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This is the tale of a woman who is barely taller than a girl. She work up one day not knowing where she was or even who she was. She checked with the police, but there were no reports of missing women fitting her description. What's a girl to do now?


Given this fresh start in life, she's decided to stay in the city she awoke and maybe track down her errant memories. Sadly, they are forever beyond her reach, but that won't keep her down. There are plenty of people to make new memories with.


She was taken in by the Garou when they discovered she's kinfolk and has made some connections among them. Typically, she sticks to the city rather than their more typical haunts, searching for something she can't name, compelled by instinct to remain in Prospect.


She's a friendly little character, often with her heart on her sleeve and intentions in the best of places. Still, there's a darkness that creeps around her, drawn to her presence, seeking to dampen her spirit until it can be molded into something -usable-.


RP Hooks


* - Amnesiac – She's been here for a while, actually, but doesn't remember it. Perhaps you knew her from before her memories started?

* - Artist – Armed with a sharpie or a paintbrush, this little artist is actually pretty good.

* - Bubbly – Friendly and happy-go lucky, this petite woman often has a smile for everyone she meets.

* - Caffeine Addict – You can often find her at the coffee shop either drinking coffee or enjoying the atmosphere.

* - Garou Kinfolk – She's one but still figuring out all that entails. Perhaps you have some advice for her?

* - Nature Lover – Or you can find her out enjoying nature. She likes parks, plants, trails and gardens.


Notable Stats


* Innocent Merit

* Pitiable Merit

* Garou Kinfolk

* Amnesia


Also, if you have Spirit Sight, please let me know. Thanks!