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We go down as She goes down
We follow Her underground
Hail to Inanna
Who dies to become whole
And deep calls to deep
The veils drop by on our way
As we pass through the gates
With Inanna as our guide
We find truth in deepest night
And deep calls to deep

--Suzanne Sterling

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Would YOU like your character's name to appear here? Page for RP!

Anyu - Thanks for creating the kind of haven that heals.

Bobbi - I know I can't give you what you want... and I'm not worth it.

Bryan - Drop by anytime you like...

Dave - Thanks for everything. Especially for making me laugh.

Jericho - I want to get out, not deeper in.

Tristen - It scares me as much as it scares you. But I don't think I can stop.

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RP Hooks

Aerialist - (aerial hoop, silks, etc) - freelance, The Sideshow, Royal Cajun Cabaret

Asatru / neopagan - Are you a follower of the Old Ways?

BDSM - Local, private clubs

Clubbing - maybe see you out there!

Festival hippie - Been to Burning Man? Wanderlust?

Ink - Lots of it, and getting more!

Modern Primitive - Ink isn't the only body modification...

New Ager - Yeah, crystals and vibrations, dude.

Psychic - though she doesn't know much about it


Former (?) stripper

Surfing - Not great, but Astrid loves to ride the waves.

Yoga - Accomplished yogini and local teacher .

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(there will be more pictures)

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