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Christine "Chrissy" Bailey

"Profanity is the crutch of the inarticulate motherfucker."


Appearance Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Stamina Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Dexterity Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png

Awareness Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Alertness Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Kenning Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Animal Ken Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Melee Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Music Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Lore Garou Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Lore Demon Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Lore Wraith Fpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Resources Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Fame Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Title Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Dreamers Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Remembrance Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Holdings Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Dross Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Retinue Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Pyretics Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Wayfare Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Primal Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Metamorphosis Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Skycraft Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Actor Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Fae Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png
Prop Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Willpower Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Glamour Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.png
Banality Fpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngFpnkdot.pngEpnkdot.png

Sexual Reverie
Allergic (Peanuts)
Changeling's Eyes

Da Vinci's Notebook: Enormous Penis

MandoPony & AcousticBrony: Loyalty

Daft Punk: Get Lucky

Tim Minchin: Ten Foot Cock And A Few Hundred Virgins

Personal Information
Date of Birth: April 25 1990
Place of Birth: Deliverance, NC
Hair Color: Rainbow
Natural Hair: Blonde
Eye Color: Purple
Natural Eyes: Yes, PURPLE
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Changeling
Kith: Satyr
Court: Unseelie
Legacy: Knave
Fae Name: Lonne
House: Fiona

Demetrius: Villain, what hast thou done?
Aaron: That which thou canst not undo.
Chiron: Thou hast undone our mother.
Aaron: Villain, I have done thy mother.
-William Shakespeare, Titus Andronicus

Rising Star

Originally out of North Carolina of all places, the five young women that make up the colorful and fairly controversial punk band Babycue have all moved to southern California over the course of a few months back in mid-2012. Their self-titled first album (featuring an image of a roasted baby on the cover, in case anyone was confused about the name) came out of nowhere in April of 2010; back then, nobody really knew who they were, but they quickly gained publicity after that. Ludicrously dangerous publicity stunts aside (like that one time when their guitarist punched out an alligator), their unique blend of modern punk and ancient legends ('myth-punk', they call it) has been almost universally praised as being very, very good; there's been plenty of protests against everything from their controversial lyrics to their excessively hedonistic lifestyle, too, but as far as the members of Babycue seem to be concerned there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Over the past few years the group has played a number of concerts all across the USA, plus two gigs up in Canada. Their second album, "Mandatory Abortions", was released in February 2012, with a third album - "Intrauterine Democracy" being released in mid-September of 2013. One song ('Din Afore', a scathing ballad about politicians promising much and delivering little) from said album had been previously performed entirely in Gaelic on the final 2012 episode of The Colbert Report; the album contained both that live performance as well as the English-language studio version, plus another sixteen original tracks and three covers.

Parental Advisory - Explicit Fucking Content

To say that she abhors formality would be putting things mildly. Much of the time, she makes your average Nocker seem polite by comparison, though hers is a different kind of rudeness. She's far from surly - she's very cheerfully crude, sexually explicit and generally offensive, most of the time. She actively ENJOYS offending people, especially those of a more conservative outlook. As far as she's concerned, they just need to get over themselves. Generally speaking, she's much more likely to make friends with people who don't have a stick up their ass about being 'politically correct'.

Gender Issues

While Chrissy's physical appearance might be quite feminine, her usual behavior is anything but. She's brash and tomboyish to the extreme, to the point where some people might think she might be transgendered or something. As is often the case with the Fae, though, the truth is MUCH more complicated than that.

The mortal shell that is Christine Bailey might be female, but Lonne the satyr is not - he has always been male in previous incarnations, as far as he knows. Coming back to a female body this time around was definitely a surprise, and at least initially (s)he had some pretty major self-image issues and insecurities as a result. Not anymore, though - at this point, the satyr is very comfortable with the situation; Lonne is most definitely enjoying the best of both worlds.

Initially, Lonne's faerie side still appeared male, despite Chrissy's female mortal body. Since Samhain of 2012, however, that is no longer the case - both sides appear female now. Several theories about the cause of this change have been proposed, though which one is the correct one is still unclear. Maybe they're all wrong.


Faerie Nobility

Technically, Lonne is a member of the Kithain nobility - though it's not necessarily all that apparent. (S)he's generally quite informal, rarely even mentioning any titles when offering introductions. Lonne doesn't dress the part, either - like just about all Satyrs, (s)he subscribes to the philosophy that clothing should be 1) comfortable, and 2) easy to remove. Sometimes, at least in freeholds or the Dreaming proper, (s)he might not even bother with clothes at all - hey, the goat fur covers the naughty bits anyway, right?

If formal courtesies absolutely MUST be observed (something the satyr clearly dislikes), the satyr tends to prefer male titles and pronouns; regardless of what gender (s)he might appear to be, insisting on using 'Baroness' instead of 'Baron' is generally a sure way to get on Lonne's bad side.


Leras "Gone a long time now. We're all better off for it, too. Cunt."
Locke "It's funny... Roxy can't seem to make up her mind about whether I should kick your ass or buy you a drink. I'm leaning towards both."
Rodrigo "I said the guy's an idiot. I never said I didn't LIKE him. I've got your back, you reckless adorable little fuckwit."
Balance "Who? Oh right, that guy."
Oswald "The strength to pound a guy into fucking paste, and the wisdom to pick a fucker that deserves it. What's not to love?"
Lorelei "No question about it, I'm in over my head. I'd have gone batshit long ago if you hadn't managed to ground me."
Roxy "It's been a wild dance, and I ain't stoppin' anytime soon. Love you to bits, you crazy old goat."
Ionae "And STAY gone, you pathetic twatwaffle. I hope the Shadow Court rams a cold iron chainsaw up your ass."
Gloria "Well wouldja look at that, I made a new... friend? Pet? Whatever. You know what this calls for?!"
Martine "You fucking WHAT?! Are you... you can't seriously be... what the shitting dicknipples is WRONG with you, you moronic... AUGH! Fuck it, I give up."
Cynthia "I'll say this for Rodrigo, his taste in women is... heh... seriously, you two are a perfect match."
Nicky "You never did seem like a quitter. What we had, it was never meant to end. Welcome back, babe."

From left to right: Drums, Sound Technician, Keyboard, Guitar, Main Vocals, Bass/Backup Vocals.