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Amelie Renoir

"Why do I love music so much? Because it's the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone."


Scandalous Red Dress



Ready for Work


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Notable Stats

















Ambidextrous, Blush of Health, Enchanting Voice, Friendly Face, Soothing Voice

Flaws of Note
Prey Exclusion & Phobia

French, German, English, Spanish, Italian


Race: Vampire
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Daughters of Cacophony DOC.png
Date of Birth: October 5th
Embrace Date: December 31st
Occupation: Singer/Musician

Amelie was born in France, and grew up outside Paris in a small farm town. She moved to Paris after her older sister, Simone, disappeared while pursuing her dreams of the stage. Amelie and Simone both dreamed of joining the Paris Opera and then touring Europe and singing in the great Opera Houses of the world. Amelie went to Paris and became the star they both dreamed of being. She had many admirers, and suitors as well. Her mentor, Jeanette, told her she was too important and talented to settle down. Jeanette changed her life forever. Together, they toured the world, and Jeanette protected and sheltered her from the world. They did not stay long anywhere, and did not interact often with other kindred. Now, Amelie is on her own as Jeanette met her end in New York several years ago.

Amelie learned that her sister, Simone, was still of this world and in New Orleans. She was too late to finally reunite with her, as she had met a terrible end in a battle that had something to do with a person named Flynn. Amelie stayed in New Orleans to learn all she could of her sister's time there, and fell in love with the Jazz music her sister performed. She stayed for a number of years until it just became too much to bear knowing her sister existed for so long and they were apart. So she traveled the country until she got word from a friend that Prospect would be a good place to start fresh.

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Alejandro: Your honesty is refreshing. You are the first of your clan I ever met, and I appreciate your help and friendship.
Arya: The little we have talked has been enlightening. I look forward to getting to know you more.
Azrael: My newest friend. You are a handsome charmer. Who knows what would have happened if we met at a different time. I feel safe around you, and am touched by your concern for me. I promise to give you a call when I need you. You are important to me, and I look forward to spending time learning from you.
Brice: You were gone when I arrived, and when you came back I was wary of you. You soon proved to be a friend, and then disappeared again. I know you are somewhere. I hope to see you again.
Daniel: Bestie! We have fun together and I look forward to more events with you.
Gabriel: My mysterious friend. I met you at a time I really need advice and a friend. You helped me out. I hope you get time for me again, and we can get to know each other better.
Guivre: Guy, I have enjoyed speaking with you. I do not know you well, but you seem fair, and interesting. I'd like to hear more of your stories.
Heathen: I had my doubts about you at first, but sure enough you have turned into not just a friend, but family - thanks to Vivianne being smart enough to see your potential.
Itto: My first introduction! Thank you for keeping in touch with me, and I look forward to staying friends and getting to know you and your group better in the future.
JD: I asked for your help, and you gave it to me. I appreciate your kindness to me. I'm am sad to hear that you are leaving the city, but I hope it works out for you and that you will not be a stranger.
Laura: Friend, while we still do not know each other that well, I am honored that you asked for me to perform at the opening of your club. I hope to talk with you more.
Lillian: You have been through so much, and have come so far in a short time. I hope I can be of assistance to you, and a friend.
Madeline: Your support is amazing. With you and the rest of the Roses there to support and care for me, I am in your debt. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to meet others, and make more friends. I value our friendship and your help opening my eyes to more this world has to offer. You are continuing to teach me every day, and I cannot thank you enough. Without your help, I never would have realized I could be ready to be the Keeper of Elysium. I am glad that I can come to you for advice in this new role.
Mikael: Another new friend, and hopefully a partner for future duets. You have great taste in music, and great talent. We will make a good team.
Nino: Thank you for your help. I wish you well with wherever you have headed off to. You and your clan should be respected and commended for their service to the Praxis.
Silvana: Thank you for your assistance.
Vegard: Your kindness in accepting me into the Praxis is truly appreciated. I was the shy girl that listened to your words, and with the support of so many, you saw me step into the light and have humbled me with your recognition of that. You have my support, and I am humbled that you entrusted me to be the of Keeper of Elysium.


RP Hooks

Singing: You want to get her attention? Play music, or better, sing to her.

Music: Music is life. Opera and classical music has been her life, and Jazz is a new passion. You like something else? Tell me about it.

Friends: What is life without them? Pretty boring.

Security: After losing the 2 most important people in her life, fear is a problem - especially of violence.

Home: Amelie has spent nearly all her life traveling the world, with no physical place to call home but the memories of her childhood in the French countryside. She has now found a home, thanks to her dear clan sister, Vivianne. Seventh Haven


Rest in Peace:

        Simoneb.jpg                                 Jeanette bellerose.jpg
          Simone Renoir                                       Jeanette Bellerose


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Currently the songs Amelie is listening to:

More Than Words
Fly Me to the Moon
All of Me
Two Steps Behind
Thousand Years

RP Logs