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I'm a teacher, a sharper of young minds, I have worked at the university for the last 15 years. I teach medical philosophy, medical law, medical ethics. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, we need to sharpen it on the rocks of life, making sure it does not break or bend.

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Mike- Welcome to the truth young man, welcome to the bright new future. Status: Harder Worker

Mikaela- She has a good mind and a good soul. Status: Friend

Aldebaran- A man with a mind for learning, he impressed me greatly. Status: Wunderkind

Lisde- A young student prefer good times to work for them. But seems to be smarter then she lets on. Status: Odd Bird

Kim- You have a new chance in life don't waste it. Status: Sinner

Emma- Life is a river of choices, and surprises you have done it to me as well. Status: The thief

Eden Quicker learner, diligent. Status: Helpful hands.


Richard - The man with the plan, it is a wise one, I will follow orders. Status:Strong Leader

Sae- Long ago, was a pupil now a friend, we shall see. Status: Old friend

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Full name:Aldos Amon Townsend

Occupation: Professor of Medical Ethics, Medical Law

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Cloaking 5

Node 3

Allies 4

Genius 5

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RP Hooks
Professor- At the university.

Law- It is what I teach to young medical students.

Obedience- It is a my second thing I teach, to know one's place in life.

Ethics- What makes us men and woman, not animals in the field.

Tokyo- Recently back from teaching aboard there at a major university.

Trying to open a foundation for injured soldiers and children to give them working limbs.

Student Advisory- Do you need help figuring out your future, I got you young one.

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