Alessandra Giovanni/Contacts

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La Mia Famiglia

Gabriel Giovanni: My brother, my hero. Overprotective? Yes. I am. It's mutual.




Aubrey: Italian family? That has a familiar ring to it.

Pietro: As an Italian and fellow Giovanni, a relative of mine, I can understand him being all about family also. Somehow though, his relationship with his mother seems.. odd. His father even odder.


Sebastian Kosey: What can I say? No, really. What can I say? Don't you just love danger?

Syn: Rather protective. Rather large.

Arik: A nice and friendly gent.

Slayton: Outspoken, almost brutally so, but he has a lot to say that interests me.

Silvana: Always a smile each time our paths cross.

Nicolai: Interesting. Perhaps a contact more for my brother than myself. Perhaps.

Brandt: And Jeeves. Thick as thieves. Camarilla, certainly.

Adele Sweetheart: Adele Sweetheart. Lovely name, friendly. Perhaps a good contact to have.

Vegard: Prince of Darkness. It has a nice ring to it.