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"On the scale of crazy shit to say to a person in a closed Burger King, I'm about to hit you with a seven."

By the Numbers

Name: Franklin 'Bravo' Marchbanks

Clan: Brujah

Faction: Camarilla

Apparent Age: Mid 30's

Height: Five and Change

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Behind Sunglasses

Demeanor: Jester

Occupation: Two-Fisted Street Politician

Actor: Madchild


Even More Numbers

Blush of Health: o o o

Inoffensive to Animals(Dogs): o

Charisma: o o o

Intelligence: o

Appearance: o o o

Streetwise: o o o

Politics: o o o

Performance: o o o

RP Hooks

Transplant Woes - Bravo hails from the mysterious land of San Bernadino. He's acclimating.

Street Politics - Enthusiastic about ground level social movements, Bravo likes to lend a hand where he can.

Transformative Enabler - Change starts small. Bravo is a firm believer that everybody needs a little push in the right(or wrong) direction.

Likes Dags - He's got a soft spot for canines of all sorts. Oddly enough, they like him too. From Chi's to Pits, he's gonna want to pet it.

Former Harpy - For all of three months. In San Bernadino. Lasted longer than anyone expected.

Danger Close - While Bravo struggles to retain his Humanity, his explosive Brujah blood shoves him toward a catastrophic shift. Want to be there for it?

The Look