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What do you see out there? How much of it is masked with mundanity that is really something special? Most do not see it, they experience it but do not understand it. They miss the parts of the experience of life and magick even as it happens right in front of and to them. A sapling will grow to the light so long as it given the opportunity and water, but that also allows for weeds to grow. Too many weeds and the sapling doesn't grow and possibly dies because it is starved. The best one can hope for is a well tended garden and deep roots to weather the storm.

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Bygone- Mythic threads, one that may be even more rare than the fae, if they still exist. They should be protected.

Changeling - Cousins. Mythic threads and rare creatures of dream and nightmare. I will aid you if I can.

Demon - Really? Come on, You sure they just aren't another creature preying on your christian beliefs?

Fera - The tales are true. They seem so much more relaxed than the Garou, it's sorta refreshing in a way. I'll aid them.

Garou - Dangerous and angry, be mindful of their pride and respect their talons. My family has an alliance with the Fianna, I will aid you cousins.

Mage - We are the wise. We have the knowledge and will to bend the worlds to our will. Just because we can do a thing does not mean we should.

Mortal - What they believe creates the rules of magick. They should be guided but not ruled.

Mummy - Seriously? Those are netflix and chill type of movies. Heavy on the chill.

Psychic - Naturally gifted, sometimes their power follows certain bloodlines, and sometimes not. Sort of halfway awake.

Spirit - Allies and foes that all tie to and represent some aspect of creation or the natural cycle. We remember when our worlds were one. There is power in the old ways.

Sorceror - They may not be awakened, but their workings can be just as potent. Instrumental to the survival of the Old Ways.

Kindred - Existing outside of the natural order of the universe, you guys give me the heebie jeebies. This is what happens when you take blood magick too far.

Wraith - Poor souls that have not found peace and are bound to this realm.

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Adora - A pleasure, Thank you for keeping my location a secret.

Branton & Pancake - The story of the Sorcerer and the Shaman. The Devil's Own

Cristobal - You are a trusted friend and brother.

Danny - Our views are similar yet we come from opposite cultures. I feel I will learn a lot from you.

Ethan - You intrigue me, a predator but still in control.

Ferdinand and Keira - Than you for your hospitality. You put on a great party.

Hjalmar - Welcoming and serious about teaching, I can learn from him.

Hideaki - You are a well renowned and talented craftsman.

Ildar and Xenovia- So relaxed for one of your tribe. Thank you both for being kind.

Isla - Throws a good party. The Devil's Own Alpha

Jes - Beta, Seems fun. The chemistry in that pack is something to see. The Devil's Own Beta

Johanna & Khol - Welcoming and always willing to give advice. I'll try not to be a pita.

Lyall & Orla - Friendly couple. Fun to hang out with.

Lleutrim &Faith - Congrats on your recent nuptials. I respect you but I also will joke with you.

Paul_Barakat & Robert - Kin and followers of the old Faith.

Phillipe & Cash - Good allies and potentially good friends.

Sean - Life of a party it seems. Friendly and offered to help get me situated. Fianna Jesus!

Skully & Tinlin - A couple that can do great things together. I hope to consider them friends.

Sterling and Clara - Noble in every sense of the word from what I can tell.

Stryfe - You seem to get off on pissing people off, but I see that you care underneath it all.

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RP Hooks
Hospitality Manager - Cody is the Hospitality Manager for LuckyStrikeFalls and fills in as needed at Devil's Brew Pub and Dispensary. He also takes an odd shift as a Bartender at The Sideshow. As a bartender he is known to work a crowd, performs flair and some fire breathing, all in a cohesive routine and show. It get's him tips. He is quick to smile and laugh and is a flirt.

Fire and Flow Arts- Likes spinning flow props and is also working on fire eating and breathing.

Tradition - Cody is a member of the Verbena and comes from a well known and powerful family circle from the UK. This family has a very long history dating back to the Aeduna, and have many agreements with Stag. As he is the eldest of his siblings, he is the heir apparent to taking over the circle <Honored Lineage Merit> upon the passing of it's present leader. Though you would not tell from his lack of accent. After a fight with his parents at the age of 16 over his responsibilities to the circle, Cody ran away. His family have been searching for him ever since. They aim to make him return one way or the other. He views those he cares for as his village.

Mythic Threads - Cody may have rebelled against his family for his freedom but that does not mean he has forsaken the family's teachings. Cody seeks to aid, protect, give shelter to those bits of magick and old knowledge that still exist in the world. These mythic threads can be uncorrupted spirits, knowledge, items, and uncorrupted creatures <Most of the spheres>

Old Ways - Cody follows and honors them. He can at times seem amoral, though he is not. He believes in the correctness of nature and the relationships between the elements. We are all apart of nature, not apart from it. He is not a tree hugging wand waving hippie, just the opposite. When his ire is raised, he is very much a force of nature. There is a balance, for every day there must be a night. One can heal and harm with the same hand. After all, only a well tended garden will bear a good harvest, if you let weeds be unchecked it will starve out your crops eventually. Sometimes a weed must be pulled from the garden. He is not squeemish about this perceived truth. He very much embodies a savage noble barbarian in this regard.

Dreamspeakers Alliance - Coming from an old verbena family, he has an affinity and special place in his heart for Dreamspeakers. He views this tradition as an equal and mirror of his own. What the Verbena does for this realm, Dreamspeakers do for the spirit. The two should work in concert with one another. The flesh and spirit are tied together and was once one even if today the gauntlet separates them. He is also a student of the Pathways of the Wyck.

Kinain - Cody has shared blood with the Satyrs. He can see the dreaming and chimerical reality. He frequents parts of the dreaming unaccompanied. He is known to often times to frequent lands under the control of House Fiona.

Kinfolk - Cody has Fianna blood though not descended from any hero of note. He has come into his own as a kinmagi. He routinely goes on patrol with the Garou and lends his aid as best as he can to both the Sept and the Fera he is on good terms with. He is an associate of the Devil's Own Pack.

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Fullname: Cody Alexander Covington

Occupation: Bartender & Fire performer

Sphere: KinMagi

Tradition: Verbena <Honored Lineage>

Chantry : House of Keys

Cabal :

Kinfolk: Fianna

Pack: The Devil's Own

Kinain: Satyr

Demeanor: Bon-Vivant




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