Adele Carruthers

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"In a closed society where everybody's guilty, the only crime is getting caught. In a world of thieves, the only final sin is stupidity."
— Hunter S. Thompson

Adele Carruthers
This Kindred shit is no different then street shit. There are big dogs, and there are small dogs, and the big eat the weak. The Camarilla may try and make it look pretty by dressing it up in ball gown and bow ties, but Toreador, Ventrue and Gangrel might as well be sporting colors. Still, I know how to navigate the streets. Fuck, I'm queen of the streets. I can handle this Kindred stuff.

I was born twenty two years ago in New York, the center of the world. Shining towers and wretched poor...we had it all. Well, my family didn't, but the city did. I grew up in Brooklyn, to be specific, and we didn't have anything easy. My dad was a small-time crook who was too afraid to stand up to any of the big names in the area, and my mom was usually too busy porking the neighbors to give any of us kids the time of day. I had four brothers, and two sisters. Irish families, right?

Almost all of my brothers and sisters were involved in the 'family business' before they were out of middle school. I fell into the same boat, but unlike my siblings and my idiot dad I was -good- at it. Not just good, I kicked ass at it. I got into music a bit too, singing and playing guitar in a band. We never really got noticed, but it was fun.

When I was fourteen my entire family got hit in a sting operation. I managed to escape only due to not being home that day. I immediately skipped town and started heading west. I hitchhiked, stole...did whatever I had to do to keep moving. I hit Prospect when I was sixteen, and began integrating myself with the local criminal element.

I stuck around until I was twenty, and then heard about a major drug deal going on up in San Francisco. I headed up north...and just outside of the city I was jumped by an angry bald man. He drained me dry and fed me...and I haven't seen him since. Fucker. If I ever see that man again, I'm going to put a two foot piece of oak right through his second and third rib.

Anyways, I stayed alive as I could in the city, living off of my instincts for a few weeks, until some of the San Fran Cammies took me in. They made real sure I understood my 'place' as one of the Clanless, and I learned their Laws, and began playing their game. I'm better at this then most of my kind, but I'd love to get a bunch of us together. Maybe start a fucking Caitiff Union or something.

I stuck around the city until recently. Now I'm back in Prospect, reconnecting with my old buddies, and jumping in chest deep.

RP Hooks
Adele Carruthers/RP Hooks

Vampire Character

Age: 20
Sire: ????
Hometown: New York, New York
Profession: Career Criminal
Clan: Caitiff

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Song: Undecided



  • Ricky Sanders, a local Coyote. He gets illegals across the border.
  • Brenda Kayes, a bitter manager at the Prospect DMV.
  • Sandro, a dirty police informant.


  • Sgt. Donovan Reed, a local police officer.
  • K-Dawg, a local drug dealer.
  • Vladimir Estovich, a Captain for the Russian Mob.

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