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Hailing from Ireland, the son of a local Dublin barmaid and a London mechanic, Arthur has an accent telling of both sides of his family. He spent most of his life in Ireland, but moved to New York in his mid twenties where he worked contracts as an investigative journalist covering murders. This has left him a little jaded about other people, but he is a surpisingly wholesome individual.

His parents were killed in a car accident two years ago.

Recently he has taken ownership and overseen the conversion of a bar in the Harbor district, the Murder of Crows.

Arthur, these days also going by his middle name "Conn", has a "cultivated ignorance" about the supernatural aspects of the world. Working the murder wrap for a newspaper in New York brought him tangiential to it and he learned, quickly, it was be ignorant or be dead.

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If Arthur knows anything about the other denizens of the World of Darkness, he does not let on.

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Ambrosine I know the old stories say "Don't trust the Sidhe", but they can't mean all of them, right?
Clara Caring, giving, a wonderful friend. Excellent taste and a wonderful photographer. Mandatory shopping partner.
Emrick Still waters run deep. I have nothing but respect for Emrick's artistic ability. It helps that he's hot.
Ethan An excellent drinking buddy, a good listener, reluctant (but worthy) leader, and an open mind. Taught me that openness is required both ways.
Hop REDACTED BY THE SAFE FOR WORK FILTERS, also he's just a genuinely decent guy. "just please don't tell Hop I was cheating on his pastries"
Robin I genuinely like the guy, but I am never playing drinking games with him again.
Wick Arthur's first friend, and probably his closest one. - He makes Conn happy.

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RP Hooks
Owns the Murder of Crows but often hangs out in the steampunk bar.

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Arthur has recently taken up writing doggerel. If he's shown it to you, it's here for ease of access.


The threads between,
that form the shared liminal spaces,
flow from one to the next,
around all obstacles,
following the path of least resistance.
It takes longer,
but the journey is the goal.


Time passes, grains of sand slowly fall,
counting the time until I see you.
The seconds pass as eternities,
each heartbeat counting endless moments.
My thoughts turn to empty distractions,
anything to keep me occupied
or from relentlessly obsessing
until the time I see you again.


Words have shapes and sometimes sizes,
surprisingly, some roll around your mouth,
sprouting interesting compromises
seizing certainty from certain doubt

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Arthur bond
Arthur Bond.png

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Full Name: Arthur Patrick Conchubair Bond
Age: 35
Race: Changeling
Kith: Troll
Occupation: Journalist/Bar Owner
Apparent Age: mid thirties
Demeanor: Rogue

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Arthur Bond Tattoo.jpg

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