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April Connors

“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.”

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RP Hooks
  • Mage : She's a baby Mage. She recently went through her Awakening while on the road, and she doesn't really know what's going on yet. She's piecing together her own view of things, and understandings. She's a new member of the CoX!

  • Travel : She's spent most of her life on the road. Canada, South and Central America, France, Spain and Italy.

  • Experience : If you don't experience life...what the fuck is the point.

  • Lustful Flaw : She has a 'problem'.

  • Sabbat : She doesn't know it, but a Sabbat pack she pissed off town in Tijuana is hunting her. Oh noes!

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April's NSFW

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Name: April Connors
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Home Town: Point Lay, Alaska
Demeanor: Celebrant
Apparent Age: 19

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Notable Stats

Appearance : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Athletics : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Streetwise : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Awareness : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Academics : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Arete : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Time : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Life : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Forces : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Prime : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Spirit : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Resources : Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Avatar : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Dream : Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png

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