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Chinatown is the collection of Asian cultures in one location within Prospect, creating its own strange and unique culture and architecture. Overall Chinatown main cultural relevance is that of the Chinese, which is where it got it's name, however after World War II the Japanese began making a surge into Prospect and Koreans. Today many different Asian cultures can be found besides the mainstream of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, within Chinatowns boarders.

Besides the general mortal population that inhabits Chinatown the Supernatural of the East reside within as well. Collectively known as 'Shen' various groups play a role in the day to day dealings of the district, one of which is known as the Autumn Lotus Court. The Autumn Lotus Court is a small collection of Cayathans who call Chinatown 'home' and reside within its boarders. The head of the Autumn Lotus Court known as the 'Nioh' (Japanese: benevolent king) and has connections with the Western Vampires of the over all city of Prospect. This connection has allowed access to Chinatown for the Western Kindred with rules set specifically for all outside Vampires to follow. Please look at Laws of Chinatown Below!



Yule District

The first sign of the cultural influence of the area is a change in architecture; many roofs and storefronts take on a distinctly East-Asian feel. The festive vermillion hue is stained upon maple storefront pillars and the overhangs have a matching red clay tiling that shows vividly through, despite the grime and wear of urban life. Likewise signs and waving banners in the area do not favor English, there are as many in the shared Kanji/Hansa alphabet of Japan and China as any with romanji characters. Other alphabets vary through the signage just as prominently, they are simply in a smaller minority. The squat two story building of the Apothecary is representative of the non-uniformity of the buildings that crowd the 'Chinatown' streets.

Restaurants in the area offer everything from Sushi to 'Japanese' Hibachi style steak houses, but there are other East Asian cuisine represented as well, such as Pho stands on wheels and Korean barbecue stalls. The scents of food are absolutely everywhere, as are lines of laundry hanging like colorful banners between apartments above. The cultural center acts as a pulse for the community, and its pell-mell of architecture speaks to the identity of said community in a mixture of East versus West that blends like scarlet clouds against a brilliant sunrise.


Alley Maze

The crowded side streets and alleys of Chinatown. An area rarely frequented by the tourists and considered the domain of locals. The shops here are more anonymous, you'll know what they are if you belong, and cater to specific needs or desires. The barkers here shout out their wares and stalls crowd the paths making it impossible to move through except on foot or small moped. Business is conducted briskly giving the area a din of noise that conceals less savory business. Anything is available for a price if you know which unmarked door to knock on.

NOTE: Gweilo need not apply


Shangye District

Moving from the Yule section into the heart of Chinatown's business district the atmosphere changes. The wild frivolity changes to a more serious feeling. The streets day or evening are still crowded with people, here though they have a purpose other than self-indulgence. They filter into the dojo and apothecary, the community center stands here with its doors open to serve the people. Further, in one walks the businesses change from local services to the offices of corporations. Worker in starched white shirts and black ties huddle in groups smoking, the ritual repeating every few hours.
After sunset when the offices close the crowd reverts to almost exclusively to local residents. The music from the bathhouse seeps out into the night air attracting people inside to socialize with their neighbors. Time seems to slow down as the pace of life returns to normal. Occasionally a reveler from the Yule district stumbles into the area after sunset, only to be shown the way back. The patrons here come not to be entertained but to relax among friends.


Criminal Elements

Though Chinatown is relatively small in scope, it still houses a lot of crime based elements within its little domain. Below is a small list of Criminal Orginizations that are known to operate within Chinatown. Please note that what is listed below is NOT the ONLY crime elements within Chinatown, there are more out there and should any plots or character backgrounds add more please feel free to add them to the list.

  • 13th Province Cleavers - Chinese Street Gang that got its name from the use of Cleavers as weapon of Choice.
  • 7 Guilao Family - Mysterious 'Family' who is connected to the Black Market.
  • Wing Kong triad - A Triad Syndicate with its hands in various parts of the local community and into the East. The Wing Kong Exchange, an import/export warehouse operation, serves as their legitimate business front. (If interested contact Danny).
  • Kuroi Kemeno - or the Mávros Therion (Black Beast) is a Multi-Asian Organization that is more akin to a Cult than a Criminal Family/Organization. However the Kuroi Kemeno deals in many illegal activities, both domestically and abroad. (Placement of the Romaji subject to change; if interested contact Karasu).

Laws of Chinatown

Below are the laws that have been put down by the Leader of the Kuei-jin of Chinatown for any Western Kindred who set foot in their territory.

We extend a welcome to those who come not from the Middle Kingdoms and offer the grounds of Chinatown as a place to experience and explore, we will not seek to cause issues with those who enter our grounds so long as those entering ours do not bring, start or cause a problem with us or others within our boarders.

We care not for the war of the factions within the Western Kindred, in this, the domain of Chinatown is neutral ground. Any who come here are seen as equals, and seen as what they are, not for the faction they represent. We do not wish the conflict of others to darken our homes when we have our own worries and conflicts to address. In this, should any come into our domain, any hate, discontent, malcontent, and such are left at the boarders.

Though we offer Hospitality, we do not give the life or essence of its people to those not of our court or domicile. The blood and essence of the people are to remain untouched less the most enlightened Head of the Autumn Lotus Court gives permission for such. Now, this does not limit individuals from giving of their own Herd to their guests, but that is based on individual relations with those guests and the residence of the court.

Though we allow the various factions within our territory, this does not mean they are allowed to expose the people of Chinatown to the truth of the supernatural. Though our people are still very connected to the Spiritual, despite the decline of the world, it does not mean it should be open and blatant. Do not call into question the reality of this dark, decayed world to the living.

There are places within the boundaries of the Autumn Lotus Court in which those not of our People are not permitted to enter. The location known as the Alley Maze is off limits to any of the Kindred, anyone ignoring this edict take their existence into their own hands and will be dealt with accordingly seen fit by the Autumn Lotus Court and the Strange Residents of Chinatown. Those places that find residence within the Alley Maze, are in extension, off limits as well. Servants of the Kindred, are also not permitted within the Alley Maze. The location is not meant for the general populace, and there for, only meant for those of the people of Chinatown.

Any laws that are presented here that are broken shall be dealt with accordingly. We strive to make sure our domain is in balance and those who disrupt such will suffer for it. So please, do not force our hand and we will treat you with dignity and respect, so long as its given in return.