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“The sea, the whip and weave of waves. I feel them run through my mind, my body, as if my heart is just another shell tugged in the tides.”
- Adeline Llyr

Others say about Adeline:
'innocence, mischief, and mystery capped in red.' - Kokoro
'glorious, morbid little thing.' - Aiode

Red Dress Drowning.jpg

"Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time."
- H.P. Lovecraft
Full Name: Dr. Adeline Llyr
Apparent Age: late 20s
Occupation: Artist; Postdoc Fellow in Oceanography at UC-P
Demeanor: Child
Nature: Visionary
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Fame: Really strange paintings. Wasn’t her work long-listed for the British Turner Prize a couple of years ago?
Music: Spotify playlist; 'External Intention' - Neuroq;'Depraved' - Mammals; 'Audio Deepest Night' - Cell; 'Oobleck' - Kaki King

Plot Hooks

The Ocean/The Sea:
Adeline spends a LOT of time in, near and around the sea – or researching it in Oceanography library holdings. Anybody working with the sea, with boats, with surfing, or with marine biology, will be fascinating to her.

The Street:
Adeline can be found frequenting dealers in certain forms of narcotics ...

The University:
Adeline is a postdoctoral fellow who has come to UC Prospect as part of an interdisciplinary, multi-year Physical Oceanography project. As part of this multimillion dollar project, certain postdoctoral fellows have been hired to communicate and express research through a range of media, including art.

Adeline Llyr is far from widely famous, but her artwork is definitely known among a select cognoscenti: specifically, people who are passionate about emerging figures in contemporary British art, and who have a taste for the uncanny and strange. She was featured in an exhibition on young Welsh artists in 2014, was long listed for the prestigious British Turner prize in 2018, and shortly before she came to Prospect her work was included in a Tate Modern exhibition "Strange Seas".

Adeline Llyr

Scarlet hair cascades around a face of sharp fragility: high cheekbones and wide grey eyes, bone structure as strong and delicate as driftwood. Against her pallor, her hair stands out: startling red, loose past her shoulder blades, bright as fire, as love, as a warning. She's small and slender, 5'4", and looks to be in her mid to late 20s. Her long-fingered pale hands flutter, always pushing the hair back from her face, and her expression speaks of sweetness and something stranger. Her lilting accent is not American.

She wears a black silk shift dress and black sandals, straps twining up bare calves, and mis-matched gloves, her right fingerless lace and the left full-fingered silk. Her jacket is navy leather, the back decorated with strange, white, abstract patterns - seaweed, fish, octopi - a bizarre heraldry of undersea.

”Night is my sister, and how deep in love,
How drowned in love, and weedily washed ashore
At the tide’s edge, I lie. These things and more . . .

Small chance, however, in a storm so black,
A man will leave his friendly fire and snug
For a drowned woman's sake, and bring her back
To drip and scatter shells upon the rug.”

(Edna St. Vincent Millay)

TIME OUT LONDON Art Review, Strange Seas, Tate Modern, 2019

“ … yet the strangest contributor to the exhibition is without question that by Adeline Llyr, the young Welsh artist honoured a few years ago by reaching the long list of the Turner Prize. Her work has only grown more uncanny since. There is no understating the ferocity and strangeness of her undersea images. Vivid and haunting, her massive-scale canvases overwhelm the human perceiver. The sea in sunlight, the sea at night, tumultuous waves, deep quiet caverns — and most striking of all, the midnight darkness of the Bathypelagic Zone.”

Twi1dXv.jpg Girl underwater with clock.jpg WjRgkG0.jpg NTSd5nH.jpg


Ann: You are interesting and kind.

Aiode: let's tell stories and whisper secrets and hide in strange places and find everything beautiful.

Amelie: So beautiful and friendly!

Aramis: Who are you? That talk - a devastating depth of poetic recognition.

Astra: You're so much fun. We have to have some adventures :D

Blair: Wonderful sea enthusiasm. I want to know more about your project.

Bieta: Fascinating calligraphy, and a lovely daughter. I hope to talk to you again!

Bobbi: Wise and grounded, you can make metal into dream.

Bodie: "CPR, man? really??!!" [ok, sorry, he's an NPC, but he's fucking hilarious. He makes the list!]

Breanna: You're so gentle and sweet. I would love to discuss languages and other talents with you!

Caelan: OMG I love your books! And Sexy Hogwarts theorizing definitely made me giggle. We should grab another drink sometime.

Cassie: you and Seraphine are WONDERFUL! I cannot wait to get to know you both better. Honestly it is pure fun and happiness to be around you both.

Cheshire: utterly compelling. And I cannot believe you recognised my art from my jacket, and more seriously I cannot believe you feel the same way about water as I do. We /have/ to talk more.

Cleo: an unusual midnight surf instructor.

Conn: One of the most stalwart, wonderful people I know. You're incredibly wise, and you cherish dear Wick.

Dalvin: So shy, but seems friendly!

De Gris: Diogenes’ Just Man. I want to discuss ethics some more.

Evie: I'll always be happy to give friendly advice about fetish gear and water-based lube options

Floyd: I am still amazed at what you did. The sheer gallantry! Incredible!

Goldie: *Grin* a comrade in chrome-plated-breastplate arms.

Grayling: I adored talking to you about sculpture! I can't wait to discuss art and Russia and ruined Soviet industrial spaces with you again.

Hardy: Guardian. You carve like a dream, and give the most wonderful hugs.

Hayden: Such a kind person! And a great choice in jackets.

Hector: GENIUS! Using 3D printing to create fetish-style chrome laquered breastplates! Yesssss!!

Hop: We disagree about seals, but you have a point!

Jazz: you make me laugh so much and you have the BEST cat. And best ice cream. A total fucking pal in times of challenge, and I appreciate you a lot.

Jolene: Beautiful, gracious and multi-talented. I love your interdisciplinary approach.

Kabin: Wonderful linguist and academic collaborator! And FANTASTIC hugs!

Kai: Relaxed and friendly. You love the sea with all your heart.

Katie: Enchanting, so light of heart, with hints of such shadows overcome.

Kokoro: I have only met you a couple of times, but I really like you. You seem dangerous and barbed and funny -- and a GREAT companion in a playground. I'll take the slide!

Llewellyn: Tell me another beautiful lie. Tell me everything I want to hear.

Madeline: Incredibly beautiful and graceful and just altogether dizzying. Every time you talk to me I feel honored.

Mikael: Generous and gorgeous and I really want to get to know you better!

Myrtle: God you're glamorous. And your grandmother was a HOT SCREEN LEGEND!

Molly: Glittering data edifices -- and kindness. We must talk more!

Naomi: Stunning dancing. OMG. /Stunning/

Octava: Gorgeous and fun and oh m god? Alphie? What a darling??

Otto: Yes! You're the BEST kind of adventuring gentleman Scientist.

Paige: Beautiful, but frankly kinda intimidating.

Phil: I never deserved you, darling. You're the best person I ever met. I'm so, so fucking sorry.

Rick: I respect you so much. I hate that I disappointed you. But I am a lot smarter and wilder than you realise, hon. I hope one day you can see me as not just a failure but an equal and a friend, just with a very different approach than yours.

Roger: You were a fabulous wingman :D

Rory: I adore your Arcade space! We all need to have that pizza and beer :D

Rufus: You're a lot of fun, I gotta admit it. I like being patronised by clever people. Go Quantum!

Sammi: Resourceful and mysterious!

Santino: Fascinating music and an interesting person!

Sara Jane: You’re tough and charming. And obscure journals are my favorite journals.

Seraphine: Darling Seraphine, how do I describe how precious and kind you are! I love my time with you and Cassie so much sweetheart. Pure happiness and nourishing. I cherish these friendships!

Skye: Gorgeous and a lot of fun!

Sumter: You're one of the most fantastic, wise people I have ever met. I value you.

Tabin: Charming, and loves boats! We should all go on a group scuba dive soon!

Thea: Please do tell me more about Greek poetry of the sea!

Typhanie: You've come through fire and are the most incredible person. And you've saved me from horror, twice. I love you dearly.

Valentina: What words can fit you, darling? Fire and recalcitrance and absolutely steadfast love and challenge. You make me feel I can grow. And I know you're right. The most important step is the next one.

Vivian: I'd love to talk to you more. Nice Army t-shirt. Solid Hufflepuff views.

Wick: Sunshine Twin. You understand me. I will value you always.

Moved on; always missed

Delphine: Maenad bacchanalia, with a classical edge. Let’s tear up the world and make it a song.