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Jackson "Calamity Jack" McCall spent some time around Laughlin, Nevada before landing himself here in Prospect. He's never really all that active in socializing, but when he shows up, he's polite enough, introduces himself, and then kind of does his own thing. He's got a long list of places that he's been but he's pretty nomadic, a night here or there, his longest recent stay being the one in Nevada. While he doesn't openly speak about his past, among those that know his true age he claims to be an ex-confederate soldier who moved out west after the war. Actual accounts of him going back that far get sketchier and sketchier, however. If he is in fact an old outlaw, it's likely he's changed his name a few times along the way to avoid the mortal law enforcers. In modern times he's traded his flesh horse for a steel one, riding around the South West on a custom cruiser motorcycle with enough kit for him to enjoy some good long rides.

After working here and there, including running security at The Crossroads for a spell, he eventually removed himself from polite society again. A founding member of the Partisan Ranger Motorcycle Club, Calamity has spent a lot of time traveling the country for business, which includes spreading the food word of the club to start fresh chapters or patch over old ones. His duties to the club keep him mostly outside of Prospect, both on the road and at home as the clubhouse is beyond the city limits on Highway 42. The Rangers have so far operated in a gray area, likely being a one-percenter club without actually making enough fuss to cross the Mongols or other clubs that dominate the Southern California scene.

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  • Crotch-Rockets "You mean pansy-bikes for frat boys?"
  • Liberals "Bastards, always tellin' ya what ya can't have."
  • Conservatives "Pricks, always tellin' ya what ya can't do."
  • Rules "As the great philosopher Sparrow once said, thar's only what a man can do, and what he can't."
  • Firearms "Guns? Guns are for women, children, and men that don't have the spine to smell another man's breath when they stick him."

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RP Hooks
  • Partisan Rangers
Calamity Jack McCall is one of the "Founding Fathers" of the Partisan Rangers Motorcycle Club, that being one of the original fifteen members in the original Southern California charter. The club hasn't made much of a name for itself yet, good or bad. According to his flash, he's the Sergeant at Arms.
  • Bikers (historical)
While Calamity Jack doesn't wear or kutte or claim to be a member of any club, he does ride a well-worn custom bike. He's been spotted around some motorcycle rallies around the southwest, drinking and slinging beers late into the night. Maybe you even saw him at Sturgis that one year he went? Every now and then somebody approaches him to prospect their club, but so far he's stayed clear of the true one percenters. He's more of a one and a half himself.
  • Wild West
While he is a bit of a nomad, traveling the United States west of the Mississippi river, he occasionally tells stories of his days in the War of Northern Aggression. Those tales, and the stories of his outlaw days that followed, aren't for mortal ears, but who knows what dusty saloon you might have shared a whiskey in?
  • Anarch
Calamity Jack is Brujah. Like many of his clan, he is a known Anarch supporter, though like a few of his brethren, he does a lot of talking and not a lot of revolting. He may be hot tempered and pro-freedom, but he's not stupid enough to get into it with the powers that be. Not directly. He will talk your ear off spouting his ethics and philosophy though.

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"Calamity Jack"

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Name: Jackson McCall

Nickname/Alias: "Calamity Jack"

Age: Late Thirties

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Profession: Ridin' and Rustlin'

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Played By: Himself