2020.04.20 Murder Open Mic Night

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Murder Open Mic Night April 2020
IC Date March 28, 2020
IC Time 4PM-7PM
Players Conn, Wick, Hardy, Robin Belle, Joel, Erik, Cash, Catalina Alvarez, Aerik, Li Bong, Arielle, Clara, Mira, Alexander, Antonio, Levi, Emrick, Grace Kiyoung, Ferdinand, Rick, Bobbi, Roger, Erin, Viviana
Location Murder of Crows
Prp/Tp N/A
Theme Song N/A

Conn sits on the stage in front of the Mic, having been announced by The Murder's manager, Charlie. The regular crowd have made it in for the open mic night and Conn fiddles with the mic before Wick joins him on the stage. Rather unceremoniously, sttill lacking any real stagemanship, Conn nods and says "I'm Conn, this is Wick and this is The Bitter End, by Placebo". He launches into the song with little further todo.

   Since we're feeling so anesthetized
   In our comfort zone
   Reminds me of the second time
   That I followed you home
   We're running out of alibis
   On the second of may
   Reminds me of the summertime
   On this winters day
   See you at the bitter end
   See you at the bitter end

Robin walks into the bar right as the pair start playing together. He quickly moves throught the people to take a seat in a booth.

Li Bong slips inside, amidst the crush of folks for Open Mic night. The Chinese guy is pretty unassuming, dressed like a bum, but doesnt smell bad... so made his way post the doorguys like anybody else.

Wick can't help but grin as Conn gets straight to the music. Standing up on stage with the bar's own, he launches right into The Bitter End by Placebo along with him. A copper pick glints in his hand as he plucks out an intricate acompaniment to the main chords that Conn strikes. And leaning into the microphone, he adds his voice in harmony. His eyes drift shut as he sings, "You showered me with lullabies... Had you walking away... Reminds me that its killing time... On this fateful day."

Hardy moves inside and over to the bar, taking a seat and watching the performance.

Cash had arrived just as the music started, moving off to the side and peering about the place. A grin at the people up on stage, giving an appreciative whistle.

Aerik steps through the door, Catalina in tow., "So I heard they are doing an open mic tonight. This could be interesting." he says as the catch the last bit of the previous song. He looks around for a place to sit.

   Adjusting her backpack on her shoulder, the young Latina looks about. Catalina looks over to Aerik and chuckles softly. "Normally not my thing but...this could be fun to watch." Looking to the stage, she listens to the performance now.

Joel has been idly shooting pool as the song begins, and he doesn't seem poised to stop as the song continues. The sound of pool balls clacking doesn't quite set up a rhythm for the song, but at least it's not too jarring. He movs to chalk up his stick again, ready to take another shot, sizing up the banked shot. The solid-colored ball sails gently into a pocket, and Joel smiles, pleased with himself. He barely looks up for the music, but he does at least have a sip from his can of Guinness. Anyone arriving after he has will readily note the recognizable-if-you've-seen-it-before garish Prius parked outside; anyone arriving before has heard music of a markedly different kind as he pulled in: awful rap-metal a la Limp Bizkit.

Conn and Wick bring the song to a close and silence their guitar strings. Conn smiles brightly at his partner, "This is `Don't fear the Reaper` by Blue Oyster Cult. After which, we're gonna open the mic up for the evening."

Hop heads in, takes a second to turn off the 80's music blaring from his headphones, fold in the wheels of Heelys, and then heads to the bar. He throws his backpack over it and then hops over in one graceful move. The actual bartender on duty looks unphased, like Hop is expected but not /really/ welcome. Hop gives the man a wink and then turns to whomever may be at the bar, "Sup dude and dudettes, what can I mix up for you?" he says with a side smile.

Robin listens to the music as the two play, smiling, but when he sees Hop come in he stamds from his lonely booth and heads over to the bar to talk.

Charlie, the Hop-beleagured bartender just throws his hands in the air in mock frustration, and handles the standard tap pulling and keeping the barrels primed.

Wick shifts up on stage with the music, losing himself in it with a broad smile. His soft tenor of a voice harmonizes in with Conn's. Despite the clacking of the pool table balls, he keeps perfect rythm.

Aerik leads catalina over to a booth, smiling as he looks around. He shakes his head at something he saw and smiles when she takes a seat, "What can I get for you?"

A beautiful red haired woman walks in. She certainly seems like she does not belong here. Like a breath of fresh air, her lovely appearance and what seems a gentle nature make you wonder if maybe she is lost? For the moment, Arielle hooks a lock of hair behind her ear, and takes a few more steps inside, listening to the music.

   Cat follows behind Aerik, taking in the bar before sitting down. Setting her bag next to her she seems to think before smiling a bit. "Just a rose or something of the like if possible...."

Cash was still near the door, off to the left, not making any move to sit down just yet. As Conn and Wick complete their set, he gives a round of applause

Clara hurries in with a smile and looks at the stage then her face falls "I missed it?".

Conn and Wick's voices play off together with a practiced polish as the song comes to a close. They stand and take a small bow to the applause of the audience. Stepping down off the stage and letting the next performers up. Wick, looking a little tired, heads back into the Office to compose himself. Conn catches Clara come in the door and steps over to hug the lady, "I mean, you can go next if you like," he says with a grin, "You know I'm happy to accompany just about anyone, but it would be my pleasure in your case."

Aerik nods to Catalina and makes his way over to the bar to place an order. He leans against the bar as he waits, his gaze moves across the room. Pausing here and there, eventually his eyes focus on the stage to see who takes it next.

<FAE> Aerik pauses seem to be on the statue, and the varios fae in attendance.

Hop places the martini he was making in front of Robin and says, "Drink on the house dude, come by later if you wanna hang." and with that he hops back over the bar and heads out the door, shooting off a few text messages as he goes.

Clara laughs and returns Conn's hug "I'm sorry the sitter was late" then shakes her head "oh no no no, I can't even sing in the shower"

Joel stares for a moment or two at Arielle. Blink. Slightly too long sip of Guinness. As Li Bong moves over to join him, saying something quietly to him, he manages a not too impressive, "Uh. Yeah. Rack 'em up." Because he's a bit distracted, such as it were. "Wrong place?" he calls over to the redhead. "Can't sing? Don't worry; we can't either." He includes Li Bong in that, without even asking the other man if he can or can't.

Li Bong shakes his head, "Not in Engrish, no." He moves to rack up the balls.

Aerik hardy

   Mira comes through the door of the club, looking to be a little out of breath, as if she might have been running. Leaning against the wall, just to the side of the door, she rests there, recovering a little bit, as she looks around at the crowd gathered here on this Sunday evening.
   Cat smiles as Aerik makes his way to the bar before looking around. Propping her chin up on one of her hands, those brown eyes take in the decor. First time here and she's...well....trying to get a feel for the place.

Aerik takes the drinks and pays, leaving a reasonable tip before making his way back across the room to sit with his companion. "Cool place." he looks around, "Very... Interesting."

"Oh. Okay. Is it something from the the other day still. I'm sorry." Robin says as Hop leaves. "Thanks for the cupcakes yesterday by the way I assume they were from you. I'll see you soon." He smiles turning to his martini.

Over at the pool table, the generally drunken and always pleasant Chinese monk gets the balls to fit, remarkably tight, in that little tiangle. No, he's not talking about sex. But sure, go with it. Li Bong plops the 8 ball into it's final position, slips the rack off, and slides it into it's place under the table. He'll then choose one of the cues, eyeballing it along it's length.

Hop shakes his head as he heads out the door backwards, "Nah Robin, you're all good man, bakery emergency, sugar catastrophe." he says as he points at his phone and then heads out the door.

Cat looks back over as she sees Aerik back before taking her drink. "Thanks." Smiling at him warmly she watches him a bit before looking back around. "Yeah it is. I'm shocked I've never been here before. Go figure."

Hop shakes his head as he heads out the door backwards, "Nah Robin, you're all good man, bakery emergency, sugar catastrophe." he says as he points at his phone and then heads out the door.

Conn tilts his head at Clara "Eh... I mean. We've had literally tone deaf people on the stage before. It's not really about the performance. Myself and Wick are just tryhards," he says with a bright grin.

Aerik speaks quietly with Catalina at his booth as they wait for someone to take the stage.

Clara grinz and shakes her head "No not me, my husband would love to take the stage some evening perhaps. I'll mention it to him" and kisses Conn's cheek, lifting a hand to wave at Cash and Wick

Arielle smiles to Joel, "I'm not sure. I heard singing and music and thought I'd come inside." She walks toward him. "I can sing. I usually do while taking walks by the ocean though."

After that little pause at the door, Mira makes her way in to the club proper, passing by tables and coming to a stop at the bar, likely not noticing half of the people that she probably should. "Sprite or seven up...I don't even know what we serve here. Got a little bit of time before I need to get changed and out on to the floor." The first part is to the bartender, the last bit, muttered to herself.

Alexander busts down the door, Kook Aid man style! No, not really. But the big man is suddenly taking up the whole thing, and examining the room and crowd before bursting into a wide smile. One arm reaching back to wrap around Antonio's shoulder as they come in, one eye on the stage and finding a place for them to enjoy the show.

Cash gives a wave to Clara, and Mira - smiling to both. A thumbs up to Mira, nodding to the woman.

Joel moves to break the rack, eyeing the shot. He's not the best pool-shooter, but he's at least good at calculating the angles. He sinks a ball on the break, taking solids, and then moves for his second shot. That one misses, but just barely, setting up Li Bong for a slightly tricky shot of his own. He adds something quietly to the man, before looking up at Arielle. "Cool. I'm Joel, by the way. What's your genre of choice? Want a drink?" Only slightly belatedly, he remembers to add, "That's Mr. Li," with a gesture towards his pool-shooting companion.

Robin smiles at Mira. "Hello again. If you need help with what a drink is you can ask me. I drink here... and in general a lot."

At the pool table, Li Bong gives a respectful bow to Arielle, and smiles. But his attention really is on the game he plays with Joel. "You shoot well, for a kid who plays with his joystick all day." The Chinaman says to Joel with a smirk.

Robin smiles at Mira. "Hello again. If you need help with what a drink is you can ask me. I drink here... and in general a lot."

At the pool table, Li Bong gives a respectful bow to Arielle, and smiles. But his attention really is on the game he plays with Joel. "You shoot well, for a kid who plays with his joystick all day." The Chinaman says to Joel with a smirk.

Conn smiles at Clara, "Well I'd be happy to accompany him too." He smiles at Mira "Yeah, looks like it's going to be a busy one tonight. But ... yeah, Robin here's a trustworthy sort." To the newcomers Alexander and Antonio "Gentlethems, welcome to the Murder. It's open mic night, if either of you perform. I'm the owner so I'll provide accompaniment and if you need a guitar yourselves, there's a bar owned one on the stage."

Emrick heads in and heads to ther bar, to take a stool by Robin and Hardy and order a Guinness with a nod.

Clara nods with a grin to Conn "I'll let him know" she touches her friend's hand and steps over towards Cash "Did you get the pictures ok?" she smiles

Hardy offers a nod to Emerick with a smile

Cash beams over to Clara. "Yeah, I did. They are amazin', Clara." He offers over. "The payment transferred, right?" He says, wanting to make sure.

   "Oh. No. I just didn't know if we were a Coke or Pepsi place. Probably best for me to know that before I start taking orders in about...forty minutes." Mira says to Robin with a slight smile before looking to Conn. "I'll keep that in mind. My stuff's still in the office? I can chage there? I sort of only had the stuff from the last place I waited tables at."
   Tony all but bounces in with Alexander, a wide grin on his face. He looks around the room with wide chocolate colored eyes, and whispers to the huge blonde, "I don't see nobody I know." He looks over at Conn then and bobs his head, "Thanks, nice place. It sure looks different."

Clara nods with a grin "Yes, no problems with it. I'm so gald you liked them" she beams happily and leans on the jukebox to look over the gathering tonight.

Emrick recieves his beer and drink a good portion of it before sighing appreciatively and then talking to those nearby.

Arielle shrugs to Joel, "Genre? I'm not sure. I just sing whatever my heart wishes." She seems a bit with her head in the clouds. "A drink would be nice. Something cold maybe?" She smiles to Li Bong. "Hello Mr. Li. Oh, and I'm Arielle!"

Robin looks over to Conn. "Did you need someone to take the stage I can't sing, but I did prepare something." He says a little hesitantly. Then looks over to Emrick smiling. "Hey bud how you doing?" He takes a drink of his martini.

Conn nods "The stage is all yours Robin, do you need accompaniment?"

Alexander gives Conn a broad, almost feral smile before turning his view to the stage. "I prefer dancing to belting out tunes, but we'll see how things go. "

Li Bong gives another bow to Arielle, and then leaves his stick against the pool table. "Nice to meet you, Miss. You are named after the Disney princess, yes?" He smiles, very pleasantly. "I leave the game to you and the computer man. Will you excuse me?"

Joel scoffs. "A /messenger boy/? Those, like, exist?" He's dubious, but he nods at something Li Bong says. "I'll do that." He sighs, turning back to his beer, but there's Arielle, and he grins, even as Li Bong abandons the pool game. "You like Guinness?" he wonders of Arielle, lifting his can in indication. "I'm tapped out after this one. DARE told me not to drive drunk."

Levi steps inside and takes his coat off, a simple black security shirt on underneath. He tucks his coat out of the way before finding a spot along the wall to rest against, eyes starting to drift over the room.

   "Yeah. Okay. Great. Good to know." Mira says, in regards to the lack of an answer to the questions, "I'll just change in the bathroom I guess." Mira says as she sips at the drink, not really able to tell what brand it is. She'll check the bar later. She takes her drink and moves to pick up her work clothes from the office before heading to said bathroom.

Arielle just smiles to Joel, "Never tried it. But I can!" She winks to Li Bong. "Or she's named after me."

Robin shakes his head to Conn "No it should be fine. I'm just doing an oratory." He says as he heads to the stage. "Thanks though."

Cash nods to Clara. "They are awesome, I'll have to get you in touch with Misty - they are always looking for photographers too, she said." He offers.

Grace makes her way into the club as her Uber Driver escorts her to the door. She then smiles and offers him a tip before walking in as she slowly puts little orange ear buds into her ears, the kind shooters use at the range to dampen sharp noises.

Clara turns back to Cash with a nod "that would be wonderful, I'm really loving being back in the swing of things with my work and all"

Emrick drinks his beer and prepares to listen to Robins performance.

Grace seems to make her way well enough as she heads to the bar. As she walks it is with the aid of a cane as she gently probes it in front of her as she crosses the room, turning and avoiding people at the last moment before sitting at the bar.

Hardy waves to Grace "Hello Grace"

Clara spots Emrick and lifts a hand in greeting with a warm smile

Conn blatantly checks out both Antonio and Alexander before heading to the bar to get a pint of Magners for himself. He taps Emrick on the shoulder and gives him the universal 'hug?' gesture. "Heya Emrick."

"You're stripes, if you want to play." And Joel raises a hand to one of the waitstaff circulating through the place to put in for another can of Guinness. "So, uh, Arielle. You at least know how to play pool, right?" There's a warning note, as if Joel's implying that he can't particularly be bothered to explain the rules of the game. "Mr. Li got two in, so we're tied up. Chalk up."

Alexander pauses a moment, giving Hardy a wink and quietly steps behind her, possibly too close for comfort, to whisper into her ear. "What's a nice girl like youndoing in a place like this?"

Levi crosses his arms, getting comfortable as he settles in to watch; less the performances, more the people on the floor. He nods politely to Conn, then returns to keeping an eye on the goings on; expression firm without straying into scowling.

   Tony turns his eyes to the stage, watching Joel. "I don't really know how to sing, but I love to dance." He still looks around the room with a surprised expression, "I can't believe I don't know..." Then he spots Grace and grins as Alex moves over to her. He trails along, "Hey there. Long time no see."
   Cat had been speaking softly with Aerik but now her gaze moves to the stage and around, seeming to take inn the surroundings agian.
   Mira moves back out of the washroom, a little while later, change in to the work clothes and seemingly ready to go. Pen, paper pad and small cash container for her float is put on to a tray that she picks up from the bar. A deep sigh, "Busy night already...Hope they're good tippers..." SHe mutters, counting out her small float before looking about for tables that are in need of service.

Grace smiles as she turns and gives Antonio a hug and says "Well Nice-ish I supose." She then returns to her seat and says "I find I am strangly drawn to country music and dancing."

Aerik continues softly conversing with Catalina.. Upon seeing someone ascend the stage, he turns his attention toward the stage but continues talkikng quietly.

Arielle picks up the pool cue and says to Joel, "I've seen it played. Not for years. I can keep up. So on my turn I try to knock the stripey balls into the pocket." Maybe she's a pool shark? Just playing him? Probably not though.

Emrick sip his beer as he listens to Robins poem and appreciates the moving way he expresses the sad tones of the piece.

Conn picks up a fresh barnapkin and dries the eyes from his tears unashamedly and takes a swig of his cider to clear his throat.

Alexander watches the stage and gives heartfelt applause as the poem ends, joining Grace as they enjoy the demonstration of talent.

Mira might be getting started a little early, but she's got nothing else to really do. Those at the bar aren't really bothered as they are at the bar for a reason, direct and easy access to the main source of drinks, the Bartender. Instead she moves to the booths, first one being Cat and Aerik's. Of course she waits for the poem to be finished before actually speaking up. "You guys doing okay? Can I get you something else?"

Robin bows. "Thank you" and hurriedly leaves the stage for the bar and the comfort of his martini.

Grace claps at the performance as she scooches over to make room for Alex as she says "Its good to see you again. I hop you have been well?" If you speak English she has a faint manderin accent, if your Chinese she has a faint american accent.

Clara laughs at Cash's comment "Well I am alright wiht something tasteful" then winks at the big man "Oh she might like a surprise" Turning back to the stage she applauds for Robin

   Tony hugs Grace, "It ain't bad. I even learnt about square dancin' once." He listens to Robin, his head cocking to the side as he takes it all in then claps. He whispers to Alex and Grace, "He sure tells a story good, don't he?"

Conn takes the stage again, reluctant to follow such a moving performance but taking the bullet so that nobody else has to. His guitar replaces the piano and he beats the floor and the soundbox in place of drums. Nodding his head in rhythm to the words.

Cash gives a round of applause for Robin as well, grinning. "Yeah, but only if they are just for her." He laughs.

Clara laughs and smiles up at Cash "I will make sure you have the only copies" the pretty woman teases

Arielle gets herself ready and aiming. She sizes up the nearest striped ball on the pool table and hits it! The ball starts rolling right toward the pocket!

"Rosé glass of water..." Mira says aloud as she writes the order on her pad, "...And a refill on beer. What kind was it?" She says, looking over her shoulder and Hardy leans in. "Not now. It's my first night and I'm working." She says, trying to keep a calm demeanor.

Rick walks in with Bobbi, a smile on his face as he looks around the familiar place with new eyes. He nods to what Bobbi says after a long moment, and follows her to the bar, where he plops down next to her. "The music and the lights seem to just flow together in a perfect harmony and dance on the walls like the graceful dancers at the Vienna music halls when dancing to Strauss's blue danube" he says, a little thickly. He's obviously in very good spirits.

Joel grins, watching as Arielle's pick of pool ball lands in the pocket. "Good. But," he points out with a sip of his beer, "Beginner's luck." With a confident, almost cocky smile, he proceeds to run the next three stripes, sizing up the eight-ball. "You know, you could always distract me. Figure out how. Be creative." It's a lighthearted sort of flirting with the redhead, and only slightly inebriated. "If you lose, you've gotta sing. Them's the breaks, pool pun very much intended." Chalk, chalk, chalk.

Aerik is spoken to again, his eyes do not leave his table partner, "Hoppy kind.. uh.. something with ale.. Amber?" he blinks. "Yeah just surprise me.. "

Grace smiles to Alex "If I had known I could play I would have brought my guitar. Ill have to keep it in mind for next time."

   Cat looks as Hardy approaches but looks back to Mira. "Grab him just a hoppy light beer." Looking back to Aerik, she raises her brow before leaning forward to speak softly to him.

Emrick finishes off his beer and nods to Robin, "Thanks for the company and the poem, have a good one Robin." and with that he heads to the door, nodding a polite goodbye to those he knows as he passes on his way out.

Arielle laughs with Joel's joke. "Cute. Like singing is a punishment for me?" She giggles more! Taking her next turn, she picks the next striped ball, and while she may have hit it, it was way too light and it just stays there. "Well, darn."

Cash blushes a little at that. "I will let her know." He snickers to Clara, looking over as Mira starts her shift. She gets a wave and a thumbs up!

Hardy nods to Mira "As you wish" moving back to the bar

   After Rick poetically describes the scene, Bobbi looks around. "Huh, they kinda do," she says back to him. "Figured this place would be alright."

Conn stills his guitar again and departs the stage without considering that he should stop for applause without Wick there. Hearing Grace, as he approaches the bar, he tells her "There's a spare guitar on stage, specifically for guests. You're welcome to use it."

Tony grins as he gets a double strawberry margarita, "I should'a brought my crazy straw with me, but it ain't classy. Just fun." He gives a wink to Grace before he thinks about her not being able to see it. He giggles then, "Maybe sumebody here's got one that'd let you borrow?”

The red headed troublesome known as Erin, waits to come in as there are so many people "Holy shit, they weren't kidding" looking lost as she scoots away from the door so not to block it. There is a small mutter looking towards the exit as if to look like she might have made a mistake.

Clara grinz at Cash's blush and nudges him then applauds for Conn even going so far as to send out a whistle of approval.

In through the door ducks Roger. The giant gives a low whistle when he sees just how crowded the place is, but it's a performance night, so one would expect such a thing. Lumbering further in to the bar so he doesn't block the door, the bruiser heads for the bar and pulls out his wallet to produce a couple bills. It's one of those situations where the bartender's kept busy enough and can't get to everyone straight away, so the big man waits, money in hand to signal that he's in the queue. Such as it is.

"We'll see if it's a punishment for others," Joel quips back a bit sharply to Arielle. He moves to shoot the eight-ball, banking it back and into the near pocket, with a satisfied little noise. He folds his arms, nodding Arielle to the stage. "I'd offer to watch your beer, but I don't know if you trust me, so take it with you when you go to sing, yeah?" The dark-haired fellow leans against the pool table to watch, idly bouncing one of the unshot stripes against the felt.

Robin stands from the bar after polishing off his martini "Okay I'm gonna go. Thank you for that opportunity Conn it was nice. I'm gonna head out though. Have a good night "

Grace sniffs as she tilts her head. "Alex what kind of drink is that? It smells like sugar." Another sniff as she adds "And strawberries?"

Conn offers Robin a hug "Please. It was a pleasure."

"And an amber ale. Got it. Be back in a few." Mira says as she strides back to the bar, over at the portion that the waitresses would use, and plugs in the order. Seeing as it normally takes a few minutes to get to, she'll go take another order, while waiting for that one to be filled, then come back to exchange punch in new order. Aerik and Cat's order is brought out and set on the table in front of each, "Going to be staying long? If you have a card we can start you a tab, if you just wanna pay by the round, cash or card."

Alexander looks up and gives a wave to the big man and trouble maker as they enter, leaning over to sniff Tony's drink. "Strawberry margarita. Tony does love his sweets."

Hardy orders a cider from the bar, the irish kind looking over the people comming and going watching curiously.

Slowly making her way to the bar avoiding as many people as possible. Erin finds a spot to stand kinda out of the way grumbling as she has to wait to get someone's attention. She does look back to the door then at the stage and sighs. Tapping lightly on the bartop as she waits.

Cash applauds for Conn as well, chuckling to Clara. "You're just enjoyin' makin me blush at this point. I am on to your game."

Aerik reaches into his pocket and pulls out a twenty, hands it to Mira.. "THis cover it?" he asks, his eyes still on Cat.

Cat chuckles at something then looks up as Mira returns. Nibbling she looks over and goes to move for her backpack but Aerik beats her. Clearing her throat she looks back over at the server. "I think this may be our last round. Thanks though."

   Tony leans over against Grace, holding up his glass to her. "You wanna sip?"

Arielle picks up the beer. "Well, a deal is a deal. Now, how do you get on the list, or do I just sing for you here?"

Conn grins at Arielle "No list. First come first served. If you need support, I'm always happy to accompany. There's a spare guitar on the stage for those who don't have or didn't bring their own."

   "More than enough." Mira says as she goes to make change for the pair, she gives the two a little closer of a look, as if remembering them from a long time ago, but she shakes her head and counts the change out on to the table, "Well you two have a good night when you get out of here."

Clara grinz and nods to Cash "you make it so easy though"

Joel smiles. "Oh no. You have to go up to the stage and sing," he informs Arielle archly. Then, with barely a pause for breath: "Hey Arthur!" he calls through the crowd, his voice cutting through to Conn. "Amy Adams over here wants to sing! Give her the mic, huh?" He's loud when he wants to be. And, indeed, he starts clapping in advance, as if to leave Arielle without much choice.

Soon enough, Roger's reached by the bartender. He orders, "Gimme an Irish cider. Uhh... whichever you got," he adds when asked if there was a particular brand desired. Roger knows he likes Irish, but apparently is unaware of the various particulars available. The bruiser collects his drink and takes a swig from the bottle before turning about to look towards the stage.

Cash shakes his head. "Yeah, well sometimes it's easy on me." A chuckle. "It depends on the context or the surroundins."

Wick turns up at Conn's side, having emerged from the VIP Loungue a moment ago. He grins at Arielle. "Good luck. And... I'd be happy to accompany you as well, if you like." He nods. His smile quirks as he glances to Joel who is already clapping. "Hi Joel."

   Tony overheard Conn, and nudges Grace, "Did you hear him? He said they got guitars you kin borrow if you wanna play. Come on - I'd love to hear you play." He see Erin and grins, "Hey there! Another I ain't seen in forever. How's it goin'?"
   "Thank you." Cat smiles at Mira before looking back to Aerik. "Wanna get out of here after this round?" Picking up her wine she takes a sip then.

Aerik smiles and nods, taking a drink of his beer, "Sounds good to me."

Clara laughs warmly and nudges her friend with a smile "I'll stop" she promises, more like a little sister than a flirt where Cash is concerned

Grace says, “I guess I could play something." She stands and ask Tony "Guide me to the stage please?" She leaves her cane with Alex.”

Hardy waves to Wick with a broad smile from the bar but not wanting to disturb him if he was performing.

Chewing on her lower lip a little bit, Erin looks towards Hardy looking down at herself as if maybe she got something on herself. Erin looks back up as someone shows up for her order she places one for a Fuzzy Navel.

   Mira moves away from the table and a few feet away she gives an audible sigh as she moves towards the bar. Maybe the next table will tip. She grabs their drinks and pauses over at that table, letting them use the portable machine to pay with the card, "Thanks, just flag me down if you need anything else." Next she swings by the pool table, "Need a refill, or you still good?"

Aerik doesn't accept the change at all from Mira. He smiles and nods to Cat, taking a drink of his beer, "Sounds good to me."

Conn affectionately ruffles Wick's hair, "Looks like this is a success," he says to the young man he chuffs with pride, and begins meandering about the crowd to try and press hands with as many of the new people.

Alexander rests a hand on Grace's shoulder, giving it a friendly, encouraging squeeze as he takes the cane.

Arielle takes a sip of her beer, and smiles to Joel. "Well, I did agree. I'll go give it a whirl." She walks up to the stage and figures this out.

Cash mmhms. "For now, I am sure." He winks. "I ain't scared of the teasin." He comments to Clara.

Joel keeps clapping for another moment or two, but he stops, with one final clap, as Arielle approaches the stage, prepared to listen. He nods to Wick, but the bulk of his attention is on his redheaded pool-shooting new acquaintance. He cups a hand over his mouth, calling out, "Play something good!" with enough warmth in there to make sure he's not /really/ heckling the erstwhile singer. Guinness in one hand, he leans back to watch.

Wick laughs as Conn ruffles his hair and nods. "Mm. Looks like it." As Arielle takes to the stage, he is among the first to applaud. Grinning at Mira, he says, "Sure. Could go for a beer." His smile quirks a bit at Joel. "Make it a Guiness. And Joel's next one is on me too, if he wants it."

Clara laughs as she watches the club full of friends and unfamiliar faces combined and smiles up at Cash "Good"

Wick catches Hardy's wave over from the bar, and returns it with a broad smile. But he doesn't speak, not wanting to interupt the music.

Erin jumps as Hardy leans to speak to her and her eyes widen as she turns to look at him all wide eyed. Rubbing her nose a moment before she comments

Joel raises his car keys with the Magic 8-Ball keychain to Wick, and then raises a single finger. No, not the middle one; the index. One drink; he drove here.

Grace hears Arielle on the stage so sits near it to wait her turn as she smiles and waits paitiantly.

Mira gives a nod to Wick and keeps on moving. Too busy right now to stick around and chat as she moves to put the Guiness order in. If Joel wants another, she'll end up grabbing him one if he says he wants it. And since a proper glass of Guiness requires timne to settle, she moves off to take another order while it's being prepared. SHe does keep an eye out for anyone flagging a server.

Roger watches the young woman take the stage and finds a wall to lean against while nursing his cider. He notes Mira bustling about the floor and gives her a nod in greeting, but he has his drink so she's free from his thirst. The giant picks Bobbi out of the crowd and tosses her a nod as well. He looked as if he were about to say something, but catches himself. A performance begins!

Cash looks down to a buzz from his pocket. He slips out his phone and grins. "I gotta get home, Clara. Nice chattin with you." He offers, giving her a hug if allowed before heading towards the door.

   Bobbi waves at Roger with the fingers of her left hand, and gives him a big goofy smile. She's obviously on something, but seems fully in control. The man sitting next to her? Borderline, but no one's making a scene.

Aerik nods at something Catalina said and turns up his beer, taking it down in just a few quick gulps.

Clara returns the hug with a grin "I shoudl go too, nice to see you Cash"

Looking at the microphone, Arielle is a bit hestiant. She isn't used to a stage of anything. She taps it a couple times and cringes at some feedback. A bit reluctantly she says, "This is a song that means a lot to me. I hope you like it." She takes in a deep cleansing breath and the sweet enchanting melody pours out from her heart.

   "Look at this stuff, Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
   Wouldn't you think I'm the girl, the girl who has ev'rything?
   Look at this trove, Treasures untold. How many wonders can one cavern hold?
   Lookin' around here you'd think? Sure, she's got everything."

Arielle relaxes into the song, letting her voice just soar. There is an ease to it, like breathing that just comes so natural to the red head. She smiles and leans in a bit, like she is telling a secret to the audience when she admits to what she has in this song, giving it character, trying to pull them into the narrative.

   "I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty. I've got whozits and whatzits galore.
   You want thingamabobs? I got twenty.
   But who cares? No big deal. I want more......
   I want to be where the people are. I want to see, want to see 'em dancin'.
   Walkin' around on those, Whad'ya call 'em? oh - feet.
   Flippin' your fins you don't get too far. Legs are required for jumpin', dancin'.
   Strollin' along down a, What's that word again? street...."

Erin looks at Hardy with big violet eyes and scoots a little bit away. But then there is a familier face and she can't help but smile "Tony!!!!!" she gets up and moves around to sit next to him "Shit yeah it's been like fucking forever. Why have you been hiding?" She notices she was loud blushing

Clara waves to her friends with a smile and slips out also

Joel knows the song, perhaps surprisingly. But then again, perhaps not, when considering his trenchcoat 1990s look. "The Little Mermaid, seriously?" he mutters, but gives her a thumbs-up for her performance, at least. And he's been flirting with her off and on, so of course he leans in to watch, an appreciative smile on his face, even if there's a slight dubiousness tugging at it. He sips his beer, starting to hum a few bars of 'Under the Sea'. Unlike Arielle, he can't particularly carry a tune.

Rick has, for whatever reason, seemed to have lacked the ability to filter as he jabbers at the bar with Bobbi and anyone else within earshot. Once the singing starts he has a big smile on his face, swaying in time with the music and mercifully shuts up.

Wick nods with respect as Joel lifts that one finger. But then stills as Arielle begins to sing. A broad smile flashes across his features. He leans back against the edge of the pool table to listen with appreciation. As she brings the song to a close, he is quick to applaud, and even places a couple fingers between his lips for a shrill whistle.

Mira comes back to the pool table with that Guiness and a couple other drinks for a different table, "I assume you're putting it on the tab for now and you'll get it sorted later?" She asks the man, already turning her momentum towards her other customers.

Now Arielle sings as if she truly is free. Her arms open wide, eyes closed as she lets the music take her over. Her voice is soothing, and sweet, yet strong and confident.

   Up where they walk. Up where they run. Up where they stay all day in the sun.
   Wanderin' free. Wish I could be. Part of that world....
   What would I give, if I could live, Outta these waters?
   What would I pay, to spend a day warm on the sand?
   Betcha on land, they understand. Bet they don't reprimand their daughters
   Bright young women. Sick o' swimmin'. Ready to stand...........
   And ready to know what the people know.
   Ask 'em my questions, and get some answers.
   What's a fire and why does it, What's the word? burn.......?
   When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love. Love to explore that shore above?
   Out of the sea.
   Wish I could be.
   Part of that... world................."

Arielle holds out the last note for seemingly forever before fading out. Her smile just shines and she skips on off the stage!

Grace grins to Arielle and says "Wow dont make me have to work harder." She does offer a smile as she gives a polite wave in that general direction.

Conn applauds unironically, a bright smile on his face.

Alexander smirks a bit at Erin's belayed reaction. "Behind me, mostly. I may not be quite as large as Roger here, but.. large enough." and he gives Arielle a laughing spplause as she finishes up her song.

Wick cheers with the rest of the crowd as Arielle's song turns out to be one of the biggest hits of the night. As Mira turns up with his Guiness, he offers her an appreciative nod. "Yeah. Thanks Mira!" And he tilts his head back for a deep draught.

Grace walks onto the stage and sits as she is handed a guitar. She holds it in a weird position. The base of the huitar in her lap, but the neck held up towards her shoulder as she plucks it a few times tuning it.

<FAE> SHe may be hustling around serving drinks in the real world, but already Mira's getting that feel about her that she's going to be getting hit with that repetitveness of work like this. Wings don't move at all, they might as well not be there, violet eyes don't shine as bright. Even if this place has glamour about it, the job will still end up being banal.

Joel looks pensive, though, as Arielle finishes. He applauds, but threads his way through the crowd to ask her something quietly, finishing off his beer and setting the empty on a passing server's tray with an apologetic, if rather careless, smile. His attention turns to Grace as he awaits Arielle's reply, his head tilted a bit curiously.

Tony claps and then looks to Grace, "It ain't a competition I don't think. Just enjoy yourself." He grins at Arielle though and gives her a thumbs up.

Rick slides off the barstool and stands, giving Arielle applause, shouting out in appreciation. //Bellissimo! Bellissimo! La tua padronanza della canzone ci vergogna tutti!//

It's Disney, and it's cutesy, but Roger can still appreciate it. The bruiser lets loose a loud whistle and lifts his bottle in salute before taking another swig. He watches as another takes the stage, his interest in the show apparent. When he hears his name spoken, the giant looks about until he notices Alexander. A grin and nod's given in greeting, but he remains quiet for the upcoming performance.

   Cat chuckles at something then claps at the end of the Ariel song. Standings she downs the rest of her wine and gathers her backpack as Aerik goes to handle something.

Aerik says something to Catalina after downing his beer and stands, he makes his way over to Mira and offers something to her, speaking quietly to her.

Wick finishes off the last of his Guiness. And with that last excellent performance, he decides to head out for the night. He drops over to say something quietly to Conn and offers him a warm smile before heading for the door.

Arielle has her beer in her hand as she left the stage. Moving back to Joel she says, "You going to try it?" Then he says something to her and she grins and replies.

Grace starts to softly pluck out the tune for Imagine by John Lennon. As she reaches the right part she opens her mouth and in a rich tone sings.

   Imagine there's no heaven
   It's easy if you try
   No hell below us
   Above us, only sky
   Imagine all the people
   Livin' for today . . . Ah
   Imagine there's no countries
   It isn't hard to do
   Nothing to kill or die for
   And no religion, too
   Along with everyone Erin claps as the last note ends and Ariella skips off the stage. Now that Erin is looking at more people she sees people she knows, but then there is another person on the stage and she nudges Tony as she watches.

Conn quickly steps behind the bar to fill a glass with ice and grab a pint bottle of Magners, taking one of the barstools and sitting with his back against the bar until Wick comes close. He whispers something back and picks the smaller man up into an affectionate bear hug, kissing him briefly on one cheek.

Joel looks vaguely scandalized at Arielle's offer. "Look, Red, I perform every minute of my life. I don't need a stage to do it. Besides, I can't sing." He grins at her quiet reply, shrugging. "Makes sense. I bet people make the joke a lot, though, huh?" And he turns to study the John Lennon singer, brows raised slightly skeptically, but adds to Arielle, "Imagine... a guy like me singing something like that. Nobody'd take it seriously for a second."

Arielle giggles, "Well, I have not been called that in awhile." She sips her drink and looks over to Grace on the stage and listens a moment. "Word wise, yeah. You do not seem like one that expresses himself through music. I take you more for an hands on kinda guy. What do you do?"

   Mira looks over her shoulder, sort of in that daze of being busy, then looks as the cash is given over. "Oh. Thanks. Have a nice night." She says as she moves off to take another order. She looks towards the stage as the woman sings and gives a sigh. Likely not going to get up there herself tonight.

Grace almost seems to fall into a rythem, a trance as she sings. This what they probably mean by finding kung fu in everything you do as she just slips into that artistic rythem, that flow that comes from some place extra deep. Her fingers dance over the strings as she holds the guitar in an upright position. Imagine all the people, Livin' life in peace You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us, And the world will be as one. . .

Rick is content to stand there now, listening to the beautiful music. His eyes are closed, a goofy grin on his face. His fingers twitch a bit, as if he was playing 'imagine' on the piano only in his head.

"Take a guess. Your first guess is right." Joel finds a quiet space in the rush of the crowd. He doesn't answer Arielle any further until or unless she sits, although a sneakered foot does kick out a chair for her, with a slightly discordant note against 'Imagine.' It's quiet, though, and likely mostly covered by the crowd noise.

Roger drains his cider and sets the bottle aside. Something about this song apparently leaves the giant a little sour. Weirdo. He doesn't outright scowl, but there's a weary irritation that crosses his face. It certainly wasn't the performance, in any case. The giant turns and heads for the door, apparently having had enough of open mic night.

Tony downs the rest of his drink and then motions for a refill as he listens to Grace on the stage. He sways to the music, and leans up against Alex.

Tony grins over at Erin, "I ain't been hidin', you have. I had the truck out on the beach several times 'n ain't seen you there yet."

   Looking between Tony and Alex she grins turning to listen to Grace play. Turning to look back at Tony "Really?" she makes a face
   Erin pouts "Well now i'm sad"

On her ways past during the rounds, Mira stops near Joel, "Wick said that your next Guiness is on him, want me to grab that for you?" She pauses long enough for him to answer before going to fill orders.

Aerik nods and makes his way back over to Cat with a smile and an offered hand, "Shall we?"

Alexander leans toward Erin and offers... "Maybe we'll make a special trip to make sure you get an especially tasty plate."

Grace slowly comes to an end for her song as she sawys slightly with the notes of the music as she plays them on the guitar and sings.

   "You may say I'm a dreamer
   But I'm not the only one
   I hope someday you'll join us
   And the world will be as one. . . "

As she finishes she sets the guitar to the side and reaches out to guide herself as she walks off the stage.

   Cat takes his hand and nods. "Yeah sure." At that she puts her backpack on her free arm.

Conn smiles amiably at Catalina and Aerik as they are leaving, seemingly taking the rules about hospitality behind the bar *very* seriously. "You two get home safely."

Hardy waves to Conn, Mira and Roger heading towards the door not wanting to disturb the singing he slips out silently

Joel blinks at Mira's approach. "And I told Wick I was having only one Guinness, 'cause I gotta drive myself back to Carlsbad. Tell him he's not my type, even if he gets me drunk," he drawls, looking around for the missing fellow, with a smile to soften the words, if slightly. His jokes are always sharp. "Besides, ask your boss-man. My drinks are always free here anyway." He tilts his chair back slightly at the small table he's chosen.

   Sagely nodding a few times to Alex "Shit yeah! tell me when and I'll fucking be there with bells on" Erin nods her head a few times and checks her pockets "Fuck did i ever give you my card?"

Aerik nods to Conn and grins, "Nice place ya got here.. G'night." he says before leading Cat out.

Rick sighs contentedly once the song comes to its end, his fingers finishing the song in time with the actual music. He takes a deep, slow breath and sits back down "She was very good Bobbi..very very good. I could see the shapes of the music and it was just sublime." Whatever, weirdo.

Erik steps into the bar, a strangely shaped case in his hand. He looks around a bit before heading toward the bar.

I gotta go to the bathroom," Bobbi says quietly to Rick. "Watch my drink," she says pointing to half a Campari and Soda on the bar. Bobbi begins to head to the bathroom, but then mixes in with the crowd and heads for the door, out of Rick's sight. Once outside, Bobbi takes off on our bike to enjoy the evening, leaving her companion to fend for himself on what can only be descibed as a heroic dose of acid. It's not malicious, she's not trying to ditch him, it's more just a teaching moment. Bicycle Day afterall, is the Universe's teaching day.

Grace makes her way to her seat back at the bar as she reclaims her cane and smiles as she ask TOny and Alex. "So?"

Looking through her pockets Erin pulls some papers from them, notes, recipes then ahs and tries to smooth out a card before handing it to Tony "Ta da" she shoves the stuff back in her pocket "To my shop, usually find me there" she begins to count on her numbers "Well call leave a message if anything I'll get back to ya and shit" she sagely nodsnods her head. She turns to notice Grace has finish and claps for her in the process she notices the smile and the wink. She blushes and returns a very shy little wave in return.

Arielle takes the kicked out chair, and takes a seat. The song over, she claps for her and waits to see who sings next.

   Doesn't faze Mira any, Guiness are a pain in the ass anyway with all the pourin, settling, pouring. Other people that are paying are more her interest, as everyone knows, tips are the way that a waitress makes money. She stops by the bar for a few moments, taking a break from the near constant movement on her, "I need to have a smoke..." She says to the bartender and other nearby servers, and possibly the boss if he's nearby.

At your table, Conn directs his voice to Grace's spot on the bar as bes the can, speaking from the diaphragm rather than shouting, "You were wonderful. Full of grace. It was excellent, thank you."

Conn nods at Mira "Don't worry about it. I can step behind the bar and help Charlie if he needs, but I'm just too clumsy for serving," he says with a good natured self effacing grin.

At your table, Grace smiles to Conn and nods her head. "Next time I shall have to bring my lute. I know its not exactly the kind of music you expect to foind here but it has a very specific cound."

At your table, Rick takes a deep breath and nods to Bobbi as she goes to the 'bathroom'. He turns back around and faces the bar, playing with a half drank bottle of water. The smell of Bobbi's alcohol however makes him wrinkle his nose, so he pushes it away from him. He hears a familiar voice and looks up "Conn my dear friend, how are you today! This is a fantastic performance that is really has enlivened my spirit. Thank you so much for doing this." He has a goofy grin, eyes like saucers and is tripping the light fantastic.

Erik saddles up to the bar and orders a shot of Tullamore Dew. Paying tipping and downing the shot as soon as it arrvies before heading over to Conn.. "Hey."

At your table, Conn looks at Rick and bites his lip. "Um ... You doing okay Rick? Glad you liked the performance. The open mic night is a thing the bar did back before it fell into disuse. I am just reviving a tradition."

Conn looks at his phone, furious, and taps a response to a message. He smiles to Erik "Hey, Welcome to the Murder's Open Mic Night. Stage is free if you want to hit it."

At your table, Rick smiles at Conn broadly "Oh, I am just fine, thanks for asking. Its bicycle day! Bicycle...bicycle..i want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike..." he actually riffs a little bit of the Queen song. While he's not good enough to stand up to sing, he's not terrible either.

"Tony grins at Grace, "You did great! I didn't know you was that good." He looks at Erin and Alex, "We can take it wherever we want. Or.. at least where the permits Ambs got us will allow us. I kin take it right down on the beach as long it is not in certain places meant for just folks."

Erik grins and nods, "Cool I haven't missed it." he looks to the stage.. "This is either gonna be fun or a disaster."

Alexander makes a big show of double kiss blowing with a smackig 'mwhua'. "Magnifico" and if anyone speaks Italian... Alex doesn't. Just shamelessly cribing from Bugs Bunny.

   Erin turns to look at Erik and waves towards him then cheers him on "Erik, Erik!!"
   Looking to Tony and Alex she grins "Well just tell me and I'll be there" she sagely nods

Erik makes his way to the stage and sets the case down, pulling out his instrument before stepping on the stage.

At your table, Antonio looks over at Rick and grins, "Guess the dude likes his bike, huh?"

Alexander watches the next act set up. "Our favorite spot is at or near the beach..."

At your table, Conn looks between Antonio and Alexander "So. I normally have a wingman. But. You two a couple?" he turns *bright* red asking.

   Smiling at Alex "Well yeah the beach is the best. Fuck I haven't been there like in ages" Erin blinksblinks and looks at Conn and tries not to laugh but it doesn't last long before she is laughing.

Erik takes the stage carrying a very old looking Bouzouki. Stepping up to the mic, he pulls a stool closer to take a seat and starts strumming. "This one is not my own. The band that I originally heard it from is gone now and I'd like to dedicate it to their fiddle player, may she rest in peace." When he starts singing his Irish accent comes out.

(OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAjLJekvADk if you want to hear the song)

   I met him in a pub one night, In a crowd of Well-to-do's
   He had a claddagh on each finger, And a shamrock on each shoe.
   And when he said Top o' the Mornin', My heart was filled with dread.
   Well he said his name was Danny Boy, So I shot him in the head.
   Raise up a cheer and lift your pints, And hold them way up high.
   And sing a song of tragedy beneath the Irish sky.
   From the glen the pipes are calling, But he never will reply.
   For I buried Danny Boy beneath, the fields of Athenry.
   Tu-ra-lu, Tu-ra-lay. I thought I might drop him in Gallway Bay.
   Tu-ra-lu, Tu-ra-lye. Well I buried Danny Boy beneath the fields of

At your table, Antonio grins at Conn and nods, "Actually, guess you would say a trio? 'Cause Ambs is the lady of the house."

At your table, Conn clicks his fingers in the universal "aw shucks" motion "Can't blame a guy for trying," he says with a bright grin, "I don't mean to overstep."

   Looking away from Conn with a wink before she looks to Erik play. She seems impressed, perhaps she didn't know the man could sing.