2020.03.28 Serving at New Hope Sanctuary

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2020.03.28 Serving at New Hope Sanctuary
Volunteers provide and serve lunch and start arranging classes for the homeless.
IC Date March 28, 2020
IC Time Early Afternoon
Players Caressa,Johnathan,Saraid,Royce,Mikael,Clara,Arthur,Hop,Pigeon,Thana,Skye
Location New Hope Sanctuary - Prospect, CA
Spheres All

Sunday, March 15, 2020 New Hope Sanctuary

<---======##===========[ City of Hope Current Events ]============##======--->
NUM ST Genre Title Date Sgnps
1153 Caressa homeless, Homeless Shelter Charity Sat Mar 28 13:00 CST 2

Caressa checks in with the front desk. The tables they've set up with station to sign up for various classes are obvious. After checking in she nods, "They have plenty of people on the service line in the cafeteria sounds like. Depending on how it goes I'll make the tea for next time." She looks to Saraid curiously.

Royce is here, looking snappy in his uniform. "I've got my station all set up and ready to go," he says, leaning over to give Saraid a one-armed hug and a whiskery kiss to her temple. "Safety information, wilderness classes, hiking safety, the whole nine yards. This was such a great idea Caressa."

Saraid smiles at Caressa, "I am sure there are other ways we can help. If not on the food line, surely we can help with teaching too." She smiles warmly at Royce as he wraps his arm around her and kisses her temple. "Aww, you are so sweet Royce."

Caressa blushes and shakes her head, "It was Saraid's idea. I just put it together." She wanders and takes her seat at the station for health help.

Saraid gently reaches over and squeezes Caressa hand, "It is a great idea really. I hope that it will attract more to come though. There are so many who can use the help and the weather is nice today."

Royce nods his head. "It's gonna be tricky with COVID and all, but I think we're in a position to do a lot of good here," he says. "Caressa's health station is gonna be a big help to a lotta folks, I think."

Caressa returns the kiss Johnathan gives her then smiles while pulling a chair over for him to sit beside her.

Skye heard about the benefit and, knowing some of the organizers, decides to stop by to see if he can help.

Caressa additionally looks over to Royce, "Having trouble with crows (coRvids) out at the park?" About the same time she spots Skye coming in. "Hey there! We still need people to man sign up stations." She motions towards the tables with various signup sheets and signs for various types of assistance, lessons and what have you.

Johnathan would takes a seat and look around, far to overdressed for this but still there to assist best he can looking around curiously.

Mikael makes his way to New Hope, glancing around as if looking for someone. He is wearing a lightweight wine colored sweater and black jeans, his hair drawn back into a ponytail. Spotting Saraid he heads in that direction first.

Skye looks a bit startled as Caressa sees him and immediately gestures to the table. "Um.. sure..." He says, slowly moving over to the entry table, sitting down and starting to look over the sheets.

A few six-foot long tables have been setup in the main room for those in need to sign up for anything from wilderness survival classes, to clothing assistance, health assistance, house assistance, literacy lesson, music lessons, job training, really about anything you can imagine. There's probably even a 'learn flower arranging' sheet somewhere. A table has even been dedicated to sign up for job interviews.

Saraid smiles as she sees Mikael and Skye both entering this evening, her smile infectious! "Monsoir Rousseau and Sky! I am so glad you both could make it today to help us out, for a wonderful cause!" She smiles brightly back at Royce, Caressa and Johnathan, "Please come in and meet the family, sign up for volunteering too and help with a beautiful cause to help the community. I also received your text and did update the cards for you." Saraid is the one teaching flower arranging and practice bouquets to make and tons of flowers on her table with different styles of vases, from short to tall.

Caressa smiles and hugs Johnathan, "Thanks for being here, I appreciate it."

Skye lines up the sheets of paper and puts out pens on each sheet. Then he sits back and looks about. Noticing Saraid, he smiles and waves to her, glancing curiously at Mikael as she greets him as well. "Hello there." He says.

Johnathan smiles to her "Least I can do, should also do like a food drive for the kitchen here."

Mikael gives a bright smile to Saraid, "How could I resist your invitation, Mademoiselle? Especially after you brightened Vieux Carre so with your flowers. I did not mean to bother you, but I did have some guests ask me where I got them. Merci for the cards." He glances around and notices a couple of other familiar faces and he nods his head to Skye, "A pleasure to see you again." He chuckles softly when he sees Johnathan. "Bonjour, Monsieur. I keep meeting you everywhere but your shop." Finally his eyes move to Caressa, "How might I be of aid, Mademoiselle?"

Caressa nods to Johnathan, "Yes, we should. Do you want to take charge of that?" She blinks up at Mikael, from him to Johnathan then over to Saraid and back to Mikael. "Umm.. well. I guess the question is what do you have to offer? What are you good at?"

Skye notices Jonathan and blushes, waving to him. He looks back at Mikael and blinks in surprise as the man greets him. He purses his lips, apparently not having as good of a memory. "Um.. Hello there." He says, glancing about to see what's set up here.

Johnathan smiles "I let the students take care of it for sales, they got my number and cards if someone need special orders though. Allows me a bit more freedom with what I do with my time" He looks to Skye and offers a warm smile and a wave in return

Royce goes to sit himself down at the table he's set aside for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, offering Saraid a warm smile as he gathers together the various brochures and materials he's brought. He offers Mikael and Skye a nod. "Thanks for comin' out, it means a lot. We've got a lot of great stuff happening here for the community today, glad you could come and take part."

Mikael thinks for a moment and then and then he lightly shrugs his shoulders and smiles at Caressa, "I am a singer and a musician who performs and hosts in my restaurant and bar, among other things."

Caressa considers and nods to Mikael. "If I knew you were coming, I'd have seen about having a stage setup. Even the homeless can appreciate private concerts." She hopes.

Skye smiles at Jonathan and Royce and looks curiously at Mikael as he introduces himself. He cocks his head slightly.

Caressa shrugs lightly, "Well, first events are always a bit slow and clunky. I'm thinking of doing this once a month." She looks through to the cafeteria, "I can't blame the folks here for being skittish. I likely would be too." Her gaze shifts over to Skye, "How are you doing?"

Skye looks up at Caressa and smiles. "All set up and ready for the rush." He grins and nods his head. "Who do we expect to sign up for these things? Anyone?"

Saraid smiles at Mikael, "Maybe you can sing some acapella?" She offers, "Even without a stage, I bet you are brilliant. I was able to hear him play at his cafe, and it was amazing to hear him on his piano." She offers in support

Royce grins over towards Saraid and Mikael. "Youtube's got a -ton- of karaoke tracks. You can use those to sing with," he says. "That's what I do when I'm bored on a patrol. It helps pass the time."

Mikael looks over his shoulder, "Well, I do have a guitar in my vehicle..." he hears Saraid and smiles warmly at her, "Merci, but you are far too kind. But, if my humble attempts would aid the cause then I would be more than willing to perform."

Caressa nods to Mikael, "Certainly! And next month I'll make sure to mention you'll be playing as well." Caressa is seated at one of the six-foot tables with Johnathan, and talking to the others.

Royce nods his head with a grin. "A benefit concert! That sounds like a fantastic idea!" he says.

Clara steps in with a smile and pauses, looking about curiously

Skye glances up at Clara and smiles, pushing out the sheets at a sign-in table that he's apparently manning.

Saraid beams at Royce and nods at the idea. "I have not ever been to a benefit concert, that would be something special and it could serve as a food drive as well? Attendees could donate canned food at the door." She smiles warmly at Clara as she steps in, Saraid is helping out at the table to teach making floral arrangements."

Caressa looks over at some movement and goes a little wide-eyed at whose walked in. She stammers over sounds briefly before she settles on, "Clara!" She lifts a hand and waves. "Did you bring Rich with you?"

Johnathan looks to Royce "I done a couple of charity fashion shows"

Clara looks about curiously and gives Skye a kind smile but then her name is called. She looks up and smiles in surprise "Dr Perlman, how nice to find you here" the pretty woman says, stepping in further "no, he and Robbie are enjoying some father and son time, I thought I'd check this out"

Skye looks up at Johnathan and smiles shyly. "Well, you do have a lot of nice clothes." He glances up as more people come in, seeing if anyone wants to sign up for any of the classes.

Hop comes in, with Arthur, they're both carrying like, a hilarious amount of those reusable linen grocery bags, filled to the brim with Tupperware, things wrapped in tinfoil, and /so many/ cans of nonperishable food. "Hey! Am I late?" he asks the crowd cheerfully, and then spots Clara right next to the door, "Clara, yo, how goes?" he says with a smile and then back to the crowd, "I didn't like, /totally/ read the flyer about this, kinda stopped at the word Charity and then made like, /so much/ food and snagged a few bags of cans too, hope that's alright?"

Mikael arches a brow at the next month comment but chuckles softly and steps out for a few minutes, returning with not one but two guitars. One acoustic in his hand and another in a case that has a set of foot bass petals attached to it. He overhears Royce as he approaches and shakes his head with a smile, "I do not know if a 'concert' is the correct term." He moves to an open area and begins to set up his small amount of equipment, even pulling out a cordless microphone.

Caressa is manning a table beside Johnathan. They have sign-up sheets offering medical and mental health assistance to the homeless. Caressa might have snuck in a sheet for clothing assistance. She grins and motions the woman over, "Sorry, I meant Robbie. But I'm glad they are getting some time together. He gets a day off so rarely, and I thought my days were bad. Come, I have someone to introduce you to!" Her gaze flits to the enormously filled bags that are being carried in by Hop and Arthur. "Oh dear! Thank you! You guys make me want to cry being so generous!" She looks about pondering where to put the items. "The cafeteria might be best for the food items. Anything else, well I can set up another table if need be."

Clara turns with a bright smile "Hop, Arthur" she exclaims and touches Arthur's arm in greeting "How fun to run into you" before she nods towards Caressa and excuses herself to join the woman "oh certainly" she smiles

One dirty face is like the next. This one, just as gaunt and unkept as the others, is attached to an equally malnourished frame. Garbed in attire weathered by months of sleeping outdoors, Pigeon shuffles in off the streets. Lured by rumor of a hot meal and... what else? He's carrying a stale coffee with him and a backpack full of his belongings. Chancing a sip of room temperature java, his dulled eyes seek out a refill. And you will currently find him adding obscene amounts of sugar and cream by the condiments.

Arthur grins at Clara and Caressa "I'm just a pack mule for Hop here. He deserves all the credit. But if you want me to play, I did bring my guitar."

Hop blinks at that noise, "Oh, I'm gonna hop in and help out, and get the food all set about." he nods and then announces cheerfully, "Call me Hop, by the by." to the room and then moves to Saraid, offering her a Tupperware container with a smile, "Chocolate Croissants per your favorite." he says happily as he hands her the container and then heads into the kitchen/cafeteria for a few moments.

Saraid smiles brightly back over to Royce, clearly he can see how happy she is at seeing the new faces coming in and all the support the event is having, She then turns her attention back to those who have joined her at her table, and shows them how to gently tie the ribbon around the bouquet, before tucking a white rose in full bloom behind one of the homeless ear. She is definitely in good spirits, and she smiles at Hop when he hands her the Tupperware container of croissants! "You spoil me my friend!" She might actually join Caressa in crying as her eyes moisten. The spirit of support and love in the air is truly getting to her.

Caressa smiles and stands, opening her arms to offer Clara a hug, if she'd take it. And no offense taken if she refuses. She looks to Johnathan, "Dear, this is Clara, Doctor Sterling's wife. We're supposed to meet them for dinner sometime." She looks to Clara, "Clara, this is my husband, Johnathan. He owns Velvet Dreams." She nods to Hop and her silver-violet gaze follows him as he moves and surrenders a faint giggle.

Mikael sets up close to the table Caressa has for the musical classes, as it seems to fit, and then looks over at Caressa, "I have been working on a bit of something on the guitar, and perhaps for this particular gathering I might do a bit of instruction at the same time as I am hopefully entertaining. If such is all right with you?"

Clara is pleasantly surprised and returns the hug with a smile then nods with another smile for the man, offering her hand to him "Clara Sterling, very nice to meet you Johnathan"

Johnathan takes the hand "Johnathan Oneiroi, pleasure to meet you Mrs. Sterling" offering a warm smile. He looks to Skye "I make a lot of clothing, and with charities they are auctioned offed to make more money apart from the tickets for the charity"

Arthur looks to Mikael "When I'm done unpacking and working for Hop, do you want some accompaniment?"

Skye watches Mikael as he sets things up. Then he glances at the newcomers, helping some of them sign up for classes. Looking back at Johnathan, he smiles. "Yes.. you do have a lot of nice things."

Royce smiles broadly as folks come streaming in to help support the charity effort. He talks with a few folks who wander by his table, offering them brochures and pamphlets about wilderness safety and such things. He looks over towards Johnathan and Skye with a chuckle. "He made me a fantastic lookin' suit. John knows his stuff when it comes to clothes," he says.

Clara looks about curiously, clearly not sure what she had come to, but her green eyes are sparkling with curiosity and creativity "So, this is to help all the charities in the area?" she asks Caressa

Caressa smiles to Clara and Johnathan, "All the homeless, specifically. They can sign-up for free job training classes, lessons in a variety of things like literacy and music. I'm donating my clinic services for health services. We have clothing assistance, housing assistance. The more we can help get off the street, the better. Or at least help them make their lives easier." She looks over and motions to Pigeon. "What are you interested in sir?"

Mikael glances over at Arthur and gives him a bright smile, "I would be honored, Monsieur." He clips the microphone to the front of his sweater and glances around and then says into it, the volume not loud enough to boom merely be heard clearly, "As a favor to the beautiful Mademoiselle Saraid of the Fairy Flowers I shall attempt to explain to you the laying technique when playing a guitar. Which will lead into a demonstration of it which I hope you shall enjoy and won't find disruptive to your lunch or conversations." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwCK1z3wT8g

Clara nods as she looks about, chewing on her bottom lip a little. Catching the french words she glances over and smiles as Arthur seems to be among friends

Hop is in the kitchen, unpacking things and being friendly and oblivious to whether he belongs or not. Hop thinks a cheery smile and barging in belongs everywhere! He puts out his food and then goes to see what’s cooking! Sniffing the air and being friendly (and flirty to any cute male cooks) while he moves around. He'll offer polite suggestions if he thinks something could be added to any of the pots, and then head out of the kitchen once everything is unpacked and the workers are tired of his overly sunny disposition.

Pigeon looks to his left, then right. Perhaps its been a moment since anyone's called him 'sir'. When he realizes Caressa is talking to him, he steps forwards while stirring sugar into his coffee. "I... don't know. I just heard there was some hot meals here today. Maybe you can... tell me what this is all about?" His clouded vision looks past the woman and about the crowd with curious caution.

Clara turns back to Johnathan "Are you a fashion designer then sir?" she asks, adjusting the camera that hangs from its strap on her shoulder

Arthur takes his own guitar from off his back and adjusts the strap for playing while standing watching Mikael, he positions his fingers correctly as the maestro demonstrates and, when he's confident, he picks up a harmony line, matching him in rhythm and sound if not yet layered complexity.

Caressa nods and moves closer to Pigeon, "Hot meals are in the cafeteria. While out here, you can find help for just about anything you might need. We can get you measured for a new set of clothing, if you would like. I'm offering medical help. There's offers for literacy lessons, job held. Just about anything." She ushers pigeon over to Hop, "Mr. Hop, could use set up our friend here with something hot to eat?" She looks back to the Pigeon, "Eat first, then worry about the rest of this."

Saraid smiles as she listens and for the moment closes her eyes, clearly enjoying the music and swaying to it. The entire atmosphere charged with such a positive energy she is clearly enjoying and taps her toes, before she looks back to her table. Those bouquets on the table perhaps just a little brighter and fuller in their color and blooms. She is really glad to see Royce so involved too and winks at him if he looks her way.

Hop smiles, "Oh, ya, totally! I made a super hearty stew, and homemade bread, it's fuckin' rad, lemme go snag you a big ass bowl dude!" he nods and then goes to do so, bringing one back for Pigeon and one for himself as well. He'll pass pigeon the bowl, and after he (hopefully) takes it, Hop will blow gently on his own before taking a spoonful.

Mikael glances over at Arthur and his face lights up even brighter. He half closes his eyes as his long slender fingers make their way across the strings on their own as he falls into the tune. When he finishes it up he does so with a flourish and happily gives a playful bow at the hip and then applauds his companion. "Excellente!"

Thana comes in from F St. and Second Ave. Thana has arrived.

The down trodden looks to Hop, then back to Caressa. Pigeon's nicotine stained smile suggests he'd be appreciative of a lunch he didn't have to salvage from the back of a Jack 'N the Box. "I can read just fine." Its said pointedly. "I'm Pigeon." The name, 'Pigeon', for those initiated into street culture, will be familiar. Its a name recognized by junkies, pimps, local gangs, and the homeless population. And? It carries a great deal of influence among their ranks. To your average working stiff, he'd just be another unwashed menace. But his reputation is widely spread on the streets as someone who trucks with their kind. The scents from Hop's cooking then grabs him, "Damn. That's smells amazing..." Pigeon notices with his salivary glands. The bowl is accepted from the young man, and anyone within four feet can hear his stomach growl like a caged tiger as he starts into it.

Clara smiles brightly to see Arthur playing and steps up quietly to Caressa, touching her elbow lightly when it seems the right time to get her attention

Perhaps one of the homeless, at least she dresses in a suitable fashion and has the body language of someone as such. Thana makes her way inside, hood drawn up over her head in such a fashion most of her face is held in shadows. She idly tugs at the long sleeves of her shirt as she glances around as if in search for something or someone.

Caressa turns away, leaving Pigeon in the capable hands of Hop and his cooking as she turns to the Clara's touch, "Yes, ma'am?" She smiles. Her gaze flitting to the newest newcomer, "Hot food over here." She motions towards that section, "Help, assistance for just about anything you need over at the tables afterwards." Then her gaze is back on Clara.

Royce glances over towards Pigeon and Caressa. It would seem the burly officer has heard the name once before. For a moment, a frown shows on his bearded features, but he doesn't get up to intervene just yet. He looks back to the folks he's talking with, sharing some tidbits of information on how to stay safe and happy while trekking through the wilderness.

Arthur smiles, his eyes bright and nods, taking the measure of his fellow musician when the song ends. He nods and looks down at his guitar, giving it his full attention and breaths. A strong chord followed by a slap on the guitar's body, chord to chord, looking up only enough to nod to Mikael, a friendly look of "Let's see what you've got", not competition per se, just limit testing.

Clara smiles warmly "I didn't prepare anything but I will be happy to cook next time. I was wondering where I can make a donation and also.. could I take some photos? Of the entertainers, the staff" she knows better than to take pictures of those using the services "I'd love to draw more attention to what you're all doing here"

Mikael gives a flourishing bow to Arthur and nods his head, "I shall endeavor to keep up simply lead the way."

Caressa smiles to Clara. "Oh, you can certainly cook next month! As for photos, as they give you their permission, it is fine by me." She motions to the office door, "Might want to ask them about photographing the staff though." She nods, "And yes, he is a designer. A marvelous one. Should come by Velvet Dreams someday! He can do -anything- as long as it isn't boring."

Saraid smiles at the new faces that arrive, from behind the table full of flowers and faces, that boasts of teaching out to make floral arrangements, that seem to be the area of expertise, or passion of the shiny green eyed, redhead. She takes great care and passion as she teaches of how to cut the flowers so that they last the longest, and how to go about tending them. Each person that steps by her table, she is also careful to offer a small white rose bloom to. Her entire disposition is warm but her focus is on those who have stopped by her table to learn more. "That's it! Perfect!"

Clara nods with a smile to Caressa "I'd love to stop by, please let me know if I need an appointment" she says and smiles again "I'll talk to the staff about photos for another time, and about cooking" the lovely lady laughs gently "But I am going to get a picture of Arthur" she teases and heads that way

Caressa shakes her head, "The shop is always open. But if you want to be sure he or we are there, an appointment would be good. OH! and you'll have to come by my jewelry shop tomorrow for the grand re-opening!"

Pigeon begins shoveling spoonful’s of chili past his yellowed teeth gleefully. The music doesn't seem to hold much interest for the vagrant, as compared to the crowd. Between bites, he scratches at the patch of three week old whiskers at the end of his chin. Instinctively, he's drawn towards his abode challenged compatriots. A few steps towards Thana and he adds helpfully. "Well, the chili isn’t poisoned, anyways."

Clara smiles at Caressa "I would love to, please text me the address alright? Goodness a Doctor and you have time for a Jewelry shop?" but it is said kindly "I'll bring Rick along, and his credit card" the brunette teases

Arthur restrains his playing, neither wanting to grandstand nor distract from the party; but supplement it. But he loses himself in the Mexican guitar piece, this is definitely pushing the limits of his newly found talents, alternately strumming, and slapping the strings of his guitar rhythmically but frenetically, with an occasional percussive slap to the body of the guitar.

Caressa smiles to Clara, "Jewelry is something I've done in my free time for -years-. It makes me happy and takes away the stress. So I make time for it. I figure it is time for all the shinies to find forever homes."

Clara laughs "Well I love the bracelet you made for me, I'm sure I can find home for at least one more shiny" she teases then gently excuses herself and moves towards the stage. She stops a distance back so as not to make Arthur nervous then lifts the expensive camera to her eye, adjusting the lenses several times as she snaps pictures of her friend

Thana glances over at Pigeon, and offers a seemingly nervous smile as if unsure of herself. "How would you know, most good poisons work over some time. It would be madness to put poison that would make you fall over dead while still in here. It would ruin the agenda of poisoning everyone would it not?" she offers in a soft gentle tone of voice. "Besides that, I would agree I doubt it's poisoned."

Caressa nods to Clara, "Anything you want. I'm sure we can find something. I'll certainly text you the address when I get home this afternoon."

Thana nods her head slowly at Pigeon and then before she speaks up Caressa offers to eat chili and Thana just shrugs her shoulders. "I did not come for the chili, I came to offer employ at my place." she murmurs softly as she glances around. "Or donate to whoever owns the place." she tugs a bit more frantically at her long sleeves and then reaches a hand up to pull the hood a bit further down over her face. "I'm -pleased- you like the chili though, mister."

Pigeon looks back to Caressa when she approached. A small giggle is stifled. "Oh, I don't really believe you'd jump through all these hoops just to ace out a few local hobos. That'd be some over the top shit. But, people do talk these days. This is... your show here?" He asks of his host. Another glance is ventured to the venue, he backhands some chili off his lips with the stained sleeve of his jacket.

Clara steps over to Hop with a smile "Did you say Arthur's bar is opening tonight?"

Caressa doesn't know anything about Pigeon. "Hmm..I put it together at least." She nods and looks to Thana, "Oh, what place would that be? As for donations. Monetary ones can get dropped off at the office, food things in the kitchen, there's a section for clothing around the table."

"Caring Angels, the Hospice." Thana offers as she stands there, tugging at her sleeves and looks up from under her hood at Caressa. "I can donate some money, or paintings for you to either use here or sell."

Hop nods to Clara, "Oh, ya! The Murder of Crows! It's like dark and edgy, which is like /not/ my scene usually but not in like, a creepy way, it's actually pretty stunningly designed. I'm just going to sling pies and /try/ to be on my best behavior." which he sarcastically wrinkles his nose in disgust at. "You should come by if you have the time."

Caressa ohs softly to Thana, "Oh, paintings. I'd have you give those to the office too. They can auction the off and use the money. We're here to offer things like job training, literacy lessons, lessons just about anything you can think of as well as assistance for clothing, medical, job finding and a host of things. And to offer food, of course."

Clara ooohs' softly "Not really my scene either, well not anymore" she laughs "I'll ask Rick if we can stop by to show our support though" Arthur breaks into a smile at Hop, but continues nodding or shaking his head to the music that he's playing, at this stage just random chord progressions in melodious progression, singing wordlessly in accompaniment.

Thana offers one of those sleeved covered hands towards Caressa. "I'm Thana Dicapolis, and I'll have some paintings sent over." she murmurs softly.

Skye moves to F St. and Second Ave. Skye has left.

Saraid shakes her head as Arthur finishes and refocuses back at the floral table in front of her, and making the bouquet but is curious about the event at the newly opening club and realizes she does not have anything to wear to such an event, not being her normal style either, and offers a warm smile back to Royce again, enjoying the music and those that approach her table.

Clara glances at her phone and smiles, moving to go but pausing to raise a hand in goodbye to Caressa Caressa waves to Clara.

With her head lowered, hood raised and the hoodie pulled snugly around her, there's an usual air of depression about Katie today. Someone points her toward registration and without a word she heads in that direction, dragging her feet as she goes. There are a lot of people here but she either doesn't notice them or simply doesn't care right now. Caressa reaches out to shake the offered hand of Thana. "That name sounds vaguely familiar. Maybe I read about your paintings somewhere. I'm sure they'd gladly accept them."

Arthur lays his hand on the strings of his guitar to silence them and nodding a small satisfied nod, he moves the guitar to his back and then makes his way to Caressa, and waits for her next availability. Hop nods, "Rad, well everyone’s welcome to stop by, even if they just come in to give Arthur a hug and snag some of my pie and then hop out or whatever. But, should be a super fun night all around." he looks to Caressa, "My numbers in the kitchen, left it with your cutest cook." he smirks at that, "Gimme a text for what day of the week you want me to do food drop offs, and what kinda stuff you'd like me to make. But for now, I gotta bounce! Take care all." he nods and then heads for the door with a little wave to Arthur.

Arthur *obviously* gives hop a goodbye hug and/or kiss as Hop's social mores allow

Finishing off the bowl, Pigeon trades it back for his styrofoam cup and adds a gulp of coffee to mingle with the chili in his guts. Standing near Caressa and Thana, he watches thoughtfully for a few beats. "Are you 'Caressa' then? With the clinic?" He asks strategically between exchanges.

Thana nods her head slowly. "I'll have some sent over." she murmurs and then glances at Pigeon, making sure he is not left out of the conversation or feels left out.

A few details taken and Katie turns away from registration, looks through the waves of strawberry red hair to see what all the noise and fuss might be. Noticing Saraid, she simply looks at her for a moment, then moves on to the next person. Caressa. "Oh..", she murmurs, starts heading for the door again.

Caressa smiles and waves to Hop. "Thanks! I'll be sure to let you know!"

Caressa looks back to Pigeon and nods, "Doctor Caressa Perlman, yes, that's me." She doesn't seem at all surprised that people know her name, (Fame 2)

Saraid's attention is directed to the floral table she is behind, helping teach about making arrangements, after her attention was brought away from Arthur and smiles at those she is with, guiding them carefully with how to trim the flowers and properly arrange the flowers, but a splash of red catches her attention, and she waves warmly to Katie, if she looks her way.

"Oh, 'Doctor'." Pigeon and sniffles a bit. Outdoor living can be hard on the allergies. "Fancy." For this next bit, he leans a little closer, so that his words are shielded from the crowd. "Doctor, stayin' out there on the streets, we hear things. Your name, even. Got any idea why I'd know your name already?" He asks with curiosity and takes another pull of extra sugary coffee.

The wave catches Katie's attention, glancing over at Saraid as she's heading for the door. Her face is blank, sadness, there's no effort to smile or return the wave. Her hands push deeper into the pockets of her hoodie and she turns, pushes open the door with her back and slips out onto the street.

Caressa smiles gently to Pigeon. "I know a good dentist that does work for free. I can get you in to see them if you like."

Thana nods her head slowly as she looks at Pigeon and furrows her eyebrows. "And you really should straighten up a bit, to spoil the wonderful chance to be alive. I lost all I hold dear and one should cling to life." she smiles. "Let me know if I can help."

Caressa turns and helps the office staff collect the donations, gather the sign-up sheets that were filled in, and help put away the tables. She looks to Saraid and Royce, "Hey you two, care for a ride home?"

Royce is busy packing up his station as well, gathering together the remaining paperwork and tucking it into a folder. He looks over to Caressa with a smile. "I got my Jeep here, but thanks sis," he says. "I'll finish closing things up here if you wanna go ahead and take off. I'll see you back at the house."

Saraid tilted her head as she watched Katie leave and then turned her head towards Caressa, to help her with the cleanup, nodding at her and begins to clean up her own table. "Thank you Sis. For helping put all of this together. It was a really sweet thing to do." She offers warmly to her tilting her head at Pigeon curiously, "I can stay with Royce and make sure we don't miss anything."

Caressa nods to Royce. "Sure. See you soon then." She carries her and Johnathan's things out to her car.