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“We are Kindred, we are primal creatures, we crave the hunt; we crave vibrant red blood gushing hot from a soft, warm body."

Fullname - Colombe I de Berenger, Duchess of Prospect, Blessed Knight of the Order of the Silver Star

Concept - Ventrue White Knight [[1]]

Nature - Cavalier

Demeanor - Paragon

At a Glance

  • She has a noble bearing, she stands out in a crowd.
  • She is intelligent and bracing.
  • Those who defy the traditions of the Camarilla will be severely judged.

Notable Stats

Attributes Abilities Merits Backgrounds
Appearance 5 Empathy 5 Prestigious Sire Resources High
Charisma 5 Computer Hacking 5 Code of Honour
Intelligence 5 Falconry 1 Iron Will
Diplomacy 4 Noble Bearing


Ambrosia Maybe just a taste. Elastic Heart
Amelie A symphony bursts from within and she is a coruscating crescendo. Going Under
Blair A brilliant young mortal. In danger of becoming useful, he inspires dark thoughts. The Sound of Science
Cropsey From this darkness arises a brilliant savage. Bat Fight
Daphnne She has a rich history. We need to spend more time together.
Ed A relentless force. Don't get on her bad side.
Evita Vociferous, with the cajones to corroborate. Nobody Speak
Franchesca Efficient and ruthless.
Kahraman Time for a second chance.
Madeline My request for a commission was strategic, but her work is breathtaking; I have come to see her in a different light.
Nino To call him monstrous is facile and narrow. His suffering is beyond skin-deep.
Paige Waiting to walk out of the rain. We're Not Gonna Take It
Persephone I definitely need to get to know her better.
Phillip Les chagrins secrets sont encore plus cruels que les misères publiques. Fencers Are Awesome
Ramona A caring soul and a gift for for the lunatics. Sweet Dreams
Silvana A quiet type, rumours indicate there is much more going on.
Stanley Such a lust for life, the circus comes to town. Animals!
Sveta A welcome splash of random chaos. Марш
Torgue Who is she, really? Tequila
Vegard He appears like a rock; hard to move, and inclined to crush that which lies beneath. As with everything --- leverage. Temple of Circadia
Zago He seems almost innocent, as if no one has taken the time to crush his little soul. Square Hammer

Atelier-Versace-Dress ElysiumFlamesSwirlsolivier_rousteing snowflaketony_wardcasual_dressequestriancutoffspink_greycolombe_versace_greencolombe_cardinalColombe_icy_blueColombe_action_figure Colombe_white_silkColombe_black_vinyl_suitColombe_black_vinyl_dressFile:colombe_white_sequin_dressFile:colombe_black_sweaterFile:colombe_punk_gothFile:colombe_studdedFile:colombe_white_slipFile:colombe_black_hoodFile:colombe_circuit_blueFile:colombe_grey_pinkFile:colombe_casual_sharon_wauchobFile:colombe_cathedralColombe_grey_sheath.jpegColombe_pagan.jpegColombe_pagan2.jpegColombe_silver_cowl.jpgColombe_golden_laurels.jpgColombe_sage.jpgColombe_long_red.jpg Colombe_cloud.jpgColombe_white_face.jpgColombe_athleisure.jpgAmerican_cowboy.jpgCowboy_Boots.pngcolombe_greek_muse.jpgcolombe_leaf_cuff.jpgcolombe_circlet.jpgcolombe_strapless.jpgcolombe_white_sparkle.jpgcolombe_belts.jpgImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55 pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixelsImage: 55pixels

RP Hooks

  • Duchess of Prospect - Right hand of the Imperator, and his immediate successor.
  • Harpy - Be excellent to each other.
  • Ventrue - Trust me, it's in your best interest to make friends with a Ventrue.
  • European/Belgian/Wallonian - She's from the crossroads of Europe (French, not Flemish).
  • Tech/Security/Hacking - She likes tech, security, and hacking.
  • Falconry - Sometimes seen with her falcon at the beach near Sunset's View Resort in Coronado.
  • Avalon - She is involved somehow with Avalon on Santa Catalina Island.
  • Camarilla - Strong supporter.
  • Sabbat - Let's take them out.