Alessandra Giovanni

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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within."

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Independent "Is there any other way?"
Sabbat "I cannot dislike you, for some things I would love to learn from you."
Anarchs "Live and let live."
Camarilla "Living in an ivory tower on top of the world. Or so you imagine. Still, there are a few good seeds among you."
Mortals "Puppets in the grand scheme of things."
Mages "What beautiful, deadly powers you possess."
Wolves "I keep my distance very deliberately."
Floaties "Needed and sometimes adored while equally abhored."

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La Mia Famiglia

Gabriel Giovanni: My brother, my hero. Overprotective? Yes. I am. It's mutual.




Aubrey: Italian family? That has a familiar ring to it.

Pietro: As an Italian and fellow Giovanni, a relative of mine, I can understand him being all about family also. Somehow though, his relationship with his mother seems.. odd. His father even odder.


Sebastian: What can I say? No, really. What can I say? Don't you just love danger?

Syn: Rather protective. Rather large.

Arik: A nice and friendly gent.

Slayton: Outspoken, almost brutally so, but he has a lot to say that interests me.

Silvana: Always a smile each time our paths cross.

Nicolai: Interesting. Perhaps a contact more for my brother than myself. Perhaps.

Brandt: And Jeeves. Thick as thieves. Camarilla, certainly.

Adele Sweetheart: Adele Sweetheart. Lovely name, friendly. Perhaps a good contact to have.

Vegard: Prince of Darkness. It has a nice ring to it.

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Alessandra Violetta Giovanni

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Race: Vampire
Name: Alessandra Giovanni
App. Age: 22
Heritage: Italian
Occupation: Real Estate Acquisitions
Demeanor: Celebrant
Status: Unencumbered
Views: How do you outrun the monster... when you are the monster? - Anita Blake
Played By: Ryan Newman

Vampire.png Giovanni.png Independent.png

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RP Hooks
  • Real estate acquisition: She buys them cheap, fixes them sometimes, sells for more. Or she pieces out larger businesses for profit.
  • House Collector: Sometimes she has trouble letting go of properties and keeps them. She owns several properties in and out of the United States.
  • Italian: She was born in Italy and lived there for a portion of her life.
  • Toucher: Forgive her please, she has to touch people she talks to at least one. It's her compulsion and she means nothing bad by it. Probably.
  • Overweight?: Likely she'll not get close enough to you to get to know you.
  • Curious: And inquisitive. And adventurous. When it suits her.

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Notable Stats







Flaw of Note
Prey exclusion

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