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1128 Order of the Templars recognized by the pope.

1141 Geza II encourages Saxons to colonize Transylvania. The term Saxon is a generic name for German settlers, including peoples from Flanders, Luxemborg and Moselle.

1150 The Kingdom of Hungary grants Saxon peasants hereditary titles in exchange for financial obligations. In many cases, the political leader of a village is given the title Count and gets a larger parcel of land.The Szeklers an ethnically mixed Turkish race fight in the vanguard of Hungarian armies entering Transylvania. Later they become the nobility in the feudal system of eastern Hungary.

1174 Saladin in addition to becoming viser of Egypt becomes Sultan of all Muslim forces fighting against Christian Crusaders

1177 Baldwin IV defeats Saladin at Montgisard

1180 Saladin and Baldwin IV arrange a truce between them, Philip II becomes ruler of France, he rules until 1223, Alexius II Comnenus becomes Emperor of Byzantium, rules until 1183

1182 Philip II banishes Jews from France

1183 Adronicus becomes Emperor of Byzantium, rules until 1185

1185 Isaac II becomes Emperor of Byzantium, rules until 1195

1187 Saladin captures Jerusalem

1189 Richard the Lionhearted becomes King of England, rules until 1199 Third Crusade begins and ends in 1192

1190 The Order of German Hospitallers an offshoot of the Templars is founded. In 1198 the society is transformed into the Teutonic Order . Death of Frederick I, Frederick Barbarossa

1191 Richard the Lionhearted captures Jaffa, fashions a peace treaty with Saladin, captured on his way home by his enemy Duke Leopold of Austria, Pope Celestine III, rules until 1198

1193 Death of Saladin, Emperor Henry VI ransoms Richard the Lionhearted after Leopold turns him over. Ottokar I becomes ruler of Bohemia, he remains king until 1230 The death of Emperor Henry VI in Germany causes a civil war in the Holy Roman Empire

1194 Leszek the White become king of Poland, rules until 1198

1196 Emeric becomes King of Hungary, rules until 1204

1197 Emperor Kaloyan of Bulgaria, rules until 1207 (Several Cainites are summoned to Buda Pest by their sires and instructed to scout out the territory surrounding Tihuta Pass. By winter, a fortress is erected there.)


1204 Fall of Constantinople

1205 Pope Innocent III instigates the Fourth Crusade rooting out heretic Cathars in Languedoc. It turns into a full blown Inquisition. Goratrix of House Tremere, responsible for France, is angered by church intrusions and he begins infiltrating the church.

1206-1227 Genghis Khan becomes chief prince of the Mongols Teutonic Knights inhabit and develop Bran Castle. A cabal of knights inhabit a tower in the Tihuta Pass with a slightly different agenda

1223 Mongols invade Russia and begin forays into Eastern Europe

1225 Teutonic Knights are expelled from the Transylvanian region when they attempt to establish a state within a state. By then, the construction of Bran Castle is finished.

1241 Mongols invade Transylvania using the Tihuta Pass as their primary invasion route. Hungary regains control of these territories within a year, but by this time King Bela IV loses control over much of his land Tihuta Pass fortress is overrun by the Mongol Horde

1247-91 Szeklers repopulate the Aranyos area, Saxons repopulate around the vicinity of Mediasch

1252 Inquisition begins using torture

1260 Constantinople recovered from the Normans

1283 Teutonic order completes subjugation of Prussia

1284-1285 Mongols invade Transylvania again

1288 Transylvanian nobles form their own legislature (or diet) in Cluj Napoca (Klausenburg) Note that before this time, much of Transylvanian justice was maintained by 'wise-old men' of the villages. Many serfs and peasants continue to think their own laws are more valid than the rulings of the diet. By this time, the formation of guilds has a strong effect on the Transylvanian economy. Guilds allow merchants to set consistent prices, communicate trade secrets and raise quality standards. Money, another gradual development, becomes more common substitute for barter. After the formation of the Diet of nobles, feudal lords demand increased crop yields from the local serfs. When those quotas are not met, many Szekler lords seize the debtors lands and redistribute them. Some impoverished serfs either flee the country or become outlaws.

1291 Mamelukes conquer Acre. End of the Crusades. The Holy Land is lost. At a meeting in Balgrad, Andrew III allows Vlachs to attend. Hungarian nobles, Saxons and Szeklers are also present. Many peasants consider this promising.

1301 Andrew III the last king of the Arpad line, dies. Transylvanian landowning boyars begin renting their lands to peasants.

Friday, October 13th, 1307 Templars of France are arrested on the order of Philip the Fair, King of France. Within the next few years, Templars are tortured and tried for heresy. According to some legends, 33 Templars escaped. Their famed treasure is smuggled out of France, most of it going to Scotland, some is taken east.

1312 Templar Order is banned and dissolved

1314 Jacques de Molay, supposed last grandmaster of the Templars is burned at the stake in Paris for alleged heresy; King Philip of France and Pope Clement die within the same year.

1314 A coterie of Transylvanian Cainites escort Goratrix to the Tremere at Ceoris to face censure.


1330 Prince Basarab defeats the Hungarians and establishes Wallachia. It becomes a land of refuge for the Vlachs.

1348-1349 Plague sweeps through Transylvania and the Hungarian Kingdom

1349 Bogdan establishes a new state along the Moldava River. Within a decade, it becomes the sovereign state of Moldavia. The princes of the nation are ment to be elected by a council of boyars and clergy. Fierce struggles for such positions eventually make the area vulnerable to invasion.

1349 The Eastern Lord Ventrue vainly try to set up a number of Saxon princes as part of another council. Many are killed, some are eaten. All are abused. Noriz the Corrupter of Legions' childer use the political struggles in Moldavia as an opportunity to manuever for position in their Reclamationists struggles.

1366 Louis I begins and effort to convert the Romanian Vlachs to Roman Catholicism.

1381 Peasants revolt in England under Wat Tyler. Wat Tyler's lover Patricia, is embraced and takes the name Tyler in his honor.

1382 Turks capture Sofia

1382 Voivode Ladislous of Transylvania joins a coalition against Hungary

1385 Tirgoviste becomes the capital of Wallachia.

1387 Turks conquer Serbs at the Battle of Kossovo. This is a major turning point in the Ottoman Empire's invasion of the Balkans.

1391 The Turks cross the Danube into Wallachia. Mircea the Old allies with the king of Hungary to repel the invasion.

1393 Bajazet emir of the Turks subdues Bulgaria

1394 Pre-Camarilla, first inter-clan meeting to deal with the Anarchs

1395 Tyler's attack against Hardestadt of Clan Ventrue begins the Anarch revolt.

1405 Lasombra dies at the hands of his childe Gratiano

1412 Joan of Arc is born

1413 A group of Anarchs led by younger Tzimisce diablerize the clan founder.

1437 Peasants uprising leads to a massacre in Bolbona

1440 Ladislaus the Posthumous contests with Vladislav Jagello for control of the Hungarian throne. Rebellions break out against Hungary in Transylvania.

1442 Iancu of Hunedoara (Janos Hunyadi), the son of a Transylvanian born knezi, becomes voivode. Wallachia and Moldavia form an anti-Ottoman bloc.

1442 A Turkish assault against Transylvania is repelled. Two armies -- one conscripted from the lower classes and one led by Vlad Dracul. (Vlad the Devil or Vlad the Dragon) -- Defeat the Turks soundly near Ialomita

1443 The fall of winter of this year sees the beginning of the long campaign against the Turks. Armies of Southeastern European troops achieve great victories.

1444 An army of knights from various European Countries is defeated by the Turks at Vama. Vlad the Dragon blames Hunyadi for this failure.

1445 Wallachians led by Hunyadi win major victories. Janos Hunyadi overcomes the opposition of the Hungarian nobility and is chosen as "governor of Hungary" He is considered the true leader of the Hungarian kingdom.

1447 The alliance between three Romanian countries -- Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldavia grows stronger. Janos Hunyadi is known as the "voivode of Tara Romanesca" and "Captain of Wallachia" Bogdan II, Prince of Moldavia considers him a father and pledges the fealty of all his armies. Bogdan states that Transylvania and Moldavia are one, consolidating the anti-Ottoman front.

1453 Sultan Mehmed II conquers Constantinople

1456 Hunyadi's army which includes a great number of common people scores great military successes

1465 A rogue branch of the Tremere within the anarch ranks make its presence known. Descendants from Goratrix, these rogues seek protection from the Tremere within the ranks of the anarchs. In the 16th Century when the Sabbat forms, the Tremere antitribu are cursed (much like their former sire Goratrix) with the mark of the traitor magically branded on their foreheads. Though invisible my normal sight, the mark is instantly noticably by any non-Sabbat Tremere.

1466 Hunyadi dies

1467 The Transylvanian voivodes lead a full scale rebellion against King Maitthias Corvinus (Janos Hunyadi's son) Saxons and Szeklers unite with them. They work to unite Hungary and Transylvania and advance voivode Janos Stentrgyorgyi to the throne as king.

1472 Assassination attempt on the Ventrue Dominus was unsuccessful

1476 Vlad the Dragon considers Transylvania and Wallachia a common country. He dies the same year.

1479 Transylvanian armies led by Voivode Istvan Bathory and Pavel Chinezul are victorious at Cimpru Psiuit

  • By the end of the century, Bathory states that he is king of the voivode of Transylvania
  • The prince of Moldavia, Steven the Great, leads Szeklers against the Turks at Visuli and wins, Saxons consider him "sent by God to rule and protect Transylvania."
  • The treaty between Mathius Corvinus and Steven the Great assures free entry and unrestricted travel to Moldavian and Muntenian merchants, Brasov becomes a central marketplace, an "emporium"
  • Draven was created, and thrown with many other Gargoyles at the waves of Tzimisce war ghouls, Brujah dopplegangers, Assamite Assassins, and just about everything else that could be battering the Tremere clan.

1492 Columbus "discovers" America while searching for a new route to the Indies, his discovery is made known to the Spanish court the following year

1493 The Council of Thorns convenes in Silchester England. The Anarch Revolt ends, and the Assamites are subjected by a Tremere ritual to end their practice of diablerie.

  • Milenka of Clan Lasombra addresses the Convention advocating for the Anarchs and signs the Treaty of Thorns.
  • Katharina von Starhemberg of Clan Toreador addresses the Convention advocating for civility and understanding between the Elders and the Anarchs, and signs the Treaty of Thorns.
  • Daphnne Reinne de Cunningham of Clan Ventrue addresses the Convention advocating for unity among all Kindred for a combined force against their true enemies, and was among the first to sign the Treaty of Thorns.
  • Those who inspect the Treaty of Thorns might note "Надежда Миленкова Черноморескы of Clan Lasombra" among the signatories.

1495 Dracula forces the Tzimisce Lambach to embrace him


1500 The beginning of the high Renaissance Attacks in Spain and Transylvania against the Camarilla begin, and are attributed to the new sect named the Sabbat.

1512 Dracula destroys the Gangrel Arnulf

1514 An anti-feudal uprising spreads like wildfire across the voivodate. The resulting oppression will hinder the Magyar's efforts to raise peasant troops in 1526

1514 A major peasant revolt breaks out in Transylvania. The Ottomans slowly surround the nation.

1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses in Wittenburg

1520-1530 The Tremere gradually move from Ceoris to a new chantry in Vienna

1526 Hungarian army is routed this year in the month of August at the Battle of Mohacs. They lack the support of the common people, as the nobles are afraid to call them to arms.

1526 Parts of Hungary fall to the advancing Turks. Transylvania is put under Ottoman vassalage.

1529 The Turks besieged Vienna. The siege ends in failure.

1532 The Prince by Machiavelli is published in Italy.

1541 Ferdinand of Habsburg attempts to take the vacant Hungarian throne. The Ottomans attack in response, taking control of Buda.

1550 In France The Twilight Cult is formed

1560 The Ventrue of Transylvania begin implementing a more rigid hierarchy in their cities. This helps them maintain control during Sabbat Crusades and ferret out Sabbat spies. The practice quickly spreads to other Camarilla cities across Europe.

1566 The Ottoman sultan decrees that all Transylvanian princes must be approved by him after appointment by the Diet.

1595 Shakespeare writes Romeo and Juliet

1599 Michael the Brave unites Transylvania, Moldavia and Tara Romaneasca under one rule for the first time. He revolts against the Turks.

1600 It becomes clear that the Sabbat is losing its war against the Camarilla. Cities under Sabbat control fall on nearly every front, and Sabbat leaders begin fleeing to Scandinavia.

1601 Michael the Brave is assassinated. His union of the three Romanian countries quickly dissolves.

1618 The Thirty Years War begins. Gabriel Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania, fights against the Habsburgs during the conflict.

1632 Galileo Galilei is tried for heresy by the Roman Inquisition

1650 Young Sabbat begin travelling to the New World in droves, trying to keep the Camarilla from gaining control of the Americas.

1659 Gheorghe Craciun begins a religion inspired revolt that ends dismally. The Turks tighten their control over Transylvania and use it as a stage for an attack on Vienna.

1660 The Sabbat begin researching and codifying what will one night become the Paths of Enlightenment


Late 17th Century: Austrian Habsburgs replace Ottomans as Hungary's rulers.


1800 Bulscu of Vlan Ventrue moves his haven to Russia

1801 The Sabbat establishes the Purchase Pact, which forbids Sabbat packs from warring with each other. Cardinal Radu Bistri witnesses the signing of the document.

Early 19th Century: The Napoleonic Wars fragment the Holy Roman Empire. A portion of it becomes the Austrian Empire. Napoleon lives in Vienna for a few years. The Ottoman Empire and Russia supress insurrections in Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania.

1812 Russia gains control of Bessarabia in Southern Moldavia

1815 Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo

Mid-19th Century: Austria asserts supremacy over the remaining German states, Mettermich helps establish an autocratice government. The Vienna Camarilla usurps greater influence over the Austrian bureaucracy, creating a new generation of Ventrue Embraced for political skill instead of their noble heritage.

1848-1849 Inspired by recent revolutions in other nations, Lajos Kossuth leads a revolution in Hungary, attempting to establish a parliamentary government. Hungary declares its independance from Austria in 1849, Kossuth then becomes a virtual dictator, alienates other world leaders, and eventually flees to Turkey.

1854 - 1856 The Crimean War. Czar Nicholas I insists on protecting Christian shrines in Jerusalem and the Ottoman Empire. Russia occupies the Balkans. In response the Ottoman Empire allies with England, France and Sardinia to drive out Russian troops. In 1856 Russia withdraws its claim to the Balkans. Wallachia and Moldavia become independant principalities.

1859 Wallachia and Moldavia unite under a single prince, forming a de facto state called Romania. The nation is not internationally recognized until 1878

1867 Austria with Russian backing, reasserts control of Hungary. The dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary is established in March

1877 - 1878 Another Russio-Turkish skirmish; Russia seizes more of the Ottoman Empire.

1878 Romania recieves international recognition as a soverign nation.


1895 Vlad Tepes of Clan Tzimice attempts to rejoin the Camarilla and purchase several estates in London

1896 A blood hunt is declared against Vlad Tepes, who flees to Transylvania

1897 Bram Stoker publishes Dracula, romantisizing Transylvania and vampires for Western readers.



  • 1999 Xaviar, Gangrel Justicar intermittently since 1711, is nearly killed by the Eye of Hazimel and becomes convinced that it is an Antediluvian. When the Camarilla's leadership refuses to accept this and back his revenge, he and many other Gangrel leave the Camarilla.


  • 2011 Conclave of the Inner Circle. Geoffrey Leigh is appointed as Gangrel Justicar.
  • Madeline Blanchard of the Rose, JD McCoy of Clan Gangrel and Jacob Xander (Jax ) of Ventrue arrive in Prospect.
  • 2013 Peter Casman names Jacob Xander (Jax) his Seneschal.
  • Faqirah, Archbishop of the Sabbat, blows up an Elysium.
  • Harbor District is ceded to the Sabbat.
  • Ventrue Jacob Xander (Jax) becomes Prince of Prospect when Peter Casman abandons the city.
  • 2015 Sabbat's central base, the Argent Institute, raided during the day. Few Sabbat survive. Sabbat effectively lose control of the Harbor District.
    • Sabbat raid Angel's Pillar hunting for Prince Xander, setting the upper floors on fire.
  • Jan 2016 Nosferatu Shane Evans becomes Prince of Prospect when Jacob Xander abandoned the city.
    • Faqirah is killed attacking Sheriff LittleA. There was an explosion in which a city block is destroyed. The Sheriff dies along with Faqirah. Sabbat begin a downward spiral after losing their leadership.
  • 2016 The Nosferatu Antitribu Cyn is destroyed after she detonated a bomb in a nightclub called 'The Apocalypse'.
  • Feb 2017 Ventrue Vegard Torvik becomes Prince of Prospect when Shane leaves the city to become an Archon for the Nosferatu Justicar.
  • 2017 Peter Casman dies in flames in a prison riot just outside of Prospect.
  • 2017 Appointment of Tegyrius as Assamite Justicar becomes official.
  • 2018 Katharina, Prince of Idyllwild, is introduced to Vegard and the Prospect Praxis.
  • Jan 18, 2019 Mr. Cedric Wade of Clan Tremere announced that he will be leaving the Praxis of Prospect to claim the city of Carlsbad as his domain. Everyone from Prospect is welcome to visit, and any that wish to live in Carlsbad should speak to him about a domain of their own. Prince Torvik stated for the claim to be acknowledged, that Mr. Wade must drink from the chalice brought to him. Mr. Wade did so, and Prince Torvik gave his blessing on his claim. The same evening Prince Torvik claimed the territory of Southern California for his own empire, joining together the fiefs of Prospect, Carlsbad and Idyllwild and renaming the territories Greater Prospect. Prince Katharina von Starhemberg present as well, she too was offered a chalice to drink from, and she offered her support of Prince Torvik's claim. This changes the titles for the Prince's. Now known as Imperial Prince Torvik, he named the others Duke Wade, Duchess Starhemberg, and named Arya Torvik the new Duchess of Prospect, who also drank from her own chalice.
  • March 8th, 2019 After months of bickering and undermining the state of affairs of the Praxis, the Primogen Council is dissolved in an act called A Change of Seasons. Over the next two months, the clans of Greater Prospect elected new Primogen to represent them and a new council was formed under the direct guidance of Imperator Torvik. The new and improved council was deemed politically sound and moving in a cohesive direction. Eventually the Imperator released the reins of direct control and the new and improved Primogen Council was able to oversee itself once more.
  • February 14th, 2020 Imperator Torvik announced that Duke Cedric Wade, of Carlsbad, has stepped down so he can focus on clan Tremere. Primogen Madeline Blanchard has been appointed to take over as Duchess of Carlsbad.