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"It's an awful truth that suffering can deepen us, give a greater lustre to our colours,
a richer resonance to our words."

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Camarilla The Camarilla: "A means to an end."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "An obstacle."
Independent The Independents: "An occasional opportunity"
Brujah The Brujah: "... Next."
Gangrel The Gangrel: "Even a loyal dog can bite you if they are mistreated."
Malkavian The Malkavians: "Why we haven't killed you all is beyond me."
Nosferatu The Nosferatu: "Yes, clan solidarity...brothers of the wipe your feet before you track in sewer mud."
Toreador The Toreador: "Ugh...go...paint...something."
Tremere The Tremere: "Excellent conversationalists. Once you get past their fanatical devotion to their Council they're not half bad."
Ventrue The Ventrue: "Usually the only ones who understand what it means to be civilized."
Caitiff The Caitiff: "The Rabble do not concern me."
Giovanni The Giovanni: "I have dealt with them in the past. Our last meeting left one of them dead and myself...altered."
Setite The Followers of Set: "They have their uses."

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NPC Contacts

  • Law Enforcement: He has made a contact within the city's law enforcement agency to alert him should any 'unusual deaths' occur or if there are any events of a supernatural nature.
  • Coroner's Office: He has made a contact within the city's coroner's office to alert him should any 'unusual deaths' occur.
  • Publishing: He has made a contact within the city's newspaper to alert him should any 'unusual deaths' occur or if there are any events of a supernatural nature.

PC Contacts

  • Mellara: She is still as fun as ever to torment though I have NO idea who would have sent her a paint-by-numbers kit.
  • Madeline: Another rose as beautiful as the rest. Let's see if she has any thorns.
  • Jax: Patient. The man might be one of my few bastions of civility.
  • Lotte: Such a wonderful surprise in this one. She is yet one more reason I should stay in this city for a time.
  • Dia: A wonderfully delightful person to share evening Tea. I hope to see her again.
  • Caerus: An interesting contact within the city. I see great things happening because of our association.

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RP Hooks
Director: Mr. Blackwell is an innovator but he runs a very tight ship. He can not stand disorder.
Scholar: He is an avid scholar in history, vampiric and other supernatural lore.
Anachronist: Where some of his kind have continued to evolve with the times, he tends to surround himself with the trappings of when he was last alive upon the earth, 1880.

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Lord Thomas Blackwell was born in the year of our lord 1850 in the heart of London. Having spent several years as a member of British society he was later embraced in 1881.


Lord Blackwell, a member of the British aristocracy, was turned in 1881 and was presented to the court of London. There were some rumors that his sire embraced the man to prevent the Ventrue from getting to him. His fellow Nosferatu originally shunned him because his conversion left him fairly untouched. Leaving him with skin as white as porcelain, his 'curse' did not necessitate his expulsion to the underworld of the city. Lord Blackwell refused to debase himself, regardless of the customs of his clan, and carried himself as 'the Civilized Monster' in Kindred society. Many Ventrue had been known to compliment him on his hospitality and good form when it came to manners. Many Nosferatu thought him 'too good' to mingle in the sewers and so not all of them accepted him. Still, his tactics and ruthless attention to detail afforded him their respect when it came to the Prince's growing conflict with the Brujah. He rose quickly within the Court and before he moved on there were many of his clan looked to him for aid and occasional assistance in securing transport or influence within society.


In the 1940's, towards the end of World War Two, he was embroiled with a member of the Giovanni family concerning their knowledge of Wraiths and Spirits. The two had been exchanging barbs and minor attacks for the majority of the war but towards the end Blackwell decided to make his move and hopefully steal a great portion of the Giovanni's library. The two fought as the Allies were liberating Rome and the surrounding territories. One stray mortar was the only thing that ended the fight - and nearly killed Blackwell in the process. Thankfully he was able to make off with the remains of the Giovanni's library and retreated back to England to recover. Unfortunately for him his underground haven was covered in the collapse of the building above it and what should have been a brief slumber lasted for nearly sixty years. Returning to the world in the early years of the new millennium has been quite a shock.

New York

After he arose from his torpor he needed to distance himself from London for a while and so he traveled across the ocean to see what the Courts of America were like. Spending only a decade in the city, he occasionally helped in the continual struggle of the Prince in maintaining the Camarilla's hold upon the region. He left the court in good standing but seemed to keep to himself most of the time.

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RP Logs
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Name: Lord Thomas Blackwell
Rank: Elder
Clan Nosferatu
Faction: Camarilla

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Yellow

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Notable Facts


  • Jeffrey: His Valet
  • Carson: His Bodyguard

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Chasing the Dragon - From Hell
Ambient Music for his thoughts

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