!"

Clara steps up to the bar with Sterling, eyes widen in delight at something she sees then she smiles "Big Ginger" to the bartender, leaning into the larger man's embrace

DeadPixel doesn't say too much in response to Hop, but she does momentarily make eye contact and nod at him, so that's probably in the affirmative. After looking through the space for whatever it was she was looking for, she heads back to the door. Reaching into her bag, she pulls out some flyers that she leaves by the exit. A xerox-collage style monochromatic asssemblage on magents paper, advertising what it is presumably going to be musicians of some sort playing at a place called 'Thee Psychicc Euth Centre'. There is no address for this location -- whatever or wherver it might be -- but a 'map point' is listed for those who choose to be adventurous that nght. Having put the info out, she slips outdoors again, but doesn't stray far. Nope, it's cigarette time. All that socialization can work on one's nerves.

Hop smiles reassuringly to Arthur and pats his hand. Then people order drinks! So he motions to the food he made (blackberry pie, blackbird shaped sugar cookies, and banana and fennel tarts-which help ya' not vomit!- ) and then goes to start filling some drinks. He moves about the back of the bar Nimbly flipping mixing cups and bottles with the ease of someone who is very dextrous, a practiced lush, or both.

Joel calls over to Zazu, "Don't forget Rafiki!" even as he sets the rack in place on the pool balls, lifting it up for a break shot to be attempted and raising a brow at Ethan.

Wick joins the applause at Arthur's words. And with a broad smile, he climbs the stage after him. One might expect some trace of apprehension to stand before so many, but he just shines with excitement at them all. As he sets up a custom microphone, he calls out, "Hello! I'm Wick. Let's hear another hand for Arthur and for the grand re-opening of the Murder of Crows!"

Once at the pool table, An'Madra glances back at the entrance with a rather curious look and that mischevious grin spreads on her lips. Realising noone is coming for her, she nods her head slowly and climbs up on the pool table, balancing on the edge so she isn't standing on the cloth of the table. Now she might be able to get a decent view after all.

Clara looks over from teh bar and applauds as Wick speaks

Simone is backstage, and nowhere to be seen, apart from that time when she popping her arm out enough to wave Wick over.

Striding into the place, Caelan arrives with his hands in his pockets as he weaves his way through the crowd. For a moment, he lingers near the entrance of the place, peeking his head up and bobbing up and down, dipping and diving as he swishes about, probably looking for someone. And as it happens, his eyes settle on Hop rather early in his arrival. His lips curl into a content smile, and he starts to duck and dive through the crowd, making his way towards the candy maker in question.

Zazu turns the camera over the head of the crowd, almost not certainly getting anyone in focus, until he purposefully stops it on Joel at the pool tables, "That right there, faithful fans, is the one, the only Joel, the man who's going to bring hockey to the local scene! If you're interested, you know who to reach out to - Bill Gates. Ha! Like he'll listen! No, it's me! Hit me up, I'll get you in contact! Hockey! Like, on ice!"

BT has wandered in dressssed in what could only be considered as 'haut-coulture fashionista gets ravaged by punk'. Even thouse that may have seen her before might only recgnize her due to her hight. New hairstyle, new color, different clothes and shoes. But she's dressed for the occasion. At her side is Robin, whose sshoulder she has an arm wrapped lightly around, "It's so busy!"

"What the fuck are you doing?" Joel, who has already set up the pool table for a game, demands of An'Madra. "Get off." He gestures with his pool cue, looking somewhere between surprised and annoyed, given he's already set up the pool table. At Zazu's Livestream, he stops, flashes a smile. "Hey. Yeah. Hockey. At the indoor rink. Five a side and a goalie at least. I'll kick your ass." He doesn't miss a beat, at least, and then he shrugs at Ethan. "You in for a game, man? Pool, not hockey. I'll break if you don't wanna."

Ethan, having taken a cue from Joel and chalked up, looks askance at An'Madra on their table and says "Uh... yeah. We were here first. Joel, you break."

Outside, DeadPixel flicks her cigarette to the curb, and walks back in, having calmed her nerves -- at least as mmuch as a cigarette is going to calm your nerves. Walking with her skateboard under her arm, she takes a look at BT and nods in approval. "All came together," she says softly. "Let no one ever tell you that it's an urban legend. Just like albino gators in the sewer, I've seen it with my own two eyes."

An'Madra looks at Joel and blinks her eyes a few times, before she leaps down. "Such charmers." the short girl wipes her nose "Playing with each others balls." she wrinkles her nose and starts to search for another elevated position that would grant her a chance to see who ever is playing

Wick sets up a set of pedals at his feet. Yeah, this is a last minute set up. The only mic-check is the one he's doing now, playing a few notes on that restored black electric guitar. But it's all good. He flashes a broad smile across the crowd. "Thank you all for coming. This is Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds."

With no further introduction, Wick steps on a pedal and launches right into the song with an accompaniment of background drums. It's far faster and far harsher than the original - carrying all the classic punk twists. The mic casts a haze of a man on the wall behind him.And leaning into the mic, his voice comes strong - with a perfectly relaxed confidence. Take a little walk to the edge of town And go across the tracks Where the viaduct looms Like a bird of doom As it shifts and cracks

Robin walks into the bar with BT in arm. "Yeah. If you get overwhelmed tell me." He smiles and starts to push until DP says something cryptic to him. "I'm sorry what was that? I'm not great at wordplay."

Hop makes a cocktail for Skye, it's bright pink and has a rim of sugar and tastes like cottoncandy amped up to 11, he sets it down with a wink and then goes back to shaking together martinis and such for people with his bar trick routine. He sees Caelan and smiles from ear to ear, "Caelan, bro, you made it! Awesomesauce, grab a seat. What's your poison tonight?" he asks with a smile as he sends a bottle flying into the air and then catches it, "This is Arthur." he motions to said man, "Owns the bar. Arthur, Caelan. Caelan is an author."

DeadPixel scrunches up her face and gives a confused look to Robin. "Word play?" she asks him, either having no idea what he's talking about, or one hell of a poker face. "The Commes de Garcons Dumpster is as true as albino gator in the sewer," she finally explains. "I seen 'em both. No word play. Honest truth." She shrugs a bit and shakes her head, moving further into the venue, heading to take a look at what the menu offers.

Skye looks surprised as Hop sets a cocktail before him. He smiles. "Oh, that looks pretty good." He takes a sip and nods his head. "And it tastes good. Nice and sweet." He smiles, glancing about. He notices Robin and smiles, waving to him.

Zazu turns the camera back around on himself, a close up shot as he makes his way deeper into the room, "Sewer gators! You heard that right, Pridelands! Guess what I'll have on here next week? That's right - the one, the only... Large group of people who probably want to talk to me about sewer gators. Well isn't that somethin' else!" Arthur extends his hand to Calean "Hi. Sorry, not quite myself today. Arthur Bond, new in town."

BT gives a little wave to DeadPixel, "Thanks!" SShe says, loud enough to be heard by the other woman over the music before she wanders away. She leans in to Robin, "Nah. We ain't gonna leave unless you ain't having no fun." Though her attention quickly moves back to Wick on stage.

"Hey, what's up chief?" Caelan offers towards Hop with a soft grin and an incline of his head towards Hop as he arrives nearer to the other man. His eyes twinkle with delight as he watches Hop flipping around the bottle and serving drinks. "Man, ye of many talents. And all I do is write a little." He says, grinning over at Arthur and bobbing his head towards him. "We've met. Though, just the once. He served me a drink when I was feeling kinda shitty." His right hand comes out of his pocket, and he offers it towards Arthur. "How's it going?" A pause. "Arthur Bond. I didn't get your name last time, I think. Caelan Flynn."

Robin nods to Deadpixel. "Oh okay. I thought we were talking in some code, sorry I was talking to a peeson yesterday and it was like trying to solve a fucking 1000 piece on every sentence. Messed with my head. Can I get you a drink in thanks for the help today." He smiles.

Joel mutters something quietly to Ethan, waiting for An'Madra to leave the pool table before he sizes up his shot, narrowing it down. His focus appears to be more on the goings-on than the game, though, because his break starts off weak. He doesn't sink either stripes or solids, and he gestures to Ethan to take the next shot.

Arthur frowns a little "It's not like me to forget a face. Then again I am not myself tonight. Or, perhaps I am more myself than ever." he chuckles. To Clara and Sterling "Clara, Doctor Sterling. I am so glad you could make it. Do you like what I've had done with the place? Local contractors all, of course. Builds community and in turn inspires others to do the same."

DeadPixel looks a little taken aback by Zazu all the sudden talking about her. Luckily, she seems to know who he is, so she lets it pass. Looking to Robin, she tells him, "still don't drink, but I appreciate that." Looking to the stage, she says, "One second," and dissapears into the crowd.

Sterling sips from his bourbon, smiling to Clara and making sure she's well taken care of. As Arthur speaks, he looks up and smiles warmly. "Young Master Bond. What a delight!" He gestures around with his glass, nodding his head. "It's -most- impressive, for certain sure. You're to be commended, young man. I'm very pleased to see you doing such fine work for our community."

Wick can't help but shift on the stage, almost dancing in place as he continues through the song. A flash of copper glints in his hand as he plucks the strings of his electric guitar, letting them reverberate with that harsh edge. It's excellent. Not perfect, but punk rock isn't supposed to be perfect.

As the song nears completion, Wick lifts lifts his voice in a harsh shout, singing the last piece:

You're one microscopic cog In his catastrophic plan Designed and directed by His red right hand.

Wick seems left out of breath - a sheen of sweat on his brow. But his eyes shine as bright as his smile as he steps back into a deep bow to the crowd. "Thank you! I'm Wick and that was Red Right Hand by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Next up - we've got DeadPixel! She's got an impromptu noise set for us."

Cash steps in, wearing a security shirt - glancing around at the throng of people. A wry grin spreads over his face, the man clearly amused at something. He steps in, looking to mingle abit into the crowd.

Once Wick finishes performing and the applause has finished, there's a loud static buzz as someone plugs something directly into the PA. Then there's an even louder blast of staticky noise, as DeadPixel takes over the stage briefly with a cellphone plugged into the battery powered guitar pedal. Ear shredding rhythmicc noise with little care for the decibel level. Luckily she only 'performs' for less than a minute. Just enough to send out the general sensation of Well and then get off stage, returning to being a bit shy and blending into the crowd.

Without making any further announcement of the next set, Wick steps into another deep bow and just heads off back stage.

Zazu turns his camera to the stage at the singer. He reaches to an ear piece in his ear - a cheap, shelf-model bluetooth, - and calls out, "Listen to that! What a voice! Oh. Well, next act, coming soon!"

Topeka steps in after cash, wearing a red flannel shirt, unbuttoned to reveal a black t-shirt that reads 'Zack Morris is Trash' in Saved by the Bell logos/fonts, black denim jeans and a pair of black platform boots on her feet. She pauses, looking over the sea of people as if she's trying to spot someone. There he is! She hurries over towards Caelan, "Cae-Cae! What's uuuup?"

Clara catches Caelan looking and smiles with a nod

Hop chuckles to Caelan, Nah, man only got one talent and it's spelled, F.u....." he waits a long pause and then ends "...n. Fun, of course." and he winks to his friend. Then someone orders another drink and he spins away to mix that up, never stopping or smiling as he goes about. After a moment he comes back and pours Caelan a martini that takes several mixers, all flipped in the air, he pours them one by one and the glass is slowly filled with a rainbow of liquor all keeping seperate in the glass. He winks at Caelan and then chuckles, and gets him a glass of Middleton as well, per Arthurs request. That done he slides a piece of blackberry pie over to Skye with a smile.

"No worries man." Caelan offers towards Arthur, his eyes tracing towards Clara and Sterling, a soft smile on his lips as they seem to be nearer to Arthur. Then he grins back at Hop, chuckling softly. "It occurs to me I never said what I was wanting. I'm not even sure. I'll trust your judgement."

Arthur nods to Hop "Get him the middleton single malt. The bottle's already open."

Merek looks to the stage with the familiar sense of emotional resonance, then he lifts up his brow a bit. He then finds a place to lean back while he looks to people in thought.

Zazu pulls the bluetooth out of his ear, a wide smile over the camera man's face. He holds the phone steady up above him with practiced professionalism, "Well, je-sus! How about that performance?! That little girl goes by the name 'Deadpixel,' look her up! If anyone's asking, I found that talent first! Hoo! Wowzers!"

A healthy, amused chuckle escapes Caelan as he shakes his head at Hop. "You don't need to spell it man, just lay it all out there." He says, then chuckles more as he watches the drink be prepared, and then offered over to him. Scooping it up, he lifts the beverage up towards the other man, and then gives his drink a sip. "Hey, that's pretty good." As Top arrives near him, he turns towards her with a bright smile and offers his drink over to her. "Here, try this."

BT looks to Robin, "If you wants to go talk to your friend, I'mma just be dancing when more music happens." She says as she pats his arm with a smile before moving in to the crowd. It's not likely that someone's going to lose her in the crowd though.

Skye flashes a smile at Hop as he passes the blackberry pie slice to him. "Oh, thanky ou!" He says, breaking off a piece and taking a bite. "Mmm.' he murmurs, slowly looking about the growing crowd.

Wick returns to the stage after that blasting of ryhtmic static - still a bit dazed from it. He glances to Simone as she steps out with him and then smiles across at the crowd. He nods at the applause. "Thanks. Next up, we'll be playing a cover of Zombie by the Cranberries with Simone Blake! AND none other than the owner of the Murder himself, Arthur Bond!"

Top blinks, glancing at the drink, looking it over, and then taking it without question to start chugging it. She doesn't even bother to question what it is. She trusts him. After she finishes, she closes her eyes and waits for it. Caelan probably knows what's coming. Beeeeeelch! "... 6 out of 10. See? Better?" Topeka grins towards Caelan now.

Arthur two-pull pours the perfect pint of Guinness, he nods at it, impressed and then turns when he hears its his time to retake the stage. He joins Wick and Simone on the stage and takes a stool towards the back, picks up his guitar.

"Uh-oh," Zazu says, pulling back the camera to his own face. "Sorry, folks. This one's, uhh... Well, off limits by request. Hey, let's get some interviews! Zazu's not leaving you bored." He walks around, looking for anyone who maybe wants an audience; be it business, or total intoxication.

Robin nods to BT. "Okay have fun." He heads over to the bar putting a hand on Skye's shoulder. "Hey man what's up?" He then looks to Hop. "Hey. You a bartender too?"

Simone steps out on stage, dressed in leather and glitter and the indefinable quality known as stage presence. She may not be a punk rocker - her voice is far too clean for that, to start - but she commands attention nonetheless. Her performance is solid - not superlative, and not even the best of the trio on stage - but still very good.

Skye glances at BT curiously before looking up at Robin as the man puts his hand on his shoulder. "Oh, not too much. How about you? Nice to see you here." He says, taking a small sip of his drink. - Cash gives a round of applause for Simone and the others that have performed, the big man making his way through the crowd to the bar - ordering a bottle of water.

DeadPixel goes to the bar and takes a seat, almost having to hop-up to reach the stool. She asks the bartender for something that they goes to pour, and then she stuffs a crumpled fifty dollar bill into his tip jar when they turn their back. A little sketcchbook is pulled out of her oversized messenger bag, and she begins to work on drawing something wiht a fine ink pen as she waits. Finally, she gives a brief nod ass her bitters and soda are delivered, no charge.

Wick offers a broad smile from Simone to Arthur, much pleased to be upon on stage with them. But then the muffled sound of a keyboard begins. It's a somber melody. And on the wall behind them, the hints of a smoldering ruin of an urban landscape takes shape. Wick drops his gaze, settling into the music. He sways somewhat on the spot before leaning into the mic to provide the lead vocals. His voice comes low and far harsher than it usually is.

Another head hangs lowly Child is slowly taken And the violence, caused such silence Who are we mistaken?

Hop nods, "I really just made the pies and cookies and stuff." and he motions to the food on the bar. "But, this looked like fun." he says, sending a bottle into the air to spin and catch a pour someone a drink, "So figured I'd hangout back here and make a spectacle." he wags an eyebrow, "Since that's one of my faves." and then he sees cash and gets him that bottle of water, "Some H20 for the gun show." he says with a smile to the big man.

Arthur strums the rhtyhm guitar, flourishing with the baseline, to the song picking up the subtle harmonies and volume as the song builds pace and pathos.

Erik enters, his hands in his pockets. HE looks around curiously before making his way toward a booth to take a seat.

Robin laughs at Hop. "Amazing" He looks to Skye's drink and frowns "Can you make me something that won't cause me to get diabetes" Then he notices a familiar sight a sketchpad pulled from a messenger bag and is immediately drawn towards it. "What's you drawing?" He ask sitting next to Deadpixel.

Once Top has downed the drink, Caelan chuckles and lifts both hands up to clap happily for her. "Nice, nice." He says with a cheerful grin, and then he peeks down the bar some to spy DeadPixel sketching some and then his attention turns back towards Hop. "That wouldn't happen to be the artist you were going to hook me up with, is it?"

Clara finishes her drink and leans up to speak into Sterling's ear

Zazu looks back towards the door as Erik, a newcomer, heads in. He makes his way, a video camera in his hand, towards Erik, waving a hand at the gentlemen, "Excuse me! Well hi, sir, how's it goin'? Welcome to the club; the most kicking party in town! Would you tell me, and the audience, how you heard about it? Are you familiar with the club, pal?" He aims to bring Erik into the picture, but has not, yet, the camera still on himself.

Cash gets his bottle of water, turning to lean his back against the bar. The cap is twisted off, a sip taken. He watches the people, taking joy in watching the interactions.

The music unfolds with a note of genuine pain in Wick's features. His voice comes almost hoarse with emotion. Brows furrowed. "In your head, in your head they are crying..." The music stills. He casts a glance off at Simone. Then with a stomp of his foot, kicking up the beat, he launches with the others into the chorus. Their guitars reverberate with a rich, harsh sound. His voice comes in a raw shout:

In your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie What's in your head, in your head Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh

Topeka is happy that Caelan approves of her burp, giving him a pat on his shoulder with her left hand. Her head turns to see DeadPixel doing the sketching when Caelan looks over and asks about her. Her hand drifts from Caelan's shoulder as she wanders over to her at the bar, watching her draw and not interrupting her just yet.

Skye sticks his tongue out at Robin. "Hey.. this is a pretty good drink." He says, glancing at the person that catches Robin's attention. He cocks his head and watches curiously.

Joel keeps talking with Ethan, just as the Guinness arrives. He stares at it for a moment, unsure where it came from. A wary city-dweller, he avoids drinking from the random glass that has shown up at the pool table, jabbing towards it with his pool cue. "You know who sent this, Ethan? It better not have poison in it."

Clara smiles and actually sings along.. softly

Ray walks in and removes his hat, his expression glows with elation at the remodel and new life breathed into the building. He glances around looking momentarily surprised before walking to the bar to order a drink.

Ethan says to Joel, "Don't worry, I will save you from any evil unwanted drinks," and takes the randomly appeared glass to drink it himself.

Hop huffs in humor at robin, "You don't like sugar /or/ dudes, man, you're like, my dark link clone." but he chuckles and pours the guy a simple glass of good scotch with a nod. Then he sees Ray approach and finishes pouring whatever multicolored martini monstrosity for whomewever ordered it and asks the newcomer, "What'll it be?" with a smile.

Clara smiles and takes Sterling's hand, drawing him away from the bar. She looks about for Arthur and waves as the pair depart.

It's busy for Hop. It could be said that the place is... Hop-ping. So, Caelan waits for a moment to see if the newly minted bartender gets a chance to answer his question or not, his eyes settled on Hop for a moment, and then shifting over to watch as Top approaches DP.

Sterling finishes off his bourbon. Offering a warm smile and farewell wishes all around, he goes to depart with Clara.

Merek looks about, then eventually makes a way from the place!

Ray leans forward eyeing the wall behind Hop, "Would a Gin Martini be too out of character for the happy occassion? If so some neat scotch will do just fine." he says still looking at the selection. The man settles on a stool and smiles at Hop, "Thanks!"

BT watches the others around her as they start to move, then she starts to move in a similar fashion, doing rather well for someone who's never been to a punk show before. Even when she dresses more the part, she still doesn't quite fit in though.

Despite having earlier taken over the stage faster than you can say 'praxis seizure,' DeadPixel now seems to be a bit uncomforatble with all the attention her sketchbook is getting her at the bar. She looks around nervously, as she puts the sketchpad down on her messenger bag -- drawing side facing down -- and reaches over to the bar for her beverage. She slowly swirls the straw mixing the splashes of dark bitters in with the bubbling seltzer water, and leans forward to take a sip of the beverage. The brim of her baseball cap hiding her eyes fro those nearby her.

Robin receives his scotch from Hop. "Dark Link? Is that like a quote from a song or something? " He then turns back to Deadpixel with an apologetic look. "Sorry if I'm bothering you, it's just that this whole look is very much my aesthetic." He points to the book and bag. "Drawing to avoid conversation is pretty much my MO." He smiles.

Wick steps back from the mic for just a moment as the music continues, somewhat subdued. On the wall behind them, smoke rises from the projection of the urban ruins. Stepping back into the mic, his voice comes softer, still harsh with the pain of the song. And with that last round of the chorus, he sings with almost a touch or rage.

But as the words end at last, fading, Wick seems to settle. He gazes out across the audience, plucking the strings of his guitar with a hint of a piano in the background. At last it ends. Flashing a broad smile out at the crowd, he dips his head in an appreciative nod at their applause.

Hop smiles to Ray, "Nah man, happy to shake up whatever you want!" and he sets about making a Gin Martini for the dude, setting it down infront of him when he's done. "Name's Hop by the way." he says with a smile and then answers Caelan cuz his brain finally caught up, "Oh, nah, but bet she's great, you should talk to her. The more an artist hides their work the better it is!" he says with a smile, and then shakes his head, "Nah Robin, it's from a game, we can play it next time we chill." he nods.

Zazu turns his camera back towards the stage, lifting it high above everyone and releasing a loud, piercing whistle of appreciation. "Killin' it, pal! Killin' it!"

Topeka bites her bottom lip, noticing DeadPixel put the drawing away and start on her beverage. Should she say something? Yes? No? "Err, I was curious as to what you were drawing, but it's all good! I used to do art, is all, but I gave up on it a while back. I like to look at others', though."

Erik laughs and shakes his head, "Was out taking a walk and saw a lot of people going in, figured this was the place to be."

Arthur hugs Simone and Wick each in turn and can be heard to say, through the mic "Thanks, life goal achieved". Very obviously trembling, it must just be the adrenaline, he stumbles as he alights the stage, catches hold of one of the booths and walks, a little bowlegged back to the bar

As Hop manages to catch up and answer him, Caelan grins and nods his head at the man. "Yeah, she seems shy, for sure." He offers, his eyes scanning over Top and DP as they chat, and then he peeks towards Wick to observe the musical performance.

DeadPixel finally decides there's not much use in trying to avoid conversation or showing people what she's drawing. She flips over the book, showing a page that she has almmost completely filled in with black ink. "Stars," she says softly, and it does in fact look like little pin pricks of stars emerging from the negative space of the ink. A moment later, a drop of condensation falls from her drink onto the inky sketchbook. She looks down at the wet spot, and this seems to be the first thing that actually makes her smile -- albeit briefly. Once the smile has faded, she notes to Robin, "'sok," before acknowledging Topeka with a nod.

Ray smiles gratefully, "Raymond, thanks so much I appreciate it.". He settles up for the drink, tipping generously. He applauds when appropriate seeming to enjoy the atmosphere from his perch.

Zazu turns the camera back towards Erik, spinning fluidly on heel to face the man, "Ho-ho! I bet, pal! I bet! With the way things are rocking in here, how can you not get tossed in? Hey, what's your name, buddy? You from around here?" He fishes in his coat pocket, and pulls out a card to hand him, "Tell the audience," he says, sidling up next to Erik so both are in the shot, "Whatya think of allll this so far?"

Arthur smiles at Robin "Thanks for coming, Robin, glad you could make it." he looks truly exhausted, like he could fall asleep at the bar

Simone directs applause towards Arthur, turning towards him and clapping. "Arthur Bond, ladies and gentlemen!" she cheers. Once he's done with any bowing and the applause has died down, she launches into her own set, starting with something much more upbeat. Simone, as mentioned, isn't a punk rocker. Nonetheless, she's picked a selection of harder songs, some her own and some covers. Maybe she's more comfortable with these pieces, because while her performance was good before, it's spellbinding now. Punk rock or not, she's absolutely magnetic to watch and hear. Her crystalline soprano fills the room, harmonizing with Wick's playing and backup vocals.

Topeka looks over at the book when DeadPixel flips it open and shows it, and she's..... amazed. Was the drawing that good? Or something else... or both? The wet spot gets a faint smile from her as well, and she nods her head, "Dude. That's so cool. I like... love space. It's kinda crazy because my last drawing was something like that. I have the ceiling in my apartment looking like the galaxy, so when I sleep I get to see the stars at night."

Tian enters in and stops dead in his tracks. He looks to the stage and is mesmerized by the bands performance. He nods along with the music along with a a bright smile. He calls out, "That's what I'm talking about!" He moves on in and makes his way to the bar to take a seat.

DeadPixel looks to Topeka and deadpans, "Did you ever think that maybe you don't have a ceiling?"

Wick smiles with warmth at Arthur and wraps an arm tight around him. "Did good, man. Go relax." He winces at Arthur's stumble and can't help but track him off to the bar. But his attention turns fully to Simone as she takes the lead on stage. His eye shine with delight as he launches into the song with her. His previous performances were great - with that imperfect punk edge to them. But as Simone's accompaniment, his guitar and back-up vocals are beyond perfect. And yet, they don't even hold a candle to the magnificence of Simone's voice.

Ethan says VERY loudly "Whoooooooooooo! Go Simone!" And I mean very loud. Ethan gives his head a shake and distractedly finishes off the mystery beverage that appeared at the pool table, before talking more to Joel.

Hidden projectors turn on at the corners of the room, and from inside the micstand itself and a riot of colored beams wash over the ceiling moving about to the beat of the music, receading on low or quiet notes and stretching out on higher or louder notes, they change color in time to beat and dance across the ceiling and upper parts of the wall painting it with a spectacular show in time with the performance.

Arthur climbs upon one of the table and starts dancing, real sexy, he starts to unbutton his shirt, completely lost in the music and the euphoria the night has instilled in him

Hop nods, "Nice to meet you Raymond!" in a cheery tone. Then the music hits him and he goes back to spinning bottles and pouring shots-Shots-shots, this time adding more hip and bounce into the routine.

BT continues to dance to the wonderfully performed song, but even then after it ends up over, that feeling that she gets sometimes takes over and she starts to make her way out. Maybe to get some air, maybe for some other reason.

Ray stops midsip from his drink and blinks a few times before setting it down. He takes off his coat and hat folding them on the bar before wading into crowd. Joining the revelry his heart seems into it, he looks in ok shape but this is obviously the man's first show like this.

When it comes to the urge to dance - Cash is stoic. He taps his foot, clearly enjoying the music - but he remains "on the job". He watches as everyone gets down and enjoys the song.

Joel continues his conversation with Ethan, although Ethan can have all the Guinness. He seems mildly surprised by something the other man says, his gaze drifting towards the bar. But it stops at the magnificence of Simone's voice. He stares for a long moment, jawdropped while raising his brows pointedly at her midway through about something, but he doesn't dance. Arthur's performance makes his brows climb a little higher, before he turns back to Ethan, adding something a little animatedly to the long-haired fellow.

Ethan's "Well, shit," can be heard for a ways around, even if was only meant for the pool table.

Topeka's expression goes blank, staring into DeadPixel's eyes. It's as if the thought is heavy on her mind, and she suddenly starts bursting out laughing, "That's... That's a good one... It's a bubble. I live in a bubble. It's a wonder I'm out right now." She snickers, nodding her head to the music, "I'm Topeka." She introduces herself.

DeadPixel keeps the poker face as Topeka stares at her, but even she can't help to grin a little when her joke makes Topeka lught out loud. She reaches over for her bitters and soda, taking a sip while she holds it in both hands -- perhaps to prevent any suggestion of a handshake -- and tells her, "deadpixel."

Robin smiles at Deadpixel but decides to leave her alone as he understands her current situation and stress pretty well. He turns to Arthur. " Happy to be here. Hey can you introduce me to Simone a little later, I really want to meet her." And then the music calls to him and he heads to the dance floor.

Arthur nods "Naw bock. She's dead sound. Savage singer too, some belt on her, I'll tell ya what" his Irish accent and slang render him nigh-unintelligible.

Tian almost makes it to the bar before the urge to dance strikes him. He hops to the beat, striking at the air before him. He does the air guitar a moment and then stops dead still planting his feet and raising his fist to the air. And then he starts doing a strange odd dance, not punk, not not anything. A thrasing of his body, spinning round and round, laughing as he is caught up in the music. Here we have it, a rocking dancing dervish monk.

Does it take magick to make Zazu dance? Hell no. Zazu starts dipping his shoulders back and forth in time with the music, though he somehow keeps the camera relatively steady throughout. He rips the camera around as he spots Tian's dance, and moves in to get a better shot. "Well whatya know! Look at thiiiiis stuff! Amazing! Hey, fella, whatya call this?" He asks Tian.

Joel sets his pool cue down, his demeanor switching to something more serious at something Ethan says. He grimaces, and then peels away from the pool table, winding his way through the crowd. He's not a big guy, but between the voluminous trenchcoat and a few well-placed elbows here and there, he makes his way midway through the crowd. "Alan Zazu! C'mere, man, I wanna talk to you more about that hockey shit!" he calls out.

Ethan puts down his own pool cue and moves through the crowd, shoulder first through the presumably manic dancers. He says with a wave "Cash!"

The laser lights spin together in a hurricane of color and motion on the ceiling, and then project the form of a multihued Raven that flaps it's wings a few time in slow motion before the lines once again spin apart to continue strobing to the music.

Topeka tilts her head a little while smiling brightly, seeming a bit tickled by a name like that. "DeadPixel. Cool name! You don't seem like a DeadPixel that'd be annoying. One I could chill with. I know when I normally see a DeadPixel on my monitor it annoys the hell out of me. I keep staring at it. Pick at it. Poke at it. As if it'll fix it."

Cash gives a blink, hearing his name and spotting Ethan. "Hey man, how's it goin?" He asks, offering a wave back to the other man. He moves a bit closer, allowing for conversation in the crowded, dancing bar.

Simone finishes her set with a big loud number, and directs applause over at Wick. "Oliver Wick, everyone! Thanks for coming out to party tonight, you've been great, see you down on the dance floor!" She's all smiles, and waits until the applause dies down before heading offstage.

Ethan says to Cash, "Hey, not super, but---" and drops his voice.

Arthur is acting almost drunk, but he's pretty sure he hasn't been drinking tonight, he hasn't has he? The light show steals the breath from his lungs and he stands down off the table, a little wobbly. And walks back over to the bar, still shaking his hips in tune to the music and swaying his shoulders. "Hey hop, you sexy beast you, get me some of the builders tea from the box marked 'Assam', would you?". He breaks into rauccous cheers at the end of the music.

Skye finishes up his drink and quietly slips out.

Tian spinning comes to a stop as he freezes for the question from Zazu. He nods and nods and laughs and says with a heavy Tibetan accent, "It is translated as Bedazzled." He nods motioning around so maybe the camera comes off him, "Great sining and dancing! Great Party!"

DeadPixel smirks and gives a half nod to Topeka, "The reason's long and complicated and the story's short and stupid." She takes a sip of her bitters, before adding, "or maybe the reason's short and stupid but the story's long and complicated." Then looking Topeka dead in the eyes she says, "Actually it's just that I'm short and complicated." Ineeded, the girl is maybe 5'2" at most. "But enough staring, picking, poking, and trying to fix. What's your name?"

Wick's eyes shine with delight as he watches all of those starting to dance. His gaze flits to Robin - to Tian - to Arthur - and others still. As the music ends, his head dips in a deep nod to the audience before casting a broad smile back at Simone. He stands with her through the applause before following her offstage.

Ray seems conflicted, one moment he seems to be heading back to the bar but a note hits and melts back into the dancing. His tie falling away somewhere, his sleeves rolling up as he moves around.

Cash ohs to whatever Ethan had murmured to him. Damnit. Eyes snap over to Arthur, the man nodding to Ethan before heading in the direction of the proprietor. "Hey Arthur, you good?" He asks, a concerned tone in his voice.

Topeka stifles a laugh and nods her head as she listens to DeadPixel intently, "I'm a... medium height... thing... that's a riddle...wrapped in an enigma... made of liquor and hash, so I understand." She smiles, "Topeka, like the shitty city in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. Some call me Top, or hey you, weird hair thing."

Hop nods to Arthur, "Ya, coming right up", and he goes to fix the tea, /exactly/ how Arthur likes it. He sets it down with a smile and then reaches under the bar to get a thing of tupperware which contains a few slices of Irish Soda bread for him, knowing Arthur might like comfort food tonight.

"Wowza," Zazu says, his smile reaching from ear to ear, "That's insane, pal. -Bedazzled.- Let me tell you, my eyes are bedazzled with tears from how in-sane that was! Give tihs guy a round of applause, everybody!" Zazu shouts, and steps in with a hand extended in an offer to shake, "What's your name, pal? I haven't seen something like that since a - heh. A mind-altered state trip, back in college."

Joel repeats, "/Zazu/!" His voice is a little sharper now. "Fuck's sake, man, get over here."

"Shit." DeadPixel exclaims to Topeka as she says her name. "You got a name that allows for 'Top' and 'Kansas' jokes?" DeadPixel shakes her head slightly and adds, "Honey, if after that you don't hate all men, you'r either a saint or a masochist."

"Hold on, bud, jeez!" Zazu shouts back to Joel, holding the camera away from his face. "Did you -see this guy?!-'"

Tian gives a nod, "I didn't mean to dance...just had to. It was in the air. Could you not feel it! I am Tian. Pleased to meet you."

Simone emerges a short while later from the door that leads backstage, still in her performing outfit, complete with glittery makeup. She's acquired a water bottle, though. She wanders through the crowd, smiling and thanking the occasional person that praises her performance.

Topeka hmmmms thoughtfully, rubbing her chin in an exaggerated manner as she looks up at the ceiling, then back at DeadPixel. "Could it be possible to be both?" An amused little laugh after, "Naw. My Dad is from there and he really loved the place. I've only ever been once and it sucked, just like my Dad. Yes, I got dad problems too. But that's too much. Hah!"

"Clink," is all Joel says to the cameraman. That said, he moves to interpose himself between Zazu and the stage as best he can, pulling his own phon out to send a quick text along. He'll wait there patiently for Tian and Zazu to finish talking, with a glance cast behind him as if tracking someone's movements in particular.

DeadPixel reaches over to the bar for her bitters and sodas and takes a long slow sip as she turns back to Topeka. "So what brings you out tonight?" she asks Topeka, not quite making eye contact. "You a musician? artist of some type?"

"Tian," Zazu says repeats. He digs inside his coat and pulls out a business card, which he offers to the man, "I'm glad you did dance. That was awesome. Hey, give me a call some time if you ever want ta become a star, or just have a nice chat with a newcomer. I gotta go. Mr. Internet is calling. Nice talkin' to ya, pal!" He says, and jets over towards Joel, stopping as he's intercepted, "Well hey, pal!"

Arthur clears his throat and addresses the crowd "Ladies and gentlemen, I have had a phone call and need to take care of some business. Please, let the festivities continue and I will see you all again in the near future no doubt"

Tian takes the card, "Thanks." He then starts to head to the bar and passes by Simone and says to her with his Tibetan accent, "You are dazzing like starshine! Your voice is the music that butterflies dance to." He gives her a small nod as he heads toward the bar.

Cash looks back to Ethan, then shrugs. A glance to Arthur, doing his best to determine if the boss is sober or not.

Wick remained backstage for a time. When he emerges, the musician seems far more subdued than in his earlier performances. He's about to head to the bar for a much needed drink when he pauses for Arthur's announcement. His head tilts a bit. And the moment Arthur steps down from the stage, he approaches him. "You ok?"

Topeka keeps her eyes on DeadPixel. If she notices the lack of eye contact, she doesn't say anything on it. "Used to be on the first one. The only thing I really tried when it comes to being a musician is acting like I can rap to my friends but it's all dumb shit. I'm just a hang around for all that hah. I admire it all. Art and Music, that is. Naw a friend of mine was coming out, and I said hey and he handed me a drink and now I'm here in front of you. Hah! I don't even know what that drink was, but MAN it was good!"

Arthur nods to everyone present "I have to go now. I know what to do."

Ethan says to Cash, "At least he is on the floor," then something quieter, claps the big guy on the shoulder, and moves through the crowd again.

Simone looks surprised by Tian's words, then genuinely delighted. "Thank you!" she tells him with a bright smile, and then is distracted by what Arthur says. She frowns in concern, approaching Arthur as well, but not getting as close as Wick does.

Robin stops dancing after the song and see's Simone mingling with the crowd. "Excuse me Ms. Blake may I have a word."

Hop blinks as Arthur walked away from the tea and food. He nods to the other bartenders to take over and then literally hops over a clear section of the bar, to move over and give Wick a high-five for his performance, and take a moment to check in on Arthur.

Joel draws a breath at Zazu's greeting. "Hey. Come with me." His tone is declarative, and he makes a 'let's walk' gesture that seems to be aimed to get Zazu out of the press of the crowd, leading him back further in the bar.

"It's not dumb shit," DeadPixel says to Topeka. "Art is what the world needs. Here ..." she reaches into her messenger bag and pulls out a flyer for something called 'Thee Psyhicc Euth Centre'. Handing the flyer to Topeka she gives her a grin, and finally makes some eye contact as she says, with an ever-so-slightly fliratious confidence, "Come rap for me sometime."

Wick watches Arthur with a touch of concern in the furrow of his brow. Hop's approach momentarily distracts him, and he returns that high-five, subdued as he might be. He's about to reach out for Arthur when the man heads right past him and Hop. He exchanges a hesitant glance with Hop before heading after him.

Simone looks to Wick. She looks about to ask something, but then he heads off, too. Besides, at that point Robin's speaking to her. She blinks, still evidently a bit distracted by what just happened, but smiles and nods to Robin. "Of course."

Zazu looks down at his camera, "Back in a flash, Pridelands! Zazu, out!" He presses a few buttons, and pockets his phone. Following Joel, he tosses him a chin-up, "Hey. What's going on, guy?"

Ray returns to his seat at the bar looking confusedly into his drink, "Another martini please.." he asks in a distracted tone.

Topeka doesn't know how to take that one at first. She thought she might've said something wrong, but it clicks in her head and she takes the flyer. Her eyes look it over, flicking up to DeadPixel's now and nodding, "I--sure! Hah I really just... am silly and make no sense, I mean, but yeah I'll do that sometime. Why not?" She begins to neatly fold the flyer a few times so she can slip it into a pocket of her denim jeans. She takes a moment to tug and smooth out her Zack Morris is Trash t-shirt and clears her throat. "I'll head out there soon. I've got a lot of time off recently. I used my birthday as an excuse to take like... the rest of the week off a few days ago. Hahah."

Hop gives Hop a nod and then heads out the door aswell, snagging his backpack on the way past the bar and heading out into the night.

Joel leads Zazu back away from things. "Got a favor to ask of you, man. You'll probably think I'm a shitlord for even asking it, but a lot of peope think I'm a shitlord anyway, so you do you." And he lowers his voice to speak to the erstwhile cinematographer.

Robin smiles. "Thanks I won't be long. I just had to talk to you. You see I found out that we have a mutual friend named Sara Jane, and she tells ne that you and I and even her have a lot in common. So I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Robin."

Hop pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. Hop has left.

DeadPixel watches Topeka as she gives a slightly verbose response. "I'll be there," is all she says in response, though she seems a bit amused by the whole thing. After that she finishes off the last sip of her soda and bitters, and then picks up her sketchpad to continue drawing. A quick glance to Topeka indicates that this isn't exactly the 'fuck off' that some others might take it, more just a return to a compulsive habit.

Wick pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. Wick has left.

Deja makes her way into the bar as it takes all of a few seconds for her to nod her head and find a little sway to match the trythem of the music as she looks around. Then about a few more second to make her way for the bar.

Cash makes sure Arthur is safe, noting where he's headed. A nod to Ethan when he returns and a thumbs up. "He's good." The man assures.

Zazu furrows a brow, and leans in to better hear Joel. Clearly, by the look on his face alone, something strange is going on. He speaks quietly with the man, crossing his arms over his chest while he does.

Simone blinks, looking like she wasn't quite expecting that from Robin. She shifts her water bottle to her left hand and offers her right to the man, sneaking in a curious look in the process. "I'm clearly out of the loop here. Nice to meet you." She gestures over to a booth with a wave of the water bottle. "You want to sit?"

Tian nods to the music and makes his way to take a seat and the bar and orders a beer.

Topeka nods her head a bit, watching her return to her pad and wondering if she really should step off right now. She starts to chew on her bottom lip, turning just a little so she can lean over and see her work on the sketchpad. The glance gets a nod from Topeka, "Hey, just wondering. You don't smoke, do you? I do. I really should kick the habit though. I'm thinking of going out for a smoke."

Robin nods to Simone and gives the after you gesture. "I think that would be nice." He smiles at her.

Saraid probably doesn't fit in very well in her medieval style gown, but it at least a darker black color for the evening so maybe it is not so bad. She takes a look around and since Arthur was so sweet earlier in the day and her own curiousity was piqued. She is quite alone and on her own tonight but does offer a smile to the one face she does recognize as Hop leaves and maybe decides that it is worth stepping further into, trying to give the place a chance. A few things catch her attention and cause her to smile, but what who knows. Her shiny green eyes taking in everything carefully.

Simone leads Robin over to a booth. She notices Ethan on the way, lifting a hand and waving cheerfully to him, but doesn't head in his direction.

Ethan having made whatever rounds he is going to, says to Cash "Thanks again man, later," and hurries towards the front. He only pauses to give Simone a wave and a thumbs up, and then waves at Joel, flashing him an ok sign and the 'phone to the head' sign mouthing 'call later' and then is out the door.

Joel adds something quietly to Zazu, a little wan. But he spots Ethan's OK sign and 'call later' signal, responding in kind with the same of his own before he moves back towards the pool table. Apparently that game Ethan and he left unfinished is about to be picked up again.

Ethan pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. Ethan has left.

Topeka gets the hint on that, nodding and a smile touching her lips. She reaches into a pocket of her jeans and pulls out a pack of Marlboro Lights. While she walks out, she fishes for a cigarette from the pack and joins DeadPixel on the way out.

Topeka pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. Topeka has left.

DeadPixel pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. DeadPixel has left.

Ray shakes his head a little and leaves some money on the bar. He clumsily slips off of his stool and makes his way for the door seemingly unable to shake the confusion from his face.

Zazu heads back towards the pool table with Joel, speaking quietly with him. He looks around, and grabs one of the pool sticks. He searches for the chalk, finds it and, of course, starts in with it as any casual would.

Ray pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. Ray has left.

Deja slides onto a free bar stool and in a noticable Creole accent ask the bartender "Cher can i get a be, I mean beer down here please."

After a proper look around, Saraid finally makes her way closer to the bar, taking a few dollars out of her little pouch, to pay for a drink. There is a warm smile on her features as she looks at those gathered, and some draw her curiosity more than others, but she seems warm to them all no matter who they happen to be. "May I have an orange juice please?" Opting away from anything alcoholic she ops for something sensible being on her own this evening and does give a small tip of what she can afford as well, trying to support, the one who helped the cause that met so much to her.

Tian nods to Saraid and says in a Tibetan accent, "You have chosen...wisely." He drinks at his beer and then points it at her, "You smell delightful." A small pause, "And of course you are very beautiful." A nod and then goes back to sipping at the beer.

Robin follows Simone to the booth and waits to sit down and have a swig of his drink before talking.

Cash returns to the bar, now that Arthur was escorted to where ever he was heading. He rests his back against the bar, watching the people with his bottle of water in hand,.

Zazu stands, far over-chalking a pool cue, while he watches Joel sink a run. The two converse quietly together - Zazu's grin returning as the chat moves along.

Saraid laughs delightedly at Tian, and blushes at his warm compliments. "You are very sweet Sir." Very surprised by the compliments, before she spirits a white rose bud to offer him for being so sweet. "To brighten your day sir." She then turns her own attention to the drink the bartendar has given her, before sitting down at the bar to watch the pool table and the game about to begin.

Larry has arrived.

Robin laughs " I'm not exactly in the loop, I only met one other. Her name was Thana I believe. She was a little offputting but she's a seven so it's to be expected." He shrugs.

Deja grins as she says to those at the barn "Evening loves." She takes the beer she ordered and takes a sip as it is handed to her.

"I wish I had money on it, too," Larry muses as he wanders by Zazu's table. His attention is on the woman in the leather over there, though. "You know, I /thought/ that was you I heard earlier, but now I'm not so sure..."

DeadPixel comes in from D St. and Canary St. DeadPixel has arrived.

Tian says over at Zazu, "Nice pocket shot."

Cash eventually steps from the bar, having finished his water. The big man pats one of the other security team members on the shouler, motioning to himself then the door. After that, he's heading towards the fresh night air - grinning at a job well done.

Topeka comes in from D St. and Canary St. Topeka has arrived.

Simone brightens at the sound of Larry's voice, turning when she hears it. She beams upon seeing him, and immediately scoots over in the booth to make room. "C'mere, sit, I was just talking about you," she tells him, patting the spot next to her.

Cash pushes open the door to the exit and walks into the night. Cash has left.

Joel lets out a low whistle at Zazu's shot. "Nicely done, show-off," he cracks a joke towards his pool-playing companion. "Dwyer, hey. What's the haps? Your girlfriend's over there. Eyes on the prize, not on the guys." He audibly likes his own turn of phrase, grinning a little brightly.

Having finished her cigarette outside, DeadPixel once again enter the venue, heaing straight for the bar. She does a little hope up onto the stool, and takes a quick glance around at who is still in the venue.

Robin looks up at Simone's excitment and gives the man a wave.

Eden comes in from D St. and Canary St. Eden has arrived.

Topeka flicks her cigarette down onto the pavement and snubs it out with her platform boot. She follows DeadPixel inside the building after their smokes, looking concerned as she moves with her to the bar. "Hey, I didn't-- I'm sorry. I know that now. I hope I didn't offend. Was just something stupid."

Simone is handed Robin's phone by him. She pokes around for a minute, seeming to enter something, and speaking as she does so. When she's done, which doesn't take long, she hands it back.

Zazu makes a rolling gesture with her hand over his head, turning this way and that, encompassing Larry, Tian, and Joel, "Thank you. Thank you. I take tips, monetary -and- alcoholic. Let's face, monetary's gonna turn alcoholic anyway." A grin comes at Joel's comment, "Sounds like some lies," He rhymes idly, more to himself than anyone else. "How 'bout some fries? Have some supplies. Giving some tries?"

"We're good," DeadPixel tells Topeka. Whatever it is that transpired is not clear, although DeadPixel doesn't look to put out by the whole situation.

Larry does a whole lot of not bantering with Joel this evening, on account of how well that went /last/ time. He's busy exchanging small talk with the others in the booth, anyhow.

Mikael comes in from D St. and Canary St. Mikael has arrived.

"You /are/ drunk," Joel points out to Zazu, before he moves to square up for the eightball. But he considers for a moment, shaking his head. "You know what, fuck it. You put on such a good show, man, let's see you make a repeat performance." He motions towards the pool table, for Zazu to try to sink the eightball instead of him, his hands bracing on the edge of the pool table as he waits and watches. But he's got his phone out and is texting something as he waits.

Simone peeks down at her phone briefly, rolls her eyes, and returns her attention to those at her booth.

Topeka bites her lip and tilts her head a little to the right, seeming unsure. "You... You sure? I'll buy us both drinks, no problem. What are you having? I'll have it, too. I'm a fuck up, I know this." Her tone tinged with worry.

Zazu takes on a wicked grin, biting his lip at the sound of a challenge. "Well, shit, pal... How can I say no to that? We wanna make it interesting, put a little wager on there, to sweeten the opportunity?"

"Hundred bucks," Joel points out, looking up from his phone towards Zazu without missing a beat.

{event times out}