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The Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe

xxxxxAnyu owns the Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe. It caters to pagans in the community who need a meeting place, supplies, or a ritual location. The shop provides numerous items that are necessary for many different types of pagan rituals, including candles, crystals, herbs, chalices, athames, daggers, runes, bags, and other supplies needed for an altar or ritual. The Shoppe has a very large book selection of a variety of occult books for research, or reference. If it does not have the book, special orders can be accommodated, as Anyu has many connections in the Occult Book trade circle.

xxxxxIn addition to providing supplies, Anyu also practices Holistic Healing, and can create made-to-order herbs concoction and salves to ease any number of symptoms by the customer.

xxxxxThe cafe provides a variety of fresh coffees and teas as well as bakery items. One of Anyu's many passions is baking, and baking interesting things. Cthulu anyone?

The Gothic Cafe
Anyu McCoy
Occult Shop Owner, Witch and Baker Enthusiast
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Approx. Height: 5'2"
Approx. Weight: 105 pounds
Family: They are around
Occupation: Owner of the Witches Brew and Occult Shoppe

xxxxxAnyu has a passion for baking, and her quirky sense of humor means that she can't resist to create Gothic and creepy inspired works of Pastry Art. Some examples of her work:

xxxxxAnyuBakery1.jpg AnyuBakery2.jpg

RP Hooks
  • NYC — You from NYC? Or from the Village?

  • LGBT — She was heavily in the LGBT community in the Village. Her mama was Mama Jean, a transvestite and Drag Queen who taught her everything, including how to love and most especially how to do amazing makeup.

  • Occult Center — Her store offers sanctuary for those to study occult-type things.

  • Holistic Healer — Need herbs or salves? She can provide.

  • Pagan and Witch — She's a certifiable witch, you can get certified for it right?

  • Gothic Bakery — Have you ever wanted a Cthulu cake? Well, here's your gal!

  • Club Hopper — Goes club hopping a lot! Mostly on goth night where she can get all dressed up (even more-so).

  • Eye Color Change Hobby — She changes the color of her eyes on a whim (she has lots of different colored contacts). Just for fun! So don't expect her eyes to be the same color every day. :)

  • Spirit Sight — Her eyes can see a lot more than a normal person. Wraiths and Changelings may be surprised if she notices them.

Employees / Family

  • Mama Jean — I miss you ....
  • Aerik — That's some fine baking skills you have there, Mister!
  • Blod — You worry me. A lot.
  • Zeke — We'll learn and grow. I will support you!
  • Mora — Welcome to the family, the new employee dress code requires super short skirts! ;o) Just kidding.. sorta.
  • Blackbird — My pretty bird. You work here now, you're our official mascot!

Regulars / Family

  • Marshall — My oldest friend, I will protect you as much as I can!
  • Roger — A little Wicked. I like that.
  • Tae-il — Mmmm, I love me a man in uniform. What? I'm not objectifying you! I just really like it! And I mean ALL the uniforms!
  • Johnathan — I love your.... clothes! <3 Lace me up anytime!
  • Valentina — You seem crazy at first, and you might still be, but I think I'm starting to finally understand you a bit!
  • River — You have a lot to teach!
  • Kaati — So shy, I'm glad I could pull you out of your shell to feel more comfortable with me.
  • Issac — I look forward to finding more about you! Pizza again?
  • Bieta — Very inquisitive, Doctor. Your daughter is precious.

Other Interesting Folks

  • Dusk and Drey — An adorable couple. Hope to see you at book club again!
  • CJ — Super impressed, businesswoman, single mother of 3, awesome lady! What can't you do?
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